Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 29, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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Eccentric Millionaire Shocks Japan
with His Queer Way.
Um with Omw Dln 0t
aaU, rroad fcy -"
Fsram o( Vies Bars I7
u Monk! ta Flchl.
In a paper on def ective, read by Dr.
Martin W. Barr, chief physician of U
Pennsylvania school for feeble mliid
td children, before the summer s-hool
of philanthropy at the charities build
ing, a remarkable instance, wai men
tioned by him of eccentricity that haa
causad comment in scientific circlea.
It wai the case of an American mul
timillionaire who ia living in far ast
em countriea and leading a life of aueh
peculiarity at to be almost hicredible,
aaya a New York report.
According to Dr. Karr, thii man la a
neurotic. It is estimated that hia for
tune ia In the neighborhood of 110,
000,000, but no attempt haa been made
to have him declared incompetent;
he ta left free to run hie course. Ilia
family are refined and socially promi
nent. Whenever they apeak of the
on'a eourae, they refer to it aa hie
"nervousness." They will not admit
that ha haa a deranged Intellect,
though ha haa left friends and posi
tion here to take up a life among the
"Hanine," the grave diggers and ao
clal outcast of the far east.
"He was a physician, rich, handsome,
cultured, of aesthetic tastes," said
Dr. Harr in his paper, "a graduate of
one of the most prominent medical
eolleges in America, and a man who
bad made a pronounced hit aa a
His furtune enabled him to eecure
every medical appliance known to
science and for aome years he en
joyed phenomenal success. Wine and
women proved hia bane. He sank
lower and lower. Hia peculiarities
no longer tolerated at home, he
drifted from capital to cnplinl of Eu
rope, and finally established himself
In Japan. With an appetite still un
satisfied, he exhibited new phases of
moral degeneration, causing his
body to be tattooed with wonderful
skill, every picture a work of art.
His back bore a huge drngon, the
ahadlng of every scale showing per
fection of detutl. Tli is, on revisiting
America, with utmost vanity he
shamelessly exposed. lie was turned
out of the clubs.
Returning to Japan, he bought a
performing bear and wandered from
place to place elad In the garb of
Uanln, exhibiting himself awl hia
bear, and distributing photographs of
eaoh and all in endless variety.
"This master of eccentricity," said
Dr. Ilarr, "shocking both Euroim and
America, and astounding even Jap
anese next hired a sijuad of Japan
ese boys, practically buying them
outright from thair parents, who, at
tired In full uniform, are trained in
military exercises. To these are op
posed an equal number of monkeys,
dressed aa Chinese soldiers, and the
war of China and Japan ia constantly
renewed for Die entertainment of him
self and his aatelltea, who watch In
the testacy nf delight the suffering
of the poor brutes. Kewards are of
fered, and the more bloody the eon
teat and the greater the atrocities,
tba mora Intense the gratification."
TCI. C. Z. n. Column
A Mother' Story.
Did yon any you wUliod to see nm, air?
Stop In, 'tis a clitiurliws plntie,
But you're Itonrtily welcome, all the
To be ioor Is no disgrace I
Have I boon ltre long, Oh yea, sir,
'til 18 winter goitti
Since poor Jim took to erookotl ways
and left me. all alone.
Jim waa my sou, nud a likelier lad
you'd never wish to set)
Till evil oodiiih'Ii won his heart, and
led him away from me I
'Tli the old, sad, pitiful story, air, of
the devil's winding stair,
And meu going down and down and
down to blackness and despair,
Tossing about, jioor wrecks at aen,
with helm and auclinr lout,
On and ou through tlio surging waves,
nor raring to count the rout,
I doubt sometimes if the Saviour sees
Ho seems so far away
How the aouja ho loved and died for
art) drifting drifting iiHtrnyl
Indeed, 'tis little wonder, sir, that
woiimii shrinks mid cries,
When 1 1 10 lifo blood on rum's alter
spilt, is calling to the skies;
Hinall woudur if Iter own heart feels
each sacrificial blow;
For Isn't each life a part of horn?
each pain her hurt and woe?
Head all the records of crlnio and
ahanit t'ls bitterly, sadly trne,
Whern manllueHs mid honor die, there
some woman's heart dies too.
I ofleu think, when I hear (oiks talk
so prettily utnl so Hue,
Of alcohol aa a neeillul food, of the
moderate use of wine,
How the world eould't do w ithout
it J there was clearly no other way
Than for a umn to drink or let it
alone as IiIh own, stung will
might ay.
That '
to use. u but not nlitiiui it was
the proper thing to do,
I wish they d let old lnior
house Nan prencli her hull
sermon, loo.
I would give them scenes in 1
woman's life
That would maae their pulses stir
J'ur 1 wait a drunkard' child, and
Wife ;
Aye, a drunkard's mother, fir
I would tell of childish terrors, of teitrs ami pitin,
Of cruel blows from a father h hand,
When rum had r raxed his brain.
lie aw lays said 1H could drink his till
or let It alone as. well.
rerhana lie might lie was killed one
In a brawtlng, grog shop hell !
I would tell of years of loveless toil
The drunkard's child has panned,
Villi Just ou gleam of sunshine too
beautiful to last
When I married Tom, 1 thought for
sure I had nothing more to fear
That life would ootiie ont all right at
The world seemed full of cheer;
Iiut he took to moderate drinking
He allowed 'twas a harmless thing;
Bo the arrow sped, and my bird
01 nope
Chine down with a broken wing.
A Nervous Woman
Will often feel compelled to aton the
clock whose ticking seems unbearable to
her. In such a nervous condition the
woman needs a building up of the entire
system. It is useless to attempt the cure
while the cause
of the nervous
ness remains un
cured. A very
common cause
of nervousness
in women ia a
diseased condi
tion of the delicate
womanly organism.
Ir. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription cures
womanly diseases and
the nervousness which
they cause. It changes
irregularity to regular
ity, dries the drains
which weaken women,
beats Inflammation and ulceration and
cures female weakness. It is a perfect
tonic and nervine, traiujuiliziiig the
nerves, promoting the appetite and in
ducing refreshing sleep.
When I flr wrote you I had been to lhif
dtntrent rloclnf. aivl two of them mid 1 would
nr Bt rstter without join to the tvupitat
(or an operation." write. Mr.. Helm. Hrlron,
of Kite fttrt-rt. til. Paul. Minn. "Wll not
able to do anyllmir If I would ijet up and walk
to the kitchen and b.ek I would have to He is
bed (or a dr or aumrtimw two day.. Now I
havauavd ail Isiltlr-oif Ur Itercr'. P.vorlle We.
arrtMInn and ii of lh. ' Coldrn Medical Dlacov
rv.raud tne reiu I. Jiiat wondeiful. I wa. aij
nervous I had to have aome one by my tde all
Dm time even la day time, and ! could hardly
eat atiythliif I took treatment from a doctor
twice s week, and every time I would go there 1
fell .oaitk. but ittnce I finlt all the drtor.and
began taking Vour medicine. I valued right
alonf. I welf hed w pound, when I began
taking; yrur nirdirlne. lin Auguatl and now
1 am up to mv usual weight 165. I am aawell
and feci aa good a. ever."
FltHK. Jir. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent free on recelut
of stamps to pav expense of mailing only.
Send 21 one-cent stamps for the book In
taper covers, or ji stamps for cloth
bound volume. Address Dr. R.V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Tom was only a moderate drinker
nil, sir, do yon bear in mind.
Why the plodding tortoise in the. raco
left the leaping hare behind?
'Twaa because ho held right on and
on, steady and sure, if slow,
And that's thti way, I'm thinking,
that tho moderate) drinker" go
Htnp over step day after day with
tireless, HleepelKg pure,
While tint toper aometi ties looks be
hind, and tarries I n the raco.
Ah, heavily in the wol! worn pah,
poor Tom walknt. day by day,
For my heart strings clung about his
feet and tangled up tho way.
Tlio'dayi wero dark, and friends were
gone, and lifo dragged ou full
And chllrdeii enmo like roaers sad, to
a harvest of want and woe ;
Two of them died, and I was glad
when they lay before mo dead,
I had grown so woary of tholr cries
their pitiful cries for bread
Then camo a time whou my heart waa
tone; I would neither hojw
nor pray ;
Poor Tom lay out In tho Pottor't field,
and my boy had gone astray
Tho boy who had boon my.ldol while
like hounds nthirst for blood,
Hetwcou my aching heart and him the
liquor seller stood,
And lnred him on, with Ills poisoned
words, Ills plenHurea and his
Ah, Ood have pity ou other mi as
crushed and bruised as mine!
There woro wliiapora (of evil doings,
of dishonor and of nhniiie,
That I can never bear to tli Ink of now
nud won Id not dare to name.
There was hiding away from tho light
of day, there was creeping
about at night,
A hurrid word of jiarting, then a
criminal's stealthy flight ;
His lips wero white with remorse and
fright, when ho gave mo a
good-bye kiss,
And never scon tho poor lost child,
from that black day to this
Ah, none but tho mother can tell you,
sir, how a mother's heart will
With the sorrow that comes of a sin
ning child, with the grief for
the lost one's sake,
When she knows the foot she trained
to walk have gone so far astray
And the 111 grown bold Willi curses
that she taught to slug and
prav ;
child may fear, and a wife may
weep but of all sad things
none other
Seems half so sorrowful to tne as be
ing a drunkard's mother!
TheV tell tne that down III the vilest
ileus of the city s mire mid
There are nu n ith the hearts of
aiigi ls doing an angel's work ;
Tliiit they win lack tho lost and the
sliaving, that they help the
weak to stand,
Hr the wonderful power of loving
words, by the help of angel's
often and over, tie dear lird
knows, I've knel and prayed
to Htm
somewhere, somehow, t would
hiiiils'ti. they'd Hud ami save
in v
You'll sav lis a tsor obi woman
whim, but when 1 prayed last
Uigbt over von eastern window, theie
shone a woiutcriiil Iigiit
l.caslwavs it looked that wav to mi
and out of the light there fell
The softi st voice 1 had cvir heard -II
rung like ti silver is-ll ;
And these were the words: "Hie
prodigal turns, so tired of
shame and sin ;
lie seeks his finder's open door, he
weeps and enters in
WhY sir, you are, crying as hard as I1
What Is that, sir, you say?
Mv boy? Yon my boy, returned a
new man
Thank lied for tins thrice hap y day'
"Yes, mother, weep tu t, l is your
penitent tHy, come back to
the right way at last.
I'm once more a man, my follies are
di'tie, and all your sorrow.
are imst.
Those nugels on earth, they told vou
alsiut- have brought me again
to you :
A drunkard no more, with you,
mother d ar, I'll ts-gtn my
life o'er anew.
" 1 scarce know how to tell you all,
t'ls a bitter, blt'i r tale,
How I tried to rise, again and ansin,
ami every time wold fall
I wa tired and Weary of the light,
and 1 often prayed to die,
'Till heaven sent me as It were,
angels from on high ;
A marvelous cure which gre me
Iu1m and changed my luluie
That now, thank tied, I'm cured of
drink, mail's great and bilti r
Difficttltiet and Dinger. Met With
In Bridge-Bulldlng.
Mammoth Steel Majewa tut Be
Win. lata tke Dlssy Hr.elarM
wttb MathematleiBl Aeeer- j
Mr X All Time.
The design of a long bridge span is
one of the most elaborate mathemat
ical problems that arises in construe- (
tlve work. The stresses produced by
Its own weight, by the weight of traf
Hc, by locomotive drivers, by the hinn
merlng of flattened wheela, by the
action of brakes on an express triiin,
by the high speed of a curved truck,
by the wind and by the expansion ami
contraction of the steel in summer
and winter, are all accurately calcu
lated. The definition of the loaded t
and unloaded bridge is determined,:
anil complete drawings nre miule of
every member of It The bnrs of steel
are tested in machines which will pull
In two a horsehair or a steel bar
strong enough to lift half a score of j
the heaviest locomotives at once, and
which will crush an egg-shell or a I
steel column, and accurately measure
the atreas In each case. The differ
ent kinds nf members nre forced, riv
eted, bored or pinned In perhaps half
a doren remote simps, and although
usually not fitted together there, are
examined and measured by special
ists to see that they are correct,
and are then shipped by scores of
car loads to the site of the proposed
structure, where steam derricks un
load them and pile them many feet
high In stacks covering acres of
The huge piers may riae above the
water, hundred of feet apart. It re
mains to place on them a I.OOO-ton
struct lire, high above a savnge chasm,
over an impassable current or roar
liifc tide, where the water is deep, the
bottom of jagged rocks, or trencher-1
ous quicksand, or where nn old bridge j
must be removed and the new one
built In its place without interrupting i
navigation or obstructing continuonal
trafllc. ou the bridge. To accomplish I
this the engineer hns timber, bolts
and ropes, hoisting engines, derricks,
and a band of intrepid builders, who
have perhaps followed him for yenrsi
through more hardship nnd danger
than fall to the lot of almost any
other calling, writes Frank W. Skin
ner. In Century.
The complicated framework of a
great span is a skeleton with many
accurate joints and thousands of steel
sinews and bones, each nf which must
go in exactly the right place in ex
actly the right order. The builder
must, weave into the trusses pieces
larger, heavier and far more index
ible than whole tree-trunks: swiftly
hoist and swing them to place hun
dreds of feet high: fit togelher the
massive girders ami huge forged bars
with watchmaker's accuracy; support
the unwieldy masses until they are
keyed together and snlf-anMuiniug;
and under millions of pounds of si ress
must adjust them, at divy heights,
to mathematical lines. This he may
need to do, not deliberately In a com
fortable shop or on a solid platfcrm,
but In dangerous emergencies at ut
most speed, putting forth his whole
strength on narrow, springing planks
In a furious tempest, in bitter cold or
In hlaiug heat, lie may be In the
heart of an frlran desert, menaced
by blood thirsty fanatics, or in a
gorge of the Amies, hundreds of miles
from tools or supplies, where, there ia
absolutely no supplement to his own
resources. I'ndcr such conditions
bridge building Is one of the most
fascinating and ditneutt of engineer
ing problems, and requires a differ
ent solution for almost every case.
Irlt1iit rutin, on Florida.
Seimr 1'alnm n ml Gov. ,l-iin.ntr
wre very roiiipliiiH iitnry townnl rurh
n tiler. In kc nkiu nf Kin Hi hi Snmr
Pal mil BiM'tut'tl niitly .nurlu'il. "If
H hml not 1mm. f i r Klori-ln," hr said,
"('ubitn imlcr.n!enr,' wmiM (nnlmlily
nvr lutvi .'tM-i. rcati !. Whfti uthrr
port- nut' ut a tiint' .'.iMt against n.
JrU'kiu.i, villi' ktill nMiminni njii'ii.
There wrh hIuvk n lit 1 1 eiva r t re
thrrr fruin wli irh arraiit'int'iilK i-mtltf
1 ninth' to it art imv rxpcilit i u
which hail Itccn pliwin.'tl. If the Span
inh consul hml put a hntnh under the
little cirar Mtnrc instead nf t.iny m
much pmtyntintf t the mcrnmciil,
he would have nivniiiplittlit'd nmre "
rreMldeut PaliiiH npnke in n very
him lining vein v nicer ntiitf the mat 1 er
nf coaling station.. He naid the ('
hnim thought very much nf Key Went,
und that he thmiht the t'uitcif
Statr?, instead nf demanding the tnle
nf rincn for enulilv pnrpnNCH, hlmiild.
nn the contrary, m I'uhn the itdand
nf Key Went. "Ke Wunt i to
I'uha than Florida, anyhow," he huld.
- llBwma (Cuba) lVat.
hi eh W He. It f
Sir William M;u rmac. the pres
ident of the llial ( 'ollee nf Surtreom,
U an inl fat inhle worker. Often to
nine time when ml in in Inn lal ra
tory. he used t n hu e a lih t liineheoii
nerved there, (hi one m-t-i.Mon Iiih a-
ifttauts heard him tu'h h-avih. and
looking "p- aw doctor K'larhi nt
two :lass ret eptiiele nil Ii i n tiil.le.
"What iK the innt ti-t . .loelor?" avketl
one nf the ii i V .1 h inc in particu
lar," wav i: .' !rpl, "I'lil 1 nin uncer
tain whctlo r I tlrniik the hi'. f ti-a or
that c nn p oi ml I ha e heeti w ot k our "ti.
Ami on 1 he w In.le. 1 would rat lui it lml
iH-en tho heef tea." Youth'
(1u4 nl It.
"The uimi wlii' ih'v-n'i i li,.rvt
or a wtf ." re marked Iu i (-r f !
E.enu nnt! Ttunjf. "lutN in- i J
b i n K h v 'T 4-V I-,' V -iifci- U t i -1 1 1 u 1 1 :
It Out. nlil to .no ,,ot.
Wht'ii p:in or irntalion evintj " n (
any i,rt of the IhhIv the a; pin- u ion j
of Italian. Snow 1. num. in w.Uf,-iei
prompt relief 'Mt mv nht t" the
-p.d, " Kiitl an old man who rub-
bin' il u to eure his i heuin:U;Mii. t '. i
K. Smith, Tropr. Smith Moue. Tenah i,
Texas, write.: 'l have lined l';,lla.d's
Snow l.iuiment in ntv tamily for
everal years ind have found it to be I
A tine remedy for all arhes and pains
and I reoi'mmend it ior p.ius iu the
throat ami elnst." V-V .W and fl.'VI
at Slover Prun I'o.
Nolti-K i lieribv t;ieii tlitil the
tinderiii!tH'il linn Ix-en ai ionited hr
the IVnnty I'ourt o( Jwiiliiin
IVutity, nilniiiiiMriitor ot the etat
of Henry York, iIihv;m i1. Ml vrson
liavinit claims ni;aiiis such estatn are
rtiteiteil to irei'iit tln'in with tlie
pri.-r vonchets Kiiticxed, to nit', ttie
undcrsiiined, or Uol'tt li. South my
attorney at lirmits li. Hn'sen,
within six luimtlia from t'n. il.ite.
Elys Cream Balm
This Remedy la a Specific,
Sure to Cive Satisfaction.
It cleanses, soothes, heals, and protects the
(liscaM-d membrane. It cures Catarrh and
drives away a Cold in the Head quickly.
Itostores the Senses of Tsxte and Hmell.
Kawy to use. Contains no injurious drugs.
Applied into the nostrils and absorbed.
Large Kile, f,() cents at Druggists or by
mail; Trial Size, 10 cents by mail,
ELY BROTHERS, 66 Wirrsa St., Nw York.
SuiTintendeiit C W. James, of the
State Penitentiary, has filed his re
port with the secretary of state, cov
ering the quarter ending September
30. The report shows there were 2M
covicts in the ijHhoii lit the close of
the quarter against WXi on July 1, or
a decrease of 17. The total earning
of the institution for the qnarter ug
greguted tHUt.Hi, und the receipts
for the board of United States pris
oners for tho quarter ending June !!(,
I '.MIS, :i:(). Tli while the total disburse
ments amounted to fl4,HT1.2U.
A Million Every MontK.
l',y manufacturing und selling
million records every month, the
iloltibmia Phonograph Co. has achiov
i d tlie end for which it has long been
striving Hie reduction in tho price of
its High Speed Moulded Cylindrical
Wax recorda from M) cents each to Z
cents. Simultaneously with this re
duction in price a new reiord, greatly
superior to any that has ever been
offered for sale is being furnished
black siiperhaideiied record both dur
able and brilliant and combining
sweetness and smooUiiiesK with ro
markablo volume. Theso records will
lit all talking runchitieH using cylind
ricul records and the facilities for
manufacturing them have been in
creased to all extent that w ill enable
the ('iilumbia Phonograph Co. to pro
tluce a practically limitless supply
Tho Columbia Phonograph Com
puny, I-"i Uciry Street, San I'miicis
co, headquarti rs for grapliiq liones and
talking machine supplies of every
kind, will send you catalogues on
applicat ion.
Do Good
A Chicago man
It Pays
has observed that.
" (iood tleeds are
tale deeds some
better than real es
of the latter are
woit lilfhM. Act kindly and fl'.itly
hIiow Hympitthy and lend u lifplin
hand. You ciiiuiot Kwriihly Umo hy it.
Mont nu n apprec iate a kind word and
ciii'ouriiK''i"rnt morn than ruihstaiit iu
help. Thrro art persoiiH in thi( com
inanity who milit truthfully wiy
" My ond friend, cheer uji. A ft'W
dohes of ( 'ImmlxTlaiirH t'tiuh Ilemedy
will rid vou ot your cold, and there
in no datip r whatever from pneuino
nia when you um that nicdicine.
alwaVH ruri'H. I know it, for it han
In lprd mt out many a time." Sold by
all druistH.
Austin'. He liort t'ardK for mIioo!
use for nuIi at the Courier olhVe-
per huiiili I'd.
Miss IdA M. Sryder,
I'mimiiirer of tht
l.rM.klit Inol f iiil Art 4 Itib.
"If taumcn Mould pay more attrntlon to
thfir hlth we houIvI have more happy
taivci, inothcrt an. dauhttri, and If they
woiilJ nhrre rnultt they would find
thflt the doctors' prturiptiom do not
perform tht many cure they arc given
credit lor.
" In tontultinn with niv dniKItt he ad
vited Mt c.'ree in of Cardui and Thed
ford t hlak !)rju(ht, find o I took it and
have eery reaon to him (or a new
hie opi'.tfJ up to nie with re.t.irfd hc.ilth.
ai d it only took three num. hi to cure me."
W'itn' of I'anim i.i rvn'at..rof tho 1
n ifn M u,u I 1 1 1 :; ,in i ! a in-t ks-ii'iii-iiii'.i.'
ii'itif h r w . nu n. Il euros I
s .I'll v . mi p 'i '.-'.l, I o 1 ! e-1 lien; . irrx-
ft tho w. i'.'", wh,!fs and ttxtMA'. it j
n In 1. 1 u i .'ii appr-'ii. Iuia: woin.n- 1
h.H.,i,,- pi.'-i.ui.'V. alter child
i.ulh and 1 M t 'i; l! L'. . It
.pit nt! hi 'ut a .1. .ir I rt1 ln to h ni
tlial l:.'-e t'irii lin 11 f T ) r:v-. All
dntcu'i" have U'tti.-t of Wine
ol t'.lldlll.
Tracc Minus
copvriohts a
t nii.1 .1.-. rij-l p
ScicntUic .Hmcrican.
k .,..,I...,,.T IMn.Tn'f l w.V- I r I
lli.ii,-li ofl.iv V t.. . .
ii:.'' ?j.--r")ii i iir I'fii
itm.'int.'H m 'r,-hi- it:iM'l.'i''it' "'!' i"'"
H i mmlru'lU . tin11..ti ' 111 1 l..ln1l"-'l on IMiMt'
,-M fr,H Mtt't'-' for m.'-lltn ..tU . -
',t..i-'ti !ir. im-h V in ii A l i.-lvc
w uii n '(.-. -tit i' -vi. I Si
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales
bottles. Does this record of merit appeal to yoa?
mjdote witn every
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AlVoorhies -:-
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Can furnish work in Hcotith. Swede
Front Hlrpt, N'eir tii Grpfn.'H Ont.Mtwiii.
I am still in Imsiness anil can furnish almost any kind of
I Vlllt. Xll!l!' ! lt I ! IIIKl Ilctlo llllllM.
Il'ri',- pin ii I m .
as cheap if not cheaper than anv one else and will order anything
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and not one who is-iu titisiness,liere one year and some where
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play any instrument
or sale b dealf rs
Columbia Phonograph Company,
NV Imv our own stores m over twenty -five cities in the United States and Furope
125 Geary Street,
For Stile in Grants Pass by W. A. Pnddock.
Thmutth Salt Lake City, Leadvillcv Pueblo,
amuus KtKy Mountain Scenery
For rates, folders and othtr
information, addn-ss
'isi!ile Writing. Simple Micli.iniMii. Spocii. Kxccllcnt M.iniloKHtii;,
Permanent 1 rue Aliiiiiittit
Strictly Iliuh-C.lass
ciT'rri :i-rr
E. F, Bumpus, Manager,
;i)s-;iO Wilson lllock cor.
Grove's Tasteless ChHl Tonic
pocim tti m cnt ptexw a urev$
All Kind- tnm the
Brovmie to F. P. K.
$75 00.
Photo Dealer
Marble. Liminem MftrruMtH mv anvttio
or American liramm nr .n I, ;,!.(
me at Slovers Drug Store.
T. TAYLOR. Ghants Pass. OKe
Columbia Cylinder Graphophones
SI to $100
Columbia Records
Fit any make of talking machine
newest Popular Music,
I unity Stories, ttc.
Seven Inch
50 cents each; $5 per dozen
Ten Inch
$1 each; $10 per dozen
Reduced to 25c each
These are the best wax
records ever made
Itlack Super-hardened
Bos't pay tice a. murh tor an inferior
averymbero and by the
Colorado Springs, and Denver,
by Daylight to all Point! East.
and the
V. t Mcllll I UK .n. Ay !
Type' writer
11 iMiiitci -il li i i u .il an
111" Til .It'll 1 1 J U.
The Chuajo Typewriter
S U M.itket St.
S.i 11 rr.UH-Nci'
mnl'i'.ily at a Kair Trice.
Machine Stld for $75.
wi-:it co.
Los Angeles. California
ring and Kirst Street.
over Ona and a Half Million
No Cure, No Pay. 50c.
Block Hoot. Liver PiUs.
Notice la hereby piven that W. F.
Kremer has made an assipument of all
his estate to me for the benefit of all
his creditors pro rata. All liersons
having claims apainst said estate
will present the same to me duly ven
3ed withiu three mouths from date
Dated September 23, 1W3.
J. O BOOTH, Assignee.
United States Land OffiVe.
Ro eburit, Oienon, Oct. B. VMA.
Vntij. ia h.r-ttv iriven that the fol
lowinir-name l "eltier has 61ed notice of
his ititeniion to mate Cnal proo!
in laimoort hi hia claim, and llisi
aid proof mill be made helore .1. O
Booth, ( oiin'v Jii'lk-e. Jonepliine conntv
at (itai'ls I'a'S, Orejoii on Novemlier
, l'.KKS, viz:
on hi. 11 K. No 8SnK, lor the W',' SK'
See 1(1; NVV )4 NE'4' Mec 21, lP 35
S., k 5 W.
lie t. snies the following itnees to
prove his crniiniioiis residence upon and
culiiVKtii.n of hh ii) land, viz:
MarcuM. Murray, James H. Croi
ton, (i. Maiitice Pavaue, Uavid Robeils
all of Grants I'ats, Ormon.
J. T. Hhijkiks, Riiister
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Otticv,
Roseburt:, Oteon. Sept. 1. 190X
Notiee in hereby K'ven that in coin
plisiue milh the provisions of the act ol
Conk-res of June 1878, entitled ' An
act for the sale, ol timber lands in the
State of California, Oreiion, Nevada,
and Washington Territory" as extended
to ail lb I'ubhe Land .states by act of
August 4 18'.I2,
of Hold Hill, County of Jackson, Slate of
Oretion has this day tiled in this office
his sworn statement. No. 5t77, for the
purchase of the NE'ol Section No. 30,
iu Township No. 06 South, lianite No. 4
IV, and m ill oiler prooi to show that the
land sought is moie valuable lor its
timber or .tone than for aitrictiltural
purposes, and to eBtahhsh his claim to
said land belore ChaB. Nirkell, U. S.
Commissioner, Medlurd, Oreuon, on
Sturoay, the 6th day of jlecember, HUM.
He names a m imeese..
(ieo. L. M. Clellen, Win. C'liilders
and W. 1'. C'liisholtu, ol (i old Hill, Ore.,
and John Omens, of Wimer, Oreuon.
Any and all persons- claiming adverse.
Iv the above-described Units are re
quested to tile their claims in this office
on nt before said 5Hi day of lV-emlier
1'JIW. J. T. Hhiiiokh. Kuisler
Timber Land, Act June 3, 187S
lioBctmrir, Oregon, Auir. '7, lis.):!.
Noiiie is her hv Kiveti ihai in c.
ptMiice with the provisions ol the act of
Congress of June :i, 1S78, entitled ''An
act for the sn'e ol limber lands in the
Mutes of C.iiilornia. Oreuon Nevada
and Wasliinyt'iu Territory," as extended
to all the Public Lund States by act ol
August 4, l.SI'u',
JOHN III ll.l.tS
of ("arson County of Skamania
State of Vashiti(ion, has this day tihd
in this office his sworn statement N
lor the purchase i f the NE' of sEJ
and K 1 of M ) and SVVJ ol SW ol Sec
tion No. L'ti tn Totvnsliii) No. :!7 South,
Kanue No OWest, and will oiler prool
to show that tlie land son n lit m more
valuable for lis timber or stone than lor
iiiriiciiiiural purposes, anil to establish
hisciHim t.i Siiid land before J, O. llooth
CoiinU .Indue, at his office at lirants
I'as, Oreifun, on MumUv, the '1WA dav
ol Nuvcinber, 11)0:1. He names as. wit
nessfs :
Kdmard Ilollis, Carson, Vashiniton
Hi r;ba Ilollis,
A. W. H Why, (jrants rass, Oregon
K II Unites, '
Any ami all persons claiming adverse
Iv Ihe ati'ive-described lands are re
iiiu-li il to tile their claitiiB in this office
on or belore said ZM dav of November,
l'.lu:. .1. 1. LiKIIHIK.i, Keiilster
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1N7N.
United Sta ee and Ollice.
Hoseburn, Oregon, Sept. 1, l'JO:
Notice is neretiy (liven mat in com
pliance with the provisions of the act of
Congress uf June 1S7S, entitled "An
act for the sale ol timber lands iti the
States of California, Oienon, Nevada
and Washington Territory," as ex
tended to all the Public i,,..-d Stales hy
act ol August 4. l.sii:',
of Carson, County of Skamania
St iteof Washington, has this dav tiled,
in tliisollicelne sworn statement No.
for the purchase of the N1., cf N'W1
S W 1 ol N W I and N W 1 ol S 1 ol Src t ion
No. 'M in Tom nship No. :)7 South, Uane
No ti West, and will oiler prool to show
that the land sought is more valuable
ior its timber or stone than for ai?ri
cultural purposes, and to rstablisl
his claim to said land before Arthur
I'oiikliii, U S. Commissioner, at his
ulhce at Uritnts 1'ass, Ureon, on
dav the Z'M dav of Novemlier, 'M:l. He
names as witnesses:
John Ilollis, of Carson, Washington
IScrtha Ilollis, of Carson, Washington
A. . Silshy, i rants ras, Oregon
l. II. Hnggs. Orants I'ass Oregon
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly the above-described lands are r
(nested to tile their claims in this olfi
on or belore said '.':ld dav ol November
!'):!. J. T. limmiKs, Ktgister,
1 lie largest sum ever paid lor a pre
scription, changed hands in San Kran
cisco, Aug. :10, l'.iOl. The transfer in
volved in coin and stock $1 U.oOu.OM and
mas paid by a party ol business men for
a. specific fur bright a Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto incurable diseases.
1 hey couiuienceil the serious inveati
gallon of the specitic. Nov. 15, l'.HH)
I hey interviewed scores of the cured
ami tried it out on its merits hy putting
oer inrce uozen cases on I tie treatment
.in.l watching them. 1'hev a:so got ph
ici.ios to inline cttronic. ini-uratileiases
.til l suliiiinislereil it rniih the ,lisicians
tor jnilges. I p to Aug. !!., n7 per cent
I the test ca-es were eiiher me
pr.-gressiiig uvorubly.
i nere oein.r nut Hurt, -en per cent ol
(allures, the parties mi re satisfied and
closed the transaction, fhe pnx eeiling
it the investigating committee and the
i-lini.-al reports of the test cases mere
published and ill be mailed free on
application. Address John J. rt'
i innvv, 4JD Montgomery St. San r ran
ctsi-o, vai.
All diseases of Kldneyi,
BladJar Urinary Orrans.
ai-i Rtieiimaiism. Back
ache HfartDisaasa Craval
Uropiy. Feuiala Troublas.
Don't bscoms dllcourarsd. Tilers Is
cure tor you. It ii,-.-,.-:iry rlte l.r. tvum-r
l,-s sii...i u nti- tun,, curing ju-u auctl
c..-!,jifur. Ail, ua Fres.
-r. Kr.inrr'. Kldner and lt-Va. Uo Pure
.- w,,-, ,, J ,, ,,,, !,,- 1.
.......... ,. kuiny u,,.aM. tor y
..... ............ -ri.Ul W JMlUUUs. UI
v II. M.ofOIN. Ollre furnace. 0 "
iTiirirists. . t fr,-,.. free
SI.VIlllSniNnF fare Cure CircHlar. I
...ww . rvunt-r, rr.-Uofl.aN.
For tilt by
W. F. Kremer and
H. A
To Cure a Cold In Daw.
Takelautive Promo Vju.nm TV.'.t
A. i dru. guts refund the nninev if it fail
?1L r 0ruT "(tnsturt is on
J - i.
i visit DR. JORDAN'S osit
llil 11EIT it.iii rmcisci.ui.
Wofid. H ulDinn i f CKircte4
.UwlIIM fM tM tut. ft fMft,
IVPIIU throckr nrtctl
fron tyticaai without tka u. (rtirr,
TriMM Ittad by Ripart. (
Ml ir (.f M mptmrm. a OfOKa. tutfl
radictal nit for TUmm, Ttmr tnd
V lata la, by Ut. JnU' lycuai pattt
IrH aQstthodl.
iMtlaaa (raa aad MHrtt rrftt. Tfll-lWI asM-
ona1 e k ltttr. A fMftra Ouri in ry (m
untie rt.ta-. w nta (m lk PHll.OnUPNY mt
aMIAGE. HAILU VIM. (A f-4uMa btwk
far CUarrU
OH JORDAN k CO., 1011 NttrM St, I. P.
and Union Pacific
Tlirtmpli rulliiiaii stnnilanl und
Tourist Hlei'iiint; cars daily to Oinuliu,
C'liicujro, Spokane; tourist sleepiii); cars
daily to Kansas City: tlirouoli i'ullinan
tourist sleeping cars (personally con
ducted) weekly to Cliicuco, Kansas
Citv. reclining' cliair cases (seats free)
to the Kast daily.
From I'ortlaiid kihim
Salt Lake, Denver. Kt-
Woi-tli, Ouialia. i:'M p. in.
Kansas Cily, St.
Special l
i:'Jll a. in.
via Hunt ;
im-Moii. j
Atlantic Salt Lake. Denver-,
Kx press I't. orth.t linalia.
8:l."i ti. in.l Kansas City, St-UI:.IOa.iii.
ia Hunt- Uiuis, l lucuco
ii)i;ton.l nud I'.iist. !
St. Paul AVallii Walla, fii-wis I
l-'ast .Mail: ton. Spokane. Wal
0 ji. in.
lace, l'uihiian. Min i:Xi a. ni.
ncapolis, St. Paul.
I lulntli. Milnaiikci'.:
Ciiic:ii:o and Kast.1
70 nouns
No Clt.XNUK OF Cuts !
Tickets cu-t via all rail, or lioat and
rail via Portland.
Ocean ainl Kivcr Schedulo
FKOM I't Hill. AND.
All sailing dates suli
S p. in. joct to chant;!'. i p. III.
Knr San KrancUeo
Sail every live days.
SuiiiliiyCdl.UMlUA U1VKU4 p.m.
n l. 111.
toria and
Wtiv Sunday
lnp. iu.
A. U.
CliAlll. (ien. Pass Aut-iit,
Portland. t)rc);oii.
rr i cj iv iu
NKW K.Jt'll-lr:vr- TIUtOKillOlT
l ou. lies. 1'nlace and Tourist
Sleeper. Ili,li,u an, turj,.t
Nmoklny I. ilnar) Cars.
I'ajllKlit trip itiroiiuh iho (-iiHraile
and Uotky .iliiuiiiaiiis.
For full particiihu s,
:all tin or address
r:it.-s, folders, etc
II. I'ICKsox, r. A.
J. "V. PMAI.on, T. P. A.
l-a Third street, fonlantl.
A. I!. C. DKNNISToN, ij. W. P. A
12 First Avenue Seattle. Wii-h.
A familiar name for the Chicago, Mil
waukee A St. Taul Kailmav, known til
over the Union an the (ireat Hailmav
running the 'Fiotie.-r Limited'- trains
every day and niht between St. Paul
and Chicago, and Or.iaha mU'hicai:o.
Theonly perfect train, in the world
I'nderstand: Connection, are made
with Ail Transcontinental Lines, assur
ing passengers t),e bet eervice knomn.
Luxurious coaches, electric lights. steam
heat, of. V(.rlly e(1!.ilfd ,.y no othvr
Ss? that vour ticket reads via "The
Jlila-aiikee" whs-n goinu to anv point in
tne I nited States or Canada. ' All tick
et agents sell them.
For rates, pmph!e,s or other infoi
matton, address,
J. W. Cassv, c. J. Eddy.
Irav. I ass. Agt, General Agent.
Mattle. Wash. Iokti.and, '
A .ii
o ih Mo
H 'rut"'""1 vt 'si
PSJ Owan..uh sjruii. Tl.lnl..4, CfS
U 1