Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 10, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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    AofltJB felVBfc COfcRIEfl, GRANTS PASS. OREGON. NOVEMBER Id. 1904.
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Transact a General Banking bndnea.
Receive deposit subject to check or on demand certificates.
Onr rnktomeia are ansnred of courteous treatment and erery consideration con
latent with sound banking principle. boies (or rent. J. FRANK WATSON, Pre.
K. A. BOOTH. Vice-Pre.
L. I,. JEWELL,. Cashier.
The First National Bank
Keceire deposits suhiect to check or on certilicate payable on demand.
Bells sight drafts on lHew York ban Francisco, and Portland.
Telegraphic transfers sold on all point in the United Btale.
Bpecial Attention Riven to Collections and general business of our customers.
Collections made tbrouKhout tioulheru Oregon, and on all accessible points.
K. A. BOOTH. Pres.
J. U. CAMl'HKM,, Vic Pres.
H. L. Oil. KEY, Cashier.
J. B. PADDOCK, Pbopi.
I am prepared to famish anything to the line of Cemetery work In any kind
Nearly thirty yean of experience in
that 1 can nil your order in the very neat
Can furnish work Id Scotch, Swede
Front Street Next to Greene' Qnnahop.
...Real Estate...
J. A. TURNER & CO., Fkont Stkkt.
Bargains also in SECOND-HAND FURNITURE at the Auction
Room. Sale of New Goods Saturday, Nov. 12
C. K. McLANE, Proprietor.
Assayers and Chemists
Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead, fl each.
Gold and Silver, fl.
Each and every aimay done with the
Idea that it may be chocked.
Practice limited to
Office hours D to l'J; 2 to 0
Evening hours Tuesday and Fridays,
7. -SO toll.
Telephones 241 and 77.
G mants Pahb, Oheook.
Masonic Temple, Rooms 2 & 4
Grants Pass,
'Phone 633. Obkgon.
Ollloo: J'ltrnny' rcnidonco, cor. 8th
and E street.
Duy and night phono No. 631,
Grants Pass, Ore.
J) P. L.OVE, M. D.
twice lu William Ilros. block, over
Oram l'au Grocery.
Kenhlonoe. I'lioue 414.
Utllce Plioue 141.
Uhanth Pahs, . Oukion
fr act Ices in all State and Federal Court
Ollke over Firt National bank.
OaANT Pas, . . Osmium.
MEATS. (,-Fr
Puoni 21
N. E. McGRliW,
Furniture and Piano
The popular barbar ahop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Hath room In connection
dry noons,
Fiont Street, west Palace hotel
Palace Barber Shop
). It. Ml lLEN. Propr.
Shaving, Hair Cutting
Baths, Etc.
Evtrvliina, neat and clean and all
work First I'lmui.
Photo Amateur.
Amateur nliotniiraiilier very ofteu
gut Into the habit of thinking they
oauuot afford to buy the beat papers
on account ot the eipeiise. To those
I can offer a hijh grade developing
paper, two doren, 4x5 iheeU at 5o or
two doxon 8 ',1.1' sheets lor 20 centa.
Tliis paper i not a good a Velos,
bat 1 neit bent.
Tho new N-A Developer now on
the market is tho best that ha ever
been offered for aalo. The prints re
main a cauary color until fitlug Is
thorough. For sale ouly by A. K.
the Marble business warrant my laying
or American Granite or any kind of
Dry Placer Ground.
If yon have any write lo
MoClintock&Son, Bnrton, Wash.
IU. C. Z. XI. Column
All matter for this column Is supplied
ly the Urants Pass Wouian'a. Christian
Temperance Union.
Our local W. O. T. U. la arranging
with the pastor and Sunday School
superintendent of the chnrchei to
properly observe World' Sunday
School Temperance Sunday a sug
gested In the above call. The hour
and place will be announced lator.
In a moment of falluro, hold fast,
have a care,
Keep thy faith in good work, for the
right I still there;
And the labor of life unto other
hall call,
Loud a hand ; love 1 all I
In a niomont of triumph hold fast to
thy ahara,
Keep at work lu good faith, for the
right I still there;
And the lifo of thy labor 'tis tliluo to
Love I all ; lend a haud I
Chariot W. Stevenson, in the Boston
In an address at a great banquet
rucently held lu Chicago, City Prose
cutor Dr. Howard 8. Taylor placed
tho responsibility for Chicago's
preaeut condition a regard crime
upon the rightful shoulder. He
tnid: "We have 7,000 licensed
saloon In Chicago, aud in my Judg
ment, it I immaterial whether they
are closed on auy equatorial time-line
at uiglit The saloon-keeper la a
good a hi license; the lioens as
good a the oftlclal who aigned;
the signer a good a the legislature
which made it possible; the members
of the legislature a good a those
who elected them. If blame there
be, It fall on the quality of our
citizenship. "
Tho fourth Suuday in Novniber of
each year ha beeu designated
World' Suuday School Temperance
Suuday. "
Tho highest ecclesiastical bodle of
nearly all denomination havo given
recognition to this day. The ap
pointment I also mado by tho Iutor
uatinnal Sunday School Couveution,
through the Iuternatioual Lesson
Committee, and provision i made for
a World' Sunday School Temperauce
Lessiou, Ikb iuh 8:1-13.
The drink curse is world wide, aud
young people in particular should be
taught that it is a crime against the
nation and a siu against tied. It ti
tilting therefore that the subject be
presented from loth national and per
sonal point of view.
We therefore call upon all pastors,
Sunday nchool superintendent and
teachers, all W. C T. V. worker in
the Sunday school and all frieuds of
teuiierauce teaching in the Suuday
school to innko the observance ol
World' Holiday School Temperance
Suud.iy, November 37, a notable oc
casion. Let It be the great annual
Teiiiiieranee Field Pay for the Suudav
school of the world.
Mrs. Wilbur F. Crafts,
Supl. Sunday School IVpartmeut,
World W. C. T. IT.
Mrs. Stella il. Irviue,
Supt. Sunday School IVpartmeut,
National W. C. T. V.
CHunbtrUiai Ceujh Rcnwdy II Plttunt to
The finest quality of granulated
loaf sugar is used In the manufacture
of Chauibcrlalu's Cough Keuiody, aud
the root ued iu it preparation give
it a flavor similar to maple syrup,
making it quite pleasant to take.
Mr. W. L. Kodorlck, of Pool.wvillr,
Md., iu ixakiug of tliU remedy,
ays: "I have used Chamberlain's
Cough Henicdy with my childreu for
everal year and can truthfully say
it I the beat preparation of the kiud
I know of. The childreu like to
take it aud it ha no Injurious after
effcot. " For sale by U druggist.
Judge and Clerk of City Elec
tion Appointed.
Council met Thursday evening, Nov.
3rd. All the member present, except
Richer and Trimble.
The marshal ordered to remove the
dead tree 00 lot facing Main Street, a
they are dangorous.
On motion, the service of a day mar
shal wa dispensed with.
Tbe saloon bond of Geo. Good wa ap
proved and license granted.
Ad ordinance to regulate auction tale
was read a third time nd passed.
Tbe city nominating convention for
the various ward will be held on Tues
day, Nov. 22, at 8 p. m., at placus to be
designated in tke various wards.
The general nominating' convention
will be held Wednesday, Nov. 23, at 8
p. m., at City Hall, at which time May
or and Treasurer ill be nominated.
The city election will be held Di ce ni
cer 5tb.
The following' were appointed Judge
and Clerk:
1st Ward Geo. Evan, C G Ament,
and P II Harth, Judges; Geo. Slover
and L B Hall, Clerk.
2nd Ward J C Campbell, S Norton,
N Snow, Judge; E S Van Dyke and M
E Stock bridge. Clerk.
3rd Ward II Zoller, John Winder,
It M Thompson, Judge; Peter Gravllo,
G P Furman. Clerk.
4lh Ward-J W Holman, Robert Ba
ber.JH Child, Judge; W L Alfred
aod B A W illiam, clerk.
II. C. Perkins wa appointed mem
ber of the street committee in place of
Councilman Rehkopf, deceased.
Following accounti were approved
and ordered paid:
Hill paid :
O C Ileal, atroet work I 45 G6
R II GillilUn " " 62 00
Geo Know. " " 41 60
Dick Patrick, " " 28 00
Everett. " 3 00
G H Binns, use of lick 3 00
Geo Ilartman, hauling 4 00
C M Snow, labor IB 60
Dr. Love, med service i 76
Peter Gravlin 1 75
T U Cornell, f, roc Mr Stevenson 11 23
Veatch A Hayes, bay 2 70
Kinnuv 4 Truaz. hav and feed. . 2 06
G. P.N. W.L A P. Co 10 70
Joe Miswald, ep police 2 00
II A Uougle 2 60
Hair-Riddle lldw Co hardware. . 110 25
J C Handle, (pocial police 2 00
r rea wtckman, " i uu
Geo Hartman, " " 2 00
Council then adjourned.
The Companion Inform avnd
The Youth' Companion uses enter
tainment a a moan rather than an
end, conveying alway lu Ita fiction
aud It article some convincing troth
or some contribution to the useful
knowledge of it reader.
The 225 men and women enlistod to
write for The Companion represent an
infinite variety of taleuta. and call
ing. Through The Companion they
addtvs not only the yonng and im
press ion ah lo, but the father and
mother of the nation. The eutire
family claim a share In the good
thing which fill The Companion'
Full. Illustrated Announcement, de
scribing the principal feature of The
Oompaniou'i new volnme for 1006,
will be seut to any address free.
The new subscriber for 1005 will re
ceive all the issue of The Companion
for the reiualuing week of 1004 free
from the time of subscription, alao The
Companion "Carnations" Calendar
for 1005, lithographed in twolve colors
aud gold.
144 Berkeley Street, Boston, Mass.
Saved till Lilt.
J. W. Davenport, Wingo, Ky. ,
writes, June 14, 1002: "I want to
tell yon I believe Ballard' Suow
Liniment saved my life. I wa under
the treatment ot two doctors and they
told mo one of my lungs wa euitroly
goue, and the other badly affected. I
also had a lump In my side. I dou't
think that I conld have lived over
two mouth longer. I wa induced by
a friend to try Ballard' Suow Liui-
meut. The first application gave me
great relief; two 60 cent bottle cored
me souud aud well. It I a woudorfnl
medicine and I recommend it to
suffering humanity." ilio, 60c, fl.00
at Model Drug Store.
Announcement to the Public.
We are pleased to announce that
onr newer plant I now completed aud
we are now letting contracts for a
transmission liuo to extend from
Ashland to Grant Pass.
We are uow ready for 1 usinoH, to
furnish power, light and water to
town aud farms, plactr mine aud
quartx mine along our trauuiirsiou
We will devote special atteutlon to
the irrigation of farm by a system of
electrio pumps, which are being used
with great success iu Southern Cal
ifornia and other arid region.
Our rate will be fairand reasonable
commensurate with good services;
correspondence solicited. All lu-
duirie will receive prompt atlentiou.
Dr. V. K. Kay.
Manager Condor Water A Power Co.
Tolo, Oregou
Curts winter Cough
J. K. Dover 101 N. Maiu St. Ottowa
Kan writes: "Every fall it ha been
my wife' trouble to catch a severe
cold and therefore to oough all win
ter long, l-anttall I got (or her a
bottle of Horehound Syrup. She used
it aud has beeu able to sleep soundly
all night long. Whenever the cough
trouble her, two or three doses stops
the rough, ami she i able to be op
aud w ell. " 3.h 60c, 1.0u at Model
Drug Store,
Farm For Sale.
1M acres, 60 acre of fluesub-lrii-gated
bottom laud uuder fence and
cultivation, a million feet of Due tim
ber, hundreds of cord of hard wood,
uear town aud all down grade on flue
road. Good two-story dwelling with
U Well of spleudid water at the
door. Flue big baru and out build
lugs. Lot of fruit and berrie of all
kluda. County road aud daily mail at
the door. A spleudid place for health
and a pleasaut home. AddreaiBox 117,
Woodville, Ore.
President R.oosevelt Nsrrowly
Esc&pes Serious Calamity.
A Washington dispatch of November
2, says President Roosevelt escaped
death by almost a miracle a week ago
last Sunday. This fact became known
tonight for tbe drat tlms. Tbe presi
dent wa thrown from hi horse while
riding in the conutry. He wa riding
at high speed toward a high fence.
The horse stumbled and fell The
president struck on his head, and was
so severely stnnned that he remained
unconscious for several minutes. He
was then too dizzy to remount, and
for some time conld not regain the ute
of hi arms aud legs. He was alone
at the time.
Finally, he was able to r mount,
and Joined hi orderly, who was wait
ing for bim. The president. In fall
ing, struck his head a glancing blow
on a atone, which raised a large lump
on the aide ot hi head aud caused a
scalp wound above the right ear. The
ont reached down into the forebear" ,
Biood wa flowing from the wound,
which was pressed after hi retnrn to
the White House. Measures were also
taken to reduce tne swelling.
That hi neck wa not broken by bis
fall is regarded by the president as
equivalent to a miracle. He believes
if he had struck the stone which
wounded him, tquaroly, his skull
wonld have been crushed.
Mr. Roosevelt ha been very reticent,
even to hi intimate friends, about
the circumstances attending his acci
dent. It is known, however, that In the
immediate vicinity In which the acoi
dent occurred, there 1 a 10-rail-atake
and rider fence. When the fall came,
the president wa galloping rapidly
for a flying jump. President Roose
velt wa thrown many feet, and by hi
own admission (truck head first. Hi
head struck the rock, imbedded in the
earth, and glanced iuto the dirt
When he recovered consciousness, Mr.
Roosevelt fonnd hi face covered with
blood aud dirt, fresh blood streaming
from a long cut iu his scalp, reaching
down hi forehead, and hi no.k and
right shonldnr strained by the fearful
wrench he had received iu lauding.
Only his wonderful physical condition
enabled him to recover as quickly as
he did.
Under the laws of the United
State (Section 2324, pago 142ti) reqnlr
lug that the location of mining claim
must b3 distinctly marked on the
ground, so that Its boundaries can be
readily traced, and section 2329 (pago
1433) directing that placer claims
hail be subject to entry and (latent
under like condition, bnt that where
the land have been previously sur
veyed by the Uulted States the eutiy
in its exterior limit shall conform to
the legal subdivision of the public
lands, an attempted location of a pla
cer mining claim by posting a notice
on a troe, claiming tho exclusive right
to prospect on a certain quarter sec
tlon, without any effort to distinctly
mark tho location on the ground, is
insufficient, and no rights are thereby
acquired. A failure to complete the
work is of nn avail where work is re
sumed before relocation, and the fact
that some of the co-owner abandon
does not proveut.the others from ac
quiring entire claim by compliance
with statute. Wortheu v. Sidway
(Ark.) 70 S. W. Rep. 777,-Miuiug
A Question of Toxics.
Auy reador of this paper, sending
25 cent In silver, by postal note or
one and two cent stamps, will be seut
months; or the SEMI-WEEKLY
JOURNAL three mouths or the
WEELKY JOURNAL four months
aud iu addition a match safe filled
with tacks, pnstugo prepaid. Address
THE JOURNAL, Portland, Oregou
Chamberlain's Stomach aud Liver
Tablet are becoming a favorite for
stomacli troubles and constipation.
For sale by all druggist.
Order acala aud robber stamp of
A. E. Yoorhie.
Th Brit Liniment.
"Chambcrlaiu'i Pain Balm is con
sidered the best liniment on the mar
ket, " write Post & Bliss, of Georgia,
VL No other liniment will heal a
cut or bruise so promptly. No other
affords such quick relief from rheu
matic pain. No other is so valuable
for deep m ated pains like lame back
and paiua iu the cheat. Give this
liniment a trial and you will never
wish to bo without it. Sold by all
The Best Doctor.
Rev. B. C. Horton, Sulphur Spriugs
Texas write July 10th ISsiO: "I have
nse in my family Ball aid's Snow
Liniment and Horehound Syiupand
they have certainly proved satisfact
ory. The liniment is the best we
have ever nsed for headache and pains.
Tho cough syrup has been our doetoi
lor the Inst eight years. " 23c, 5lV,
I.IX) at Model Drug Store.
The largest sum ever paid lor a pre
scription, changed hands in San Kran
Cisco, Autf. 3d, UK) I . The translur in
volved in com and stock $112,500 (Vain!
s paid by a party ol business men fur
a specific lor X right' Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable disease.
They commenced the serious investi
gation of the specific Nov. 15, I'M).
I'hey Interviewed score of the cured
and tried il out on it merit by putting
over three dosen cases on the treatment
and watching them. They also got phy
sician to nam chronic, incurable cases,
aud ad 111 mistered it with the physician
lor judge. I p to Aug. 25, 87 per rent
of the test rase were either well or
progressing favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent ol
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. The proceedings
of the investigating committee and th
clini.-al reports of the test rases were
published and will be mailed Ire on
application. Address John J. ti'iTN
I'onrANT, 4J0 Montgomery St. San Fran
cisco, Cal.
Ha Blood the Teat of 2a Year
The old, original GROVE'S Taste
less Chill Touio. Yon kuow what
you are taking. It Is Iron and quin
ine in a tasteless foim. No care, no
py. Pevss Weather.
Following ia a summary weather ob
servation at Grants Pass, during the
month of Oct., 1904, a reported by
B. Paddock, local voluntary obsetver
for the Oregon State Weather Serv:ce.
Mai. Mm. Haute
PAT JpuM.!". Irm- 1
1 03 43 SO
2 ... 90 44 4ti
3' bS 40 4H
4 00 40 40
5 9 41 4H
6 1 70 33 45
7 o7 37 30
g 67 47 20
9 65 47 18
10 '9 47 22
II 64 44 SO
12 ti5 31 t
13 56 41 34
14 6,' 47 10
15 60 46 14
10 58 40 18
17 60 3. 26
18 69 35 34
19 '2 34 38
20 79 7 42
21 79 37 42
22 "7 37 40
23 76 38 38
24 76 40 36
25 78 Mi 42
26 75 35 40
27 74 34 40
28 70 34 36
29 60 34 26
30 61 37 24
31 69 31 26
, Simuahy: Mean temperature, I
maximum temperature, 93; date, 1st;
minimum temperature, 32; date, 17;
Total precipitation, 2.29; Total enow
fall 0; No. of day clear, 16
partly cloudy, 2; cloudy, 13; Dates ci
light frost, 0: wind S.W.
When a woman gives up it is because
slie lias gone to the utiwM limit of
strength ami ewturance. It w a marvel
how women will stagger on under the
daily household hun'ns when the whole
body 13 racked with tT.iin.
For the iiervout, run-down condition
whirl so many women exjerience, as a
result of overstrain in household can's,
there is no medicine can equal Dr.
Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It
strengthens the weak stomach by cur
ing diseases of the organs of digestion
and nutrition. It purities the Mood of
poisons which cause rheumatism and
other painful (lipases. It nourishes the
nerves, and builds up the body with
omul, healthy tlcsli.
There is no alcohol in "Golden Med
ical Discoviyy" ami it U entirely fiee
lrouv opiutiv cocaine ana all other nar
Accent no substitute for the"Disrov.
ery." There is nothing "just as good"
tor weakness, nervousness and deUmy.
"! want the whole woild to know what lr
Pierce' meinour have dune for me." writ
Mrs. Helen HanlKrot-c, of ftunrn, Knox Co.. .
I had tunny of the Itli of woman's life. My
luiiKi and Ihront troubled me beau leu, and I hue
rhetiTmitiiiu. About a yeur nto I had to (five
up wors 1 wm no oaa. i nnu ncarn o timer
about your medicine I thought I would try it
I took four bottle of vnttr ' Itolden Medical I)ij.
covery' and '1'elleta, and hy the time I had taken
nan 01 ine nrm nome 1 neifrtu to Rain, arm k-j-i
on trettinir better. And now I have nn more ol
my old ailments and am entirely cured of rheu
matism, I feel tike a new woman."
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
10 pay exense ot mailing only, hi-ud
ai one-cent stamps for the hook in
Caper covers, or it stamps for cloth
Hiding. Address Dr. R. V. Tierce, Buf
New Way of Uiln Chimberlsln'i Cough
Mr. Arthur Chnpmnn writing from
Durban, Natnl, South Africa, snys
"As a proof that Chamberlain
CourIi Remedy is a enre snitublo for
old aod yonng, I pen jou the follow
ing: A neighbor of mine liad a chil
just over two months old. It hn 1 u
very bad cough and tho parents did
not know whut to givo it. I tag
Rested that if they would get a bottle
of Chamberlain' Couli Remedy and
put some UOii the dummy teat th
baby was suckiuK, it would no doubt
cure tho child. This they did am
brought about a quick relief and
cured the baby." This reiui dy is for
sale by all ilruguiBls.
To Cure a Colli In One Iajr
INK Tablets. All druggists lefun
the money if It fail to euro. E. W
Orovo's signature is on each bos. 2,
Thedford'i Hl.ick-PriiKht has 3
mtto uiutis inns uir mure iikiu
siity yfars. Fur tlif common fam
ily ailmruts, such as constipation,
indigestion, lard, bowel con.
plaiuts, chilli and ferer, bilious
no, heaihuhe and other like
complaints no other molu ine it
nivwiarr. It invigorates and reff
ulatea the liver, anjistt di'-r-"io:i.
stimulate action of the, j
purities the U,h1, and purges the M
bowels of foul ni'ctmmhil inn. It '
cures liver complaint, indigestion, r"j
nir stomach, dizziness, chilit, wl
rheumatic pains, sideailie, lak- I
ache, kidney troubles, constinat ion. I
.l,.,i..... .1; ...1.' 1 1 1
cohln and headache. Kvery drug
gist tiAsThedford's I' lack-1 'rant tit
in 2o cent pack&ret and in mam
moth sire for f l.iV. Never accept
a substitute, hunt on having the
original made by th Chattanooga
Meuicine Company.
I bclkvs Thcdfonf s BWk Dru,hl
b trw but imiiUtns on csrth. It 11
gaod for any and tvervthina. I hsvt
family of twclv crilldrtn. and for
four yrsrt I hiv kspt thtra on foot
and netitnv with no doctor but BUck-
Draurnt A. J. GKEE.N. Ulswan, U
A Gsiaranirrd Cure for IMIr.
Itching, Blind, Bleed jug or Pro
truding Pile. Prnggists rvfutid
money if PAZO OINTMENT fails to
cure any case, no matter of how long
staodiug, In 6 to 14 days. First sr
plication gives easo and rest. .vv.
If yonr drugigit hasn't it send 5Y iu
stamp and it will be forwarded post
paid by Paris Medicine Co., St.
Louis,. Mo.
Only Makes a Bsd Matter Worse.
Perhaps you have never thought of
if, but the fact nasi be apparent to
everyone that couBtipathn is caused
by a lack of water in the system, and
the use of drastic cathartic like the
old fashioned pills only makes a bad
matter worso. Chamberlain's Stomacli
aud Liver Tablets are much more mild
mid gentle lu their effect, and when
tho pro', er dose is taken, their action
is so natural that one can hardly
realize it is the effort of a medicine.
Try a 25 ce nt bottle of them. 1'or
sale by nil druggists.
.1 uiIko
CniiiiiiiNMoiiers. .
llepiltv Clerk
Deputy herill. .
N'houl ."-upt
J.O. linotli
I J. T. Logan
IC. fr l.ovelaee
f. F. Cheshire
T. P. judson
Geo. W Lewis
F.rnest l.i.ster
I. T. Taylor
Lincoln tmvtttfe
W. II. Fallin
. .. It O. MeCulloch
VY. 11. Flanagan
Mayor 11. L. (lilkev
Auditor and l'olie Judge ('. K. May bee
Treusurer Col. W. lohnson
City Attorney II. II. Norton
Marshal Ueo. Finch
Street Supt John Patrick
Couiii ilinen ,V. M. Mair. II. J. Harlier
J. L. Calvert, T. W Williams. W. C.
Smith, J. A. Hehkopf, II. C. Per
kins. James Trimhle.
Orants Pass Lodge A. F. A A. M., No. M.
regular communication iirst and third
Saturdays. Visiting brothers cordially
invited. 1). VY. Riuus W. .M.
A J. 1'IKK, Sec'y.
Royal Arch .Masons--l(eaiiies Chapter No.
l!H meets second and fourth Wednesday
Masonic hull. H, c. Hoszits,
J. E. I'KTEiuioN. Seey. li, p.
Knights Templar-Melita Commander)'
.V. S, incfts, second Friday oi lath
Month in Masonic Temple
W. H. Hahaton, tin. Com.
Ueo. II. Calhoun, Rec.
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. i
meets Iirst and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Masonic
bail. Makv L. Cok, W. M
iws, rec y
!. t). (). F'., tiolden Rule Lodge No. 7,
meets every Saturday night at I. O. O
F. hall. P. il. Schmidt,
T. Y. 1)as, Secy. N. (i.
isiiing brothers invited.
I'Hrilll Fill'!,, ,1,1, ,...,. I it L' K
!"" " r . iu.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
,. nuo, r Khu PotiMttiT,
T. Y'. IIkan, See'y. c. P
lieliekahs Etna Kehekah, No til. meets
second and fourth Mondnv, I. O. o. F.
ball, F.isis liKEKs, N. U.
M. JlKKIE Hams. Secy.
I'nitcd Anisans-ttrants l'ass Assembly
No. 4!i, meets alternate Ttlesilavs iii
A.O. C. W . mill. A. K. Vookh'ifs,
J- Pa (K. Secy. Master Artisan.
Woodmen of the World Itonue Kuer
v oht mm sfconil auu lourtn
rndajs at Woodman Hall.
tieo. II. Mover. C. C.
C. K. M iviiks. Clerk.
Women of Woodcraft Azalea t'lrcle. No.
is-.', meets Iirst and third Mondays at
Woodmen hall. Mrs. M. IC. Dtnny,
Mrs. lonerruT, Clerk. t. N.
Modern Woodmen of A inerica tlrants l'a-s
t amp No. mi7 meets '.'nd and Ith Wednes
day r.veniiifM at W oodmen hall at 1 M
Ike M. Davis, V. C.
W . T. (ioiildcr, Clerk.
Foresters ot A inern a - Court Josephine
No. IN, meets each Wednesday eicelit
the Iirst, at A. O. C. W. ha I.
F. ti. .-in. ker. F. S. f. Feisch, C. K.
losepliine l.iHine. No. 11.', A. O. P. VZ
ineels in A. O. 1 . W.hall, IMxon huiid
ing every Mondav eveninir.
F. W'. lie,,,, ram, M. W.
H A. Muikii, lireonler.
Ilawtliorne lodk'e. No. J I. i. ol II., A. (.
I . W. -ineels every alternate l uesdav
evening 111 A. 11 C. y. m. l,xi,
huiMinir. Mks. A. Mct'Ariiv,C ot H
Man. I.voia Dsas. lireonler.
Itojal Neilll,rs of America-Kdith C
Slis? t amp No. 'l, meets 1st nd :lrd'
Fridays at A. O. I . W. hall
ltoe i.ravhn, Oracle.
Henrietta oiler, Hecorder.
Order of I'endo -While Kwk Council No
Hi. meets 111 Wmnlnien Hall .-atunl.iv
iiiKht.". tiko. A.Hvnr. Counselor. '
M ak, i s, W. hoimlss, Secrelarv.
I!el Men -lahkilma Wi);am No "1
I O. it. l. i M. Karars. wn
l. A. liiiiVAs, I tnet ol liciirds.
Knights of ihe Mjircrtle. - I, rants i'a-
lent. No. II m,(i. nri and i,,ro
lhtiisdais at Woodmen
111. A!:re.i. F. A. Muile.
liecord Keeper. t Jmmai.d, 1
Ladies of the Maccau-es i,ranls p..
Hive No Is holds rrtuiar "l.evies'
tiri and third Ihursdais at A. o. t ,
W. had Vlsiimi! si-lers eonliallv
invited. Mr.. Delia Hale. 1 c. '
Mary Mimnons. tieiord Kter
I nitcl ltrotherh,,i of Cariientera and
Joiners ol America I nioll No. lHa
meets eond and fourth Fridays of
each month at A. 0. V. W. Had
K. D. 1 Vie K. Se,-. J. p. (i,leener, Pres.
D. A. Fiti;crald, F. Sec'y,
knights of Pvthias Tberuiopvlae No. ao
meets e. U luedav nvtit 7 :i W. o'
W.llall. M.' 1. Ctlev, C. C.
Ton Wiu iAva, k. of K. ami S.
Urand Army ol th Krpuldic-tien. Ugn
l'o-l No. li. meets Iirst Weduexlav at
A.O. C. W. hall. Jons I'Arai. K
J. FI'STSRsos, Adjt. Com
Woman's Itelief ( orps- -t.eneraj Logan No"
i. meeis Jd and th aiunlays at t B
m at A. O I'. W. hail. v
. Mrs. Hose Weidnian, I'rea .
Mrs. T. II. Cornell. Sn y.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine TaMets. js
Sevca Mil&oa
1 toU bi yaX 13
A Secret about Your
Best Dressed Friend.
MAYBE you never guessed it of that friend
of yours you envy for being always
richly and stylishly attired 1
The one of whom you say, " I'd oMo
nn hit Inilnr hiltc "
The simple
His clothes money Is probably the same
as you invest as little or less.
But he expends It wisely: for garments of
style, worth, wear and beauty that have all the
qualities of the exclusive merchant-tailor's pro
ductseven thefashlonable 6t at less than half
tbe price: Art-Tailored Kaufman Garment.
Learn the Kaufman way of money-saving
stylish dressing.
The Kaufman guarantee is good.
robV5ale Calvin Welch
V, ..
'tftirr CorvrTohtsAc.
Anyone (Mnfltnji a nketrh and dpurrtnttnti may
quli'klr avrtam our (ipmton free wfii'tlier ail
Itirnntinn is prubaitly patentablA. Cnniniiiniriv
ttmiif4tPlt?llyfifitj,teiUlfil. Hantlhtmlion t'ntfutr
en t frM. ttlitt aiifnry for ifcurnnr put im it ft,
1'rttcnm taltt-n tliroiiirh SI unit & to. receive
yptciol notier, withnut choriro. lu llio
Scientific Jlmerican.
A hanrlnomPlT llhtntnttM worklr. I irirt rlr.
fnltttiini of any Hrit-iitillc jmirtnil. Tt'iun. 9'i a
yi-ir; four m"tti8, L olJly;.H iU'WB'-:!or
llrrh con.,., r ft.. IV-
hi-i,i:ni)ii skiivick
l I'-TO-IIATK Kgf ll'M h:ST
l)a)lltht trip across ibe Cascade
and ltocky .Mountains.
For ticket, rates, folders and full infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON, c T. a
l'2'i Tlilril Street, Portland
S. . YKKKKS, (t. W. V. A.
012 First Avenue Seattle, Wash.
We give especlited service on lieinht
Route vour fhipuienlsvfaUrcat North
ern. Full infiirmution (rom
Wm. IUhiikk, tieneral Anent,
Portland, Oreuon.
A Citv in Itself
Have you ever stopprd to consider that a modern
express train, like the St. Louis Special, is practically a
city in itself a place where you can sleep, chat, smoke,
read, dine, and go a-visiting, just about as you would at
your own home?
It makes little difference what you want, you have
only to summon a porter and be will swiftly and
smilingly get it for you.
Omnli,,, itlm citv, St. LouiM
ami iutM hcyontl
Write for folder givini; full information, or call nt near
est Northern PaciSc Ticket Office.
A. C.
" II f I J-
066 N"urt ' Arl 0"try-0' ,h M' ' "
ww .ttrKtion, t St. Uuls. This can only U don by
la$ or r,lurninj via lh -SCEMC LINE OF THE toORLD '
ivour-tr'ASSED IN EFFOPTC t r di rlSC
ritt lo, illM,tr.,fl bo.klt ol Colors.', fmout ,iht. d
W C'" Mf,,,"K. ienerl Auot
124 Third Street - ,rnu
To Cure a Cold in On
This signature,
- J! k
secret Is
Cures ChitlsTniT FevtrT-
fl VST Writ- XT J..
for three years; he could not fiudu,
thins that wonld htiln hr ni i ;
-,- fin uj mw
Htrhinn Hia ujta .:n .
house without it, aod cannot mt,!
mnch for it. Sfln u rji k
Store. "uu" m
Three Trains to the East Pail)
Through l'ullmon standard and Uinrs
leepini! ears daily to Onmlm.,.
kane; tourist sleeping ears duilv to Kn
City; through 1 ullman tourist sleei:m
cats (personally conducted) weekly toibi
capo, Kansas Citv; reclining chair im
iseais iree) 10 me fcasi oauy.
No change ot cars.
DKPAHTJ TlMK ScllKDl l.KS i Arkiii
for I I'roni 1'ortluiid j kkuk -Chicago
Suit Lake, DenverTFti '
Portland! Worth, Oinuha. o:25p.i.'
nunsiw eity, ht.l
9:15 a. 111.
8:15 p. 111.
via limit
St. I'auf
ISult Lake, Ienver-
Ft. Worth. Omaha
Kansas City, St- 7:15a.n
Louis, ChicapJ
and Kant.
W alla Walla, Lewis I
Kat Mail
ton, Spokane, ul i f
lace, Pullman.: Mill 8:00 a. .f
neapolis. St. Paul.
Cliicauo and Kast,
8:15 p.m
Ocean anil Itiver Schedule.
For San F'ranciseo Every live days tl
p. 111, For Astoria, way points and North .
Reach Daily (except Sunday) at p.m.;
Saturday at 10 p. 111. Daily service (wild
permitiiiiK) on Willamette and Yamhill
rivers. ,
For further information ask or write join
nearest ticket aent, or
tieneral i'asseneer Airent,
The OreRon Railroad ,t Navigation Co. ,
Portland. Oreiton.
SHELDON, Otr.trat Agent,
100 Third Street,
ia Two Day.
on every
box. 25c