Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 06, 1906, Image 6

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KOuUfi RiVnk CuuklEK. GkANTS PASS, OREGON, APkIL 6, i0o.
A Heavy Load to Carry.
Along with dysiiffli tw' wrvons
neas and fritnnriil lll-hi'tilth. vVliy? 1U
caum a dfairil.ired atomiuh dix-n not per
lit tlm (ikxI to be jroerly iHkohUkI, and
Its prduct aitiiHttt-d by tlin gj-stirn.
Tho blood is rliurntl with jHii.sons which
come from this disordered dipcMion, and
In turn tho wrves an; not fid on goixl,
rd I)Iikk1. and wo mi symptoms of mrv
ousncss, si" plosnriPM and gemml lirrr.U
down. It Is not head work, nor over pl:y
tical exertion that dons It, but poor stom
ach work. With poor, thin blood tho
body Is not protected against tlie attack
of Rormsof Jrlp, bronchitis and consump
tion. Fortify the body at onco with Dr.
J'lcrco'a (ioldcn Medical lJlscovery a
rare combination of native medicinal
rooU without a particle of alcohol or
dangi-roiM hablt-formliiK drops,
A little book of extracts, from promi
nent medlcul authorities extolling every
Ingredient contained In l)r. Pierce
Uoldi-n Medical Ulacovry wlil be mailed
free to any address on request by postal
eard or letter. Addreis Dr. R. V, I'lerce,
Uuffalo, N. Y.
Many years of active practice convinced
Dr. l'leren of tho value of many natlvo
roots as medicinal agents and he went to
Teat eiensn, both In time and in money,
to perfect his own peculiar proewws for
rendering thera both efliclent and date for
tonic, alterative and rebuilding agent.
The enormous popularity of "Gulden
Medical Discovery" Is due both to Its
rlentitic compounding and to the actual
medicinal value of its ingredients. The
publication of the ruima uf Die inqruii
tnu on the wrapper of every bottle sold,
(Ives full assurance of Its non-alcoholic
character and removes all objection to
the use of an unknown or secret remedy.
It is not a patent medicine nor a secret
one either, This fact nuts It in a cUm
ollhji Unci, bearing as It does upon every
bottle wrapper Tho Iladge of Honesty, In
the full ll-t of Its Ingredients.
The "(ioldcn Mimical Discovery " cures,
weak stomach. Indigestion, or dysiei8ln,
torpid liver and biliousness, ulceration of
tnmach and bowlosand all catarrhal af
fections no matter what purts or organs
?iay bo affected with It. Dr. Tierce's
'loasnnt Pellets aro tho orlglnul little
liver pills, llrst put up 40 years ugo. They
regulate and Invigorate, stomach, liver
and bowels. Much tmltaU-d but never
equaled. Kiigur-roated and easy to Uk
as candy, Uuo to thru a doito.
Wcit 0 Street
Second Block from Sixth Street
At prices that
make bargains.
J. K. KKKI.KY, 1'HoiK.
l ast stable. south on Sixth street.
Room under oovi-r for 150 horses i('
40 wavrons. Hox stalls. C'orrall I u
looms stock.
Only tho Ixwt liny, clean fjruln a0
alfalfa foil. Kolled Imrlt-y and ott r
No dimiuHMl horses allow. 1. IV .t
running wulor, and trough cloiiD'.-ti
every iluy.
Waiting room and toilet room when
ladles can leave wraps und urriicyt
their toilet".
: K U Jt L i :
It is reported that Mayor Retallic,
of Davidson is quite ill.
The recent wet weather in hard on
farmers as it will , make seeding very
K. J. Kobli went to Grants Pass
Monday after a load of freight for his
Rollie Carls, Rollie Doney and Joe
York are at present cleaning, ditch for
Ed Layton on Karris Gnlch.
Clinton Cook, who has been baling
hay on the Kelly place below Grants
Pass, retained home BatardayV
If April the 20th doesn't copie soon
the Courier will have to add another
sheet to the paper for candidate cards.
E. J. Davidson was successful In
capturing a large coyote in a trap one
day last week. They are a very cun
ning animal and bard to trap.
J. T. Cook, who has been on the
siok list for some time and is suffer
ing from a case of salivation, is
lightly improved at this writing.
Miss Bessie Doney left this place
Tuesday for Orants Pass, where she
experts to enter the Grants Pass Hos
pital to fit herself for a trained nurse.
"Pearl Dtvldson who has been car'ng
for MIrs R. Ringaman, who has been
cjoite sick at her home at Wiiam, re
turned home Satnrdnv. She reports
Miss Bingauian steadily improving.
Oranda Knhli celebrated her 7th
birthday last Monday by giving a
quilting. Quite a .nurubnr of the
neighbors wre present and all went
home vowing they had a jolly good
t i mo and wishing Gratitliiii many
more as happy birthdays.
We have a nioe Sunday aohool or
giiiiznd here whioh miets every Snn
duv at II o'clock, with Mm.' Annie
Berry superintendent, Miss Elsie
MoFaddon as secretary and Mrs. Ike
Vinonnt as treasurer. Would glad
to have everybody come and help the
good oanse along.
There will be a dance at the Kobli
hall Htttardav, April 7, given in honor
of Ctrl Barton, who ex pools to leave
soon for Washington to Join'hia step
father, L. Pettiboue, who is working
in a logging camp in that state. His
mother Is also going. They expect to
go by wagon and team.
School is progressing nloelv with
Victor Dickey of Molalla, Clackamas
county as teacher. He now has 85 on
the roll. The neighbors met Satnr
dy and set. op the new seats, which
m ike's quite a difference iu the looks
of the school house and also makes it
more convenient for the pupils and
Cliaa. Burkhalter spent Sunday anil
Monday at home. He is cleaning op
in the mine on Oscnr crek and re
ports a fine prospect aud exepct. to
finish this week. Leuuder
Dry (Joods, rmlcnvnir,
Notions, Klc.
Front Street
west Palace hotel
Kates for Elka Convention.
Annual Con volition Grand Lodge
Benevolent and Protective Order of
Klks, D 'liver, Colorado, July 17 IN,
11), lliOfl. Hound trip tickets will be
on sale July 10, tl, 12, 13, 14, l,i, 1H0II
at following rates: One way through
Portland, and one way through Cali
fornia, from Grants Pbsh, Mod ford
aud Ashland, I08.A0. Both ways
through Portland, from Grants Pass,
tWUl.V. from Medford, ftUDO; from
Ashland, lo. Going limit July
l'.'lli; let urn limit, September ttotli,
llMSi. Stopovers will be granted in
either direction within the tntnsit
limit, except that no stopovers will be
allowed hi California on going trip.
A. L. CRAIG, G. P. A.
Miners' blinks at the Courier orfice
Ely's Cream Balm
Thl Rctinody is n Specltio,
Suro to Clvo Satisfaction.
It rleai s.v.iIhm, :.,....m I ,. . . , .
disi'nil nic.iiI'MM'. 1 1 i !
dn. . uw.iv it t ' 'I 1 in t'i 1 1. . '
lt.-!..-.s xUf rVi'-o. el I ;
Kii- y I uc. ',. it.iii. i
Applied l:it. t'.e n .!.! I .
Ixvri;e fl e nt rru--' . l.i -v
lUatl; Tl ulKi.e. I.I..- : ! i I
Y BH0THERS. Pt v " ' '"- v '-
rr. Wllllsms' In.lun file
.iiiltnei't will cure llim.t
:Ui-'Mu;i,- an.t tu-liitiK
rilt. It i.U-.erl'!. lilt' linmr.
th tu Inuii SI uu.r. li'U
. iHiultl.-t.. mwm InkMnl re
lief. lr. llnim tnnmiii'ir.'i"i
n,M,,t i,niriri-tl for rilCASll.l ll.'h-
p of ihti nrlvst iwns Kvrry Ni Is
rrant.l Hv .tr.uric i-tn. b nmil on re
i' t"- k can n f l.nti. KCllUWS
Dull a-
f ir'
The Strength of a
Bank is'siown,
ts workinj; capital
its st.H'klioUlers.
its management.
First Rational Bank
Grants Piss, Okmi a Cup
Mi. I an :.!.: :
hoM.-i--. 1,
.!.-! the .
iti Law .
i a I . Surplus
Med 1'r.itits $7
iit'.oiial Slo.-k-
lat'iiity mi
i onal liank-
so.oiM) eo
Total K.-p..iiil.ility $127,500.01)
John I). Fry,
1'. 11. M AK Til
J T. Tl KKS,
H. C. Kinney.
R.'A. Booth. Pres.
i. C. Campbell, V. Pre
11 L Gii.kry, Cashier
Ashland Normal School Note. !
Normal Notes
' We fhe Jonior, few bat great.
Will entertain yon at eight,
On Friday night in Chapel llsll.
With 'Orange and White' upon the
This was the unique and will
worded annoanceent sent to 'he Seu-
iors and members of the Kacolty,
Horry up with the railroad and the
Engeue Hayes of Murphy attended
cliorch at this place Sunday.
John McCallister and son, Will,
have gone to the mill to work, Mr.
inviting them to the reception, ar
ranged by the Juniors in honor of the McCallister being the head sawyer.
senior ciass. neing arrsngea by nor
enterprising and wide-awake Juniors
it coo Id not be otherwise than a soo
cees. bnt in this instance they outdid
themselves, as well as 11 others and
I Services were held here latt Sunday
, by Rev. Stariner. He will hold ser-
vires here the second Sunday in May.
i There seems to be something over at
: Granta Pass that attract tho nftenfclnn
the .reception will go down in history i f Howtrd WyMBt gome wonder
what it is.
as the most anocessfnl affair of the
kind ever held at the school. Chapel
Hall was profusely aod artistically
decorated with "Orange and White,"
he colors of the Senior Class. Social
games and virions contests occupied
the forepart of the evening. The
social evening was followed bv a bsn
qoet. with Prof. Mnlke.v presiding at
the head of tfre festive board. Pro
fessor was in his perpetual happy
mood and thns no comment i needed.
Amid the clinking of pluses, the fol
lowing toasts were proposed and re
sponded to : The Senior Clas, H. L.
Sayle. Pres. Junior class : The Junior
Class, O. B. Newton, Pie". Senior
Clas; Standards, MUg Edith Mo
Cone; Ships. Mrs. Wirkershara; "The
Where snd When," Miss Norah Beebe.
The way in which the toasts were
given makes os form the conclusion
that Chaunce'Depew is a back nnmher.
The Jonior class deserves high prai'e thinks.
for the srlendid manner in which all j
was arranged.
There will be no debate with the
High School. Owing to rFong known j
to themselves and unspented bv the ,
Normal bovs, the High School. has
called it off. ;
Monday, Prof. .Mulbev "Oregon'
and its Development "
Toeaday, Prof. Van Scny "Char
acter Sketch of John G. Brady, Gov. !
of Alaska."
Wedne'dav, Mrs. Newman "Crimt- j
nals and Their Characteristics. " ;
Thnrgdav, Prof. Payne "Hypno-1
tism". '
Mis Hazel Johnson and Victor
Daniels were seen on our streets Sun
day. I wonder what is the matter
with those wedding bells?
One of Iowa's editors tells of bis
married, experience thns: "Sing a
ong of swelllieads, a fellow full of
gin, coming borne at 4 a m., bis
wife won't let him tn. His feet are
fall of tanglefoot hli bead is full of
wheels, the keyhole rnns aroond the
knob, he a fonny feeling feels. He
puts his feet upon the porch, his head
npon the pround, and - all the time
within his 'mug' the wheels are
going round. He thinks that he is
sober, that everyone is tighr, and
that he's in bis bedroom instead
of out all He think the
uiron'g a dollar Slid will bay a rtozeu
drinks, and variong other thoughts lie
thinks, and thinks and drinks and
Bot when his wife she
couieth (snd with a hickory lnt ) he
sives a shout snd yelleth, 'Now,
Mary Ann, quit that.'
Letcher is the only licinped optician
in Josephine uountt.
Maps of Oregou Wasliiutou and
California at the Music Store.
Hend vonr family washinir tn the
Steam laundry. All rough dry work
25 cent per dozen. Phone 87)1.
I Your clothes called for and delivered
snd all flatwork that goes through
, the mangle washer, ironed at 25c per
j dozen. Grants Pass Steam Laundry.
Phone 873. t
I Letcher has Just received another
! stock of lenses aud can fit all kinds of
; eves. His apparatus for the testing
of vision is all np-to-riate and the
! moot reliable kind
! Curtis & Co. fox Watches, Clocks,
Gold Rings and Jewelry, fine watch
repairing, engraving. Goods sold at
reasonable prices. Come aud see o.
I. O. (). F. Building, Grants Pass,
An Old Address on Woman Suf
frage. The announcement of the passing
away of . Susan B. Anthony ha rast a
gloom over the whole civilized w.'rld
for the world has come to recognize Oregon
her as one of its g'andest women. In
spite of the bitter opposition to the
principles for which i-he has devo'ed
her life, she has won the admiration
of even her enemies, the world over.
She hsg simply thought and lived 80 '
years in advance of the times until ; Don't Starve or Diet, but Use Mi-o-ns.
the world his grown to wlre shn was and Cure Your Stomach Troubles
I Eat What
I You Like
The fo'lowfng words from one'of her!
address over 20 years ago show how j
difficult it was fur her, with her pro-!
gres-lve Ideas, to nndi rtand the con
servatism of others. Miss Anthony j
said :
"Is it not Ktrange that men cannot
comprehend that what 'o them would
be degradation, slavery, is not to
women elevation, liberty? Men prize
the right of suffrage for themselves
above all price, and count the denial
of it the most fevere punishment. If
a young man is Fcrving ont a fire or
seven years penalty iu a state prison and
has a living friend outside who cares
for him, tliHt friend will get up a e
tition, Koenre the most influential
names possible, begging the governor
to commote tlm young man' sentence,
if for no more than -IS hours rrior
to its iou, that, when he comes
out of pri'ou, he may iiot be couifell
ed to suffer th-i disgrace of disfran
chisement, and that he may not re
doomed to walk among Ins fellows
with Uie mark of Cin up n his for'
head. And the tnly penalty indicted
upon the men. who a few yea's ago
lad the tnife at tie thioat of the
Nat en, was ihst ol dls'iam hifeinen',
which a'l mm, lnal and disloyal, felt
a too grievous 1 1 be borne, ni our
government made baste lo (ertuit
ev. rv.-ne, evin ihe arih 1- aer of
them ali, toe-etpe from the hutuilia--tio
i, the (1-nidation, a -l a.-ain to
be honor d with the crov ning titiht i f
I'nit d States citiz nsbip How i a-i
tne thus, d lude t'" m-e'ves with the
i.le.i, ti at whit to tl fin is uiuurnt
unheirabl , is t i wo'iien bom r a d
glort uiispeakuli e ! Wl y - ami t n en
put thenisilres in wou an's ' la.-e. aad
feel aud ait for ns, its ti er w i li
have us feel and act for them .if we
poi- sed sll tb o is if govern
in. lit, and denied al: l II. em?"
The average treatment
troubles consists uf a rigid diet list,
which often half starves the patient.
, Of course it would be foolish for any
one who knows that some foods are
! positively harmful and poisonous to
i continue eating them, even while
following the Mi-o ua treatment, but
in ordinary 'roubles if is not necefssry
jtiHtaveor diet if Mi o-na is faith
fully used, a tablet before each meal.
: This scientilio remedy, for the core
of stomach troubles, acts npon the
whul-i digestive srgtem. and strength
ens the organs so that thev are able
to digest any ford that 's eaten w'th
ont fear of distress It .too suffer
from leg of appetite, belching of
gases, sour taste iu the mouth, furred
tongue, severe pains in the region of
the htoiuach. depression of spirits, bad
dr. aius, lack of energv, a ttnu-acli
cougn. offensive breath, headaches,
backaches, loss of strength snd
weight, you ran b ss-ured that thes
troubles are sll due to imperfect di
. gestiou.
I Strengthen the stomac'i by taking a
Mi-o-nn tblet lefore each meal, and
soon you will giiu iu weigh", strength
will return, and vout food will give
nourishment so that the lien red blood
will carry good health o evety part
of the system.
Keteimiin I hss so much conrtdence
in ihe ower of Mi o-na to cure
si. no u li troubles and rt suiting lLs,
tint he elves a gas.a-.t with every
."al ceii f lux to r.luiid th iU'-ii"f ou
less it cures.
The Pioneer Grocer
A SpVialt y
I Buv andSclLJcal Estate
No. 487. 80 acres
Between 8 and 10 acres meadow with good
bench land seeded to grain; large
rnj unituo - . necessary outbuildings; two
nox house. Darn snea, .u. d ostQci 1 br00(j
horsea. hack an wagon; two set ol narm ,
and dips' poultry; a farming impicn.c...., " " '
dnu pigs, puun.j, o mower and rake al-
. r , ' J :c ther llia tOOlS
rate, plow, narrow - household eoods.
: about V.uuu ieet oi iuui '. ."h--"--
IjUUU ll -' r- - j-
most new:
ttonm takes the entire outfit.
No. 494. 240 acres. Good three room house small barn smoke
t j -n .i. i K.,iiriin. 30 acres tenceu. w m tum.
vation. Small orchard. Plenty of good
$5.00 per acre.
Yours for bargains,
timber. Living water.
Joseph Moss,
The Real Estate Man
Hello 393 Office. 611 Residence.
E, Street Grants Pass. Ore.
s :m: "Z" t h: e 7 s
Rogue River Coffee Market
We always have plenty of good things for you, and you can
easily find them if you go about it in the right way. Our most
interesting point is the price we ask and the way we sell the
goods and the choice we make in buying.
We have recently added a line of canned lunch goods put
up by such celebrated firms as Libby, McNeil & Libby, Van
Camps, Curtice Rros. and Beach Nut.
Kemember we always have a complete stock of the-BEST
TEA and COFFEE in Grants Pass.
Call and ask about our profit sharing plan.
Palace Hotel Block, 420 Front Street,
Grants Pass, Oregon
Phone Main 431
N. B. Watch our window for a special sale to be started soon.
Ileal Estate and Timber
The Club Stables
FRANK HECK, Proprietor
f uci-emor tn Hayvt & Heok
attention ivon to n.inin? men and commercial
Sixth street, Grants Pass, Ore 4
Sivfo tvnd reliable., thoy
ovorenmo wrakntsu, lr.
cre&ae vlor, banish pslns.
to tmdv twiu&ls OK.
'S.-M !.rPni4-:.i,a.l i M, ...
j The I'opular Barber shop
Get your tutiM.; i .', UO'k
: On Sixth ... Thu-.- .
i l'ath H.,ii; r. , .,
Low Passentfer Ro.tes.
.iMiiiii,.in,,K Febroary lfltli ami
("utinnimr ilKiU to and incloding
April 7th, iio: ani from September
loth nnt'l ..tener 31st. 190fi, Colonist
' iv li b, sold frnin the Kast to
'"iifsoii Or-!;,,,, Li,le via Portland,
" tl.e folluwiMjj iow rateg. Frnw
' III.. :ta. Sf t.- !:)
Kansas City, t3"; Dn-
'I'M I
v' r. ;,.
' '"trMup
House Moving
If you have a building
that you want moved,
raised or leveled up,
call on or address
A. E. Holloway.
Residence 2 miles west of
city, north side of river.
Dried Fruits of All Kinds
, r uruivuiv anil I i;iiki
, Moving
riling tatt-g will be made
imintp, and will apply to
'I Oregon Li net".
A L. CRAIO, G. P. A.
.1 V
t'tf Cursor
lace BarberShop
'AU..S WILLIAMS. Prnnrs.
Iiavinj;, Hirir Cutting
Haths, Etc.
1 "'ytlinic neat and clean and a
work First-Claw.
To Cure a r
Take Laxative Bromo Quln.
Sewn MHIioa boxes ol5 r. 1 2 months. This j"
One Dav""T
J to Two Days, g