Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 25, 1906, Image 4

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Oregon, at econd-clasa mail matter.
FRIDAY. MAY 25, 1906.
Mill Anna Valen ipeot Sunday
Viiitiog friend".
Mri J. H. Eggen went to Grant
Pasi Saturday.
Mrs. Mark Bonch spent Saturday
night at Takllma.
Misi Ida Adami ipeot Monday with
her lister, Mri. Mathewson.
Miia Orpha Stevenson ipent Satar
day with friendi near Waldo.
Mini Eva Wimer of Oranti Pagi ii
visiting relative! near Waldo.
Mr. and Mri. W. J. Wimer made a
trip to Uranta Pans last week.
The latent reports were that the
Takllma smflltur will soon start.
Ed Bayse ii now at home, he has
been working at the Caluunt mine.
Oho. MuthftWHon has been through
Waldo the last few days hunting cat
tle. Fred Bitgley, the Tukiliua Jiost
master, sjieut Saturday evening at the
Col. T. Wain-Morgan Draper is now
at his homo in the Iiuckhorn lodge at
Miss I Iiit tie Wimer got thrown from
her riding horse Friday in the main
street of Waldo, but was not hnrt.
John Valen returned from Grants
Pass Friday where he went to take
Johnionb, the cooks at the Greenback
George Thrasher, who has a promis
ing copper claim up the left fork of
the Illinois river, has been in Waldo
the last few days.
Mo sickness has been reported this
week. Totter-Ann.
Scli.xil closed Friday of lint wenk.
Alex Jess is buliug hay for C.
F. Loveluco the past two days.
J. C. K. McOiinn made a lmiuvM
trip to town Monday of thia week.
Rev. and Mrs. Clark are in the Alt
house country helping in a mentiug.
Charles McCniiu Hindu a business
trip to Grants 1'itss Tuesday of this
" Ren Smith at the saw mill got his
finger pretty badly mushed Tuseduy of
this week.
Dick Hill, of the Williams mill, got
his thniuli mushed and was layed olT
from work a few days.
The neighbors go to Grants I'iiss ho
often it isn't worth while to miike
mention of their trips.
Mr. and .Mrs. lirown took the train
Tuesday of this week for California to
visit Mr. lirowu's parents.
We can almost see vegetation grow
ing since the recent rams Many peo
ple are complaining of colds.
This valley was visited by a soak
ing 'rain the pant few days. Willi
snow in sight no wonder the weather
seems ho cool.
EriicNt l.ewW got quite a knock on
the fori head while logging Tuesday
of this week. Not supposed to be
seiious, although a close cull.
Since the lute mint- vegetal inn is
growing tliiely ami the cattle on the
rang" are doing well. A few cattle
lu the timber might not be so had to
chew the logger's cents or jumper if
they were tailed oftener.
Mrs. Jones and Mrs. ("reed under
took to go to the home of Mr. ami
Mrs. Akers recently and in that new
tangled road in that part of the
country they got lost. They ran
cross some men legging and Were
piloted buck to the main road and
went on their way rejoicing. Cap
Simmons sa.vs they must of thought
that wiih the road to lltelcs.
Vncle Fuller.
FINE tiiinre piano for sale for f M.
by iwrtv going away. Worth t,b of
nnvlwdy's money. Call si Courier
Do You Love
your baby? Yon wonder why he
cries. Huy a bottle of White's I'reaiu
Vermifuge aud he will never cry
Most latic have worms, and the
mother don't know it. W lute's j
Crenm Vermifuge rids the child ol
worm and clean out it svsteiu in n ,
idea tut ay. Kvery icctber !). M j
keel' a 1" M of tin im-dicnie in th:'
hou-e. With it. feir need net cr eut cr j
hi r mtn.l I'rice S.r. Sold by N'
Dri ('.'. .ii. i liot, i iMiii.l. .
D. Lewman and family visited
Glendale on Saturday.
Chlckenpox is the order of the school
at Golden. Several of the pupils are
suffering from it
The latest report from Mrs. F. O.
Root at the North Pacific Sanitarium,
Portland, is that she is rapidly im
proving Wild itrawberries are plentiful on
the sunny banks of old Coyote creek
this Spring and crowds of children
have been enjoying the treat.
A. O. Lindborg and C. Wash Miller
of the Lindborg Photo Company of
Kewarree, 111., passed to rough Golden
en route for Grants Pass. They ex
hibited some very fine pictures taken
at the famooi Greenback mine. They
are artist of nnosual talent and we
hope they will locate in this com
munity. M. H. Thompson and daughter have
retained from a recent visit to their
mine near Mt Baldy. This mine as
says some of the finest ore to be
found in the district. Mr'. Thorn pson
is a square man to deal with. He is at
present sounding the mortar bnt
being an elderly gentleman and of
limited means he is nnable to develop
his mine. We believe if the mine
were properly opened and equipped it
would prove another Greenback. The
moneyed men of the county ihonld
investigate it. Dolly Gray.
I S E L 31 A
Morv rain and crops are growing.
Miss Oina Chastain is ill at thii
Bert Hogue and wife spent Sunday
at Selina.
Mrs. D. H. Wimer is well off, she
has three cooks.
A. V. Schmitt, the Selma merchant
went to Kerby Monday.
The Selma school will close Friday
with an entertainment in the even
ing. Mrs.. J. G. JHatt id just recover
ing from a bad sick rpttll that last two
Mrs. Noah went to Grants Pass Pan
this morning to visit her Bister. Mrs.
Joe Schmitt was seen on the Kerby
streets early Sunday morning headed
toward Selma.
Mrs. Etta Stevenson has moved to
Rerny where shs has bought a fine
little liouie and lot.
It seems like, the wedding bells have
died down here in Selma lor a short
time. When they start iu look out.
Miss Maudie Schmitt has charge of
me more wneu ner lather, A. V.
Schmitt goes to the city on business.
Miss Fronft Saur and Miss Lizzie
Sargent spent .Sunday at Selma aud
attended Sunday School in the after
noon. The dunce given iu the Seluia hall
wa very much enjoved by all. Ktta
Stevenson, Elsio logne. Millie
Thrasher, Minnie Tiser, Edd Burke
and Kveret Hogue of Kerby attended
the dunce.
Arthur Adams and Mis Christie
were out taking in the Selma sights
Sunday. Gee! Wl.e.
A H'.W pair of guaruut 1 mated
icr pigeons for sale at tl a pair,
i a few sqnahs at 70 cent a pair.
Rev. F. C. WilliauiH
5--'5 i!t
Wo oflbr our entire line of Dry Goods, con
sistiugof Muslins, Prints, Clmllies, Lawns, Dimities,
Tul.le Linen, Whito Gocnls, Ladies' Waists, Skirts,
Ladies' and Children's Furnishing Goods.
Millinery, Notions, Etc., At Cost.
Trices in some lines below cost to dose them
out. No article is reserved this is a genuine sale
to dose out business.
Your jmivh:isinr at our store means a jrreat
saving to you. We invite you to visit us and be
convinced our prices were never made in Grants
Tass before.
Grants Pass Feed Store
C. L. lilLI.ETT, PnorR.
All Kinds of Flour, Iced, Mill Feed, Hay, Grain,
Cor. Uh and J. Sts.
Commends R G. Smith
The following letter written by W.
M. Killingswortb, one of the leading
repnblicani of Multnomah county, and
a member of the legislature of 1905
speaks for itself. Mr. Killingswortb
wa the author of the Killingswortb
bill which was the first successful at
tempt in republican legislature to
secure any legislation againit the
railroad! daring the past 30 years:
Portland, Or., Feb. 27. 1906. (Hon.
Robert G. Suiith, Grants Pass, Jose
phine County, Ore., My Dear Sir and
Friend) Please do not think me un
grateful lor not acknowledging 'by let
ter sooner your great assistance in the
recent railroad fight in securing for
the people of the State of Oregon their
liberation from "strangulation," for
i no greatly appreciate your assist
ance. I little dreamed that mv Bill 136
! wonld have caused so tnncb contention
and opposition, for it sorely is a jost
measure and in the interest of the
entire State of Oregon. Believe rre
that I am more than thankful for the
considerate manner in which I was
personally treated by the members of
the minority in the Honse, yourself
the leader, who proved loyal to a
man, showing conclusively to my
mind that each individual member
was faithfully working for the better
ment and best interests of the entire
state and oould. would and did stand
all the railroad pressure, hence each
member is justly entitled to treat
credit for without your assistance
Oregon would today be still under the
blanket of monopolistic control.
This Bill gives fait and timely no
tice that Oregon will wait no longer
on the management of the present
railroadk to build needed develop
ment lines, that the people do intend
to have proper rail accommodations
all over neitlected Oregon and that the
bottled up conditions, existing for
the past HO years in Oregon is at last
ended. A most beneficial and merit
orious law, and I am thankful that
my name is connected witn its pass
age. Mr. Smith, I feel under lasting obli-.
gat ions for favors shown me. I felt
indeed very lonely when my entire
Multnomah delegation, 12 in number,
stood up and were counted to place
my bill in cold storage. This act
brought to the surface all my fighting
energies and with your timely and
able assistance, we won out.
Please do accept from me my best
wishes for your happiness and lasting
prosperity. Yours most ttulv,
Robert Stites made a business trip
to Selma last Sunday.
Childrens' day is to be observed by
the churches of this vicinity June
Robert G. Smith aud Stephen
Jewell spoke to the good people of this
place last Thursday evening.
The term of school in District Jto.
1 taught by Miss Stella Paddock of
Grants Pass, closed Friday the 25th.
Fitz Roch of Thompson creek was
in our valley last Tuesday gathering
up scrap iron to take to the foundry
at Medford.
James Smith's father move down
here from Jacksonville this week,
they have rented the farm formerly
occupi d by John Bailey and family.
Luke's Church.
Memorial service will he held Son
day morning, with serinou appropriate
to the da v. .
Sunday School and Bible class will
meet at 12:1ft. Eveuing service and
sermon at ti p. m.
Foods, Ftc.
Grants Pass, Ore.
Statement From Ex-Judfe Chiles
Editor Courier: As politics are
now the order of the day I, lise
others men, would like to have a little
ay. In the first place, will Bay that
I regard county politics as strictly
a business matter and the duty of tho
citizen is to vote for the man bast
fitted for the position sought.
As I understand, one of the most
important planks in Mr. Chaosse's
platform is a reduction of taxes and
at the same time to give ui improved
roads. Let oi pat this in the scales
and see how much it will weigh. In
the first place, - anybody knowi that
in financial matter the county court
has a very limited jorisdiction, being
confined to building roads, bridges,
court houses, jails and the keeping of
the poor. The larger expenses being
the holding of elections, payment of
officers salaries, court expenses both
oircuit and magisterial, coroners in
qoeit and state taxes. Over these
latter items it has no control what
ever, only to see that there is no
superfluity connected thereto which
has no warrant of law.
When I was in office I did find oat
that the custom of the prosecuting at.
torney to charge np mileage fees to
the county had no warrant of law and ,
refuged to pay his bills for same and
made the challenge to John Jeffrey to 1
produce the law and then we would 1
pay the bills for the lame. That j
challenge held good during my term
of office as he nor any other ever
produced it, although there has been
many hundreds of dollars paid by
Josephine county for this very item of
mileage by prosecuting attorneys in
their attendance upon justice courts.
The building of roads costs money.
The engineering skill of America
comhined cannot build one mile with-:
out it. I think in the year 18U6 the '
county coo't at the request of the
grand jury entered into contract with
experts to have the books of the
county gone over to see if everything 1
was right. F. W. Chauss aud J. A. ;
Jennings were the two tax payers that 1
put an injunction upon the contract as
unnecessary expense. "I would esti
mate that the whole expense in pro
portion to the magnitude of a tax
payer of his caliber at that time
would not exceed two bits.
Mr. Chausse as editor of the Obser- '
ver when the bill passed the legisla
ture about three years ago to increase
county officers' salaries in the aggre
gate of 1000 per annum, laid that
the raise was justifiable as the salaries
were fixed back in the sixties. Being
fixed iu the sixties is not correct.
The judge 's salary was changed
twice duriug his uncle Volney Col
vig'i two terms from fi00 to $700 aud
back again to $'100. V. Colvig ac
cepted the raise but would not accept
the reduction from ?(K) to JHiK), hut
ontiuued to draw the 1700 salary from
the time tho law making the reduc
tion went into effect uutil he went out
of office.
Mr. Chausse is alleged to have sold
his interest iu the Observer office.
Well, people have their own way of
thinking and there is no way to de
prive them of it. Printers bills
Hgaiiut the county is au item of ex
pense ttiat is to be feaied as I knw
from personal experience. The Aus
tralian system provides that the
county clerk shall have the ballots
pepareil. Mr. Chausse and Clerk
Goodell belonged to same political
family aud he was nutting iu his hills
at 2. ,10 per thousand for the old style
election ballots. I insisted with
Clerk (ioodell to submit it to bidders
aud toward tho end of my term he
consented to do so aud Jerry Nuuan
bid 4'J cuts per thousand and got the
job for one thus aud printed the bal
lots. Putting Mr. Chausse's extreme
closeness of expense of exi;erting
books iu conjunction with his ex
treme liberality of sentiment as editor
in conutctiou with the laise iu salar
ies must conclude that he is liable
tn vibrate to aud fro just according to
the fact of whose bull is being gored.
Iu conclusion I will say to the
voters of Josephiiue county, U honest
with God, your neighbor aud yourself
and vote for the man, in your opin
ion, all qualifications considered, who
will make the best public servant.
Grunts Pass, May 23, Hkx!.
1 will not be responsible for any
debts contracted or liable to be con
tracted by my wife, Marv Ethel I toff,
a she lett my bed aud board without
just cause or prov.x'a'ion.
April 21. I!t Lelaud. Oie.
Justing Mith Dyrumitc
Is no more dangerous than to neg
lect kidney disorders. Foley's Kid
ney Cure corrects irregularities aud
lias cured many severe caces after
other treatment has failed. It builds
up the wornout tissues and restore
health and vigor. "I was troubled
with kidney ccuij l.iiut I r nIk ui two
years," writes 11. Davis cf Mr. Stir
ling, Iowa, "but two botths of
Foley's Kidney Cere eiTe, rlvl , j-,r-mam
nt cere" lor mtV iy ii. A.
i jjrc n, aaM
$3.50 and $4.00
R. L. Bartlett
Howard Building Sixth Street
Candidates Announcements.
Yamhill County
of Grants Pass
Regular Democratic Candidate for
County Judge.
Favors Progressive Liens in Road,
School, Hrobiite, Taxation, Sanitary and
Liquor Laws.
J. T. TAYI.Oli
of Grants Pass
Regular Democratic Candidate for
County Treasurer.
of Grants Pass
Regular Republican Candidate for
County Treasurer.
cnnnTnn Uk:
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trnT l.-nl i.nrtiti.r f.v -.lay fnrn.
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Hint It will In ft a III-Hi, , K'vlntf ,-Vfr tlv
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Ki'imrttTnr e will ht'i vim "in- oti t-n tiny
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the Ut utid ri- -t prt ill-i' f .r tir uu ,,
j.-ii may rrl.iru It hi our i'fi.
lliovlw.kHi toil.ty trinil with ltM tftinrnntf
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tii I'. S S-!'riit1 r bt' .tiM' know it to
SKIMS H.KAMST I-i ;i.l.1tl..n. V. p.
rViHt r kliM tti.. t.illk lhn
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trat.-i ov, r hihI .t.t r.iin. 'Mi.- wrM' r.- or. I
for Wfitn "klniir.ttii; b-n hold t.y tin- I .
R. Iltiud S-pnrnt'T for nihti Ni. otluT
hixl i-rHtor has U-on nhio to tti
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It III o-it any nth.-r parator. It (a
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to k.p rlt'Nii IIT..1 it will ko.p rlcht on tar
aftor yir d.-ln lt dally Work, giving pvrfoct
at Mf.'ttoti
l'AS Kil' ITSKI.K Th V. S S-psrator
will pay for lt-lf In vr.o y.-ar In extra ora"t
Mv.-d ov.-r what culd hkimmod in the o,
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adTaut.iif.. of our fro trial offor at .1 iii:kf th
tal risk? un u fnnn klni In Ntl; mi
nd flfcnr rtit ido ri-ult In v.nir own whV
Yuu will find tio aoparaU-T will pay f. it.'lf
tn yr. WV all it un y triw and wV
tak orar Id pavuiriit, a., ton nt-d n-t pnr
IM I'M crit fop tV wprator. ad at th
ot th yar th tBaohla will all paid for.
Writ today fi caiakn- and f ill parts-'ila-t
V-Mton 'ht raii HAZILWOOD C&EJlM
?.?! S. and DRUGS.
We have received a large shipment
of ALL AMERICA Shoes and Ox
fords for Spring and Summer wear.
They can be had in all the latest
toesi and in vici, patent colt and
tan. They await your inspection at
FOR SALE Heavy pair of work horses
and heavy harness and a 8) Stude
baker wagon, nearly new. A idreis
P. O. box 195, Grauts Pass. 5-25 tf.
ONE three-minute driving horse also
racing cart. H. N. Mitchell, North
8th street, Box 4,14. 4 27 tf
FUR SALE One good mare, cheap,
28; one good milk cow, t'W ; a set
of double driving harness in good
order, fit. Apply box 128, Grants
Pas.. 5-11 tf
COWS FOR SALE 14 head of choice
milk cows from Smith river i
dairies aud are in Grants Pass.
Call on or address Joseph Rus
sell. 3-80 tf
FOR SALE ItiO acres of land, two
miles from Merlin, Josephine
county, at f2.60 per acre, or will
trade for citv property. Address P.
O. Box 3(59, Grants Pass, Ore.5-25 4t
FOR SALE 88 acres of river bottom
land 4'j miles west of Grants Pass,
good building, 10 acres orchard, 0
acres hops ; price $4000. Inquire of
A . N. Hulbert, Sams Valley, Ore
gon 4-20 tf
PLEASURE boats to rent at the
bridge, both Sail and Row boBts
ChaB. Costain. 5-11 4t
FOR RENT or sale two good houses
in choice locations. Address J. D.
Drake, Seventh aud A streets. 3-30tf
FOR RENT 5 room honse, Cor.
Fourth and I streets. Pantry aud
Path, good well of water. M. E.
Moore, Second hand store. 5-18 tf
HOUSE FOR RENT 7 rooms, com
fortable dwelling, good well aud
city water, fine shado trees and in
central location. Rent 12 per
month to right parties. Address
Lock Rox .181, Grants Pass. 5-11 tf
WANTED Laundry, ineu's and family
and house work by the dy. Mrs.
Ella Hall 424 West E street, laBt
house. i 5. 4 4t.
WANTED-ISarred Rocks or Black
.Minorca chickens. Cheap foi cash.
P. O. Box auo.
6-11 tf
WANTED Grain Suoks, Tools and
other st'cond-lmud goods. Harrison
Hr. h. , Second hand-store, corner
Sixth and J streets. 2-V tf
WANTED Pohitinu as hoisting eugi
liter on mine: vwoCL tool sharptuer
and electrical engineer; 10 years
experience. Address Chas. McG. ,
S03 14th st.t Portland. 5-25 2t.
FRANK BU UN ETT Upholstering,
unhfiiou fnrnitnre made to order.
LOST Vent, ctmtaming watch and
chaiu. Ueturn to E. B. Eetts, Cirants
Ps- 6 4 4-t
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for the Coouty of Josephine.
In the matter of the i
Estate of J. A. Hub- V
kopt, deceased.
N ot ice i m lidr.i... : v i. . i.
nn.lersiKUHi has filed her final ao-1
VniVr U1 Lie mattwr of estate o;
t V .klIlf dewad, the same be
H) ir tiled in tha n4-n
ttte of Oregon for Josephiue couutv.
All arsons havii.x au interest in said
4r . """" tors or otherwise object-
1 Vm?' aw;ol"it or any item there-
, ,ake "oti,J "'at "id account
will be considered hv Baia C0Hrt on
' Rt o'clock a. m. of
wrt day and any ol)jertions to said
nun "''count n.nst be filed and pre-
"aid W'Urt Bt the dttte Bfore'
Published by the or.ler of Hon. J. O.
(J0niy JudKe, Josephine
n..t,.i.i- . . Administratrix. '
Diitedth.sS4th.Wof Slay. 1906.
r .1 u M I
uka.mts PASS, ORE.