Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 28, 1904, Image 1

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No. 5.
Exchange Your Old Records
for New.
Held Its Meeting at Ashland Last
Additions.! Men to Be Set to Work
on Improvements.
w a
I For 2.00 and one old Victor B
3 10-inch Record wo will give I ZZZZZZZZZ
(I you thrco new ones. : : : 3
I W. A. PADDOCK, Agent I I
I Grants Pass, - Oregon s
The Presbytery of Southern Orogon
which embraces all Frcsbyterlau
churches within the counties of Coos,
Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine,
Klanmth and Lake, convened in the
Presbyteriau church at Ashland on
the veiling of Tuesday lSth, hist. , ami
was opened hy au impressive soruion
delivered by Uev. W. O. Smith of
Klamath Falls. The Rev. P. F.
Plielrs, pastor of ths church at Ash
land, was elected Moderator of the
Presbytery for the. next six mouths
and Uev. W. Goorlay Connel was
elected to the office of Stated Clerk
for the term of three years, witli Rev.
Cnas. F. Landsborougli as his per
manent clerk for tho same term. The
reports for tho committees having the
oversight of tho various departments
of work wero of an encouraging
nature: the Sabbath schools have
matle a large increase in membership,
and the number added to the variouB
churches through conversion being
doublo that of the year preceding,
The benevolences of tho Presbytery
show a decided increase and one new
'church. North Rend, has been added
to tho roll. ,
Rev. F. O. Strange, who wns for 14
years pastor of tho church at Ashland,
aud more recently of Jacksonville,
was transferred to tho Presbytery of
Puget Pound, while Revs. Roht,
Tweed, Chas. F. Woodward and Thos.
M. Waller wire received from the
Presbytery of Willamette. Rev. Johu
A. Towuscnd Ph. D. was elected as
Ministerial Commissioner to the
General Assembly, which meets in
BufflTalo, N. Y., next mouth, and
Mr. V. F. Disher of Willowdale, Coos
eountv. was elected as lay commis
sioner. Tho Presbytery adjourned 011
Thursday morning to meet ill its next
tated meeting in Rosebnrg on
October 11, 1001.
Vote for Marcus
County Clerk,
V. Robbins for
l'pjww art:riTa.T.ji v rant w.i wt:tiw
Here are a few Bargains for a short time nnhi.
No. 213. 40 acres adjoining city limits. One 7-room house and
one a-room bouse. Small barn, and a good cellar under bouse. All
fenced; small orchard, all varieties of fruit. Price 1700; one-half
cash, balance on time at eight per cent interest.
No. 175. 40 acres just outside city limits. Small orchard aud
samll dwelling honse. Price '.(XI. This placo will be offered at this
price for tho next ISO days only.
No. 211. New 8-rooin lie-use, two acres of ground all in orchard,
situated on tho main street in the city, all fenced and ult improvements
Drat class. Price, t'.ViOO. v
Residence- and business lots in any part of the city. Prcies reason
able and terms to suit.
Cull on or address
Headquarters for Heal Estate.
Otlice on E Street, between Fourth and Fifth Street,
11 II w
! Tht Great Ttnted Amuicnwnt Eaterprise that rullilli Every Promiie.
I Will Exhibit in Grants Pass
Saturday, May 14
I have Sewing Machines ranging in price from
$1.00 TO $15.00
These machines are all in good running order
antlinclude the standard makes White, Singer,
Domestic, Davis. I will sell them on trial.
If you have anything to sell or want to buy any
thing call on me. ::::::::: :
South Sixth Street,
Grants Past, Oregon
to (.'rants liss, Oregon
W-- - E
K. T
( 7 6 5 3 7 t
a II
9 0V It ,
- I : 1 "T I
H , 9 , ,
j , -
fr i If 4 )
1 - '-1 m
, L 3
I , . ;
z "
Is iu the northern 'irt of the
ritv. nluit one block north of tl
new hriik Public School Hldg
between Seventh aud Ninth
The lots in this addition are ep-ially adapted for re-idenre parpo-e an
the, are vcrv large and on r-.lling gruund and higher than the city proper.
K ,r a' hort time onlv Inland A Meade, are making remarkably ..r pr.-.
It will par vuo to inve-tigate their prui-'t'on before buying i-Uewhere.
See H. V. MEADE, at the Courier offi-e, for jar.icul ir.
r ski. r. i r-)..t
&id T--4 JwV ,M . -t : ...
Tho following statement lias been
issued by the Galico Rousolmated
Mines Co. iu T.iew of their recent ac
quirement of 700 acrei of additional
grouud :
Tho acquisition of 100 acres of valu
able adjacent placer miuiiijt ground
has been iu couteuiplatiou for some
time, aud iu anticipation of the sua-
cess of tho gravol levators now being
tested by tho coiupauy, purchased
outright all tho available ground from
tho mouth ol Oalice Creek down
Uogue River for a distauoo of three-
qunrters of a mile.
Guoiblerg' Bar; ths greater lr'
which was owned by tho coniiiany,
has beeu a famous rendezvous for
busted prospectors iu summer time as
good wages could always ba made by
panning or with a rocker. Nearly
every winter Rogue river runs over
this bar for a week or two so that
permanent improvements In tho way
oneuiiiK it un have uever beeu
ill ndo.
We acuuirod this property before
the formation of Galico Consolidated,
aud while it was of well-known rich
uess. wo did not consider it feasible
to be opened by tho regular hydraulic
method as a bedrock race out to
Koenn river would not drain it
properly or afford sufficient dump,
and it was not until tho hydraulic
elevators wore perfected within the
past few years that it wus thought
practical to work thoso low river bars.
Now it is feasible under the pressuro
from our high ditches, which are bo
iug extended to this ground, to set
one giant piping directly op a steel
tube 15 to 80 inches iu diameter to
elevate this ground to a height of tiO
feet or more with a dump of tho samo
height into Rogue River and thus do
away with too adverse teature oi
drainage and dump. Hundreds of
affidavit as to the richness ;of the
grouud are available, and wo have
personally and thoroughly prospoet
the ground before purchase, and Mr.
Cousiu has seen tho ground opened
up a number of times and bus tested
it during the past 11 years with the
view ot ultimately working it by
this process. It was decided to put
machinery on this bar during (In
coming summer, aud in view ii in
creased valuatiou of similar adjacent
property, resulting from successful
operations on our part, it was deemed
advisablo to purchase all available
territory that could bo covered by our
ditche.i before starting active work
A largo crew of men will bo put to
work immediately extending the
ditches, aud it is possible to have one
or two uleators in operation cm tl
new ground iu fiO days. Numerous
improvements and enlargement will
bo made to our eutiro equipment and
it is proposed to bring tho waters
from both forks of Galico Creek and
the intervening gulchen to bear Uon
tho lower part of the creek and the
river bars.
Galico Consolidated Mines Co.
K. K. Cable, President
A Grot Scniation.
. There was a big sinsation in Lees
ville, Inil., when W. II. Ilrown
that place, who whs expected to die,
had his life saved by Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption. He
writes: "I endured insufferable
agonies from Aslhinn, but yonr New
Discovery gave me immediate reliif
and sniiu thereafter elTcc'ted a com
plete cure." WlmiJar cures hi ion-
sumption, Pneumonia, lironeliitis and
Grip aro numerous. It's thnpccrh ss
remedy fur nil throut and lung
troubles. Price !0c, and 1 1. Of).
Guaranteed by National Drug Ktorc
and Grants Pass Pharmacy. Trial
bottles free.
Company to Bo Formed
Mid Town Built.
On a spot cash bafis of (tiO.OOO,
mluiug operations of Bellinghaiu,
Wash.,, have secured control of the
Cope property, locnted on tho old
Yank ledge, in Josephiuo county,
Bays the Portland Telegram. W. 1.
Cope, former owner retains a heavy
luterest iu the property. The pur
chasers aro : F. J. Barlow, D. I
Smith E. W. Livormore, L. B. M.
Simons aud Sylvester IJoru. . The
mine will be worked by a company
Incorporated under the Washintgon
The deal was consummated through
O. M. Crouch, John F. Wickhnm
and R. O. Kinney, owners of the Al- i
meda mino, aud tho property trans-
rerrea lies oil mo samo luugo us imiv
property, about l.V miles south of that
proporty. The Allen property lies
between the Almeda and tho Cope
holdiuirs. and manes a continuous
body of oro nearly five miles in
length. Tho salo couveys 07 acres of
ground, 100 acres of which is quarts.
This is situated on the Big Yuuk
ledge. Tho remainedr is placer
ground ou 'Uogue Rivor, now being
profitably worked.
Tho purchasers will all bo direetois
iu tho now corporation, which will bo
known as tho Leona Mining Company
Mr. Wickhani is still at Belling
haiu, completing arrangements to
begin netive work. Mr. Cope has had
tho property for nearly five years and
has done over 700 feet of tunnel work
opening tho ledge, which shows 155
feet wldo, carrying values in gold,
lead, copper nud silver aggreating $18
per ton. Most of his work, howovor,
has beeu done on tho placer from
which ho bus taken thousands of dol
lars during his resldenco at Grants
Pass. The plucer ground Includes a
very fine towusito and a town will be
built for tho supplying of tho local
operations at onco. Already fiO lots
have been reserved at f."i0 per lot and
as soon as the town can bo incorpor
ated they will bo transferred.
Tho deal is ono of great importance,
as it makes oue continuous line of
operuting mines ou tho Big Yank,
Work will begin in 10 days to install
lower drills and dam the Rogue
River. Tho new corporation will
work in conjunction with tho Almeda
and tho Homestako jmoplo and over
S00 men will bo employed on these
properties this season, making a
nonulatloii In tho town of Almeda of
nearly 1000 people.
i ' ' '
I -1 i r- I r If
Homes hurnisnea lompiete
Immense Stock the Newest,
the Latest the Market Affords.
Lace Curtains 45c per pair up
Go-Carts from $4.50 up
Iron Beds from $3.50 up
Bed Lounges Big Reduction, regular $17.00
values for $13. 90.
New Upholsteries and Couch Coverings 1 2 to 60c yard
Special values in Floor Coverings all kinds.
WALL PAPERS au immense line, Choicest Patterns.
Screen Doors, Window Screens,
Chamber Sets, regularly worth $12.00, for $3.oo
New Glassware, beautiful designs Tumblers,
Sets, Bowls.
DistiKS in Great Vakikty at Monky Saving Pricks.
A ticket witli overy 60o cash purchase. See circu
lars for particulars. It pays to trado here.
X5he Housefurnishers
Grants Pass, - Oregon.
IU. C. IE. tl. Column
Sciatic Khtumitiim Cirtd.
"I have been subject to sciatic
rheumatism for years," says K. II
Waldron, of Wilton Junction, Iowa.
"Myjoiuts wero at 1 IT and gave me
much lwiii and discomfort. My Joints
would cra.'k when I straightened up.
I used Chamberlain's l'aln Balm and
have beeu thoroughly cured. It Is
certainly a most wonderful liniment
For sale by all druggists.
Groat Oppoi (unlltea (or the Ris
ing Generation
A Multitude of New Features Never Bolero Presented in America
The World's Greatest Acrobats I The M st Sensational Atrial Gym-
I nasts
Heroes of the Ilih Horizontal
- Mcdonald bros. 3
The p'o'.unost Trick Cyclists
Mhlnotte, La Noi.h, Mi:j.nttk
Europe's Premier Comedy Ilij'.h
Wire Artists
Most Remarkable Contortionists
Copper in Jackson County
Need Outlet.
Performing Elephants, Camels, Lions, Tiger.-, Hyenas, Tapirs. Llamas
Buffaloes. Kancaroos, Ostriches, Elk, Dctr, Ponies, Goals ar.d Monkeys
Herbert Rumley's School of Educated Seals
Herr Geisler's School of ConieJy Elephants
Ouartette of Cake Walking Horses
Enchanting Pony Ballet
Royal Roman Hippodrome Million Dollar New Menagerie
A Mighty University of Natural Hi-toiy
Olympian Stadium Mammoth Aerial Enclave
Will Leave The Show Grounds livery Morning at 10 30
Adults, 50c. Children, 25c. One Ticket Admits You to Everything
Dr. J. F. Reddy arrived in Jack
sunville Sunday from an extended trip
to Spokane and the Kust. While East
Dr. Iteddy made a deal with New
York capitalists for the salo of the
famous lilue Lead copper lio)H-rtles
on Upper Applcgaln. The reported
price is fj.AOtiO and the puichascr
have until May l.'i to take up the
property. They are cx)erieiieod cop
per men and two of their exjs rts will
arrive in Jacksonville tho lust of next
week. 00 out to the lilne Lead and
thoroughly examine the projierty,
The copper market is now in a more
hopeful and solid condition than for
several years jnist and an tho richness
of tho lilue Lead has never been
questioned, there Is a strong proba
hility that tho New Yorkers will take
up tho Applcgato copper propertj
If they do it is understood that they
will at oueo put on a force of men
and morn fully develop tho claims,
after whb h they will begin the work
of extending the Jacksonville railroad
on to Joe liar and of erec ting a smelt
er at some point in that vicinity.
Jack mil ville. H Iltinel.
If 1 wero 20. hero is where I
hould come," said Henry Watterson,
the veteran editor of tho Louisville
ourier Journal, ns ho comfortably
batted after Ms lecture oil Lincoln
Portland "last Wednesday night
In no years there will be a popula
tion of WP.iiOO.OiKI iu this Hctioii of
the country west of tho crest of the
Kocky mountains. l!y that time the
1 inatinu inlluenees w ill bo on tho
11c i (In ai d not on tho Atlautio coast
Westward is still tho course of
empire, ny mat unit) inero win un
one and perhaps two isthmian canals
and Portland will not be ov( r 'M hours
listant bv rail from New York. The
'arillo ocean will then be the gn at
highway of commerce and this mag
iilllrent section so blessed by nature,
so bland in Us climate and so riot
ously prolific, will logically come lo
the very for front.
"Many cities will dot the whole
Pacific coast, achieving an importance
now scarcely cireaineii in, out mere
will be three overshadowing renters
of populat lull and comnieri iiil cense-
luence which will be in constant
business touch with the whole round
earth one north and the other south
of you.
Hero will be found the great op
portunities for the rising generation
and these things will come to pass
during tho lifetime of the boys who
aro now atieuding the public sc hools
of Portland. If the boys who are
hero do not mak a succe ss of life
with the opixirtuuities which are
opening up before them aud with (he
advantage of tlnlr maguifleiit en
viron t, tho fault will be with
them and not with the country in
which they liuve been so fortunately
born or bred. "
J. U. PAW -OCR, I'soia.
I am preprred tolurnish anything in tho line o( Cemetery work in any kind
Nearly thirty years of exporienee in the Marble buincsi srrnts my saying
that I can till your orders in the very best manner.
Can furnish work in HcoU U, Hwed or Atnerh an (irsiule or any kind of
M"b"' J. It. PADDOCK,
front hi reel. Next to Orn-se'i Oanshop.
Connly Treasurer's Notice.
There aro funds In tho treasury to
pay all warrants protested to April
2"i, lS'.lH. luterest will ceaso from
this date.
April 22,
Treasurer of Josephine County.
W. K. It. id toe wagon maker litis
removed to H111I1 ft., with a full aud
i-lei't slock of wagon and carriage
material. "Good work aud good
stock" my motto. Hhop two door
north of iJavis' second hnnd store,
A Thoughtful Man.
M. M. Austin of Winchester, Iiel.
kuew what to do in the hour of need
His wife had sneh an unusual ease of
stomach and liver trouble, physicians
could not help her. Ho thought of
and tried Or. King's New Life Pills
and sho got relief at once and was
finally cured. Only i'xi at National
Drug Htoro and (irants Puss 1'lmr
uiacy. lloguo Hlver Creamery, Medford,
manufactures the ('. K. O. bruud
fancy creamery butler, that is clean,
elegant slid guaranteed. Ask your
merchant for it.
Henry Wird Deecher to Ilia Son.
The- following letter from Ileury
Ward Deecher to his son ia authentic,
and should bo carefully pondered by
every young man :
My Dear Herbert : You aro now for
tho first timo fairly lnnuehod into
life for yourself. You go from your
father's houso and from all family
ouiiections to make your owu way iu
the world. It is a good timo to make
a new start, to enst out faults of
whoso evil you have had au experi
ence and to take 011 habits tho want of
which you have found to ho so damaging.
1. You must not get into debt.
Mako it a fundamental rule : No debt
cash or nothing.
3. Make few promises. Religious
ly observe oveu tho smullest promise,
A man who means to keep his prom
ises cannot afford to mako many.
II. He scrupulously careful iu all
statements. Accuracy und perfect
tiiinkness, no guesswork. Kither
nothing or accurate truth.
4. When working for others sink
yourself out ot sight; seek their in
terest. Mako yourself necessary to
thoso who employ you, by industry,
fidelity and scrupulous infergily.
Selfishness is fatal.
6, Hold yourself resoiisiblu for a
higher standard than anybody olso
exxcts of you. Demand more ot
yourself than nnyhody else expects of
you. Keep your personal standard
high. Never oxcuso yourself to your
self. Never pity yourself. Iio a hard
master to yourself; bo lenient to
everybody else.
. Concentrate your force 011 your
proper business; d,i not turn olT.
lie constant, steadfast, persevering.
7. Tho art of making one's fortune
Ih to spend nothing. In this Vonutry
any intelligent and industrious young
man may become rich if bo stops all
leaks and is not in a hurry. Do not
mako haste; bo patient.
H. Do not speculate or gamble.
You go to a land whero evoybody is
excited, nud strive to make money
suddenly, largely nud without work
ing for it. They biow soap-bubbles.
Steady, patient Industry is both the
surest and tho safest way. Greedi
ness and haste nru two devils which
destroy tliouasnds every year.
1). I beseech you to cornet one
fault severe speech of others. Never
speak evil of any man, no matter what
the facts may bo. Hasty fault Minting
and Severn speech of absent people is
nut honorable, is apt to bo unjust and
cruel, makes enemies to yourself, and
U wicked.
10 If by iulerglty, industry am
well earned success you des, rvi well
of your fellow citizens, they may iii
years to come ask you lo occept
honors. Do not seek their, do 111
n ee ivo them while vou are young
wait; hut when you are established
you may make your father s name
known Willi honor in haMs of legisla
Lastly, do wit forget your af tie r
and your mother s Uod. ltecanse you
will bo largely dvprived of church
privileges, you need all the m ive to
keep your In art before Uod. Hut do
not despise small churc hes aud hum
ble preachers. "Mind not high
thing", but condescend to men of low
estate." Head often the Proverbs,
the precepts hiiiI duties enjoined iu
the New Testament. May your
father's Ueid go with you aud protect
you !
Many of Tliom Coming o South
ern Oregon.
to nominate a uo-llcens ruuuiopal
A week bo fore tho elooton a man
who was a most excellent workman
and when sober, an agreeable man,
died with dollruro tremens la one of
the saloons. Tho man had no rela
tives iu the town. A brother came
from a dlstanco to bury him, and the
preacher was asked to conduct a
funeral service In the saloon.
The room was crowded with friends
an I enemies of the saloon. The
preacher stood at the head of the
cofllu, and tho saloon-keeper at the
foot. After the opening services the
preacher sain: "Here lies before us
a victim of strong drink, killod ;by
somebody. Si 1100 he died I have beard
It said that ho killed himself a oaso
of suicide by drink. This is true, but
he is not alone to blame for his death.
I have heard it said that the saloon
keeper killed him. This, also is true.
Tho man who sold him liquor, de
manded by au appotito that made him
a slave, must bo held morally re
sensible for his death. But the
saloon keeper is not alone responsible.
"I hava heard it said that our vit
iligo board is responsible for this case
of murder. This also is true. Had
there been no saloons in our town,
this man would bavo been living yot.
Hut these village officers are only
representatives. They have done Jost
what they were elected to do. Tha
final responsibility rests upon the
voters of our villago, who are guilty,
through their franchise, of the mur
der of this man. "
He then proceeded to discuss the
responsibility of the voter with
tremendous effect. The saloon keeper
closed out his murderous business,
and ho and several of his friends
voted tho no-license ticket, which
won in the election. Hince then no
saloon has boon licensed in that til
lage, and before tho preacher left he
had tho pleasure of votlug for thst
ox-saloou keeper to fill the ofiloe of
villago trustee. J. G. Evans, D. D.
'There uto morn Cripplo Creek
mining men coming to Southern
Oregon to investigate its heavy de
posits of ora than from any other sec
tion of tho United States," said F.
Jud Catter'in, to tho Telegram, who
returned from Provolt recently.
And tho beauty of it is thai tbey
aio investing ami novuiopiug 111s
mines there. I think if some of the
people of Portland could visit Grants
Pass and in tho activity in mining,
they might wake up to tho Import
ance of the industry in this state.
There is morn money aud more new
men coining into tho country than
ever iu its history, and this season
will witness more gold produoeu than
ever iu tho history of the state."
Senator Fultou has secured an
amendment to Sundry civil bills in
ereasinu the appropriation for roads
111 Crater I.itko Natioual Park
l.imsi to tkuo.
When Courage 1'
Some years ago, in n village in
Illinois, the license system, which
bad prevailed for S.'i years, seemed to
bo Impregnable. A plain, kind heart
eil, but outspoken Methodist preacher
was siilolnted to that Village. 10
olu il denuuncuil tho saloon, but ap
parently without much iuipreasion.
At length, however, he succeeded
iu getting the friends of teinperanco
71 K
Absolutely Pure