Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 09, 1906, Image 3

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"Spoilt for U 1 she cried to docile,
For she knew in her little heart.
That German Syrup, home's greet treasure,
Could health and joy impart.
JThe greatest tonic on earth is a good
night's rest. Restless nights and the ter
rible exhaustion of a hacking cough are
dread dangers of the poor consumptive.
JBut why this fenr of the night when a
few doses of Dr. Boschee's German Syrup
will insure refreshing sleep, entirely free
from cough or niuht sweat? Free ex
pectoration in the morning is made cer
tain Dy taking uerman syrup.
OWe know bv the experience of over
thirty-five years that one 75-cent bottle of
German Svruo will speedily relieve oi
cure the worst coughs, colds, bronchial or
lung troubles and that, even in bad
cases of consumption, one large bottle of
German byrup will work wonders. is
tJTwo sizes, 35c and 75c All druggists.
For Bale by Dr. 3. O. Smith.
(Too late for last edition. )
Henry Rehkopf is again able to
walk without a crutch.
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lewman made
Grants Pass a business trip the first
of the week.
Lome Loeeb. has begnn cleaning op
his hop yard and is getting read for
next year's crop.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hayes of
Grants Pass have baen visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Kelly Fields the past week.
O. M. Knox has received the
contract of building the Laurel Grove
school boose and begnn work with
a few hands the first of the week.
Born To Mr. aud Mrs. George
Jones January 24, 1906, a fine baby
boy and Mr. Jones is one of the
proudest men that has walked the
etmets of Provolt for many dayi.
Cap Kubli has been doing a big lot
of work on his little place which he
recently parohased from L. O. Easye.
Mr. Kubli gets water through the
Gook & Rexford ditch and will have
a fine little place.
Singing school opened np last
Thursday evening at the chncrh house
at this place with quite a .large at
tendance and Mrs. R. F. Lewman
as teacher. Everybody is Invietd to
come who wishes to learn vocal music
and spectators are not allowed.
George Messinger and his two sis
ters were held up last Saturday even
ing just a short distance frotn the Pro
volt postoff.oe but the party learning
they were on their way to Mr. Jones1
to a party they were allowed to go on
their journey. Just the exact intent
of the bold up is yet to be learned.
Herman Messinger and Giorge
CltaDman left Tuesday for Alaska
where they go in search of gold. Mr
Messinger has spent two years there
before and Mr. Chapman 10 years
and bcth are pretty well acquainted
with the country. Mrs. Messinger
will remain here while Mr. Messinger
is gone. Mrs. Chapmau will go to
her husband in Jane and will have to
travel over 850 miles of snow on her
The Latyon Estate plaoei mine
started up last Monday with a full
' force of men and Lester Layton
foreman. The long pipe line will
have to be moved some and the flame
raised and the ditches oloaned oat be
fore the moving of dirt will begin
owing to the long and high ditches.
Mr. Layton was hardly ever able to
work his mine this early in the sea
son, bat this being a yery open win
ter the mine will start up soouer than
One of the best and most enjoyable
pa 'ties of the season took place at the
home of Mrs. Will Jones last Saturday
evening. Fortune telling by a
medium, vocal and instrumental mu
aio and plays constituted the amuse
ments before the taffy was served by
Mrs. Jones. When the candy got
cool enough to pull, each one had a
large roll of it and all seemed to en
joy themselves immensely. The
party was given by Mrs. Jones.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Kelley Fields, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Bailey, Edith and Ora Lewman,
Sherman, George and Charley Fields,
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Lewman, George,
Nellie and Dora Messinger, Evere te
and Alice Lawman, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Hayes of Grants Pass, Ella Jones.
George Beck all of whom remained
till a late hoar in the evening and
biding each other a pleasant good
night, all retired to their homes.
Beaver Tail Jim.
Has Stood the Teat 25 Years.
The old. original GROVES' Taste
less Chill Tonic Yon know what you
are taking. It ia iron and quinine in
a tasteless form. No care, No pay.
TO. L C. XX. Column
All matter for ting column is supplied j
by the Urant.i Pass Woman's I'hri.-tian
Temperance Union. I
Editor of Courier: The entire Ques
tion of the legalized liquor trnflio ia i
up before tlie American people audi
most be fettled and no questiou is
ever settled till it is rettled richt. i
What is right thtn is the main point
at Issce. !
The question Ciuuot be laughed
down, sneered down, jeered down, bat
mutt be reasoned out intelligently.
Intelligent discussion tilth is the need
of the hour, the issue in the case
must be investigated and the con
science allowed to decide the right.
Compromise npon any question of
priuciple is always a victory for his j
satanic majesty, the devil. History
has proven this to be true, but argu
ment that the advocates for high license
mke is, "people always have drank
aud always will, yon cannot prohibit
the sale, so let us regulate it and get
some money out of it to help run the
By the same logio the church can
not exterminate satan, it had better
go into partnership with him and di
vide up the souls of men. Lioense is
wrong in principle; anything that is
morslly wrong can never be politic-
lly right. License law is moral
choloform, benumbing the conscience.
We do not want narcotics for the
conscience but the burning iron of in
telligent action, the knife of righteous
law ti cut out the very root of the
corroding cancer on our body politic
The whole thing, so it seems to me.
hiuges on the simple fact, whether or
no the saloon is a good thing, or a
bad thing lor the community. Does
it lead to morality, higher manhood
and womaphood, does it discourage
vice par perisen, decrease temptation .'
If the saloon is a blessing, by all
means have them in abundance. If
on the other hand it makes drunkards,
cruel husbauds, degrades man, breaks
up homes, increases temptation to siu,
if, in other words it is an enemy to
home, to government, to higher civi
lization, then what right has any
municipality to license or to go into j
partnership with the business? Is it
not unpatriotic, treasonable aud
against good government?
If the saloon is the unmitigated
evil, facts, testimony and history
proves, bow dare any honeBt man
stand and defend it? No honest man
doubts that the liquor traffic is the
primary sonrce of crime. How then
can we justify ourselves la uoensing
it? On, but it is said "public senti
ment is not educated up to the prohi-1
bition of the traffic." By this lan-j
gauge then, it is admitted that pro-1
hihition is on a higher moral, social
and political level than the license
compromise with evil. Law is not
the creature of publio sentiment but
the creator. Law is an educator.
The effect of high license is to
41 . 1 , fll
fortify the immoral features of the ,
liquor uusiness, iocs, lucrease ui tax,
decrease the harm of the drink. Can
not a man get just as drunx, just as
dangerous on high licensed liquor as
low licenser And what matters it
whether there are two rr 200 saloons
can not everybody gut just as much
booze if there are only two?
Hon. H W. Hardy, the Mayor of
Lincoln, Nebraska, the father of the
Nebraska high license law, says:
"high license utterly fails to abolish
the evil effects of the liquor traffic, as
a temperance measure it is an entire
and complete failure."
At a recent meeting to observe
"Franklin Day," a prominent citizen
of Portland speaks of the decadence of
honesty, of patriotism, eta Would it
not be well to look well into the mat
ter? Why this decadence? We dare
affirm because of our ctm ilicity in
fostering an evil systen J sensing
mischief by
Dr. Flanagan,
Physician and Dentist.
M. Clemens. Prescription Druggist.
A Gentleman'a smoke the Stage
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try the Western Hotel.
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cheap. Moore's second baud store.
Get Grape roots of J. T. Tavlor at
Model Drug Store, $30 per thousand.
Placer and quarti location notices
mine deeds, leases, etc., at the
Courier office.
Get some milk Chocolate Cro
quettes at Smythe's Rogue River
Coffee Market.
Grants Pass Tailoring Company
have bought goods at 60 cents on the
dollar, and offer the same as low as
$18, in a salt. Trousers $4.60. 13-15 tf
Oo to Coron for Plumbing.
Calling Cards Conner Building.
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron '1
Real Estate and Timber W. B.
Sherman, Rooms 9 and 10 Mason io
Curtis & Co. for Watches, Clocks,
Gold Rings and Jewelry, fine watch
repairing, engraving. Goods sold at
reasonable prices. Come and see us.
I. O. a F. Building, Grant Pass,
No riangfurocs drugs or alcoholic,
concoctions ure U.ked into the
stGinach when Hyomei is used.
Erathed through the ii haler.. the j
balsamic healing of Hyomei peue-;
trates to the. moot remote cells of the
noo and throat, and thns kills the
catarrahl germ, heals the irritated
mucous membrane aud gives complete
and permanent cure.
Hyouiei is the simplest, most pleas
ant and the only guaranteed care for
catarrh that has been discovered.
Complete outfit fl.CO: extra bottle
50 cents.
For sale by Rotermuud.
Tha Truth of the flatter.
Of the 105 counties in Kansas, 85
are without a pauper, 25 have no poor-
homes, and 87 have not a criminal
case on the docket. In Kansas,
women have had full municipal suff
rage since 1887.
If during these 18 years women bad
neglected their homes for politios as
the opponents of eqnal rights prophesy
that tbey will, half the men in Kan
sas would have been brought to the
poorhouse by lack of thrift and do
mestio industry on the part of their
wives, and the ri-ing generation would
have gone astray and filled the prs-
oas to overflowing, for want of
motherly care. Just the opposite has
happened. This is another illustra
tion of the fact, that "it is idle to
argue from prophecy when we can
argue from history. "
when a bill was Introduced a year
or two ago to take municipal so IT rage
away from the women of Kansas, no
wonder it was votid down almost
unanimously, and "amid a ripple of
amusement. "
A Menace to Health.
Kidney trouble is an insidious
danger, and many people are victims
0' a serious niahtdy before the symp
toms are recognized. Foley's Kidney
Cure corrects irregularities and
strengthens and builds up the kid
neys, aud it should be taken at the
first indication of kidney trouble, as
it is imposishle to have good health
if the kidneys are deranged. For
sale by H. A. Rotermnnd.
Settle) Up.
All persons owing the firm of Gar
men Hemenway Company are hereby
notified to call aud settle the account
at once.
R. all roe d Landa for Lease
Lands of the Oregon aud California
Railroad Company, in Oregon, will
he leased for the year 1906 subject to
cancellation of lease in the event of
the sale of the land daring the term of
the lease.
Owners of farms and ranches adjoin
ing railroad lands shoud file their ap-
plfCBtjo , not ,ater than February 1,
1906, after which date applications
from others will also be consirlrri d.
Acting Land Agent,
1085 Merchants Exchange,
San Frauoisoo, Jal.
Frightfully Burntd.
Chas W. Moore, a machinist, of
Ford City, Pa., had his hand fright
fully burned in an electrical furnace
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build up and strengthen
the whole body and for
the cure of Rheumatism, Par
alysis, Liver, Kidney, Lame
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Nervous Diseases.
H The effect of Electricity on
the nerves is that of a power
ful nerve tonic. It generates
new life and energy and
tones up the relaxed, weak
ened and shaky nerves and
gives 4hem vigorous energy.
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J. E. KERLEY, Paora.
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No diseased horses allowed. Pi:.
running water, and trough cleaned
. every day.
j Waiting room and toilet room whet t
. ladles can leave wrap and arrange
I their toilets.
y iswicv raj e
2 IJJrfSffilS til
rwwKi m III
1 v- . - a
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secure yoo sound sleep and effect a
prompt and radical cure. For sale by
National Drug Co. and by Koler-muni
' In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregou for the County of Josephine.
The California & Oregon
Coast Raiiroad Com
pany, a corporation,
Waldo Clark, LeaaClark,
Angelina Shadinger
and M. E. Moore,
Defendants. .
To Waldo Clark, Lena Clark aud
Angelina Shadlngtr, defendants:
Iu the name of the State of Oregon,
I you are hereby required to appear aud
answer the complaint hied againet you
in the above entitled action within six
weeks from the first publication of
this suuiuious, to-wit, within six
weeks from the twelfth day of Jauu
ary, 11)08, as prescribed in the order of
publication thereof aud if yon fail so
to answer for want theroof the plain
till will take judgment against you as
prayed lor in Its complaint herein and
filed iu said cause to-wit: That the
lands herein mentioned and described
in the complaint filed in this action
and sought to be appropriated by the
said plaintiff for the purposes in said
complaint Bet forth and hereinafter
described may be appropriated to its
use aud benefit and that the same may
be tried iu this oourt nuder and by
virtue of the laws of this state before
a jury to be empaneled to try the
same, and that the defendant may have
judgment against the plaintiff for the
sum of One Hnudred aud Fifty (1160)
Dollar, the value of said land to be
appropriated which said sum is hereby
tendered into court and that thereup
on and upon the ascertainment of tbe
damages to be paid by the plaintiff to
the defendants and npon the payment
01 tne same tne plaintiff may have
judgment against the defendants and
each of theru appropriating to the use
of the plaintiff herein tbe lands des
cribed in said complaint aud every
part and parcel thereof for the pur
poses of constructing, operating and
maintaining its line of railroad in,
through, over and npon said lands and
of plaoing thereon its approaches to
the bridge hereinafter to be construct
ed by the plaintiff across Rogue River
in Josephine County, Oregon, for the
purpose ot plaoing thereon turnouts,
sidings, switches and other conven
iences in furtherance of the object of
its construction and of making such
neoessary cuttings and embankments
as are neoessary for the plaintiff, aud
for the costs aud disbursements of the
totiou. The particular description of
the property herein sought to be ap
propriated aud condemned is as fol
lows to-wit: Commencing at a point
64i feet east of the southwest corner
of the J. K. Jone's D. L. C. No. 118
in township 80 south, range S west,
W. M. in the Oonnty of Josephine,
State of Oregou aud running theuoe
east 100 feet ; thence south 425 fuet to
the center of Rogue River; thence
west 200 feet ; henoe north 425 feet
to the south line of D. L. O. No. 88 ;
thence cast 100 feet to the place of
beginning containing two acres more
or less the same being a part of Lots
30 and 81 in Block V, Riverside Ad
dition to the Town of Grants Pass
now the City of Grants Pass, Jose
phiue Comity, Oregon.
Tiiis summons is published nnder
and by virtue of an order of the
Honorable II. K. Hanna made on the
12th day of January, I'JOft, aud the first
publication thereof is 011 the 12th day
of January, llHXt, and the last publica
tion thereof will be on tbe Slid day of
February, 1D06. A. C. HOUGH,
Attorney for Plaintiff,
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Orogon for Josephine County,
T. B. Cornell,
J. F. Cochran.
To J. V. Cochran, the above named
defendant, Greeting;
In the name of the State of Oregon,
you are hereby summoned and re
quired to appear in the above entitled
oourt and cause and answer the 00m
plaint filed therein on or be'ore six
weeks from the first date of publica
tion of this summous, which first date
of publication is Friday, January 12,
A. U., 1 1101. and the IbhI date of said
publication aud the time within which
yoo are required to appear and answer
is rrlday, February 1, !().
Aud yoo are hereby notified that in
case yon fail to appear and answer
the complaint in said action within
the time aforesaid the plaintiff will
take judgment against yon for the
sum of 275. 15 with interest on said
sum from the first day of Mroh, 1U05,
at the rate of six per cent per annom
and for his costs and disbursements to
be taxed and he will at the same time
procure an order for the sale of the
real property belonging to the defend
ant attached In said action, viz: the
H.K. yi of Seo. 84 Twp. 88 S. R. 8 W
of Willamette Meridian in Josephine
uouncy, uregon ; aiso ail trie right,
title aud interest of the deiendaut in
and to Lot 6, Block 2, in the town of
Napoleon, commonly called Kerby
vllle, in said oonnty and state.
This summons is publ shod by order
of the Hon. H. K. Hanna, circuit judge
ror tne f irst juaioiai district or Ure-
,1 .1 4.A inik J T-
wu, uniu wiu tmw us; ui ustuunrj,
A. D.,lU0fi, directing the publication
thereof for a period of six successive
weeks, in the Rogue River Courier, a
newspaper of seneral circulation nub,
lished at Grants Pass in Josephine
County, Oregon, aud farther directing
that a copy of the complaint and
summons be forwitu deposited in the
pout omoe at Grants Fass, Oregon, ad
dressed to yon at your place of rest
dence and post office address, viz
Grand Island, State of Nebraska.
Dated this 12th day of January, A.
L. iao. J. H AUSTIN,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Charles Costain
Wood Working Shop.
West of flour mill, near R. R. track
Turning, Scroll Work. Stair Work, Band
nawing.iauinei won, Wood f ullrys, Haw
Filing and gumming, Repairing ail kinds.
rnctt right.
The Courier hat the largest corps of
correipondentt of any paper in South
T Oregon.
In the Circuit Coutt of the State of
Oregon for Josephine County.
rranlc JJcssinger, James 1
Seyfurtb aud R. P.
George, as trustees of
Kerbyville Lodge No.
60, Independent Order
of Odd Fellows,
J. F. Cochran,
By virtue of an execution, judg
ment, order and decree duly issued
out of aud nn dor the seal of the Cir
cuit Court of the State of Oregon
tor Josephiuo County in the above
entitled cause, to me duly directed
and dated on the 2titli day of January,
lwoii, upon a judgment rendered, en
rolled and docketed in said oourt on
the 2Uth day of January, 1U0, in favor
of Frank Dwsiuer, James Seyferth
and R. P. Ueorsre, as trustees of
Kerbyville Lodge No. 65, Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, plaintiffs,
against J, F. Cochran, defendant,
for tbe sum of Two Hunrded aud
Seventeen aud 75-100(1317.75) Dollars
together with interest thereon from
said gtitb day ot - Jauu.try, lUOti, at the
rate of 10 per cent per annum and
Seventy-five (75) dollars attorney's
fees, and the further sum ot Twenty
one and 25-100 (f21.25) dollars costs :
commanding me to make sale of the
following described real property
situate, lying and being in the
County of Josephiue, State of Oregon,
and described as follows, to-wit :
All of the southeast quarter of Sec
tion T irty-four (84), in Township
Tbirty-eight (88) South of Range
Eight (8) West of the Willamette
Meridian, containing oue hundred and
sixty acres.
Now therefore, by the virtue of
said execution, judgmeut, order and
decree and compliance with the com
mands cf said writ, I will on Satur- .
day, March 8, 1000, at the hour of
10 o'clock a. m.. at the front door of
tbe County Court House in the city
of Grants Pass, said County and State,
sell at public auction, subject to re
demption, to the highest bidder for
United States Bold coin, cash in hand.
all the right, title and interest which
the above-named defendant had or
now has in and to the above described
real property or aoy part thereof to
satisfy said execution, judgment, or
der, deoree, interest, costs and all ac
cruing costs.
Dated Grants Pass. Orenon. Jann.
ary 20, 1900.
Sheriff of Josephine County, Oregon,
Firts Insertion, Feb. 2,
Last insertion, March 2.
In the Circuit Court of the State nf
Oregou for the County of Josephine.
U. O. Rockatad, "
Henry J. Olson,
To Honry J. OIboh, the alove named
Deiendaut :
Iu the name of the State of Oreaoo.
you are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed herein
on or before March IB. 1900. and if
yon fall so to appear or answer, plain
tiff will apply to the above entitled
court for judgment as prated for in
id oomplaint aaainst von. tn.vit:
for the SUIU of (152.651 Fnnr hnnilnul
and fifty two aud 55-100 Dollars with
interest at 6 per cent per annum
thereon from April 1. 1005. and hia
oosts and disbursements and for an
order of sale to sell noon exenntinn
the real property attaohed herein, to-
wlti Ilia ftast half of the Kat hnlf
ot Seo. 84, Township 8ft, Sooth, Range
six (fi) West of the Will Mer. contain
ing inu acres or land.
lhla summons is nnhlishnd tv
ordor of Hon. J. O. Booth, Judge of
tbe oonnty oourt of the state of Ore
gon for Josephine County, made on
the 80th day of January, 1906.
vie nrai puDiicatlon, February 2,
190(1. Date last publication, March
10, 1U0U. Said publication is to ran
for six oonsecutive weeks.
and W. D. FREEMAN,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Grants Pass. Ore.. Jan ft. lftofl Tn
the heirs of Owen McCarthy: Yon
are hereby notified that I have ex-
pended 100 in labor and improve
ments npon the Golden Pheasant lnrin
claim situated in the Grants Pans
Mining District, Josephine County,
Oregou, as will appear by location
certificate filed March 11. 1905. in
the office of the County Clerk of said
county on page 474, Vol. 18, Minlnir
Records, in order to hold said premises
under the provisions of section 2824
Revised Statutes of the United States,
being the amount reouired to hnlil tha
same for the year euding December
81, 1905. And if within ninety day
from the servloe of this notice (or
within ninety days after this notioe
by publication) yon fail or return tn
contribute your proportion of such
expenditure as a co-owner, your in
terest in said claim will become the
property of the subscriber under sec
tion 2824. L J. HUNTER.
1-6 lOt
In tbe County Oourt of the Statn of
Oregon for the County of Josephiue.
In the matter of the 1
Seifert, deceased. J
Notice is hereby if I Ten that the nn.
designed has this day filed his final
acoouut In the matter of the estate
of William Seifert, deceased, the same
being tiled In the County Court ot the
State of Oregon, for Josephine County.
All persons having an interest in said
estate as creditors or otherwiae. ob
jecting to aaid acoouut, or any Item
therein, will take notice that said ac
count will be considered by said Oonrt
on Marob 15, 190K, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day and any objections to said
final account must be lied and
presented to said court at the date
Published by order of Hon. J. O.
Booth, County Judge, Josephine
County, Oregon. Dated this First
day of February, 190H.
Vlmi i .mi. r.
MAItOUf W.' Il.o.