Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 05, 1903, Image 1

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    VOL. XIX.
No. ja.
Display Witnessed by the OwU
of Several Cities.
Friday at midnight, Portland and
Seattle were treated to a display of
Aurora Borealis, or light strenniers iu
the uortlicru sky, it having consider
able effect on the magetio needle aud
telegraph wires for a couple of hours.
It was plainly visible iu Ashland at 2
o'clock Saturday morning and was
witnessed by Telegraph Operator G.
F. Wilson aud others. The body of
the light was of a red tiat throwing
out bright white rays at times, nlruost
to the zanitu. It was seen early
Saturday morning by Geo. S. En
banks, when it seemed to rest on the
horizon aud a beautiful spray of
bright white streamers spread upward.
Ashland Tribune.
The serious disturbance doe to the
Aurora Boreaha caused great interfer
ence witn telegraph wires all over the
the world. Ocean cables were rend
ered almost useless and telegraph and
Masonic Temple, Rooms 2 & 4
Grants Pass,
'Phone 633
John M. Kuimnell K. M. Hummel
Sixth and C Streets opp. Court House
Grants Pass, - - Ohkuon
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Uifiee over First National ilank.
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house. North side.
long distance telephone 'communica
tion was at times almost wholly sus
pended. At the climax of the disturbance
there were over 8T6 volts electricity
enough to kill a man iu the wins at
Chicago.withont the battery attached.
An hour later the trouble had virtu
ally disappeared.
Confusions of a Print
Rev. Jua S. Cox of Wake, Ark.,
writes: "For 13 years I suffere"d from
Yellow Jaundice. I consulted a num
ber of physicians and tried all sorts
if medicines but got no relief. Then
I begun the use of Electric Bitters aud
feel that I am now cured of a disease
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Liver and Kidney trouble stomach
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Children's, Boys',
Having determined to go out of trade in these lines. I
am offering my entire stock of Children's, Boys' aud
Youths Suits at cost, and shall continue this special sale
uutil these lines are closed out. At the same time I will
close out all MEN'S and BOYS' MACKINTOSHES at cost
This is your chance to get a good Raiu Coat Cheap.
The Massachusetts
Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Springfield, Mass.
Incorporated 1831.
Pays Annual Dividends, Guarantees Loans. Cash aud
Paid up values, and writes policies more iu the interest of
policy holders than any oilier company.
See our agent if seeking insurance.
H. O. COLTON". Manackk
310 .'111 Chamber of Commerce,
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
TrancarU ft General Banking bUMinesi.
Receives urposits subject to check ir on demand ce Militates.
Our ru-tomeis are assured of courteou treatment and every cotunderation eon
sistont with sound hanking principles.
bafety deposit bore for rent. J. FRANK WATSON, Pres.
It. A. HOOT II, Vne-1'res.
I.. I.. JKWKI.I.. Ca-hi-r.
The First National Bank
CAPITAL BTOCK, ... $.10,000 OO.
lteceive deposits subject to check or on certificate pavable on demand.
hlls sitlil drafts on New York (-an FraiK-ix-o, ami Portland.
Telegraphic transfer told on all points in the Crnta-d .-utes.
H(ial Attention suen to t'olleriions and jreneral business of onr ctl.toriiers.
Collections made throughout southern Oregon, and on all accesiinle point.
It. A. ltoriTH. Pres.
J. C. CAMPhhl.L. Vice Pres.
II. I.. dll.KKY. (.'bluer.
I.. U WKBSTKR, PBiuiii.UiT.
The Southern Oregon
Title Guaranty & Abstract Company
Tlllt-ia 1 xiimlnl, Iert't'l, faum-im ( I.
A. S. HAMMOND, ArrukKir.
Vte.rre.nts Issued to November,
1900. Called in.
Grants Pass city warrants are bring
ing a higher price than formerly.
They now bring 97 cents as against
05 last year. Calls have been made
for warrants issued to November 1,
1900. A short time ago they were four
years aud seven mouths behind.
Col. Johusou the city treasurer has
ben elected to the office eight times
in succession and as ho is everything
that an eftleient treasurer should bo
ho will probably receive another
unanimous election this fall.
Who would keep their children iu
good health should watch for the first
symptoms of worms and remove them
with White's Cream Vermifuge. It
is tho children's best tonic. It gels
digestion at work so that their food
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Drug Co.
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Youths Suits
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(iriint I'u.-x,
sa.yooo oo.
W. 15. HAMMOND, Km bitav.
First Cold Discovered on Pacific
Coast Was Found in Oregon.
The following article oil the famous
Blue. Bucket" mine appeared iu Sun
day's Oregon inn :
History records the fact ttmt gold
was first discovered oil the Pacific
Coast liy Joint Marshall, at Sutter's
mill, in what is now El Dorado
County, California, iu 1MIS.
As a matter of fuct gold was found
by au immigrant train on the old
Stove Mock's Cut-Off, in Crook or
Harney couuty in Eastern Oregon,
between the Malheur aud Deschutes
rivers in 1845. This fact can be ret suf
cieutly attested by living witnesses.
The Native Sous and Daughters of
Orcgou should see to it that such is
done in honor to thuir state.
Before touching upon tho story of
hi lost Blue Bucket diggings, I wish
to remark that I am aware that any
man, woman or child, Ucrgo, Indian
or Chinese who attempts to particu
larize either as - to the supposed
location of this lost iniuo, or as to tho
quantity of gold will riso a storm of
protest and contest, such as no man
would desire. Personally tho writer
has investigated at loist two sooro of
versions of both, and no two of thorn
agree in detail, hut all corresjiond in
the essential fact, that gold was ac
tually found.
In giving my version of tho Hlue
Iluckot diggings, as they aro familiar
ly culled, I will explain how it tomes
to mo aud by whom. My grandfather
and his family were in tho train that
broke tho trail afterward known as
Mock's Cut-OIT. My father was at
t';a time a boj 14 years of age. Ho
told ran the full particulars in a
different country, having permanently
removed from Oregin in lWii). It was
not tho traiu lie whs in that found the
gold, but one following them, and ho
repeated to mo from memory, the
story as told nt tho time, being un
mixed with versions of modern years.
The traiu encamped on a small
stream somewhat along tho rim of the
Harney Basin, there being hills to
tho northward and tho level
stretch of tho desert to tho south. A
freshet hud sluiced out the gulch,
leaving the bed rock bare. A ludv
passing over this bare bed rock,
picked op some pieces of yellow metal
aud eatno into camp, carrying it iu
her apron, and called attention to it.
No one seemed to know what it was,
anil when she was asked how much
of the molnl she could havo picked np
if she wished, she pointed to a wood
en vater bucket painted tilno and
replied she thought alio could havo
picked up that bucket full in a little
while; hcuoo the name given this
lost mine, "tho Blue Bucket dig
gings. "
The suggestion being uiadu by some
that it might bo gold brought tho
wise man to tho foro. Ho is over with
ns, and it Is upon these special occa
sions that lie is wont to exhibit his
maivolous wisdom. Ho explained
that gold mid silver wore the only
metals that had a natural ring to
them, (ho had evidently forgotten that
it was the alloy iu coin that gave it
its "ring.") Ho forthwith hammered
a piece out Mat upon the wagon tire
and teste I it for tho ring. As it would
not ring ho promptly pronnonnced it
hr'iss ; (ho had evidently also forgot
ten that brass was not a specific
metal, but a eoiiijiosition ) hence some
times called tho Wagon Tire diggings.
Some of this gold found its wuy in
to the Willame' to valley, being pro
served as rurios, but it was not until
after the discovery of gold in Califor
nia that those tsopln know what they
had fruud and lost ujion tho old im
migration trail.
The old Blue Bucket has uot been
re-discovere.l. A inueh-creditnl ver
sion that Canyon City was the place
is undoubtedly i rrniicon i. After a
js-rsouiil examination of the country,
I am confident upon this sjmt.
Another error unido by theso old
ph liters, and it is still extant, is the
confounding of Crooked Uiver with
tho John Day Kiver. They struck
Crooked River mar 1'rinevillo and
mistook it for tho John Day. They
did not touch tho John Day, leaving
it to the north ami east ward of their
route. JOHN. L. MUtiS.
.Merlin, Ore., Oct. 3d, l'.K)!l.
In n. Frtshllul Railroad Wreck
Mrs. Booth Tucker, wife of (Jen.
Booth Tucker, he.i(' of the Salvation
Army forces of the world, was killed
and her body horribly mangled in a
terrible railway accident on the Santa
Fo line, which occurred near Dean
Lake, Missouri, ahont 2 o'clock last
Thursday morning. Tho train was
running uls.ul Jo miles au hour when
:t broken chain caught iu a switch and
four cos lies were hurled from the
truck and crushed straiust a largo steel
water tank. Besides Mrs. Tucker,
who was killed. Col. Hubbard, of the
Salvation Army, was jx-rhupa family
hurt, ami 311 other p-rvns were se
verely injured, aoreral of whom may
die. Mrs. Tucker was hi routu to
New York from a visit Ui Amity Col
ony, Colorado. Her husband arrived
it Chicago (his morning to meet her,
j ml when told of her tragic death, the
aged couimauder was prostrated with
grief. The body of Mrs. Tucker will
bo taken to London for burial bolide
her mother.
Tablets and box )apcr at cost at t'e
Courier office to clone onL We haro
op to dale styles.
President Issues Proclamation Fix
ing Nov. 26 , the Time.
The president Saturday issued his
annual Thanksgiving proclamation iu
the following terms :
By the president of tho Uuited
States of America A proclamation :
"The season is at hand when, ac
cording to tho customs of our people,
it fulls upon tho president to appoint
a day of praise aud thanksgiving to
God. During the last year, the Lord
has dealt bountifully with us, giving
us peace at home aud abroad, and the
chance for our citizens to work for
their welfare unhindered by war,
famine or plague. It behooves ns not
ouly to rejoice greatly because of
wh it has been given us, but to ac
cept it with a solemn sense of rcsioti
sibility, realizing that under heaven
it rests with ourselves to show that
we are worthy to use aright what has
thus been eutrusted to our care.
"In no other place, aud at no other
time, lins tho experiment of govern
ment of tho people, by tho pooplo aud
for the peole been tried ou so vast a
scale as hero in our own country in
the opening years of the 20th century.
Failure would not ouly be a dreadful
thing for as, but a dreadful thing for
all mankind, because it would mean a
loss of hoi 'or all who believe in the
power and tho righteousness of liberty.
"Therefore, iu thanking Ood for
tho mercies extended to us iu the
past, we beseech Him that Ho may
not withheld them iu tho future, aud
our hearts may bo u roused to war
steadfastly for good aud against nil
forces of evil, public and private.
Wo pray for streugtli and light, so
that in the coming yoars we may,
with cleanliness, fearlessness aud
wisdom, do our allotted work on earth
in such manner as to show that we
aro not altogether unworthy of the
blessing we havo received.
"Now, therefore, I, Theodore
Uoosovolt, president of the United
Statin, do hereby designate as a (lay of
general thanksgiving, Thursday, the
2lith of the coming November, and do
recommend that througout tho laud,
people cease from their wonted occu
pations, aud iu their several homes
and plaooa of worship, render thanks
to Almighty Uod for his manifold
"Iu witness whereof, I havo here
unto sot my hand and caus' d tho seal
of tie) United States to bo aftixt rt.
"Done at the City of Washington,
this 81st da of Octobor, iu the year
of our Lord, one thousand nino hun
dred and three,' and of the independ
ence of tho United States, tho one
hundred and twenty-eighth.
"By the President:
"JOHN HAY, Secretary of State."
Educational Exhibit for Oregon
s.t St. Louts Fair.
J. H. Ac.kerman, aupt. of Public
Instruction for Oregon lias issued the
following circular :
To the School Directors, Superintend
ents, T'rluoipals an I Teachers in the
Public Schools of Oregon :
The Ixmisiaua Purchase ExxHition
is to bo hold iu St. Louis in 1U(M, and
for the first time in tho history of en
terprises of this kind, the Department
of Education bus been assigned first
place, aud a serato building has
been provided for tho tho educational
exhibit and a comparative display
from all the leading nations of the
It is earnestly desired by this de
imrtment that Oregon shall lake its
proper place as a leading exhibitor in
that dciurtmcnt. The great iiiteresl
heretoforu manifested by the people of
Oregon ill all matters srtiiiiiiug to
education, justify the expectation to
hearty co-operation in tho preparation
of au educational display that will
intelligently And effectively illustrate
Oregon's school system and the results
achieved ill all lines of work.
Prof. F. I). Young of (iriuit Purs
has been Biiinled as the cducitioii
al exhibit commissioner for Oregon,
and Supt. II. S. Lyman assu rin
t' ndetit, ami tin-so gentlemen have,
iu conjunct ion with the committee
appointed for this purxis(i by the
State Teacher's Association, prepared
a circular containing suggestions ami
plans for preparing a creditable ex
hibition, which you will receive in
luo time. All inquires am) commu
nications should be addressed to Hupt.
If. S. Lyman, 2(H Vino street, Port
land, Oregon.
Firmly believing that all will take
hold of tin' nutter with zeal am) en
thusiasm to the end that this exhibi
tion of shool work .will bo the lo st ill
the history of the Stnte, I am,
Yours truly,
Supt. Public Instruct ion.
bo You Vnt to Yswn?
Feel cold shlverings.acliiiig in bones,
lack of energy, headache, ami gnat
depression? Those symptoms may Is
followed by violent headache, high
fever, extreme nervousness, a condition
known as malaria. llerbino ceres
it. J. A. Hopkins, Manchester, Kan.,
writea: "I hare Died your great
medicine, Herbiue, for several years.
There is uothiug better for malaria,
chills and fi ver, headache, bilious
ness, and for a blood purifying tonic.
Here Is nothing aa good. 'Ax at
.Slover Drug Co.
TOILET SOAP, lots of It larg. st
5-cent bars in the city White House
Wreck on the Southern Pacific
, Near Tehama.
A fireman killed and a mail clerk
probably fatally wounded was the re
sult of what might have been a most
disastrous wreck on the Oregon ex
press, two miles south of Tehama,
early Sunday morning.
Had it not been for the heroic act
ion of Engineer Boucher Iu sticking
to his post of duty in his wrecked
engine iu the faco of almost certafti
death, it is highly prohablo that etsry
oar in the first section of tho train
would have plunged through a burn
ing trestle into ono of tho many
brandies of the Sacramento river.
The first section of train No. 1(1 was
slightly behind timo leaving Marys
vllle, and Boucher was making extra
spoed on that account. Beside several
heavily loaded Pullmans aud the
diner, tliero was a mail car and tho
entire outfit of tho "Florodora" Com
pany. This consisted of two sloers
and two baggage cars, loaded with
scenery ami trunks. Just as the en
gine rounded a light curve at Sesma,
Boucher saw tlunes licking up the
bridge ahead of him. Ho applied the
air and yelled to the fireman, Charles
Morris, to stick to the engine.
Tho groat machine left the track
and plowed over the trestle on the
ties. Morris jumped, and the tender
followed him to the river bottom,
crushing the life from him.
The mail car and Clerks Bryno and
Southwortli wo'Jt through next, fol
lowed by an empty day coach and a
ear of scenery. Two members of the
opera company rescued tho mail clerks
from the flames, while the engineer
and other passengers pulled out tho
mangled remains of Morris.
Tho prompt work of Boucher while
sticking to his post undoubtedly
saved tho theatre and tourist sleepers
from going into tho seething mass of
names. The theatre pooplu rescued a
'arload of baggage, but their scenery
was completely dostroyed.
Boucher was immediately presented
with $100 by grateful passengers, and
a subsequent collection raised tho
wholo purse to 100, part of which
will go to aid Southworth, the in
jured mailman.
Tho remaining cars of tho train
wore scut around by way of Woodland,
starting for Portland 1H hours late,
Tho accident was caused by a Are
underneath tho trestle, burning away
the snpHirts. The origin of tho tie is
as yet undetermined.
About 100 feet of the trestle was
burned, and wreckage of all kinds is
strowu along ths trestle for a distance
of a quarter of a mile.
It is expected several days will
ehipso before travel can be resumed
ou tho east side of the river.
By V. S.
Grand Jury
for Land
Tho United States griind Jury lust
Tuosdiiy returned uu iiidictmcut
Hgitist Poriiii r I'lilteil States Commis
sioner Mui ie h. Wine, Horueo LI. Mo
Kinley ami S. A. I). Piitor, chiirlgiig
them with forgery in connection with
that clsuso of tho information Hied
pteviouhly hy I'nited Htates District
Attorney Hall relating to tho uttering
of lorged sign itures in the .Southern
Oregon hind fraud cases. Tho sis'cifle
hnrges are that Miss Ware, Melviuley
ami l'uter havo heen guilty of forging
tho 11 noes of lieiiiious 1 1-1 n hi h ami
those of other lcious to homestead ap
plications anil lluul proofs, with tho
intent lu so doing to defraud tho gov
ernment of tint United Slates out of
its puhlio lauds.
On Thursday tho federal grand Jury
rotrunod indictments against Kiiimu L.
Waihiui, Uuy Hull' and Norman Will
iains, ill connect lull with tho luoil
frauds. Tho woman is charged with
conspiracy in connect ion with the pro-
dings against Miss Ware, ciiumis-
siouer of tho Unite ! Htates who al
ready is under indictment, and Will-
iains is charged with forgery in ei. li
ne. tlnn with tho Noshitt ease. The
proceedings ugaiust Huff are for for
gery. Tho grand Jury uImi returned an
other iudietmeiit uginst Miss Ware.
u. McKiuley und S. A. U l'uter.
Another indictment was ret urine
Thursday by the United States grand
Jury nguhist Norman Williams on the
charge of forging the imme of Alma
Neshitt to 11 homestead rliiitilsli-
inent anil hriug( to light the details of
what was prohuhly a double murder
ill Waseo county. In March, 111' (),
Williams met Mis. Neshitt and her
laughter at Hood Hirer and started to
lriio through to their homesteads,
somi) 2i miles distant. After Iciiviiiu
Hood Uiver the women were never
11 ugnin. Williams is a fugillve
Hid it is supjiosed he is somewhere 011
Canadian soil.
Saver) Two FrOm Doslh.
Our little daughter hud an aluirst
fill ill Httio k of whooping cough ami
bronchitis," writes .Mrs. W. I Iu i liiml
of A r monk, N. Y.,"hut when all other
remedies failed wo saved her life
with Dr. King's Xowr Discovery. Our
nieco who had consumption In art ud
TKlii i d stage also used this wonderful
nudiciuu and today she Is Is-rfx-tly
well." Infallible for coughs and colds.
s-and fl.hO hottha gtiuraiitecd hy Drog Store und Orutita 'u
I'hiirinaey. Trial bottles free.
If you know of a birth, marriage
or (lentil, wo would Ih pleased to
havo you uotify us iu tliuu for publi
cation iu Courier.
Furniture Housefurnishings
New Iron Beds
Now Dressers -Now
Suites .
$ 3.50
Now Heaters - -
New Cook Stoves antl
Ranges - - 8.93
Now Mattings - - .15
Now Carpets .15
JJ Now Mattresses - 1.95
Now Kitchon Closets 4.50
New Wall Tapers - .10
Now Lamps - .25
Iu fact it would be useless to try to enumerate the new
goods coming in. You are most cordially Invited to call and
see the new China in immense variety Cut Glass Ladies'
Desks Music Cabinets Magazine Cabinets. Call In and
see the Indian Robes. .
Closing out a line of Decorated Chambers and
Coxts ; , joc, worth 75c
Pocket Ktiives..... iwfor,h 20C' 35c. 5c. 65c, 75c, Ji.oo
t ior
New Home Sewing Machine,
ballbearing, ,
1111 ic 101s, worm 25c. . .lor IOC
Tin 4-quart Milk Pans, worth I2C... .,. for 5c each
Miller's Axle Oil, worth 30c. .'. , for 15c each "
Wire Diawn Horse Brushes, worth 65c for 35c
6-lb. Weight Scales with scoop, worth $3.50 for ja.oo
Homos furnishod complcto from tho best assorted
and most metropolitan stock in Southern Oregon.
,,;, ss
IU. C. Z. 11. Column
Tho W. O. T. U. will moot at the
homo of Mrs. Leo Culvert, Friday,
Nov. 0, nt 2 :!I0 p. 111.
Lady Henry Somerset, in a long,
signed cablegram September 87, to
tho Now York Amorlcau, appealed to
tho Christian women ol tho world to
unite iu pctttluu und iutlueuoo ou be
half of tho Macedonians, whom sho
deolurus tho great powers are permit
ting to bo slaughtered without tho
slightest attempt at interference, for
purely solllsh reasons. Sho urges
women everywhoro to rouso Great
liiitiiln to lutorveuo iu tho Interests
of thousands of helpless wonieu aud
ehildroii, who aro at the motcy of tho
Turks. Lady Somerset says 111 part :
"Scarcely seven years havo passed
since those dark days In the year that
was called by William Watson a 'year
of shame, ' a timo burned into tho
memory of all who eanio into per
sonal uoutact with tho iicrsocuted,
perishing limit it tides from Armeula.
I shall nut forget tin Impresisou
madu c 1 sin uie in tho great hopsital at
Marseilles, where, with Francis Will-
aril, I reeievu the fugitives who oame
on tho Ornugii boats with their coats
ragged und stained with blood, with
wild eyes and palo faces the haunted
look of women who hud seen their
ehildreu murdered before their oyes,
ami tliu set faces of meu whoso wives
had been drugged from them to a fate
unspeakable. . Those pass lu' slow
procession before me, as I think of
the year in which tho hillsides 0'
Armenia ran with blood.
"Aud today wo wake to flail that
tho same conditions are prevailing,
that the Tu'k is oucit' more inarching
with misery iu his wake.
"Tho newsboy passes dowu the
and cries 'massacre of Christians
Turkish outrages at Krushevo 10,000
Macedonians believed to be killed;
every village destroyed,' and we
throw a coin into tho boy's hand and
turn the p.tgea ami lead tho hideous
te ws and then pass on to our Interests,
d eling that it is the business of others
to deitl w ith tho great international
iiiestloiis that surround this horrible
"Hut in it so?
"Thut is tho fjucstinii.
"Can the Christian women of tht
world read unmoved the story of chit
Iron thrown into the Haines at Moims-
tlr, of ono village alone whero 2'Xi
women were murdered by the bush I
bit.ourks, who set fire to the houses,
shooting everyone who tried toescaM);
of women gathered together ilia house
1.0. iked ill petroleum und tired by the
sold leu, of women w lip have mot a
futo that is imlcM-rilsiblo, of llCOn
s-ope iii ono phict alone, wandering
rootless, starving und homeless iu the
hills of I'banou'
"Is it not timo that a united protest
1st made that shall at any rate make
tho voico of Christian womiinhood
Iniird usii this iuestiou' Aud the
safer the hunie, the higher tho oivili
.atiou, tho more incumbent Is it Dou
thorn to do w hat iu thuiu lies to pro
tei-t the interest of thoso oppressed
ami egomed women held in the grip
of the hiiud of the X uik.
"tied grunt thut ut this juncture
ua-u aud women every w hero may lx
giu to understand what is the repsou-
sibility laid usn them at this hour,
and that the governments of Europe
amy reunite, regardless of the advant
age wl.ii h limy come by the acquiriuf
11' a sea (sirt to one groat iiutiou or ex
tra territory added to another, aud
that tie y may realize that the only
to $20.00
to 35.00
U Second
IN Goods
R Sold
to .
15c, 25c, 35c 45c. JOC, .05
) M , '
J, worth f 75.00 for
true concert of Europe la one whloh
will maintain the people of that relig
ion whloh has made Europe the olvil
Ued Center of tho World. ...
"To the women of America who
have great moral force at ' their com
mand, I would appeal in this most
holy warfare for aid ; to aroose women
everywhere, to bring to bear the lr
ristlblo strength of Christian Influ
ence, tide of tho public opinion, and
above all to help England to awaken
to liur vast responsibility and to real'
lie that, although she may have no
territory to acquire, no gold or din
moud mines to annex,' site has the
tiouor of Kngllsh chivalry to main
tain, whloh Is greater than (old or
gain, for from the days of Shakespeare
until today it ever mast be true that
" 'Where great additions swell and
vlrtuo uouo, ' 1
It is a dropslod honor.' "
Opera Housn and SeJoon Aro
Destroyed. .
The two-story building anown aa
the opera house al Oleudale, ooenpied
byUrad liaduliff'i saloon and lira.
Uoyd's restaurant, was burned at aa
early hour Friday moraine. - The
building was owned If Badcliff, who
moved from Ashland to that plaoe a
few mouths ago. The Ore is supposed
to iiave started in the restaurant.
(Jleuilalo is without facilities! to light
lira and after the flames had gotten
headway there was nothing to do but
try to prevent their sproaa to neigh
boring buildings. There was enough
ground space between the burning
structure end the Qlondale hotel aud
Kudoliff's residence, the nearest build
ing, so as to allow their being saved,
and beyond a little scorching they re
ceived uo dumago. The contents of
tho burned building were destroyed
and tho total loss is estimated at
Kans Ten Penny Nail Throujh ills Haas.
While opening a box, J C Mount, of
Three Mile Bay, N. Y.. ran a ten
pcuny nail through the fleshy part of
his hand. "I thought at once of all
tho pain and soreness this would
cause uie," ho says, and immediately
applied Chamberlain's Pain Balm
and occasionally afterwards. To my
surprise it removed all pain and sore
ness and the injured parts were soon
Healed. " For sale by all druggists,
Curtis & Co., practical watch
makers und Jewelers. Dealers In
wutches, clocks, jewelry aud Dia
mond rings. All repairing first class.
Odd Fellows' buihliug.
Absolutely Pur -THERE
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