Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 25, 1906, Image 6

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    , Woman's Trials.
The bitter trail In a woman's life I to
be childless. Who can tell Imw hurci the
ItniKKl' niav have been ere she lciirnt, to
realign herself to hr lom'ljr lot? The ab
sence of this link to bind marital life
together, the aineiice of this one pledge
to mutual affection is a common disap
pointment. Many unfortunate couples
Worn estranged thereby. Kven If they
do not drift apart, one may read the whole
extent of their disappointment In the eyes
of such a childless couple when they rest
on the children of others. To them the
largest family does not seem too numerous.
In many caei of barrenness or child
lessness the obstacle to child-bearing Is
easily removed by the cure of weakness on
the part of the woman. Dr. Plerce'i Fa
vorite Prescription has been the means of
restoring health and fruitf ulness to many
barren woman, to the great joy of the
household. In other, but rare cases, the
obstruction to the bearing of children has
been found to be of a surgical character,
but easily removable by painless operative
treatment at the Invalids' Motel and -Sur-
flea! Institute. Buffalo, N. Y., over which
r. Pierce of the "Favorite Prescription"
fame presides. In all case where chil
dren are desired and are absent, an effort
bould be made to find out the real cause,
since It Is generally so easily removed by
proper treatment.
Id all the various weakness, displace
snents, prolapsus. Inflammation and de
bilitating, catarrhal drains and in all
eases of nervousness and debility, Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription Is the most
efficient remedy that can possibly be used.
It has to Its credit hundreds of thousands
of cures more In fact than any other
remedy put up forsalo through druggists,
specially for woman's use. The Ingredi
ents of which the "Favorite Prescription"
Is composed have received the most
positive endorsement from the lending
medical writers on MnterOi MmlUn of nil
the several schools of practice. All the
Ingredients are printed in pUtln Knijllnh
on the wrapper enclosing the bottle, so
that any woman making use of this
famous medicine may know exactly what
she is taking. I)r Pierce takes his pa
tients Into his full confidence, which he
can afTord to do as the formula after
which the "Favorite Prescription" is
made will bear tho most careful exam
ination. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are tho
best and sufunt laxalivb fur women.
Health in
Grants Pass
Rotermund Says Care of Digestion
Solves Problem of Long Life.
No one In Grants Pbhh has a bettor
chance than the druggist to know the
condition of tho city's health, and
what di Menses are most common.
ltutenuuml believes that the prob
lem of long life is solved; by proper
rare of the digestive orgiina. Let the
stomach get out of condition and anon
thore will he nervousness, irritation, j
furred tongue, speck B before the eyes,
No one lick at this writing.
George Vining went to Grants Pass
on business last Saturday, also Jeff
Wilbur Williams of Grants Pass
was visiting bis mother of Laurel
Grove last week.
I will ask the Provolt correspondent
who told him that he knwe anything
about politics.
Oh, what a glorious rain! Crops
are growing fine at present and pros
pects never were better.
Charles Swindeo and Arch Bunob
are cleaning out their ditch and get
ting ready to irrigate.
A grand republican rally was held
at Murphy on the 18th and some good,
honest speaking was heard by those
A crowd of onr young folks took in
the speaking and dance at Williams
hall last Saturday night and report a
jolly good time.
Williams Bros, are installing an
other boiler at their mill. Tbey hare
bad considerable trouble about keep
ing steam so far.
Dick Johnson and Clarence Wynant
were seen on our streets one day of
last week looking for a job. Plenty
of work for all.
Pennsylvania. Capitalists Buy
the Famous Ideal Property
on Grave Creek.
Who Will Be Sheriff?
few words to my democratic
The famous Ideal gold mine of
Josephine county, for many years the
property of Colonel S. W. Blasdel of
this city, has been sold to the Mioes
Development company, a large cor
poration of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
The deal was quietly made several
months ago when a party of eastern
engineers came out to inspect the
property, bat the sale was kept secret
nntil this morning, when it became
known at tbe Portland hotel, says the
The Ideal gold mine is one of tbe
reheat mining properties In the world
and is well known locally. It has
never been worked because of the
tremendous expense necessary to equip
it for hydraulic mining. The Mines
Development Company learned of the
existence of the property, investigated
it, and then made an offer which
Colonel Blasdel could not refuse. The
exact amount of the purchase money
has not been made publio, but it is a
considerable sum.
The Mines Development Company
has been quietly installing machin
ery, buidling ditches and piping
water during the past few months and
active hydraulic niiuing will be begun
in a very few weeks. The cost of the
equipment will be in the neighbor-
The water bag been
As there seems to be a misnnder
standing as to my candidacy for the 1 i100(j 0f ."j0 000,
nflice of sheriff. I offer the following ; pipe(i fr0IU Reuben and Gray Creeks,
to make clear my position in tnis , TnB pi,.g were nn for great diHtaCP8
campaign. np g(rc!,in g0 aB t0 g(,t the necessary
Now a fow of my democratic frieuds pressure of water. Colonel S. B.
seem to be of the opinion, Blasdel is to be superintendent of the
1st. That I have come into the cam- 1 mine
paign to divide the democratic or j The representatives of the Mines
anti-Lister vote. ; Development Company, who are at the
2d. That I have no show of election 1 Portland to make a final inspection of
and consequently slionld. stay out of the new eqnipnieut, are John F.
the race. Bormmer, M. B. Rohrer, A. M. Gray
Now, let as see how such objections ' and W. L. Russell,
will stand the test of reason ; as to the 1 The wealth of the gravels in Jack
first objection I was regularly nomi- son, JoBephine and Douglas counties
nated to the ofllce of sheriff by the j is well known. While they have been
BooiatiHt party on the third day of worked for many years, yet because of
March before Mr. Russell's name had ! lack of capital thev have not been
weakness, debility,
and , even
been mentioned in connection fully developed. The Mines De-
other physical and mental troubles with tho sheriff's olllce, Now if Mr. I velonment Company lias installed a
H!oinacbH tly r,",altfr0'U wk"'l ( Russell and his supporters were so complete equipment, the most perfect
Of all'the vital organs, the stomach """'n'" mt to divide the vote why ! in the United States. -Portland Jonrn
is the nioHt frequently ahiiH-d, mid did Mr. Russell go ont for the nomi-: al.
hence, the one which most frequently nation knowing I was aleady in tbe 1
fails, and ho with the discovery of a j ,,, ,,,,, hn WHH wniD(? to Grants Passltes Have a Rich Mine
remedy like Mi-o-im stomach tablets, 1 .... . , t ,
which is sold on an absolute guarantee conditions as ho founti them, .because , CorlisH & Co.. the Grants Pass com
to strengthen the digestive system, aid whatever may be my shortcomings I pany working the old Greenhorn Blue
iu assimilation in iooci, aim cure an nave never liueu called a nu tter. rirn.1 .;.... .,i,t ,;i a..i, r
troubles caused by indigestion, an im
per taut step has been taken towards
solving the question of good health
and long life.
Take one of the little Mi-o-tia tub
lets before each meal, with the fixed
determination that you are going to
get well, and it will not be many
days before ynn can eat' anything
without year of indigestion.
. Rotermund sells Mi-o-na on an ab
solute guarantee to refund the money
if it does not enrv A large box of
As to the second objection that I Yreka. have sunk a shaft to bed
havo no show to win with three in 1 r0ck, near the Scott Valley stage
the field Suppose we admit for the road. which is now down over 76 feet,
sake of argument that such is tho case They are troubled about a heavy lx)dy
and that it is a good reason, will it 0f water coming in at present, bat ex
not hare just as much or more force in ,mt to get down to bed rock soon iu
his case as mine, he being the last
in the field.
However let us not cloud the issue
this is a business question and not a
the tablets costs but Ml cents, if it question of who was in the field first,
helps you ; nothing if it fails.
The Pioneer Grocer
RKLIABLK goods at
rkuahlk pricks
A Specialty
Dried Fruits of All Kinds
Wholesale ami Retail
Feed and Flour Store
.1. K. KKKI.KY, Propriclor.
Kerley's Feed Stables, South Sixth Street.
Most Htaiul of I'loiif.
Ilav of all kinds.
Rolled tiarlcv. Wheal and Oats.
Clean Gray Oats for Seed,
fay IWiock priii.
The Popular Burber Shop
Got VOtll tlHIMM i.ll WOlk llotlo il
On Sixth Sttcct Tliu-c chairs
l'attt KoOUl 111 I'l HUHVl ion
Mop Crumbling
if you suffer from Rheumatism or
psias, for liallard's Snow Liniment
will bung quick relief. It is
cure for Sprains, KlieiiiiiaMin.
traded Mum'Iis and all in;
within the reach of all l'i o
,W a . i h . l li Sun:!', I
1 have u- .1 i
in piv t ' mi lv I ,!
i il a t'nc r
1 r ,
but a question of who is the most fit
for the position. If Mr. Russell is
! the best qualified for the position,
then and ouly then, slionld he have
your support. This is not so much a
politics! as a business matter aud
should bo treated as such. Mine or
Mr. Russell's hopes or aspirations are washing
as uothing compared to the business
side of it.
I am respectfully yonrs,
using pumps for drainage. The depth
to bed rock is probably UK) feet, aud
having three pumps, may be able to
keep the water clear, or may add an
other for tho purpose. This claim has
always paid very rich on bed rock
where a strata of bluish gravel and
cement Is found, for five or six feet
above the lie Irock, carrying roarrse
gold aud nuggets. Mont of the gravel
wailies easily, but some of it is expo
sed to the air for slacking before
Yreka Journal.
Miss Nellie Mulkey and her brother,
John, returned home from Southern
California last Tuesday. John's
health is not improved to any great
Last Saturday Prof. Mulkey started
for a trip through some of the count
ies of Western Oregon. He is booked
to speak at several commencement
exercises and other meetings. He
intends to be gone for a week or
more. Summer school will open here
tbe 37th of Jane. This will be an
excellent opportunity for teachers to
take review work so as to prepare for
state or county papers.
Rev. Van Dyke, who has jnst re
turned from bis missionary labors in
Asia, visited the school on Wednesday
morning. He gave an interesting
account of the work done, by the mis
sionaries and schools on the Malay
Peninsula where he was stationed.
In one of the schools for boys at
Singapor, where Rev. Van Dyke
worked for some time, there were
1000 students and among tbem were
represented 89 different languages
While the students, one and all,
have been busy preparing themsolves
for life's duties, the little intruder,
cupid has also been busy applyiug
his trade. It teems impossible to ex
clude him and he will wreck havoc in
spite of all precaations. His victims
at this time were Mr. Anderson and
Mies Minear, two of our most popular
students. They were married on
Monday at Medford. It was indeed a
surprise to the family and students.
Tuesday evening a few of thU
friends gathered at the teiupoiary
home of the happy, newly weds, on
Alida street and spent a pleasant even
ing with them. It is evident that
others have been mortally wounded by
cupid's arrows, but the effects are not
expected to show in such a virulent
form, at least it is thought that they
will not Buccumb until the end of the
school year.
At the Woodman Band concert in
Ganiard's opera house last Friday
evening, the normal singers took a
prominent part. The following num
bers were rendered by them :
Chorus "Nightingale and Rose,"
Misses Weber, Anderson, Nickerson,
Cambell, Silsby, Bryant, Corbin,
Beehe; Messrs. Herndon, Martin,
Hartley, Burke, Smith, Newton, Edg
ington. Vocal Duet "The Swallows" ..
Misses Anderson and Beebe
Ladies Chorus "Carmiua," Misses
Weber, Nickerson, Anderson, Silsby,
Bryant, Beebe.
Remember that we carry the Re
nowned Steinway and Kmiha Pianos,
write for catalogues. Hale's Piano
House, Medford, Oregon Branch at
Grants Pass, Ore., Miss Minnie Ire
laud, local representative.
You cannot have good health nnless
your kidneys are sound, for the kid-
nevs filter ,hc blood of impurities $()U1 UTll OlTliOll ('(Mil Hid
nuMM iiiuriniiw net us irritating
ixiisons and break down the delicate
organs of the body and cause serious
trouble. If yon have kidney or blad
der troublo and do not use Foley's
Kidney Cure, you will havo ouly
yourself to blame for results, as it
positively cures all forms of kidney
and bladder diseases For sale by It.
A. Rotermund.
in:; A; Construction Co.
Estimates and Im
Ditches, Dams, Bridges
Office, Room 3 Masonic Temple.
Money Made in Dairy Business.
Dairying will d more for this
country iu the long run thau any
other branch of agriculture. The
check for the cream comes once every
month, aud there's no such thing as
crop failure. A dairy community is
independent of hard lima. People
must and will have butter, and they
will pay more for fresh, pure butter
thau they will 'pay for ordinary but
ter. The diaryuiau gets tho benefit
of this, as he can sell his cream to the
creamery that gets the higest price for
butter, finler the new way of pny
iug for cream, the dairyman is paid
on the basis of the 'selling price of the
bntter into which his cream is made.
This method has proven a Rreat suc
cess for the dairyman.
Get two or threi good rows and a
hand cream separator and start 'in.
Separata the cream right after milk
lug and cool it quickly. It will keep
in fine shape if quickly and pr.iperly
cooled. Feed the tkim milk while
warm and fresh to the pigs, or feed it
sour to the chirleeiis. Keep the
I promising heifer calves aand build up
j your herd. Send the steers and the
I unprofitable cows to tno butcher.
j Raise your own forage crops, and feed
t'nstiislicil on I everything you raise. Your farm
Tunnels 1 wi'l increase in fertility aud value.
Iuvest every dollar you make in more
good cream making cows, and you
will Ik growiug rich and independent
leu. w r
Snow I . : m ii,
MP. 1 n
all ..l .:
for .tin 1
a hit re
Fish for Squaw Lake.
Squaw lake and the other smaller
lakes at the head of Applegate river
are to li rostockrd with trout fry to
Im supplied by the government bureau
of fisheries. The young fish were se
curisl through the efforts of Senator
Gesrin and they will be placed in the
bikes by Jacksonville parties who will
rec 'ive them from the government
tish car when it makes the tour of
the Pacific Coast this Summer.
Do Nut Rc Imposed I'pon.
Foley l.. , Chicago, originated
Hen, y iiml Tar a a throat and lung
remedy, and on account of the great
merit and popularity of Foley's
Honey and Tar ninny imitations are
oll'ered for the genuine. Ask for
I Buvjndi
a7 80 acres Between 8 and 10 acres meadow with good
47: . 80 f It . acres ot bench land seeded to grain: W
irngating ditca anu -u-." neCessary outbuildings; two
! h0U,se',ba. lSnfotwo set ot harness; 21 head of stock; 1 C
ooultrv all farming implements, consisting ot mower,
harrow and various other small tools; mower and rake al-
"d,1U . r 1 tArrarriar With Vt fM1 CttVl rtl A i
horses. nacK an. :miements. ronsistinir nf m
sow and pigs; poultry; n mower and
rake :, plow, harrow d umber, together with household golS
most new; about V.uuu ieci ui o
$2500.00 takes the entire outfit. Good for 30 days only. .
No 494 240 acres. Good three room house small barn . m0ke
house and all other out buildings. 30 acres fenced. 20 acres m culti
S Small orchard. - Plenty of good timber. L.vtng water.
$5.00 per acre.
Yours for bargains,
The Real Estate Man
Hello 393 Office. 611 Residence.
516 E Street Grants Pass. Ore.
Grants Pass Breeders Association
Get PADDOCK'S Prices
Office at the
BICYCLE DEN, East of Depot.
W.P.Sharman and E.F.LeMieux
Mini iMint4l . , :-v '
Yi V
It.: V .... :
Full stock of Wall Paper all designs
quality and prices,
"uints, Varnishes, Oils, Brushes
Mail orders promptly filled.
Justice blanks at the Courier office.
Will stand at the following places
one day in each week:
Williams C O. Biftelow's.
Appletfate Near Rose Hall.
Marpliy H. L. Reed's.
Grants Pass
Service: Insurance, $20.00.
For further information address,
Grants Pass, Ore.
s II..
: nil' i
ml Tar iiml refuse any
1 a im other pr 'pir
I lie same sat isf ietion.
It i'ni!tniiii 110
f r ohiHivn aii.l
sale by 11. A.
1 ial ive
-.ii. -.i
To tut rrt lite our KianipMl i'orM
Cin rs wi1 wttl si'tiil to :nv -drc
s thin hniu'K'Wu t' 'Us 1 ;T
Itv Trfnch ouulrW with J (
cotton t" emL'toMor. nil
The Neei'iccraft Shop
Ufia Waahlncton St.. rcrtland. Or.
Rates for Elks Convention.
uuusl tlouvention Urand Lodjie
! Henevolent Bin! Pr'teetive Order of
j Klkn, Denver. Colorado, July IT is,
, 111, I'.KKi. Ronnd trip tickets will tie
on sale July H, It, V!, V, 14, to, l'.lii
at followinjr rates: One way tlirojh
Portland, and one way through Cali
fornia, from (irnts Pass. Medford
and Ashland, JtiS.,MV Hetli ways
tliroutjli Portland, from ('rant'i Pass, j
ii;l.'.i.; from MmUord, f.4.1Hij from
Ashland, H."i.HO. (ioinn limit July !
Il'th: leturn limit, September Hi'tli, !
ISHVi, Stojiovers will he crnnte.1 in '
i ither direelii'ii within ti e triliMt
Innit. evert that no stopovi rs will lie.
on toina trip.
Ileal Estate and Timber
Club Stables
FRANK HECK, Proprietor
Snceesmir to Hayes & Heck
Special attention given to mining men and commercial
street, Grants Pass, Oregon
if.;". . -v-v-;
in t antenna
A. L. CUAlti
G. P. A.
II Street Mween Fifth and
v- UM50N, Proprietor.
I'hone SSI Grants Pass. Oreeon
l o i,ure a r
Swvn MltUon ho $ se-- r i. I ? months. , ..; , ...
-.1. VA . M 1
Ono Day
Cures Crip
in Two Days.
'.IV I'll. !
L Hlld Ivi
I I mum!
niii"v ni-