Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 29, 1904, Page 3, Image 3

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People . They Come Bind Go
From Day to Day
Miss Fannie Nichols loft Friday fi r
Marion, win-re she lias bwn engaged
10 (elicit. " . '
A. U Morris left Weduesdny oven-
Francisco on mining
Successful Meeting al Jacksonvlll. Week.
Closing out prices on odds in Dishes
CLTS and" SAUCERS per set while they last, '
'PLATTERS from 20c up
Patent COFFEE POTS worth fl.00 and $1.25 to close
nt 50c and 75c each.
Fresh New Breakfast Foods
Crcspo like its name Crisp, and very appetising
Dr. Prics's
Its good, try it
The White House Grocer v.
I -
these cool mornings from a little fire in the
heating stov.e. If your stove is not up, call
' now at our store and see the lino for 1004.
All styles and prices.
Cramer Bros.
Odd Fellows Block.
iug for Sau
- Mrs. C. L. Cleveuger is enjoving a
visit fiom her raronts, Mr. aim airs.
E. Wiuiberly of RoseLuig.
Mr. anil Mrs. G. L Gillett arrived
Friday from Fort Klamath to speud a
week or more with relatives.
'j. W. Cowder of Suinptcr speut
Wednesday iu Grnuls Pass ou his re
turn from a business visit to San
Charles Suow aud sinter with
their mother, who has been ill iu
Portland for many niruths, arrived
home hut week.
Mrs. J. H. Booth returned to Rose
burg Tuesday morning after a visit in
Grants Pass with her parents, Mr.
aud Mis. J. C. Campbell.
Miss Graea Good went to Portland
Tuesday to take a course iu one of the
business colleges. Miss Vera Good
also went to Portland for a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bell of Burtles-
ville, I. T. ,ajo visiting their brother
Dr. Fiudlev. Mr. Hull is owner 01
several nrotltabl-J oil wels in Indian
Fred Pracht, wife and fonr children
left Sunday for a visit' at Concordia
Kan., the former nonie or uotn air.
and Mrs. Pract. Mr. Priicht has uot
been back there for If) years.
P. R Stark, wife and three child
ren arrived last week flora Boise,
Mnlio. to make their home in this
nnnntv. Mr. Stark lias followed
mining for the past 20 years.
Editor Lee Wiuiberly of the Rose-
burg Review' passed through Grants
Push Mniiflav ou his return from at
tending tlio Sovereign Grand Lodge
L O. O. F. at Sun Francisco.
J. Sargeant of Allegan county
and O. Eberhart of Grand Rapid,
Michigan, arrived hero last week to
spend the winter and perhaps remain
permanently. Mr. Eberhart spent
last whiter here.
Mrs. S. C. Norton is sufferiu y frm
tint effects of a fall.. In coming down
stairs she ennght her foot on the step
mwt relieved a very hard fnH. No
bout s were lirolieu, but she was quite
severely bruised.
A. D. Custar is nt the Opp mine
near Jacksonville assihiing in ink
erection of tho new stamp 11TIII iu
company with Frank Willett. They
worked last winter Dunning ine mm
at tho Granite Hill mine.
Geo. W. Rtiv of North San Juan,
Cul.. was in Grants Pass Monday
ou busiuess. returning homo on the
same evening. Mr. Ray iH the pnnci
pal owner of tho Ray groupo of mines
on the Illinois river, near Kirtiy.
Rev. D. T. Snnimervillo, presiding
older. Rev. J. W. McDongall of the
Newman M. E. church and Kev. John
A. Mears, pastor of the Merlin and
Wilriervillu churches, left Monday
for Eugene to attend tho annual
Lonnio Moon was in Grants Pass
few davs packing up and on Monday
lie and his mother left for Portland
where they will reside. Mr. Moon
wait tine m tiut .iij o iiii.c-v .. ...........
vnnniz men and we are sorry to u se
nim. He has a good positiuu in the
O. R. & N. olhees.
Friends of James Slovcr to thenuin-
her of 20 or more made lim u surprise
visit Monday evening, the event being
in calculation of liis birthday. Mr,
.Shiver was presented with hand
unmet nmbrellu. .The evening was
verv nleasantlv spent with whist
Refreshment following later.
Brief Notes &nd Items oi Interest
a.nd Importance.
The Soldiers aud Sailors re union,
held last week iu Jacksonville, is re
ported as one of the most successful
meetings jet held, the enrollment
be in; larger than ever beforo.
Officers were elected as follows:
Comuian.ier, E. M. Nealon of Table
Rock; LieutcuantCouiniaiidur, Ed. E.
White of Ashland; Major, A. J. T.
Smith of Gold UiUt Chaplain, G. L.
Evans of Grants Pass; Quartermaster,
Mary E. Hildreth of Grants Pass;
Chief of Artillery, Byron Mooro ot
Woodville; Adjutant, T. E. Hills of
Addresses were given by Seuator
Fultou, Rev. J. W. McDongall of
Grants Pass, Htji. O. B. Watsou of
Ashland aud Department Commander
B. F. Pike.
The ucxt meeting will bo held in
Grants Pass in September, 11)05.
The following Grants Pass people
Veterans G. L. Evans, John Pat
rick, T. L. Sims, J. W. Heston. K.
Wriuhi. W. M. Haunuru. " J. A. Ni-
dav, E. Tnthill, Noah Day, W. B
Hildreth, L VanDom, D. S. Holtou,
O. W. Thomas, J. V. Griffith, Chris
tiau Gonimel, J. E. Petersou, M. El
liott. A. Morris. J. L. Scovill, Thoo.
Mott, J. K. Pigney.
Woman's Relief Corps Rosa
Morris. Elizabeth Day, Harriet
Patrick, Mary C. Hildreth, Mary
Haunnm, Nellie Mott, Susnnua H
Ahlf, Snsainmh'Will, Annio Walker,
R D. Gravlin, Hattio Calvert, Hen
rietta Zoller. .
Sons mill Danghtors of Veterans R
R. Patrick, Bertha Goettsche.
. - Z
What's the use wgitins; ' i
Justice Being Dispensed e.1
Court House.
the Best?
Two Michigan Men Touring the
Vnited States.
(& Beach
A Bridge
will perhaps cost you a trifle more than a
cheaply, poorly constructed stove, but you will
soon be repaid by the satisfaction of having a
good cooker & baker. And you will not be
coming back for repairs the frst season.
f Ilair-lliddle Hardware Co.
C. M. Darling aud C. C. Murphy of
Jackson, Mich., were iu Grunts Pass
Monday having traveled from Detroit,
Mich., on their wheels. They are
traveling on a fj)00 wager the condi
tions of which are (lint they shall
visit every statu in the nnion, must
st irt without a cent, mnst not work,
beg, borrow nor steal, hut must pay
all expenses by the sale of a souvenir
aluminum pin tray. They have
already visited 17 states, have met
with nianv thrilling adveutures and
nnirow escapes, but they seem 10 i'
that the trin is rasing them ill ex-
nerience. They started from Detroit
May, 2, 1401, aud have until Aovom
her, 2, P.K).-i, to complete tho tasK.
Tlii.v uiiv 1 In v are six davs ahead ul
their schedule.
Nellie Smith
Al Nicnols
Bros. Racket Store.,.
lulls Itiilltlinur, Ciixtli fitroet
Door Mats at COc
Jelly Glasses at 40c dozen
Some bargains in Jewelry. ,
1 Our brooms sweep clean.
APl'LEGATE At Grants Pass.
Ore gon, Wednesday, hcptcinncr -:i,, to Mr. nml .Mrs. it. m. rtp-
plegate, a daughter.
Pass, Ore., Wednesday, Scptcuiinr
2S, P.Kil, W. I.. Jioiiignmt ry ami
Martha Brown, Rev. J. W. I'ravis
Mt'RRAT IIILI.ER At Hotel Lay-
ton ill this city Wednesday, r-cpi.
W, 1VKI4. by Justice (ten. P. r'urmaii,
Johu Murray and Mrs. Annie Killer.
home of the bride's t r,
Schariincsoii, at Grains Pass, Wed
nesday, Sept. 21. I'.sU, Robert Van
Husk ilk and Miss Carrie MeCalla,
Riv. (J. F. Siudersnii ollii iating.
The bride and groom are both well
known urauts Pass youug people snd
highly esteemed. The ceremony was
ituesseu bv (he ininieaiuie n iuuv
and a few Intimate friends. Mr. Slid
Mrs. Van Busk irk left tho saino nay
for a visit in California. They w ill
make their borne iu Grants Pass.
Biwtrt of Ointmnt lor CMrrh That Con-
Uint Mercury,
as mercury will surely des(roy the
seose of smell and completely derauge
the whole system when entering it j
through the mucous snrfaoes. Such
articels should never be nsed except
on prescriptions from reputabls phy
sicians, ss the damages they ill do
is teu fold to the g'xxi yoo can pos
sibly derive from thera. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
CbenerCo.. Toledo. O., contains no
m'TTury. ami is
acting 'opon the
taken internally.
blood and morooi
ot orfre of the system, in ooyins;
Hall s Catarrh Core be sure you p-t
the genuine. It is taken int.rn.lly
and made in Toledo, Ohio, by Y i.
-t.-.,.. X- I'n. Tendmcnials free.
SMps -r j J
oouxipajiou. '
Estrats To.ken t'p.
There came to my place, formerly
known as the Custar place, on Ap
plegate, two miles from Murphy, the
following described stock : one large.
nan neck lid cow. marked with
nuderbit in right ear; one red cow,
cron In right ear, split in left; out
roan yearling steer, ondetbit in right
ear, split aud nuderbit in left; one
red yearling steer, crop and onderbit
in right ear. onderbit in left; one
yearling boll, crop and split iu right
ear. No visible brands.
Owner mtf have- tunc on payment
of charges and damages; otherwise
the stock will be sold.
Mrs. M. S. Jennings.
for bouse
BROW S At Grants Pass, Saturday,
Septeuilx r 2t. l'A(, of consumption,
Charles Brown, agul 27 years.
TAYLOR At Portland, Saturday,
September 2, '. Gcmnde
Frances, (he 20-months old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs..W. A. Taylor. .
Mrt Taylor was visiting at Waco,
wlun the child was taken sick, (he
r.nlt of children feeding (lie baby on
gr)e. There seemed to b no help
lor the cnil'l at ra nn en
(aken (o (he Good Samaritan hospital
at Portland.
SEELEY In Fresno, Cai., Thurs
day. Sert- 22, l4. Mis. tlliatietn
Necley, sged W years.
Mrs. Neeley was (he w ife of Jam's
Neeley of Merlin and a pioneer ol
this countv, well known snd esteemed
by slL ibe remius were brought
home anil (lie interim ui ' "' j "
Moudsv s( (tie Pleasant Valley ceme
tery mar Merlin, with a lurtre attend
.. .,f I riends and The
iniieral services were condueled by
Rv. Stepueu JewelL
The September term of circuit court
for Josephine county opened ou Mou
day with Judge Huiiua ou tho bench.
Monday was consumed mainly
running over the docket ana assign
ing dates for trial The case of Smith
vs. Mcintosh was tried beforo a jury
ou Tuesday and a verdict was given
iu favor of tho plaintiff.
On Wednesday was held tho trial of
Eiumett Conger for striking Sm.
Munson with a hammer last July
Tho iurv returned a verdict of 80'
The case of Stuto vs. Kuapp was
taken op on Thursday. Eleven jurors
were obtained from the regular panel
mid Iho court adiournod until a now
venire of (hreo could bo obtained.
Criminal Docket.
Stat.i of Oregou vs James Yocum
and Henry Williams; assuult with in
tent to rob.
State of Oregon vs Eiumett Conger;
assault w ith a dangerous weapon. Ac-
State of Oregon vs Andrew Grimes;
assault with a dangerous weapon.
Slate of Oregou vs Arthur Conkliu ;
information for libel.
State of Oregon vs John Kuapp;
assnalt with intent to commit rnpo.
State of Oregon vs J F Stovall;
information for wounding an animal
the property of another.
Daisy Sellger vs Wen.el Seliger;
divorce. M Duulap vs Robert Dunlap;
S W Smith vs Ml
Laura M Nichols
suit for divorce.
James I.yttlo vs Iheoiirio (jameron,
et al; suit in equity for nil injunc
tion. ...
The Curtis Publishing Co vs raeine
Pine Needle Co; action for money.
C A Trefethen vs T Kourko ; ac
tion to recover damages.
F W (. Iiausso sun T X uenn vs .i a
Jennings; aclion to recover money.
James Camp vs iwtnnuso .inning
Co. a corporation; uctlou ro recover
lzora McKinncy vs A at Mcriiuncy ;
suit for divorc e.
Ji.cob Meir vs w u Long nnu
August Felsch; action to foreclose
A Brown vs John Retter and Hat
tio Rettur; netiiin to recover money.
C I) Smith vs 11 C Mcintosh and
Mvra Mcintosh; action for money.
Verdict for plaintiff.
Ellen St Louis vs Henry E Booth,
et al ; suit in r'Uity.
F Fetseh vs Lucy Ferreu,
suit iu equity.
Marv Ramsey Vi
action for damages
Simmons, Cameron and ligun
Deep Oiavi 1 -Mining t o; action
M I) U ('rooks vs
for in junction.
Janes Camp vs
Co; suit in crpitfy.
James T Lognu vs Deep Gravel
Mining Co; soit for Injunction.
M lilimieiithal At Co vs J H Aulen;
..r-tien for money.
T E McFarlaiiH vs T F Rourke,
e( al fori c'osnre mechanics h'in.
Samuel 11 Petlingill. et al, vs
L A Lewis; action for damsges.
' E Emerson vs T L Cousino, et al ;
suit to quiet title.
u illiams Bros Door & Lumls-r l o
i-j piifiiio Piuh Needle Ci; action
lor money.
11 I) Nor'on vs William II Emerson
anion for money.
K I! Pickel vs John u liarvey, eiui
actum for money.
S N Ayers, et al, vs 0 O Lund ; sul
trt mlii ( title.
Kstate of W F Kremer an insolvent
del tor; .1 O Booth, assignee.
J F Wisecarver ts Jacob Klippel
.ml tn .hi let title.
li IL Mil'lung vs l-ucy naaer
act ion for money.
H (; liot..ieu and
Alice H Culver, et al
Jos Moss vs James
soi( to quiet titlu.
Tallulah Turner
Turner; divorce.
Sarah K Holjerlson vs cuss u nun
erts'in; divorre. I
Margaret Akers vs Rufus Akers;
Anna E Btowu is Lawreuce Brown ;
T K Anderson, et si, vs The Galioe
Ciinsolidated Mines Co; action for
Choral Union.
The Grants Pass Choral Vnion hold
i. flr.t nutting of the season on
Monday evtning. There was a good
jtteiidancc and a spirit of enthusiasm
seemed to prevail. It was decided
thai instead of taking op a new work
this year, to repeat two of the former
ontcrtaiumcnts, one to be given in De
cember aud the other in March. The
first work will be the ean(a(a "(Juecn
Ksdier." The second production will
probably be "Pinafore."
et al;
John Lockliardt;
Dr. Flanagan,
Physioinn aud Dentist. .
Goto Coron for Plumbing. ;
Oliver flows at Cramer Bros.
Bicycle repairing at Cramer Bros. '
M. Clemens, Prescription Drusgist.
Have O. O. LuuTI saw your wood.
Peach paper at the Courier cilice.
Gcueral repairing at Jud Taylor's.
Pleuty of Fishing Tnckle at Cramer
Diamond Rings from ft. 40 to 100t
Talking Machines nud Records at
Paddock's. ,
Full f ream cheese 15c pound White
House Grocery.
Order seals and rubber stamps of
. E. Voorhies.
A splendid line ot Royal Charter Oak
Ranges stCoren't
Air tight heaters nro uow on the
floor at Cramer Bros.
For first class tablo board go to
Sniytho's, 114 E St.
1 he best trout flies and lenders In
towu nt Cramer Bros.
Plates and Films ' developed and
printed at Clevenger's.
Great Reduction In Bummer Wrar
pera at Mrs. Rehkopl's.
Dinmnud ear drops from f 13 lo 20
at Ix teller's.
Amateur Photo work promptly nud
carefully attended to at Clevenger's.
Don't fail to see the now lino of
Diamond and opal rings at Letcher's.
T7ir a fchnrt timo Ireland & Meade
will sell you a lot for 10 down and
f.i per mouth.
Now is the time lo buy House
dresses. The sale is now going on nt
Mrs. Rehkopf .
It von aro not getting good shoes.
for vour lnoney, try tho Ked Star
Store, where good shoes aro sold.
I have some flno business and resi
dence hits for sale. Sixth street,
Any old terms. " . J. D. Drake,
If yon wish to reduce your wood
hill. Imv 4-foot eiigths and liuve o.
O. Lund saw it for you nt your uoor.
An old stand under a new manage
ment I City M -nt Market 1 Pliimnicr
& Martiu Proprietors after October 1
Aafe vnnr dealer for RngllO River
Creninery Butter Hindu nt Medford is
now 05 cents per two-pouun, square
lull weight.
Baby carrlago tiros put on nt Judd
Buv 4-ft wood aud have Lund Baw
it for you.
Full cream cheese loo pound White
nouso Grocery
Table Board at reasonable rates nt
Smvthe's, 114 E St,
Pulton's Sun Proc f Paint ill all
shades at Cramer Bros.
Jnd Taylor soils blcyoleB and ull
bi,lu rf t, level., UllllllH.
A uew lino of Diamond jewelry ADOPTED
on hand at Letcher's Jewelry store.
tnfl nieces of vocal and Instrumental
dieet musin at 10 cents each at the
Grants Pass Musio House.
If von do not come soon you will
miss that Bargain Sale iu sin
wrappers nt Mrs. Rehkopf 'a.
The Lad'es! Aid Bicioty of Newman
V. K. church will servo dinner mid
supper on election day, Nov. S.
There will bo services next Sunday
at the Episcopal church, morning and
evening. Sermon Dy nov. rruueric
C. Williams.
.T. H. Kiiicnld of Williams killed a
rattlesnake recently that sported 2))
rattles. TJie reptile, exclusive tif the
unususlly exnheriiut caudal append
age, was not oi reinaiKituiy litrgu simi.
U try a Blue Ribbon, 6-cent cigar.
Umbrellas repaired at Judd Tay
lor's. Steel Box Stoves In all sizes it Cra
mer Bros.
It E. Turner has completed build
ing the store for Dnnbar oi Kuykeli
dall at Wolf creek and is now engaged
in minim? tint Wolf creek hotel and
putting foundation under the build'
Ciiitlit & Co for Watches, Clocks,
Gold RiiiL-s nml Jewelry, line watch
ronairiuii. engraving. Goods sold at
renurnmlillt IirlceS. ('oll:e llllll See US,
I. O. O. F. Building, Grants Pass,
The I'ndcrwnoil Visible Typewriter
does everything any other typewrit
cau do and many things no other writ
ing machine will do. Agency at u
Front St., Portland, will furnish cat
G. II. Belike of Sucker met k Is Lasy
working on an etxeusion lo the quart,
leflm. (Ill lio land creek. which is called
the .Mother l.oiie
for Cold Weather before
buying your
Fall Suit?
. By getting it now, you
have longer wear for your
money and a larger assort
ment to pick from.
If you want something
that will put you in a dis
tinguished class by your
self, come here and walk
'off with a snappy suit of
hand tailored by
Schloss Bios. & Co.
The picture shows the
reigning favorite in Fall
Apparel. This is the ntitty
suit the best dressed young
fellows in the big cities are
now wearing.
Thorn is nothing In the
style, lit, fabrio or tailoring
that would suggewt tho idea
that It was "Ready made."
On tho other band, there is
every thing to Indicate that tho
sweliesl merchant tailor might
have made it. Ho wouldn't
think ol charging you loss
than t-i"i for it. Wo can lit
Foil so LlTTI.K
A I'ltll'K AS
Look Tor This label
Thero is
in. these
j : la?
SM sc moss; bros;scq!
fiirB ft ATiirc M.4irrtc
1 1 . l V.LU I 1 1 1. J j ll L. ..J
Baltimore fewYbrK
Exclusive Walk-over Agents
Nowmsn M. E. Churcn. Conier-
ence Commends Minister.
llnvo thiim Examined AT ONCE
- 11 JO l'J
A M Daniel; suit
Althousu Mining
At the tpiarlorly conference held nt
Newuiau M. K. clinroli ou Siiptemhor
i the following resolutions wero
adopted ;
Whereas, Rev. J. W, McDougall has
been tho pastor of this church for Ihu
past three years nnd has proven Him
self to bo a careful, judicious and in
spiring administrator, uml
Whereas, During each year of ins
pastorate this church has become
stronger 111 all (loiaitiiinnta as a
worker, force and prestlgo in the town
and country surrounding it, and
Whereas, Onr Pastor, Hey. J. W.
McDougall is known to be a raitiuui,
plain, able and aoceplublo prencner
and pastor, a man who Is pleasant aim
Ingratiating 111 ins social ni"i m.-.-foio
Resolved, That wo appreciate
Brother .1. W. McDougall as a preach.
or nnd pastor and man in social lit".
anil the ildellty Willi wnicit no iw
labored among ns ill such capacities,
and further be It
Resolved. That as a quarterly con
Ti reuce, we ask that Brother J. W.
McDougall bo returned to this church
as pastor fur inn coining year
hT by riquest our Presiding Elder lo
iniiliii our w isle s nnd neiiniis In Ibis
auso known to lllshnp Spell yer,
and to use his Influence to have such
wishes reali.ed.
Room 0, Scbullhorn Huildhii,', ronr of Dri Dixon's.
now lnivo on display a full uKHortment of
And all tho latest novelties in Millinery'
R Thomas vs
; suit in equity.
C Every, et al ;
vs Edwin W
The leilgo is IU feel
and morn across and carries big values
iu inlphurets. .
R. L. Coo has- just purchased two
lots at (he southeast cornel of Fifth
and E streets, on which he exs'cts to
erect a warelioui o. The business of K
L. Cob & Co. has increased to snob nil
extent that more, room Is a necessity.
U try a Blue Ribbon 6-cent cigar.
Ainirican pedometers at Judd Tay
Rubber Stump, ink iu stock at the
Courier ollice.
Dr. H. C. Dixon Is building a neat
oottllL'0 on C street, between rticouu
aud Third.
A freiuht car o'f the track iu the
deimt yard last week blocked (he shit
track fir a nay.
Wo are Informed by I. W. Baker,
tirnorletor of the Grants Pass steam
Lmulrv. that ho will resume it
management on October .i. i or some
tune past the laundry has been under
lease to J. Hansen.
The publiot school enrollment the
first of this week had Increased IoChX.
It has been found uecessary to employ
one additional teacher for the Sixth
grailo to accommodate (he Increased
uumlier of scholars.
Pauline, llm lid hi daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. T. Y. Dean, was quite badly
i. mi ii in the fact) l.v a dog witli which
die was playing. Tint annual for
limit reason iM-eami! aggravated aim
eizd her cheek with his (ec(h, in
flietimr nuite an ugly wound, one cul
r nriiiu three stitches by tint sur
bimiii. No serious renlts are exis cted.
M. E. Horr has purchased two lots
at the corner of Second nud C streets
and has commenced (he bcilding of a
house. Hit is putting up the back
portion of a house, for occupancy this
winter and next spring will com
plete the house. Mr. Horr came licit?
three moulhs ag" from Abtrdeeu,
Wash. Mrs. Horr sud sou arrivtu
last week.
The darkness is good.
Ootid for sleeping.
Itu not for working.
Not for typewriting.
One stumbles in tli( dark.
Turn on (he light.
Write in sight.
Get an Luderwood Visible Type
writer. Agency 6u Front St., Portalud.
Whereas, Our Presiding Elder,
D. 'I'. Suiniunrville, has lor ine past
six years had one of (hit largest tils-
triell rill lilt! Coast Sjllll 111 IIIOSl OI
which the means of conveyance are
rude ami tiresome, and
Whereas, In spite of these and many
other obstacles, bo lias tnorougnir ,
sns rvised and frequently visite'i an
barges ill his district, i.nn inn rt
mills, both spiritual nnu tempt, rat,
Imvtt been very encouraging. Now,
theieforn be it
Resolved, By the Fourth Qunrtt rly
t 'linrorenoo of Iho Grants Pass Metho
dist Episcopal church (hat wo recog
nize that the faithful, businetis llke
administration of our Elder has never
been excelled on this Hold, and we
wish him continued success iu his
new Held of labor.
Call and sec my v
if iSelf-Iillinu'Pjn
I? nksPsaTltatfUlsltielf ''
oniplclo lino,
Miss Ida Weston
I'ront Street, between 6th and 7th.
Reliable Jeweler.
Clemens' Ding Store,
Gorton's Mln(rels.
Welby and learl, black face come
dians, who havo been one of the
stellar attractions with Gortons
Minstrels for several masons, have
Included Miss Cleoiio Pearl-Fell in
their at t, and Iho team Is now known
an Welby, Pearl and" Fell. The set
introduces tlm dancing of Miss Fell,
tint laughable negro comedy of Jake
Welby, together with a ina.oniku
dance in which tho three participate
most effectively.
Welby ami Peail uiadti (heir repuln
11,.,.., i.Yii.rt ilmicers long Ago, and
both aru adepts Iu the art. Tin y
dance every step known to tho pro
fession, and each aplicarahce is a
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recalls. Miss Fell's presence lenus
additional interest to an amusing nnd
delightful performance. They will be
seen with Gorton's Minstrels st the
ois-ru house, Thursday evening, S-p-
(ember 2'J. Reserved seats at mim
ing Depuy's.
Libre. rv Notice.
Beginning Oedibcr 1, the
will be cqs'ii 01. Saturday
duf iug the winter nioudis.
Jetinlo 11. jutisnn, nee 7.
Earn Money
vi: wii.r, pay you i'or your timi
A DdlJ.Ak S.WI'.I) IS A dollar
Ol' oi'R LK1
jz? You Earn Money j&
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Each Article I'lirclused.
Shiil Wai-.t s fiom 750 to ft. 50 now 511c
Mints Si.$' now : $i 50
4 00 " '. .. . . 3 0
" 4 50 " 3-50
Ami Summer Goods in riopottion.
To Trade.
I will trade flno luslde lots for lum
ber or lean., harness nd wagon. J.
D. Drake.
New Department Store
White-llemcnway Co. Mgrs.
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