Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 06, 1906, Image 8

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Mif Ella William in on the sirU
list thin' week.
AIodzo Hvde paid the county teat
a viHit ant week.
Fred Knox took his young hornes oft
to piHtDre Sunday.
Chan. SwiDden whs io Graota Pant
last Sat or Jar doing buninfBX.
Oxcar Williams has an attack of the
grippp, aUo Oraudma Williams.
Frogs are busy croaking, "Spring i
Spring! Spring! good will to all."
due hut I would like to he senator;
1 would make them bonnes stand fat.
Green leaves, green gross and pretty
girls are f en every day at Laurel
March is past and the old lion Is
dead by this time. Some snovr on the
liiili and miners still at work.
Harvey Alger Is breaking a rpan of
colts thai ne reoently purchased of A.
. Knox anil they ara good ones, too.
Mr. Smith is in Grants Pais taking
medical treatment for heart trouble.
It Is hoped that he will recover soon.
Men are engaged in catting logs for
Williams Bros, at this place and act
ive work' will commence at their saw
mill soon.'
Two of Capt. Mclutire's six mule
teams panned through our burg one
day of this week, en route to Klamath
Falls to freight.
Misses Lena Lindsuy, Estella Will
iams and Annie Hebernian were out
buggy riding last Suoday all alone.
That looks bad on the boys' part.
John Clark, the mining man, is re
siding at Murphy; anyone desiring a
mineral test would do well to oall on
him as he is first-class in this line of
Oscar Bunch and Mert Sill passed by
our burg one day of last week with a
4 hotso team and a load of girls. Be
careful, girls, or Osoar will run away
with some of you.
Mleses Ella and Estella Williams,
took in the dance at Kose'i hall at
Applegate pcstollioe last Friday night
and report a good time. 'A dance
was given at Jeff Wimer's also last
Friday night.
Sherman Fields passed through our
valloy last Sunday with the bodv of
Mrs. Thompson, en route to Williams
for burial. She was the daughter of
T. F. Summer of Williams.
Anyone not acquainted with
Dress Goods Dept.
Pure Irish Linen
Dress Goods
lite, 25c, 35c, 40c, 50c, 75c.
Hip Corsets
Hii Stock just received
All latest styles
and designs
50c, 75c, $1.00, $l.!25
and $1.50
All Wool 2rtiuch Panamas, all color 50
Big lot new Challies 4
Galatias Cloths 12li(
2SC Dress Sattcens j j' g
25 Wool Fiuish Cotton Serge Suitiug 15
3j pieces Mercerized silk -finish Waistings and Suit
ings worth from 35c to 50c 25 C
Big lot Silk Embroidered Ladies' Collars, reduced to 12 C
this place would be surprised to see
the improvements out here. A fine,
new school house, all paintd and
well furnished, a saw mill, and fine
large farms adorn the public high
ways. Foxy.
Mrs. J. Hocking is on the sick list.
Emma Hocking is teaching icliool
near Waldo.
Or)ha Stevouson is teaching school
near Kerby.
Pearl Lewis is teaching school on
Grave Creek.
There was a working bee at Mr.
Akers' Saturday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hayes of Portland
were here visiting friends a few days
Mr. and Mri.' Benoie Bull made at
trip to Grants Pass Monday of this
R. M. and S. E. Robinson made a
trip to Grants Pass Saturday of last
Mrs. Harry Lewis and children are
vihiting at George Lewis' near
Mr. Stttes of Wlliams Creek made
a business trip to Wllderville the first
of this week.
Charlie McCann and R. D. Lindsay
made a trip to Grants Pass Saturday
of last week.
We had all sorts of weather on the
first day of April rain, snow and
occasionally little sunshine.
J. Hocking stayed over Sunday at
Grants Pass, so as to be at the dedi
cation of the Free Methodist church.
Commissioner Lovelace is quite sick
with threatened attack of blood
poisoniug and Monday m doctor of
Grants Pass was called to see him.
While doing some carpenter work
last week he got hurt in the face and
taking cold, iuflamatiou set in and
brought on seroius complications.
Mr. Williams of Grants Pass was
out to his 8w mill Tuesday of this j
week. Uncle Fuller.
. Settle Up.
The Garmen-Hemeuway accounts
have been placed iu m ' hands for
collection. All persons knowing
themselves to be Indebted to tne above
firm are uo titled to call at the Grants
Pass Banking and Trust Co., and
make immediate settlement.
2-aO 4t " E. 8. VEATCH.
New Spring
Dress Goods
At Unmatchablc
smz ess.
Extra Values
B-rt Sargent was in the city last
week on business.
Ed Tryer made a cosines! trio to
! Medford las'. Wednesday.
I John dipper of Grants Pass visited
uvo.tu .mint j u . tt uajB mob vieeft.
Taylor Hartley and daughTer, Ida,
spent Satorday and Sunday in Grants
Mr. Gotcher cf lower Williams took
two loads of beef to Grants Pass last
Mrs. David Vineyard and son Ar
tlior, made a business trip to the city
last Tuesday.
Rev. Starmer went to New Hope
last Suoday, where be expected to
hold services.
Ira Sfarlin of Upper Williams mde
a business trip to Grants Ptss the
middle ot last week.
J. H. Austin of Merlin will hold
ervioes in the Baptist church Satur
day and Sunday, April 7th nd 8th.
A pleasant surprise party was given
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. JeHenou
Penoe Tuesday evening, in honor of
their nephew, David Johnson of Cali
fornia. Mrs. Grace Summer Thompson,
who died at ber home at Greenback
Friday, March 30th, was boried at
this plaoe Monday, April 2d, Rev.
Mr. Badper of Provolt conducting the
funeral services.
The dnce given by Aleo. Watts, Jr.,
and Walter Brooks at the Woodmen
Hall, March 80th, was well attended
and all bad an enjoyable time. Music
was furnished by Gilford Knox of
Murphy and Marshall Baldwin of Pro
volt and the supper was served by
Mrs. Smith of Provolt.
Report of school iu District No. 31
for the month ending Marob 80, 1900:
Number enrolled, 38; average num
ber belonging, 28; average attendance,
25; times tardy, 20.'
Roll of honor for attendance :
Minnie Vinyard, Victor Vinyard,
Edwina Hoxie, Marina Sturgeon,
Hazel Sturgeon, Harlev Sturgeon ;
Ralph Hoxie, Marvin Hoxie, Alfred
Larimore, Lee Lariuiore, Kenneth
The small attendance was due
largely to. the severe snow storm. At
the sohool house the snow was 14
iiR-hes deep and places farther op
toward the mountains it was still
It L. Coe H Co.
. ' K ' ; .,;. - : ;
'Sfex '
Men's and Boys'
Big Stock of Men's and Boys Suits
now on Sale at a
Discount of
in Ladies', Men s and Children s Hosiery
: i) e e i i s o :
11. M. Webb has gone East ou busi
ness1. E. M. Albright is in the Fats on
bosiuesj this week.
Shoot opuiiid last Monday with the
UMial nou.ber of pupils. Miss LeroDa
MFarland is the teacher.
Deer and other kinds of game are
very plentiful. We are waiting pa
tiently till the season is open.
William Payne and Clark Webb
made a trfp to Grants Pass last week
to prove up 03 their homesteads.
Dr. and Mfsa D;!a Brown made a
professional visit to Deering last
Tuesday. 8. R. Webb's baby was
threatened with pneumonia but is
much better now.
Bernard Frodelius, who has been
spending a few weeks on his farm, has
gone- back to Crescent City. Mr.
Frodelius has been appointed mail
carrier between Deering and Waldo
for the next four years. .
Many people have asked the ques
tion, "Where is Deering?" Now, the
question is open to discussion but
when the railroad comes the question
will be settled. This place is on the
right fork of the Illinois river six
miles southwest of Waldo and accord
ing to the present survey the Deering
station will be situated on Thomas
GilliganV ranch. The rich mineral
resources nd the vast stretches of
timber land will make this cqrner the
most prosperous part of Josephine
county when the much-longed-for rail
road arrives.
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
Dr. M. C Findley,
Oculist, Aurist, licensed optician.
Go to Coron for Plumbing.
M. Oloment. Prescription Drusgist.
A Gentleman's smoke the Stage
The best advertisers patronize the
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron 't
Order seals and rubber stamps of
A. E. Voorhies.
For a c'eau bod and a good meal
try the Western Hotel.
Placer and quartz location notioes
mine deeds, leases, etc. at the
Courier ofilce.
Fine commercial printing at the
Courier office.
Miss N. O. Miller, studio Courier
block, gives 24 stamp pictures for 25c.
ri Si, Ml I
WW ,
it it i r
Presbyterians Call the Obs-rVer
to Account.
The attention of the ofhYhil Loanl of
IMIianv church has 1' ",',1 wn j
editorial in the last i--u- oi im
server, dealing with the rn.tly dis-cvve-rol
criminulitifs of W. O. Council
i .i i..,..i, ,,t T miiiir. Colo. 'Ihf
IU Lll'" I II 'IU- II .
said article, after bating th. details :
of the ulmost unbelievable case, goes
on to make a venomous and unwar
ranted charge upiinst the local
church, 'rp.-tfHtiiij a lik-1 upon the
intelligence anil moral chaiucter of
both officers and membership.
He makes the statement, that
Council was guilty of the same crime,
while in Grants Pass, and that it wus
not only condoned by the church, but
was "wickedly whitewashed-' by its
officers ; that the officers of the church
and presbytery, in allowing him to go
from this place without criminal pros
ecution, mude themselves "sharers iu
the subsequent iniquities of this vile
In Heaven's name, does this man
imagine that the womanhood of Beth
any church would not have revolted
at the presence of such monstrous in
iquity in their midst? Does he imug
inethat the manhood of the church
would have kindly advised this man
to resign from its pustorate and al
lowed him to gr. charged only with
'conduct unbecoming a tninisUT," if
they hud had proof that he had been
guilty of this crime? What must be
his conception of the standard of vir
tue in this church and community,
that he dares to make these brazen
Insinuations, embodying in them a
slander against some of the foremost
citizens of Grants Pass!
It is a well-known fact thut no crim
inal charge was brought by any one
against Connell while in this pastor
ate, and that iu the kindness of their
hearts, regarding the feelings and fu
ture welfare of his estimable family,
the officers dismissed him w ithout a
public investigation, of tho charge of
unseemly conduct.
We, tho undersigned ciders of Beth
any church, voicing the sentiments of
the entire ofllciul Iward and member
ship, do hereby deny and repudiate
these accusations, and unite in con
demnation of the effrontery which
prompted them.
A. U. Ilannard, H. C. Kinney,
T. P. Cramer, . P. H. Harth,"
Josiah Puidee, H. S. 1'iescott.
"Lest we forget" the Dixie Jubi
lees on April l'Jth. ' But dou't forget.
Be sure to remember, also tell your
Douglas Shoes
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$2.50 and $3.5Q
Ladies' 82.50 Majestic Shoe
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Tans and Blacks.
All New Sprin- Styles
M"v $1.99 NOW
Misses' & Child's Shoes
Fine Vici Kid, Tatent Tip, '
Low Heel, Tan and Black,
Shoes and Southern Ties
5 to 8 Size..
8i' to 12J Size !
13 to12 si-
Willia C. Hawley For Congr,,,
Mr. Hawley is a candidate for the
republican nomination for congrt.
ua i. H is conducting a clean can,,
j ait;u and his frienls believe t'iat be
will b uoiniuted. B.U platform has
been widely circulated mid enters th
questions at issue in the congrestitMi
campaign. One question to which he
is paying special attention in his pUb.
lio speeches Bnd el?e a here is that of
Railway Rate Regulation. He is ably
supporting the principles advocated by
President Roosevelt for the regulation
of railrcad rates.
Mr. Hawley received very close it.
tention aid was frequently aplauded
throughout his address and you can
hear cn all sides that "Hawley is the"
coming man to represent his district."
Marsh field Weekly Advertiser.
H delivered very forcible speeches
that seemed to command admiration
and respect for the mat). Ccquille
Sentinel. 1
He is an able man, a clean man. And
would make an honorable and ciedit-4
1 1 . t .
auie rwjjieBciimtno. function
Clements for Justice.
C. H. Clements was appointed r
J ustice of the Paace for Grants Past1
Justice District on December 8, 1905,
by the county court of Josephine
county, at which time his applicatioa
, went before the . court endorsed by.
...... w tiiui nf tlia Mil no ii- .. : .
aud business men of Grants Pass jnt
tice district.
He has rilled the office in a credit
able manner and merits the recogni
tion of the voters at . the coming pri
mary nominating election on April
20th, 1. 8-30 tf
A Thousand Dollar's worth of Good.
"I have beep afflicted with kidoey
and bladder trouble for years, passing
gravel or stones with excrtciatiDg
rutin. " both A. FT. TVinrnoa a arall
known coal operator of Buffalo, 0. 1
"l got no r iner irom medicine until I
began taking Foley's Kidney Cure,
then the result was surprising. A
few doses started the brick-dust-like
substance' aud now I have no paius
across my kidneys and I feel like a
new man. It has done rne $1000
worth of good." Foley's Kidney
Core will cure every form of kiduey
or bladder disease. For sale by H. A.
wuuuHAA watch charm white
enameled one side, reverse side gold
with monogram F L engraved. Re
watd if left at Bert Barnes, jeweler.
4 H 2t
mi -4
If.'- i' record that is
R tfiiA unequaled. 12
f'l to 18 months
uaru. wear wun-
1'. WH
.4.-, V