Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, July 13, 1906, Image 3

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Prsctioe limited to
Glosses fitted and furnished.
Office hours 9 to 12; 2 to 5; and on ap
pointment. Telephones 261 and 77.
G bants Pass, " - - Oregon
Phvfician and Diseases of Women
Surgeon. and Children.
Phone 631. Ees. 1051.
Cor. Sixth and E streets.
Grants Pass, - - Oregon
Office at National Drug Store.
Phones, Office 365; Res. 1045.
Besidence cor. 7th and D streets.
Grants Pass, - - Oregon
"physician and surgeon
Office In Courier Building.
Office phone 911, residence 413.
Eyes tested and glasses fitted.
Grants Pass, ... Oregon.
Office over Hair-Riddle Hardware.
Res. cor. 4th and B Streets.
Phones, Office 354; Res. 321.
Grants Pass, - Oregon.
Res Phone 714
City or country calls attended night
or day. Sixth and H, Tuff's building.
Office Phone 261.
Grants Pass - . Oregon.
orth 6th Bt., near Court House.
Office Phone 751, Res. Phone 717.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
AH work guaranteed accurate and re
liable. Office opp. P. O. Phone 1003.
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Practice In all State and Federal Courts.
Office In Opera House Building.
Grants Pass, - - Oregon
y. C. HALE,
Office over First National Bank,
Grants Pass, - Oregon.
Practloes In all State and Federal Courts
Office over Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
Grants Pahs, Obbqow
, Union Building
EerBY .... OrEGTn
6th St., north of Josephine Hotel.
Grants Pass, - - Obkqqs.
Surveys promptly aad accurately
Leave orders at Courier office.
A -ent Big Horn Basin Land Co.,
V , nming. Anchor Wire Fence.
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
ir Af fl.,- will npar U. R. track
i o u Mr air Work. Hand
riling ana RummuiK, iii"" n
Prices ribt.
Only 82 Yurt Old.
T.mnnlv fa vears old and don't
expect even when I get to be real old
to feel that way as long as l can ei
Flootrin Rittmni." savs Mrs. E. H.
Rnnann. f Dublin. Oa. Surely
there's nothing else keeps the old as
young and make the weak as strong
m thia mnd tonio medicine. Dys
pepsia, torpid liver, inflamed kidneys
orchronio constipation areunmuwu
after taking Electric cuw " ,y c
able time. Guaranteed by all drug
gists. Price 60 seats.
Accept Bonds of New Officials
Audit the Usual Amount
of Bills.
County oonrt met Thursday, July
5th, 1906, there being present Hon.
Stephen Jewell, county judge; Hon.
J. T. Logan, commissioner; Hon.
Hon. M. h. Wertz, commissioner; S.
F. Cheshire, clerk; W. J. Russell,
Bond of a F. Cheshire, county
clerk filed, examined and approved.
Bond of J; T. Taylor, county treas
urer, filed, examined and approved.
Bond of T. E. Beard, coroner, filed,
examined and approved.
Appointment of T. P. Judson,
deputy county clerk.
Bond of W. J. Russell as sheriff
and tax collector filed and approved
and said W. J. Russell requested to
furnish an additional bonds as tax col
lector in the sum of f 10,000.
Official bond of D. J. ' Lawton,
county snrveyor-elect, approved and
Petition of W. E. Oilmore and
Thomas Keller for liquor licence in
Kerby, Oregon, allowed. License to
issue when bond is filed.
Petition of Reed and Ooff for liquor
license in Lelaud. Oregon, allowed.
Surveyor and viewers report on
view of proposed change in county
road between Placer and Leland read
for first time.
In the matter of the petition of R.
P. George for bridge across Althoose
oreek ; It is hereby ordered that said
petition be and it is hereby granted
and J. X. Logan appointed to oversee
the construction of the same.
In the matter of the petition of
Samuel Alderson for connty road;
It is hereby ordered the county board
of road viewers proceed to survey and
view said proposed road on July 13.
1906, and report at next term of court.
In the matter of the report of the
County Board of Koad Viewers upon
the survey and view of the proposed
change in the county road Detween
Leland and Placer ; The said report
coming on to be heard upon the seo
ond reading, the same was duly read
and approved and the so per visor of
Road Dist No. is hereby author
ized and directed to immediately open
up said road and make said changes as
prayed for in said petition.
The report of Board of Road
Viewers on view of proposed chanee of
the connty road as prayed for in the
petition of Wm Light, et al, coming
on for second reading, the same was
read and the said matter continued
for the term to enable the oounty
board to inspect the premises of said
proposed change.
Sheriff's statement of taxes collect
ed and amount delinquent and un
paid, filed, examined and approved
and connty clerk ordered to credit the
aocount of Geo W. Lewis and charge
the account of W. J. Russell in ac
cordance with said report.
Bills allowed and ordered paid :
J R Yetter, care oounty hospi
tal :au s
Henry Hooking, work on roads 7 60
O F Lovelace, wrk on rds 64 25
J O Booth, cash adv pauper. . . 6 00
J O Booth, stamps 1 50
Geo W Lewis, sheriffs sal 4
davs in July 22 20
Ernest H Lister deputy sheriff
sal 4 Ava in Jalv 8 65
Theodore Parks, wrk on rds . 14 06
S Norton, sprinkling streets,
April. May and June o 00
Lincoln Savage, stmps.exp etc 10 45
George Gebers, writ on rds . . 17 60
Barlow Bros, powder for rds.. 7 60
Frank Heck, team hire, paups 2 50
N E McGrew, drayage. gall . .. 10 oo
O Karr. wrk on rds 10 00
J C Handle, burial of paun. . . fl 00
J C Randle, constable fees,
state vs Tbomason 10 46
Condor W & P Oo, lighrs.Joue
1906 a 76
G P N W L & P Co. water,
Jnne 1906 3 60
George Creed, wrk on rds ... 19 60
M Bunch, wrk on rds 14 06
H S Woodoock, lumber ror rds 113 77
E Erickson, wrk on rds ' 27 75
H 9 Woodcock, lnm for rds... 63 90
Pen BulL wrk on rds 7 60
H 8 Woodcock, brd rd hands. . 4 50
E E Rice, wrk on rds 15 18
W H Kemberts. wrk Taylor
Hill 8fi 00
Geo Creed, wrk on rds fi 00
Meilin Mer Ccmdse Gallce rd 27 70
J I MoCann, wrk on rds 10 00
George Epperley, wrk on rds 16 87
Wm. Eustea. writ on uance ra rt w
School Dist No. 7. Hich school
appropriation 1905 1200 00
J E Hodgdon, Hall rent, elec
tion, eto .- 4 no
E F Hathaway 17 registrations 1
A U Bannard, fnrh crt noose 45 00
J T MoCann. wrk on rds 8 00
J J Brown, wrk on rds 20 00
Wm Black, wrk on rds 4 00
Hair-Riddle Hdw (Jo. hdw rds 2 4,
R A Pimce, wrk on rds 31 So
R C Churchill, mdse paupers 83 00
Grants Pass Iron fc Steel wrks,
putting up cells 187 60
Pike & Dean, indue paupers. . . 28 fia
MoGowan Co, mdse paups 16 79
James Ferren, cr of panp 43 fiO
W M Cheshire, ex wrk June.. 10 00
Jaoob Wagner, blcksmth rds.. 2 60
Wm Light, wrk ou rds 4 00
M S Darneille, brd of panp .. 1 00
F W Chaosse, 38 reigstrations 8 80
E F Meiisner, 9 registrations 90
Wm Baogbmen, wrk on art yrd 62 50
E C Dixin, mdse panp 2 50
W D John, putting up booth.
etc, elect 8 00
W M Crow, wrk on rds 66 25
Glass & Prndhomme, supplies 4 16
Glass & Prndhomme, sup 27 75
Cbaa. Ladd, canvassing elect
returns and mlg 13 80
W S Bailey, 87 registrations . 8 70
j J Roberts, putting up eleo
booths 2 25
Hair-Riddle Hdw Co, powder
for rds 8 95
James Evans, wrk on rds. ... 7 00
Grants Pass Steam Laundry,
laundry pris 25
O H Clements, canvasing eleo
returns 9 00
G A Savage. 4 days 8th Gr ex 12 00
Kinney & Truax, mdse panps. 26 20
Sbarman St LeMieox, painting
jail 53 28
David John, hdw for rds. .... . 8 60
J M Rader, witness cir crt. . . 1 60
The Irwiu-Hodson Co, sup... 24 60
V Colvig, viewing rds 17 80
T Y Dean, viewing rds 17 80
Geo W Lewis, brd of pris 24 88
G P Hdw, biw for crt yrd.... 7 25
W H Wimer, wrk on rds 76 25
Wilson Mer Co, hdw for rds. . . 34 15
O O Lund, wood for panp. ... 1 75
Jasrer Darneille, wrk on rds. . 80 00
0 V Gentner, wrk on rds Ill 60
Pacifio States Tel and Tel Co,
long distance service 1 25
F G Bums, care of panp 13 00
J N W Patton, juror oor inq. . 1 00
R M Culp, juror cor inq 1 00
George Leabo, juror oor inq.. 1 00
R E Heed, juror oor inq 1 00
M Culp, juror oor inq 100
Rot Fumson, jnror cor inq.... 1 00
P Lane, witness oor inq 1 00
Almon Lawlor, wit oor inq... 1 00
W J Stockbam, wit oor inq... 1 00
S H Waid, wit cor inq 1 00
C Monkers, wit oor inq 1 Oo
Oscar Ruble, wit cor inq 1 00
S Howard, wit cor inq 1 00
H K Miller, mak ooffins panps 10 00
Thurston Culp, burial of paupa 10 00
W H Flanagan, oor fees inq.. 21 25
C H Clements, jus fees State
vs Major 11 10
Miss Major, wit jus crt 8 00
W N Leabo, wit jus crt 8 00
F A Browning, wit jus crt. ... 8 00
A M IrwiB, wit jns crt 8 00
Heury Conger, wit jos crt. ... 3 00
Panl Howard, wit jus crt . . 8 00
J O Randle, constable fees
State vs Major 16 95
C H Clements, jus lees State
vs Smith 10 00
J O Randle, constable fees
State vs Smith 9 70
L M MoGrew, wit jus crt 1 00
J O Randle, wit jus crt 1 00
1 V Jackson, wit jus crt 1 00
Geo C Stanley, wit jus crt. . . . 1
August Fetsoh, wit jus crt. ... 1
Lincoln Savage, wit jus crt... 1
Frank DeLap, wit jus ort.... 1
H M Smith, wit jns crt ' 1
O H Clements, jns fees State
vs John Doe 3 20
J C Randle, constable fees
State vs John Doe 13 60
C H Clements, jus fees State
vs Beaman 11 06
J C Raudle constable fees
State vs Beaman 10 85
Henry Croisant, wit jus crt. . 1 00
M O Ament, wit jus crt 1 00
H A Webster, wit jns crt 1 00
John Thatcher, wit jns ort . . . 1 00
Edwin Smith, wit jus crt.... 100
Chas McFarland, wit jus crt. . 1 00
W A Paddock, jnror jus crt. . 1 00
W E Dean, juror jus crt 1 00
J H Ahlf, jnror 3ns ort 1 00
M E Moore, jur jus crt 1 00
T Y Dean, jur jus ort 1 00
Geo P Cramer, jur jus crt.... 1 00
O H Clements jus fees State
vs Barlow 8 80
Sam Call, wit state vs Barlow 2 90
Wm Emerick, wit jns crt 1 90
Edward Savage, wit jus crt. . . 1 90
H A Rotermnnd, wit jus crt. . 1 00
A S Rovenbaum, wit jns crt. . 1 00
J F Roe, wit jns ort 1 00
W M Eusted, wit ins crt 2 90
Bert Savage, wit jus crt 1 90
J C Randle, constable fees
State vs Barlow 17 60
J O Randle, serving aobpoe-
nae, eto oor inq 11 00
Cook & Hefling, hdw rds 45 00
O H Clements, jus fees state
vs Williams 9 85
J C Raudle, constable fees
State vs illiams 7 60
L O Brown, wit jus crt 1 50
SGeo Wooldridge, wit jus crt 1 60
D P Love." wit jus crt 1 60
J M Chiles, mdse panp 38 49
O H Chments, jus fees State
vs Kevnolds 2 95
J O Randle, ooostable foes. ... 1 45
C H Clements, justice fees
State vs Eustace 8 65
J C Randle, constable fees,
Stare vs Eustace . 7 15
Mrs Lnlu Pool, wit jus ort. . . . 1 00
S F Robinett, wit jus crt. ... 1 00
Ester Ryan, wit jos crt 1 00
Rvan, wit jns crt 1 00
Laura Eastman, wit jus ort. . 1 00
I W Ryan, wit jus crt 1 00
Frank Urifiin, jur cor inq 1 00
J D Porter, jor cor inq 1 00
J C Randle, jnr cor inq 1 00
A J Wiley, jur oor inq 1 00
Ted Loban.jur cor inq 1 00
C E Loban, jur cor inq 1 00
A J Wiley, borial of panp. ... 1 50
Frnk Griffin, burial of panp 1 60
A J Wiley, notifying authritee.
cor in 3 60
O H Clements, fees cor inq ... . 12 00
C H Clements, jus fees State
vs Jarvey 6 10
Joeeph Roach, blksmth rds.... 7 00
J O Randle, constable fees
State vs Jarvey 8 90
L M McGrew, wit jns crt 1 0(1
C H Clements, jus fees State
vs Hiller 5 80
J C Randle, constable fees
State vs Hiller 3
W F Hogne, transp of pris 13 00
Dave Avers, brd of pan p. ... 4 25
S F Cheshire, stamps, tel. eto 15 80
Rogue River Courier, printing 13 00
Grants Pass Steam Laundry,
laundry pris 10 15
W L Habcock. lorn rds 1 20
J C Raudle, potting up booth.
- eto prim eleo 9 60
J C Handle, putting op booth
June eleo 10 00
M A Wertz, com sal and mlg 16 20
J T sal and mileage 24 00
The Thiel Detective Service
Co, service Jennings case 105 00
Oregon Observer, printing 30 00
The Boswell Mineral Springs.
Capt. Ben D. Boswell. the pro
prietor of the springs, guaranteees to
any case of Rheumatism of not over
six months standing will receive ONE
it cannot be cured. For rooms, rates.
etc., addrs
Boswell P. O., Oregon.
Is Plan of Southern Pacific Will
Give New Route From Port
land to San Francisco.
The Southern Pacifio la now giving
proof that they intend to build a
branch line to their Portland and Sao
Francisco road that will leave the
main Hue at Drain and go down the
Umpqua river to near the mouth of
that stream and thenoe down the coast
by way of Marshfield, Orescent City
and Eureka to San Fraoolsoo. A sur
vey for this route was completed last
year, but the records were burned in
the San Francisco fire this Spring and
now the Company is having the line
run over again. A large party of sur
veyors began work at Drain three
weeks ago setting grade stakes aud
other parties are being pnt in the
field on other sections of the line. Of
work of resnrveying the line and set
ting grade stakes in Del Norte and
Carry county the Crescent City Rec
ord has the following to say ; "A crew
of 17 Southern Pacifio railroad sur
veyors arrived on the steamer Del
Norte, Monday and Ihursday they
left for Curry county to begin re-run
ning lines southward to the Klamath
river in this county.
"This crew will make a re-survey of
about 80 miles north and south of the
State line, as all the papers pertaining
to the survey made last Summer were
destroyed in the San Franoisco fire
last April. A portion ot the route in
the southwestern part of this oounty
is very rough, being mountainous and
covered with a dense growth of large
redwood trees.
"Another crew is engaged In running
lines in Coos and Curry counties, Ore
gon, to make connection with the line
through this oounty. The crew that
arrived here will proceed as far north
as Whale's Head, in Curry oounty,
and from there go over the line south
erly as far sonth as the Klamath river
in this county. Reports of the work
done south of the Klamath not having
been turned into headquarters before
the fire it will not be neoesaary to go
over that portion of the survey,
This ooast route will be rather ex
pensive to build owing to the great
number of bridges that; will be re
quired across the numbers of rivers
and creeks that put tinto he ocean and
there will be large amount of cnta
and tunnels to be made to get
through the divides that separate the
valleys. The ronte though can be
made practically level with no heavy
grades, the heaviest being said not
to exceed one per cent.
Just what effect- the opening of this
line t3 San Francisco will have on the
traffic of the main line through
Southern Oregon is a matter that is
of concern to Grants Pass and the
other towns of this section. It is
quite certain that the heavythrough
freight trains will be sent over the
Coast routs, and the novelty of riding
along for miles in sight of the ocean
will cause many persons to take that
route. The building of this coast line
and the giving of an outlet to Cres
cent City and to the timber of Del
Norte oounty and the copper mines
of the Preston Peak district will be
a serious handicap on the getting of a
railroad built from Grants Pass to
Crescent City or any point on the
cast With a nearby railroad along
the coast and a down hill hanl from
the sawmill and mines for the branch
lines there would be no likelihood of
those Interests aiding in the con
struction or of giving traffic to roads
to Grants Pass. The fact is Grants
Pass has neglected its opportunities
and let the time slip by for getting a
railroad to the ooast. Had the ven
ture been taken np with vigor even
two or three years ago this city could
have secured substantial inducements
to its coast railroad ventures from the
trade that could have been had on its
completion. Had the Spokane spirit
been manifested and when one pro
motion plan failed rustle around and
try another the chances are that by
this time construction work wold at
least be begun on Grants Pass' rail
road that is just now a very oncer
tain matter.
Your Liver
is out of order. Yon go to bed in a
bud humor and get op with a bad taste
hi your mouth. Yon want something
to stimulate your liver. Just try
Herbine, the liver regulator. A posi
tive core for Constipation, Dyspepsia
and all liver complaints. Mrs. K.
Ft. Worth, Texas, writes: "Have
used Herbine in my family for years.
Words can't express what I think
ibout it. Everybody in my household
ire happy and well, and we owe it to
Herbine. !' For sale by National Drug
Store and Rotermond.
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annaal Sales
bottles. Does this record of merit aroeal to vou ?
suyjoeee wnn every
Yes, it is getting warm
enough to go camping.
Where are you going and
from whom are you going to
purchase your supplies?
We want to just remind
you that we have a complete
line of goods for camping par
ties and the brands are all re
liable. Our Teas and Coffees are
all we claim for them, THE
Smyth e's Tea and Coffee Market
Phone 4HI
The Strength of a
Bank is shown,
1st, By its working capital
2nd, By its stockholders.
3rd, By iU management.
First Rational Bank
Grants Put, Oregon.
Has a Capital, Surplus
Undivided Profits $77,500.00
And an additional Stock
holders Liability (un
der the National Bunk
ing Law). 50,000 00
Total Responsibility $127,500.00
John' D. Fry,
P. H. Harth,
J. T. TuFFB,
II. C. Kinney.
1.. B. HaI.L. Pres.
J. C. Campbell, V. Pres.
II. L Gilkey, Catihler.
Men Wanted.
Saw mill and lumber yard laborers,
13.35 Der dav. Woodsmen 13.25 to t8.
I Steady work. Aoply to Booth-Kelly
Ajumuer vyu., uuguue, vre.
fir II
Grove's Tasteless Chin Tonic
xxus m j i en Kjexn ptaas Of urovei
4SO Front Street
Miss China Lee
You soon will see
Is just as neat as she
can be.
The reason why
You soon will spy :
CHI NAMEL is her.
old standby.
CHI-NAMEL is a liquid finish for
floors, interior woodwork and furniture
that is far superior U any other made.
It is used by the Chinese to give that
fine brilliant finish to their bamboo and
other wares, which withstand bending
and banging, without cracking or mar
ring the brilliant and glossy finish,
It comes in all the hardwood
finishes, such as Oak, Walnut,
k Cherry, Mahogany, Rosewood,
Satinwood, etc., and will withstand
hot and cold water and soap.
We will boil it in water for you
or pound it with a hammer, and
will guarantee that what we sell
you will stand the same test
Hardware Co.
Wut G Street
Second Block from Sixth 8trut
At prices that
make bargains.
She Tried Five Doctor.
Mrs. Frances L. 8ales, of Missouri
Valley, la., writes "I have been
afflicted with kiduey trouble five
years; had severe pains in my back
and a frequent desire to urinate.
When riding I eiporlenoed much pain
over the region of the kidneys. I
tried five physioans without benefit
aud then concluded to try Foley's
Kidney Cure. After taking ; three
11.00 bottles I was completely cured."
For sale by II. A. Rotermnnd.
The Courier, one year $1.50; six
months, 73 cents.
over One and a Half MZloa
No Core. No Pay. 50c
mac noot, Liver im jj