Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 23, 1906, Image 6

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Eminent Doctors Praise Its Ingredients.
We refer to that boon to weals, nervous,
tuflering women known as Dr. Plerce'
Favorite Prescription.
I)r. John Kyfnone of the Editorial Staff
of The Eclectic Mkdk al Kbvikw nys
of Unicorn root (llelnniim ItMnt) which
U one of the chief Ingredient of the"ra
Yorlt Prescription" :
A remedy which Invariably art a a ntcr
ln Invliroraujr makes for nurnial ac
tivity of th entire reproductive rim."
Hcontlnai"Ui llelonlaowe have a uii-illia-merit
which mora fully anawera t he ahove
nurpowtt Uuxn my oUur drug vith urn Ira I am
armtainUA. In the treatment of dlwanea pe
culiar to womeo It la aulilum that i ciu !
seen which not present Home Indication
for thla remedial scant." lr. yfe further
r: "The following are among Hie leading
Indication for llelonlan (Unicorn root), rain
1 or aching In the back, with leucorrhtra;
stonlc tweak) conditions of the reproductive
oriana of woiuun. merit si depression snd Ir
ritability. ao-lated with chronic diseases of
th reproductive organ of women, constant
sensation of heat In the region of the kid
ney: menorrhagla (flooding!, due to a weak
ened condition of the reproductive ayntero:
amenorrhu-e (suppresked or alment monthly
Mrloda I, arising from or accompanying an
abnormal condition of the digestive organs
snd antemlc (thin blood) halilt; dragging
sensations In the extreme lower part of the
abdomen." ....
If mora or leas of the above symptom
are present, no Invalid woman can do
better than take Dr. Pierce's Favorite
prescription, one of the leading Ingredi
ents of which la Unicorn root,or Ilelonlas.
snd the medical properties of which It
most faithfully represents.
Of Oolden Seal root, another prominent
Ingredient of "Favorite Prescription,"
Prof. Flnley Elllngwood, M. L., of Ben
oett Medical College, Chicago, says:
It Is an Important remedy In disorders of
the womb. In all catarrhal conditions
snd general enfttebiement. It Is useful."
Prof. John M. Bcnildcr, M. D., late of
Cincinnati, says of Golden Henl root :
In relation to Its general effects on the
Kitem, then is no mrltc(r in tut ahmU which
ire it uci general unanimity of wiuiitn. It
Is unleerMJIi regarded as Uit tunic useful In
all dehllliauid states."
Prof. Kartholow, M. P., of Jefferson
Medical College, gays of (inlilcn Seal :
Valuable In nlerlne hemorrhage. Menor
rhagia (flooding) anil congestive dysuienor
rbira (painful menstruation)."
I)r Pierce's Favorite Prescription faith
fully represent all the above named In
gredlenU and cures tho dlscunos for which
they are recommended.
West G Street
Second Block from Sixth Street
At prices that
make bargains.
J. K. KK1U.KY, 1'BoiK.
Last stable, south on Sixth ritroot.
Htmin under cover for lfiO horses bpi'
40 wagons, llox stalls. I'orral) In
loom) ntoek.
Only tho beet hay, cleiiii grain a-ii
alfalfa fod. Rolled hurley ami other
No dieasod horses, allowed. Pucr
running water, and trough cloaDud
every day.
Waiting room anil toilet room when
luil lee can loavo wraps anil urranyv
their toilet".
Dry (JoimK Uiirtmvoar,
Notions, Etc.
Flout Street
west Palace hotel
,ri atwe.
1 .... .-...
ij,'.;.:. r-Wio
Thin Romody Is n "icl'f,
Suro to Civo Satn.'A . i . t .
CIV.IS RIM 'IF AT i'... ...
It ile.r -I- :
ill.". ! no n.l l I'
ill-L . ' w . . e i '. i i . r 1
Ite-t. i... Ke - . I
I.IM' .. 11 V. 11. '
Ai:' '
K.r ;r S'. " I . Tr. .1 Si
nv v -:-t :
The Btt Couh Frup.
S. 1.. Xl'l'lo. i'i pi.'lMti' .''I- .
Ot, Ksiimis writes: " Tin- i
any fat li.iv,. I Um'I I'ul! ir.l s '.! :
lu"atiil Syrup f T vear.i, ami that I .1..
not hcsit.ito to r. ...tinii.'ii'l il tie '
bent ivit,.li evrup I Lave ever lists I.
J.,1', iin.t l -l KiUi'riuuu.l i
ntnl at N'mU..iih1 Drim t'o.
Sam Aldrraon was a Grants Pass
visitor Saturday.
Harry (Men, who has been qnite
aica. for the pant month, if able to be
oat agaiD.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeo. Erlckson were
Grants Pant visitors the eaily part of
last week.
A. R. Cleveland ia on the sink list
also this week ; be is wrestling the
grippe around.
By the way ! its getting about lime
to be smoking "candidate cigars
again, Inn t ltr
Mrs. John Sanders of Merlin aud
Mrs. Finber of Greenback were Hugo
visitors Sunday.
Several of the Hugo people attended
the dance at Merlin Saturday night;
all report a fine time.
John Sanders went to Greenback on
Monday of this week, he taking a load
of household goods for Mr. Fisher.
Andy Steele left Monday for Port
laud and will later go on to Seattle,
Wash., where he makes bis Summer
There is some talk of the saw mill
in Brimstone oanyon starting again
in the near future. A good thing if
it is run on a "pay op" pioposition.
An extra gang of Japs are working
in Hugo, moving the panning track
and spur, nearer the main line, on ac
count of the spur beiug off the right-of-way
na ! Ha ! I ye old-time prophets and
yellow jackets, just wait another
month and toll os about good weather.
You have talked about snow loog
Several gents of Hugo were courting
in Grants Pais lant week ; they were
C. Triplett, W. Purdy, II. Triplet,
FoHter Bros. , Peto Perzier, W. L.
Chapin, Wm. Brown aud W. E. Sun
dors. There is qnite a large crew of men
working on Section 40, since the
March storms commenced. Mr. GotT
intends hailug this section of the
road again in good condition, if the
bad weather ceaHeH, in tho near fa
The Brtlcle in last week's irHue on
the "Hobo" question is O. K. and
there is no ronui for complaint aniens
it is on the time a hobo should work
on the street. I think it would be
nearer right to ray Ave hoar instead
of 2''. That would give Mr. Hobo
two "pquareti" a day anil of conrtie
the liiarnlial would Hud a place for
him to sleep. If the peoi lt would not
be so htmpitalile to that clam they
would be compelled to go to work and
in this way our country would be free
from worthlcHi bum". Feed them
gratis and they are not looking for
anything better. S. C. Kibbler.
w i y i: u i
(Too ltte for lant edition. )
We have been having a nice little
snow storm.
The minor! are mulling at the pros
pect of another good run.
Mins I. In Carter apont Satnrduy
night ami Sunday with the home
Will 1 1 il I in and Emm Nwtithunier
mailt' a Hying trip to Jacknouville lant j
Week. j
Weddings seem to bo in order an)
several are atinonnced fur tho near I
future. j
Mis Kiiinia Neatliamer is. home,
again after spending sovi lnout'is j
in WiHKlville.
Mix Huth Swinuey ban been em- -ployed
to teach the Spring term of i
aclnM.1 in the Winter dit.trict.
K. IV Thompson in in our mlilsi j
Haiti aft. r spending several months i
with relatives and friends in the east .
Si h.x.l opened in the Mnyse frees 1
district Men. lay, Mirch 13, with Miss
Millie l-'rier of ,lcsr.liMie county In,
The f.iriners have been hnsv sowing j
Spring fir.ijin. innM of them h'tvitm '
tiui.-heil l.'f.iii. ihey wer.i fcrc-il to'
lay ulT 1 v tin. recent eturin.
Mr. and Mrs. Will WHlmns were
i leu ivai n il at their home lni-t Sun
ilav ninlii. There were about !l'i per
m.iis ptci.-ut ;.'.! the Imvs were invited
in hi .1 in aii .1 t,. rai'ilv an. I c!.;ar
.m.l . a',... and Mitt .hints . re mtvi'iI.
.In'.'' I'.; pir'v was nii"i by
.1 if. Satur-lay inght. A
:" .1 ' i n. v i r. ;...rt. ,1 ' 1 v all w In
w l. ; r.- 1 .'. N'til I'll r.
A Jjm.,,i Ij.Iv Spf.k M.iihly ol 1 him
!v r!.n I ouh Kmi'.lv.
Mr- Mul.i l 11 ir'. wile if :!;;
".; i-rit.N ii. Ii M i f I 'art si rvi at
K ii- I' I' .'.iiiKiH-M, West III lia Is.
' ''! " - .-' .' l .ii f, r sunn' v. ir
I ' 'Il H i' . 1 1 '111. 'S I ' Mi,- 1 K,Mlil' 1
(.''i'1'li- . . an I '.o,. in. i'im.,:Ii
ii '. i i- : i i i . . i v I-, :;, ;,, mi,
i . . n :i,li nrr in k ittl,
.'i.l i i !v w it hen t a hot 'In of it ill
1 r I ..(, S ',! !.v M I ',.;.., ns
' ' t ': r !.. i!:c '. .: . .;M circu'u
'' ' ' ' ' !' ;",r 'ii S..'.h!mm ! On-- Mi
Ashland Normal School Notes.
Miss Ne'lie Molkey left for South
ern California latt Saturday, going
down there to stay with hi r sick
The Seniors are now butcy preparing
for the preservation of Shakeepeare'f
"Hamlet." It will be given some
time in May.
"Professor is back.'- This was the
welcome nsws that greeted the stu
dents as tbey congregated last Friday
morning. Prof. Mulkev did spring a
surprise upon the whole school, as no
one was expecting him so soon. His
son was doing as nicely as coo Id be
exiected, thongh not perhaps as well
as might be wished. During Chapel
exercises Professor gave an interesting
account of his experience in the
wealth-surfeited land of Southern
California, where millionaires are as
thick as "hoppickers" in Oregon, the
little town of Redlands having 42 and
Pasadena more than 100 millionaire.
He pictured the oonntry as a veritable
paradise, and yet, he says that,
"There is no place like borne."
The Ladles Literary Society met
Friday afternoon, and after the in
stallation of the new officers an ex
cellent program wag rendered. Whfn
the singing and speeebmaking was
over the question "Resolved, That
labor anions are a greater menace to
the industrial world than oombina
tions of capital" wag debated. The
affirmative was upheld by Viola
Phiester aud Jessie Wilson. The
negative by Ida Robinson aud Cora
Carter. The negative side won. Mim
Broad is the new president of the
society, and tho girls are to be con
gratulated opon the selection of such
an able parliamentarian to wield the
Friday evening the dormitory people
gave a short receptiou in honor of
Professor Mulkey. They then ad
journed to the chapel where the Con
gressional Literary Society gave their
weekly program. After a recitation
by Walter Herndou, a solo by O. B.
Newton aud an oration by Fred Peter
son, the debate was taken np. The
qoestion was "Resolved, That Han
nibal was a greater military com
mander than Nanoleon.'' The affir
mative was supported by Smith aud
Martia; the neuative by E. Pollard
and O. B. Newton. The great gen
erals were alternatly placed on hiyh
pedestals of fame and glory and then
ruthlessly torn down. Some of the
debaters even went go far as to quote
history in support of their arguments.
The judges decided in favor of the
affirmative. The society now ad
journed and went in a body to the
"ladies' dorm" where an old-fashioned
taffy pull was enjoyed. The
taffy was fine!
: k ii it L i :
Jaa. CiHik and son were Medfurd
visiturs last Saturday.
Luke Lilly of Sterling vinited with
his Bister, Mrs.. Harrow, Thursday.
Freil Miller made a flying trip nut
here Saturday looking after hia min
ing intcrt'HtH.
Mias I'earl Davidson visited the
past week with friends in the Will
iams vicinity.
Mr. M tiaky haa been trying the
grippe. He is hetter now and says
he doesn't care to grippe again.
Clinton Kohcrta in tends hauling
several tons of alfalfa hay to liranta
1' as soon as the roads are in shape
for heavy traflic.
Richard I ewuuiu has purchased the
Karris property and is now making
preparation for a large grape vineyard.
We see where you are right, Dick.
After a week of "Slimmer time"
we were surprised Sunday lncrning to
siii the nearby hills wearing a new
overcoat of snow, reminding us that
"its" Man h.
K. J. Kiibll and W. W. WroMri.'g i
are making it interesting fir the
covotes of this section i f the cnuutrv.
killing two the ast week. A few
more and the sheep can range in the
miiiitiiins with Nifetv.
Lttsch l'ayse and wife cf the lioldeu
Drift mine are lure this week visiting
Mrs. Haise's inrents, Mr. and Mrs.
Vincent ntnl Mr. I'inse's sister, Vrs.
Jas. t'liol-. 'Ihev will a si visit
l lias. I' h .lad s nvillc In f. re
thev return to the inine.
("lias Hui kha'ter was he me Saturday
and Sundav fr .in the ("scar ( reel,
mine of which lie is foreman. ti ac
count of water ei ttiiu; I. -w thev are
only running .lie giant now. The
mine is a .'"" I paying otic ntnl pro
duces a tine nalitv ol the Vei.ow
Card lartios are in fast ioii here
now, we have several good p'av.-rs at
I e.lro. whit and crih ami 'along to
ward the hour of tuiduilit thev most
generally In Id a g -a ! liau.l, io( tie
and cal.ei and then its a'l o:f until
tl'i re is a show for mote i f ihi tine
Say ! why d n t yi u sul'-i rihe f T
the Coiiri. r ami read .losephine
civ.mty's lct paper. ? H. I . W inc.
. ieiis.ii on.i! or ;i'es'i.u.,h!e tr. it
t. r o'o ,v v.! ill the Coin ier v
j We bave no sickness to report.
The steam shovel will soon com
mence work.
The grain came through the Winter
in good chape.
We hear of one man that wants to
run for justice of the peace.
Some of cur people were in Grants
j Pass laat week paying taxes,
i Kelly Duncan hag a start in a line
j bog. He believes in raising good
I stock.
I We read of blizzards in other parts
of the s'ate, bot here it is calm and
Some of onr middle-aged men, from
68 to 81, are able to cut their fire
wood also do other work.
People are plowing for gardens and
dome new latd is being brought nnder
cultivation on Tunnel 9 Creek.
We don't know what the out
look will be regarding fruit; go far
but little damBge hag been done.
1 We have had little change in tbe
weather, as March is a treacherous
month. We had two inches of snow.
j It melted soon ; now we are having
I frosty nights.
We hear of
' grippe, but oar
1 With our pure
people having the
people are clear of it.
water and clear cot -
science we ere a
happy people, hardly
any law-suits.
j Mrs. Anderson bus sold her ranch
' below Leland to Geo. Strong, a stock
' man. He will go into the stock busi
' nes-as he has bad a good deal of ex
' perience in that line.
A report is. enrrent that the Grave
; Creek wagon road is to be extended
(to the Copper Stain on Mt. Reuben in
the near future. That will benefit
j many a uiimr. Wide Awake.
i Cured Hemorrhages of the Lungs.
i "Several years since my lungs were
so badly affected hat I had many
hemorrhages,'- writes A. M. Ake,
of Wood, Ind. "I took treatment
with several physicians withnot any
benefit. I then started to take Foley's
Honey and Tar, and my lungs are now
as sound as a bullet. I reccimmeud it
' in advanced stages cf lung trouble. "
I For sale by H. A. Rotermnd. Foley's
Honey and Tar stops the cough and
heals the lungs, aud prevents scriocs
.results from a cold. Refuse tutstitutes.
i Givei Health, Vigor and Tone.
I lierbine ia a boon for tnfforers from
aneamia. Bv its ore the hlood is
quickly renem-r ited and the color lw
oomeg normal. The drooping strength
i is revived. Tho languor is diminish
ed. Health, vigor aud tone predomi
nate. New life and happy activity
; remits. Mr. Pelle H. Shriel, Mid
dlesborou(ih, HI., writes, 1 have been
troubled with liver couiplaiut aud
poor blood, aud have fonnd nothing to
benefit me like Herbine I hope
never to be withont it. I have wished
' that I had known of it in my hus
band's life time" fitto at National
: Drug Co. and at Hoteimond's.
Petaluma Incubator at Cran er
Send vour family washing to the
Steam Laondry. All rouuh dry work
2.'i cent per iloz.'u. Phone 3T3.
Your ilothes called for and delivered
end all rlatworli that goes through
the tnnngle washer, ironed at 2."c pi r
dozen. Urauts Pass Steam Laundry.
Phono S?,l
There's money iu the chicken and
egg husini ss 'f ' 1 roperly managed. A
Pi tain ma Incalmtnr will make a wood
start on the toad. Yoo can lind them
at Cramer Fros.
l.etchir has jost rceivid another
stoi'k of lente and ran fit all kiwi of
eyes His R.aratus for the tenting
of visi n ia all np-to-ilato and the
i most leliahle kind
Curtis & Co. fot Watches, Clocks.
Uohl Kings and Jewelrr, line watch
reiairing, engraviug. Coods sold at
reasonable prices. Conie and see os.
I. t). t). V. l'uildiiig. tirants Puss,
Ore iron.
II nine bought a new lot of cloth at
a bitgmn. the ItianU Phi's Tailoring
companv in now abl'i to miUi1 a tir-t
diss mii t at n'lnost half tlefvunr
pric. Cull ami examlni our goods
and (Jet pi ics Number M3, West C
stmt, oppocite Di pr.t. 13-1.) tf.
P'nnef Jr. Ciardi n ruls at Ctiinn r
Vomn' Kidnes
Won en nr nnue often attlicted
w ith fciilner dis. Titers than n en, hut
a'tr.hute the t-ynipt ti i in cis'-a-e pe
ot liar to the'r while in nail y
t''.' 1. i 'iiev s are it. run-v I. Nervous
ni ss, head id e, pulTv or dark circles
ttii'ti r t1 e Ves. pun in ilu'lmel., ale of I i.h ev 'l-oi hle that inns lici
le ignoiel. or a mmhi's icilolv 11
r. full. I'' Ii" ' K iln. yC'ire I a it s'ore.l
tin' health of Ihon-aink o! well-, ier
i. s.'i' now ti v oiin n. Il stoi,
irve. n! u Hi s and r-tn-i'Stlien the
urinary organs. 1. pur ti s thelhs.ii
ai d Nnefils t! who'e y-t un. l-'ur
sale 1 v 11. A. Ki ti no n ti I.
To Ci:
Toko Laxative Brc:no C,:
Se-n Million ben sc.
: a i ii f -.
L, ..Ji
Seven-room st ry
3r I y!',!Jsrrr-PL':r:-
Phone 484
I Buv and Sell Real Estate
No. 4)0. 320 acres on the Applegate. 100 acres good bottom
land Good irrigating ditch with 100 inches of water. 26 acres in
alfalfa and 2 acres in orchard. Pi ice, $5,000.00.
No. 494. 240 acres. Good three room house, small barn, smoke
house and all other out buildings. 30 acres fenced. 20 acres in culti
vation. Small orchard. Plenty of gtod timber. Living water.
$5.00 per acre.
No. 4v7. 217 acres. 100 acres in cultivation. Fine natural
meadow. Good clover and altalfa land, with good water right. Plenty
ot good timber. Fair house, good barn, grainery and all other out
buildings. $30.00 per acre for the next sixty days only.
Youry for bargains,
Joseph Moss,
The Real Estate Man
Hf.U.0 393 Office. 611 Residence.
516 E Street
We are prepared to do all kinds
of Flumbinp;, We use first
efass material and employ ex
perienced workmen. Come to
us for estimates on Sewer Con
nections. : : : :
Mining and Irrigating Tipe,
Tin and Galvanized Iron work.
Furnace Heating a specialty.
Hair-illle Hanhvaro Co.
The Club Stables
FRANK HECK, Proprietor
.Successor to Hayes & Heck
Special attention given to mining men and commercial
Sixth street, Grants Pass, Oregon
A Lively Tujile.
with ihit cl I ciemy of the r i i ,n
8iutioii, i f ri'ii ends in app.-iulieitis
To avoid i II serious ttonble with
stotiinch. liver nut hew. U, takePr
Kiiik's New I. if., pin.. i'.T p(,r'.
f ctlv ri'iitilute these organs, without
piiu or infort. -JV at all dnii;.
The I'opular Bjrber Shop
Get viuir tonsorial wotk ,t
On Sixth Sunt Three eh . i ,
l'al'.i lo.oin ,n , ,.i ,,,,
N. P.. MeCiUHW.
TKl'CK ami DI".I.I":K V
Km t'.'tuif ami I'iiu'o
... ;;s4
1 I le
and a half house
Grants Pass. Ore.
Wholesale anil Retail
Feed ana Floor Store
I K. KI'.IU.KY, Proprietor.
Kerles Feed Stables, South Sixth Street.
Het Ilratnl of riour.
"JV of ail kinds.
Kolied Iinrlev, Wheat and Data.
I nun (,iay iiats fr Sivd.
fty I '.i ' r.. k piiees.
' ; r.', .1 printing at the
Palace Barber Shop
l'ATKs a, VII.I.IAM., Proprs.
Miaving, Hair Cutting
lJaths,- Etc.
' ti:; r.'t ami dean and a
'rk I irs..( 'lass.
One Day
Two Days.
or. ivcry
box. 23c.