Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 15, 1905, Image 2

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Published Evarv Friday.
Subscription Ratal i
On Tsar, In advance, II. Ml
Six Months, .76
Threa Months, ... .40
Hingis Copies, .06
Advertising Bates
furnished on application at tbs oftica, or
by mail.
Obituaries and resolutions of con
dolence will be charged for at 6c per line;
card of tbaniu 60o.
Entered at the pout office at Grants Pi-a,
Oregon, at second-class mail matter.
Actions to Be Triad at the Sep
tember Term, Which 8a- .
gins the 23th.
Actions at Iw.
E. B. Piokell . John R. Harvay
and wife; action for money.
Mary Ramaoy, vi. John Lockhardl,
and E M. Brown ; action for damages
H H. MoClnug ts. Lacy Rsder;
action for money.
H. D. Norton ti. W. H. Emerson,
at el , action for money.
A. Brown ts. John and Hat Hi'
Rittor; action for money.
F. W. Chauaie, et el vi. J. A.
Jenuluga; aotiou for money.
J. A. Colby, Adm., vs. O. W. and
M. i. Seely ; action for money.
Halr-Rlddle Hdw. Co., vi. H.
Downer; action for money.
Eugene Pearson ti. Golden Wedge
Development Co. ; action for money.
O. 8. Brown ts. 0. W. Triplet! ;
appeal from JnHtice Conrt.
J. F. Barker and Co., Ts. J. A.
Armstrong ; action for money.
Bherman and Harmon vs. Blake W.
Baldwin ; action for money.
Sherman and Harmon ts. O. W.
Kuox ; action for money.
F. M. Bouth ti. liiicky Queen Gold
Mining & Milling Co. ; action fci
Grants Pais Bunking & Trout Co.
Ti. E. L. Caas ; action for money.
Northern Stiito BHiik ti. lvoi
Arntsor, et al; action for money.
Thomas & O'Neill ti. E. L
Cass; action for money.
Clans Schmidt ti. Ned Dyer; action
for money.
. Thoodore Fetzloff a E. Mooroiela
ter; action for money
Henry Ilau.HU ti. Maggie Hainan ;
aotiou for money.
Geo. E. Good ti. A. F. Nelion ;
action for money.
Grants Pan Hdw. Co. ti. Elkhorn
Milling Co. ; action for money
George Maurer ti. John C. Oodi
rau ; action lor money.
R. L. Babln ti. John Cochran ;
aotiou for money.
Stndehaker Broi. ti. E. I.. Can;
action for money.
Uustav l'oyer TI. Pacifla Pine
Needle Co. ; action or money.
Grant! I'hhh Hdw. Co. ti. E. D.
Weton, et al ; action for money.
C. C. Danieli ti. D. S. Hullon;
action for money.
II. C. Perk Ini ti. Coiimtock Gold
Mining, Milling A Bmeltliig Co;
action for money.
R. M. Johnson ti. Cream City Sash
& Dior Co. ; action for money.
F. L. C'oron adiu. ti, L. E. Brown
ing; appeal fiom County court.
Kiiuity Cases.
Ellen V. Ht. I.eula th. Henry E.
Booth ; rqully.
James O. B'Giiuu vs. A. V. Foi.
et al ; partition milt.
II. (1. DobKlen and It. Thomas ts.
Alice II. Culver, et al; equity.
Juiiiei T. I.ogan vs. Deep Gravel
Mining Co. ; null for Itijuuotlou.
Hoc I la M Htivnnson ti. J, D.
HtcvciiMiii ; divorce.
T. K. Anderson, et al vs. Galici
Consolidated Mine! Co. ; equity.
Jamei Lyttl.i ti, Theodriu Camerou,
et al ; injunction.
Jacob Meier ts W. C. Long and
August Ketw h; foreclosure of lieu.
Mrs. J. 1). Ilickoi vs. T. K.
Hour k i', et al; forehwure of lien.
Geo. U Ijivnnin vi. W. 8. Neil
soil M. McLaughlin; equity.
Harvey i:, Galbrenth vs. Kens A.
Galbreath ; divorce.
Geo. II. Shiver vi (I. N. Bailey, el
al ; foreclosure of lieu.
Holla 8. Knnpp vs. Atlliouao Mm
lug Co. , et al; foreclosure of inert
8 N. Aura, et al ti. (. O. Lund;
uit to quiet title.
O K Kvoritt vs. 14. J. Everltt ;
Henry N. Parker ti. Cora E. Par
ker ; divorce ;
Mary Cuhel vb. Allien J. Cohel;
Addle I.aurcime H i mi t v Hugh
Earl K tint ; divorce ;.
Dora lluckney vs. P. W. Hackney ;
Ealella Peat I White vs. Daniel
White ; divorce.
I.ydia Jones vs. ( H Jones ;di
Krik M South vs. Lucky nccii
Gold Mining Milling Co. ; fore
closure of lnus.
Simmons, Cameron and Logan vs.
Deep Gravel Mining t'o ; equity
Ella Itlioteu ts Kuos Klinteu;dl
Torce. Untile Stevens vs. James D.
Kteveua ; divorce.
Hair Kiddle lidw. Co. vs Golden
Wedge Development Co. ; foreclosure
of leim jiros. vi. l.uckv yueeu Gold
Mining and Milling Co., et al; fore
closure of lein.
Emma Marks vs. Edward Marki;
Graffle Baber ti. Orilla Baber;
J.C. Kincaid ts, J. W. Tarey; luit
for injunction.
W. O. Hale, et al vs. W. H. Fallin,
et al; soit for Injunctin.
Alei Watti, et al, ts. E. M.
Speooe, et al; suit for Injunction.
F. Fetsoh ti. Locy M. Ferren;
Seatern F. Briitow a, Nancy I.
Bristow; divorce.
C. O. Reed vs H. D. Reed; divorce.
Alex Watts, et al ti. George Mei
senger, et al; init for Injunction.
Amelia Speuce, et al ti. W. J.
Russell, et al ; equity.
N. M Jennings Shot to Death in
Hie Cabin e-t Granite
Josephine County hai one mote
murder to add to Its already too long
lilt of crimes Last rriday In the
early hours of the morning, N. M.
Jeuuiugi wai murdered In his bed,
four children occupying the cabin at
the time the murder wai committed
Although District Attorney Realties
hai examined 30 or more wltnotaes
no clue sufficient to warrant an arreat
hai been discovered.
Jeuuiugi wai a wood contractor for
the Granite dill mine and had In
his employ ahont 15 men ontting and
hauling wood. He wai a periodical
drinker and wai said to be a bad man
while drunk, although thli is die
puted by somu. He bad been to
Grants Pan on a druuk and war
flourishing a hand full of gold
twenties a few dayi before the mur
der and it is thought by some thai
robbery was the cause of the crime.
The mnrdered man wai shot at close
range with a 30-80 Winche'ter In
the lianda of sou.e person in the room,
the top of the murdered man's head
being torn completely away. A lin
gular cirenmstarce is that the four
children, two girls, sleeping in a
room separated from the one Jeu
uiugi occupied by only a thin parti
lou, and the boys sleeping in the loft
should not havo been awakened by the
shot wheu it was distinnly heard by
a man working on tho night shift al
the in I no.
Although every effort possible has
been made to obtain some nine that
would lead to the discovery of the
guilty partlei, nothing has reached
the public. The examination ol
witnesses done in lecret session and
the district attorney only knows tin
results. Mr. Reamei wai obliged to
return to Jacksonville Weduosday but
will take np the case later.
John Ranzau's Name Forged and
Money Collected.
It. H. Gove who has iieut several
months in Grants I'asi working at
several different occupation and In
dulging lu booze between times ap
peared at George Calhonu'i store last
Thursday night after banking hours
and purchased some small article of
clothing, tendering in paymeut a
check for III. 40 with John's
name at the bottom and made out and
endorsed by John Dlller. Gove re
ceived the difference between the
price of the purchase and the face of
the check lu coin from one of the
clem a. Gove also worked the same
game ou L. W. Richardson, giving
him a check for f 10. A warrant was
sworn out and Geo. Calhoun sHnt
several dollars niriug a niau to assist
the law, hut not hing lias so far beeu
George McCollum is home again
after an absence of three mouths in
eastern Oregon.
Francis Hocking and wife and two
children are visiting relatives in
this neighborhood at present.
Miss Spauldilig of Wisconsin is
visiting a few clays with her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs Altera.
This part of the valley was visited
by quite a thunder shower Monday
evening of tins week accompanied by
a good rain
We have hi en hearing the hum of
the threshing inai liine for the past
week. The grain is not turning out
as well as was exported.
Married -At the home of Richard
Kobiuson on September the t'.th, by
'lev George Chirk, Paul Hultencut
tr and Miss Chine Robinson. They
took an early tram to the home of tin
groom's pircnta iu West Virginia
Kcv Clark preached his farewell
sermon Sunday the luth We all hope
he will be sent here again after con
feieuie. I'm le Puller.
The Win. Knox orchestra are giving
Saluiday night dancca at the II. B.
Miller ranch at the month of the
Ai plegate. Last Stturdav they had a
large crowd, tlivir plaitotiu ;'4x'0
ticiug well tilled during the whole
eveniug. Saturday eveuing, Septem
ber Id. another dance will be given.
Krancta N. Smith of the Kilei
Piauo house arrived Thursday with
a carload, which lie ami J. M. Ward
ho to place u Grants Pass homes,
In 1 1"04 the value of clay products
ill the I'uited Sattes was f IHI.p-.M.'.MS
I'l rouimnn brick S.iiiM, ITI.IW, -al
ued at fA I.TnS, MS were produced
w i l o i: u v i l l i:
I) A V 1 1) S 0 X
J. W. York hai finished picking his
Ike Vincent of Kubli started Sun
day for Iola, Idaho, to visit bis
Hop picking ii progressing nicely
and moat of them will get through
tbii week.
Wood Jeter and Ira Ball of the
Michigan mine made Grants Pass a
Tisit Sunday.
W. B. York, the cattle ralsei and
hay grower, visited Granta Pasa
Saturday on bnaitises.
The weather still itayi imoky
and is making haying progreai very
low. ai the hay will not cure.
W. S. Bailey, the Davidson met
chant, went to Grauti Paai Saturday
after a load of freight for hit store.
There will be a base ball game be
tween Michigan City and Provolt at
the Applegate gronndi next Sunday.
K. J. Kobli, the Kubli merchant
and postmaster, went to Grant! Paai
Monday after a load of freight for his
John Bailey, superintendent of the
Mt Lion mine, and son, Floyd, are
taying at their home on Williams
creek this week.
Swinden and Payne, who own a
large bay baler, are through down at
Wilderville aud are going to do some
work in this locality.
Osboru & Perry are getting aouie
flue ore -out of their mine, situated
in the Oscar oreek niiniug district.
We all wish them success.
The dance at Michigan City was
well attended by the lovers of dmo;ng
from Applegate aud Williams, There
will be another one Saturday night,
8ept. 33d. Everybody is invited to
atteud. Mout'iiorency.
Trout Fl.hlng in Rogue River is
at lis Beat.
Thursday eveuing after banking
hours Cashier Jewell and Bookkeeper
Pollock aud Mrs. Pollock went up
the river in-ar the dam aud put iu
au exciting two hours of the best
sport ever experienced by them.
During that time they landed 28 fish
which welghe I w hen dressed, "0
poutids, the largest 0'ie dressing !
pound. Mra. Pollock did not go for
the purHiae of looking ou, but
handled the rod aud fly as well aa any
man aud she lauded a number of the
laiger flsh.
Ou Wednesday evening Messrs.
Jewell, Pollock and Dr. Heard fished
at about tho same place aud were re
warded by 75 pounds of dressed fish.
Other fishermen are rasting the fly
with like results, aud ninny friends
are enjoying the fishing success and
generosity of the Waltoniotis.
The Baptist Church.
The rignlar services are being held
aud all lines of activity are being
taken op. At morning hour of wor
ship, 10:1)0 o'clock, the pastor will
preach ou the topio "Prepared
Food." The Bible school follows
the ehnroli service conveuiug at 12 M.
At the evening service the theme
will bo "What The World Experts
of The Christian. "
A siKioial featuro of the eveuing
service la the congregational singing.
Evorhyody cordially invited.
Ed Casaidy was in the Pass on bnsi
uesa last week.
('baa. Iliff la visiting friends iu
Portland aud Seattle.
The Rev. MiMyrtrle la in our midst
and will deliver a acrmuu in the
school house Sunday.
Mr. aud Mrs. I. M. Boyd aud
family, of Cove, Oregon, aie the new
est residents of Galice, having conn
to make their home on the Rogue.
Reception to School Tenihru
A very enjoyable atTair vas tin
reception given by the ladies of the
Newman M. E. church to the teachers
of the public schools and to the mem
bers of the school board soil their
wives ou Wednesday evening of this
week. The rineptiou was a public
alTair anil was giveu at the beautiful
home of Mr. and Mrs. L 11 Hall.
(Juite a crow d of Grants Pa8 socu ty
folks gathered to pay their rcspt cts
to the teachers who have tliisweik
takcu up their work in our midst. ion, music mid light r--freshmeuts
made the time ass all
too quickly. Select ions fiotu the
orchestra added very much to the
pleasure of the evening.
Church Records Lost
The Records of the Nwuian M. K.
church have bieu lust aud there is
great desire for Ilieir recovery as tli y !
contain the only complete mcuitvraliii i
roll aa well as other records The!
eliciting -ii in in 1 1 1 i't for one of tin '
socials had the hook w ith them Tues- I
lay ami it fell from their cariiage
while they were making the rounds.
Its less was discovered and li e route
retraced but no book was round. Tin
officials of the church will be verj
grateful for its return to the iar
The approximate value of natural
gas annually produced In the I'nited
States ii f ;S,-liH,;tf0. There are If
states and territoriea which produce
natural gas, of which Pennsylvania
leads wild an auuual production of
Present Structure Too Sme.ll
Eight Men Confined in
Two Cells.
Eight bad men are crowded to
gether in a 13-foot apace at thecoonty
jail, the i)iace being divided into two
oils with a corridor extending the
entire length. There la now ueed
for larger qnartera in order to keep
the prisoners separated. Five of the
men now confined are chaiged with
the robbery of McCroskey'i itore last
month. The other three wer' lodged
'here this week to await the Septem
ber term of circuit court, awaiting
trial on a charge of robl ery. They
were arrested for stealing a grip be
longing to a traveling man who
boarded the Sunday night train and
left bis grip inside the car door for a
lew moments. The grip disappeared
and after an all-night search three
young men ranging in age from 21
to 24 years were lodged in jail.
They are each under $250 bonds.
The county court lias called for
ealed bidi for the construction of a
jail, the bonds to be opeued at the Bd
journed meeting of the court, Oc
tober 9.
There is eome talk about con
structing the old fashioned wood
cells, reserving the iteel cells in the
old jail for the desperate clasa ot
criminals. Now that a new jail is to
be built it should be of the best kind,
thoroughly up-to-date in every par
ticular and of a permanent nature.
We have bud too many makeshifts
aud things that will answer the im
mertiatfl purpose, already. Let every
dollar invested be put into permanent
Coming Events.
September 2."i, Monday Circuit court
for Josephine couuty convenes.
September 28, Thursday Annual con
ference for Oregon of tho M. E.
church South iu Grants Pasa.
From coal tar chemists now extract
a great variety of drugs, dyes, acids,
oils and perfumes.
Iuk at Model Drug Store.
irons .asoa
rcaWSjfl A'3
&t SAIL,
SgjjgajjjBiMaMBiMawaBWBaBiBwerM.MiBMwaaaMaMMwaaaMMwawiMwafwf waiiii ii as inn un.l?imif&mmmxMmimmmmmmmmmmmmmHmKmmHmuar'
ItMjaMMMMM awm M iisr gwiixilMMPMiii i
fc, r i . in i-aaK- my jp1-- '-'i -...-;.- CJ3UU.W -fc-TfJal.Vg-TJl' ' ' ITT" iTB I I I V 11,1 , ' fJF
C fPiano Exhibition f
EE 3
Mrs. Stringer and family have
moved to the Clias. Johnion bop yard.
Fred McCalliater went home from
the hupyard last Saturday but return
ed Monday morning.
Misi Lisha Wynaut holds the bonor
of picking the moat hops iu any one
day at the English, Jewell & Borrow
yard, she having picked 211 pounds.
H. S. Wynant and sons have the
second crop of clover to cut. The
clover was (own in April. In ton.e
places It is so thick that it will not
stand up, bnt la matted to the ground.
English, Jewell & Burrows have
finished picking the bops and will
have ftOOO to 7000 pounds. The yield
was beavlet than expected as their
fields were new, being set ont late
this spring.
Supervisor Replies to "Shorty."
Editor Courier : September the 8th
an article appeared ligued "Shorty,"
saying that in this district not
a shovelful was put on the road tliia
Evidently "Shorty" is ignorant of
what hai been done on the road of this
district, or else he is trying to tell a
deliberate falsehood. He says "aud
still the county pays cah for road
tax." Shorty must be one of those
who likes to work the road, by lean
ing against the shovel and tell stories.
I think the present roa-i law the best
ever enacted, because if a man does
not work, the supervisor can tell bim
to get. Now, Mr. Shorty, why put
the responsibility on the jndge'B
shoulders nnd not call on the ccunty
court to investigate.?
Placer and quartz location notices,
mine deeda, leases, etc., at the
Courier office.
PKUNES WANTED, highest cash
price paid. Address L. F. Tozier,
HOUSE and lots, or lots to buy on
installments. Address C. E. H ,
care Courier.
This sale is attracting widespread attention throughout Giants
Pass and Southern Oregon. A great store is demonstrating its vast re
sources and most beautiful pianos in the wide wurld. Chickering pianos,
the Weber, the Kimball, the Steck, the Hobart M. Cable, the Decker
and many others, a real art exhibit, worthy the attention and study of
4the most critical.
The object of this exhibition is two fold: to demonstrate the
ability of the house of Eilers to meet the demands of the most select
custom, and to make prices and terms of such easy payment as to en
able erery hcuse to have a piano. Eveiy home not now possessing a
piano will do well to visit this establishment.
The display of Kimball and Steck pianos is remarkably complete,
embracing baby uprights, large upiights and special designs in the
choicest woods.
The display of Chirkerings will be found of especial interest as
several choice specimens of this make, "Oldest in America and Best in
the World," are here.
The beautiful little Weber baby uprights and the Wonderful
Weber Metroslyle Pianola piano; there are other instruments which will
have special interest for lovers of music and those who can not play the
regular piano.
The Eiler House sells pianolas, church and parlor organ i and
orchestrelles. Prices range from $157 for the regular $250 styles of
pianos up to $1000 for the Wonderful Weber Metrostyle Pianola piano.
Make your own terms. Six dollars, yes even $5 monthly secures
a good piano now. You cannot do it next week but this week only at
the splendid "World's Fair Display" of
Largest, leading and most responsible dealers
J. M. WARD, Special Representative
al D. M DePuv'a 6th at
AU. BANNARD invites your examination of
his new stock of Furniture just opened. It
is conceded by all to be tho finest in quality
and style ever shown in Grants Pa'ss, and
prices are quite below Portland or San Francisco.
All goods marked in plain figures. We never quote
large prices and so much reduction; do not have too.
Come and see for yourself.
Goods sold on the installment plan and no extra
price charged nor interest when paid as agreed.
Uig Store North Side, 6ih Street, Grarils Pass
I I- I .nn.rJ Klllnrf While
Baling Hay.
Newi wai brought to Grants Pass
late Friday night that James Leonard,
living at Althouse, waa struck by the
sweep of a bay press while baling
hay at his ranch. The singletree
broke allowing the sweep to fly back,
striking Leonard iu the stomach.
He was rendered unconscious for tome
hours, rallying later bnt finally death
Mr. Leonard leaves a wife aud four
children to mourn his sudden death.
Attacked by a Mob
and beateu in a labor riot until
covered with sores a Chicago street
car conductor applied iiuclili'n'h
Arnica Salve and was soon sound aud
well. "I use it in my family''
writes G. J. V. elch of Tekoiisha
Mich., "and find it perfect." Simply
great for cut! aud bums. Only 2c
at all druggists.
m 1
; r..- i
- - - 1:-""
Letcher's Jewelry Store
Lowest prices on Klgin and
Walt ha in watches. Bring
your wakhes and 'jewelry
that need repairing to nic.
All my work is warranted.
for ehUdrtm tafm, tar, Jlo cplatt
1 .-lVn -.
nsaasi f -JaaaaasaaaaBlBBi-