Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 03, 1905, Image 2

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ROGUE RIVER C0URIERDomlustiuK oouTentloni to be held
Publisher Evnr 'rlday.
On Tr, in adn
Six Month,
ThrM Month,
Single Copies,
Advertising: Race
Furnished on application at th office, or
UDiiuanes and resolution of con
dolence will b charged (or at 6c per line;
Entered at the pout office at Orant Pes
Oregon, a second-class niil matter.
The Daily liene of the Conrier, the
appearance of which wa announced
for tlie fint of November, lis been
postponed for the present, owing to
oonditloD which hare ariaen. How
rer we nope to be able to announce
the appearance of the Mssues in the
near future. If yon want to hrl
long the work Hend your name to the
Courier office for subscription (no
money in advance).
Will Proceed Under Charter Re
futations Big Advertising
Blll-Rallroad Troublea.
The coonoil net Thursday evening
with all preaent except Conncilman
The old trouble with the railroad
ormpany regarding the blockading of
itrneta that in one form or other; ban
been before the various council for
the laat 20 year, waa up again. Thin
time it waa owing to an order of the
railroad company requiring ccuducton
to keep closed the vestibule doora of
the cara on the opposite aide from the
depot, thua preventing peraona trav
ersing Sixth street from vetting on
through when a passenger train was
staudlng at the depot. Hie city at
torney wa authorized to draw up bii
ordinance compelling the railroad
oompany to keep open both the visti
bale door to passenger car iu the
depot yardjn Orant Pas. The long
time that trains were hiftBtaiidins
across the street wa brought up, but
City Attorney Hough aaid there waa
no legal redreaa, a under the agree
ment by which the railroad company
would remove their depot out of Hixth
treet train were to have np to Ift
minute In which to atand on the
track across the streets.
Bonds were approved of Marshal L.
McOtew and of J.L. Hhaska on sewer
contract. Hinion Klovedhal, of Ku
gene, who leonred thcjwntraots (or the
Second and Seventh streets ewers,
had not appeared to aign up and his
bond wa not presented for consider
ation. The new ordinance providing for a
city board of health wa di tented on
It third reading, it being thought
beat to let the couuty board of health
have entire charge to euforce the state
health regulation.
A new ordlrance governing oou
itrootion of cement sidewalks was in
troduced and read flrtt aud second
Ordinance pasatd requiring llghtN
aud other poles ou Hixth and U streets
to be painted gray.
The election dili uiina was tip and
diacnased at length. City Attorney
Hoogh gave it a his oplnlou that
owlug to the discrepcucics In the new
dlreot primary law it waa a question
a to whether a legal elertlou could he
held under it, even if the beginning
had jbeeu made at the proper time
In October. Any method of iicmi
Dating raudidatea now might invali
date the election. He thought the heel
way was to nominate and elect officer
iu accordance with the method pie
scribed by the city charter ami then
in December, following the election
for the outgoing mayor and the live
oouuellmeu to resign and the council
to elect the new oIIIcIhIh chnaeu at the
olty election to their places. This
to be done at a succession of adjourn
ed meetings follow ing the regular De
cember meeting so as not to break the
quorum. As a council cannot elect
a mayor to till a vacancy, a president
of the council would have to be elect
ed, who would le acting mayor until
the next regular election. To make
the election so as not to emhtiiger the
legality of the acts of the council fur
the next term Mr. Hough reeoin
mended that the present incumbents
be re-elected, then if the election
should be declared void they would
still hold their positions umler the
law that provides that an official
shall continue to serve until his sue
cesser iaehctcd and qualified.
A resolution was passed ordering
"Our doubts are traitors,
Ami make us lose the ffooj u e oft miiht
By fairing to attempt."
About the future of Grants Pass,
About your position,
About your business,
Or the coming State Election.
Think of "j our loved cues at homo," your family.
Arc you "dutiatiiiu In a luiullniil.'" Then "rut
it out" nnd liny THIS iliiic lor a home, P'orty
notes of luud with f-pluuinl Ihisiihss established,
lhisiness paying Irom f ISO 00 to f.SOO tut n month
If that dou't suit, I can Rive you a lot in almost any portion of the
City. by paying $10.00 down and f 5 00 per mouth,
Joseph Moss,
The Real Estate Man
516 E Street Grants Pass, Ore.
ber 23, and for the city on Friday,
November 24. Judge and clerk for
the city election oo Monday, Decem
ber 4, were appointed a follow:
First Ward : Judgea, P. H. Harth,
C. Q. Ament aud George 8 lover;
clerka, J. E. Peterson and W. L.
Second Ward: Jndgea, N. B.Meade,
J. C. Campbell and J. O. Handle;
clerka, Ed Van Dyie and J. M
Booth. Tbird Ward: Judgea, H
Zoller, O. R. Sweannger, and H. A
Cougle; clerka, W. E. Dean and
L. Savage.
Fourth Ward: Judge, F. O.
Burn, W. R. Dicklson and W. T.
Coburn ; clerka, Pritt William and
N. Fess.
A half dozen petitioj were present
ed for street lights and all were laid
over. The light were ordered dis
continued on Sixth atreet In the de
pot grounds and the city attoroey was
instructed to draw up an ordinance to
require the railroad company to light
that section of the atreet. A general
chango of lights on several st reels
was recommended by the light com
mitteee and the report was adopted,
which waa as followa:
First Ward Change light at A and
Third street to the Fry corner. Take
out light at A and Gilbert creek.
Change light at head of Sixth in
front of Colon's to opposite side of
Second Ward Change light from
A and Seventh street to Skunk creek
bridge on Seventh atreet. Pnt new
light at head "of Seventh street.
Take out light at D and Eighth
street. Change light at E and Eighth
to opposite corner. Take out two
lights on Sixth between F'and G
Third Ward Take out light at
Front aud Seventh street. Take light
from I and Eighth and put at K and
Eighth street.
Pound Ward Put in light on
Burgess street in front of J. G.
Hcliallhoru'a residence. Change light
from Fourth and II streets to opposite
corner by church. Change light
from H aud Third atreet to intersec
tion of II and Mors.
We also recommend that all Incan
descent light be placed at least 26
feet from the ground.
From the size of the hills that were
presented for advertising for bids for
the Second and Seventh atreet sewer
bonds, it began to lcok as if auother
bond issue would be necessary to pay
the expense of the previous issue.
The following bill were allowed:
( Hoyt, street work f 25 60
Geo Congle, street work art 00
Harry Moore, street work II H6
J A Minor, atreet work 2(1 00
Dan Wlltnut, street work 20 00
M I) Jiriggs, guarding holioe in
street work 21 00
Cramer Pro., sewer pipe 146 19
(' A Cougle, oats for city team 13 60
I) II Brown, cement work 1 60
() O I.und, wood for city hall. A 76
G A Savage, asst city engineer 8 00
Dr. Donglass, city physician. . . 14 60
PHT& T Co. tel 1 HO
G P N W L & P Co water eto 44 71
L Cliainplin, meals prisoners... IH 46
Oregnnlan, advert'sing 128 K0
Convicted of Taking Part lit
Olcnbrook Riot and Killing
of Mr Petereeln.
Of the HH Greeks arrested on the
charge of taking part In the riot at
lileuwood, in which they killed Mrs.
l'etersein, wife of thelr foreman,
three were found guilty of noting iu
their trial, which took place at Hose-
hurg hist week, and last Priday Judge
I lam il ton sentenced Tom Georges
and Autcne inch to 10 years
In tlie JK nitentmry aud Peter la mas
to three years. The direct charge of
murder could not be brought against
the accused ss ow ieg to the darkuess
and the contusion ou the night ol the
riot th wiluisscs were nuable to
Identity the men who shot Mrs.
The other Greeks were dis. barged
aud they all left for Portland, fearing
the wrath of the ranchers and railroad
men along the line where they had
worked. A grading crew ct other
men bus bee u put to work by the
ttoutlirrn Pacific.
Officials Lodge.
Tlie Gland Master of the A. F.
A. M. ledge for the State of Orcgi n
pays his i fflctal visit to the (Irani
l'asa lodge Saturday night, Novem
ber I. In I D it- ctre Is Is Dr. W. II.
Klaiitgaii paying a visit to his own
lodge. Dr. Flanagan, who is gr.ind
mailer, will lie accciuanlcd bv .las.
P. Robinson, of Eugene, grand secre
tary ; 1.. I.. Pii re, Sah 111, grand
seiilir warden, and P. 11. llarth,
grand slandaid hearer. A full
representation of the members is ex
pel ted at the uieetiug.
i tor me waras on inursaay, norem-
Keatereon St Silaby Havt He-uled
the Le-st of Their Output
to the Railway.
The Kesterson & Sllsby mills at
Plesant tnJ Evans Creeks have now
shut dowo for the winter and the last
load g s of lumber were hauled to the
yards at Woodville Thursday, there to
be loaded on the" cars for shipment
The entire cut of the two mills for the
season is a very little short of
.5,000,000 feet, of this cut the clear
lumber is snipped direct to Milwau
kee, Wit, and billed to the Cream
City Sash end Door Factory. This
will total about one tbird of the entire
amount. The greater portion of the
remainder was sold to the Iowa Box
Company at Medford, the contract
with that company baving jost been
completed. The remainder of the lum
ber is being shipped to the LaMoine
Lumber aud Trading Co., at La
Moine, Cal.
On Thursday there were five cars ou
the tracks at Woodville loaded with
lumber and two mote being loaded,
and it is expected that the entire
yardi will be cleared of lumber with
in two weeks.
Very few people realize what 15,000,
000 feet of lumber means but when it
Is stated that Kesterson & Sllsby
have already shipped from Woodville
about I'd car loads of lumber and
there are at the yrda adjoining the
depot about 40 car loads yet to ship a
fair idea of the amount of lumber can
he gained. This company lias em
ployed throughout the season an av
erage of 120 men in the woods, at the
mills and hauling lumber. Forty two
aud fonr horse teams have been kept
busy continuously iu the woods and
hauling lumber from the mills to the
shipping ioiiit. This makes a haul
of six miles irom the Evans creek mill
and II miles from the Pleasant .creek
Next season Kesterson & Silshy will
operate three mills, they having
bought the Swede Basin mill. Their
output will, without a doubt, foot up
to the 10,000,000 loot mark. Already
they have received flattering offers for
their lis HI output, the prices offered
beiug termed as "fancy," which
makei the lumber men feel that lum
ber will be on the bocm the coming
Apple and Pear paper
the pound, bundle or
Con rier oillce.
for sale by
ton at the
V. T. York, a strckraiser aud hop
grower of Davidson iu the Applegate
Valley, was iu Grauta Pais Tuesday
Mr. York stated that he secured 18,000
pounds of flue hops from his in acres.
He has not so'd bis hops nor has he
any lutentiou of selling at tho price
now quoted. As he is llnaucially able
Mr, York proposes to hold his hops
until there is a raise Iu the market
which lie is sure will oome Lefore
another crop Is grown. Mr. York
has a large band of cattle and instead
of buying butter as mauy of the
Southern Oregon cattlemen do, lie has
butter to sell, and he brought to
i rants Pass a quantity Tued-ay which
he readily sold at IK) cents a roll.
He only mills a lew cows now but in
the spriug he intends to increase his
dairy herd aud go more extensively
into a business that is not so much of
a lottery as hop raising.
Machinery Ordered For New Mine
Louis P. Larson, manager and
leading stockholder iu the Upckiine
company tint lately purchased the
Grouse Motiutaiu mine In the Mt.
liahly district, went to Portland
Saturday to purchase a compressor,
electric motor, light plant aud drills
for his mine. Tuesday Mr. Larson
wired for A. L. Smith, superintend
ent of their mine, to come to Port
laud, and that evening Mr. South
left to join Mr. Larneu to assist ill
selecting the machiiiery.
It is Mr. l.arscu's plan to have the
compressor and other machinery in-
stiilfi d w ilhiu 110 days viheualarge
erew of men will be put to work to
push the lapid development of the
nine anil to get it iu shape for ship
ping ore so soon as the smelter at
Savage liaplds is ready to uiow in.
Superintendent Savage Call
hoard Attention to Rule 24.
You are hereby uotilled to adhere
strictly to Hulo H of the Knits and
Hegiilatlous of the State Hoard of
Health, which is as follows: "It
I. nil be the duly if all school board
111 all the districts of whatever class
ill the Slate of Oregon, to piohlhit the
entrance into any of the public schools
of the State of all children uot pre
viously vaccintated, ( the evidence (if
which is shown by the scar. ) With
out proper vaccinal iou. Aud it shall
he the duty of tlie teacher or teachers
in any of tlie public schools of ths
State of Oregon to satisfy themselves
that such orders has been properly
enforced, the evidence being a seat,
or by a certificate of vaccinal iou
signed by a repulabl'e physician "
County Sup' l.
School Report
Kcport of School districts No. -IS,
Jackson county, Oregou. The follow
ing is tlie general average of each
pupil iu class work for cue mouth:
Anna Stanuard, V7 ; l.eila Stauuard,
K; Susan Kick, u; : Luis Kick, VI;
Waltir Kick, UJ; Henrietta Kick, W ;
Marie Kick, iM ; Amos Kiukle, W;
Ernest Kiukle, 8; I loon hi Savage, 3 ;
Ardeua Savage, 19; Orate Savage, 14;
Lethn Savage, U0; I.iudella Turck, M.
TIllieK. Ilarrelt, Teacher.
The academio course in the Holmes
llusiuesa Colltge is a coudeused col
lege educatlou. It is peculiarly
valuable to those who wish to so
quire a good deal of knowledge iu a
short time. Write for catalog. S.V37
Y.M. C. A. Building, Poitlaud, Ore,
Garm&n-Hemenw&y Company
All our Store Fixtures for sale. We
want to close out the entire stock by
Jan. 1st. We Will Save You Money.
Garman-Hemenway Company
Will Arrive by Special Train Next
Thursday Afternoon Nearly
100 In the Party
Grants Pass will receive on next
Wednesday a visit from a large dele
gation of business meu of Portland.
There will be about 75 in the party
aud they will travol by special trains,
the object of the trip is to give the
business men of Portland an opportun
Ity to see the Willamette Valley aud
Southern Oregon and to get acquainted
with the business men of the towns In
those sections of the state.
The siwoial train bearing the party
will leave Portland Tuesday noon, No
vember 14, and make stops at all the
towns on the main line of the South
ern Paciflo in the Willamette Valley,
that afternoon and evening. Tuesday
night the train will go direct through
to Ashlaud, where two hours will be
spent iu the morning. The reluru
trip will then begin with shoit
stops at Talent and Phoenix, and an
hour at Medfor, a half hour at Jack
sonille and short stops at Central
Point, Gold Iiav, Gold Hill, and
Woodville, arriving at Grants Pass at
8:15 p. m. The party will remain
here until 4 :20 p. m. when the jour
ney will be resumed n aking stops at
Merlin aud all other places until
Koseburg is r. ached where a stop
over night will he made. The next
day the returu to Portland will he
made, going by the West Side road
from Albany.
The party will be an hour and five
minutes iu Grants Pass and the Mu
nicipal League is arranging to give
a suitable reception to the victors.
A largo reception committee will be
a pointed to show the guests about
the eliy and it Is phinued to resent
I hem with u generous sample of
fruits and nuts growu iu the county
aud with flue gold quart, budges.
President Travis of the Municipal
League desires that nil the citi.etis of
the city co-operate in extending a
hearty greeting "to the distinguished
visitors, all of whom are leaders in
the commercial and industrial ac-
tivites of Oiegou.
It is hoped that the city will pre
sent the best appearance inissible, the
merchants taking special care to have
their windows handsomely dressed,
all Hags iu the city raised, and it is
especially desired that the city have
the business streets at least cleared of
any rubbish that mav he on them,
that the visitors may go awav with a
good iniiretsiou of the appcaramc of
Grants Puss, as well as of the enter
prise aud hospitality of its citizens.
All the towns along the Southern
Pacific are making special prcpaia-
tious to receive the Poitlaud visitors
and Grunts Purs will give thiui a
henry reception.
J. L. Mi Column is clearing his
laud this week.
Mrs. H. S. Wynant was at tlie Pass
Weiidesdav ou business.
V. N Hathavtay and daughter
were at (he Pass Wednesdav.
S. K. Oilworth was at this place
Monday evening ou buisuess.
I. E. Hayes and Miss Jennings of
Murphy were ou our stretts Sunday.
Floyd Wyu.tut is the pnsessnr of a
tine carbine, it quite improves his
apj earauce.
Fred McCali tcr aud Clarence Wy
nant were at the head ot Murphv
Creek Suuday.
John McCalltster aud Wm. Messinger
returned Suuday from the head of
Murphy Cieek.
School will hegiu at this place
Monday moruiug with Steiheu
Jewell as teachir.
Pick Johnson was at the Grains
Pass Lime aud Marble Works Mouday
after a load of lime.
Messrs. A1t Oilmure aud Wheeler
Oslsirue were at tlie dam uear the i
mouth of Jackson creek fishing last
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McCouucll
were the guests or Mrs. aarali
Stringer Sunady. Mrs. McConuell
is a sister fo Mrs. Stringer.
That M iuce Meat" the kiud your
mother used to make. White House
Is To Be Best Mineral Exhibit on
Pacific Coast Many Ore
Samples Added.
President C. L. Mangum of the
Grants Pass Miners Association, as
sisted by O. P. Atchison, manager of
the exhibit room, is installing the
exhibit in the Ahsociation'a room that
were brought back from the Lewis and
Clark lair. Additional shelf space
has been put in so as to enable a good
display of the oies to be made. With
the ore heretofore in the room with
the 11 tons returned from Portland
will now give Grants Pass one of the
finest mineral displays in the West.
Through an oversight of Mr. Stovall,
who attended to the shipping of the
ores to Portland the railroad company
exacted a freight chargo of t!0. 80 f or
ninkitig the return shipment to Grants
Pass. It is expected though that this
freight charge will be refunded to the
county when the proper showing is
made to the Southern Paciflo freight
department. The company agreed to
return free of freight charges all ex
hibits sent to tlu Lewis and Clark
fair, but exhibitors were required to
prepay the freight to Portland aud to
take a certificate from the local agent,
On filing this c rtificate with the',
freight dejartnirnt in Portland the
oxhibits would be returned free of
charge. This Mr. Stovall or Mr.
Cambpell who hart charge of the ex
hibits at the fair failed to do aud
the county fair commisHiou had to
put np the freight charges ont of the
county appropriation. Mr. Mangum,
chairman of the exhibit commission,
has laid the matter before the South
ern Pacific aud the money will
doubtless bo refunded to the couuty.
Willi the exhibits returned from
Port laud are a number of large framed
phottgrahis of Josephine couuty
mining scenes and these will be placed
upou the walls of the exhibit room to
add to its Interesting features to
visitors. It is the intention of Presi
deut Mangum and Manager Atchison
to have tho exhibit room in perfect
order, attrctive aud complete iu all
its featnies and ready for inspection
when the delegation of Port. aud
husinses men arrived iu Grants Pass
ou their special train ou Thursday
of next wieb.
It is the plan of the Miuers Ao
ciatiou to further enlarge the minerals
exhibit and the to seenro satrples
from every developed milling property
in Josephine, aud of every miner
al that is found iu this district. The
various minerals will be placed iu
sections each by tin mselves.but millers
who wish to make a special display
or the ores or their district will he
allowed to have such space as tiny
ma need.
Rock Drilling Challenge.
. I.. Sundry and Joe Siligo will
miet any team iu a rock drilliug con
test for a purse of lj0 or flOO that
may accept. The contest to be held
in Grants Pass any time in December.
Three weeks notice to be giver, of ac
ceptance prior to contest.
Address S. L. Sundry, Grants Pass.
Mill Close for Ball Gams.
lhe husiuiss men of Grants Pass
have decided to give the High School
boys the encouragement of their
presence at the game uext Friday
afte'iioou between teams from the
Ashland Normal mid the Grauta Pass
High School, aii'i to that end the
following places of business will be
closed from 8 to 5 p. m. on Friday,
XoTemht r 10 :
Geo. S. Calhoun Co., Cramer
Pros., 1 air-Kiddle Hard are Co.,
Kinney & Truax, R. O. McCroskey,
H. C. Pobzien, K. L. Coo & Co., P.
H. I'arth & Mon, Inc., Mashhurn A
Co., Garman-Henienway Co., J. P..
M Knight, F. C. Pixou, T. P. Cor
nell.. Grants Pass Hardware Co., D.
M. IVPuy. S, Gurfiukle, K L. Bart
htt, Pates & WilliaaiS. F. Fetich
Coron & Sou.
Currd Coaiuaptioa
B. W. Fvaus, Clearwater.
Kan , erites: " Mv husband lav sirk
for three mouths. The doctors said
that he had quick consumption. We
procured a bottle of Ballard's Hore
houud Syrup, and it cored hlru. That
was six years ago. Since (tun we
have always kept a bottle iu the
house. We cannot do without it For
coughs aud odds it has notquaL"
3.c. AOc, 1.00 at Model Drug Store
aud Kotermund's.
First -Class
Work Started on Alder Gulch
and Other Mines Custom
Mill Put in Operation.
Work was begun Wednesday ou the
Alder Gulch mine on the Applegate
just above A. H. Carson & Son's
Hedlaod Vineyard to put it in shape
for extensive development. A nifss
house and blacksmith shop will be
built and tunnel woik will be begun
the last of this week. There are two
veins on tbl" rroperty and they cross
each other at rl lit angles. A tunnel
was driven a Bhort distance high np
the hill on one of the veins and now
another tunnel is to be driven on the
other rim. This tunnel will follow
the second vein to its intersection
with the first rim and at that point it
will be about 20 feet below the upper
Thii property is owned by the
Alder Gulch Mining & Tunnel Com
panv, of which A. Osborne of Mur
phy is president, W. T. Perry, secre
tary and A. B. Cornell, vice-presi
dent, both of this city. Both velus
on their property are fully three feet
in width and show good vbIucs in free
milling ores. So soon as the lower
tunnel is well iu on the vein an ore
bin will be erected iu which surplus
ore will be stored. They have made
arrangements to have their ore baud-
led at a new mill that has been erected
ou iiib uaiiKs or me Appiegate river
half a mile from their mine by Bum-
gardner & Richton. This mill re
duces ore uncer a new process by
grinding and was first put iu opera
tton Wednesday of this week o give
tlie machinery a trial. So soon as all
is in readiness a test run of ore will
lie made. It Is opeiated by steam
power aud in addition to handling the
ore from a mine owned by Messrs.
Bumgardner & Richton custom worx
will be done for the mines of that
locality of which there are several.
Will Play at the Opera House
Next Week.
Jfhejpeorgia Harper Company of lti
perple will open a week's engagement
here next Monday eveuiiig, Nov. (ith
on which occasion they will prrsent
tho greatest of all French plays "Fr n
FrouV this piece had the longest run
iu Suu Francisco of this season than
any other iece of its kiud and it is
snre to please the tin 'aire uror, ,.f
rauta fags.
Miss Harper brings with her this
year a .company that no one can
equal on the const. Her siecialtv
people are the highest salaried people
on the Coast. It rt quins a o foot
baggage car to transfer the scenery,
furniture, etc., that (he carries to
s age each piece which makes each
set a production in it..!f ui..
Harper's war Irobo will be of much
mterest to the ladies as she has
gowns made by Worth of Paris and
others equally as good.
The repertoire this year will in
clude the following plays uever before
seeu at popular prices. "The Pnwr
of Love." "Can.illM "l.j..
rrou Iron." "The World Acainst
Her," Niobe," "The Gay Parisians."
and "Happy Hooligan" or a Saturday
Miss Harper was unable to clav
with hercomtauy on their last visit
to this city but it is with the sreatest
of pleasure that we can assure those
iuterested that she will positively ap
pear each and every eveniug dories
her engagement here this time. Re-
servd teats will be on sale Saturdav
morning, Xovniber 4th. Don't foraet
that you will never have the chance to
see these plays and our prices in voor
city again so you had better tak. H.
vautnge of this and coma Prices
2. 8.'i and 50 cents.
Millinery Store I
naw uoodi, !ew Style.
Large Selection,
Prices tha.1
oin street. jpp. Courthouse.
Fine Dressmaking !
rirat-claaa Work. De.te Style.
arECIALi "iF
iVAimin ji
look from the Piano and other Mahogany, and is highly bene
ficial to Golden Oak,White EnameLGilt, Silver and other finishes.
Dqull Utlter sells at 50 cents a bottle, and a bottle is enough to
renovate the ordinary home. Try it nnd you will always buy it.
A law trial bottles tit lOc. each
The Bi
Furniture, btort
A. U.
FUR SALE Cow for mle or will trade
for good buggy horse. AddrissC,
care Courier.
FUR SALK-PRICK-50,f)(0 brie
for sale if sold at once. Iiuiuire of
Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
REMINGTON TyVewri ter NoT for
.iu cash or nstallmuets. See A. E.
COViS 5 milk cows for sale at reas
onable price. Inquire of H. Mur
quardt at the old Flanagan place,
six miles north on Koseburg Road.
pi KM KOK H.tI.ElTwomile7from Mcr".
Iin. imi aeres-aoout ,'Si seres of good
mn '"'id. '-'' acres in cultivation, small
house ami and about .'al ai res under
(Hue. balance of land suitable for on -hunt
r pasture, ror luriiier particulars
dress V. .M. t row, Merlin, Oregon.
at'KK ranch, goud prune aud
apple orchsrd. smnli in, it. i
abundance; water for irjigation, besides
springs on every 4U u. res: center of a good
range country; two dwelling houses, big
barn, every thing complete: well sheltered
Irom friists, g,l mining markets, .me
nalf mile north of Tunnel !), price ..ou
Inquire at this oihce.
WANTED Dry oak stove wood. E
K. Ilrowu, -ins 2d stiei t.
TO 1 KALE A goril. socid horse for
wucd. Address Weed, care Courier.
MR HARK God heavy fir bark
waut.d ut Lund's word aid, Grunts
WORK WANTED A widow at Woo l
Tillc with two litrle clnldrm to
support must have work ocr. would
like 10 cook at a mine. Call at this
office for address.
LOST-On the read b.tweeu Williams
and Grauta Pus, t ,alr - s,er,.
ties, h inder please I. uve at Curier
oillce aud receive rt waul.
KOCND-A rifle ou the Grants Pass
and Grave creek road. Owner ad-
press tutieue Wright, Hox No. 1. I
urauts rass, aud describe kuu uav
advertising and r(laiu their
STRAYED On Anpust is, neaTVry
Dikkidk' mme, small brown bors'
with rt double harness ou
reward for information Hading to'
II.. , a r, L ; 'fn,e 'd at
Uean & Dickison's stable.
F,iXK BURNETT I'l bolstering
mission furnituro made to order.
Wholesale and Retail
Feed ana Flour Store
J. E. KF.BLEY, Proprietor.
Keriey'i Feed Stables, SUth Street.
Rwt Rraud of Hour.
Hay of all kinds.
Rolled liarlev, W heat and Oats.
Clean Gray ti.i, fur sj
f Bedrock prices.
ClfKiul Bcnecr la a vronder I It will make the
whole interior of your house shine like new,
mating re-nnisning or re-varnishing entire
ly unnecessary. It is not a 'varnish, but a
surface food and cleaner, building up the
original finish and making it brighter than
ever. It is applied with a piece of cheese
cloth and no experience fa necessary. No
drying to wait for. Removes all scratches,
stains, dirt, dullness. It can be applied
to any finish with beneficial results. Nat
ural wood, as well as any color of paint, will
be be t ter f or an application of Liquid Veneer.
LlflUia Utnwr will improve even the most
beautiful furniture. It will take that smoky
North 6th Slrctt,
Grants Past Oregon.
s' 5A It V
ambler Rose
The new ever-blooming
dwarf Crimson Rambler.
The greatest bloomer known.
Also Fruit, Shade and Ornamen
tal Trees, Monterey Cypress ar.d
Privet for hedges.
I can get almost anything you
wish in this line.
Place your orders early.
at the Model Drug Store.
West G Street
Second block from Sixth street
At pi ices that make bar
gains. Latest in Couches and Rockirs
Fine Silk-Floss Mattress
Hotel Dressers
Window Shades
Kitchen Treasures
Extension Tables
Bedroom Sets
Everything needed to fur
nish the home.
The Model Drug Store
Has Just What You Want
. Our Celebrated Electric
I'elt, Nature's Vitalizer. to
build up and strenthen
tlie whole body and for
the eure of Rheumatism, Par
alysis, Liver. Kidnev. Lame
Back, Constipation and all
Nervous Diseases.
! Tho t fl'eet of Electricity on
the.nervt s is that of a power
ful nerve tonic. It generates
new life nnd energy and
tones up the rel.ixed, weak
one and shaky nerves and
pives ihem vigorous energy-
For the next 30 days, price
$10.00. Regular price $2i.00.
Write or call at once.