Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 23, 1906, Image 7

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7 cured MY cough with German Syrupl"
He wrote to Dr. G (1. Green;
"An' as true as 1 telt you, doctor dear,
I'm feelio' finer thau ever I've been I"
HThe Por consumptive should not be
the victim of experiment, as he often is,
but the moment the dread disease mani
fests its presence he should be given Bo
schee's German Syrup a pure, uon-alco-holic
medicine that is made specially for
the cure of consumption, and has a world
wide tame as a certain remedy for catarrh,
colds, coughs, croup, sore throat and
ill bronchial affections in old and voting
i (Jit is sold in all civilized countries, aud
bas Deen famous as a consumption cure
for almost half a century.
tJTrial bottle, 25c. Big bottle, 75c. At
all druggists throughout the world.
For Sale by Ir. J. O. Smith
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Ploasop to give you further information
and SALE
C. A DI KlSON, Proprietor
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vice. Sheep men praise it. Price, 60 Cents.
Farm Journal
Is your paper, made for yon and not a misfit. It la W years
old; It Is the great hoiled-down. hitthe-nail-on-thehead,
quit-after-you-have-sald-it Farm and Household paper in the
world the bifrrrst paper of its sire in the t'nited States of
America having mere than Three Million retrtiar traders.
A ay ONE of the BIOOLE BOOKS, and the FARM
JOURNAL I YEARS (remainder ol 1M ...l all of 1907, IdUS.
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J. II. HADDOCK, Proprietor.
I am prepared to furnish anything in the line of Cemetery work in any kind
atble or tiranite.
Nearlv thirty years of experience in the Marble buiineM my laying
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V Can furnish work in Scotch, Swede or American Qrani 9 or any kind of
To Sivve Big Trees of Calavara.
An estimate of the timber growing
on what is known as the "north
g-ove"' of the Cahveras Big Tree
Grote in California, lias just beeu
completed by the forest service of the
Department of Agriculture. The area
covered by the big trees is about 100
acrts. The entire north grove com
prises 640, acres. This work forms
pirc of the co-operative forest studies
which the "ervice h:ig nudertakeu at
tlie request of the State of California.
There is an earnest aud widespread
desire to save the Cslaveras grove
rrom such a sale as would result in its
destruction. The owuer is willing to
disposn of it, and an aconra'e and
atisractory appraital of the valne of
he timber should help to make an
agreement on h fair price if Congress
sees fit to purchase it. Oregon Tim
A Scientific Wonder.
Inn cures that stand to its credit
make Bucklen's Arnica Salve a scien
titlo wonner. It cored E. R. Mslford.
1-ctnrer for the Patrong of Husbandry.
Waynesboro, Pa., of a distressing case
u rues, ii neats the worst boms.
sores, boils, ulcers, cuts, wound, chil
blains and sale rheum. Only 25o at
su amg mores.
Fine wedding
Courier office.
stationery at the
I'assmger and T oker Agent,
Hti 1 lrti-t n Rome,
Cr. 8d & Stark Stc. Port and. Ore.
(irnH l a"., Oregon
A Farm Library
of aocqnallcd value.
Practical, Up t
date, Concise ui
- t Common sue Treatise, with 1
Breed inr. Feeding
whole ground. Pric
Butchery. Diseases.
ice, 40 Ccata.
All matter for this column Is Mipplied
by the Grant Pa Woman's (.'tin-lian
Temperance Union.
Not all of Oregon's prohibition
towns beiug rneutioned in last week's
paper, I wisu to call attention to a
tew more. St Jolius is still dry de
spite the efforts of the liquor men to
have it otherwise. The Pacific Search
light says, "Prohibition prohibits in
some instances. The members of the
Corvallis club think so. Hood River
'blind piggers' are thinkiug serious
ly about the prospect of the law mean
ing something aud a persisteut viola
tor at Amity saw his Popes go glim
mering in the face of the Prohibition
law. Twenty-five saloon keepers in
Coog wondered what would oome uext
when they "were closed op." Mr. El
more of- Brownsville, a staunch
prohibitionist, la quoted as saying,
'Eight years ago Brownsville banished
the saloon. The city was in debt
and ill improved. Today ,with a five
mill tax the oity has its own lighting
and water facilities, is oat of debt
and has 500 In the treasury." The
mayor of Newburg iu an artiole iu
the Pacific Advocate makes some fine
points for prohibition. He Baya"We
are proud of onr city and I do think
we have a right to be. I was asked to
tell how we planned our campaign to
get rid of the saloons and bow we
carried the election. In the first
place we neveV had any saloons to get
rid of so have been saved that trouble.
Today we would invite yoo to come
to as clean a town as the suu chines
on, aud sae for yourself what a tou
without revenue from saloons is like.
I challenge 00111 arisou with any
saloon town iu any stato in the Uniou.
We have no druukard's families to
support with city funds. Our mer
chants are happy aud prosperous.
Our homes are happy, too. We are
told that our street improvements
for the last year are ahead of any
other town of our size in the state,
Oar people an not asleep on the tem
perance question,. We vote uot otily
to keep the curse out of our own fair
city, but to drive it from the state
and uaiiou as well." Is it any wou
ner that Newborn is called the
" white city?"
We. hope that in no far distant
future oar own fair city may throw
off the curse of the licensed saloon.
that it limy be made a safer, cleaner
placo, th it thn motley now spent for
that which degrades and destroys
body and soul may hi turned into
1 gitiuiate channels. A good location
fine climate aud beautitul scenery is
ours aud may Grants Pass be known
far and near for its energy and its
hint) moral aud intellectual standards.
It ii not a question as to whether
prohibition will prohibit. but
whether there is anyone buck of the
law to see that it is enforced. " And
now au eiectiou wil1 soon be on hand
iu this county and slate, may the
voters see to it that men are elected
to office who will enforce the laws,
and may they have reason to feel that
behind them is h public ceutiment
backing them od In the performance
of every duty. And may those elected
be men conscientious iu taking their
oath of office and may those oaths be
ke t iurlola e.
I leave to society a rained character
aud a wrecked example. I leave to
par. lit sun mach sorrow us I hey can
bear. I have to my brothers and sis
ters as much shame and uiorlilicatiou
as I could bring to them. I leave to
my wife a broken heart a life of
shame. I leave to each of mv child
ren poverty, igncrace, a low chitra.'ter
and a remembrance that their father
tilled a drunktrd's grave. Ex.
Cured Consumption.
Mrs. B. W. Evans. Clearwater.
Kan., writes, My husband lay sick
for three month. The doctors said he
had quick consumption. We prooorel
a bottle of Ballard's Ilnrehouud
Sjrnp. aud it cared him. That was
six years aiio and since then we have
always kept a bottle in the house.
We cannot do without it. For coughs
and colds it ha uo equal. National
Drag Co. and at Roterinund'i.
Bids for furnishing 43.0 0 fir ties
hewed on two sides and hark stri p.-d
or square si wed, not ler than live
inches of heart, to lie delivered at
poiute to be. designated alt ng the
right-of-way of The California &
Ortgon Coast railroad betw en Grants
Pam aud Love's 8 atiou; a id ties to
be of the following dimensions:
Hx7 in by 8 ft. No bid will be con
idertd for less than 1000 ties and the
loinranv reserves the right to reject
any ana an Dim. ror further infor
mation aiuly to the company's assist
ant engineer, Johu F. Richard-on,
U ants Pass, Oregon.
S 33-2t General Manager.
17 Did Toil know that AccnrMnn tsi.l.
ing is more popular than ever among
genteel dieaatra? sftHot irons injure
delicate fabric. We us th steam
method exclusively. We can do your
work just a satisfactorily a if you
lived in Portland. Writ far free circu
lar and particular. We do Accordion
Sunburst and Kntf Plaiting to order.
: 3i UK rii y
Equinoctial storms, whist parties,
bad colds aud candidates Murphy has
Mrs. H.
Red and Grandma
ou the sick list this
Mrs. Bedding of Grants Pass com
menced a three-months term of schtol
here Monday morning, with about
20 pupils.
Jeff Lliul.-ay is completiug his9-room
residence, which is quite au addition
to his already valuable farm in the
Applegate bottom.
Had you noticed that s uile oa Ed
Herriott's face? It's a boy, he tells
as, and we hope he'll make as genial
a stage and mail driver as his father.
We nuderstaud the Williams Bros,
will run the Kendall sawmill the
comiug season. , They are well known
and well Used here aud we wish
tbem a profitable season.
Oscar aud Grace Bunch are driving
a .beautiful black filly they lately
bought of Ira Tompkins. There are
several good horans on the river, but
hi is one of the ueatest roadsters
we've seen.
Cbas. Rich ton is up from Portland
this week making practical teste with
his qaartx mill for the benefit of pur
chasere iroiu a distance. Mr. Richton
ha iu the Pratt mill a pieoe of ma
chinery second to none for tbe re
duoiog of quartz.
J. D. Hays.who has been for a num
ber of year a PollmaTn conductor out
of Portland, is now visiting with bis
mother. Mr. Hays has a positiou
with the contractors of the Klamath
Irrigation project aud will go to
Klamath county as soon as work is
oommenced this Spring. He leaves
the Pullman company of his own a
oord aud we nuderstaud is promised
a place at any time he wishes to re
Edior Mesreve cf the Courier pissed
through our vicinity Monday evening
en route to Prov It to attend tha
telephone meeting at that place
Tuesday evening. If some of oar
prosperous Murphy farmers would
take as much interest iu telephones
as they do in other luxuries of no
more importance, we would soon nave
a system installed that would be a
profit aud a pl-'asnre to the whole
community. Ju this, age every pro
gressive neighborhood needs a tele
phone aud the more they progress the
more they need it. Mnrphy is pro-grest-ive,
Murphy also needs a roral
telephone and Murphy gets what she
J. W. Gilmore and hia "horseless"
grubber have cleared quite a patch of
ground this Wiuter and he is now
plowing preparatory to planting corn.
Since Mr. Gilmore located here he has
cleaned np a nice little ranch with a
felf devised grabber obstruct d of a
6-incn drum set in a 4-Dost frame
with a 14-foot sweep mortised ou the
upper end of drum. The machine is
anchored to a tree or stump by a cbain
from the top and bottom of frame and
long enough to allow a man on either
ud of the sweep to pass between the
tree and tje machine. This rigged
with a steel oable.a ball bearing blook,
two men at the lever and one man to
fling chain, will clear laud surpris
ingly fast. This land is the finest or
deep, red soil, Ideal for grapes and It
the plan of Mr.. Gilmore to put it
all to vineyard so soou as the roots and
trash left from clearing are rotted so
the grape vines can be readily culti
vated. X. Y. 1.
The Strenu-
ous Life
Results In Stomach Troubles and Phys
ical Breakdown Roiermund Of
fers Simple Remedy.
The strenuous life of modern times
forces people to rush though their
meals hastily, hurrying from the
table in the mad rash aftter the al
mighty dollar.
The result Is incomplete digestion,
inflammation of the walls of the
Uimach, aud lack of seorition of the
gastric juices, ending in chronic
stomach trouble aud nervous break
down. How much betur it would tie to eat
more slowly, cure the stomach trouble
with Ml-o-na, aud soon regain perfect
health. The headaches, sleeplessness,
netvoos troubles, pain after sating,
spools before . the eyes, backaches,
uelaocholy aud gloomy foreboding
would be soon overcome aud perfect
health and strength would be restored.
Proper treatment of the weakened
digestive system with Mi o-na will
are every case of stomach trouble.
The results of this treatment ar to
astonishing and so pronounced, that
thorn who have tried it never fail to
appreciate its value as a healing
agent. So reliable Is Mi-o-na in
curing all forms of stomach weakuesa
and trouble that Rotermund give a
signed guarantee that the remedy
will cost nothing onlen it ourea.
Each box of Mi-o-na tells for 60 centt,
and is Invaluable to anyone who
suffer with indigestion, nervousness
r weak stomach.
K E 11 It Y
More raiu aud suow at preseut writ
ing. Bright, warm days aud very cool
Mrs. O. A. McCalliste. has moved
to Grants Ptss.
Hurry np ! you Grants Pass people
and get that ralroad built.
W. H. Carter has returned from
tha Pass where he was ou busiuess.
S. L. Benson, who has a farm ou
Rogue river, was iu Kerby Thursday.
W.' F. Hogue with a load of passen
gers started for the Pass Sunday morn
ing. The heaviest snow storm of the sea
son visited these parts the night of
the 12th.
The miners all seem happy with the
prospect of a late run and a profitable
clean-up ,
Miss Mary Stone of Loves Station,
is visiting her mother a few days
this week.
After an absence of Beveral mouths
Dr. Klopper has again taken np his
residence in Kerby.
F. G. Burrows, road supervisor of
district 13, is busy these days collect
ing road and poll tax.
The social danoe given in the W.
O. W. hall was well attended, every
one reported having had a good time.
And it 1 11 it rains.
The hop last Saturday near Provolt
was eo joyed "considering."
Mrs. Geo. Hoffman left Sunday for
Sacramento where she will visit her
daughter, Emma.
Fred Wright, who has been attend
ing the business college at Ashland,
returned home Saturday.
Clarence Wiuetrout and Henry Per
nol., who have been attending sohool
at the Ashland Normal, returned home
last Thursday.
Mr. Potteuger of Metlford was over
Sunday aud drove away a fine bunoh
of beef cattle which were feed by O.
W. Wiutetiout duing the Winter.
Mr. Harriutgon made a flying trip
to Medford Sunday.
Harley Mansfield and Annie Bene
diet visited Grants Pass last week.
Mr. aud Mrs. G. W. Winetrout made
a bnsineBS trip to Medford Tuesday.
V. I. Sweetland was out from
Grant Pass Sunday. Frotn'thit place
he drove a bunch of stock cattle-.
Claud Hawkins, superintendent of
the Madroue Mining Co., situated
four miles north of Applegato, was
among 0 Sunday.
Last Saturday morning Ed Gate
met with a most painful accident.
While cutting kindlings lie almost re
moved bis fore fiuger. H. Mansfield
took Mr. Gatet to Jacksonville to the
dootor, shortly after the accident oc
curred. Since then he hat gone to
Grants Pass, and from there be will
probably go to his home iu Eastern
The Applegate citizens will toon
erect a new danoe hall It is to be
AOxlOO feet aud will have all conven
ience. Si.
. Oscar Bunoh say he will team this
Daniel Lindsay is thinking of going
to Canada this Spring.
We are to have a mill In our valley
this Spring. Good luck to all.
H. E. Gething passed through our
burg one day last week eu route to his
The horse buyer took a number of
big horses from this part of the
country this Spring.
Miss Est e Ha Williams went to
Grant Pass on Monday to work at
the home of our genial stage driver,
Ed Harriet .
Well, we are wondering who will be
our next county jadge, There seems
to be some difference among onr
voter a to that.
Walter Hair I improving hit ranch
that he bought of E. N. Provolt. He
is a first class stock man and bas some
good horse and cattle.
Tbe now is gone iu the valley and
almost gone on lower bills aud rain is
falling. The more rain the more
rest, but the Nigger says mora grass.
We are informed that E. N. Provolt
it out for commissioner. We hope he
will be elected for we need the com
missioner on this end of tbe road
The qoart mill owned by Chas.
Richton and Jim Bumgardner is run
ning full blast. We wish them much
success with their new venture for
they are bustling fellows.
Harne Alger it very busy improving
bis farm. He is an up-to-date farmer
io every respect aud make a good
income from his!' ranch. Ha says
where most farmers miss it is in not
ralsiug plenty of good blcoded hogs,
and plenty of berrie and garden stuff
of all kinds.
Our rustling road supervisor, C. F.
Gintnor, is out collecting road taxes
auais this Spring. If we had more
uiou like him in our district we would
have better roads. H believes lu fix
tog the road right and good as far at
he goes, then it will not need repair-
ing every year. Our roads show np
better this year nnder his care than
they have for a good many voars be.
In the County Court for JrtRnulilnA
County, Oregon.
P. H. Harth, Plaiutitn
vs. y
J. F. Cochran, Defendant J
nonce is nereby given that by vir
tue of au execution issued out of the
County Court of the State of Oreoon
for Josephiue County, iu an action
wherein P. H. Harth i nlu;iv ....1
J. F. Cochran is del
mauding me to sell Lot 8 in Blook 8
in the town of Narnlxmi.
called Kerbwille. in .T.i,.i.i.
Conuty. Oregon, to ar.inf'v fh
1184.85 United State Gold Coin, with
interest iti like gold coin at the rate
of ten per cent Der immm rnm T-..
uar, it), mod, and the further mm of
9 4 cost and disbursements and ac
cruing costs.
No therefore, in the name of the
bttte of Oregon and in compliance
with said writ, I will offer for sale at
pnblio auction, to the highest bidder,
at the front door of the court house in
Grants Pass, Josephine County, Or i
gon, on Monday, April 9, 1W06, be
tween the hocrs of nine o'clock a m
od o'clock p. m., to-wlt: at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, for term cash in hand,
all the right, title aud interest of the
above named J. F. Cochran in aud to
the aforesaid real property.
(P5'ed'.t110ra,ti Ptt""' Oregon, thiv
Oth day of Maroh, A. D., 100(1
. 1. ' . , RQE W. LEWIS,
Sheriff of Josephine County, Oregon.
in tbe County Conrt for
county, Oregon.
In the matter of the )
Estate of James Lyttle, v
Deceased. J
Toi LA? 1tftt,e' Jaue Ly"le. Hannah
Lyttle, Peggy Lyttle, Robert Lyttle,
Johu Lyttle and all other heirs and
next of kin and other persous inter
ested in the estate of James Lyttle.
Greeting: '
In the name of the state fit Orftirnt-s
you aud eaoh of you an hereby cited
to appear in the above All M I lsJil nnnvtV
and cause on Monday, April 3, ltKXl
at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in., at the
?rt N00"8 t Grant Pass in Jose-
inline i,ouuiy, uregon, at the regular
April term of said rinnrt ...j
there to bIiow cause, if any. why an
order should not ba made f.r nZ
of all the right, title and mterest of
.no uuve entities estate in and to tbe
Of the N. E V.. thn N 1 nf si..
a. 7i, bliu S3, ft. M
A, tin
Lots .
i it
of the N. W.
a mm uuii o ana 4. Ken. til. nir,..l,in
41 8 . H 0 W. of Willamette Meridian
in Josephine County, Oregon.
This citation is rinl.liul,H k
order of the Hon J. O. Booth. Judge
of said Court, dated Maroh 2, 10.
requiring publication thereof in the
Rogue River Courier, a newspaper
published at Grant Pass nrnom, V...
a period of four (ncoessive weeks prior
"""' u biiuu uearing.
iuie me non. j.u.Hooth, Judge
said Court. and the al nf.uM rv.,.
affixed hereto this 2d day of March.
A. L., 1000.
S. V nmrsrjTon'
County Clerk for Josephine Con'ntv.
Notice it hereby Divan that i,u ni.
trict Boundary Hoard .f .n.u,i.i
County, will meet in the court home
iu OrauU Pass, at 1 :!10 o'clock, p. m.
on Thursday, April S, 100(1. to act on
a petition to ohauge the boundary line
between school districts No. 6 and
4J to read an follow: Beginning at
the pi.;t where the west boundary
line of district No. 8 cut the north
Vf'X1 U- ,a ToliD' P' Section
17. Township US South of Range 7
West. Thence runuiug east to the
west Hue of Section 10 ; thence south
to the southwest corner of sal it Sec
tion 10; themie east two mile; thence
ooth three miles to the southeast
corner of Section 84, Township 88
South of Range 7 Went, which will
f?.,V o4,'lrlct No' 48 " ' Scotlons 81,
4, 27, H, UU and 84, the east half of
Sections 20, 2U and 83 and all that part
of the east hair of Section 17 south
of the north line of R L. Tollu'
place. All in Township 88, South of
Range 7 West.
rw.,1 1 r. 8e0'y of Boerd.
Dated in Grants Pass, Ore., this 14th
day of March, 1000.
Grants Pass Ore., Jan 8. 1008-To
the heirs of Owen McCarthy: Yoo
are hereby notified that I have ex
pended I00 In labor aud Improve
merits upon the Golden Pheasant lode
claim situated in the Orants Pas
Mining District, Josephine County"
certificate filed March 11, lOOfl, in
the office of the County Clerk of said
oounty on page 474. Vol. in. Mining
Records, iu order to hold said preml .e
under the provisions of section 2824
Revised Statutes of the United States,
being the amount required to hold the
?.'U?JS t!",J"" eudiu December
81,1005. Aud if within uluety day
from the servioe 0f this notice (or
within ninety day after this not ioe
by publication) yon fall or refuse to
contribute, your proportion of tuoh
expenditure as a co-owner, your in
terest iu said claim will become the
property of the eubscrlber under seo
Uou 234. t j. HUNTER.
I I lOt
A Guaranteed Cure for Pile.
Itching, Blind, Bleeding. Protrud
ing Piles. Druggist are tatli-M
to refund money tf p' niv
iisiis so cure li. fj '. '4
60 cent.