Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 19, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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    d. m. r. tl a.m Aeneen n 1 vvrt ti 1 Ma yj.rtV SAt'mf tjtffj tA lull
How long will It take the man to 6U
the aack if he does not atop the leak?
To attempt to nourish the body when the
atomacn ta nis
eaaed ia like try
ing to fill the
aack with the
bole In it When
the etomach and
other digestive
and nutritive or
gan a are die
cased, there ia a'
constant loaa of
Enough U eaten)
but the body
loaea flesh.-pUin
proof tliat the
food eaten is
largely wasted
because it is not
digested and as
similated. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
Discovery cures
diseases ot the
. atomach and
other organa of
digestion and
nutrition. It
stops the Iraka
by which nutri
tion ia lost, and
mn ahls the
building up of the body by the nutri
tion derived from food. The gain in
weight provee the cure.
Three years ago t was takra sick with what
the doctor wiled nrrvoiianeaa and ItKligeatlon.a
wr Mrs. Warren K Parkar, ot Oraiisf Mieet,
Nantucket. Maaa. 'He ! me medicine for
the trouble, but I could nut eateveu a llttla tuaat
or oatmeal wiibuut atiSsring aeverrly. Ia a few
month I lirkan lo have diatreaaitiB paina right
to the pit of niv stomach. I called the doctor
asam aud he aaid 1 had catarrh of etomach;
gave me medione hut it did not do any good.
I luat 2 pmmoa in three moiitha. I then oonv
ncui-rd Inking lir Herce'a mclirinea and aooa
beitan to ImI letter. I have takru an bottlea ol
'GoUtt-n Medical Iliscov, vlvu of Pavorlls
Praacriptimi ' and ail vial, ar'.lr. Pierce's Pel
Uta. 1 have jfHiucd ten pou..u. Can eat every
Dr. Pierce's l'leaaant l'clleta cure ttttV
By virtue of a warrant duly Issued
by the County Clerk of the County of
Josephine, mid State of Otcfton, iu the
immn of the stato of Orciton. Mid un
der the seal of the County Court of
aaid Josuphino County, dated the 24
dav of February. 1W)3, command
ing me, the BlierlfT of said Josoplilno
county, to levy uikhi the jioodn and
chattels of the delinquent tin tmyers
named in the said tax roll, and if no
uoods or chattels bo found, then to
levy upon tlio real projaTty of such
dollnuneuta aa act forth iu said tax
lint, or so much thereof as sltall be
neceatiary to satisfy tlie amount of
tains charged iu said tax roll, with
coats and eiDcllsos of sale.
Notice is therefore hereby glvon
that I did. on t ho luth day or inot
etulror, A. D. I'.tOfl, bolng unable to
llnd anr nontonal nrotmrty out of
which to rualto the Raid diiliminent
tares, ltiyy uon the following dus.
crlbori unreels of real property, situ-
ated in said Josoiihliio county, de-
orilied in said list aa the proxtrty of
Sitld delinquent tax payors, so named
in aaid list, and herein set opiolte
the aaid description of said property,
aud will on
between the hours of nine o'cloc k in
the forauoon aud four o'clock in the
alturuoou of said day to-wit: at ten
o'clock in the forenoon of aaid day,
at the front door of the county court
Itonse, iu Urania Pass, in wild county
- aud state, sell the property or so much
thereof as may bo ueeeaHiiry to satisfy
tite taxes so charged auii costs, at pub
lic, auction, to the highest bidder for
cash, to iay the taxes so charged iu
said list aud herein set opwsite the
description of the procrty so charged
and so to be sold, together with the
costs and epxuuHea of snlo thereof,
Aden, John Ditch and water
right from Limpey creek
aud ditch and water right
from Hliau crock $
Alfred, W. H. Lot 1 in block
D in the Jioundary Linn
adfition to the town of
Uranta Pane
Ayera, Elisabeth Wh, of SB
4 seotiou 21, township till,
nuige 8 west aud f J of
NK4 section 2H, township
!)U, range H west
Hartley. J. Lot , section IU,
township IM H II 1 W and
Upper Ditch from Ash
crock and Lower Ditch
lroni Ash creek
Illalook, K. K. Lot 3 In blin k
6 iu the towu of Placer..
Boalich and Allen-N W o'
the rl W i4 of section 111),
township ail 8, H A W of
Holt and Kubll The undivid
ed - intercut in S 1. l4 of
H K 4 of wet Ion il l, town
ship ilH 8. H n W and the
8 W of S V t, of sec
tion S.I township DM S, It
6 West
licnnctt, C. Lots I and 'J,
in block W, in the rail
road addition to tlrants
Iloynton, II. U licgln f4
chains E of 8K corner of
8W4 of NWI4 ruu V
7.CI5 clinliiH.N f. ill chains,
l: It. 745 chains, S i'H de
gretii, W tl. SJ chains, lena
'J'i acres to J. H. Hale,
all in section IH t 'hhIiIi
8rt 8, It 5 V of W. M
Joiitaitiing 2'-, acres moro
or lers . .
llrewer, Ornnt 8 of
KKt' section 1, township
8.S 8, K A W, of W M ...
Butkhaltcr, Chas. Uit 4 in
bliK lt 8, in llourue's II ret
addition to UranlH 1'itits .
Carr, (!eo. Slraltoit creek
ditch and water right
Chesxiuore, A. 11. K-j of
8KI4 (.ectioii 4, lowiishiu
8 8. U 0 W ot W. M
Clark, T. J. Upier dilch and
. water right from KcuIh'ii
creek. Lower ditch and
water right from Kcr.U'11
Couhran, Wiilinm 1 ta gin
where E line scclioit W
inleritccta N iHititMlary line
D U No. SH, run west Soil
feet, N IiVm) feet, K S."tl
feet, 8 lilO feet
Coffee, Ambrose, Eat. El, of
NEI4' tif 8K'4 of section
14, township its 8, K ; V
of V M, unit one lliird in
terrat in Straus and Hull
Connor aud Sniiih Illicit and
water right from lied Dog
creek, pll', glitnts, etc.
Cordereo, lvter 81, of SK'4
and Lot 4 ill metlnn lt,
township ! 8, K b W of
Cox, William KH, of NWl4
of section 21, towtishiii
Bl 8, K W of W M
Critser. J. W.-NKI4 of
NEl4' of seetiou S, town
ship at 8, H A W of V M
Croxton, Mrs. N L. Ilcgin
m feet E aud IX 72 roils
8 of NW corner of NKl4
ot NE I4' of sect!. HI 17,
run K 8H.73 rods, 8 4.74
rods, W 8S.7J rods, N 4.74
rods section 17 township
l 8, K A W of '...,
Croxtou, T. . Utt A iu
block S4 and Lots A and
iu block II, in the Ori
ginal towusite of Grants
8 78
1 06
0 01
4 05
1 61
8 01
11 00
1 87
8 63
6 21
6 64
1 06
6 76
12 30
23 :w
11 64
2 76
8 78
1 04
3 V-TC.
Darkia, Wu, Est. W of N
E Ji and E of N Wtf
of section 85, township 40
B, R 8 W of W M 7 17
Day lot. Eva S.-E' of SE V4,
8 W X of 8 K4 and 8EJ4
of 8WW. section 20, town
ship 36 8, R W of W M 8 81
Downor, Huntington Iot A
in block KM, in the Origin
al townsite of Grants Pass 1 11
Durham and Croasmau SE '4'
of SWW, section 13, and
W' of NWW, NEJ4 of .
KW) and mile Hume
auction 24, all in township
88 8, R A W of W M 17 4
Dyke, C. J., Est. SWJf of
section 21, township 86 8,
R 6 W of W M 8 44
Eggers John H.-SEI4' of
NEW of section 84 and
W of NWW. and NW
of SWJi section 85 town-,
ship 40 8 R 8 W of W M 8 60
Evans, C. 8. Lot B iu block
H2, in the Uriginai town
site of Grants 1'ufH 2 22
Every, JamesC Nof NW)i
of section i, townslilji
85 8, R 6 W of W M. ...... 8 fi7
Faliin.W. II., adiiiinistrator
Ixit 7, bltx:k tU in the
Original towusite ofGrauts
Pass 1 89
Farmnr, J. E.-NJi of 8E
and 8W NEW, section
80, township 83 8,11 W. . 8 67
Farmer. J. E. Wolf Crock
ditch and water right 4 ca
Ferrnn, Lucy of 8EJ4 of
NWW. BWli of NEWaurt
NEW of NEli, section 2,
township 87 8, R 7 W WM V 01
Oalvin, Kato N. Lot 4, block
h, Jiourno s first addition
to Grants Pass 17 47
Oarlock, J. F.-8EW of NEK
and NEJj of 8E less 15
aores, section 0, township
3H 8, K 6 W of W M 8 06
Goyer, Frod-W of W of
section It, township Bi
8, H 6 W of W M 10 18
Olant Powder Co. Uegln at
a point 20 chains N and
UY'i chains E of corner
Ixitween sections 10, 20,
211, 30, run 8 100 feet, E
50 feet, N 10O feet, W AO
foot, section 20 township
86 8, R A W ol W M 4 16
Gibson, Ella llngln on suc
tion line, between hen
tious 16 aud 21, on E side
of comity road, run E 200
foot, N 100 feot.W 200 feet,
8 100 f jet ill section 16,
township 35 8, K fl W of
W M 8 78
Gllinoro, J. II. Chas. liegiu
at intersection of E line
of county road with Hol
land creek, theuce 8 iral
lel with roarl 201) feet, E
418 feet, N 209 feet, W to
lmgimiliig, section 0 town
ship 30 8, It 8 W of W M 1 40
Grants Pass Kauklng & Trust
Co. liegin H rods E
of NW corner of N E of
BE, section 13, run 8 40
rods, E 7.2 rods, N 40 roils,
W 7.2 roils in section 13,
tp 36 8, R8 W of W M. . 8 40
Green, Anna, Est. Nl of
NW'i of section 26. town
ship ail 8, R 6 W of W M 4 15
Greene, Geo. W.-NWV of
section 14, township 38 8,
K 8 W of W M 11 80
Guild, Oeo.-Lot 14 ill block
8 in Miller and Co's addi- -tion
to Uranta Pass Ill
Haclmln, Fred N K l4' of
NW'4, N of NE4 ami
8W4 of NE'4, section 1,
township 88 8, It KW of W
M, also 8E'4 of section 2,
townshin 38 8. R 8 W
of W M 20 74
Ilarkncss, Samuel NE' of
BWl., section 10, town
ship 34 8, R 6 W of W M 2 76
Holcomh, I), and W. Lot 0
In block 76 in the Original
towusite of Grants Pass . 8 88
Howell, Mrs. M. E.-E.S, of
Ntl4, less 8 acres on W
side section 33, township
38 8. R A W of W M 0 60
Howell, Joseph Ixits 2, 3,
4, 111 block 6 iu the Rail
road addition to Grants
Pahs . 8 53
Ingram, Rany-N W '4 of NW
r. or r v '4,
of NE'4, also J'm wres oil
NE comer of of SIC4
tlitch and water right from
Slate creek (except Iirt
owned by Matthews) all
ill wet ion 18, township 37
8, K 7 W of W M 6 60
Johnston, W. A. Lot II iu
block 62 in the Original
towusite of Grants Pass 13 01
Jordau, Eiiitun Undivided 1-3
thlid Interest in I,ots 1
and 3. in block F in
llourue's tlrst addition to
Grants Pass 8 OA
Jupiter Gold Mining Co.
811111 Sissul tllteli and
water right aud Tacoiua
ami Siskiyou Co. ditch
ami water right, also
pip"S, giants, and Humes 4 63
Keller, J. F.-W' of N ' .
section tl, township 311 S,
R ! W of W M 10 88
Kless, Frank liegin at N W
corner of N W 4 ol S W4
of section lS.rnn E '.0Mivfi
8 208', lt,V20Mvft,N208iv
fiHt to place of Itcginning,
aertlon 18, townsnip 36 8,
R 6 W ot w 111 1 10
Knox, Oscar M. -S E W of nw
I4 and sw "4 of swi4of sio
tiou 84, township a; 8, R
5 w of w 111 S 78
Lamar, Mary and R. J. IjiiIs
3 ami 4 In block 17 ill the
Railroad addition to
Grants Pass 17 10
Lee, T. P. 11 w 14 of 11 w
I 4, seel ion III and 11 'u
of 11 e I I of n e I I of sec
tion -I, township 3ii s, r II
w of w 111 42 10
Leiiniger, I . 1). 8 rods 11 aud
s by 20 roils e and w utT
11 cud Esther Williams 6
acres, section IS, township
:! r ft w of w 111 ... I 30
Lcuiiiger, Jacob e lv of s w
1 I, seel ion 30 and e
of 11 w 14 ot section HI,
tow nslilp 40 , r 8 w of
w 111 16 81
Light, Geo. Lot i in blink 1
iu the town of Placer 2 80
liiing, V. Ixits 1 and sec
trm I, township 38 s, r .'
w of w 111 I SO
Iiong, Mary- Itegiiining IU13.4
feet w of 1 4 section cor
ner tctvH'cu sections 10
and '.M, run s two feet,
" feet, 11 IWO feel, w rt.'i
feet, section 10, township
8(i s, r A w of w 111
McAllister, Carrie and I. W
west of southwest i4and
rout hi ust 14 of southwest
I I aeclion 2S, townslilp 37
south, rauge i west of W il
lamette meridian 8 78
Me Mains, W. H. North ly of
north , of southeast 1-4
of north east 1-4 and north
of south ly of north
ol south east 1-4 of sectio..
of stctioii IMowusliiii 36
south, rauge A wist Will
amette meriilinu . . 2 18
Mab'U Mining Co. Ixt 0 iu
block Iv ill llolll lie's tlrst
addltiou to towu of GrantH
611 Pwas A 04
Ely's Crzam Balm
This Romody ia o Specific,
8uro to Clvo Satisfaction.
It cleanse-, sooth, heals, and protects the
disesii-d membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives sway a Cold Iu the Head quickly.
Ituntorni the Reuses of Tasto and Hiuoll.
Kasy to use. Outuini no in)tirii:us drugs.
Appliiyl into the nostril., and absorbed.
Lnri(o Size, 5 ) centji at Druggista or by
mail; Trial Kio, 10 ie:itn by mail.
ELY B.'iOTHERS. 60 Wrrn St., New York.
Martin, Evnlliie Southwest
1-4 of aouhtwest 1-4 of
section 28, township 31
sooth, range 6 west of
Wilbunotto meridian
10 33
Matthews, E. M Lot 1 in
block 4 in the towu of
1 13
Moe, Frank Lot 3 in block 01
in the Klversido addition
to Grants Pass
1 11
Merrill, E. S. Ditch and
water right from uallcu
Miller, W. II. and R. F. Cook
East of south east 1-4 of
section 21, township 37
son til, raugn 6 west of
Willamette meridian
Miller and Carson E1,,' ofW'ij
section 4 mid west 's of
northwest '4, northwest
1-4 of si mill west 1-4 of
section 10, township 36
south, range 6 west
Milton, F. C liegin at north
west corner of northwest
l-4of section 8, inn easier
ly OIK) feet, south westerly
1000 feet, westerly 850 feet,
uorthwesti rly 840 fo it, eu
18, township 34 sooth, riingo
6 west
Moore, J. J. Est Lots 10 and
20 iu block 80 iu the Origi
nal townsite of Grants Pans
Morrison, M. A. and Sons Mag
ley gulch ditch aud water
right Morrison, Million! A. North
of northwest 1-4, south
east 1-4 of northwest 1-4
anil Lot 2, section 32, town
ship 30 south, range 8 wunt
Myrick.B.F. sonthof north
west 1-4, north east 1-4 of
northwest 1-4, northwest
1-4 of northeast 1-4, section
24, township 36 south,
range 6 west
Nasli.J. T.C. West Vif north
east 1-4, east K of north
west 1-4 and Poor Man's
creek, ditch mid water
right, section 83, township
33 south, range 7 west
Nipper, Nellie (. Miller mid
Co s addition, begin at
northeast corner of lot 2,
run west 60 feet, soulM 115
feet, east 61) feet, north
116 feet to beginning, in
L.t 2 ill Mock 2 of Millir
anil Co addition to GritntH
6 66
26 43
2 80
14 43
8 68
12 82
4 Ii8
18 50
1 66
Nipper. W. R. liegin 64 links
cast 01 southeast corner
of southwest 1-4 northwest
1-4 of scciii(i 18, run west
11. 08t chains for a start
ing point, liorthn. ?!' chains,
east 4.8I4 chains, south
6.76 chains, west 4. 3ll4'
chains, section IS, town
ship 86 south, range 5
west, also the northeast
14 of southeast 1-4, sec
tion 6, township 30 south,
range 5 west, sawmill
63 41
Noble, Chas. H. West u of
southeast I I seel ion 3,
west of liorllicast 1-4
also lllackhoaril creek,
ditch section ID, all iu
towuship 30 south, range
5 west . .
28 38
Noland, Delia llourue's tlrst
addition, begin 100 feet
south of liorllicast corner,
liot 12, run west parallel
With I. street l.i'.l feet,
south 61 feet, westerly
138 feet, north 50 feet to
beginning block K
60 I
Oak Flat Placer Mining Co.
Soldier creek ditch aud
water right, improvements
52 41)
Ogle, J. M. liegin northeast
corner of southeast 1-4 of
northwest l-t, section 15,
run west 50 rods south
81) rods, east 50 rods,
north so rods, seetiou 15,
township 3tv south, r;tnge
6 w est
8 30
Olinghotise, lxutu
block 8 111
Lot 1 iu
town of
C. R. K. Co - North
west I I of llolthwest l-l
section 2?, township 33
ninth, range 7 west
O. A C. R. R. Co. South
west I I of section 35,
township 37 south, range
7 west
a & C. R. It. Southwest 1-4
of northwest 1-4 of section
33, township 31 south,
1 Bilge 6 w e st
.). C. ti. R. -Northeast I I
(if southeast 1 1, section I,
township 8(1 south, range
6 west
Paddock, J. It.-Southwest I I
(if northeast 1-4, section
2, township 35 smith,
range 6 west, also all of
btiH-k I, 1 incoln l'nik, ad
dition 10 Grain 1 1 i
Palcthorp, Adelia-L.M of
northwest 11, cast ',. of
southwest 1-4 ol sect ion ;',
township 36 south, range
6 west
Parker, 11. N. East s, of south
(if n rthcast 1 I of south
east 14, section 10, town
ship 36 Muitli, range 5
w est
Peiin, J. It. Lots 7, S and 0
In block 1 1, in the Origi
nal towusite of Grauts
Potter. Eli.a 10 ftH't otr west
side of lot 2 and 3 iu blin k
2, Railroad addition to the
town of Grants Pass .. .
Ranautu. J. P. Southeast 1-4
of northwest i4 SWIess.'o
rinls off west side section
17, township 36 south,
range 6 west
Reynolds, Horace Est. South
ly of southeast 1-4 less
railroad right (if wav. sec
tion 20, township S3 south,
range 6 west
Koebrr. I. C.-Ixils 15, lit,
i; block tl. lota 7 and 8
block ss iu the Original
towusite of Grants Pass. .
1 40
4 80
2 48
4 2!
Ill 38
6 42
6 10
I ; 0
4S 71
4 05
8 60
Robert -on, F. M. South
of M. Paisley's D. C. 88, !
section 36, township 85
south, range 7 west . 15 48
Rocls r, Otto Lot J, block 43,
Original towusite of
Grants Pass 1 95
Rourke, T. F. Rum Oulcli
ditch and water right,
pis s,elo 18 88
Howe, Helen K. Northeast
1-4 of northeast 1-4 of sec
tion 16, township 34 south,
range 6 west 2 76
Rowley, Thos Lot 8 in
block 55 Railroad addition
to Grauts Pass, Oregon 71
Rubie, Mr-i. Ruth Mineral
claim No. 30 iu sections
21, 28, LU, township 33
south, range 5 west ..... 18 88
Ruble, Wm. Mineral claims
37 and 38, sections 10, 20,
20, 30 township 33 sooth,
range 5 west, also north
'a southrart 1-4 and Coy
ote creek ditch and water
liglit section 23, township
33 south, range 6 west . . 64 75
Scare, H. P. Lots 10 and 11,
block 71 In the Original
towusite of Grams Pass.. 2 77
Si -bell, Jacob Lota 11 and 12
block 3, Original townsi.u
of Grants Pass 3 61
Smith, W. C Southeast 1-4
of Northeast 1-4, section
16, township 33 south,
range 6 w est 2 27
Smith, Thomas Lot 8 blocs
45, Original towusite of
Grants Pass and Lots 1, 2,
3, 4 in block 45, Boundary
Lino addi ion to Grants
Pass, Lot 1, block 6, Rail
road addition to Grants
Pass 5 65
Soniers, 8. E. Lot 1, block 42
iu Railroad addition to
Grants Puss Ill
Stauffcr, Isaac East of
northeast 1-4, Southwest
1-4 of northeast 1-4, north
east 1-4 of southeast 1-4
section 18, township 37
south, rango 6 west . . . . 23 01
St. Helen's and Galice Mining
Co. Gul ice creek ditch
and water right, lower
'creek ditch and water
right, pijx-s, buildiugs,eto 12 27
Stayer, A. J. Southeast 1-4
of northeast 1-4, section
86, tp 31 south, r 6 west 2 48
Strong, W. and J. Southeast
1-4 of Northeast 1-4,
northeast 1-4 of southeast
1-4, aud wist i of south
cast 1-4, setcloii 3, town
ship 41 south, range 8
west 28 82
Taylor, Minnie Lots 7 and
8, block 6 iu the Railroad
addition to Grants Pass 6 88
Taylor, Geo. J. Lots 1 aud
2, in block 0, Miller and
Cu'a addition to Grunts
Puss 2 22
Taylor and Crow Chieftain
creek ditch and water
right, aniKtie, etc 8 78
Thotnason, J. W. Pipe and
giant atniine above Brown
ing's 4 01
Thompson, J. R. C Lot 11
in block 20 iu the Origi
nal townsitu of Grants
Pass 2 60
Tucker, J. 8. Soldier creek
ditch and waler right,
pipes, giants, etc 7 86
Turner, Win. Joe Hiatt dilch
and waler right from
Swede creek 4 87
Uhlig, Oscar Lots (I ami 7 In
block lettered O iu
iTourne's lirst addition to
Grunt Pass, also all of
block lettered 11 ill Liu
coin Park addition to
Grants Pass 10 07
Van Hruitt, R. Southeast 1-4
and 10 acres oil south side
ot northeast 1-4 of stc
tioii 6, township 34
south, range 6 west, also
pipe, giauls etc mill Grave
eek, briiusloitu unil live
1 . st ditches 80 76
Via o", Marion Galice creek
ach and water right,
1 .pes, giants, etc 6 61)
Weisei', Alice liOts 5 and 6,
lnock 45 in the Original
toiiiisile of Grants Pass . 2 77
Welherill, Alex liegin 10.00
chains south and 10.66
t haiiiH west from t-4 corner
011 cast linn section 1, run
north 10 chimin, west 40
chains, south 40 chains,
cast in chains, sictitm I,
township 40 south, range
8 west 61 54
Wilcox, J. D. Stratum creek
1 1 1 ill and water right,
nulling machinery It 32
Willis, W. K. Undivided '
of Lots I, 2 and 0, section
'JO, undivided i, of north
east 1-4 of northeast 1-4 of
section 2(1, undivided K.
lot 4, seetiou 21, township
36 Hotith, range 5 west 14 20
Wilson. A. Lot 2, section 20,
township 33 south, range 5
west 2 64
Wilson, J. F. North i of
Lots 7 and s, block 68,
' Original towusite of
Grants Pass 7 40
Warnack, Levi East i, of
northeast I-1 of section 21,
township .'W south, range
6 west 8 68
Wood worth, Susan Southeast
I -1 of section I, township
It.'i south, ryinge rt west. ... 13 07
Yellow Horn Mining Co.
Southwest 1-4 of south
west 1-4 section 20, town
ship Ml south, range 0 west 2 2(i
Levied iiioii the lilt la day of Novem
ber, I'.ni'l, and will 10 sold for tie
linincnt taxes for thu year lOOJ,
together Willi all and singular the
:iipurtenai.ces thereto belonging or
in anv wise appcrt.vmnii.
Sherttl' and Tax Collector for Jose-
plrne County. Oiigon.
Pateil at Grants Pass, tins 10th day
ol November, l'.KL'l.
To Cure a Cold In Day.
Take Laxative Promo Qu.nme Talilets
All tlnu-:ii reluml llie uiotiev it it (ails
u cure. K. W. iiroe's signature is on
eaelt lsi J.V.
Traoc Marki
Anrtn Mituttlnt rfih nj .1fncTMhn w)
Qtilt-klT Bfrl,iiii our 0,'iithiii frw ntitir kii
1H,lllt.ui to inbnMv rMtClllall'laa t .in imi ( to.
Itiniaairicllj' ("ir.tttnlial. lUli.ttv-xk mi rtlrUf-
M frvV Mtla'ml ftatvllt fiT arH lini t tilt
rit'tiii tiihsyn tlin utri Munti A To. ivt.'vlv
Sari Ml Vftt With. Hit (-ttaivtx In llif
Scicniific JImcrican.
A hnntHomelT tllnalnttaatl If I nrrt rlr.
rulatiuit .f a.-u-ntifli- ton i it 4. It-. -I.. ..
"t ttft. fl, CoM t-jr ...I itf nvktl,
'.ti noi.-w. its r ft.. Wtvthn, n t
tettrSal 25 Average Annual Sales
bttIeB- !Jl to y4 1
-A ' V !
.L- 1- ....
I have had steal ion to UK vourf,
Ulacs-ursuxni son ana rou'try .ti.
cine and am pleased to lay that I never
and anythine loritock that save half u
i good latiifaction. I heartily recom
mend it to all cwnera of itock.
J. B. BELSIIER. St. Louis, Ma
Sick stock or poultry sliouM not
eat cheap stock food any inure than
ick persons should expect to bo
cared by food." When vour stock
and poultry are sick give them med
icine. Hon t stun them with worth
less stock foods. Unload the bowels
and atir up the torpid liver and the
animal will be cured, if it be nossi-
ble to cure it. liWck-Drautrht Stock
and Poultry Mclcine unloads the I
bowels and sun up the torpid liver.
It cures every malady of itock if
taken in time. Secure a 25-cent can
of Dlack-Draught Stock and Poultry
Medicine and it will Dav for itself ten
timesover. Homes work bettor. Cows
give more milk. Hoes train flesh.
And hens lay nioro eggs. It (elves the
problem 01 making as much blood,
fleih and energy aa possible out of
the smallest amount of food con
mined, buy a can from yo'ir dealer.
f visit DR. JORDAN'S ost
1MI HURT IT., Ill FltKUCt, ML. i
The Lataa; Anfttowilcal Matt a hi lh i
WmitL W MknHiii f at j ti air act ad
ajla fiatltlaly ctra4'ey M vltiaMt .
uajiiiaiiw mm im tMH. aiai f tM'
TPIHilfl thtMriSly eadktjai
kaxa kiHal wllfcuajt tka us f Mnrvair f.
TraaMlttHTMKis)ii. MawJI
taatl fa Hi(re, a tulcat aatrl
radital nar lt Ila, fltiara tiM
aTlatalaa. f Or. )rt"t Iftuai aatiai
ItrM aitaaKl.
CoaltiH(Mi fr( tad Mrlrt r4! Tratnoam fsayr
final. w a fcf lttr A iiir tWt Ip miry C4H
aavltrtik!. Wtltl ff aVnl P n 1 1. 01 fft T f
Ks1l4il. UAILKB AMB. (A Jiuil Lvmib
Imm t all aar rut
0. JORDAN 00.. 101 ItaAfm.. f.
tiv H EX I CON A
Tlio Modern Koinedy fur Women
JlKMrn ha Cured Mime of
the wori-t caew of
We guarantee a
positive cure for
Send for lliHiklet. ) San Juse,
LUHti WtttKt ALL llbt tUl$ .
I Beat loiudi Syrup.
in trntaj. Hold h? (InieirtMa). I
Austin's Report Cards for school
uso for sale at tho Courier office 7.1c
per hundred.
15 he
- I
'isible WrititiR, Simple Mechanism, Speed, Excellent M;itiifoU!iiig,
Permanent True AliiMinietit and Durabililv at a Pair Price.
A Strictly IIij;h-Class Machine Sold for $7n.f()
ciJrrniii-Towi':it 00.
E. F, Bumpus, Manager, - - l.cs-Apgtles. California
L'OK-'JIO Wilson Blm It cor. Spring and Kirst Street.
Thm Crmphaphanm rrproa'ucfa a kind tif rtrttsio
hot naoammary ta laafrt to pimy any Inmtrumnt
-siTijirT--agijmiievsa,.BJ . 1. nva wj.
$3.50 to $100
Fit mny mmkm o Tmlklng machlnm
FOR FRFT CATALOGUE 17 oontminhtg llmt of vocal
ttticm trlom. eftarts, sotoa, mnd ocfona for band,
rohmmtrm, oomt, paooo. to.
Sovon Inch SO cents each, $5 a dozen
Ton Inch $1 each, SIO a dozen
BLACK super-;:ardekzd
Draat'iMararMMU. Much anor afrasa thim may nth or cy! ntr
Columbia Phonograph Go.
123 Geary Street. 5A fRUCJGCO. CM.
For Side in Grants Puss by V. A. Paddock
Grove's Tasteless Chili
j - a Mnb Mcaawv a aovsca
In the ConntT Court of the State of
Oregon for'the county of Josephine.
Ill the matter of the Estate 1
of Agnes K. b iwyer, de-
ceased. ;
To John Lie! er, Mary Remmick,
Lvdia Jane i iinmoiid, Ruth Kim
b.ill, Agnes Hilton, Alonzo Kicker,
Unmnw HicklT. Ij'lllUel BoOt'lby.
I Diana R. Libbv, John Eoothby, Nel
lie McKennv," Mary Poothby, John
I Ricker, David Kicker aud F. W. Saw
I ver. h irs at law ot dectas'd; and
r V. Sawver, Agnes Smith,
Clarence G. Sawyer, Eroding F. L.
Sawyer, Alfleua M. Smith Uiauccy
Messigcr, F
devisees of 1
devisees on
annio BaKcr wooiuriuge.
deceased, and all heirs and
unknown, if any there be,
OF OREGON. You are hereby cued
and required to appear in the eoonty
court of ti e State of Oregon, for the
comity of Josephine, at the uourt
rocm thereof, at Grauts Puss ill the
cnniitv of Jos nil 1110 oil rmayine
1 1 1 1 dav of December. 1003, at IU
o'clock, in the forenoon cf that nay,
then and there to show cause, 11 any
there be. why an order should not l
made for the sale o' the westerly one-
half of Lots 1 and 2 iu Ulock E of
PiOtin.e's First Addition to the city of
Grunts Pass ill Josephine county,
Oregon, and particularly described
and bounded as contained in the peti
tion for the sale thereof, as prayed
for in the Administrator a petition
Witness, fie HON. J. O. HOOTH,
Judge of the count v court of tin-
plate of Oregon for the county of
Joscnliine Willi the seal of said court
allixed this 4lh (lay oi November A.
D. 1003. (SEAL)
Attest: K. L. RARTLETT. Clerk.
Notice is hereby given that tho un
dersigned, administrator of tho tslate
of William Dailev, deceased, has tiled
iu the County court of Josephine
Conntv. State of Oregon, his final
account us such administrator of said
Estate, and that Wednesday, thu 23
dav of December, 10011, at the hour
of 2 o'clock p. 111. hai been fixed by
said court as the time for hearing of
objections to said report, and the
settlement thereof.
Administrator of the Ealato of Will
iam Dai lev, dect ned.
J NO M R I MM ELL, Attorney.
C.GoTziAr, SiCoJ,
"The ciiicvdcr
Typcw titer
Clu 1 r -1 1 1 1. 1 1 to itjtiul at y
8 itm nuicliiiic.
The Chicago Typewriter
512 514 Market St.
San Francisco
V ,1
$15, $20
over One end a Half Mlffion
.No Cure, No Pay. 50c
Hi.-w-k iW. I hM. axil.
Notice is hereby giren that the
cudersigned has been appomten oj
tho County Court ol JoVhm
County, administrator o i
of Henry York, deceased. All persons
having claims agaiusi .uu.
requested to present them with the
prrVr vouchers annexed, to ni. the
undersigned, or Robert G. femith my
attormy at Grouts Pass, Orcgou,
within six mourns "
Oct 20, 1003. ALbtitl a IUIUl'
United States Land OhVe.
Ro eburg, Oieiron. Ojt. 0. l!K):i.
Notice is herebv given that the fol
lowing-name I pettier has filed notice ol
his iiiteniion to make nnsi t"i""
in isi.nnort of bis claim, and thai
said piool a ill be made rehire J. O.
Booth, County j unite. joEc(.iinie wmiii
at Grants I'a's, Oteton oil Novembei
25. 10 i.'l, v:r.:" R MOKKH
nn hU II E. No. 8H(i, lor Ibe W SE'4
Sec 10: NW NE.'a Sec 21, lap 35
S . M r, W.
(Iu tin tl.i- the lollowing wilnesses to
prove his continiious residence upon and
cultivation 01 sain isno, vis:
MsrcnaM. Murray. James H. Cro
mn. n. Maurice taviiuB. David Roberts
all of Gran's Pass, Oregon.
J. T. Bullions, Rgister
Timber Land, Act June S, 17S.
United Stales Land Otlice,
Roseburg, Oreion, Sept. 1. I90o.
Notice is hereby given that iu com
pliance ith the pruvitinua orWie act ol
Congress oi J 1111B I1. 1H78, entitled ' An
act lo, the sale ol Inn her lands in the
states ol Calitornis. Oregon, Nevada.
and Washington Territory" as extended
to all the Public Land Stales by act ol
August 4 1802,
ol Gold Hill, County ot Jackson, Stale ol
Oreuon has this day tiled in this office
his sworn statement No. 5077, forth"
purchase ol the NE.I40I Seciion No. 30,
in Township No. 35 South, Range No. 4
W, and will offer prool to show that the
lai d sought is moie valuable for its
tiinbr or alone than for agricultural
purposes, and 10 establish his claim lo
said land belore Chas. Nu kell, U. S.
Commissioner, Jledloid, Oregon, on
Satunlay, the 6th djy ol December, 1003.
He names as witnesses.
Geo. L. M. Clellen, Win. Childers
and W. P. Chisholtu. of Gold Hill. Ore.,
and John Owens, ot Wimer, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-ilese ribed lands are ie
uuesleil lo tiie their claims in this office
on 01 be'ore said 5th day of De "ember
1!M)3. J. I. Bkidukh. K-gister
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1K7S.
Kosehurg, Oregon, Aug. 27, 1H03.
Notice is hen bv given that in ci in
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress of June 3, 1S78, entitled "An
act for the sale ol timber lands in the
Slates of California, Oregon. Nevada,
and Washington Ti rutory," as extended
to all the Public Lund States by act ol
August 4, IK":!,
of Carson County of Skamania,
State of Washington, has this day lilrd
in this office Ins morn statement No.
for the purchased the NE'i ot sEJ,
and E,' of SWJ aud SWJof SWJ of Sec
tion No. 0 in Township No. 37 South,
Range No U West, and will offer prool
tu show that the Inud sought is more
valuable for its timber or stone than for
ngt it'll! 1 11 r h I purposes, and to establish
hisclbito to taid land before J. O. Booth,
Conntv Jiulge, at bis office at Grants
I'ass, Oregon, no Monday, the 23d day
ol Novt mher, 1003. He names as wit
nesses ;
Eilward llollis, Carson, Washington,
Bi r.ha Hcllis, " "
A. W. S 1-by, Grants Pass, Oregon,
F. H. BrigKs, "
Any ami all perrons claiming adverse
ly the ahove-descrihed IsihIb are re
quested lo tile their claims in this office
011 or before said 23d dav ol November,
11103. ,1. T. limnoKS, Register
l iiiibci I. ami, Act Juno A. 1H,'H.
United Sttt'es nU lltliee.
Ho-eiinig, Oreiton, Sepi. 1, l'JO:!.
Notice is lierehy given ihat in cum
pliiince w it ii the provisions ol the act ol
Congo Ks ot June 'I, 1H7S, enliileil "An
act for the m ol liuilicr Utnls in the
States ol California, Oiegon, Nevada,
tifui it nMuiigion lerrilory, as ex
tended to uil the 1'iililic i.,..'d Stales by
act ol Angii'-t 4. IKiu,
of Orson, County of Sliamanig
State ol Washington, has this dav tiled,
in thisollicrhis sworn sliilemeni No.
(or the purchase of tho N 'a of N'i4
i W J of N VV J and N V J ol S IV ) ot Sect ion
No '.'H in Township No. J7 .South, Kange
No ti Went, and will oiler prool to show
that the land sought is more valuable
lor its tiinNr or none than for agri
cultural pin poses, and to estnliln-li
his claim to said land bef re It !,ur
C'cnklin, U .S. iiimissiouei , hi his
otlice at (irants l'iif, (iieAou,in Mon
dav the il l dav ol N nemlier, IH0;l. He
names as witnesses :
John llolli.., ol I's-nn. VVAhinaion,
liertha Mollis, ol t ars.. n, VV aslniigion,
. W. Silshy, liianla I'aa-, treg.)n
K. H. Itriggs. tiianls l'ss Oiegon.
Any and all persons clniming adverse
ly the above-described lands are re
quested lo lile their claims in tins office
on or before said 'Jlld duv ol November
ll'tKt. J.T., K.u'Mer, '
1 he largest sum ever paid lor a prt
ciiption, changed hands in San bran
cisco, Aug. HO, 1H01. The transfer in
volved in coin and stock $ 12,oOI OH and
as a d by a party ol business men fui
I specific lor Hright's lbsease and Dia
ls (es, hitherto incurable diseases.
Tliey coinmenceil the serious mvesti.
.at ion of the specific Nov. 15, I'.MO
I'hey interviewed scores of Ibe cured
md tried il out on its merits bv putting
iver three dozen cases on Ibe tieuiiueni
md watching: t hem. Kiev also got phy.
iciaiis to name chronic, incurablecases,
ttl.l administered it with the physicians
or judges. I'pto Aug. 2., 87 per cen I
I the lest cases were either well or
or-greening favorably.
There being but thirteen per cent ol
laiinres, the parlies were saliMird and
loseil the transaction. The pnseiiing"
if the investigating committee and the
iMini.-al reports ol the test cases were
.mt lished and lll be mailed Iree on
ppheaiinn. Adilress Jons J. -tiT,,v
'ovii'.tvy.l'iO Montgomery St. San Kran-
cisco, t'al.
All dliaisti of IMmyi.
ladder Urinary Oriaaa
Also Rhsumatiam. Baca
achs HeartDiaeate Orav.l
Dropay, facial, Troublta.
Pon t eeroma discounted. Tbara Is a
tare for you. It n.v..ry rlte lr. tenner
I lias ...l a lite time curing Just audi
CAsesuynurs. All cousuliwiiuua fraa.
"Fofyeara I hid backai-he, serera pilru
acnos knlnrya ami acalUmg urine. I coulo
HI el OUl uf bed without help. The Use ol
llr. Kroner a Kidney and Backache Cure r-
tuirwl me. O. W AlidN CK. K uolwrllle. l a."
rnirr1ta. Sftv. M. Ak for One B.wik-Fr
For tala by W. F. Kretner and M. A
Plioto Sopplloa at the Courier of-Hots,
1 tt - m a a a ' - a m s-wa r
.....J.O. Bootlf
John Well,
It-, r. lxivelai e
...1C L. Hartlett
T.t JtiilMm
..Geo. W Uwu
...Ernest Lister
Lincoln (Savane
H C-Perkm,
... w. r. Kreruer
C'ommUsioners . . .
Deputy Clerk
Deputy suerilt. ..
School i-upt
Mavor J. F. Bashnr
AudiUiraud Police Judge. . . J. J. Jentnnirs
Treasurer Col. W. lnliriM,n
City Attorney ... SI. M. Itumuiell
Marshal John l.ocUianit
Street cupt Henry Knuiu.n
Couucilnien Oeo. H. Hintu
J. 1.. Calvert, J. A. Keiiknpf, Will c.
Sinith, Herbert tmith, II. 0. Perkins,
Grants Pass LooVe A. F. & A. M So. m
regular coiiiiiiiiiucaliun lirst ami tlurii
Saturdays. Visiting hrottieri curilmliy
invited. it. W. Uluos W. M
A J. I'iKa, Sec'y.
Royal Arch Masons--Kennies Chapter No.
28 meets second and fourth Wednesday
Masonic hull. 11. C. llouztss,
J. E. l'eTuso!i, Secy. u, p
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. aj
meets lirst and third Wcdne.-day
evenings of each month in Masonic
hall. Mas. A. 1. I'oRSti.L, V. M.
Mas 11. Zollkh. Sec'y.
1. 0. O. F., Uolden Rule Lodge No. 7a,
meets every Saturday night at I. o. 0'
F. hall. A. II, Lkwis,
T. Y. DtAit, Secy. - N. o.
Visiting hrothers invited.
i'araii Encampment 1. U. U. F. No.
mels second and fourth Thursday at
1.0. ('. K. hall, FaeD Scumiut,
T. Y. 1)bm, Sec'y. c. P.
Kebekahs Etna ltebekah, No. 40, meets
second and fourth Monday, I. O. U. F.
hall. Ki.sis Ukees. N.U.
M.Jrrhie Davis, Secy.
United Artisans Urants Pass Assembly
No. 4I, meets alternate Tuesdays in
A.O. I'. W. Hall. ilas. hi. A. UHirriTii,
Fukd Menscii,
alaster Artisan,
Woodmen of the World Rogue River
l amp No. P, meets second aud fourth
Fridajs at Woodman Hall.
r . it. Cobos, C. C.
C. E. Mavbes, Clerk.
Women of Woodcraft Azalea Circle, No.
Is2, meets lirst und third Mondays at
Woodmen hall.
fiLI.S t'ATBICK, (i. N.
W. E. Dean, Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of A merica Grauts Pass
t amp No. HOUi ineets2mi and 1th Wedties
dav Evenings at Woodmen hall at 7:30.
Ike .11. Davis, V. C.
W. T. (ioulder, Clerk.
forenters ol America Court .loreiliiiiB
No. 2K, meets each Weilnesday exueiit
the lirt, at A. U. II. VV. tiu.ll.
U. N. Holt, F. H. J. V. Halb, C. K.
lonepliine Loiige, No. 112, A. 0. U. W.
meets in A. U. V. W.hull, llixun build
ing every Moniluy evening.
H A. Stasakd, Ueconler.
Hawthorne Lodge, No. 21, II. of II., A. 0.
U. W. meets every alternate TueMlay
evening in A. U I'. W. hull. Iiixen
lniilifiiiL'. Mrs. A. McUaktuy, Cot 11.
Mm. I.viiia Iikan, Kecorder.
Knights o( the Maccabees Urants I'a-s
lent, No. 1.1 meets lirnl mid Ihirii
'rimrfMlays ut Woodmen hall,
Wm. Alfred, It, I'. Ciiekiiikk,
' ltecord Keeper. Crimmuuder,
l.adien of the Muccaliees Orttnts I'aris,
Hive No 1 holds regular "Iteview.i"
first and lliir.l at A. U. U.
W. hall. Veiling i.-ters cordially
invited. Jennie Cheshire,
Mury .111111110118, Lady Commander,
tiecord Keeper.
Knights of rythiUH Thermopylae No. 60,
meets eneli luesduy mglii 7:iKJ W. U.
V. Hull. M. T. Ulley, C. C.
Tom Wii.liais, K. ot 11 and S.
Uratid Army of the Hepuhlic tlen. I.ugart
1'osl No. ;('.(, meets lirst Wednesdav at
A.O. II. W. hull. U.S. Kvai.
J. K. I'fcrtuxo.x, Adjt. Com.
Woman's llelief Corps -tieneral Logan No.
2o, meets .i aim llh .saiurduys at i o.
in at A. o V. VV. hall.
.Mrs. Hose VV'eidnian, l'res.
Mrs. T. II, Cornell, Secy.
American Order of Steam rngineers, Ore
gon Council No. 1, meets hr.-t and
third .-.uiuntuys, ui A. O. I'. VV. hall.
Wm. II. KiN.iKY,
Hk.nj. r". Mviiick, t.'hie. Kngineir
Corre-pondiu;- Knyineer.
Order uf renilo W hile Itm k Council No
1, tiieel.-. in Woodmen Hull .-uturmiy
C. K, Mayiik, Secretary.
J. L. Ili KTiMi, Counselor.
I nilid Urotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners of America I'nion No. Ills
each month ut A. O. 11. W. Hall,
meets second and fourth Fridays of
A. J. 1'ikk, l'res.
.. 1). A. Fit.i,ikai.u, Sec'y,
llojal Neithlwirs of America Kdifh C.
Siipe ( amp No. :':'., meets 1st and :inl
Fridays ul A. O, f. W. hall
M. Jennie liuvis, Oracle.
Henrietta Zulu r, l.ecorder.
and vrnow Pacific
Through rullmun stuniliird ami
Tourist sleeping ears ilnily to Oniiiliil.
Cbicae-o, Spokane; tourist hlecpiufr curs
daily to Kuiwns City; through Pullman
tourist sleeping; curs (ersonully con
ducted! weekly to C'hicairo, Kansas
I'ity, teclining chnir cases (scuts free)
to' the F-i-t dailv.
Dkpakt' Time Schkhi lks iArkivk
r"K I' rl" t'ortlaiid I rK'jM
C hicago SaTt Lain. Ii..i.v.,r' vt
I'ortlund Worth, tbnuliii. i:.
:.')0 p. in.
peclaI Kan-as fit v, St.'
a. in. Imis. C'l)ic;ii,ound
via limit rist. i
K press
8:lo n. m
via llunt
Salt, l.uke. Henver
Kt. Worth. Otiiuha-i
Kantns City. St lt)
I-ouis. Chicagi.
I and Kast. I
St. PhuI Wulia'AVuIliTTCww '
rust Mail! ton. Spokane. Wal-
0 p. m. luce. Pullman. Jlin-TioVia. ni.
via : ncapolls. St. Paul.:
Sptikane. j Duluth. Milwaukee i
j Chicago and Kiist.'
Xo Ciianok op Cars !
Tickets east via all mil. or Ixiut and
rail via Portland.
Ocean and
All sailinp dutes sub
1 jeot to chunge. 4 p.
Kor San Francisco
iiail every rive davs.
8 p.
SunduvtXiLCMIlIA niVER 4 p. m.
B p. m. , K,,.,,,t
Saturday To A-toria and Wav Sunday
'"Pin. I-amiing.
A. L. CUAHi, (leo, Agent,
Portland, (lrepio,