Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 29, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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A Full Line of
The Crusader
U. S. Army
Tor Men
Reduced Rates lo Si. Louis Expo
Tho Southern 1'iiclflo Co. will loll
round trip ticket ut greatly reduced
ratoa to HU Lou la and Chicago, ac
count the St. Lou in, KiKaltio'i, on
the following dates:
October 8, 4, 5.
doing trip niust U) completed with
in 10 days from datu of salo and a
aeugera will bo rmiUtd to .tart 011
auy day that will enahltt them to
reach destination within tho 10 day.
limit. Kcturu limit IK) dnya, but not
later lhau Dcceuiticr 81, 11104. For full
Information an to ratoa and route, cull
on Agent Southern l'e. , at Urania
Pa. W. K. Coman, U. 1'. A.
"Knobi o""
Another large and enthusiastic
audience crowded the Macrtonoogh
theater taut uight aod applauded the
Humphrey-Chapman Company to the
echo, for tho "Knoln 0' Tenues.eo"
aoouia to have naught the popular
faucy, and like the proverbial good
iiewa traveled very rapidly over the
city. It ia evident that thia la Jut
what the people, have been looking
for, fur the eouitiiy and the plav ate
the talk of the theater going public.
And Justly no, f. r never have the
good people of Oakland had auch an
opportunity to pee audi ao excellent
company lu auch a repcrtoir and at
ucli price. The product loua are all
conilete aud under the direction of
Louie Ilelmour, the couiiwny do full
justioo to every part. Orral Hum
phrey ia all that could be deitirod in
a leading man, having nil of the
liecvaaary qualifications. He ia tall,
handsome, with good clean-cut
feature, and baa a voice that carries
with It a tone of conviction. With it
all he ia young and energetic and it
ia not bard to foretell a bright aud
brilliant future for him lu the bla
troulo world. Mlaa Klau Van Uralin,
tho loading woman of the organisa
tion, is a very callable actreaa and
poaacaaoa as well, the art of dressing
and to some of the other plays will
have an opportunity to display aome
ery bandaome gowns which will
enrva to greatly enhance her native
beauty. Oaklaud (Cat ) Times.
Trimble & Cook now cany a stock
of buggy aud back wheels la all
grades. The pricea are right.
WK are making a Great Record on Shoe Sales for the simple reason that we
carry only Shoes that we can back up with a Guarantee that means
business, and that aside from the (act that our prices are right for the
quality, we are making lots of people happy, the first of every month, by noti
fying them to call and get the money paid for shoes the month before. We must
admit that this method of advertising costs a little more than printer's ink, and
probably does not suit the Courier, Observer or Mining Journal as well for
which we are so sorry that we will get them to print this letter to you in one is
sue of this valuable sheet. But we prefer, like Roosevelt, to suit- the majority,
Sud that we are doing this is proven by the large number of satisfied customers"
that are buying their shoes from us.
REMEMBER, the more shoes you buy of us the
more you compel us to give away, as we refund the
money on ALL SHOES sold in some ONE DAY in
EVERY MONTH, the date being announced in the
local papers the first of the month for the previous
In four months, since we started this method, we have made forty-seven people
presents of a pair, or more, of shoes, making a total of fifty-one pairs Uiat have
cost the consumer nothing, in addition to hundreds of pairs that have given per
fect satisfaction, or a new pair given in place of them. The number is increas
ing every month, and Jyou might do worse than get in with the majority. -
A Grand Fall Sale. Oct. 1 to Nov. 8
All Outing Flannels, including Teazle Downs and Daisy Cloths, and over four
hundred yards of fleeced Wrapper and kimona goods, regular u to 18 cent
twils for this sale at the one price of 10 Cent par ytvrd.
In addition to this we will, from October ist to November 8th, give with every
pair of Shoes or Dress Pattern, including Calico, and every sack of Flour sold, a
card which entitles the holder to four guesses as to how many votes Roosevelt
will receive in Oregon November 8th. The one guessing the nearest will receive
a check good for $25.00 worth of any merchandise in the store.
The McKinley vote in 1900 and the Republican vote in June will be printed on
back of the card to guide you in your estimates.
Emergency Mtdlclnas,
It la a great convenience to have at
baud reliable remedies for use tncaava
of accident aud for alight injuries
and ailments. A good liuiiuent and
one that is fast becoming a favorite
If not a houaobold nooeanlty is Chain
bcrlniu'a l'aiu Halm. Ily applying
It promptly to a cut, limine or burn,
it allays the ialn aud oansoa the lu
Jury lo heal In about oue-thlrd the
time usually required aud as It is
au anltaoptlc it prevents any dauger ot
blood poisoning. When l'aiu Halm
is kept at hand, a paiu may be treat
ed before Inflammation acta in, Wnicib
luaurea a quick recovery. For salo by
all druggiata.
Sour Stomach,
When the iiunntitv of food taken la
too large or the uualitr too rich, aour
Btomach in likely to follow, ntid es
pecially so if the digestion hal boon
weakened by coin! malum. Kat
slowly aud not too freely of easily di
gested food. Masticate, the food
j thoroughly. Ut five hours elnie
' be 1 ween meals, and when you feel a
fullness and weight in the region of
, the atomach after eating, take Cham
berlain's Stomach mid l.iver Tablets
and the aour atomacb may Ik' avoided.
For aaht by all druggists.
Bucalcn's Arnica Salve.
Has worldwide fame for marvellous
cures. It aurwHos any other salve,
lotion, ointment or balm for cuts,
coma, burn., boils, sorea, felons,
ulcers, letter, salt rheum, fever
aoioi, chapMd hand, akin eruptions ;
infellahlo lor pi lea Cure guaran
teed. Only as cenla at National
Drug atore and Urauta 1'aa l'har
macv. Notice to School Bo&rde.
learning that certnlu school aupply
agent., ,i order to induce school
board, to purchase their goods, great lv
exaggerate the nmonnt of school fundi
you will get during Una aud next
year, and also Inlwiuote how then
funds at all be used as stated In the
school laws. 1 wish to tell you to he
careful of all auch agent. Investigate
thoroughly In-fore pur. haj.lng bow the
school funds should I used and how
much von received this year. No one
can tell how much you will get next
year. Your Irulv,
County Kupriiuteudru U
& Truax.
Fine Store
Neglected Coldi.
Kvery part of the mucona mem
brane, the nose, throat, ears, head aud
luugs, etc., are subjocted to disease
aud blight from neglected colds.
Ballard's lloreho'uud Syrup is a pleas
ant aud effective remedy. 25c, 6O0,
1.00. W. Akendrlck. Valley Mills,
Texas, writes: "I have used Hal
lam's Honihound Syrup lor coughs
aud throat troubles; it is a pleasant
and moat effective remedy. " For
sale by Model Drug store,
How About Your Summer Vaca
tion? Newport ou Yaquina Bay Is the
ideal seaside resort of the North
l'aoitlc Coast, itouud trip tickets at
greatly reduced rates on sale from
all Southern Pacific point lu Oregon,
on and after June Ist Aak agents for
further Information and a handsomely J
illustrated souvenir booklet, or write
to F.dwln Stone, Manager O. K. R.
It., Albany, Ore., or W. K. Coman, I
O. I'. A.. 8. P. Co, Portland.
Mil Sold a Pile of Chamberlain' 1 Cough
I have sold Chamberlain's cough
remedy for mere than SO years ami it
has given entire satisfaction. I have
sold a pile ol it aud can recommend
it highly. Joseph McKlhiuey, Liu
tou, Iowa. You will Dud this remedy
a good friend when troubled with a
cough, or cold. It always a.T.irda
qnick relief and is pleaanut to take.
For sale by all drugigsta.
W. It. Harrisoo, Clevelsud, Misa.,
writes, Aug. 15, 1U03: "I want to
sny a word of praise for Ballard's
Snow Liniment. I stepped on a uniL
which caused the cords tu my leg
lo contract and au abscess to raise in
my knee, aud the doctor told me
that I would have a stiff leg, so one
day I went to J. . Y. Lord's drag
atore. He recommended a bottle of
Suow Liniment; I got a AAt aise, and
it cured my leg. It is the beat lint
niout in the world,"
AHSCKSSKS, with few exceptions,
are lu Orally of constlpatkui or de
bility. They may, however, result
from blows or from foreign bodies.
Introduced lulo the skin or ttesh. such
as splinters, tliorus. eta. For sale by
Model Drug Store.
For You
without extra
The Angeles
The Rosalind
For Ladies
Constlmtion is nnthinrr more 1
than a clogging of the howela I
and nothing lor than vita it air-
nation or death if not relieved.
If every const irated annVrr
could real ire Hint be is allowing
poisonous tilth to remain in In.
areteni, he would soou get relief.
Constipation invites all kind of
contagion. Headaches, bilious
ness, oolds and many other ail
ments disappear whim conati
patcd bowels arerrlirved. Tlied
tord's Wack-Draught thoroughly
cleans out the bowels in au easy
and natural manner without the
f .urging of calomel or other vio
ent cathartics.
He sure that yon set the origi
nal Thedford's tlat'k-lranghl.
made by The Chattanooga Medi
cine Co. Sld bv all druggists in
'!& cent and 1.00 packagoa.
ma. irk., May ti, lt.
I nasMt ra.-Mn.,l TfcrJfurS'i Hi..
tr..MI.klrhli. I rrp II I. mj km
.11 IS. 11m MS kaf. Ml II fur lb Ut
Us I'.ra. I a.r s l rkllar..
Uf Mkrr la.llf., I thlak I .U
Mi.r a. al to awt alUVial It
mn c Mi.. mairs na
. r.tir.ii.a. ir SMStcIss la i
I au tax ......
u . trtau.i.
Fruit wrapping paper can be se
cured at the Courier office.
The Modern Remeiiy for Women
Baticost has Curetl Mime of
tti wurst cases of
tMuvfct?. I.cnoorrluea
I.inv AUTS WalTSUi
Send fur Itookls. ( San lute), Cll.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
$3,000 FORFEIT
Will tie rjaitl bv the World's Disnensan
Medical Association, Proprietors, l)u-
iulo, N. Y., if they cannot show the orig
inal aignature of the individual voluu
leering the testimonial below, and six
of the writers of every testimonial among
tne tnouaauoa wlncn tney are constantly
publishing, thus proving their genuine
"When I eommracrd taking; your m ft k1 n n
clshlrco Dioiitlit igo. my hclth completely
broken duwn." writei, Mr.. Cora L. Sun.lerUnu.
ol O.sneyville, Calvert Co., Mu. "At Itme. 1
could not even walk aeroM Die roum without
pain, in my rhttit. The ituthtr who atttntttd mi
laid had lyig ttoubtr, and that I wtmtd nrver be
writ aqam. At lat I concluded to try jr Fierce'.
-run .lies, i uuukii. ouuii o, .iu.i.ii ...vm-
lc.1 Iviacoverv.' t.jok It, .nd Mjon conimeticed
to feel . little belter, then you directed me to
take both the '('.ol.Vn Medical Discovery' nod
the 'Favorite Prescription.' which 1 did. Alto-
E ether I have tsken eiyhteen bottle, of 'Golden
ledical Diacoverv," twelve of the ' Favorite I're
acription.' and five vial, of ' Pellet..' I am now
almost entirely well, and do .11 my work with
out .ny pain whatever, and can rum with more
caae than 1 could formerly imi..n
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet cleans
and regulate the bowels.
A Boy'i Wild Ride for Life.
With family around expecting him
to die, and a- sou riding for life, 18
miles, to get Dr. King' Now Dis
covery for consumption, coughs and
ooldn, W. H. Brown, of Leesville,
Iud., endured death's agoilie from
asthma; but this wonderful medicine
gave iuHtant relief and soon cured
him. Ho writes: "I now sleep
soundly every uight." Like marvel
ous cures of consumption, puenmo'iia,
bronchitis, coughs, colds aud grip
prove Its -matchless merit for all
throat and lung troubles. Guaranteed
bottles 60c and tl.OU Trial bottles
free at National Drug Store and
Grants Puss Pharmacy.
Judge J. ). booth
Commissioners i'T- '-oiran
It. r. Lovelace
Clerk H. F. Cheshire
Denutv Clerk T. P. Judson
Sheritl Geo. W- Lewis
Detiutv Hherilt K.rnpst I. inter
Treasurer j. T. Tavlor
School Hupt Lincoln HavnKe
Assessor W. II. Fallin
Surveyor B (). McCullmh
Coroner W. 11. Flanagan
Mayor H. L. (lilkey
Auditor snd Police Judue .('. K ll,u
Tressurer Col. W. Johnson
City Attorney II. n. Norun
marsnal Oeo. F tu b
Street Supt John Patrick
t'ouiicilmen V. M. Mair, H.J. Hsrh.r
J, I.. Calvert, T. V Williams, W. c.
Smith, J. A. Hehkopf, 11. C. Per
kins. James Trimble.
Grants Pass lxlge A. K. A A. XL, No. M,
regular communication first and third
Saturdays. Visiting brothers cordially
lnuiln.1 U It.' ... .. 1
......u. ,i. . ivit.UB T. At.
A. J. 1'iki. Sec'y.
Koyal Arch Masons--Keames Chanter Nn
Wt meets second and fourth W ednesday
J. K. l'sTsasuw, Secy.
....-...u,i, aii. 11. t. DOSZlgN.
11. P
Knights Templar Melita
no. a, meets,
second FridHc ..i .u.,f
mourn in jinsoruc Temple.
W. H. Hamaton, tin. Com.
Uso. II. Calhoun, liec.
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. 3U
meets first and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Masonic
!:! m . ...
.tiabi l,, cos,
ji as n. .oi.LrB. Bee y
I. O. O. V., Uoiden llule Lodge No. 7H,
uircin avery caturuay lllgni at 1. O. U
K. ball. F. 11. Schmidt,
1.1. Dvak, Secy. N, (i.
v lsiiing broth. rs inviteti.
I'sran Kncamnment I. (). O. K. Ni
meels second and fourth Thursday at
t. w. r. nan, rasu ociiMinr,
T. Y. Ukas, Sec'y. c. i
uenekatis r.ina itenekali, No. 411, meets
second anil fourth Monday, I. U. O. F.
nan. f.ijos Ukkkn, S. O
.m. Jkssil havis. mh v.
United Artisans drama Pass Assembly
no. in, meets alternate luesdavs in
A.u. u. w. nail. A. E. VooHiuaa.
J. B. 1'aih.oi s. Secy. Master Artisan.
WotHlmen of the World Kogtie Kiver
amp Mi. (vi. meets second and fourth
rridajaat nootlman ILall.
ico. II. Slover, C. C.
C. E. MAvnss, Clerk.
Women of Woodcraft Azalea Cinle, N
2, meet, tirst ami third M. .inlays at
noouinau nan. .urs. M. r.. litnny,
Mrslone Frier. Clerk. I,. S
Modern Woodmen of America (irants Pass
t anip .-so. itou, meets Jiui anil -till Wednes
day Evenings at Woodmen ball at 7 :m.
Iks .V. Davis, V. C.
W. T. Iloulder, Clerk.
rore-Oers of Aiiierna Court Josephine
No. 28, iiieet. esch WediMadty exctpl
t..e iiit, a. v.. t. n . nail.
F. U. siricLer. F. S. F. Fetseh, 0. K,
losepbine Unlge, No. Hi, A. O. t. V.
iiiihiI. in A. O. I'. W.hall, Dixon build
ing every siotniav evening.
F. W. Ill ouaarii, M. W
H A. Stasask. Ke.Mr.ler.
llawlhorns Ledge, No. 21, ). of II.. A. O.
I . W. inel..very alternats Tuesdav
evening in A. O I'. W . hall, liixoii
buii.linii. Msa. A. Mcl Aaruv.O ol H.
Mas. Lvuia Dear. Keconler.
Royal NeiKhbors of Aiuenea-Kduh C.
Snpe I amp No. '.SMI, ineei- Isi and artl
Friilays at A. O. I'. W. hall
Kose liravlin, Oracle,
llenrietla Zoller. Keivrder.
Order of Pernio While ltock l nun. il No.
leu, ibawta ill Woodmen Hall alurday
logins. tiro. A II nt. Counselor.
.Ma. l. W. Koaaiaa, Nareiary
Hed Men -l ahkilma Wlgaaiu So. ill
I. O. K. M. II M. Kuaaua. Soeliem.
O. A. I h'I'ii, Chief ot Kn-orda.
knights of the Maccabees dram. !'..
lent. No. 13 meets lirsl aud third
Thursdays at Woodmen hall.
W in. Allreil, F. A. Mn ..,
liecord Keer. C'jtumaiider.
Ijidies of tba MaivaiHSFs-Orams Pais
Hive No la bolda regular "itevieas"
first and third Tbursdaya at A. O. I'.
W. ball Visiting ustrr cordially
invited. Mr. Delia Hale. L. c.
Mary siniiiioni. Hevurd krvwr.
I'nilesl ItrolberhiMid of Carpenters and
Joiner, of America I'nion No. I its
meet, second and .fourth Fridays of
each month at A. O. I'. W. Mall. "
K. D. Cole, K. ric. J. p. l.aieeiier. Pres.
1). A. F'ttigerald, F. Sec'y. -
Knight, of PythUM Thermopylae No. M,
meets M.-a lueniay night , ; w . O,
n . M. T. I rt
. f. C.
Tom W M4.U.S, k. of K and
Urand Army of tba Krpublie (in. Logan
Post No. Si. meet, nrst WVtnexlav at
J. ir. . nan. Joh t'Atai. a
. I. 'araaw,.s, Adjl. I'oru
Womaa a Krtief Corps- -t.cneraJ Uigan So!
, meet. 2tl an.f iih aurday. at 3 o.
m at A. O l. w.hall.
V rv Kow Watdoiau. Pnas.
Mrs. T. B. Cornell, Secy.
Fcs ful Odds Ajsintt Kim.
Bedriden, alone and deetito te
Such, ia brief, was the condition of
au old soldier, by. name of J. J
Haven,, Versailles, O. For years he
was troubled with Kidney disease and
neither doctors nor medicines gave
him relief. At length lie tried Elec
trie Bittnrs. It put him on his feet
iu short order and now he testifies.
"I'm on the road to oomplete recov
ery." Best on earth for Liver aud
Ki Inev troubles and all forms of
Stomach and Bowel complaint '
Only 50c. Gurauteed by National
Drag Store and Grants Pass Phar
tnacy. '
Special Excursion to
October 8, 4 and S are the re
mnining dates upon which tickets will
lie sold at tho reduced rates to the St,
Louis Fair. These rates apply over
tho Denver & Rio Grande and Mia
souri Pacific. For the patrons of
these roads special excursion cars will
be run through from Portland to St
Louis without change.
See the many points of ii tcrcBt
about the Mormon capital and take
ride through Nature's pciture gallery.
During the closing months travel to
tho Fair will be very heavy. If you
contemplate going write W. C. Mo
Bride, general agent t Portland for
the Denver & Rio Grande, for partic
olars of these excursions.
Farm For Sale.
1(10 acres, 60 acres of flue sub-In 1
gated bottom land under fence and
cultivation, a million feet of fine tim
ber, hundreds of cords of hard wood,
near town aud all down grade on fine
road. Good two-story dwelling with
L. Well of splendid water at the
door. Fine big barn and ont build
ings. Lots of fruit and berries of all
kinds. Comity road and daily mail at
the door. A splendid place for health
and a pleaHant home. Address Box 117,
Woodville, Oru.
When troubled with constipation
try Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets. They are easy to take and
produce no gripping or other nn
pleasant effect. Lor sale by all drag
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or
egon, for the County of Josepliiue.
Daisy Seliger, i
Plaintiff, Suit
vs. S for
Wenzul Seliger, Divorce.
Llerendant. )
To Wenzel Seliger. Defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon :
Yon are hereby rennired to amiear
and answer the complaint filed against
you in me uuove entitled suit on or
before six weeks from the date of the
first publication of this summons,
which i the 18th day of August, 11)04
ir yon fail to appear and answer, the
plaiutitf willannly to the court for the
roller demanded In the complaint
namely: A decree of divorce dissolv
ing and setting aside the marriage re
lations existing between the plaintiff
ud nelendant.
This summons is published hv order
oi rue iion.j.u. fiootli. Comity Judge
of Josephine Couuty, Oregon, made on
the 18th day of August, lDO-l. The
date of the first publication is August
io, in, ana me last publication Sep
tember 29, 1!K)4.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
lu the Circuit Court of the Stato of
uregon, ror the County of Josephine.
Anna Frost, 1
Plaintiff, Suit
y- for
Thomas J. Frost, I Divorce.
Defendant. J
To Thomas J. Frost, Defendant :
Iu the name of the State of (Ireoni.
You are hereby required to appear and
auswer tne complaint tiled against you
in the ahve entitled smt on or before
six weeks rrom the date of the first
publication of this summons, which is
tne intn day ol August, IU04; if yon
inn iv pieur ana snawer, cue plain
tiff will apply to the conrt for the re.
lief demanded in the complaint, name
ly: A decree annulling aud setting
asidn the marriage relations existiug
between tho plaintiff and defendant,
aud fnr the custody of the minor chil
dren, 1m, Delia, Herbert, Merle and
John Frost.
This summons is nnbliihed hv nr.w
of the Hou.J. O. Booth, Comity Judge
of Josephine County, Oregon, made on
the 18tl, day of August, 11HI4. The
(Lite of the first publication is August
18th l'.HU, and the last publication Sbd.
tember 2!, IU04.
Attoruey for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the Countv of J.i.enhl,m
Mildred Sparhawk, )
Plaintiff, Suit
vs. V for
Charles Sparhawk, Divorce.
Defendant. I
To Charles Snnrhawk, Defendant:
In the name of the State nl drear,,,
You are hereby renuired to annear
and answer the complaint filed against
yon in the above eutitled snit ou or be
fore six weeks from the date of the
first publication of this summon.
which is the 18th day of August, 11K4;
if yon fail to appear and auswer, the'
plaintiff will apply to the conrt f,,r
tho relief demanded iu the complai"t,
nam ley: A decree of the conrt rlu.
soslving and fetting aside the marriage
relations existing between plaintiff
aud defendant and for the custody of
t ie mu or ennureu, Lynilen Sjiarhawk
and Mildred Htwrhawk. and for .neh
other relief as to the oonit may seem
l'his aummous is nubl.sbed hv nrrler
oi toe nou. J. ii. tsootli, Couuty Judge
of Josephine Couuty, Oregon, made
ou the 18th day of August, 1W4. The
dale of the first publication la August
is, iuv4, ami the last publication. S,.n
ember 2U. ISKM.
Attorney lor Plaiutiff.
lu t e Circuit Coort of tl.e State nf
lUcgon, for Josephine Count
Laura M. Nichols, 1
Plaintiff, Snit
vs. V for
Al NU-hola, Divorce.
Defendant J
To Al Nichols. IVfendant:
Iu the name ot the State of Oreonn
You are hereby required to appear anrt
answer tie complaint tiled agaiost voo
in tne auove eutitled suit ou or before
six weeks from the date of the H.
publication of this summons, which is
the 18th day of August, 14; if TOo
fail to appear aud answer.the plaintiff
will apply to the court for the relif
emau.ied in the complaint, llama. I
For a decree dissolving and setting
aside the marriage relations existing
IsMwevn the plaiutiff and defendant
aud for the custody of the minor child
Leoua Nich ls.
This summons is published by order
of the Hon.J. O. Booth, Couuty Judge
of Josephine County, Oregon, road
ou the IKtli day of August. IM04. The
date of the tint publication is Angnst
18. likvt, and the last publication Sep
tember 21), l4.
Attorney fof Plaintiff. ,
I World's Fair Excursion
The Denver & Rio Grande, in con'
nection with the Missouri Pacific, will
run a series of Personally Condncted
Excursions to the World's Fair during
June. These excurBious vill run
through to St Louis without change
of cars, making short stops at princi
pal points en route. The first of
these excmsoiis wiil leave Portland
June 7th. aud the second June litn
rho rata from Grants Pass will
77 sn tn Sr. Louis and return. Ex
enrsi.inists eoing via the Denver &
kin firnnrln have the criviloge of re
turning via a different route. This is
the most pleasant way, as well as the
most delightful route, to cross the
continent The stops arranged give
an opportunity of visiting the various
noiniK of interest in and about Salt
r.nk f'itv. Denver and Kansas City.
If vnn wish to accompany one of
these excursions write at once to W,
C. McBride, 124 Third street. Port
land, for sleeping car reservations.
United States Land Office.
Rosebnrg, Oregon, Sept. 12, 1004.
Notice is hereby given that the fob
lowing-named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make nnai prooi
in suDoort of bis claim, aud that
.aid proof . will be made before John
Minor Booth, U. S. Commissioner, at his
office at (irants parB.Oregon, on Novem
ber 1, 1904, viz: .
on nil It. r io. nooa, tor me r.'
SW!tf. SWi SE'i, SE.'i NWS, See 3-'J
T. 40 S.. K. 8 W.
He names the following witnesses to
nrove bis continuous residence upon aud
cultivation of said land, vis:
Allen Ira Reynolds, of Waldo, Ore.;
Oliver J. Adkins, of Waldo, Ore. ; John
O'Brien, ol Waldo, Ore.; Frank Stair
wait, ol W aldo, (Ire.
J. T. Bkiouf.h, Register.
TIC K 13 T iS
CO L' It T KO U 8 K M I' 1 .0 Y KB
Daylight trip acrnne the Cascade
ana Kocky Mountains.
For tickets, rates, folders sml full infor
mation, call on or address
H. DICKSON, c T. a.
122 Third Street, I'ortland
S. Q. YEKKES, U. W. P. A.
Gl2 First Avenue Seattle, Wash,
We give expedited seiviceon height.
Route your shipments via Great North
ern. Full information from
Wh. llAKPtK, General Agent,
I'ortland, Oregon.
'14 ou t CAny
'.r... -'
Trade Mrr3
Copyrights Ac.
Anrone wndlng ketch mn 1crlntloi maj
lalchl wtrtin oiir npmimi frea nt'lhtr nn
Inrmiilnn In pmbuMj piitmiUhtp. rnnimtt:il-n-tlnitsHrlctlrfonntlentlftl.
lUmlhookim futeiit
ent fre. 4)if1vt ifrnr fir ruriiitf pfili-uli.
rattntn taken thmuifh Wunn tt t u, recti t
fpiviui notice wtihom crutire. In tho
Scientific JImcricaa.
A fcAnrlsnmely HlimtnitM wivklr. jirctM rtr
cuttUnn of ny 'ienf H Trm. M a
ypr : four months, 1. 8iM by alt m wad.' I era.
MUNN ft Co.'--- Ksw Yorli
nranrrt tintfw. .TV. K Mt.. Wn
vS aaw
The first day of December. It is now at its very
oest. And there is no better time tn fmvl
So bo ready for the
From other points.' rates proportionately-low.
r. :,.. 01..-;, roturiiluir vitlti,i t,a. m
Vou will have your choice of the finest Scenic
Routes in tho World, if you use tho Burlington,
Let mo tell you about them, n
A. C.
for st. Louis and the world's fair
OGG HHUn ' ""V'"1 addilto. t. th.
artrattioii. at St. leuU. ThU can only b don, by
SS or rtturain, VU the "SCENIC LINE OF THE WOULD'
riU la ihtrfraud beoakt Ule,', lttma ,i,M, ruo,
W. C. MoIIKima. General Airent
In Prain of Chamberlsia's folic, c1m,
and Diarrhoea Remedy
"Allow me to give yon a few word,
in praise of Chamberlain's Coll
Cholora and Diarrhoea Remen.M
Ttr- t . t ,. . . -i
najn mr. douu nanilett, of
Pnss, Texas. "I suffered
with bowel trouble and
one week
took nll mi uiuiiioiiib without getting
any relief, when my friend. V, n
Johnson, a merchant here, advi,j
me to take this remedy. After taking
one dose I felt greatly relieved ti
when I had taken the third dose ,
entirely cored! I thank jon from tl,
bottom of my heart for putting n,
great remedy in the hands of ma
kind. " For sale by all druggist
The largest sum ever paid lora nr..
scription, changed hands in Kan Krr
Cisco, Aug. 30, 1H01. The transfri
volved in coin and stoclt 112,500 O.iand"
was paid by a party ol husinesa men lur
a specific for M right'a Disease and l)ia
betes, hitherto iuciirahle diseases.
They commenced the serious i'nvesii.
gation of the specific Nov. 15 myn
They Interviewed scores of the 'cured
and tried it out on its merits bv putting
over three doren vases on the treatment
and watching them. The? also got ph,.
aiciauB to name chronic, incuranlecaees
aud administered it with the physicians
forjudges. Up to Aug. 25, 87 per eent
nf the teet cases were either well or
prcgrvBsiug lavorauiy.
There being but thirteen per cento!
failures, the parties were satisfied and
closed the transaction. The proceedings
of the investigating committee and ths
clinical reports of the test cases were
published and 11L be mailed free on
application. Address John J. Ii itok
Company, 420 Montgomery 8t. San Fran
ciBco, Cal.
Onginul mid only genuine
Frknuii Tanhv Wafkrs for
wile by leading druggist, fj'2
tier Imijt. Snfo and re uil.ln
L Accept no substitute. J
and umon Pacific
Three Trains to the East Daily
Through Pullman standard and tourist
sleeping cars daily to Omaha. Chicago, ."po
kane; tourist sleeping cars daily to Kuii-hs
City; through Pullman tourist sleeping
cars (personally conducted) weekly to Chi
cago, Kansas City; reclining chair cars
(seals free) to the Kast daily.
No change of cars.
Dkpaht Time Sc'hkdl'lkh iAkkivk
fk I From Portland fkom
Chicago SuTtXiTke, DenveTr7PtI
Portlund Worth, Omahii, 5:2."i p. 111.
Special j Kiinsas City, St.!
9:15 a. in.1 Ixiuis, Chiouitnandi
via limit. Ivist.
Atluntic Salt Lake, Denver
r't. Worth. Oiiinha
8:1" p. m.
via Hunt
Kansiia Citv, Sll
7:15 a.m.
Louis, (Jhicago!
and r.ast
Tit! PiiuTAVaTlri VainS
cast Mail ton. Kpokune. Will
n:i;p.m. luce. I'tillniaii. Mm :(! 11. 111.
via neaiMilU. St. l'nul.l
Sokane. Duluth.Milwiiukpe,
J Chicago and Kust.
Ocean and Itiver Wclietlule.
Korean Franciwo Kvery five duvs at s
'. 111, Kor Astoria, way points and Norili
ileaeh Daily (except Sunday! at N n. in .:
Saturday al ill p. m. Daily sirvieefwaier
lniiitungi on vniiamelte anU i an. lull
Kor further information ask or write vour
nearest ticket agent, or
Ueneral Passenger Ajrent,
1'heOreiron Railmn.1 a XnviuAtu,,. i'n
Portland, Oregon.
asirifiw is
SHELDON, Ont,-,,! Ari
IOO Third Street,
124 Third Street