Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 09, 1906, Image 4

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A. E. VOOEHIES, Propr.
Entered at the post office at Grant Piss,
Oregon, ae econa-claaa mail matter.
Dead towns do not have to bnild
additional school bouses, extend
streets, increase the light and water
erTloe, or be to the expense of the
betterment of any of the publio utili
ties as is the good fortnue of the live,
progressive town, for prosperity is the
inseparable companion of prudent
public expenditures.
Grants Pans is certainly prosperous
and has every certainty for a large
and steady growth in the years to
come, judging by the Increase and
betterment of its pubilo ntilities. The
streets are being extended, sidewalks
built, preparations made for paving
the business streets, the light and
water service both iucrcused aud bet
tered, the schools aud churches en
larged and the commercial activities
expanded. That this forward move
ment in the building of Grants Pass
into a olty is baited on sound reasons
Is proven more especially by the in
crenMe in the attendance In the schools.
It was 33 years ago that Grants Pass
was founded aud a school started em
ploying one teracher. There are now
ill teachers on the roll, showing that
the school lias averaged a gain of
almost a teacher a year. Iu the last
five years this gain has been greater
thau that, the prcseut year bringing
au iunreaMe of three teacher). It is
certain that at leant four more
teachers will be repaired for next
The enrollment of scholurs as shown
by the olty superintendent's report,
shows that the schools of Grants Puns
have increased more than li per cent
over the attendance for butt year.
The enrollment on the first day after
the ChriHtmas holidays fur this year
was 107 inure than for the same day
in the last school year. .While early
iu the preaeut term a room was routed
lu a building on West K street and
another teacher employed to handle
the overflow of pupilH, this did not
relieve the crowded condition of the
schools and now a room has been rent
ed lu the Moss building on E street
near Sixth and Miss Ma.olla Mulkey
has been emidoyed to take the extra
scholar from the second and third
grades, licgiuulug with next Monday.
Even this will not greatly reduce the
enrollment In the other grades, many
of which have 50 aud (10 iu a room. It
is a fact conceded by all who are pouted
In school work that 40 children is the
hlghcHt numlicr that should bo under
one toucher. To bring the niimlior of
scholars iu each room down to the lim
it that will enable the teacher and
pupil to do the beat work and the tax
payer to receive the fullest returns on
the expenditure will require not lens
than live additional rooms for ne.t
This iroblem of additional school'
room b it h been under careful consider- j
at ion by the the school hoard for some
time. This board is oompoiied of live
of the lending clti.eim and taxpayers
of Grants 1'axs and it cau lie depended
on that they will incur no needless ex- ;
poiiso, neither will they pursue a nig
gardly policy and to save the taxpay
ers a few dollars and thereby wreck
the schools, that are now n pride to
the city and among the lest In the
state. lirant Pais being a district of
the Hist class the hoard bin full porter
to make such cspou litures a- thev wuv
think l't for the betterment of the
The board has under ennsidorat ion
two building plans, tine is for a 10
room brick building and the other is
for the enlargement of the wooden,
thrmi room South building into a seven
room si b, wd Plans and Miniate of
the cost of enlarging the South hui'd
iuii have been seemed from an archi
tect. The plans call for the adding a
front vsxii on the lir-i n- ami of
taking oil' the I'oof i.f the lliiee i res
ent l''N'tn and putting on a M'.ciel
rtorv to the entire building, in which
would le three silnsd r-v 1 1 and a
hallway. The lowe.t est in,,.;,,
run I e h i t on this work is .' 0 and
thcll li e district Would have . lily .Mi
dd bui'ding Id iit over. .-'. n-.u. it cv
tril iVi'tli would have to to ,'. nc oil the
old house that the cost eon d fu'K
cpml that of a ni'v btiil.'.m. As
a bnck structure It is f. ami that an
eight or JO room, first clasa, n o.h rn
school VuM'tig caiijl-e ens id a: a . .t
of .'vi' i er ruiiu. To rebuild the old
w.vden building w ill cost more than
,.," .i,y .r" rt i r room and !." en
have an unsightly, inadequate school
bouse, that would make the progress
ive taxpayers pronounce maleditions
upon the board every time they saw it
This rebuilding of the old South
building woold add but four rooms to
the city schools. Two of these rooms
would be required for the two grades
now in the rented buildings, leaving
but two rooms to accommodate the in
crease in scholars and for the relief of
the Present over-crowded rooms. As
it is imperative that there be four ad
ditional rooms with the opening of
school next Fall the district wou'd
still be ihort two rooms, and
these would have to be rented at a cost
of t-'IO to H0 a month. This woold
make necessary another building the
following year. With a growth for the
next two years no greater than that
of the last two years every room in a
10-room building would be filled.
Folly 60 per cent of the scholars in
the city schools reside In that part of
the district south of the railroad. The
growth of this part of the district will
be very rapid in the next five years.
The rich bottom land farms to the east
and west of the city will be cut up in
to one to Ave acre tracts with a home
on each. The nearly three square
miles of the district south of Rogue
river will, so soon as an irrigation
system is installed, which will be
within the next two years, be one
great "arden and fruit tract with a
home on every 10 acres at least. The
Diiulck district, with its school house
but a mile from the South school, will
be annexed to Grants Pass in the near
future. Thus it is that a 10-room
school house is an imperative necessity
and it would not be in keeping with the
general good appearance of the metro
polis of Southern Oregon to have a
patched up wooden building as a make
shift for this important part .of the
Inquiry has been made of the
Courier as to whether stockmen w ill
lie required to pay for pasturage on
government laud .in Joseph Ino couny
or not. The law as now in force
provides that pasturage shall be col
lected on stook that range on forest
reserves, but the government makes
uo charge on stockmen for pasturing
on lauds outside of the forest and
park reserves.
There is no bind reserve of any kind
iu Josephine ooonty consequently the
range is fioe to all. The greater part
of Siskiyou aud Did Norte counties lie
lu the Klamath forest reserve aud all
stock that rauge Id the Siskiyou
mountains, south of the California
boundary will be subjected to pasturage
charge, also all stock that range
iu the Cascade forest reserve aud
Crater Lake park in the Cascade
Stockmen should be sure that they
are dealing with goverumeut officials
in paying for rauge privileges, for
strangers riding through the country
are aa likely to he swindlers working
a smooth game, for the opiiortunity is
very favorable for getting the stock
men's money on a forged credential.
Stockmeu should pay no money to a
stranger on a mero letter stating that
he is a government official authorized
to collect pasturage.
Courier sample copy sent free to
any address.
Ranch of 35 acres; 10 .teres Imps, 10 acres alfalfa, fine fir
groves, .". wells, never failing spiing; httihlins and fences in good
repair, price $4,000.
Pour 100 Acre Ranches.
No. 1 10 acres, no buildings, price $1,001).
No. 2. 10 acres, fair hnihiincs, ft nit and shade, $1,500.
No... liuiUlitiKS all new. 3 wells, gruitest variety of fruit
in Hon tie River Valley; au ideal home for $2000.
No. 4. Good buildings highlv improved for $2100; also
ranch of 20 acres, poo.l I uililings and lots of fruit. 3000. 25 acres,
fail btiiUlings, $30ii0; r 15 iU.,e t,n i,lIuj llnii .( i,.s ft
All of the above situated close in "cl nu K .1:1,! 0,001) soil
Personal Property
4 horsm ... f.V, f.-,0. t; ?fl INI
I New Miloh Cow. 5 ym old. . f'O 00
i hoie o er Ks line engine,
1 iimp and pipe f.-m 00
Th.'rson. 1 horsepower.. '.M Hi
t'lder iiiiil 1 power or h nidi. . M 111
.' good vinegar hbls, ,;o'h . . 1 W
IO ,.f be.s I ft Pil
While seed 1
ij I in. r"!i I "r it-.d I'i mi". :'i
i toned, little us.-.!
M J'l' w-eU r.. ; .t 11. .n i v .i w
i "v ! r -' Tivt. n, .r'." new,
tl ."";'
)J I '1 l !'. .
y M Udellt s'.ip
X 00
I ft no
S mi
2 "i 1
1 I"'
V. i.l nil or
$ v' T T Yml""".'Z TCTTtr't'''!rir rErw
Candidates Announcements.
of Corvallis
Republican Candidate for Governor
An honest and fearless perform
ance of public duty a greater and
united Uregon."
of Grants Pass
Democratic Candidate for County
Favors Progressive Ideas In Road,
School, Probate, Taxation, Sanitary and
Liquor Laws.
Grants Pass
Republican Candidate for County
Business methods Applied to County
Goverumeut. County to build Good
Candidate for Sheriff.
I hereby announce my intention of
placing my name before the voters of
Josephine county ,at the primary
eletion, April 2, 1906, as a candidate
for nomination to the office of sheriff
by the democratic party.
Grants Pass, Oregon. 3-0 tf
Socialist Mass Convention,
There will be a Mass Convention of
the socialists of Josephine county,
Oregou, held iu the court house,
Grants Pass, Oregon, Saturday,
March 3, l'JlHi, at 3 p m. for the pur
pose of nominsting a full county
ticket aud electing delegates to the
State and District Conventions.
Every socialist in Josephine county
is nrged to be present.
Hawley tor Congress.
No higher compliment could be paid
to any candidate for office than to be
given the support of both factions of
his own party. This is the honor
accorded to W. C. Hawley, candidate
for the Republican nomination for
Congress, in his own County. Lead
ers of both factions are openly advo
cating his nomination. Support of
this kind means beyond question that
Hawley is strong with the people at
large aud that the men who know
him best recognize him as a man of
high character, clean record and pe
culiar fltuess for the office. His sup
porters are not ouly prominent poli
ticians but substantial bualuess'iueu
who would not give him their aid
unless they had full confidence in his
ability and integrity.
Edison Phonograph Records at the
Music Store.
1700 coiiies of sheet music at iOc
MiiMio Store.
M. O Warner, the piano tuner is in
town and will remain as long as there
is tuning for him to do.
15. I,, l.-ka. en, h I 11.
1 lle.vy 1.. whlvii .. C." Oi
I Kt. nsion lopSurrv 4,1"
I t' .nopv Top sr.rrv :n) no
I Top Huge v. ' 'JO 00
i'lows ' ..... , 00
8 Harrow a tul cultivator ft
1 l'i, 111 feet long ft IV
I si n.lird mower IO i
I n i n it li re
Lot of t riiiilu ai.d k if !. 11
1 O cbi an
Hearw I'ak 1 . '.V to
ll.avv t'ai !.,', 4', f; wi,l,.,
springs and mat tre.-s. IO 10 j
Oak I'M ni..n Table. ... 10 0.1'
I Tables .'.:, I -i;o ds tr-".n ft'i
cents (o fto each.
'-y :lf:,7y' nr.'n" .t?. ;
FOR SALE Fiv . H. P. new gasoline
fugine for sale cheap. Inquire of
Ike Davit. Also organ for 120.1-19 -it
FOR SALE Grain Sacks, Toola and
other second-haod goods. Harrison
Bros., Second baud-store, corner
Sixth and J streets. 2- tf
A 6x7 POCO Camera aud developing
outfit, now and little used. Camera
cost f35, will take $25 for entire
outfit Address. Camera, . care
Coorier. na-tf
A GOOD 10-acre ranch ou Applegate
river, SO acres nnder ditch for irri
gation, good buildings, 40 acres in
cultivation. Sold at a bargain.
Address, Farm Bargain, care
Conrier. 3-9 4t
FOR SALE 6 to 40 acre sub-divisions
of a 1900-acre Rogue River
ranch, 80 rods from Southern Pa
cifio depot; small payment, 6
years time and 6 per cent interest
tome early and get the choicest of
land. Also 20 acres best apple land
to exchange for house and lot in
Medford, Ashland or Grants Pass.
Ben A. Lowell, Wood ville, .Oregon.
3-3 t
FOR SALE 88 acres River Bottom
land, miles down Rogue river
from Grants Pass on county road,
known as the Turner ranch. Two
bouses, one a u-rooin frame, large
barns, hop house and all out-buildings.
9 acres bop, 10 acres orchard ;
Winter applps. For sale at f.'loOO.
A bargain for (50 days. Inquire of
A. N. Hulbert, Sams Valley, Ore
gon. 2-11 tf
FOR RENT A suite of fine office
rooms. Address the Courier. tf I
FOR RENT Six room-house, west
C street for rent or sale. Inquire
of A. C. Hough. 2-3 it
COOK Situation wanted by woman
with ruum child, as cook in a min
ing camp. Address MrB. E. S., care
Courier. 1-2H 4t
PARTIES wishing to boy or sell
miuirg property will do well to cor
respond with S. Meyer, Merlin, Ore.
FOR EXCHANGS-I have city prop
erty to exchange ror good work
team, wagon and harness. W. B.
Sherman. Mason io temble 3-3 21
WILL EXCHANGE Portland subur
ban residence property for Grants
Pass residence property A. E.
LOST Fireumu Bsrger's gold watch
at the wreck. Finder please leave
with Station Agent Jester or at this
oflice aud It will bo forwarded to
Mrs. Barger.' 2-3 tf
IF YOU want to bny or sell horses,
harness or wagons, see J. E. Chillis,
Sixth street near J. 2-U tt
ORDERS taken for tine cookies a-irl
bread. Mrs. E. B. Browu. 408 Sec
ond street. Tel. H80.
FRANK BUKNETT-Upbolstering,
mission furniture made to order.
Grants Pass Post Curds at the Cour
ier cilice.
Typewriter supplies, ribbons, paper,
etc, at the Courier oflice.
TWENTY CENT meals, well cooked
and iu pleuty at Mrs. C. Brandt's
restaurant ou West F street, opiio-
iie the Depot. Good board by the
wtek at reasonable rales. 1-20 tf
Justice blanks at the Courier office.
1 FINK dressuiakiug, shirtwaist suit.-.
and ether sewing none lu nrs'criss
myle. Children 'a suits a specialty.
I'rices reasonable. Mo-s' Addition,
Josephine stieet, betwrtn Kghth
and Ninth. Mrs. W. E. Will
latns. tf
IT HAVING become nere-sary that I
ntirn from busin s in order to
prove up on tny homestead, I take thi
method if thai. Ling my iiiiuir
friends and ttis'oiners for all their
kindness and liWrnl patronage dur
ing uiy tntire period of busnnsa.
All wl'O are imlebied 10 lue will
tout' r a hating favor by meing 111
or calling at tne feed more and w t
tling a e a I also have some obli
gations to iieet at onre Again
tire K ug von one anil a I I am
Kespec;:i.l'lv, 1. M. WiCKMAN.
0.0 'jf
Silt E U'laiiinii Cent I v Ji I n ilacfcct
at lliir'h & Son'c. Jit siorr.
VK tins dav have dissolved partner
ship. All book in ei tints are to hi
1 aoi to J. K. 1C. r!ev.
,1. K. KKUI.KY
I'll S Mel' A I" LEY
tl.-ant- i'.i.-s, I:, c. 2. IWi.
NuTiCE is l''i' I'v u-iv. 11 tint 1
paitm ishil' l.. '"f fi le L - j
twieu the iiii.!e:.-uo .1 as l.ivcryj
mei iiuirf'e f; tm 11 i.u if II. iv. s !
!;:, i.e.' i.i--'ii,. u .1.
Illllt 1:1 1 IO
t!ie !iit ' t'.l
bv I ! ' m 1 t
1 n; . .'.
ent. .'.1! aeconi'ts nue
life 1 ie to 1 . ll'Tk.
. i,. .'-i
fn 111 w ill Iv paid.
Gr.Mit.- I..--. Jan. 22
V.. ! I Y 1 .
r. I'Ki'K
1 '."".
.' S f Ttiut "ay ot! t. ! r ar t
t.uild lia 1. all' t f e r. a ;
!a 1 it s gold watch, st t w -th je.r'.-. !
1 tie jxarl inis-ii'.g :n the fa.-e r,.w (
line enamelled lick wrh M'.vr,
' .ts ii't.u'l i I to a f, h li' titi wit'i'.
I'tiioant 1 own 'i,;.r.K. in.tial- K.
l.. IV 1 1ur.1v. .1 n I'p.d'itit i;!
10 Mrs. I'.alvert Tabor, Mft South'
1 it :h iied 1 slree- abd iecvi e t-.1 I. 1
Bi" Furniture Store on North Side
After invoicing we find a lot of goods broken
in assortment we will dispose of at Special Prices.
Also Remnants of CARPETS, MATTINGS, and
LINOLEUMS must be sold regardless of cost.
Cut in price of WALL PAPER for January and
February to make room for new stock. A full as
sortment of everything in our line.
Goods sold on the installment plan. ,
A. U. Bannard
North Sixth Street
One block North of Josephine Hotel.
Mrs. E. Rehkopf & Co.
The Club
IBANK HECK, Proprietor
SuccefisortoHayes.& Heck
Special attention given to
Sixth street, Grants Pass, Oregon
M ill Cover the Ve.lley and Con
nect with Jacksonville
and Grants Pass.
The settleta of Applegate Valley
have under consideiatimi the organi
zation of a rural co-operative tele
phone company. The subject will
he considered at the fu'mers institute
at. rrovoa ou Mit unlay of next.
week aud it is the plan to form a
preliminary organization on that
date. The lau is to have telephone
hues to all sections of Applegate
Valley aud to exteud to Jacksonville
and Grants Pass.
Iu the East there are thousands of
these co-operative t'leplmne com
panies and almost every iuiportaut
farm community in the Willamette
Valley has this telephone service.
The service is as efficient as that of
the big telephone companies and more
thau one half cheaper. Many of tlu-se
co operative companies gira t lit-ir
members a telephone Kervice at 25
cents a month for rural lines and "iii
cents a mouth for town lin, s and o
none of them is the raie higher thau
1.00 a month. Such has been the
su cess of the Willamette Va'.lev en.
operative companies that a nnetitig
was held in PurtUud last m.'Utli ..f a!l
ti e manager to formula e a plan f,,r tie various .-Yt,.n: ;,n 1
making it r.:-il'le for the m, u.h, rs ,
have comtmin canon w
, y .,
"crever in-t:i:l, d iP,.M
a'.l 1 ,n. ( i'
'-"! -r.nive
11 a :i
' sine to
! t..,.a!,
':., w.t'.
, leiej noil" 1.11, s l. 'e
, :l,l ti(
Apidegat- Hue w
1 ,
lead lo an . steti-i 11 ,,: '
Hi g'l" Kivi
a m in; rk 1
r Yai.,v
d rir..l
-iul. pi, -,
i. tl.e '.cm er r.
" tit-M.- 1.
a... I i n
that r!
ll.e f.
v: -
The f.f:ii fl ! 1 :.
ner t., ,,it,. in.. t. v
tow 11 iii,.'. rranU to 1.,
on-' ef (,',- ,,r 1 riu-r 1.ip.
r to
lie n help and to tl . wi n ,.u
away urach of the l.-uil'in .
: 1 a,.,..
ef (:,;,;,
a i" ''Ml e' at
,it , for t.ay cm 1,,-ive
w ;
h u,i.r
mining men and commercial
ing for the mud to dry out of the
roads or for the man to get time to
take them by team to make calls. And
the rural tolephone is a big factor in
keeping the boys and girls contented
with farm life.
teb. 13, Tuesday Central Point far
nnrs insritute under auspines of"
btate Agricultural College, after
noon and evening session.
Feb. !4. Wednesday-Eagle Point in
stitute, forenoon, afternoon and
eveuing sessious, with basket din
ner. Feb. 15. Thursday-Talent institute.
toreiinnn a ft ............ . j .
, ,..rtl,uu HIJ1 eveniud
sessions, with ba-ket dinner.
Feb. 17, Saturday-Provolt institute,
f renoon. afternoou and evening
sessions with basket dinner
'fLnn MoBfdaJ'-Kerby institute,
forenoon, af,,ruoOD and eveuing
sessions with basket diuuer
tut,, Wlth Blt(,rnoon M,88iononly
tl., 21' owUy-Lee Sohool
nno , "1S,"Utei ,OTmmoa d after,
noon serous, with basket dinner.
'-'h. -2. Thursday-Merlin institute
oienoou and itUoon SJT"
lehrnary U, Wednesday -Teacher.
tiins at Grants Pass
IVb pi Mnmiav-Speeiul ulinD ,
-oseptutio i-nantv Stockmen'i A.
relation at K. r'bv ii
invited. 11 stockmen
F hi a:m,I;riJ'1"T-EIUwc'rt'' riumstead
house lmtl" the opera
..I..,, r?,ui ,,,rir,s Fr lu HiS"
'ooiu upeus at Id a. ni.
' cTrctiV t.;f"y-Adj0orned t.rm
A tli; tor7!i'T,V;r' mmM' elec-
' "',o!ty','u4r 0t"Bon sti4t0 aud
"lV" to ""'l bel-
'""chs. colds and lung
J oi..y s Honey and
cough, heals the
, iiN s, rions results
' ,J Tattersm,
I. Uritcs ., t ......
v f
N -I.
t. r I
: r -...l
a 1
a. I
i-d a
, at I..
ii c 1-1
! id 1, 1 1'as' "lu"
.-' k', '"" lu"i'' "nd
'"'li advertised
. "'id had treatment
". m '.'liius vi iihout getting
i' ..r" ",ri'.'"'l reeoiiitnei'ded
- tlnl I dr i,.l . .1 :j .
f ' "..
In ill
.0 r
r.." ,..
of a '
il e ,
-' u
, ""' iwu iu 111a
t-r.-d nip r i.i...
st C
, v.usuier il
lew aid.
r ,' r i- lu,) medicine
f"f sale bv H. A.