Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, October 29, 1903, Image 1

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Not 3n
shot to pieces rn
prices on S7
SiiigerScwing Machine Vp
Genuine lat
est improved,
s rietly new, 5
drawer, drop
head, oak or
walnut casing.
Grants Pass, Oregon
Masonic Temple, Room 9,
Office hours: Grants Pass,
11 to 12 A. M.
2 to 4 P. M. OltEGON.
John M. liuiimiell K. M. Hummel
Sixth and C! Streets opp. Court House
Grants Pass,
Ok kg on
artices in all State and Federal Courts
Ortice over First National Hank.
Grants Pass, - Okkuon.
Office, Room 1,
Colonial Lodging House
Grants Pass, - Oregon.
full iwsortnient of Watches, Clocks, Sil
verware and Jewelry. A Good
Assortment of Hracelet and
Heart Mangles,
ilemens' Drug Store.
.'HONS 21
Furniture unci I'iano
The popular barber shop
Get your tousorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Hath room in connection
You Know What Yon Are Taking
When you take (irove's Tasteless dull
Tonic, because the furmula is plainly print
ed 011 every bottle Knowing that it is sim
ply Iron and (juinine in tasteless form
No Cure No, Pay. 5"c.
The large stock to
select from,
The quality of the
The price asked for
them, make the
the bis Furniture and
house FurnMiins stort
the most attractive
department in the
house. North side.
Ono $70 machine for $2G
every Saturday to the party
sending in the largest num
ber of people who have no
sewing machine.
Told About
Hut O, What a Difference Now:
The laughing school boy with bis satchel
And shlninn morning face, speeding like wind
Most happily to ichool.
What made the difference? Perhaps the bike
had something to do with it, but then the pretty
line of
1 too KM i'i:s !t I NIC
which we are supplying, helps wonderfully. And then the
prices at which we sell these goods please the parents and
that goes a long way toward putting the children in a good
humor for study.
We treat all alike, so that little ones do not need a grown
person to come along with them in order to get bottom prices,
Slv er Drug' Company
$500 Worth of Knives, Razors
Shears and Scissors at
T H e Long'
Headed Man
!WV t w
Grants Pass Banking Trust Co.
Transacts a General Banking tuMiiri,
Receives deposits nil)ject U check or on demand rertilirate-.
Our ru.tomeM are assured of coartetiUA treatment and every consideration con
sistent itli found banking principles.
itatVly derOMt Uwes for rent. J. FKANK WAT.vjN, 1're.
K. A. ItooTK. We -Pre.
I,. I. JKWKI.L. Ca-hier.
The First National Bank
Kweive deposit suMeet tn check or on certificate payable on demand.
l--Jls irhl drafts en Sew York l-an Krariei-eo, nml Port ami.
Telegraphic transient sold on ail iouils in Oie l'nill Male.
s'pe. iai Attention given to 1 'ulleetums and general bu-inr-s of our cu-tomers.
uheeliotis maile throughout ftoutliern Oregon, ami on ail aees.:ile points.
K. A. H'XiTII. I'rrs.
J. C. ( AM IM'.KI.I.. Vne I re-,
ii. I.. i.ll.khY. ( a-hirr.
1.. K WEBSTER, Phksii.ekt. W. 11. IIAMM'JMJ, S. a.nav.
The Southern Oregon
Title Guaranty & Abstract Company
Title-as i:tninliii-l, I'a-rlVe-te-.l, i mi rn n t !.
A. S. HaMMuND, Arioa.Nev.
lit learned Great Truth.
It is slid of Johu Wesley that I10
ODce said to Mistress Wesley: "Whyi
do 70a tell that child the same thing
over aud over again?" "John Wesley,
because! once telling is not enough. "
It is (or this same reason that you are
told again aud again that Chamber
lain's cough remedy cures oolus and
grip, and that it is pleasunt and safe
to take. For sale by all druggists.
The Ray dam is completed and the
waters of the Roirue now flow over it.
All the artificial work used in the
construction of the dam has been re
moved and the water is now permit
ted to flow, unobstructed, over the
entire length of the dam The power
house is now being built, the water
wheels and dynamos aro on the ground
and just as soon as the power house
is completed these will bo placed in
position aud then the wheels will
turn and Mr. Ray's object shall
have been accomplished. Medford
New white sage honey,
( White House Grocery.
" the whining school-boy with his satchel
And shining niornimi lace, creeping like snail
In willingly to school."
time, but
- w . " " fcj w
the. denier
SJ and buys one
those V
Bicycle Den
S'J.1, (1(1(1 ((
Mining Me.n Thinks Thev Show
Poor Judgment.
L. V. Swiggett, who has spent
much of the season in the mining
districts in ditTerent sectioua ot the
state, haa returned to Porthtud for a
few days, says the Telegram, and in
speaking of the interest in mining
matters in general and the greater
interest in the mining industry
through lie parts which he traveled.
naid :
'My trip has taken me through
Eastern, Central and Southern Oregon
aud it proved a lesson well worth
learning by any man. The vast de
posits of ore that aro within the
borders of this state are simply
'Wherever I went I found the
greatest evidence of prosperity and
niore activity than I liavo ever seen
before in the mining matters of the
"There is a crying need for bettor
railroad facilities, better smelting
advantages and mora generous sup
port from local people. I cannot un
derstand why capital will not invest
in such wonderful propositions.
Were the showings in Utah, Colorado
or Montana they would not be idle
any length of time. In Portland
there aro millions of dollars stored
aud not earning, whou if properly
invested in mining, this money would
bring from 13 to 3.) per cent a year
and perlia more.
'What Oregon or Portland needs is
a man like 1). II. Moffat of Denver,
who has put more enthusiasm and
money into mining than any half
dozen bankers in the west.
"Tho resources of Oregon are won
derful. Tho oro will be extracted,
railroads built and the country must
from its gei.eral outlook pass Colo
rado from a mining standpoint.
"If local capital will not take np
the chances afforded, then ontside
capital will, and Oregon must take
her place among her mineral product
ing sister states. Mining is now 1
scientific invcKtigatinu an 1 a business
enterprise combined, and as such must
bo in tho future.
Who would keep their children in
good health should watch for the first
symptoms of worms and remove them
with White's Cream Vermifuge. It
is tho children's best tonic. It gets
digestion at work ho that their food
does them good mid they grow up
healthy and strong. 2.rc at Slovor
Drug Co.
Offered by Oregon Society Son
of American Revolution.
The Oregon Society of Sons of tho
American Revolution has several
times in the past otTered pri.cs to the
school children of tho statu for essays
on subjects connected with Kevoln
tioimry History. Tho results in the
past have encouraged the society to
renew the ofl'iT at this time. Prizes
of -." tl")i and 10, reflectively, will
therefore be awarded for the three
In st essays in tho order of merit, writ
leu by students in the public schools
of Oregon, oil any of tho following
subjects :
1. The Aroiihing of Public Opin
ion ; the Work of .Samuel Adams,
Thomas l'aiuc, John Dickenson and
Patrick Henry.
2. Lexington and Concord.
:t. The Hut tie of King's Mountain.
4. Virginia's part in the American
lievolut ion.
Knsays are limited ill length to :, ( km
i wordh ; must he written on one side
of the imper in the student's own
haudwrit ing and must be accom
panied by the certilh ato (if tlie priu
cipnl of the m lioul iittcnded by the
.author, to the effect that the author
is a bona Ihle student in tit)- H'IiihiIh
hind has been in at f ml in i tnerein
no less than four weeks during the
school 3-ear of I'.SiIi-1. -i.ays mtint hi
forwarded to the chairman of tin
oinniitteo in charge, Wallace Me-
Camant, 111 ( oie-ord liuihlitig, Port
land, Ore., so us to n le h him not
later than February 1st, l'.sil. In
awarding tin1 jiri . h the committo
Will be govnieil by these three con-
Mili-rations :
1. II istiin ial accuracy.
Manner of treatment.
I). Orthography, grammar, svntax
and punctuation.
Any additional information which
may be desired will lw cheerfully fur
nished by any mcinls-r of the com
mittee. Tie cnMiy which is awarrh-d
the lirHt prize will l published in
full, with the name of the author, in
the public pri IS.
John K. Kill lock,
Th OS. (i. (Irei-ne,
Wallii' e Mi C.'imaiit,
-. .-
Do Yuu feant to Yiwn?
Fe l cold hl.i vi rillk'".'" hing illlxilll S
lack of " tiergv, lieailu'iie, and great
h firi foion? TlieM iviiiptouis uiay Is
followed by violent headache, high
fever, eitreme tiervousiif-iu, condition
known as malaria. llerbiue cores
it. J. A. Il'ipkim, Mam lienter, Kan.,
writes: "I have uwd your great
medicine, llerbiue, for n veral yearn.
Tle re is nothing better for malaria,
chills and f'ver, heathu-he, bilious
nei, and for a blorxl-purifying tonic,
there is nothing as good. 5Jc at
.Slover Drug Co.
Tal.h ts and box paper at cunt at the
Courier ollice to close out. We have
up-to-date styles.
Commissioner of General La.nd
Office Iaauea Statement.
Commissioner Richards, of the
General Laud Ollice, has given ont the
following statement couooruinij the
policy and practice of the land
eftice in the matter of the withdrawal
of public lauds from settlement:
There seems to bo a misapprehen
sion respecting withdrawals of public
lauds from entry under certaiu of the
laud laws aud suspension of final
action upon certain classes of entries
already made. Generally shaking,
land is withdrawn from entry iu
order to preveut its being appro
priated iu a manner or for a purpose
not contemplated by law.
In consenuenco of a protiosod
forest reserve, a withhdrawal is made
of all tho land that will probably be
included iu its boundaries in order to
guard against speculative entries
uiadu for the purpose of obtaining lieu
Withdrawals under the irrigation
act are for tho purjioso of reserving
the land for homestead entry the
only kind permitted by tho act and to
prevent sioeulativo entries. Land
containing oil or minerals is with
drawn from agricultural entry, as
mineral lauds are sold in smaller
quantities an 1 at higher prices than
farming lands.
"Filial action is often usicndcd
uiHiu individual eutriea or a class of
entries iu certain localities ponding
an investigation as to whether or not
there has been a compliance with the
requirements of the law. Thero is
no withdrawal of land in this cornice
tiou or any suspension of the law nor
interference with entries properly
"In November, l'.H)3, there was such
a susiH'iision of final action upon en
tries made nuder tho timber and stone
act iu Washington, Oregon and Call
foruia. This sus(iensiou as made up
on evidence of collusive entries in
those states whereby individuals aud
corporations were obtaining title to
largo areas of valuable timber land,
whereas the law provides tho entry
shall be nutde for the exclusive use
aud benefit of tho entrymaii.
"That this action did not hinder
or Interfere with entries under this
act is shown by the fact that while
there were 21117 timber aud stone eu
tries made iu t.n states named dur
ing the fiscal year ending June RO,
VMY1, there were 11145 such entries
made in those states during the fiscal
year ended Juno .10, ltHl',1, and of this
latter number, SJM4 entries were made
after January 1, 1IH1!I, while the or
der of huhj elision was iu force, whili
but 'J1U7 such entiies were made In
the entire fiscal year IUII'2.
As fast as tho entries iu these
stales cau examined, all of those
which have been proiierly made are
passed to patent while the Hiiien
sioii continues as to thu others, pend
ing a hearing in the local land ollice,
No cancellation in made uihiu report
of a special agent until opsirtiiuity
for hearing has been afforded the eu
trvnniB. "
Who VV'&a Hung
Another Chance.
A remarkable story comes from
the ltelgiiin Congo. A native of the
IiaKoka tribe was to have been bangeil
for cannibalism, and during his im
prisonment was so worked Uxn by
the represent at iniH of the missionary
haplain as to the happiness of the
world into which he was about to
enter that the nergo offered to hang
himself out of hand to get there.
This sirting offer was not accepted,
and the nergo was h inged by oidiiiary
procedure. After hanging about 10
minutes the doctor pronounced the
culprit, to be dead, and the body win)
being carried to the cemetery by four
ua( ivoH when, almost at the gate, It
sat Ixilt upright and begun discoursing
of heaven to tin; hearers, who lied,
dropping their burden. The man
then walked into the cemetery, sal
on a grave, and when soldiers came to
sei.e him again hn inquired win-tin I
they also Is-lnugcd to heaven, am!
when he could obtain something tr
eat. He is now in jail again, while
the question of his nwxcculloii Is
heniK considered at Ilomii.
Beautiful Complexion
Are spoiled by using any kind ot
iireoarat ions that fills the pon-H of
the skill. The best wav to w-i-iini a
ehar .'omplexion, free from sallow
iiess, pimples, blotches, etc., into
keep the liver in good order. An oc
casioiial dose of llerbiue will cli-anse
the bowels, regulate the liver, and so
establish a clear healthy complexion.
Vic at H lover Drng Co.
The jubibe gifts (if the late Poic
I-o XIII will Is- exhibited at the
World s Fair. W. K. Curtis, tin
author aud corresjsiiiilent, now inak
iug a tour of Kurojs-, is iu Homo t
arrange for the transfer of the trcas
tin-H from the Vatican to Kt. Louis.
The intrinsic value of the gifts is in
calculable, nearly every crowned
head in Kurojsi being represented iu
the list of donors.
Olwell liros., the Central Point
orchard men, have finished picking
their apples. They had over loo men
at work picking. Packing will now
follow, the work being done mostly
by girl. They eitiect to have .Vj cai
TOILET HOAP, lots of it large
a-ceut bars in the city W hite House
New York Pevper Thinks ."Man
on Horteb&ck" la Coming.
ro we losing our freedom of speech
and actiou? Tho Independent thinks
we are, and that moral freedom
generally in this country is wantisg.
'Tho law permits Ireedom almost to
tho extent of liceuse; but tno
thousands of organizations which
have sprung up to foster 'causes' in
numerable nave created a law out
side of the law which is becoming
morn tyranuical than courts or legi da
tun's would Iu these days dart to
be. What politician dares to sav
what he thinks ot the machine and
the boss? What teacher in the public
school dares to express his opinion o
tho text-books ill history that are
forced upon him by teimiornnco
Have we freedom of conduct? Do
men and women in America show as
much vigorous iucdcpciidouoo iu their
loinestio arrangements, their social
relationships and their moral example
as our kinsmen iu Kuglaud do, where
wo were wont to imagine, the rever
ences for tradition and the fear of
Mrs. Cirundy are serious barriers to
individual independence? Tho ques
tion is at least a fair one.
Thero is certainly an increasing
tendency towards Intolerance in this
country. The spirit of our constitu
tion allows every man to bavo his
say and do as ho pleases so long as
he does not transgress the law. Hut
majorities are becoming more and
more tryaiinicitl. They are not
willing to submit to criticism
formerly they were. Moral pressure
is brought to bear on minorities to
reduce them to silence. Associations
of various kinds exert a coercive
force against those who express
opinions or advocate action hostile to
the views held by tho several anno
ciatious. A man in public lite can
hardly afford to take a decided stand
on many Inuiortaut quest ions lest there
rise up a horde ot enemies against
him. As The Inileiieiiilent says, the
mob spirit, culminating in lynching,
is only the extreme manifestation of
mass tyranny.
This is a tendency which leads
straight to dcsHitlsi. The tyranny
of the mob is anarchy. Anarchy is
intolerable. Out of anarchy emerges
always the Man on Horseback, who
restores order by force and rules the
nation by tho right of power. We are
yet a long way from the condition in
which a desHt would be welcomed
tint it is well to stop evil tendencies
iu their small beginnings.
To. king Off.
rullcr particulars have la-eii re
eel veil concerning tho death of (. S,
Person, which occurred iu Greeley,
Colo., on October 7. Mr. Person was
formerly one of our best, known and
esteemed citizens ami had a great
many friends in this city.
During the latter part of his resl
lelice here, Mr. Person suffered al
times from epilepsy and heart troulil
and thseu at turns have continued
sincn his removal to Greeley. For
w mouths preceding his death they
occurred with lilaiiiilng frequency
On the forenoon of the day of In
li 111 ll, he seeined quite Well, Wol'ke
ill the garden and caiun lo the ilium
table as usual, but couiiilatned of
aiu ill his stomach aud declined eat
ing. On the suggestion that he would
he more comfortable in his easy chair,
ie rose unassisted, walked to the
hair, seated himself, and almost iiu
mediately fell toward th" Hour. II
was quirky siiptsirted by ready hand
nit breathed only a few times alt
dropping from his chair. Mr. and
Mrs. Person were living Iu Greeley
at the homo of their daughter, Mrs.
,. (i. Woodbury.
Deceased was born in Vermont.
March I h:;;!, was married in I m;,
lo Martha L. Holster, who surviv
him, and during the Civil War served
ill Company A. 1'th Vermont voliin
rs. He went to Greelel-, Colo,
wilh his family in IH7I, removing tl
next year to Deliver when- he resiiii il
iliotit four years. Iteturning to
(!reeey he n sidi d on his farm
that place until n-'.l when he n mov
1 to Grants Pass. Alter some years
ere, his health failed and he returned
to Oreeey in Jn'.iH, making his homi
iuee with his sou -iu law.
peslib-H his willow he h aves tbri
hildn-ii living, Mrs .losie L. Wood
bury, and Rosroe Person of Creel
Colo., and Fred Pi rson of I'onlder.
Saved To From Death
Our little daughter had au alinrst
fatal altiK k of whooping cough and
hroncliil is, " writes Mrs. W. Ihtviliunl
of Ariuonk, N. Y.,"liut wln-n all nth
remedies tailed we wived her 1 i f
with It King's New Iiin-overy. Out
niece who had coiinuiupt ion iu au ad
vauced stage al.-o UM-d this wonderful
nn di' III" and t'.'l.lV lie N Corfu tly
well. " luf.illilile for i-ougliH and cnMs.
iOc and (I.IKI hottles guaranteed hv
National Drug Store mid (n.ints 1
Pharmacy. Trial lsitt leu f ree.
This is a story that Is told In Kan
sas : Ills hair raised and he lit out
at a greyhound guit. After running
two roih-s ho sat down on a log aed
tn his surprise he found the 'ghost
tiesldu iiim. The ghont remarked
" We were going some weren't we"
The man replied: "You hit, and as
anon ss I catch my breath, we are go
ing some more. "
A. K. Voorhict Photo Supplies.
Furniture and Housefurnishings
New Iron Bods $ 3.50 to $20.00
Now Dressers 6.40 to 35.00
New Suites 11.90 to 40.00
New Heaters - 2.70 to 12.-50
New Cook Stoves and
Ranges - 8.95 to 50.00
New Mattings .15 to .35
Now Carpets .45 to 1.25
New Mattrosst'S - . 1.95 to 15.00
New Kitchen Closets 4.50 to 14.00
New Wall Tapers .10 to .00
Now Lamps ... .25 to 5.00
In fact it would be useless to try to enumerate the new
goods comini; iu. You are most cordially invited to call and
see the new China in immense variety Cut Glass Ladies'
Desks Music Cublnets Magazine Cabinets. Call in and
see the Iudian Robes.
Closing out a line of Decorated Chambers and
Covers 50c, worth 75c
Pocket Knives Korth 20C' M. 5c, 65c. 75C. t-oo
for 15c, 25c. 35C. 45C 50c, .65
New Home Sewing Machine, ) , , t
ball bearing. worth ".00 for $39.50
Tin Tea Pots, worth 25c for 10c
Tin 4-quart Milk Tans, worth 12c for 5c each
Miller's Axle Oil, worth 30c for 15c each
Wire Dtawn Horse Brushes, worth 65c for 35c
6-lb. Weight Scales with scoop, worth $3.50 for J2.00
Homes furnishod comploto from tho boat assorted
and most metropolitan stock in Southern Oregon.
Kcault of Adverse Decision Ren
dered by Judge Clancy.
As it result of tho handing down of
decisions by Judge William Clancy,
of the Second Judicial District Court
tho .State of Montana, at Butte
Thursday awarding the Minnie lloaly
mine, one of the riohest properties '
in Ilutte and valued at 110,000,000 to
V. August Heiu.o anil the granting
of an Injunction against the lloi-ton &
Montana Company, the prlncijial
property of tho Amalgamated Hopper
oinpany iu Montana, all tho proper
ties of tho Amalgamated Company in
Montana were ordered closed for aiiin-
leliuito Hiriod.
It Is estimated by oflUiiuls of the
ouiny that at least In, 000 men will
he made Idle aud perhaps 20,000. The
shut down is the most complete aud
extensive, ever known In Montana. It
includes the great Anaconda, Ht.
Lawrence, Never Sweat, Mountain
View, Leonard, Kast and West Coiusa,
i'arrot, Uagiion, Colusa Parrot,
Diamond, High Ore, Mountain Con.
No. 1 and No. 3, Comanche, Silver
How Nos. 1 and 2, llluu Jay and many
utlier smaller mines, as well as a
large iniinlier of mines that are being
Molted under lease.
It is expected that thu fires will be
I lawn from tho lloston iv Monana,
lllue & lloston, Colorado and Wasluw
smelters. The WuhIioij smelters at
Anaconda aro tho largest in the world
and employ IKXX) men.
Tim Amalgamated mines produced
'.lino tons of oni every day. All the
night shifts ill the mines wero called
olf aud men not i lied that the pro)W)r-
ticshadl ii closed down. Much el
itemeiit eixHts in ilutte and the city
is thronged with idle miners blocking
Direct cornels discussing the situation,
Following is a list of proicrtitw
unvoted :
In Ilutte lloston Si Montana mine,
Aiincomla mine, Syndicate group.
Until) I'.nslon mine, l'urrot group.
Coloiitdii Commuy mine, l'arrol
group, Colorado Company mine,
W.iilion group, Color. nlo imeltur,
Ilutte & IliMtou smelter, hill men on
P.utte, Anaconda it Pacific Kailrnad.
At Anaconda Washoe smelter,
limn kiliiH, Anaconda foundary, brick
At (ireat Kails -lloston Montana
At liell Unit Coal & Coke Com
At Homier -I'.ltickfoot Lnmhcr Coin
At Ilorr- llorr
Coal & Coku Com
Al lilamouilvilhi Diaunilidvllli
Coal Ouiniiiy ; Pleasant Valley Com
In .lelTerson County Limu and silica
In Ilutte the company employs .VXj
ne n. In the smelters at Aniw ondu,
Ilutte and ( Ireat Vails, Alan men
A par roll of over .'0,000 a day is
1 lit olf iu ilutte
Cunfcniuna ol a frit it.
Inn. S. Cox of Wake
writes: " l'or 1"J years I suffered from
Yellow Jaundice. 1 consulted a Hum
ler of physicians and tried all sorts
of meilicines Tin t got no relief. Then
I Is g, in the us of Klc trie Pitters aud
feel that 1 am now cured of a disease
that had me in Its grasp for 13 years.'
If you wimt a reliable medicine for
Liver and Kidney trouble atomac
disorder or geimral debility get Klec-
trie Hitters. Its guaranteed by
National Drng Store aud (1 runts Pass
Pharmacy. Only 60c.
U Second
R Hand
N Goods
f Booght
U or
R Sold
E Here.
Make Mark In Government Sr
Vlce on Iela.nda,
Win. Johnston, the 34-year old ton
of Conductor W. B. Johnston, of
Ashland, ii making; his mark in the
government service in the Philip
pine Islands. Enlisting as private in
Co'., Second Oregon, at the ace of
18, lie has without a "pall" or in
fluential connections of any kind, bat
of sheer forco ot merit and capacity,
won for himself the position of ln-
sjiector in the treasury buroaa main
tained by onr government on the
Island at a monthly salary of J00 in
gold. Iu the late scandals sad
speculations which the press briefly
reported having been discovered
In the constslmlary of the Islands a
few mouths ago, yonng Johnston dis
tinguished hiiutolf by running down
aud furnishing evidence to convict
several of the criminals.
Johnston it well known among the
members of the famous Second Ore
gon regiment. Before enlisting at
Portland he lived In Ash land for aome
time and at one time was a ebvk in
Geo. W. Vanpcl'i cigar store. Be
fore leaving Portland for Manila be
was mado a corporal by Capt Oaae
and when mastered oat on the island
had become a sergeant. Following
his, lie became chief clork in the
liiartormastur'i department Shortly
ifter he was taken with i lines and
ntarted for his native shores on the
steamer Bulgian King, and was on
board that vessel when she foundered
off Nagaskl. His health Improving
ho went ba'k to Manila aud toon
after watapiKiluted assistant treasurer
of the island of Negrot, which posi
tion ho held for tome time, aud then
I sited a brilliant civil service exami
nation, making hlui eligible to the
position he now holds at au inspector
in thu treasury bureau.
Kana Tea Penny Nail Throujh Mil Hand.
While o'ning a box, J 0 Mount, of
Three Milo Bay, N. Y., ran a ten
is'iiuy nail through the fleshy part of
his hand. "I thought at once of all
tho pain and soreness this would
cause me," he ar.ys," and luimouiauiiv
ipplied Chaiuboilaln't Pain Balm
mil occasionally afterwards. To my
surprise it removed all pain aud sore
ness and the injured parts wore toon
healed." Pnr sale by all drogglsta,
Curtis & Co., practical watch
makers and jewelers. Dealers in
watches, clocks, jewelry aud Dia
mond rings. All repairing first clase.
Odd Fellows' building.
Absolutely Pure