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No. 24.
Big Values
Peculiar Qu&Iitles Are Appreci
ated by Ashlanders.
Circuit Court Sittings Not Appie
ci&ted by Them
kilrond Extending Its Holdings
.nd Privileges.
Gould Lines Said to Be Working
Be First to Connect There.
So. ye Report.
Adventures e-nd Fate of e. Gen
uine Specimen.
to The.1 End.
r ,
A new fruit for Oregon, and indeed
for any of the states west of the Rocky
Mountains, is growing ia a thrifty
manner, Just by the sidewalk on
Cherry street iu this city. The true is
about the size of an apple tree of tun
year's growth with rough bark and
small circular-shaped leaves. It bears
a considerable crop of fruit this year,
which is apple-shaped, but about the
size of the petite prune. Among the
great varieties of trees and fruits, the
casual passerby has not observed this
trans-cnntineutal fruit. It was first
discovered and tasted by the curiouB
urchin who was rownrdeu by pucker
ed lips ready for whistling t he balance
of the day. Its peculiar qualities
then became known to some of Ash
land's love-sick young men and maids
who love the moon, who make nightly
pilgrimages when lnna -rises high in
the sky, where each will eat a fruit
and practice osculatory exercises.
Troth to tell, however, this fruit is
Done other than the genuine old Ten
nessee persimmon. Ashland Tribune.
Curry County appars to have bad
luck with her "bad men" who are ac
cused and bound over to appear before
Circuit court, says the Crescent City
News. Charley Neal. bound over on
a charge of perjury, (he having swore
in several fox scalps under the wild
cat bounty law), sold out his few
worldly belongings and hit the high
places in his scramble for tall timber,
as a result of his being out un bonds.
Phil Hulbort, arrested and bouud over
on a charge of having stolen $30 from
W. W. Wren, about a year ago, was
allowed to walk around town and
from the jail to the hotel unattended
by the sheriff. He made himself very
conspicuous by failing to show op
when coort convened. However,
the county scut one man to a safe re
sort. Hetrick Wilson, who killed
Aaron Foster several mouths ago,
while they were engaged iu a card
game, was sentenced to life imprison
ment iu the penitentiary.
A transfer of realty just recorded
evidences the intentions ot the Santa
Fe system of establishing a terminus
on Huuibolat Bay. Three-fourths of
what is known as the Allen tract has
been secured by the Sauta Fo people,
and a suit iu condemnation for the
balance of the property is pending
The price paid is reported to have
been ,75, 000.
This tract, which adjoins the Santa
Fe'i depot here, together with the
terminal site of the old Eel River &
Eureka road on the north and that of
the California & Northern Railroad
on the south of it, both sites being
uow owned by tho Santa Fe, through
the purctiuse of tho two roads, will
give them one of the best terminals
on Humboldt Bay.
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welch s
Closing Out
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The construction of the Coos Bay,
Roseburg & Salt Luke Railroad west
from Marshfield to Empire, at the
entrance of Coos Bay and from Myrtle
Point east to Roseburg and thence to
Salt Lakn is to gi ahead. Major Kin
ney, tho projector, having just re
turned from Now York to Coos Bay
with tiio announcement that lie has
raised tho capital needed for the pur
pose. Surveys hare been mado all
tho way through, the plan being to
connect with the Gould system at
Salt Lake. The road is now built
from Myrtle Poiut to Marshfield, a
distance of 80 miles, aud about 150
men are employed on the extension
from Marshfield to Empire, where
vessels drawing 20 feet of wator can
enter at half tide. The next section
is 0 miles from Myrtlo Point to Rose
burg, which follows up tho Coquille
River for some distance, thou goes
through the Coast range to Roseburg.
From that city the lino runs up the
north fork, of the Umpqua river,
crossing tho Cascade range north of
Crater Luke, and extends through
Lake, Harney and Malheur counties
into tho southwestern corner of
Idaho, whence it passes around tho
end of Salt Lako to Salt Lake City.
There it will connoct with the Rio
Otande Western, the most westerly of
the Gould lines.
West of tho Cascades this lino will
tap one of tho finest belts of timber iu
Oregon, including tho only belt of
white cedar ou the const, which lies
on Coos li.iv. This timber is mo:o
valuable than sugar or yellow pine,
being used for finish, tush and doors.
The road will find a good lnmber
trado already developed on Coos Bay,
01 there are mills there which ship to
Anstrullia, South America and Ilono
lulu. In the vicinity of Roseburg, it
will haro a fine farming and fruit
country, and it will again run into
heavy timber when it enters the Cns
cades. Iu Southeastern Oregon the
rxnl will bo dependent ou stock
traffic, but, when completed through
to Salt Lake, it will have a largo
through trafllc iu lumber aud frnit to
the East, Eastern Oregon being chiefly
level, open country, this part of tho
lino will bo cheap to build.
This road will probably butho be
ginning of the opening of Southwest
em Oregon. A road down tho coast
to tho California line and north to
Alsea Buy will gather iu the lumber,
fish wool aud dairy products of the
whole coast strip aud bring it to
market iu Portland and the Eust.
This is one of tho rich sections of the
state, the development of which has
been retarded by lack of couimutiica
tion with the rest of the world. Once
connected by rail, it would experience
rapid settlement and development.
Austin's ReKrt Cards for school
use for sale at the Courier ofllce 1.1C
jkt hundred.
Experiment Boing Made In Jack
on County.
The Humboldt Times says that
"Recent developments tend to show
that tho Southern Pacific will bo the
first railroad to give Humboldt out
side connections, both from the north
and tho south.
From well informed sources it is
learned that the Southern Pacific in
teusd to build its ooast road from
Willitts to Eureka; from Eureka to
Crosceut City, aud from Crescent City
to a connection with the sumo road at
Grants Pass, Or.
Another important cirenmstauco iu
railroad history was made public. Its
disclose showed that articles of incor
poration of the Oregou & Eureka
Railroad Comjiany has filed articles
of incorporation in the secretary of
state's ofllce iu Salem.
The main line of said railroad shall
run from a point in or near the City
of Eureka, couuty of Humboldt,
state of California, by a convenient
uud practicable route iu a general
northeasterly direction to tho City of
Areata iu said county of Humboldt,
andl from thoiico is intended to be
run by some convouient aud practi
cable route iu a general northerly
direction to Crescent City, iu the
couuty of Del Norte, State of Califor
nia, an approximate distance of DO
The incorporation pacrs coutain
many articles, among them:
Tho uame of this corporation shall
be "Oregon & Eureka, Railroad com
pany," aud its duration shall be perpetual.
Tno principal ofllce of this company
shall be at tho city of Portland, in the
county of Multnomah, and stato of
Oregon Man Locates Long Miss.
tag Child In Vision.
Masonic Temple, Room 9,
Office hours: Grants Pass,
It to 1 2 A. M.
2 tO 4 P. M. OKKGON.
John M. ltuininell F. M. Hummel
Sixth and C Streets opp. Court House
(iKANTS Pass, - OllKOON.
Pi actio in all State and Federal Court
Ortice over First National Bank.
Ubakts Pass, Onsc.oi.
Full Miortinent of Watches, Clocks," sil
verware nd Jewelry. A tiuwl
Assortment of llrmvlcU and
Heart Bangles,
Clemen' Drug Store.
MEATS. orr
,'uom 21 -
Furniture and Fiano
Ths popular barber shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Batb room ia connection
Grants Pass Banking & Trust. Co.
Trna-t5 a General Hanking hu-.iness.
Keueives deposits subject to check or on demand certificate.
Our ciistomeis are asured of courteous treatment and every consideration con
sistent with sound banking principles.
tafety deposit boxes (or rent. J. KHAN K WATSON. Pres.
It. A. BOOTH, Vire-I'res.
I.. I.. JKWKI.I,. Cashier.
The First National Bank
Iteceive deposit subject to c be k or on rertilicate navahle on demand.
iv-lls sight ilrafia on New York San Francisco, ami Portland.
TeieirrapUic transfers sold on all points in the United Mutes.
Special Attention ien to Collections and xt-neral business of our customers.
Collections made throughout bouthean Oregon, and on all accessible points.
K. A. IIOOTIt. Pres.
J. tl. CaMI'HKM.. Vice Pres.
11. I.. (ill.KKY. ( a-birr.
The meeting of fruitgrowers under
the auspices ot tho Koguo river
Fruitgrowers' Cnioii and Jacksonville
hoard of trade, held ill Jacksonville
Saturday was well attended, Pro
fessor K. H. Luke und Professor A.
li. Cord ley of tho Oregon Agricultural
College at Corvallis, and A. If.
Carson, Commissioner for tho Third
district of tho stato board of horticul
ture, of Grant's Pais, were iu attend
ance aud gave addresses that w M in
teresting to the fruitgrowers.
Professor Cordley brought w ith him
.'111 Ascitic ladybird beetles, which
aro tho natural enemies of the Kan
Joso scale. These beetles had just
Iseii received from Or. Howard, en
tomologist of the United States De
Iiartment of Agriculture, aud w ill be
turned loose in an old orchard near
Jacksonville, and watched by
liritt, to seu whether they will thrive
in this climate. A specialist from
tho Pcinrtiui-ut of Agriculture has
found the home oi the San Jose scale
to be in Northern China near the
great wall, where, they aru ill small
nuiiiKrs ow ing to tho presi nco of
this Asiatic ladybird beetle. Tin
department obtained specimens of
this lsctlu uud is now propuguting
then, hoping that they will prove
effect ivu iu destroying tho scab
This experiment 111 Jackson county
will I watched by orchardists w ith
much intercut.
J. B. PAIlOCK, Paora.
warrants my saying
1 am pre iw red to furnish anything in tho line o( Cemetery ork in any kind
Nearly thirty years of experience in the Marble business
that 1 can till your orders in the very best manner.
Can turnian work in bcotca, Swede or American Granite or any kindrf
Front Airfr, f4it to Greene's Gatahnp.
I am still in business and can furnish almost any kind of
fruit, Nlinl or iut trees 11 nd 1 1 !;; plants,
llerrj- plants eto.
as cheap if not cheaper than any one else and will order anything
that I do not have in stock. Will order from reliable nursery
and not one who is in business here one year .and some where
else the next.
Progress ol Surveys in Del Norte
Jolui Seibert, of Monlavilla, Ore.,
sucecded in locating his (laughter in
this city after searching for linr for
tho past 92 years. lie dreamed re
cently that his daughter was in Balti
more and that she. was married and
had six children. His dream was
correct. His daughter is living on
West, liultinioro struct with his forjnor
wlfo. The daughter's naino before
her marriage was Mamio Olivia Sei
According to a statement mado by
Seibert, his daughter was scut from
hor homo in Ijincustor, Pa., to a
boarding school near liatimoro 88
yearsngo, when she was six years old.
Soiim time afterwards, Siobcrt's wife
left him aud came to Baltimore. After
ho had secured a divorce, sho married
again. The last Seibert saw or heard
of his daughter was 82 years ago.
Since that time ho moved from La 11
caster, Pa., to Oregon, where ho owns
a farm aud considerable projierty.
Siebert arrived in liultinioro mi Mon
day and registered at tho Westminster
In answer to a personal, hu said
two ladies called on him at the hotel
nd said that they thought they knew
his daughter. They took him to the
honso on West lialtimoro street where
lie found his daughter. 8 ioliert effered
to tako tho daughter and her husband
to Oregon with him, but tho daughter
told her father that aim preferred to
remain with her mother in this city.
Seibert is f4 years of ugu and a
veteran of thn Civil War.'
Arthur How land, who during the
utst winter and spring was oil Jump
off Joe in tho employ of tho lly
ydruulic.Miuing Company as Rupcriii-
teudeut, was ill Jaeksonvl He Wednes
day, a guest of W. II. Miller, who
ns foreman ut tho same mine with
Mr. llowland. Mr. Howland bus been
away for tne pust mouth 011 an extend
ed pleasure, trip to Portland aud to
San F'raiieisoo. While Norln In
officiated as best man at thn wedding
of his college chum Mr. it. K. Adams
at Oregon City and his friends here
state that Mr. llowland hud a narrow
nscaiio himself from being, not tin
host man, but the leading man, ut a
wedding, while away oil his trip.
Hu declares ho is yet In art freo but
his friends have, hoist for In in. Mr.
llowland, In a business way, has had
more, varied exsrieuccs than most
young men. for two years no tried
lifu iu thu Kast Indies, where ho was
mining exjs rt for a Dutch syndicati
that was dis rating a big hydraulji
milling plant 011 tho island of Su
matra. Tho salary was a big induce
incnt for Mr. llowland to remain with
thu Dutch company but the climate
was so trying that his health failed
ami ho was com is-Hid to return to
America. Jai ksouvi 1 It) Sentinel.
Give your orders early.
See me at Slovers iJrug Store.
J T. TAYLOR. Grants Pass, -One
The Oregon aud Pacific K. R. Con
strui tion Co's surveyors are at pros
cut surveying from Mill Crei k ovtr
to Hunter Creek. A survey was mad
last mouth fiom Mill Creek to Wilson
Creek. The object is to find the most
practicable rout. A survey will be
made down Hunter Creek to the riter
after which surveys will bo made In
the Ki gali and Mctiarvcy gulches, an!
then a bridge site will be decided
upon. 1 hey do not expect to get fur
ther than the river this year Blue
Lake Advocate.
The Or gou Fire Association of M
Minnvillu insures "li'' class or brick
structure, iu which general men ban
disc, banks, drug stores, public halls,
etc., are run at lust one half the ex
penac. of stuck conipauica. The Mc
Minnville Co. pay their low prompt
Once upon- a time, iu Josephine
county w ilds, a little sour dough bis-
cult was born. It was one of a brood
of eight, snugly nestled in tho pau of
reflector." They raised their lit
tle heads slightly to tho heat of the
Are and grew a little in siato. Hut
thry felt sleepy and sluggish and did
not cwro to expand.
Tho Tenderfoot gazed on the biscuits
with love and pride. Tho Old Timer
eyed thorn askant. To tho Tenderfoot
he said, "Sonic of theso days I'll show
you how to work sour dough."
When 8nper was over, only 0110 of
tho night biscuits remained in tho
pan. Tho others were no more. The
Tenderfoot was afflicted with Btraugo,
sad thoughts. Ho leaued against a
tree and dreamed of home. Tho Old
Timer stoically pulled at Ills pipe
and was silent.
Two days afterwards the Old Timer
ransacked tho commissary for a lunch.
Not a thing cooked could ho Dud but
one little, withered, tough, gnarly
sour dough biscuit. "This'U do," lie
said. Ho put tho biscuit into his
pocket and went away into tho higher
Far away from camp tho Old Timer
sat hi 111 down with his back against a
tree aud drew forth tho biscuit. Its
expression seemed forbidding, almost
fierce, but tho Old Timer was not
daunted. Ho hud faced danger iu all
its forms. Ho put tho biscuit be
tween his teeth and bit it cruelly,
Tho biscuit squeaked, iu wrath nud
pain aud wriggled from between thn
teeth unharmed. Again tho Old
Timer lifted the biscuit to his mouth
and again ho bit it savagely. This
time ho got a picco as large as half of
a very small pea. Ho swallowed it
and paused to rest.
Then ho laid the biscuit on a rock
and struck it fiercely with his pick,
Thu rock flew in fragments. Thu bis
cuit was intact.
Tho Old Timer's eyes grew big uud
his face grew stern. He raited his
hand oil high and spuko to tho biscuit
In a uiufllod voice. "Oh, I'll cut y
duru y', I'll cat y' or bust." He
drew forth his big hunting kuifi
grasped tho buscuit firmly in his left
hand and attacked after thu'uianucr of
a man whittling kindlings. He got a
little shaving as thick as a piece of
wrapping paper.
Then "began a struggle grim and
great" Sometimes thu knifu was iu
use, sometimes the pick, sometimes the
shovel, sometimes two huge stones.
Aud all tliu time the biscuit wns
wearing away and tho mouth of the
Old Timer was filled with crumbs.
At tho end of two hours the Old
Timer returned tho knifu to his belt
aud uu expression of grim triumph
sat upon his features.
Once, years before, thu Old Timer
had been attacked by a,
knocked senseleSN, uud bitten through
the shoulilei. When his senses re
turned, lie sei.i d his gun and follow
ed that grizzly flvo hours and shot
him. When hu returned, thn only
words ho said were, "I got liini. "
Once, also, nu Indian killed tho
Old Timer's partner. The Old Timer
followed that Indian two days and
nights and shot hliu. All hu said
was, "i got him."
So now, while the Old Timer glared
triumphantly, all ho said was, "I e't
New Hookers
New Iron Hotls
Now Couches
Now Dining Chairs
New Dressers
Now Mattings
Wall Papers
Insane Man Accused ol Attempt-
Int Aso.salne.tlon. .
Raymond YVtnsch Has Good
Prospect on French Hill.
Raymond Wcnsch was in town from
the French Hill section this week and
informed us that he is steadily oj'ii
nig up bis zinc ledge. The ledge 1
about IW feet wide, and a shaft CO
leet deep shows the ore as being Js-r
ruanent. A cross cut is being run
and in a distance of feet, i,, feet
has already been cut through the
ledge. The cropping can be readily
traced for 4 of a ml In. Assays made
show that tho rock carries ".1 per cent
nine, and should there lie a good de
mand for the name, the mine is a good
proposition for capital. Iel Norte
A. K. Voorhie Photo Supplies.
Little Prices
Another Big Lot of
New Crockery in prices
to pleaso the most eco
nomical. Window Shades .
Closing out Rofrigera
tord. Yoii can make
money at our prices.
Immense new line '
Stoves and Ranges
Look for the new sign,
.We're headquarters for
this is how U looks,
things for the house.,
An attempt to assassiuatu President
Roosevelt ut his homo at Sagaiuoro
Hill, was mado last week and but for
thovlgiloocoof tho secret service rucu,
thu attempt would probably bare beon
successful. Tho name of tho man is
Frank Woinbrnner, who is partially
demented and who resides ou Long
Island, seven miles from Bagamor
Hill, tho summer residence of the
Lato in tho livening ho drove in the
grounds and was hold up by secret
service men nud was driven out of
tho grounds. Ho returned after an
hour and said that ho had bceu tent
for and had an engagement with the
The guards looked up the list and
found no such engagement. Ho was
again ordered put and again Do re
turned in nil hour und demanded an
nuienco with thu nation's chief.
Ho was promptly arrested an locked
up in the Oyster Hay jail. Ho was
I lien searched and on 111 in was found
loaded six-shooter. Thu grounds
were examined and the man's tracks
found, indicating that ho had been
awaiting tho appearance of tho presi
Secret service men say that the man
certainly meant to kill the president
and would have douu so if ho could
have seen him.
The Estimated Product of Oregon.
Washington and Idaho'.
The annual estimate of the Oregon.
Ian, ot tho wheat crop ol Oregon,
Washington and Idaho, placet the
total yioid iu tho three states for 1003
at 1M, 710,000 bushels divided as fol
lows :
Washington, 10,100,000 bushels;
Oregon, 11,400,000 bushels; Idaho, '
4,200,000 bushels. The crop is nearly
20 per cent below that of last year.
The seasou ia two or three weeks later
than usual, vhtch makes it mora
dilllcult to forecast accurately, though
the above figures are compiled from
tho best data obtainable and axe be
llovud to fairly iudicate the product
with a continuation of existing oon-
There is it ill a considerable area of
spring wheat that is late whloh U In
danger of frost and fall rains, either
ot which might change the result
somewhat. Of the three states, Idaho
has by far tho bust crop, tally 8 per
cent botter than last year. Oregon
conies next with a decrease of about
10 per cunt aa compared with last
year, while the Washington crop it
about 23 per ceut abort of lai-t year't
figures. There is at this time uo in
clination of any eastern shipments,
but a considerable amouut ot Oregon
aud Washington wheat It likely to
Uud a market iu California.
Southern Oregon Show Big In
crease Over Last Year.
t oiuiei tirat.lj I'fcss Man W rite
From 1'e.rla
I'aris, Franco, Au. I'J, IU03.
Editor Courier :
Having just been reminded ol
(rants l'ass by the receipt of some of
Its newspas rs, 1 thought of writing
few notes from thu capital of
Fiance, wlieru 1 have been staying for
awhile. I'aris, as you know is our
of the most hcutitlftil cities and is full
of interest to everyone.
Its art treasures, museums, palace
mid public buildings, must be seen to
bo appreciated. Then again, Its
historical reminiscences, Its beautiful
boulevards and other attractions, ti
numerous to mention, makn it one of
if not thu most interesting place to
visit iu all Kuropo.
I have been visiting most of tin
capitals of Germany, France, rmg
laud. Australia uud am highly ph ased
with my trip, tif course, iny dear.
cheery wife 1 missed dreadfully, but
otherwise 1 had a royal good time and
I consider it not only a pleasure but
a dulv one owes to one's self to Im
prove mind aud soul by traveling
and finding out how other people live
and do, always provided of course,
one has time am' leisure and the
necessary cash.
The public galleries of Munich are
especially of great interest to tin
artist. Iu one grand building I count
ed IU immense rooms, inch averaging
llOllOO feet. Ail these Were tilled with
paintings of the highest rank. So it is
with statuary and other works of art.
They all occupy cutensively large
buildings and for the artist, the s,et,
the thinker and lover of antliuitii s,
Kurojie s the Ib id.
Though I had known a good deal of
it before coming to Grants l'ass, I
have now extended my knowledge und
my searches and inquiries into differ.
nit matters concerning our fine
Needle industry, will soon licnr fruit,
I hope. Mrs. Cords and I will probably
tie w ith you iu idols r next and hav
log l en away quite a time, shall lie
glad to greet you ngnln.
Yours faithfully,
I). A. CuRHS.
Kight hundred cars of commercial
apples from Oregon,' as against 700
last year, is thu estimate mado al
the I'ortland Chamber of Couimerco,
ri'isirls of the present stuto of the
roji throughout thu slate Ih'Iii the
basis used. This total is computed
by districts as follows: Hogno river
valley, i.'iO cars; balance of state,
prinoiiuilly the Willamette Valley,
hut Including all rCastern Oregon U00
The gratifying increase of 100 cars
Iu Oregon's apple out m t, a 15 'r
cent, advance, comes almost entirely
from Iloguo river valley and is repre
sented there, not by nn Improvement
in this year's crop conditions over
those of', but by natural growth
of the industry.
Kogiiu river valley growers report
individual increases iu crops which
show plainly how thu surprising ag
gregate increase is made up.
Young orchards are rejsirted spring
lug up lil.o mushrooms everywhere,
aud H crctary Lamls rsoii thinks the
increase will in future hu mi annual
"No, we haven't unyihing delinil
on ois'iiing prices yit," says Mr.
l.nmliorMiii, "but It looks like i
narked advance over llr.'. Jiorhaps 111
is r cent. 1 noli) that a contract has
been made at Hood Hiver by a Hood
Uiver ships r at J for Spit zenbergs
and l.7"i for Newtowu pippins, that
ought to be pretty satisfactory."
F.xpresslon of "I hunk
To the members of tho Seventh Day
Adveutist church of Grunts l'ass,
i)r t
Tho nu mbers of the First Haptist
church, hereby publicly express their
grateful appreciation of your great
kindness in granting us the free use of
your house of worship, since the loss
of our own, by fire, a little more tliau
a ye:.r ago.
lur gratitude to you for your hos
pitality, blends with i.ur gratitude to
our many friends for their birge
hearted lils-rality, that bus uiadu it
isissible for us to rebuild, and, now
to ncropy our own church Imme.
May the Lord's richest blessings
rest nKiu you all.
In behalf or the First Haptist
Arthur Conkllll,
K.M. Kls rle.
Pastor Kob't I-eslio.
Committee appointed at the first
regular covenant meeting held n thu
new building on Sept. 3, I IK Ml.
See Voor hies shout Kodaks and Snppliet
Old Ttmert Cot Together In Aah
lexnd Week.
Tho annual reunion of the Plonoor
Society of Southern Oregon was held
at Ashland Thursday aud waa largely
attended by old settlors from all parti
of the Rogue river valley. An ad
dress was to have been given by
President B. V. Mulkey, of the
Southern Oregou Normal school He
was, however, uuavoldably detained
at a distance and 0. B Watson, of
Ashland, delivered a brief Impromptu
iddruss appropriate to the occasion.
Exercises ut the Chautauqua taber
nacle, where the pioneers assembled,
Included tho reading of memorials ot
deceased memls-rs of the society, two
ot whom, W. C. Myer, aud Clarendon
Morrison, had died since the last re
union. Musio waa furnished by a
(urtct of local vocal lata, Dr. Tllton
ami Earl Abbett, Mrs. E. V. Milla
and Misa Esther Uilsby.
At noon, the pioneer were invited
to a splendid banquet given them by
the Native Daughters' Society of this
city at Pioneer Hall, of which nearly
100 pioneers and their tout and
tlaughtors partook.
The next annual reunion will be at
Strenuous Sport Experienced by
Two Small Bova
Two of tho younger boys of thie
city, Pwlglit Jewell and Alvln
Wheeler, aru carrying arouud damaged
bauds as a result of a strenuous en
counter witn a "digger" squirrel A
slray animal of that sjiocles, all out
of breath and flustratod, having evi
dently been pursued by a dog, appear,
ed in the yard at the Jswell place
one day last week. The boya gar
chaso and, somewhat to their ulti
mate sorrow, they caught It, The
"digger" seized Alvln by the fore fin
ger with its chisel teeth, which met
through the fleshy art of that member,
and would not even let go when do
sired. Dwight got a fierce bite In the
back of the hand. Tlie"diggor"ieoma
to have acquitted himself with credit
iu tho conflict, aa lie luoooeded In
making bis escape, leaving several
sire hands aa menieutoa of Ilia visit.
Isn't that shoe a beauty? Just
think, paid only u.bM for the pair
at Welcha' Closing-out tale. It'a a
Top-Round Regular tli.60 shoe, . Sold
the world over at that price.