Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 13, 1906, Image 8

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: L K L AND 5
Everybody is bony makiug garden.
All kinds of frait is promising to
be a good crop.
Kelly Donken and wife are racing
flue chickens, hIso gardening ou a big
scl. Mr. Dnnken came Troin tant-1
rn Oregon where lie was in the drag
busini'M a loi;g time. He wanted a
coon try life, o hearing of Iceland and
its poHHibilitieB a healthy coantry, no
wind, be came here to engage in the
garden bosiness. There is ready
market for the vegetables lie can
raUe. His wife will ron the chicken
The road that is talked of that will
come from the Coast and end at Le
lund we nndemtand will soon have
work commenced on it It will fill a
long-felt want between Leland and
the ooat a a large amount of good
farming land will be made accessible
and give room for big settlement,
lb ere la a large body of good Sugar
and yellow pine timber on thii road.
There ii talk of ruunng a line of
automobile for carrying passengers.
It will be the greatest improvement
of anything in Southern Oregon.
Mr. Kelly, one of onr neighbors, has
a position in J. Haoketts' sawmill as
head sawyer. He is an efficient saw
mill man. We understand that mill
will be moved from Provolt to Merlin
in a short time. Wide-awake.
Reduced Round Trip Rates East
ern Points Season 1906.
On July 3d and 8d, August 7th, 8th
and 9th and September 8th and 10th,
100ft, Round Trip tickets will be on
sale to points named under the fol
lowing conditions
Both ways throngh Portland, to
Chicago, $80. 4S; St. Louis, 76.45
Milwaukee, $78.65; St. Paal and
Minneapolis, fflH.OS; Omaha, Council
Bluffs, Sionx City, St. Joseph, Atch
inson, Leavenswortli and Kansas City,
Ono way through Portland, and
one way through California, to
Chicago, $85; St. Lonls, $S1 ; Mil
waukee, 83.20; St. Paul mid Minno
HpoliH, $81.40; Omaha, Council Bluffs,
Sioux City, St. JoHeph, Leavenswortli
and Kansas City, $711.50.
Tickets will be sold to Milwaukee,
only ou Angust Tth, 8th mid 0th.
Limits: doing, 10 days; tickets
must be used going on date of sale;
final return limit DO dava from date of
sale but not beyond October, 81, 11)00.
Stopovers: Stopovers will be (rant
ed in either direction within tbe
transit limits, west of Missouri
River, St. Paul, and Minneapolis,
aim New Orleans, when through that
point, except that no stopovers will be
pirmitted in California on going trip.
A. L. CRAIG. O. P. A.
: pi
11 in
AV I i n V. 1! V I I.I. V.
Grandma Woodard was on tbe sick
list but is inuoh better at this writ
ing. Mrs. Charles Brown got her face
polBoned with poison' oak which is so
numerous in Oregon.
Mr. Moore of Grants Pass came out
to James Hockings after a load of hay
Toeaday of ibis week.
Mr. Aker went to town Wednesday
of thia week to get Mrs. Akers'
mother and sister from Wisconsin.
George Bryan and wife and May
Verdin of Grants Pasa made a flying
trip ont to Mr. Wetherbuo'i Tuesday
of this week.
Clarence MoCollum took E. Eriok
son over to Williams Creek. Mr.
Erickson went to put in a bridge
where one was taken oat by the high
water this Spring.
Carrie Llnd is at work at Mr.
Lovelace's. Myrtle Burble bas gone
somewhere up Slate creek to work.
after working at the hotel for the past
seven or eight months.
Mrs. Akers' brother and nephew of
Wlsooosin paid Mr. and Mrs. Akers a
visit, coming Sunday and going up to
Swede Basin on Monday to takeobarge
of the saw mill at that place.
Elsie Robinson took the train Satur
day of last week to visit her slater,
Mrs. Will Nickerson of Washington
The Working Bee of last Saturday
worked in James Hocking's clearing
piling logs and brnsh.
In returning from Grants Pass one
svveolng last week Mr. Lloyd's team
of mules were oontrary enough to go
down stream and when Lloyd got
straightened ont again he fonnd he
wag minus the two hind wheels and
box off of bis wagon or hack, besides
$10 or $13 worth of provisions.
The ladies of the W. O. T. U. met
at the church Wednesday afternoon of
this week. Uncle Fuller.
a i
C. DeClerque visited the city last
J. Turvey made a buiness trip to tbe
city last week.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. J. Lnrri
more. April 10, a son.
Charles Hoxie of TJppnr Williams is
very ill with tbe grippe.
Bert Biglow made a business trip to
Grants Pas last Tuesday.
D. George of Kirby visited old
friends heie last Sautrday.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Sam Teth-
erow, Wednesday, April 4tn, a nne
J. W. Howard of San Franicsco is
visiting his wife's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. David Jobn.
Rev. Starmer returned from Junc
tion City last Monday, where he has
been attending conference.
Robert Stites was in Grants Pass
last Saturday and brought out a full
blooded Jersey sire for their ranch at
Mrs. Ed Harriott, who has been
visiting her mother, Mrs. D. John
of this place, retrned to her home at
Grants Pass last Tuesday.
Mrs. M. M. Chapman who bas been
visiting her dauhgter, Mrs. Reeves
at Jacksonville, . returned to her home
at this place last week.
Mr. Nail, a former resident of this
place, died at his home at Glendale
April 9th. He leaves five children
and many grandchildren to mourn
their loss.
cincts will more than offset any
urtlities the oppcstlon may secure
n Woodburi and Silver too.
Mr. Hawley has vipitfd every
county in the district except Curry,
Lake. Lincoln and Tillamook, aud
he has active workers in all of these.
He has everv assurance that be will
have pluralities In 10 of the 17
counties, and more than an even
chance in three of the remaining
seven. A careful and very conserva
tive estimate, based upon reports
from every part of the ditsrict gives
him 45 per cent of the total republi
can vote.
Of course these claims will be dis
puted. To acknowledge th"rn would
be an open confession of defeat. Let
the voter put this statement In his
vest pocket and keep it there until
April 31, and be will find that thia
estimate, like every other thus far
made by the friends of Mr. Hawley
in this campaign, has been more than
verified. It is no longer a question
as to big success but as to tbe amount
of his plurality.
"LeBtwe forget" the Dixie Jubi
lees on April 10th. But don't forget.
Be sure to remember, also tell your
Hawley' Strong Lead.
Tbe first preliminary canvass of
Marion county, made by friends of
Willis C. Hawley, candidate for con
gress, bas juBt been completed. The
total reigstration of tbe county allows
about 4000 republican votes. Of these
nearly 3000 are in the 10 Salem pre
oincts. The poll of the Sale in pre
cincts, giving all doubtful voters to
the opposition, shows 80 per cent for
Hawley. It is practically the same in
Aurora, and higher than that in Hub
bard. In Jefferson it is almost as
large. The strength of the opposition
is in Woobdurrr and the two Silverton
precincts. Hawley may lose these,
with possibly two others. The jlural
ities for Hawley in Aurora, Hubbard
and Jefferson, aud the 10 Salem pre
oincts, will represent his plurality in
the oouuty, as the remaining pre-
Dr, Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist
Dr. M. C Findley.
Oculist, Aarist, licensed optician.
Go to Coron for Plumbing.
M. Clemens. Prescription Druggist.
A Gentleman's smoke tbe Stage
The best advertisers patronize the
A splendid tine ol Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron't
Order seals and rubber stamps of
A. E. Voorbies.
For a o'eau bed and a good meal
try the Western Hotel.
Plaoer and quarts looation notices
mine deeds, leases, etc., at tbe
Courier office.
Fine commercial printing at the
Courier office.
Miss N. O. Miller, studio Courier
block, gives 34 stamp pictures for 35c.
Justice blanks at the Courier office.
Clements for Justice.
C. II. Clements was appointed as
Justice of the Peace for Grants Pass
Justice District on December fl, 1905,
by the county court of Josephine
county, at which time bis application
went before the court endorsed by
over 300 of the leading professional
and business men of Grants Pass jus
tice district.
He bas tilled the office in a credit
able manner and merits the recogni
tion of the voters at the coming pri
mary uominating election on April
20th, l'JOfi. 8-80 tf
I W I 31 K U
Jesse Neathamer spent Sonday in
Woort ville. .
Jqlin Oden spent Monday and Tues
day in Gold Hill.
Wm. Bybee is spending a few days
at Bybee Springs.
Spring is here again, with birds
and flowers galore.
Jarces Xeathamer spent Saturday
aud Sunday wiih friends in wooa-
Francis Almonds spent a few days
in Grauts Pass doing bue iness the la9t
of tne week.
C. E. Wickstrom is running his
minn near Wimer with a force of
several men.
Mr. Bagley of Woodville aud air.
Cochran of Medford spent Friday in
this vicinity.
The school north of Wimer has be
gun and is doing good work under the
direction of Miss Ruth Swinney.
Mr. Van Goethm hal the misfor
tune to have a valuable howe severely
Injured this week while jumping over
a picket fence.
Mr. Pearson is spending a few
dayg in Portland but his Morphy's
gulch mine is being run full blast
during his absence, with J. C. St
Jobn as foreman.
The Fall grain is looking well after
the hard Winter. Most of the farmers
have finished , sowing their Spring
grain and have turned their attention
to gardening and corn land.
Most of the stock are looking well
after the severe Winter and the stock
men are predicting good range this
Summer after the plentiful rainfall
daring tbe Winter and Spring.
Vou der
Jackson County Pi Imery Ticket.
The following is a complete list of
the political Alines made in the Jae.
son county clerk's oflice for the pri
mary election. April 20th: County
commission r, J. Putteraou, republi
can ; no di mocratio apiraut.
clerk, W. R. Coleman a d H.
Hellen, republicans; M.
democratic. Sheriff, D H.
S. G. Van Dyke, republicans; F. E.
Bybee, democrat Recorder, R. T.
Burnett, republican; R. B. Dow,
democrat. State senator, E. T.
Suples, H. Gore and Benton
Bowers, republicans; L. L. Mulit,
democrat. Representatives, H D.
KuVi, J. W. Perkins, republican; J.
P. O'Harra and C. L. Reames, demo
crat. Surveyor. Walter Parsons, G.
T. Jones, republican; no democrat.
Coroner. A. E. Kellogg. J. U. Wick,
republican; no democrat
The following juetioe of the peace
candidates have filed: Eagle Point,
A. C. Howlet, republican , Medfcrd,
F. M. Stewart, republican; Jackson
ville, Henry Dox, republican; As
land.VAiiton Berry, republican ; Woo
ville, G. W. Wilcox, democrat. Con
stables: Gold tl ill, J. a. Harvey, s
democrat; Ashland, M. K. Long,
a! ,
A Thousand Dollar's Worth ol Good.
"I have been afflicted with kidney
and bladder trouble for years, passing
gravel or stones with excruciating
pain," says A. H. Thurnes, a well
known coal operator of Buffalo, O.
"I got no relief from medicine until I
began taking Foley's Kidney Cure,
then the result was surprising. A
few doses started the brick-dust-like
substance and now I have no pains
across my , kidneys aud I feel like a
new man. It hag doue me $1000
worth of good." Foley's Kidney
Cure will cure every form of kidney
or bladder disease. For sale by H. A.
The Courier, one year $1.50;
months, 75 cents.
Fire et Monumental Mine.
Ihe Orescent City Record states
that a fire last week at tbe Monnmen. '
tal mine destroyed five houses occu
pied by employes of tbe company.
Tbe mine was that down last week as
the bad roads to Crescent City made
it too expensive to haul out the con
centrates for shipment to San Fran
cisco. Complaint is also made that
the freight rates to San Francisco are
exorbitant and that is another cause
for the closing of tbe mine. Tbe
Record states this shut-down is likely
to be only temporary as it is expected
a better vessel rate will be secured oo V
concentrate shipments and that tbe
drying up of the roads will lessen the
team charges from the mine to tide
water. Poultry Netting will keep the
chit kens aud small chicks ont of the
garden. You oan get all widths at
Cramer Bros.
' Settle Up. f
The Garmen-Hemeuway accounts
have been placed in m hands for
collection. All persons kuowiog,
themselves to be indebted to tne above
firm are notified to call at the Grants
Pass Banking and Trust Co., and
make immediate settlement.
2-30 4t E. S. VEATCH.
The Second WeeK - More and Greater Bar$ains
Anniversary Sale
Men's and Boy's Ties
20 dor. Men's and Boy's Ties, alt new patterns, come in four-in-hand,
stripg and tecks, the same tie that you always pay 25c
and 35c in this anniversary sale we will give you two 1 On
for the paiceof oue. Kach XOU
Men's Hats
1 case Men's Sample Hats, f doz, colors black, gray and brown,
worth up to $3.00, sizss h;H to 74tt. You can buy d1 p K
them as long asthis case lasts at pArCU
Men's Underwear
1 case Men's IVrby Riblicd Underwear, 3doz. colors blue QK-
and brown, drawers made with double seat. Garment vJU
Men's and Boy's Sateen Shirts
15 doz. Men's and Boys' Black Sateen Shirts, highly mercer
ized, cut extra full, all seams double stitched. You have
often paid a dollar for no better Shirt. As long as this p.fn
15 doz. lasts you can buy them for Ovu
Men's Shoes
Here are 3 Lots in Mens atid Hoys Shoes and at the price we
are going to sell them for ought to sell them in one day.
547611 pairs Mens Satin Calf Shoes, good style, Cap toe. A
Shoe worth in every way $1.75, to sell them OK
quick the price for this sale will be iA.OU
54.1617 pairs Boys Shoes same as above, sizes 3 to d1 OCX
5 1-2, Regular price $1.50, Sale price ipliCVJ
5501 14 parirs Little Centssizes 12 to 2, sold at d1 1A
$1.35, in this sale at tpl.lU
Tomorrow morning, (Saturday,) we will enter upon the
second and last week of our Anniversary Sale. We prom
iso you that tho Bargains we offer for this next week are
not only equal in number but surpass in value those that
brought such crowds to tho GOLDEN RULE STORE during
tho past week.
Anniversary Sale
VI I S ' I 1 1 Jl I II A.. ."W .
?v w .i--f fas
SSShoe 1 Bargains
1475 32 j Pairs Ladies
Sparkler Shoes made
from choice Vici Kid
Stock, patent tip Lace,
Sizes 2j4 to 7, worth
$2.50 a BiSfci QQ
Bargain price pA.70
A46 27 pairs Misses and
Childrens Shoes in sizes
10 to 11 1-2 and 13 to
m worth (1.50 and
$1.75, Sale
ou a u u
k MS
Skirts! Skirts!
We haue some surprises in
Ladies and Misses Skirts
for you. We just re
ceived this weeh 127 of
these Ladies and Misses
Skirts direct from a large
New York Manufacturer.
Kach and every one of
these Skirts have been
especially priced for this
Anniversary Sale. Think
of Buying a good quality
Mohair Skirt for $198!
These skirts in this lot
priced at $5.75-5 00-4.75
Fancy Wool Suitings 48c
S pieces of these suitings in plain gray, fancy plaids
"bume range of colors, sold in
many stores at 7oc per yard.
Anniversary Sale Trice. AQr
Fancy Mohairs 39c
You've seen this same Mohair selling regularly at 65c
a jru. uif uarK grounds are relieved with little
suiting effects,.38 inches wide. Fancy Mohairs
in six different patterns, splendid for separate
. skirts or full suits.
Anniversary Sale Price 39C
98c for Waist Worth $1.50
Ihis wais ,s made from a very sheer India Linen
has five rows lace msertion down the front, cluster of
tucks down the front and back, deep tucked cuffs Thi
is one of the greatest waist values ever shown ju
three minutes of your time is all it wiU take
to show you. Look at the price ggC
Other Lawn Waists from 50c
Book Fold Zephyr
Checks and Plaids, all new Snr;
worth loi i ' spring patterns
vrorth 121c. Anniversary Sale price 9c
1 bale House Lining, 12QQ yards
1 bale Good Quality r.T.
J v-rung, low yards.,