Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, August 25, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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    i kpGCS RIVER COttRtSR, OftANfa iAS3, 6fcSOOf. At'fiUT i9pi
Fubllahed Every Thursday.
Subscription Rates i
One Year, In advance, (1.S0
rjia Months, - .7
Three Month, ... .40
Mingle Coines, - .06
Advertising Races
furnished on application at the office, or
by mail. I
Ohituariea ami resolution of con-
ti.lpnr will It rhArireil (or &L be tier line: I
caril-o! tiianka 6Uc.
Entered at the poat olltce at Urania 1'a-a,
Oregon, aa aecond-claaa mail mailer.
Tlie press dispatches stale that
since the Japs began to asaoalt Port
Arthur, np to the 23d, they have lost
28,000 muD killed. In apito of thia
the little brown men liave reraiated
and liuve finally enptorod the strong
hold, which surrendered Wednesday.
This will release another army so
that General Knroiaukin will have
to hustle or hu will be forced to sur
render. The Jaianiieo have again
demonstrated the old snying thai
nothing socceeds like success.
Since the assassination of the Rus
sian minister Von PlchveatHt. Peters
burg the question of calling an inter
national nuti-anarchist rongiess, to lie
held in Paris, is once more being seri
ously considered and may be realized
this full. There aro indications, how
ever, that the ground is liceoraing too
hot for the apostles of dynamite and
stiletto even in Paris and Switzerland
and a general exedus of anarchists and
nlhilsits to the United States would
not surpriso the French secret police.
It Is strongly hojied that the United
Stutes will join in any international
mcuHnrns which muy lie adopted by
Kuropenn countries for the extermina
tion of tliexo dangerous criminals, to
whom the life of no prominent man it
Josephine County in the Led
With Display,
The American Mining Congress
now in session in Portland is attended
by a host of mining men from all over
the United Statu. Grants Pass is
furnishing some of her citizeus to
help swell the numbers. Mayor II.
I Gllkey, It. L. Coo, J. R. Hiirvcy.
' O. 0. Iliggins, John S. Crawford, J.
II. Crawford and wife and C. II.
Polndextur are now in Portland and
It. Thomas, Arthur Cotikliu, Poutil
II. Stovnll and A. K. Voorhies will be
there Thursday morning.
Josephine has a very creditable dis
play of ore in the armory which Is
attracting widespread attention. The
exhibit which was arranged by O. C.
Higgins was tho subject of a large
illustration ill the evening Telegram
Monday. Tho display of gold from
tho Briggs initio and nuggets from
other Joscphino county mines la ou
exhibit at tho Koldonheluier jewelry
store, corner Third and Washington
streets, and is attracting a great
amount of attention as there is a
crowd in front of the window all day
A largo number of leaflets tnlliug
few points about Jnsophliie County
are being distributed and we will,
without a dobut, bo benefitted there
Selling Stokes (or Power Line.
Tho Gold Hill Development Com
pauy Is setting stakes along its pro
posed electric line through tho valley.
Tho main lino runs from Gold Hill
to the V. M. Hcott place, uciir Central
Point, where It branches, one branch
running to the Opp mine, near
Jakao'uvillc, anil the other paiwlng
through Meilford ami on south as far
as Talent. It ia tho piirpoi.0 of the
company to IhMiill both nil electric
light and telephone service, stringing
both sets of w ires on the same poles.
Atfer the lines above mentioned are
cuupleted, the company inleinlH run
ning a line to u point eight mllcr
below Grunts Piikh, where it Iish con
tracted to furuiah power and light
to a large mine. Meilford Mail.
Mr. Miller's Promotion.
Following is thu letter tecelved by
Hou. II. I!. Miller notifying him of
his promotion :
Legation of the United Slates of
Aim ilea, Peking, China.
Mav 14, mm.
Dear Mr. Miller,
Kl at, I wish to olfi r you my
heartiest cimgrntulal ions over your
promotion. It is lain in coming and
is by uo menus what you deserve,
but It may, and I hope w ill, lead to
something better. The IVpaMmcnl
notified me otticiully yesterday by
telegraph. barn reiiii'iited from the
Chinese Government the usual per
mission for yon to exercise your
fniicl inns us Consul General As
anon aa it is given I ill notify you,
and from thence you will sign youi
self Consul General wilhinit iiMitituie.
the arrival of your Commission
Signed : K. II. CONGKlt
Bids V anted.
Iliils wanted at once at Mountain
I.ion mine, for delivering '.'iHi conl
wood. Pur further infiitmatiini upplj
room II, Masonic tuuMing.
I1YDK At (irants Pass, Tuesihtv,
August i I'.sn, to Mr Hint Mrs
Geo. Hyde, a daughter.
SOl.OMUN-llUYANT-At the hou,.
of the bride's parents at Ph-xnuil
Vallev, Thursday. August IS, mm,
G. J. Solomon ami Mma Arvillu M
IiHYANT-SOI.()MiiNAt the holm
of the bride's parents at l'leasiiul
Vallev, '1'liursdav, August IS, I'.km,
T. M Bryant and Clara M. K.
I.KK SMITH At Anderson, Cj
toruia, August S3, f.M, Harvey M.
le. formerly of Grants Pass bin
later of llie'ding, Cal., and Ml-t
llerlha K. Smitli of Anderimu, Cal
'al., Tuesday, Augio-t It, t'.sn, K.l
inond U. (,f (Jranis Pass and
Misa Nora Bhorwood of Lot Angi les
t rt 'rjm cirr?t ihjV NTnl rwri?T CAT
ir 1 UL 1 .J 1 1U1,J IIA1U I uim.i uai-
The New Water, Light tvnd
Power Co. Supply Ice
All refrigerator cars for Southern
Oregon fruit transportation are being'
iced at Grants Pass by the Water,
Light & Power Co. The first cars to
bo supplied with Ice were sent in 1
about two weeks ago and already 20
cars have been supplied with from
8000 to 1)000 pounds each. The cars
are then taken to Central Point, Med
ford, Ashland and other points to be
loaded with Bartlett pears for eisteru
Last year the company iced some
AO cars bat the number will probably
be less this year, as the hail storm
during the early part of the season
damaged a considerable quantity of
The company is also shipping ice
in smaller quantities to points from
Gold Hilt to Glendale.
Low Re. tee to California.
The Triennial Conclave Knights
Templar will lie held at Bail Frauuls
co, September Sth to 9th, and the Sov
ereign Grand Lodge I. O. O. F. will
ho held at same point Heptemlier lltth
to 2.')th. For these occasions the Sooth
em Pacific Co. will place lu c fleet the
extremely low rate of one and one
third fare for tho round trip. Those
who aro planning a trip to California
should take note of theso rates.
W. E. Coman, O. P. A.
Clearance Sale
Summer Wash Goods
To make room for our New Fall Slock we will close
out all Summer Wash Goods, Shirt Waists, Crash
Skirts, etc , at a great reduction. It will pay you to
look them over.
Dry Goods and Shoes.
Provolt Items.
Hop picking begins 2Mh of this
month, at the Sonson yard
Miss Alice Lcwnian, of Provolt
nude a trip to Grants Puss Monday.
Mrs C. O. lligelow of Williams
mrtdo Missouri Flut a pleasant call
Whooping cough at Provolt, is not
spreading very much; there are two
cases at Williams.
Miss May Smith of Provolt, left
Tuesday for Mrs. Win. Sonson's,
where alio will work for awhile.
Jaiusa Coffee of Provolt. who has
heen nt Kusti rn Oregon for the paid
two iminlha, returned home Friday.
II. IVrnoll and J. Harriett of Ap
pIcgutK, were at Provolt Thursday
ted also to the saw mill at Powell's
The Powell's Creek Lumbering Co.
h.ts shut down for the season, sawing
hr the S P. 1). X L. Co , at Grants
l'ass. They will saw out hills aa
they come, and will start alsiut the
Mth of September tor a short run.
John Itchkopf, a Gruuts Puss hop
raiser, wits nt Provolt Thursday look
ing over his yard. Hu waa well
phased with the hop growth. We
have learned that 11. Itchkopf has
rented the hop yard fot next aeaaou.
tine of Oregon's old timers, J. A
Uiwmun, celebrated his 70th birth
day Monday. .1. lawman crossed
the plains whu but IS years of age
mil came to California. He resided
there nut II 'Si, when lie came to
Oregon, and begun mining. He lias
lived at Provolt ever since. Last
Monday he waa presented with a big
cake made by Mrs. K. Fields for a
birthday present, which waa greatly
Notice ia herhcy gtveu that my
wife, Mrs, Tallulah Turner, has left
my led and hoard and that 1 will not
V ri'sisHtsikilc for anr lulU liM ..
contract. K. W. Tl'HNEK.
Sams Valley, Ore.. July v'J, UKH.
V. E. DEAN & CO.,
p. R. & N. Co. Advertising the
Columbia. River.
The passenger department of the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Com
pany has just Issued a beautiful and
costly panoramio folder entitled "The
Columbia River, through the Cascade
Mountains, to the Pacific Ocean."
From Arlington to Portland and from
Portland to the Pacific Ocean, every
curve of the river and every point of
interest are stiown, while Mt. Hood,
Mc. Adams and Mt. St. Helens, per
petually covered with snow, aland out
lu all their beauty. On the back of
the map is an interesting story In de
tail of the trip from Huntington to
Portland, and from Portland to the
ocean, not overlooking the beaches
and the San Francisco trip by ocean.
A copy of this folder may be secured
by sending four cents in stamps (to
pay postage) to A. L. Craig, General
Passenger Agent of tho Oregon Rail
road Sc Navigation Company, Port
land, Oregon. Ey sending the ad
dress of some iriend in the east, and
four cents in postugo, the folder will
be promptly mailed.
Ou the 8d duy of Angoat, 11)04, my
wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith left my
bud and board, without cause or
provocation, and I will not be re
sponsible for her acts or any debts she
may incur in my name.
W. J. SMITH, Solum, Oregon.
Woodvlllo Items.
Mr. Hoofer was iu Gr.tnts Pais on
Mr. Potter went to Ashland on
Miss P. Carter returned to Glendule
Mi. and Mis. Wilcox went to Grants
Pass Saturday.
Tho Presbyterian parsonage ia in
course of erection.
Mr. I). Jouea went to Grants Pass
Tuesday on business.
Mr. aud Mrs C. Moore went to
Grunts Puss Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sehindler went to
Grants Psss Thursday.
Mr. Hittmur of Giants Puss waa in
town culling on friends.
Mr. J. Cunningham has gone for
the present to Sau Francisco.
L. Simpkiiis returned from Meil
ford ttf er visiting friends there.
Mrs. Keurua from Medford was here
visiting her aister for a few days.
Mr. and Mr. Cli.tib's Moore were
here from Ashland fi r a shoit time,
Clifford Sihlndler returned from
Central lYint and remrls a good time,
James and Harry Elliott went to
Grama Puss Tuetday to hold gospel
services in the big tent.
-The marriage of Miss L Stevens
to Geo. Morris la nniiounced for
Thursday the 1st of September lu
the Preshyteiiun church.
Jkk IWadKhsT
"For several years mr wife waa
troubled with what physician called
sick headache of a very severe char
acter. She doctored with several
eminent physicians and at a great ex
pedse, ouly lu gri))- worse until she
waa unable to do au kind o wofk.
About a year ago she I gun taking
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets and today weighs more than
she ever did belon- and is real Well,"
sivs Mr Geo. E. Wright of New
London. New York. For sale by a!l
nAiinAi Anrim irftT fth 1 kill. no. i Vtfm'f'l I-""""- I II .1 I I III'
The New Principal la Here and
Arranging Prellm.lna.rles,
The Grants Pass Poblio schools
will open Monday, September fi.
Prof. R. R. Turner, the new
principal, arrived this week and is
busy arranging ior the opening of
The instructors elected for the year
are: Prof. R. R. Tomer, principal;
Misa M. Esrlla Good in, aaaistaut;
Stella M. Paddock, Mary E. Day,
Alta Schneider, Winifred V. Cutler,
Mae Bishop, Blanche Crane, Lucy
George, Cal la Hesliu, Alice M. Pool,
Mrs. Mollie Belding, Lillian Hogau,
Minuie L. Toffs, Edna Parker,
Frances M. McWilliams.
This leaves one vacjney caused
by the resignation of Miss Nellie
Ames, which is due to sickness in
the family. The grades have not
yet been assigned, but the teachers
who were In the school last year
will probably retain the same grades.
On Thnraday, September 1, the
principal will meet with the teachers
and all arrangements will be made
for work.
Parents having children) to euttr
Grants Pass schools are rrquested to
bring or seud them to the Central
Building in Friday and Saturday,
September 2d and 3d. This will give
opportunity of as igning new pupils
to their respective grades before the
opening day, September 6th. The
office will be opened on the above between the hours of 10 a. m.
and 3 p. m.
R. R. TURNER, Supt.
Social at Waldo.
The basket and ice cream social
at the school house at Waldo Saturday
evening for the purpose of purchas
ing a school library, waa a splendid
success in more ways than one; it
was a suocoss financially, netting
about $73 dollars to the fund; It waf
a success as a bringing together of
the peoplo in pleasant social inter
course, and the order was of the very
best. The copper employes were
"loyal to a man" from the managers
down to the small boy, and the money
they are spending iu this commu
nity, was in evidence at the sale of
baskets, which brought as high at $5;
$2 waa low as to prices bid.
We noticed the following persons
from the valley: Ed McCann and
family, R. P. Goorge and family, P.
P. Payne and family, Mr. Schley and
family, Mrs. W. N. Campbell and
children; Joseph Sbeeterg and family
and many others. From Kerby
"Biz" Nuncke, Fuller Bennett, J. H.
Austin and others. This occasion,
which was given at the close or
a very successful and satisfactory
term of four months school, taught by
P. M. Coram, will long be remem
bered as one of the most pleasant
events that was ever hold at this
place, and especial credit is due our
teacher, P. M. Comm. and also Mrs.
Basye, Mra. George Epperly, Mrs.
W. J. Wimer, Mrs. Slagle, Mrs. Eg
gers, Hun-y PfelTerlo and otliera for
servioea rendered. The exhibition
exercises by the school pnpils, assist
ed by outside talent, was very credit
ably rendered and well received by
tho large audience.
After the exhibi ion, came the
sale of htakets, then the people
retired to the outside, where commo
dious tables awaited their pleasure,
and though the evening was cool,
ice oreum, cake and lemonade were
in great demand. Long lust this good
f"lig- Vixen.
Ko-eburg's New Postmaster.
The following Oregon postmasters
were apiwinted by Preaideut Roose
velt, ou Friday: Roseborg, C. W.
Parks; U'hanon, W. M. Brown.
Roseburg's new postmaster is a
well known and successful business
man of that place and Is the manager
of the grocery firm of C. W. Parks &
Co. His predveessor. Postmaster
Frater's term had expired some time
ago and Mr. Pars's appointment had
beeu looked for. The Roseburg post-
office Is now In the second class, the
salary of the postmaster being t.'OOO
(air year, with the allowance for au
assistant and clerk hire.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, I
i.ucbb vjouwy. (
Frank J. Cneney makes oath that
lie is senior partner of the firm of F.
J. ( hency & Co., doing buisuess iu
the City of Toledo, County and Stale
aforesaid, and that said firm will pay
tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DOL
LARS for each and every case of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the
use of Hull s Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and auhseribed iu
my presence, this lith dav of Decem
ber. A. D. ISKrt.
(Seal. Not.irv Public.
Hull's Catarrh dim i i
lernally. and acta dirtvilv on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the ays
tern. Senit for testimonials free
F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo. O.
win ny ail uruggists, 7.V. Take
Hall's Family Pills for const lotion
Attend the
Friday Afternoon nnd Evening
Aiu-iist 2 0 t h . 1 0 0 4 ,
at the Courier Office
Sole e.gelta foi Kodaks
I i : r I I A A
Lel&nd Kili.ngs. I
People will soon begin cutting the
third crop of hay.
The health of the people is good ;
no aickness to report.
Mr. Gray, from lower Grave creek,
waa op from his placer claim last
week. He reports busy times in
that vicinity.
Nice weather, although the air ia
very amoky, big fires betweeu here
and Rogue .river, as near aa can be
ascertained the fire waa started by
nuuters, people who have nothing
to lose, but want to bum off the
range, so as to keep down the broth
si as to make better hunting ground.
That has been the practice of lng
Mr. Bentley, near Placer, who is
interested iu a quartz mine, was iu
town to lay in his supplies, and says
his ledge is showing up iu good
shape. He is running an arraatre
and in this primitive way, he is sup
porting lis family while he ia put
ting his ledge into good shape for
getting out a large amount of rich
rock. John Hall is working a ledge
id the same vicinity, which snows
op good.
Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Sauders from
Hugo made oa a friendly cull lust
week. They report quite lively
times at Hugo. Some people are con
templating building some substantial
buildings. That shows prosperity
will move right a Inn a as long aa
Roosevelt is president, bat if the
democrjts should get in power, with
Bryan to help the party will turn
everything upside down, then con
fidences will be broken, hard times
will come then that clement that
helped elect the democratic party
will Bay that they wish they had
voted the republican ticket, but felt
that they wanted a change, but the
more conservative voters say, that
while tho republican party is iu
power, good times pie vail.
Tho hay bailer is kept busy as a
la'ge amount of hay is being baled
in this vicinity. The bay crop it
good; Stock on the range is doing
well. Wide Awake.
Merlin Items.
W. A. MuBsio visited his family iu
Merlin over Sunday.
Watch for date of the--Great and
Ouly" Epworth League Entertain
Mra. Turner entertained the ladies
of the Baptist church at their last
montnlv mission meeting.
The peach crop ia beiug marketed
fast these days. Nearly 800 boxes
were loaded here the 22d inst.
Lon Gibson and Lou Crow killed a
bear out near Crow's much lust
week. Honest! We saw the skin
R. E. Burrickman has gone o
Jump-off Joe where, with O. T.
Smith, he will work for Cook & How
Lumber aud wood are beiug loaded
in Merlin as fust aa tho cars can be
procured. Business is very good in
these lines.
Adam Shaffer is going, to have
company He is cleaning up his sec
tion for iuspectiou by the S. P.
A S. Rosenbauiu is handling the
traffic for tho express compuuy and
has an assistant from Poitlund who
attends to the part assigned to him by
We aro glad to have Mr. and Mra.
Rosenbauiu among ns again. They
have been spending the summer at
Shasta Retreat. Both are quite well,
thank yon.
Mary Masaio ia talking of accept irg
the Jerome Prairie school for the next
term. She la a good teacher and has
a better averago than a first grail
average ou her certificate.
Rev. Mr. McDougtll of Grants
Pass, with Rev. Meara of Merlin
visited at Eureka Orchard at W. M
Crow's ranch Monday of this week.
They peeked seme peaches while
there, Fisli stories next week.
The members of the M. E Churcl
perpetrated a surprise on their
preacher last .Saturday evem-jg. It
was a su.'coss in every respect and
the ino-nbcrs left substautial retpects
iu the form of various kinds of focd
The ladies of the Merlin Baptist
church will give a lawn social ou the
lawn at Mr. Mitchell's residence on
Saturday, August 27. Ice cream,
1. 'monad' and home made candy will
be for sale. Tne proceeds to be used
in purchasing song lack for the
The Hoseburrg Phiiudealer reports a
Josephine county man who has an
orchard of 10 acres of apples that
yields him a lot of money each year;
in the winter he tukcj out all kinds
of gold beneath his orchard, and
when he gets enough applea and gold,
he amuses himself with catching sal
mon from a stream with which be
irrigates his orchards and washes his
gold. Great country, this
Old newspapers for sale at the Cou- j
rier office.
Com ni Event
Sept. 5. Monday Public echools open,
Sept 6, Monday County Court meta.
Sept. 19, Monday Annual reunion of
Southern Oregon Soldiers and Sail
ors at Jacksonville, continuing four
Sept. 2fi,Mouday Cinuit Court meets
Hop picking will begin at the
Model hop yard ou Applcgate, Mon
day. August 29. J. A. REHKOPF.
At the Opera. House.
The Southern-Armour Co. are play
ing at the opera house this week
presenting very attractive piaya. The
company is a strong one with Eliza-.
beth Hale as leading lady. Miss
Hale is a very clevi r actress and
in the play "Somebody's Baby"
which was given tn Tueeday even
ing, her acting was perfection. The
Priuce of Knavea" reudered Monday
evening, was of the blood and thunder
order and gave opportunity for many
of the company to ditplay thiir
ability as actora. The company ia
giving good satisfaction, and ia greet
ed by large houses.
Pet Bear Killed.
One of the McFarland boys, living
on Fifth street near the river, had a
pet bear, but now bruin is no more.
Last Friday he pulled the ttake
around which he has circled for the
past year and went to seek other
pastures. Au alurm was raised and
us uo one was willing to meet the
bear iu the open aud try to effect his
capture, a rifle was brought aud bruin
was laid low. Numeroua efforts had!
beeu mid j to dispoie of the bear but
without success. However, his meat
sold readily at 15, 20, and i5 cents a
pound aud nutted its owner a neat
Wilderville Item.
The Williams saw mill has abut
down for the season.
One of the log cutters lor the Con
ger sawmill cot his foot, but not
Mrs. H. D. Jones aud Mrs. Lovelace
and children went picnicking Tuesday
of this week.
Jim Bush, a lad of about 14 years,
hud the misfortune to get his left
hand shot pretty badly, one finger
being shot off and anotli. r fractured!
The camp meeting is ttill in pro
gress. The elders, Mr. Dollarhide aud
Mr. Smith, going away and leaving
the meeting in the hands of several
John, Richard and Scott Robinson
received the sad news from the east
that their father, who was 80 years
old, had fullen from a tiestle and was
killed. John aud Richard had just
returned from paying him a visit.
The work on the dam will soon be
completed. Zuuotii.
Shortage In Melon Crop.
There is going to be a big short
age in watermelons this season, ac
cording to Isaac Coten, Chicago's
well-kuown " watermelon king." He
bus made a tour of the southwestern
pftrt of TexuB aud gives a very gloomy
account of the condition of the crap.
The Sau Autouia & Arkansas Pass
Railroad expected to ship out 1,000
carloads of watermelons, but from all
present indications, the haul will net
bo over 800 carloads. This sreat
fulling off is attributed to lice on the
vines. JMoresville expected to ship
ru cars, nut; inn nam will not ex
ceed 20. Mr. Coten has contracted
for the entire region crop win re the
lice has not put in au appearance, 6C
carloads at f.. a car.
City Treivsurer's Notice.
There are funds in the cltv trenrurv
to redeem ail outstanding warrants
protesiea to November fl, 1901. In
terest rn same will cease after this
Dated at Grunts Pass, Ore.. Julv
14, 1904.
City Treasurer.
County Treasurer's Notice
There are funds in the treasury to
pay nil warrants protested to Ja uarj
lo, ISiHt. Interest will cease from
this date.
July 28, 1904.
Treasurer of Josephine Co., Ore.
is something in which we lake par
ticular interest Would be glad to
have you call and talk painting
with us; pcthaps our experience in
this line may be of service to you
We carry all kinds of paint brush
es, varnishes, etc. and guarantee
quality and price. If you use dyes
remember tliat
color silk, wool or cotton
at one bailing ....
opp. Opera house
Benicia Disc
Will Save
Just received 2000 yards Japanese and China MATTING in '
Newest Patterns at price of 15c up per yard. Our entire
stock is very complete in all departments, aud selling below L
Portland and Grants Pass prices as advertised. r-
Opposite Western Hotel.
Goods Sold on Installment Plan. i :
New Management
Art GaJlery
Sixth Street, oppo. Court House.
End ol Bitter Fight.
"Two physicians had a Ions aud
3 nbborn flsht with an abceaa on my
riht loiiR" writes J. F. Hughes of
Du Pout, Ua., "and gave me np.
Everybody thought my time hud
coma. Aa a last resort I tried Dr.
King's New Diacovery for Consump
tion. The Benefit I received waa
striking and I was ou my feet iu a
few days. Now I've entirely re
gained my heiilti." It couqnera all
cough, colds and throat aud long
troubles. Or.arauteed by National
drug store and Grants Puss Phar
macy. Price 50c, and fl.00. Trial
bottles fteo.
WANTED To contract the cutting
and floating down Kogoe river to
Kay's dam, 500,000 feet fir and pine
logs. Addresa Dr. C. R. Ray, Tolo,
GOOD PASTURE for horFe or cattle,
near town. M. W. Wheeler.
FULL BLOOD registered Holstein bull
Address J. H. Croxton, Grunts Pass.
FOR SALE-2000 CedaTpostn-iTri.
Akerx, GrauU Pass.
FOR SALE Almost new buggy, or
will tiado for cattle or good horae.
Addreas or call 11 O. A Cobb,
Grauts Pans, Ore.
IOR SALE The entire bolongingi
of S. F. Caaa, deceased and E. L.
Cass, on eBy terms. Inquire or Joe
Moss, or E. L. Cuss.
FOR SALE Nearly new 308 Savage
Rifle; combination rear sight,
ivory bead front eight. Price, tH),
coat :5. Iuquiro R. H. Harrisou,
N. 2d street.
FOR SALE Pure strain Belginn
Hares Rabbitry, headed bv thut
grand buck, Royal Red Britton.
Breeding Does, $2 50 apiece.
Leave orders at Courier oflice. E.
a. Brown.
pAKM FOK S.W.Ktwo miles from Mer
lin. 1U0 acre-lout SO acres of imod
liottom lunil . ): ... ... 1 ......1.
house and ham and ahout .W acres under
(enee. helance of land suitable for orchard
er laiure. For further particulars ad
dr as . M. Crow, Merlin, Oregon.
200 A,'K,K 'anch. good prune and
"i f- siiiiii iruiii in
abundance; water for irjinMion, besides
.rii.Ks uii eYerj. w acres; center of a good
range country; two dwelling houses" hie
liarn rrv I lilu Mn...i... . 11 . i
Lri" ir"'"' k,kh1 mining markets, one-
,. iiuic iiuriu ui lunneiu, price ll,HUti.
You Time and Money
Thi Fall
Come and have a talk
with us. tasy terms
Pass Hardware Go.
J. U. CALVERT, S.cM.rv .ad Tr.a.ur.r.
N.rth Side
Successors to Slover Drug Co.
Toikt Articles,
House and Floor Paints.
The entire estato of S. F. Cass, mid
all real estate belonging to E. L. Cass
for sale ou easy terras. Call at my
office. Joseph Moss.
Palace Barber Shop
J. 11. MULLEN, Propr.
Shaving, Hair Cutting
Baths, Etc.
Ev ryhiug noat an 1 clevi a:il all
work First-Clans.
Ner.t lo Pa'ace Hotel.
W. P. Fuller
at cost
As long as they last.
Former price $1.75 gallon
Now 1.45 "
National Drug Store
J. C. Smith. M. I)., Prop-
Agents for Patrick & Co. ruUwr