Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 24, 1904, Image 2

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jubcpmne uouniy ban ce maae une ot the breat fruit Has the Extent and Value to Make It One of the Great
Districts of Oregon. ., ' ' , ; . Mines of the West-Has Fine EauiomenL
Grand Plan to Have Lodge
ot Elk..
Editor Condor :
SiDce 1874, I hare beeo a resident of
Josephine County and daring that
period have been engaged in horti
onltaral pursuits. Daring 20 years
of that time, I ran what was mown
a tha Redland Nurseries and propa
gated thousands of nursery tree tliat
are now oommtrolal orchard in
Jack on, Donglai and Josephine
Count ins. Orchard! that aro now
producing Incomes to the fortanate
owuers that they never dreamed of at
the time thoy were induced to plant
them. -
At the present I am growing table
grapes, having 85 arret planted to
grape, and will plant next spring 10
acre more to grapes,aud will continue
to plant the grape until I have 100
acre in vineyard.
The possibilities of Josephine
county aa well aa all of Southern
Oregon aa a fro it locality ha nerer
been fully comprehended. A few
progressive men hare looked over the
opportunities of fruit growing In this
county and are now profiting by it.
Such men a H. B. Miller, who ha
65 acre in applo two mile wet of
Grants ;Paas, Bun Dimick wilb 16,
crate of strawberries, raspberries
and blackberries to supply the local
trade. Many of these berries are
brought from California points. This
borne market is an onoortnnltv that
should be taken advantage of br small
fruit growers living in this county,
lor there is no place on the Pacific
Coast where berries of all kind can
b grown better than we oan grow
thnm in Josephine county. In Dlaoe
of importing berries of all kind.
each year for domeatio use, we should
supply our borne market with borne
grown berries and export large quan
titles to Sound cities and Interior
market. Our olimate and soil is so
weil adapted to the berrv industry
the want in this respect of the home
market should not any longer be neg
lected. A ' few small strawberrv
grower around Grants Pass hare de
monstrated that with water for (rrl
gallon, this fruit can be kept bearina
through the season from May to
Noreniber. But few acres in eight
or 10 miles of Grants Pass planted
to berries and irrigated would
employment and good liring to a
largo number of energetlo families.
Many may say the want of water
Only a few months ago the Courier
contained a detailed account of the
fast growing Granite Hill mine, of
the wonderful strides the property had
made within a few short months, of
its raat system of rich ledges, its
great area of plaoer gold fields, its
forests of timber, and of it excellent
and well appointed equipment.
But linoe thst time great changes
hare taken place out at the big Loose
Creek property. Its management is
oomposed of men of expansire ideas,
who beliere in doing things on the
Tory bent and biggest possible scale.
bs derired from the water to operate
erery tiling.
The risitor to Granite Hill who sees
all there is to be seen on the surface,
enjoys a treat, but he mimes a great
big part of it if he does not climb
aboard the hoist cage and drop down
the shaft into the mine. It is a city
underground, with its hroad. hiuh
and well-lighted stations; the clatter
or machine drills in the drifts and
slopes, and the thunder of ore cars on
the underground railways. Every
thing down there, as on the surface, is
made big, and made to stay, made to
t lni : V;V:i
' "net M I uuu tjt Sj nuu IAS SI t IlJIaHJU
Thus it Is that anew story l to be withstand the wear and tear of time.
; ui wis uraoiie nine inis policy has cost the American Gold
sirlasinfuimAnr I D:..i.i.
When the Courier spoke of it a few dred thousand dollars, but when von
months ago. it was Granite Hill examine the ore body and size up the
mine, now It in Granite Bill camn. I nnllmitari nnm.iii. m k.i.,,.
. I t J ""uB
And a very busy camp it is indeed, rook the mine has in sight, you can
With wa il.ll. - U-IS - I I ... .
.t.u ..or.,. u 1 reauiiy unaorsiaua wny tne American
freight teams aomlng and cminff. ftnrl cinA li'iaM, rnn.. t
- uvuijnuj una LVJ 1 1 1 IT
enormous expense of developing and
. . .. . .
-..u nv, ... u uiwiH. nm iias equipping theuranite Hill on such an
lrewiiu" uuo ui inn wuib iravoiea in i enormous scale.
Josophiue county. It is a very pleas- The lodge iu the west drift has on
an. aays trip out there, and many ened out to a width of from 10 to 20
of our citizens have taken adrautase 'net. Ami
oimisnne mi weather and driven foot level, east and west from the
OUt lul.I.rt I, a. nrwnJ n .1.,. l.l Im
..tao " 11 uu ui biia jnuffn iw
fxAt M.xhl.m Hrlll. ... .l.l ..!.
Grants Pass aliont 8:30 and arrived way on the ledge, and oil the several
..4 ,1.. . 1 i.. , 1 mil- I.
. us wmc imiuro eleven. J.I1IS Kove .eve n, nml nlln.r. rU ,i i,,l, I., ,i.
nuur iu iwik arounn, an noor lor stotx-a The hiir IiuIda .1
Kumia uiiiiiHr as any messnouse izod from wa 1 to wll. n.nnl. i
ever served, and tlve hours to go com- high grade and exceedingly rich ore
pietety over the property, and get linarklintr with free !,!. I,nil.
u mo rmtm. lb is me nenregc nnmpi nn Iia uLiifr l II. ...
I quarts mine to Grants Pass, being
only eight miles away. The differ
ence in altitude is about 12(10 feet.
Grants Pass being 060 and Granite
Hill mine 3100 feet above theses-
There is quite au Infltwof water he
tweeu the 380 and the 370-foot levels.
but this is eariily put out of the way
hy a No. 8 Sruith-Vailu pump. This
monster pump is sot iu a commodious
l - l i. v i vi a uuiiimuuiilUB
just the right altitude to make the stution out in the rock from the shaft I.. (-I. .J ! I .
u.. mu Tigurooi. od Uih 70-toct IotoL Near the tumn
u. .... . wing e,octea at is a 10,000 gullon sump into which all
the camp to make homes fur the
miners with families. Many are now
camped in tents, as the former
quarters of the mine were far too
inadequate to accommodate the big
of the nater from the lovels above is
drained, and ii in torn taken up by
the pump and thrown through a 0
inch pipe to the surface. A smaller
pump is hung in the shaft and picks
acres in the sumo locality, Elsmau
Bros., six miles west of Grants Pass
with 45 acres bearing apples, aud will
plaut this winter 2000 additional
trees, making them TC acres iu apple
At Wildervillo, 10 miles southwest
of Grants Pass, J. II. and Iiluhard
Robinson have 30 acres in apple
orchards. At Merlin, Wm. M. Crow,
L J. UusHoy and the Booth aud Avery
peach orchards market from 10 to 16
thousand boxes of poaches each year.
At Korhy iu the southern part of the
oouuty, in the Illinois river valley,
Dr. J as. Siieuoe has 45 aores iu or
chard, mostly pears and apples.
There aro hundreds of small or
chards throughout the county vary
ing from ouu to flvo acres in sixe.
To better understand the fruit out
put of Josephine county, I submit the
following table of fruit exjiorted,
shlpiHHl east and to foreign markets
for tho years tabulated :
will prevent extonslve berry growing
in this section.
There is not a 40-acre tract of land
iu Josephine county but on what an
abundance of water can be had by
digging wells aud with ohoap gaso
line or eleotrio power It is a practical
aud mouoy making scheme to dig the
wells and nse the water. Especially
is this true when It Is known that ont
aore intelligently handled with
water to irrigato with will, during a
year, produoe 10 times aa much as
To illustrate, Olwoll Bros, of Con-
tral Point oommerolal annle itrowors
have niado a succoss srowiuir annlns
without Irrigation. These successful
niou do not allow themselves to drift
they keep on doing things.
As an experimental venture, last
year in thoir orchard at Central
Point, they put in a gasoline rumnlno
piaut, which oost them well aud
gasoline enlgne with gasoline for the
Apples 10,000 boxes
Pears 1,000 "
lW'ho 20,000 "
Prune 7fi,(HsJ lb, cured
Apples, dried 8,000 "
Peaches " 10,000 "
1U00 '
30,000 boxos
600 "
600 '
60.000 lbs. cured
10,000 "
20,000 boxos
1.200 "
6,00 "
60.000 Dm.
2R,0l 0 boxes
50,0i)0 lbs.
All fancy 4-tior apple, Yellow
Nowtowus, Hpitzonherg nud Jona
thans are sold iu the Eai-t. Suits nn.1
Jonathans going til Middle, Went and
Atlantic cities, while the Yellow
Newtowns are nearly all sold In Eng
land and Germany. I.aM year lino'
boxes of Hen Davis, four and live
tier apples, were exinirted from Grant
Pass to Ma t'huaiig, Manchuria, with '
satis'aetory results. !
The apple is the leading fruit for I
this locality and with the profits de-'
rived from growing it hero in a few
years, with progressive men manag
ing large commercial orchards, is
bound to bo. a very profitable aud
paying brauch of horticulture that
this lvioality is so well adapted to.
There are hundreds of aores of choice
apple lands situated In Josephine
oouuty uuplanted waiting for meu
with capital, energy and intelligence
to Ukj advantage of the opimrtuuity.
Grants Pass is a oity of 4500 pu
latiou, engaged principally in lumber
ing, box mauulacturing and mlulng.
As a local nnrket, for its population,
it is tho best I have ever known.
Each and every year the grocery firms
of this city ship in hundred of
seasou-ir'.'O. They irrigated 100
.appio trees and last fall sold the
, pies from their irrigated trees for more than their pumping
: plant cosi them.
I Without Irrigation, these 100 apple
trees, owing to the very dry season,
, ami tlm very dry ground, where they
were situtated would not hava m.
lured a dollar's worth of marketable
; apple
I cite these facts, because I have
personal knowledge of their tmih
that progressive men can look nrer
i these opportunities and not overlook
them. Josephine rouuty, with only
a population of about 7500 people,
uas ine natural resources iu soil,
cuiuate anil adaptability to tb
growing of all kinds of fruit, in con
nouttou with her timber and niiiiirl
to support a largo population, and
ruaso homes for many more indus
trious people. Prult growing is like
an occupations; It means work.
With ludutry, intelligently directed.
It means a good livtug, and a eom
peteucy for old age.
Horticultural Commissioner, Third
The But Doctor.
Rev. B. O. Horton, Sulphur Springs
Texas writes July lWih 18V9: "I have
use in my family Ballard's Know aud llorohound By i up aud
they have oertaiuly proved satlsfaot
ory. Ihe liuimeut is the boat we
have ever used for headache aud twins.
Ihe cough syrup has been our dootoi
lor the lust sight rears. " Joe, &Hp
11.00 at Model UrugWor. '
orew that i now employed by the un all of the water of the !.,, i.i.
oompauy. Aftnr
emerslus from the nranita
III Ii a n.nntl A , I 1 ... I., .
nninui, ui tliesa DUUUinffS. 1 tllll. a hrluk wnllr nf - !......
and all other structures about the took as past the saw mill and across
new camp, regularity aud system Is the placer diggings of the company to
OliservnH Tt.. ..Ill I ti.n-
w..i lucviuiuiy ueiuienea jacket mine. It might be
a ton n out there and while there is stated in passing, that the l.,,hri
no "townslte" schema In tha I Jr... I In .nA n.l III I.--: .. ,.
.,, . , iiuiui uumuBBs oi ine uranite
Kill fnlanwl.. .1. . . I . ....
i" ""'i iio niaDaaemen. oe-i mil niitiAs is Muif - i, ; .. ... r
sires that there be ttreots and alleys but is oonfiued solely to the supply!
v. .u irregaiar jumDie or ing or Iumbor for building and gen
buildlngs aud houses. Ural mining nnrDosos. In tl.i. rD.rrt
The old mill has been almost onm. I the Amrin.n nM vi.m. n
pletely dismantled, and the mlllhouse particularly fortunate. Their vast
is usea now only for meashouse holdings are riensnlT m..H .lit, ti..
store-room. The boiler and engine celebrated Douglas fir, aud also much
hare beeo taken over to the Red Ivnllnw ..,.. i.
w vsja Jliur, n 1 til aajuiv
Jaoket claim of the Granite Hill nnrl.r .,.,1 h.i .j
projierties, aud are nsed there in The
I 1' u.fa,ntio wo SJ1 UMOU KU-
operating the skip and hoist. ing to the Rod Jackot.
The new millhoaae iu the Uravat bloo jrrtivnl nhiniii .s,---i k-.j-.j
mine itraotare la Boathern Oroirnn r.wHn mh. ...j
- r I -v iiuiu JV IU UU I UIH
and already houses one of the very deep. This ground lies in strata of
oesi auo most complete eauiDments blue and nr .iii, . ...j i..
- - o- jt ...... mvm vin unj-
found on any Oregon mine. How- ping top, and the 300 and more
ever. It is yet Incomplete, which is aores covored by the channel repre-
to say that whou complete there will sent a frocd part of the placer dig-
not be another in the whole statu of ain? nt ti, n...r,.n. ti.. h j
Oregon to equal it. The battery will gray stratas carry heavy values in
ultimately consist of 80 or 40 stamps, ooarse gold. Lighter aud finer values
Ten aro now used, and others will he
added as the ore bodies may Justify. At the Red Jackot we found not a
for these 10. four Kru ranuers segre- claim, but a well developed mine,
gate the oonoeutrates. Two other equipped, as before stated, with au
vaunersare in place and will be put ougiue, bollor, hoist aud skip for the
u vvuiiuiMiun Wliun Ilie OatterV lu lieml-frMiitA irl i.w,ll..J mi
J - j - ' luuiniru nn ni L. X llvru
enlarged. For the character of ore are lrn,w i....i.j
produoed by the Granite Hill reins, underground workings, and much of
.... . .o.iuo. i. me inuai ooucen- the ore has been hnu nit in il. n..,i(
trator. It la far more satlsfantnrr fnrl him ti.. v. a t. . ..
. J I uu iikiui coouiius
this kind of ore than the Wilder throe well dofined veins, lint, tn or.n.
niin..iii..n. I t. 1.. .
" ""i' wihiu uj uiaur i.iregon i lie as is tun urun in inn in....
I There are now, 24 Elks in Grants
Pass, all members of the lodge at
Roscburg, as there is no lodge in
I Oregon south of that town. Under a
late rnln nf that nrrtnr nn lnilun nf
. ., ......
Elks can be instituted iu a town of
less thau 6000 inhabitants, thus here
tofore Cutting nnt nil the. tnuna nf
Rogue River Valley from having a
lodge. Sow that it is reasonably cer
tain that Grants Pass ha passed the
I limit and has the required popula
' tion, an effort is to be made by the
local Elks to get a charter granted
from the Supreme lodge for a local
lodge in this town. There Is also
quito a membership of the order in
Gold Hill, Medforrd, Jacksonville
and Ashland and as it is more con
venient for them to reach Grants
Pass than Roseburg it is expected
that they will join iu a petition for
the charter and tranfer their member
ship to the Rogue River Valley
lodge. Grants Pass fraternity people
never do things by halves aud the
local Elks are no exception to the
rule and they will leave no effort un
tried to secure a lodge of their
order and when Instituted, they will
make it a place where the grass is
ever green aud tho water cool and
linipld to tho sojourning mouarchs of
tbe forest
Favored by Both Parties.
Republicans aud Democrats alike
praisii Foley's Hjuey and Tar for
ooughs. colds and all throat and lnug
diseuHi s, as no other remedy cau com
pare wiih it. It ia safe aud sure. i
T. Slater, merchant, 171 Main St,
Glouulierter, Mass., writes: "Poley's
Honey aud Tar cured mo of a very
bad cough which had for throe
mouths though other remedies fuiled
to bun lit me. I can highly recom
mend it for coughs and colds." II. A.
Nonsense Lullevby.
Little Goldeuhair sailed one night
Sailed for a foreign shore;
Rowed away iu the dun twilight
With a moonbeam for an oar
"Oh where aro you going, dear little
The moonnian said with smiles;
"I am seeking the flowers tjiat never
That grow on the starry isles."
She sailed faster than you can think,
Till she reached the milky way;
Then with the great dipper, took a
And watched the clouds at play.
Go no further, the moonman said,
And shook his head, as he frowned.
"Oh, I must seek," tho little maid
"Til! the fadeless flowers are
She sailed and sailed, both fast and
Tho mi on was low in the west
She came in sight of the morning star
In her long and earnest quest.
The moonman said, "Oh, wait, my
I must tell you, ere we part
The flowers you seek, are faith, hope
and love
Iliey grow iu a child's pure
Mining Investments
Gold and Copper Mines and Prosneota
; -!!: : j r r rvv,ia
ill vumuruia uuu vregon ior sale by
C. L MANGUIY1, orntsNPaliBnd.D
Highest References Fifteen years experience on tbi. n
Letters answered promptly.
Dcafneii Cannot Be Cured
by local applications as they cannot
reach tho diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one wny to euro cieaf
uess, and that Is by constitutional
remedies. Deafness is caused by au
inflamed condition of the mucoas
lining of the Eustachian Tube.
When this tube is inflamed, you have
a rumbling sound or imperfect hear
ing, and when it is entirely closed,
Deafness is tho result, and unless the
iuflanimatiou cau be taken ont aud
this tobe restored to its normal con
dition, hearing will bo destroyed ior
ever ; uiue cases out of 10 are caused
hy Catarrh, which is uothiug but an
inflamed couditiou of the mucous
We will give One Hundred Dollars
for any case of Deafness (caused by
catarrh) that cannot bo cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circu
lars, free. F. J. CHENEY & Co.,
Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
'' i . 'I' - ,"i ' ' - , " 1 H ,
No. 245. 200 acres; 140 acres cleared; 15 acre iu aifalf. . m
acres in grain ; 25 acre in pasture. Good water right, and good h
of nine rooms. Barn 40 x 80 feet. Orchard with all varieties , If "
Price, $30 per acre. """
No. 244. 80 acros ; good water right ; no improvements, v... i
sold soon. CashttlOO. Am)
No. 228. 10 acres about IS miles from the oity. Good linna...
about $400. Abont 600,000 foet of good Baw timber. Will LTi
11000. KU ,ot
Stop paying rent flO down and 5 a mouth will purchase a lt i
almost any portion of the city. ' la
Call on or address
Headquarters for Real Estate.
Office on E Street, between Fourth and Fifth Strocts,
UA Stunning
Moans only a Platino Carbon print
from C'levengcr's Studio. Skill
und artistic training in tho poso
and lighting, combined with in
dividual treatment in the print
ing, toning uud mounting make
the Aristo Carbon print from
C'levenor's a synonym for all
that is newest, most exclusive and
best in modern up - to - dato pho
tography. They will interest you.
H St, bet 6th and 7th
Telephone 701.
Wanted Anything you hv i
- isu to notifr
me, it may mean a better price to ii
for your articlea and it will cost in
nothing for mo to call, bo get my prioa
Will Trade-
-New goods lor old '
or pay cash, or part
J. E. KKKI.KY, Psora.
Last stable south on Hixlh street.
Uoom under cover for l.V) horses and 40
wajtons. Hoi stalls. Corrall for Ioofo stock
Olllv tllA tlt llftV I'Un unin .Il,
fed. Kolled barler and nther Drain
No diNPANPll llliruO. .1 lliurul l...A .
nini? water and trough cleaned every dsv
WHitiriir rnn,n .ml . ...,. l'
. .. - n Mine, mum wnere
lailies can leave wraps and arrange their
Prices rpssonalilA .ml l..u
iai. Kireu
stock, "
Will Sell Anything forththoiM I
farm, mine, saw ui
or camp. (Jun fill uny order.
ISlg SlOCk fargest in CranU 1
Pass, that means it
all Southern Oregon, of New and sec
ond hand goods.
EaSV Terms Installment or
' rent. No charn
for delivery.
Ike M. Davis,
The Supplier of Wants
South Sixth St., west side.
To Core a Cola in One Day
INE Tablets. All druggists tefood
the money if it fail to cure. E. W
Orore's signature is on each hoi. 25c.
properties. It is a simpler machine
aud saves a much higher percentage
of the couoentratos. The tailings
from the Granite Hill mill have been
thoroughly tested by Superintendent
Wickorshara aud aro found to coutalu
less than 80 oents a ton. This is
practically all of the values, aa at
least 90 or V5 per cent of the fre
milling ralues of the rock are
caught on the plates. Thus at
least IW per cent of the assnv v.l...
of the ore are sared bv the Granite
tllll mill and enniimitmt Tl.l. 1.
iu diorite. These reins are from three
to flvo feet wide, and while rich all
the way across, hare a pay streak of
some 18 Inches of remarkable richness.
Ouo such pay streak, ou the hanging
wall, was overlooked by the original
"coyote minors" who operated tho
lied Jacket for its oiidized or surface
ores This streak carries from 1100 to
f 150 a tou. Much of the Ked Jacket
ore eucouutered iu the drifts runs
$100 a tou
In the Bed Jacket alone, the Ameii
an Gold Fields Company has a big
I ltt4 1.
iH i.o, to KiieMH alKur quality and relative
pi-u-e ol ilillVMeiit iiinkcN,
BUT TO KNOW, and take tha trouble to find out
- I v.wi.l (lllj lB a u
an eitraordluary allowing, aud speaks mine, and a rich mine Though it
won not only for the plant, but for
thosa who designed aud placed It.
The ore is damned from tlm nw.,.
luto two 100-ton bins above tbe vnck
crusher and from the rrn.i,.,r .,.
dirotly into the stamp feeders. While
tne ore from the Graulte Hill lmlue
worked in conjunction with the
Grauite Hill, it la naturally au iu
dependent property, and will no doubt
rival its big sister when given ade
quate development.
Time did not allow us to see the
Goldivu Terry aud Ida claims.
" ...... .u .lit. IWIMd I
is bard, It is also brittle aud yields oeutly added to the American Gold
reailllv tn tho ..... ti . .. s' l,.,i.n....u ..i. . ,
-- ..nuip, Alia BIHUIISI I " ..v.....n Wll UI WHICH
are of 1000 pounds weiuht each, and are well develowd. But wa h,l
rraiiuy grinu out four ions each every
noum, which is nearlr twioe the
oapai-lty of an ordinary stamp mill.
Power Is supplied br
two lurufl bollvri. wad tn
ginitu, bulSnpor.utomlrut Wink
is now engaged In briiminir almi
ohauge. The furnaivs
wood ftt tlie ntof from 13 in ii morals.
each day, and to keep them supplied
requires a large crew of men in the
woods constantlr. Till. I. ,,......
for the management, and frequently
annoying to the aupnrluteudeut.
The company controls tint ,(,.,
rlghU of both forks of Louse Creek,
ana already has several miles of ditch
bringing water down from .. rr
Both of those ditches will be length
ened and united at a common bulk
head on the mountainside rlinw-tu
above the mill A nlrw will hrieo
he water down from the bnUl,..,i
and deliver it to the wheel under a
gravity pressors of r feet This
leou euouuh to feel safe in ri rait
ing the conclusion that out there
ou the two fork of Louse Creek, em
bodied by the Granite Hill nronerties.
is the big, big thing in a quart war in
Southern Oregon. Ihe Greenback has
passed the Interesting stago of quarts
development, and has become too well
established to riciteany special inter
est; but it may be said that even the
great Greeuback, during the davs of
its youth, was not as promising by
one. half aa Is the Grauite Hill today.
Iu it is embodied every necessary re
quisite for becouiiug a great nrooertv.
Ihe kiud that makes millionaires.
W, J. Murphy, the general jianairer
of the conipauy, recently visited the
mines and upreaaed himself aa being
much pleased with the Sue showing
that the mines are making.
Disastrous Wracks.
Carelessness is responsible for many
a railway wreck aud the same rauws
will give at least 100 hnrseoow.r n,k'0 hnniu wrwk' " off""
by the widening and deenenin. of Thrit ud Lo" ,rouhl B
dilcho. it may be Increaaed even above 'U U'" 'T N"W
tl.l- Tl,nn.h ... . DiK'orery for rousuuiption, cough
n.. UI u TMV liii ,
trie mnmr . k. . i ... " o''la. eveu the worst cases cau bt
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J. M. Ward, Salesman,
Grants Pass, Oregon