Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, August 18, 1904, Page 4, Image 4

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THE CONnLiFrr nP i
MRS. VIVIAN. 1 ?0w" , my
ne bore slowly ilnn tj.uu hi; 1 mstif
a Hidden move in hi tlireetion, which
companion's tjti to fol-
THE BBISTs s-arden party u
ft deadly v'J affair. I tried to
convince myself that I went from a
sense of duty, but when a rapid survey
failed to reveal tbe slight figure and
delicioua irresponsibility of Jack Vivi
an, the aenae of duty theory collupsrd. lg- I
Mrs. Vivian, I thought, bad been in-' at tha
clined to treat me somewhat coldly,
and I wondered, rather angrily, how I
be came to have auch a daughter aa
Jack. There waa a certain vague sem
blance between them, certainly, but
nothing could convince me that Mra. I
Vivian had ever been alight, and my
imagination waa not at rung enough ,
even to auggeat that ahe had ever been
There were not more thait half
dozen people whom I knew, and of
them not more than two whom 1 cartd
to talk to. . Moat of the men seemed
to have got together In tbe middle of
the tennia lawn, tbe ladiea were lan
guishing in the shade of tbe beeebes;
only one or two couples seemed to be
engaged in occupation for which, sure
ly, garden parties alone were invented.
Mra. ISristowe, my hostess, seemed very
miH'h depressed.
"Why don't things move faster, Mr.
Mlldmay?" ahe asked, plaintively.
"Why don't those wretched men do
"My dear lady," I said, "they never
do at these affairs. I don't know why
it is; perhaps there's too much daylight
tor them."
"But one must give garden parties,"
ahe aaid.
"I thank Providence I have no gar
den," I said. "I might manage a little
Who is that very distinguished-
looking man?" she asked.
I'roviilcnce had indeed delivered Mrs.
Vivian into iny banh! I engnged
her eye as I replied, without anv show
of surprise at the question: "That is
Lord St. Alleyne."
I never saw terror sit more palpably
upon a face; then, without a word
said, the terror chared to beseech-
rtully foil sorry f.r .Mrs. Vivian
that moment, but I luoii"!!! of Jack
nnd hardtntd my html.
"Allow me to ptiteiil j ou to him," I
said, llefore she had time to reply 1
had advanced half a dorn steps to
meet him.
"I want to Introduce you to Mrs.
Vivian," I said. "You know all about
my love affair."
"Which one?'' he asked.
"The one," I said. He thought cart
fully for a minute.
"Do you mean Jack?" he asked.
"Of course I do."
"Mrs. Vivian is Jack's mother."
I glanced across the lawn and saw
Jack herself, alone, shininir whit
against some dark laurels. My raiud
was Instantly made up.
"Well?" he saiil, again.
"I want you to talk to her for ten
minutes. And, like a dear' old chnn
say-jull the nice things you can about
me, win you?
"You want me to bamboozle her, do
you i
"I wani to marry Jack," I suid
Ail my friends are marrying," St
Alleyne murmured) "they'll soon be
all gone. I'm always doing them good
turns, and they never do anything
i or me
"I'U do anything you like for vou If
you'll only manage this," I said. Aa
. ' ?M-
i .1- ii -:K'-tt'tn-
dance, a very little one, in my studio, ' turned he caught me by the arm.
but a Imchelor can t do that kind of Look here," he said, "what am I to
thing, you know." about-arising artist, increasing
"1 wian you a go and talk to Mrs. ' popularity and all that kind of
Vivian," ahe aaid; "she's aitting all thing r
alone there, and thinking of nasty
things to say afterward."
I wanted to talk to Mra. Vivian, so I
went. The fact is, I knew that Jack
had a great talent for drawing and
wanted to cultivate it, and I had a
vague idea that I might indue' Mm. i
Vivian to allow me to give hrrdaugh.
ter leasona, particularly aa it would
cost her nothing. It waa a wild no
tion, but worth trying, and Jack agreed
"I leave it to you. Hut for heaven's
sake don't give me away." He smiled
"As If I could," he suid.
I saw that Mrs. Vivian's face flamed
as I presented him. I had never seen
her blush before; but at the same time
there was a kind, of feeble triumph in
iier expression that made me sick. St.
Alleyne dropped languidly ut htr side
and I sped ucrons the lawn. Mrs. Vlv-
wttt. .. r i ... , i,. ...... -. in ... ....
..,,. ,. a iiiiiciuia airuijvti' up 10 "M ui. imcriy iu iook as laucii aa
.Mrs. Mvlan and sat down by her in a he liked; I could trust my friend to
casual way. num ner.
"The parties here are always so alow, Jul' w me coming and turned
aren't they?" ahe aaked. away towards the rose garden; I
"Are they slower here than anywhere blessed uoth her and her ncuteuesa as
elae7" 1 1 followed. She paused when we
"I trust ours are not so dull," she nu?il fairly alone,
snapped. "Where have you been all the after-
. "Ah. but you have a irenlus for snrlnl noon?"
organization," I said, unblushlngly;
"and so few people have even talent."
I do not wish to depreciate Mrs. Vivian,
but Iter love of flattery was as great as
her capacity for small and totally un
necessary lying. Hhe condescended to
smile upon me. "I'rople are so differ
ent," she said,
"You would notice that all the more
after your slay in the country I aaid.
"How charming the coast Is at l'en
quite, and what glorious sketching
ground? I suppose Miss Vivian did
some work there?"
She Ignored the last part of my ques
tion. "Do you know that part of the
world?" ahe asked.
"Oh. yes," I said, "perfectly.
"That reminds me," she said, smiling
again, "that I met a Col. Mlldmay at
, my cousin's house. It did not occur
to me that he might be a relative of
yours. Is he?" I
"He's my uncle, and a dear old boy,
too; but I don't see much of him now."
"Talking to Mrs. Vivian."
"Oh!" she said, "was it interesting?"
"Very. And you?"
"I've been waiting for you."
"Well, I'm here now. , , , Jack!"
"Yes," she said.
"You want to msrrv ma. don't vou.
"You silly boy," she said. I took her
land and held it so that no one could
"You know you do," I aaid; "you told
me so"
"Did I?" she asked, closing her fin
gers tightly over mine.
"cs; and I'm going to marry you."
"You dear boy!" she said. "Hut how
can you? Miiminii will never consent."
I thought I detected a hint of tears In
her eyes.
"Hut if I gain her consent, and this
very afternoon?"
She looked at me with all her youth
on lire. 1 leaned towards her sudden
iy and site kissed me; the thing wasin
evitable. If the world had been look
ing on I believe she would have kiosed
Her manner Instantlv tlin.,. t I-
llcve ahe had an Idea that an artist !""' ""'
must necessarily be the son of a frnud- M '"'Brest I'hil," she said, "I'll niur
ulent bankrupt or a fourth-rate actor, r '"u whenever you like." She
or something of that sort. Then she led above a rose bush and plucked
condescended to anawer my previous oiomom; i unit over her shoulder,
w::: ',.. p.-.i.i i.y the
! i .!'s Ij.srH-nsrtrv
V.ili. ;,i Asamuvic-ii, Eufa'n, N. Y., if
th' c.. unfit yx ihc oniiul signature
ol m.jit :!n il volunteering the testi
S!i.!:!al t v., end also of the writers of
r'C'V fetl '!. .tl-.l l,i,.,t ih. .
1 i . Ii I). ur.. ........... 1.. ..i.i: i.: '
...nimiiu; puu; lining,
tliui proMitg genuineness.
"lor iwo .att I .nlTeml from a ery
ol -'.ii. .M c::-t . (l .'i-pu." w :ttr M E swcorif,
i. ', -il 1 1 l-.n. tr ii Air. Ti-r nlo. Ontario. I
tn-.u a yrr tl runnier of n ii.r.ues without suc
Cis. 1 f.ii.ii'v lo-i inith ii- them all. I was so
In r'.itf ll;.t ceiil.t tun for a Ioiik time bear
anv -..:! i"-- in nif 'luiuach ; felt melancholy
ai:i. ii: im.-ci homr foul tnuill h aim ftint
re. oiniii' ti'iiil your CoMrn Mr'hcal Inacoverv '
Allira Hfrk lrr..linrtii I k..l rfri.l
bf-iit tlrnl 1 conttnuril the me'lieine. 1 h.ive
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ui n.v.aor a'-(x.niun.nrii a prrnianent cure.
ran e-iii-ieiitioii;. rerommrnd it to the tbou-
rwi. u, uyiprijii,, inruugirout trie UllU.
A man can succeed am) be atrong if
uc ncecis .a.:ires warnings. When
there is imligisiioii, loss of appetite.
'" in i ;e ars, ni-riiiess, spots be.
fore the eves or palpiiiU .n of the heart
any or all of llier syniptrmis point to
wcanirss nnil loss o nil rltlon. I)r
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uii'tiiciue vi lurn to.
"Golden Medical Discovery " contains
no aijioiiui nini is entirely iree Irom
opium, cocaine and all other narcotics.
It is strictly a U'tnjK ranee medicine.
Accept no substitute for "Golden Med
ical litscovery.1 There is nothing "just
as good " for itisenses of tbe stomach.
Tile " Comno nSense Medical Ailvisrr,"
lot pujes, in paper covers, is sent free
on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps, to pay
expense of mailing only. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
People of Moderate Mrana M,
Klch and poor alike abide In flats
in Ncvr York city. Ilathcr than move
to ti c 1 . tsl Iris t! e re,,p,. Hr , n.
lei iin l njiiirtii en: life. The unly ciii
en able tn Imlld n home for himself
on .Manhattan Msnd i, tie ihillion
aire. The tiei line in the l uildinif of
Individual dweilinvs ho I ecu rtrrt-
llng This i-due to the constantly In
creating tnlur of realeitate. The In
vestor iniist go up In the air . to get
his money liitck. It is iv :.,. t!nt
there are nt iirrrent l.iil'S 4x ii
Iwillers in Manhattan. 'I'liitvux
slystTiiprrs lidded lo Xew York's rich
est lior. nir 1 in one year pren nls a
ew lliii.tratlon of the manner in
which the residential noniilnibin of
Xew York Is t einir I'rlven from nrivnte
roofs to Frini-publie ijfe. not only by
giving up its home for sites for the
new hotels, but by finding shelter in
them afterward.
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Lsuye Siz, M cents at Druggists or by
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Notice Is hereby given that nnder
and by virtus of an order of the
county court of the State of Oregon
for Jose bine county, mailt', rendered
and entered of record iu the matter
of the Entate of Nathan P. Dodge, de
ceased, K.itnrday, the 17th day of
August, 1U04, at 10 a. m of said
day, the Court House in Grants Pass,
Oregon, was fixed by the Conrt as the
time and place for hearing objections
to and settling the tioal account of
Mary E. Dodge, executrix of aaid
estate. All persons interested in
said estate, are hereby notified to ap
pear aud Hie their objections tn suid
final account on or before said dav.
Executrix of the Estate of Nathan P.
Dodge, deceased.
Corvallis & Eastern 1 II
Italian Kmlsjrants.
Italian statistics show Hint the
emigration to America has readied
the llgure of li',o,ilui nunuallv. About
half of tht'Ke return eventually to
Italy, the rest remaining in the
United States.
Women's Trade I'nlona.
One of the strongest centers of
trade uiiioniHm among women in In
iM-ninnrK. too nuinoer or women or
gan! el In trade unions iu Hint coun
try Is i.lM.I, of whom M44 live iu Co
penhagen. Their organiiitlotis em-
iracc It trades, und Include about a
juarter of the women wage earners
f the country. I hey ure best or
ganized in the liookliiudiug, textile
and tobacco trades.
J uilge
Commissioners .
Deputy Clerk
Deputy bberiil. .
Hchool Hupt
J. O. ltoolh
I J . T. tagan
it;, r. Mivelace
.... 8. F. Cheshire
T. P. Judson
(ieo. W' Lewis
Ernest bister
J. T. Taylor
. . Lincoln ttavftge
.. .. W. II. Fallin
il O. McCulloch
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Auditor and Police Judge C. E. May bee
iiw imr. t.,oi. v. Johnson
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.narsnai . Meo. Fine
Street riiipl John Patric
t-ouncilinen ,V. M. Mair, II. J. ltscher
J. I.. Calvert, T. W Williams. W. C.
Plinth, J. A. Kehkopf, II. c. Per
kins. James Trimble.
urants Pass Ili;e A. K. A A. M N,' iu
regular communication tirst and third
Kalurdays. Visiting brothers cordially
invited. II. f. Hiuu W. M.
a j. 1'ik.k, see y.
Koyal anli Masons -Keames Chanter Nn
meets second and fourth Wednesday
Masonic IihII. II i: li..u....M J
J. K. PrtbosoN,
II. C.
kmghta Templar MeliU Commander
No. 8, meets, second Friday of tad
Month In Masonic Temple
W. H. Hasutos, Em. Com.
Oso. II. Calhoun, Ueu.
; "Indeed, bow strange that we should
meet in that way I Phoebe painted a
good deal while she waa there."
I wondered, for a moment, who
Phoebe was I had celled her Jack for
quite three months.
I felt that 1 was gcttlngon famously,
and was Just srranglng iu my mind
how to make the next step when Mrs.
Vivian spoke again.
"What a charming place Lord Ht.
Allryn has at Polgarth," she aaid.
"Very," I answered, eying her fur
tively. "And what a delightful man he is,"
he said; "we dined there twice."
"He's an old chum of mine," I said;
"we were up at Oxford together." I
saw her wiure, ami ber manner re
laxed even further. I felt profoundly
sorry for Jack.
"How Interesting," she said.
"I see almost more of him than ot
any of the old set," I said. "We used
to get into glorious scrapes together.
He never did any work."
"And I suppose you did?" she sug
gested. "A little," I admitted;
"Oh, you young men," she laughed,
and wagged her false old head.
I have not, as a rule, breu a particu
larly lucky man, but certainly that aft
ernoon tbe fates wrre on my side. As
I turned to see what had become of
Mrs. Iiriatowe I beheld the familiar
figure of my old frj.j.l St. Alleyne
come round from the west side of the
house. He strolling along in his
usual dreamy, casual way, very well
dressed, perfectly nt cne, apparently
thinking of nothing. I knew the atti
tude well; It meant thnt lie was in
tune for any kind of fun
Happily he turned In'o :!- ithway
which ran before the see: 1 i which
Mra. Vivian anil I were i li i-. He
paused for five minutes ii ' ilk with
Mrs. Drlstowe. and then, sighting me
and my Hps brushed her eor nud cheek
i "Phil, Phil!" she cried. I followed
, her glance, and there was Mrs. Vivian
soiling towards us, leaning heavily on
St. Alleyne's arm!
I felt convinced, by the Indifference
of Kl. Alleyne's manner, that he had
been doing his duty tome, lie left Mrs.
Vivian with me, saying: "I'll see yuu
later, old clinp." and h. added, In a
whisper: "Slrike now."
I did strike, and I won that after
noon. The feeble objections that Mrs.
Vivian offered were easily overcuinc; 1
attacked them all triumphantly and
gained her consent; it vtns not given
grudgingly, either, and although Jack
could not understand It, I could.
I walked home with St. Alleyne after
wards, "I had on awful piurter-of an
hour with that woman," he said; "yon
really should have more consideration
for a man."
"I'm your eternal debtor," I said.
"What did you talk about?"
"Vou," he said.
"Did that tire you?"
"Horribly," he murmured.
"What do you think of Mrs. Vivian?"
Llskrd. lie waved his arm despairing
ly. "Don't!" he mid. "I wouldn't mar
ry Into that family to have all my debits
paid; not that they worry me much,"
he added, thoughtfully.
"All vou beggars urn getting mur
ried," he said. "What the deuce urn I
going to do?"
"Marry Mrs. Vivian," I said; "she's
A widsiw, vou know, and would Jump at
you." He paused on the steps of his
club to think about it.
"It would be rather fun, wouldn't It?
If I were younger I wouldn't mind, but
I m almost :io, ou k,-r. N, pf,
won't do. It's a beastly thing lo be
growing old." t, ,ik.., tuouinfiillv.
"I suppose you don't want an) dinner?
No! I thought nut. There's one thing
left in life, anyhow-I can always
""lr ii'. rr
World's Fair Excursion
Tim Deliver Si, Rio Grande, iu con
nection Willi tlio Missouri Pacific, will
run a aeries of Pcrsonallv Conducted
Excursions totbo World's Fair during
June. Tlicso excursions v ill run
through to St. Louis without change
of ears, making short stops ut princi
pal poiuls mi route. Tho first of
these. excuiaoiiH will leave Portland
Juuo 7th, and thu second June 17th.
The. nttn from Grants Pass will be to St. Louis and roturu. Ex
cursionists going via tho Deliver &
Hio Grande luivti the privilege of re
turning via a different run to. This is
thu most pleasant way, us well as Hie
most dnlightful route, to cross the
continent. Tl.n stops arranged give
nil opiMirtunity if visiting tho various
points of interest in and about Salt
Lakti City, Denver and Kansas City.
lr you wish to accompany onu of
these excursions wito nt onco to W.
Mclli lde. KM Third street. Port
laud, for sleeping car reservations.
eastern ouir Joseph ne Chanter. Nn. a
meets lirst and third Wednesday
:TyniiiKn ui eaeu niuriin in Jiasonic
V. ' .. asv L. Cox, W. M
-Mas H.Zoi.lkb. Sec'y.
O. O. F.,Uuldcn Itule l-odee No. 7
meets every Saturday night at I. O. O.
r. 11. OCHMIIIT,
V. hall.
Visiting brothers invited.
I'aran Encampment I. (). o. F. No,
meets second and fourth Thursday at
i.w. : r. null, rasu Sciimiiit,
T. I. DEAN. Sec y. c. P.
neoesans r.tna nenekali. o 411, meets
second and louriu Monday, I. (). O. F.
hall. Klsis Iiheiii, N.O.
.vt. jkskix 1a vis Secv.
United Artisans drama Pass Assembly
No. IP, meets alternate Tuesdsva in
A.O. U. W. nail. Mas. E. A. UHirrmi.
f ""'"jV "Ksijir.cey Aiasjer Artisan
Woodmen of Hie World Rogue Itiver
v amp no. meets second and fourth
rrnis)s at woodman I
I leo. II. Slover. C. C.
K. Mayhks, Clerk.
UALI1JJO, IX 1. LlV 1 J.U11 I
Original and unit genuine
I'm-Mi'ii Tanky WAKhits fur
wile by leading druggists, 2
kt Inn. Safe and reliable.
; Aicrpt no lubititulc.
iiiiiiiiiii Mil ml
Women of Woodcraft Amies Circle, No.
meets lirst and third Mondays si
Woodmen hall. .Mrs. M. E. Dttiny.
Mrs. lone Frier, Clerk. t.. N.
Modern Woodmen of America tlrants Pass
t ump No. to; meets '.'ml and llli W nines
day Evenings at Woodmen hall at 7:;(0.
Ike Al. Davis, V. C.
W. TMioulder, Clerk.
ForesUTs of America Court Josephine
No, H, meets eat-h Weiluesday eii-epl
the lirst. al A. t. V. W. hall. .
F. H. Strieker. F. S. F. Fetsch, C. It.
losephine l.oilge, No. IP.', A. O. I). W.
meets in A. (I. U. W.ball, Dixon build
ing every Mouilay evening.
F. W. Ilcoosani, M. W.
11 A. Stahakii, Itecorder.
Hawthorne Lodge, No. 21, D. ol 11., A. O.
I . W. meets every alternate Tuesday
evening iu A. O C. V. hall. Dixon
buildiuir. Mas. A. McCAaTiiv.C of 11.
Mas. I.vnu Dsan, Kecorder.
Itojsl NeiKhlsirs of America Edi'.h C.
Snpe t amp No. itsai. meets 1st ami aril
Fridays at A. O. I'. W. ball
Kose tiravhn, Oracle.
Henrietta Zoller, Kecorder.
Order ol Pendo-Whiie Itoek Council No.
Hi. meets in Woodmen Hall Saturday
nights, tiso. A.llvnr.. Counselor.'
Msai't's, W. Kohbiss, Secretary.
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Irritation iu the throat makes you I
feel uncomfortable, take Mallard's'
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the dirsase lias goue beyond con
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lor oougha and colds. We have used
it for several years; It always gives
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60c. Il.oa, at Model Drug Store.
hi. ml.
Th Death Ptnslty.
A little tiling sometimes results iu
death. Tbua a mere scratch, iuaiguifl.
cant coU or puny bolls have paid tbt
leath penalty. It is wise to havi
Rocklen's Arnica Salve ever haudy.
It's the best Salve ou earth aud will
praveut fatality, ,wbeu barns, surer
eloers and piles threaten. Only 2,'h
al National Drng store aud Grant.
Pass Pharmacy.
MWiVvViViVmYi'iViViVi'iViV. V '.V.
(jour own in srff
fe mmi tmfttl rVrJ I 't 5-
I..I.K.H . ilttlMhlt)tf ..Hi.M,(,' I , ( st
. ht.iawhoU,, .,,
4 ,4.t4)si. Sel.a twUt'tuV
5 Hlrliftli, UUM, Kitn.,. rto. $
-Z 4silf, K..ii..twi,l tnxi At'is.luiri, f
-5 iw.-g g aticrntv.
af Ar f
Zy leiltr M s,.st la ... S. a. k .
h tot SJ lm sat ssl ij) tn. 5
S linn I4IS St., htm Vi
t ;
I hsv had vrailon (0 Ui your
Hlais Uratithl Ski's j J Pwltrv Mdi.
tint srd a. a p t.irl tj lay t ut I nrver
uid sny'hi..J tor slock tluttA.e half si
toed la;nli,-tio.v. I hiart. v ncixn.
nstnd it 10 sl ewrwri of itock.
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eat 1 heap stock bv. Kniy more than
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and poultry nre .,. k give'lheni nie.1
icine. I'. ti t .-u;f tbrui W1,h wlK-th-lesa
atts-k f.ssli. I nl,( L(IWr,
and thr up Ihe torpid liver and the
j-iitt al ill b mreil, if it t, .Kv,,j.
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, '? I'""'' ,s" r' '-'-" nt can
of Ilia, k lliaught St.s k so I P, ultry
Mrtlicinean.l it :n f,,r it if t, ,i
timeacver. w ... i ivV,.r i'ow,
give more on.. Il.s Ki;n ..b.
An. hens lay more eggs, ( g
Lt nr..'. Inn of making as m.Kh blood,
; llesh ami energv as .,t .J
the stualleit amount of food eon
suinrst. Huy a Can tnnu nmr Airr
Men I'ahkilms Wiifwam 'n '.si
I. O. It. M. II M. Ksr.Hi.. StHheiu.
'. a. iiiosas, 1 met ot lieior.u.
Knights of the Maccabees Drains l'a
lent, o. 1.1 meet lirst and ihird
1 nursiiays at iHHlmeii hall.
Win. Alire.1, F. A. Mowra,
l!esird Kreper. I'omuiandrr.
Ladies of the Mitccaneos -tlrants Pass.
nive .o in 11,. hi. regular "Keviews"
tirsiaml Hunt Thurs'las al A- O. C.
. Iiall 1s11111g sisters eordisliy
invited. Mrs. Delia Hale, I,, c.
Marysiuinion, Kecord Kreier.
t'nittsl HrotherhoiHl of Carieiitera and
Joiners 01 Aimrica I'niun No. Ills
meets second ami fourth Fridays ol
ru. Ii inoiitli al A. tl. V. W. lis I. '
K D t ole, Ii int.'. J, p uslretier. Pies.
D. A hlI.",-iMs!.l. F. MX'')'.
Knii;lils ot t'vtliiss t lieriuopylae No. fat,
meets et,u Tuesday mlii ;,,) V. i.
W. Hill. M T I llev. C. C.
To W ILLIt s. k ol It Slid S.
lirand Army ui the rlepulihu-licii. Logan
l'ot No ti. mnili urit Wednesday al
A.t. C. W. hall. Joh.i t'vrsp s
J. K. I'vrsasos. Adjl. Cmu
Woman's liebef Corj -I'suersl Logan No.
mii-ii il iml nn Saturdays at ii .
m al A. tl I . W. bail.
.Mrs. Ito-o WeMuisu, Pres
Mrs. T. II. Cornell, Secy,
Estate of Sarah Max- i
well, Deceused. (
Notice is tereby given by the ex
ecutrix of the Estate of Sarah M-x-well,
deceased, tn the creditors aud
all persons having claims ngait at the
said deceased, to exhibit them with
necessary vouchers, within ix months
from the date of thu Hist publication
of this notice, to the executrix ut iter
home at Wilderville, in Josephine
Coonly, Oregon.
First date of pnblication, July 28. L,, mi
Dated at Orauts Pass, Oregou,
July 20, 11)04.
EVA HAL8TEAD. Executrix,
By H. II. lleuilrix, ber Attoruev.
Time Card No. 2rt.
No. 2 for Yaqnina
Leaves Albany 12:45 P. M.
leaves Corvallis 1:45 P.M.
Arrives Yaiiuinu 5:40 P. M.
No. 1 Returning
Ix-avea Yaqninu 7 :15 A. M.
Leaves Corvallis 11 :30 A. M.
Arrives Albany 12:15 P. M.
No. a for Detroit-
Leave Albany: 1 :00 P. M.
Arrives Detroit 6-00 P. M.
No. 4 from Detroit-
Leave Detroit
1 find nothing better for liver de
rangement nnd constipation than
Chamber Iain's Stomach aud Liver
Tablets. L. F. Andrews, Des Moines,
Iowa. For sale by all druggists.
How About Your Summer Voce,
Newport ou Yaqnina Bay is the
ideal seaaidn resort of the North
Pacillc Coast. Round trip tickets at
greatly reduced rates on sale from
all Southern Pacific points in Oregon,
on and after Jane 1st. Ask agents for
further information and a handsomely
illustrated sou yen I r booklet, or write
to Edwin Stone, Manager C. & E. R.
R., Alhanv. Ore., or W. E. Coninu.
O. P. A.. S. P. Co, Portland.
0 ::I0 A. M.
Arrives Albany 11:15 A. M
Train No. 1 arrives in Albany iu
time to couuect with the S. P. south
bonnd train, as" well as giving two ot
thr e hours in Albany before depar
ture of S. P. north bound-train.
Tram No. 2 connects with the S.
P. trains nt Corvallis and Albany,
giving direct service to Newport and
adjacent beaches.
Train No. 3 for Detroit, Breiten-
other mountain resorts
leaves Albmy at 1:00 p. m., reaching
Detroit about 6:00 p. in.
for further information apply to
T. COCK RE LL, Agent, Albany.
H. II. CRONISE, Agent, Corvallis.
Published Every Day of the Year,
In those essential elements of enter
prise and progress which
go to make up
Designed Especially
Is Ably and Carefully Edited.
Ill columns art replete aitx bright, spicy
josiip ol Cout loon and cities.
It Works for the Welfare of the State.
A Blitwn rsge Fapar.
ConUlnlnf a report ol lh 1 leading
si t.iljr.i ing simy iptcm Icaturss ha
tha tirni.r ins nock n nr.
Subscription rlce (Alwara la Ad
vanet), Tacludlns' Poataga
ltMo tin lnllr.1 sutn, CsnsJa or
Kouiedy. I bought a U5o bottle and
alter taking three doses of it was en
tirely cored. I consider it the beat
remedy lu the world for bowel com
plaints." For sab by all druggists.
AND Union Pacific
Three Trains to the East Daily
Through I'ulliusii standard and tourisl
sleeping ears daily to timsha. t'bicago Spo
kane; tuurit sleiiping rar dailv to Kansas
. turiiufli I lilliusll tiiurit uleetiins
cais (personally tondtii-iedt weeklv tu ' hi
eago, Kansas t'iiv, teilining chair tars
i"1"" nrri iu me uaily.
o ctiaiiiru ut tarn.
raily. On,, yr-nr Uuiluin Sun-
Ml? ' al" K.tX.
-IV IH'lltllS IIIK'lUtlUlsI Sun.
'" 4.ih
Vaj v. one month Uniiudln Sun-
nay ria
f uiil.iy L'al!, in Vfr.... J'"" Jl'nii
'kly tail. n y.r iM
.rs rl!'.v ' IVr yrtr tlr
tluk.J. r ,, jr ,.,
T r.tcUons of a rsar lu proportloa.
I Ahiuvb
I'Vun Port hind
alt Lake. Ilenvcr. r't
it .. . , . .
;irtn, umiina. urii p. m.
ii.iiinum t. ny, si.'
Imis, Chieagound
Kat. 1
The largest sum ever paid lora pre
senptKin, ehangid hands in Kan l
ei-o. Atw. 30. 1M01. The uanf-.-r in
volved in emit and stw li l I2.W 0 1 ami
ass I'S'il by a pariv ol buniness m-n tnr
a spu-'flV lor x right 's Disease and D a
Is-ifi., htilit-rio liit urslilr direasfe.
I l,i-y eoiiiinrnieil ihe mt;imi u.v-'i.
(Miui ol Hie umitie Nov. 15. l!")
rh itilt-rvii-aed Mures ol ihe einel
and nn il ii out on ns memo I y punirs
ir lliri-e dnaen eases nn the Irea mei.
nd aaiibing them. 1 Lev slsognt .hv
irins m name t-lironie, ini uta let awM-,
ud ailiuuiii.rred it aiib 11 r I'litsiriam
'or jii.tfa. l'plli K7 Vr eeni
it Ibe lest rM i rt- riibir aell 01
nr -wr spit g fsvorablv.
Tln-re iK-ieg hiii tbirl.rn -rienipi
Isiititrs, the isnie aire sal il'n d ami
elosml the itjnmi.lnin. fhr p-oeviins
ot it w iitvesiigating iiuiiinirvr and the
eliui.-al report ot the li st u-. o r,
pahlirheil and a ill I mailed lie on
sppliratinn. Addiess Julia J rtuToN
CoMraisY.-tJO Montgomery M. San Kran
riv, Cal.
Dkimkt '
Chiriigo S
11 1") 11. in.
via Hunt
ingtnn. j
Atlantic Salt bike, Denver!
Kvpress Kt. Worth. Oinithit!
B:i-. p. m. laiw,s City. Si; 7:15a.m.
viununi Imhik Chiuag
ingtnn.' and K;ist. j
Si. I'nur Walla Wullit, Lewis'
Fust Mail, ton. Spokuno. Will -!
H:1S p.m.! laee. Pullman, Min a. m.
via neuKlls. St. J'uul.
.Snikitne. Diiluth.Milwaukeo,
I Cbli-ugo and KaeU
Oi-ian and lliver tieliedule.
KorSan Franriseo Kverv live day at s
17 V. i ",,,Prl. ay munis and orth
itbi ii -
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
Koeehurg, Oregon, July IU04.
Notice is hereby given that in cem
pli .nc wit h t he provisions i.l 1 be set of
C'ngress ol June 3, 1878, entitled "An
si t (or the fs'e of timber lands in the
State of California, Oregon Nevada,
and Washington Territory," a extended
lo all Ihe Pntiiii: Ind States by act of
Vmnat 4, 189.', . .
i Ba'al' Couiity of Ksg'e, S'ate
d t'librd', haa this tlav liVd
in tb tith.-e ber saotn statf m nt N'.
iiM '01 Hi- pnri-hHSet f Ihe rK' f Sec
' 11 S'. 18 "i Tiiwnsbin No. 34 8011th,
It nii No I W.u ai d aill otfr proul
t.i kii iw iIih iIih Istiil sou, hi H more
vs'iiHh'e tnr tii lnnl r nr than for
sg'it-nl nrsi pii'poes. and to estahti-li
hfrrlaim to anl land betore .1. O. Booth,
Oi niitr JmUe, at hi- elht-e r.t (.rants
Pa-s. Oregon, en Siitirdir, iIih 17 I) dav
if Si-ptemb-r, l'JOl. lie 111111. b as il-ness-s
W. B. Sherman, of lirants l'nsw, Ore. :
E V. Sm th, of (itante Fasn. O-e. ; C. V.
Hankie, r.t lirante I'ass, Ore ; K. K.
Cole ol Urants FaH. Ore.
Any and all p-r ons tlaniiiu ail verse
'v 1 be ahove-desorile I lands are re
quested to file their claims in this office
nn or before said 17'.b dav of Weptemtier,
1004. J.T. Bkiiiues, K-gister
MICE FOR prRr Tr.i...
Timber Lsnd, Act Junii
United S.ste. Ui! Td oSe. 8'8'
Wtven ik,, ',
. . 1
.to'H-e is
the act of Congress of Jn. , !
entitled "An act for U," 3' H
timber lands in (he 8it(., f rJ,
Oregon, Nev.d. and W.shi , g," ' T ni'
tory," a mended to all i. J','"
Land S .t by act of Anau.. . ,
of Chicago, County of ' foik,
iiiMioiB, lias ina ,.
hi. otliie her aaorn siUii J ... '
for the purchase of the w'ij? 82
Section No 32inTownehin N.,"i? "
KangeNo. 7 W. and .ill o(rr X
-bin (or us timber or stone tl,n ,0, '
cub oral purposes, and to esishb.i. 1
claim lo raid land before John i ,!
United States Uonimissioner ' ,1 i '
oince at Urants s, Oregon.r,,', t , '"
the 2J...I ,Uy of Atg," Zi
names a tneses: "
W. B blierman and W. R Hhi,.,
both of Urants Fase, Oregon, ami v K
Smith of Albahy, Oregon, and (ie.,rJeT
Collins of Merlin, Oregon. ""I?-
Any and all persons claiming ,..,
ly the above described lands are
qnesied to file their claims in ihi, un .
on 01 before said 22nd day of JZl
1904. JiTiWfcff
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1874
United States Li nit Ollic-e,
Rosebnrg, Ore .July 7. l!lt'4
Notice is hereby given that in com-
nbance mnh tbe provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled. "An
act for the sale of timber amis in the
S'ates of Cslllorn a, Oregon, N'VSiU
and Wa-liington Tenirory," ss extended
to all the Public Land Stales by act of
Augnst 4, 18!).',
ol Basalt, County of Eagle, 8' ate of Col
niado, has this day filed in tba office
his sworn etatunent No. 6795. for the
pnrcbose of Ihe E' of SW, and
Lots 3 and 4 of Section No. 18
in Juansbip No. 34 Booth, Range
No. 4 W, and wi I offer proof to show
bat tbe land sought is more v 1 nable
for its tin-ber or s.nne than for auri
I cultural purposes, and to establish his!
claim to said land before J O Boo'h,
('ountv Judge, at his nllice at Orsu s
l as', Oregon, on Saturday Ihe 17'h dav
pi September, 1901. He names as wit
nesses :
W. B. Sherman, of Grants Pass. Ore :
E, V. Smfih, of Uiants Pass. Ore. : C V.
Ilwikle, of Uiants Pass. Ore.: E. R.
Cole, of Urants Pass, Ore.
Anv and all nersons claiming- ad
versely the above described lands are
requests I to file their claims in this
llice n or hef re "aid I7tli dv of ISen-
eniher, 1904. J. T. Bridges, Register.
Timber Land, Act .lime 3, isr'g
United Ktates Land Ottu-e,
Iloseb'irg, Oregon, June 1, t'yoj
Notice is hereby given that in toranli.
sm with the provisions of tin.
Congress ol June 3, 1878, entitled "An
" -" ""luer laud,
me oiaies 01 ainornia. (h
1 ia
ui n V-
..... ...v. ,, .ri,IK,ull irrruort "
extended to all the Public I,J
Clot ..s Uas A IIU
of Grant Pass, County of Joepbin,
State of Oregon, has this dav fild inthi,
office btr sworn statement No 8"0i
for the purchase of the N'
SE fE'i, NE! BE of Se'cuonVo"
18 in luwnsbip No. 35 8. Range Ko'
5 west, end will offer proof 10 pIhiw ibt
the land sought is more valuable fer iii
timber or stone than fur agrhuliural, and to establish herelsitato
said laud before Arthur Conklin U 8
ft mmixsioner at his otfne st Urami
Pass, Oregon, on Wednesday, the 24'h
davol August, 19('4. . Shensinef as sit.
j Charles L. Clevenger. Satub A
l,ievenger, Ora Hood, si.d r'rank E
Young all of Urants Psss, Oregon
Any and all peraons claiming adversely
the above desciibed lands are 'tquektej
to file their claims In this office un or
belore said 24th day of August. 1904.
J.T. Duiixieh, Register,
700 pieces of vocal and instrumental
sheet uiOHio .at 10 cents each at the
Grants Pass Mnsio House.
Violent Attack of Oiarrhoca Cured by
Chambcrlaia's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and Per
haps s Life Saved.
" A short time ago I was taken with
a violent attack of diurrhoea and be
lieve I would have died if I had not
gotten reilef," says John J. button
s leading citizen of Pattou, Ala.
"A friend recommended Chamber
lam j Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
PARIS 1900
Vso Lio ii Mo J
fit atoy make 0
talking machine
Black &ucr-hardcned
Beaut If lI Quality of tone
Much more durable than any
other cylinder
nfany, I
Columbia PhonoQra)h Combany,
!28 Seventh Street, PORTLAND, ORE. A
grand ririrrwr irij i9oowma&m
Kor Actons.
-Dai v li'v.-nl n...ln..v .. u ... .
-aliirilav at 10 p. m. Dailv sVrviee (Water
lerniiiiiiig on. Willamette and Yamhill
Travel via Denver and the Burlington Route to St. Louis
if you want an interesting, comfortable and safe journey.
The Burlington is the only railroad running its own
trains over its own rails all the way from Denver to
St. Louis. Fast time, clean nnd comfortable cars, obliging
employes, good meals in dining cars at moderate prices.
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Tuaot Mseme
1 a
vurinRini. mi.
Kor further infortunium ak or write your
tielleTHl I'ssmrur
a v.i iisillll, UtVKUII,
rr 1 ck wr
AJJrtss .
Then cut out this ad today and mail to
100 Taiao TassT. PORTLAND, OR.
i 1 1 mi n 1 1 jr
-na.suu, r. LOUIS and
all miMs EAST AND SOt.TH
ti v K EX ICON A
Our i.iD frvo whiMhr ui
mviMittou m taTi.nswjjr ru,.'nits. 1 t-snniunh-ty
Scicnnric Jitncrlcan.
I hlswl UiQt4rt4 wsisr-feiT. I irvMt rir.
HiI.jr ,f nv Mi l nd.' L'UMial, 1 wma. $.
Vw -f Mtr boiiIw, L cVv,i nrnw'-iU,,-,
ilUNM Co ' Hew Yort
he Modern Kemrdy (. Women
liriuofi b t'jjre.1 toiueof
the aorl cse of
W irusnuitr s r i
powtive eure lor LOUCOrrllOOa
l,4lt A..ISTJ
arnd tor lKslet. ( Sin JuM, Cal.
ri. r:Diii sritvirK
mi IIIr;ill sKII I.OVt
i.ajnitnt irtp serosa H.r Cascade I
u iiih'ij niissiaiiK.
rates, (olden and full infor-
i rortuk.ti.
mstion, eall on or s.kln
II. MCKK., c T a
V2J Third slireei, Portland
. ti. VKKKKS, U. VY. P. a
0:J First Atanus Seattle, Ws-h
Nstsw', Art Oalkry;ol tha Rockia I. i:ioll to tht
attrscthma at St. Louis. Thu , ,..
S-i m rttamia, via ths "SCENIC LINE OF THE VtORlD'
CAR Q r ii i r
-HU lor r,,
W.OIoIIUlUK (ieneeal A
124 Third Strati