Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 09, 1906, Image 8

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Supervisor Gntner Tells Hia Ex
perience in Road Building
Favors Cash System.
If you attend our First An
nual Clearance Sale. Its out
of the ordinary.
If the ladies of your family
haven't driven you into buy
ing a new suit, now's the
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Well Filled Lunch Baskets, an all
Important Matter Committee
to Arrange Tables.
Editor Courier An there seotns to
be some uiisundttrstauding on the part
of some on the committee on dinner
for the Fanner Institute to be held
at this plaoo ou the 17th irmt., I wIhIi
to ssy that one and all are ex pert ml
to bring their dinner ai there wilTTe
three sessions at the institute, morn
ing, afternoon and evening and by
having a basket dinner It will enable
thoss who come from a distance to get
the benefit of both 'day suasions.
Thoso who wish can bring luuoh to
have some for the eveuing aud stay
for the night session which will be as
highly profitable as either of the other
two sessions. So let all ootue who
possibly cau and asuist in niakiug
this Institute a great suoouss.
Those oo the committee on dinner
are expected to briug a b inset, aud to
see their neighbors aud encourage
them to crime aud bring a banket also
with diuuer enough for themselves !
and some over so that those who
oouio who have oo one to oook foi .
them will not go away hungry. The
committee is expected to take charge j
of.'the diuuer at the institute aud see ,
that It is arraugnd all right
Special notice was uot given to each J
oue ou the committee as the editor
informed me that each oue had been
seut a oopy of the Courier with uiy
report lu ou committees.
It. F. LEW MAN, Seo'yof Com.
Provolt, Ore., Feb. 8, 1U00.
The third number of the Lyceum
euterUluuieut coarsn will lie given
Friday, February 23d. A medley
program of songs, stories, oostume
C. F. Geutuer was a caller at the
Courier office Wednesday to express
sow positive aud sensible ideas he
has on the road subject, he being
somewhat annoyed over a crlticiein
made of his road work by the New
Hope correspondent to the Courier.
Mr. Gentner is road supervisor for
the Murphy district and the corres
pondent bad charged him with
neglecting the roads in the New Hope
part of the district. Mr. Gentner
gays that as he has each year but a
limited amount of money and labor
to spend upon the roads in bis district
be ia compelled to better the worst
places first and that as the roads In
the New . Hope section are ou dry,
sandy ground and always in fairly
good condition be bad to let them be
as they are until the county will sup
ply more road money. Of the wash
ing out of a section of road and the
destruction of a large culvert io the
New Hope section, Mr. Oentuer stated
that damage was caused by some
peison in cutting trees for wooJ falling
them so the brush of the tops formed
dam io the large ditch by the road
side and turned the water during oue
of the big rain this Winter down the
road washing out the track and the
culvert. A little care by the farmer
to removing the brush from the ditoh
would have prevented this damage to
the road, which amounted to fully
Another prolific cause of destruction
to roads, says Mr. Gentner, are the
irrigation ditches. So frequently the
farmers neglect to shut the beadgates
when the Winter rains begin. With
very big rain or snow these ditches
briug down a flood of water aud as
many of the ditches parallel or cross
tha roads the overflow water gullies
out the roads aud frequently carries
out the culverts. An iustauoe of what
irrigation ditches do in Winter floods
is told by Mr. Gentner. Last year he
graded aud put a sectiou of road in
good permvueut shape for team travel.
During the Winter the flood waters
from oue of the irrigation ditches tore
the road to pieces aud it almost
impaisable. The seepage from the ir
rigating ditches io uiauy places keep
the roads full of mud holes eveu.ln
the Hummer. Aloiott iuvariably
wherever ihe ditches cross the roads
a bad place for teams to pull over is
made. There is either a deop ditch
or a mtidbole to pull through, or the
ditch banked up on each side with a
rickety culvert over it and a sharp
pitch is made of 10 to 20 per oeut for
teams to pull over.
Mr. Geutuer is a veteran road
builder, havlug beeu supervisor in
his district much of the time fur the
past IS years. Has not accepted the
positiou for the profit or the honor
that came of it, for there was neither.
He never got fall pay for work he did
aud the loss of time from his farm
work, aud instead of honor malediot
ious were heaped upou him because
the roads were uot all made iuto turn
pikes, while the farmers wnre to be
allowed their own leisure aud method
of working out their road tx. The
supervisor was blamed for all bad
roads when really mauy times it was
the couuty court that was at fault.
As to methods ot road work Mr.
Gentner holds that all road work in
Josephiue county should be doue dur-
I iug February aud Maron as the wet
earth ot the uew grades packs with
I the first dry weather and becomes a
hard roadbed. If the work is doue
ia April or later the new grade at
once dries out and becomes a dust
bauk for the Summer aud oue great
mudhole the followiug Winter. An
other feature favorable to February
work is that men and teams cau be
hired thou cheaper than later ou
oat all the soft places, theo roll until
packed s" hard as to shel the surface
water from rains and snow, ea'h
layer of earth placed on the road. '
Theo giving the road a finishing rcll !
to make its surface so hard that
heavy freight teams will not caute
ruts or chockholes. Theu at least
twice a year go over the roads first
with a Missouri drag to smooth the
surface, where rots may ha'e formed
and theo with the steam roller to
pack the earth -again into place. By
this method Mr. Geutuer thinks good
roads could be built aud maintained ia
most of the districts of Josehpine
couoty at a small cost to the tax
Edward W. Herriott has the ob for
Another Four Years.
...i..... a i.... a i u-
selections aud character delineations """" 'K ".'
in i... i. i. vii. ...... i. : begnu. As to volunteer road work
Pluinstnail Mr (,,"tUM tlw ut place great de
Mr 'lu....t.,,l ... ..tni.,r Iuduo ou that method of securing a
uo superior In his class. Press!1 prw- Un F 1,9 hl1 '
notices of the various cltle. from i ,,romi' of 14 Aww to r.
New Hampshire to Oregon very j u,u wl" t,u,,r l,n,, 10 nal
grave, io rot'n a uew seciiuu 01 road,
ou couditiou that lie hire meu to do
of the wagous. Ou the
flatteringly ot him.
Hesxrved seats will be ou sale at
rtiH nmi.l i.lM.e. iMtirliinhiir Tuesdav !
30th. at o'clock. Persons holding ! ,Uj llMtoted ''ad the required six
.... ,. I I .... l.. a ..
tinkAts .)... 1.1 r.,m.,..,W tn uu uuau, uu umy six 01 me
k same with them to secure re
rved seats aud also to present at the
loor oo eveuing of the ul.
A Healing Gospel.
The Kev. J. O. Warreu, pastor of
Sharon Baptist Church, Belair, Oa
says of Klectrio Bitters: "It's a God
send to mankind. It cured me of lame
backstiff Joints, aud complete physi
cl collar I was so weak Jit took
me half au hour' to walk a mile. Two
bottles of Electrlo Bitters have made the grauite aud sandy
me so strong I "have just walked
14 teams were on duty to haul gravel.
lie thinks that it would be cheaper
for the county to hire a regular road
crew aud have them work as they
would for an iud'vlaal or a company.
The larger part of the soil forma
tion of Josephiue couuty is of a
nature that will make a firm roadbed,
without a rock coveriug. if the road
is but graded up well, thoroughly
drained aud firmly packed before
teams are allowed upou it. OiiHTl
soils Mr Gent
ner has proven that roads can be made
three miles in 60 luloutea and feel like , maijaui oejiassatue lor loaded teams
alking three more It t mane a now eveu during the wet seasou. He is
man of me.
weakness aud all
Kidney complaiuta.
guarsutoe at ail drug
Greatest remdy for eoutideut that if the county would b'uT
1 Stomach, Liver aud .. ........ ., , , ,
" miirr mm w neu a roai
is to be built, first roll the roadbed,
or foundation thoroughly so as to get
Edward W. Herriott has been award
ed the contract to carry the mails for
the next four years on the Grants
Pas aud Williams route, delivering
mails to Murphy, Provolt and Will
lams. The service is to be daily,
round trip, except Sunday, aud the
pay will be $886 a year. The price
for years past has beeo but $386 a
year, which did not half pay the
operating expenses of the stage on
which tlifl mail was c .rried. Mr.
Herriott's bondsmen are E. N. Pro
volt aod A. F. Knox. The service oo
the present schedule is for the mail
to leave Grants Pass at 7 a. m. and
arrive at Williams at 12 noon leave
Williams at 1 p. m. and arrive in
Grants Pass at 5:30 p. m. After
July 1st the schedule will be changed
and the mail will leave Williams at
7 a. id. and arrive at Grants Pass at
11:80 a. m. and leave for Jthe return
trip at 1 p. m. arriving at Williams
at 6 p. m. Mr. Herriott has carried
the mail and operated a stage on this
route for the past four years. He has
b een very prompt io the delivery of
the mails aod reasonable in his
charges for passengers and freight,
and he announces that he will con
tinue to give a first-class service to
the pubilc.
Now honest, BOoiubody ought to tell
Fred Knox that its time to dig car
Wni. T. Perry was oat this week
looking after his Oscar creek mining
interests. .
Mrs. Franz Whetstone of Medford,
with her two sons were visiting her
uncle, J. W. Gilmore, the first of the
The young folks of the neighbor
hood had au enjoyable dauce at the
home of J. D. Winter last Friday
uight. Always count on a good time
at Jeff's.
Apparently Ed Cookerline and Tlios
Lelth have more faith in this sua
shiny weather than they have io the
ground hog as both are sowing grain
this week.
The Mlnses Bessie and Annabelle
Lelth and Miss Florence Darneillo,
students of the Grauts Pass High
School were out to see home folks
Saturday and Sunday.
Elmer Gilmore, who has been with
his brother, Arthur, the past six
mouths io the gold mines of Califor
nia, is agaiu amoug his many friends
here and will farm the ranch receutly
bought by Arthur from the Bunch
We Murphyites have great hopes for
the coming railroad. All right, but
we're not resting the plow horses
pretiaratory to auy great demand for
scraper teams just yet
The aunual meeting of the Murphy
Ditch Company was held Mouday at
the residence ot C. C English. The
elect iuu of officers resulted iu C. C
English beiug re-elected president and
C. N. Hathaway, secretary, P. B. Bur
row, treasurer, and Geo. Walters, Geo.
Altpt'tor aud E. I. Perry directors.
This is a co-operative irrigation com
pauy of 'i farmers iu this district.
The ditch takes water from the Ap
plegatn river just below the Murphy
bridge aud oo its upper section it is
six feet wide aud two feet deep,
Tne ditch was begun to years ago
and each Wiuter a section was com
pleted. Work is now being done on
the last section, which will be com
pleted witbio a month. The ditch
will terminate at George Altpeter's
farm three miles below the intake.
This ditch will make of New Hope
oue of the garden spots of Applegate
Valley, for the soil is very rich aud
with water will produce big crops.
Soma of the higher land uuder the
ditch is of grauite formation and has
beeu counted worthless for without
water crops on it cannot withstand
the dry weather of Summer. Con
siderable of this land was pat io crop
last year and prod need grass, grain
and vege'ables quite equal to Ihe
best bottom laud. The grauite soil
being light aud warm makes it (lis
best of melou land and New "Hope
water uielous aud oaotalecps shout J
the farmer here tats up tlieir cultiva
tion mar become noted io Ihe markets
of Grauts Pass aod Portland.
Mryoo Jeooiogs was at Medford and
otber valley towns the first of the
week. X. Y. Z.
Fine weather aud farmers busy
T. A. Glynn aud daughter, Mar
garite, were in Holland, Mouday.
Mrs. F. P. Carroll made a trip to
Browntowo on bniiuest this week.
Mr. Biers came to Holland this
week for a load of sopplios for bis
A. F. LeFont, a tombstone man
from Ceutral Point, was iu our valley
taking orders receutly.
J. E. Hodgdon, landlord of the
Holland bouse, made a trip to Keiby
Saturday to attteud Masouio lodge.
Willis Aldeo while loading baled
hay at J. E. Holland's fell and in
jured his limbs quite badly last week.
Misi Ella Turner was the guest of
Mig Lucile Smock Saturday, return
ing on the stage that evening to her
home in Kerby.
H. A. Kotermund, of Grants Pass,
made a visit to Holland and Brown
town lost Sunday and returned to
Kerby in the evening.
Frank Fowler, of the Gold Pick
mines, and Jess Pinnell made a trip
to the Biers mine on East fork of
Illinois river on business.
Mart Gates, the .packer, is now
hauling rails and improving his farm.
Mrs. H. II. Gibbs, of Althoose,
made a trip to the Robinson ranch on
Sucker creek Monday.
II. M. Brown was in Holland this
week buying beef hides. He will
open) a butcher shop in Kerby iu the
near future and put in a refrigerator
and deliver meat every other day in
the valley. Success to you, Harry.
Thomas Keffer and wife left Mon
day for the Gold Pick mines to take
charge of the boarding house.
1 Buy and Sell Real Estate
$1250 takes good-room. one and a half story house with two lots
on north side of railroad; easy terms.
18 acres of river bottom land about one and a half miles west of the
city; price, $1250.
Plenty of other good snaps.
Youry for bargains,
Joseph Moss,
The Real Estate Man
' HELLO 393 Office, 611 Residence.
516 E Street Grants Pass, Ore.
Mrs. Hart is visiting Mrs. Simmons.
Mr. Clarke preached here Suuday
The dancers reported a good time
Saturday eveniug.
Mrs. Hansen aud Woodcock visited
the schools Thursday.
Mr. Fienholm's friend, Mr. Froze,
is io town ou business.
Mrs. Kellog has been visiting ber
sister, Mrs. Duucau. the past week.
Miss Guthrie's pupils had a real
house cleauiug bee Friday afternoon.
Mr. aud Mrs. Wade came over from
their miue ou Josephine Creek Saturday.
Mr. Pennington, who has an in-
trest in the Gold King mine, is stop
ping at The Pioneer.
Everett Brown has been visit-
lug relatives iu this vioinity lately.
He returned to California Saturday.
We are prepared to do all kinds
of Plumbing, We use first
cfass material and employ ex
perienced workmen. Come to
us for estimates on Sewer Con
nections. : : : :
Mining and Irrigating Pipe,
Tin and Galvanized Iron work.
Furnace Heating a specialty.
Hair-Ilidille Hardware Co.
Iuk at Model Drag Store.
Valentine Post Cards .at Clemens.
Order seals aud rubber stamps of
A. E. Voorhies.
A few of those Heaters at 23 per
oeut at Cramer Bros.
Most auy kind of Shade ornamental
trees aud Berry plauts. See Taylor at
Model Drug Store. M 4t
Send Tour family washing to the
Steam Laundry. All rough dry work
25 cent per dozen. Phone 873.
1 There's money ioa vegetable garden
if you use a Plauet Jr. Single Wheel
Hoe. Cramer Bros, have them.
Eyes carefully tested aud glasses
fitted to oorrect any defect of vision
by Dr. W. F. Kremer, Courier build
ing. Prices reasonable.
Tour clothes called for aud delivered
and all flatwork that goes through
the maugle washer, iroued at 25o per
dozen. Grauts Pass Steam Laundry.
pii oue s;a.
Letcher has just received another
stock of leuses aud can fit all kinds of
eyes. His apparatus for the testing
of vision is all up-to-date aud the
moat reliable kind.
Haviug bought a new lot of cloth at
a batgaio, the Grants Pass Tailoriug
company is now able to make a first
class suit at almost half the former
prioa. Call aud examine our goods
aud get prices Number 512, West G
street, opposite Depot. 12-16 tf
Petalama lucubators aud Brooders
at Cramer Bros.
Violin, etc., strings Courier Build-iug.
Afraid of Strong Medicines.
Mny people suffer for years from
rheumatio fains, and prefer to do so
rather than take the strong medicines
usually given for rheumatism, not
koowiug that quick relief from pain
may be na1 simply by applying Cham
berlain's Pain Balm aud without
taking any medicine internally. Rev.
Amos Parker of Magnolia. North
Carolina, suffered for eight years with
a lame hip, due to severe rheumatio
paius. He has been permanently
cured by the free application of
Chamberlain's Pain Balm. For sale
byjill druggists.
HEN you place your orders you wunt
to know that it is in the right hands.
You want
the right place to take
or send your orders i
Rogue River Coffee Market
Palace Hotel Block, 42oFront Str.,
PHONE 43i,
Grants Pass, Oregon.
Hay and Grain
We have bought the teed store and good will of F M
ickman, cor. 6th and J Sts., and will continue the busU
ness at the same stand. We will appreciate the patronage
of Mr. Vfc.ckraan'sold customers and as many new one!
as possible, guaranteeing to you honest dealings, courteous
treatment and prompt delivery. We will handle all kinds
of hay and feed stuff ,n car lots thereby enabling u to
give you the lowest possible prices
S tc f d,
guaranteed" " i'8 y sack
We are permanently located in Grants Pass and wi .
glad to have you come and see our stock or
w.ntstoNo.Sn.Wickman'sold sS
I Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonir
I has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over On
bottles. Does this nxxni of merit appeal to you ? No d Million