Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 03, 1903, Page 4, Image 4

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    66GCE RIVER COURIER, GRANTS PASS, 6rEG6n, sMPTfc.NifcM 3. iyuj.
Old Mountain Indulge in Spec
t&cul&r Performance.
The people of Kapha and tlioon
T irons witnc'swd a remarkable aperta
cle at noon Wciluoaduy. One tl.oua
and feet below ttio central cone of
.Yesuviui the volcano ojiencd like
huge month, oat of which belched
fiery itream of lava, which ran down
the aide of the mountain and at firm
(cnnied to menace the obsorvatory,
Thia building however, in protected
lu the direction of the hi ream
a mound of lava 20 foot high, whir
was thrown out during the eruption
of 18115 and 1U0O. The eruption or.-
curred without any warning what
ever. Thore was 110 earthquake, do
tonation or rain of aslii-n uotliing but
a clear atreuiu of lava and red-hot
atone, which were thrown to
Height 01 7UU lui't, )iroluciiig an ex
tremely beautiful effect Keen from
Naples. The tit renin of nva, whirl
ia 15 feet broad, nt 11 o'rlork had
covered a diKtanco of 2700 feet.
deviated later from tlio direction of
the observatory, which la no longi
Mining and Hdcntiflc: I'reaa
Holes can be drilled in soft rock
frozen clay, etc., much more rapidly
by means of a chum drill than by
striking with a hammer or by any
machine drill. There ia a tendency
of material of the kind mentioned to
cauaoa drill to "stick" when not nwd
aa a enure drill.
There is no authentic record of n
circular mortar witli a single Htump
having been used at KuttrrCrcck.Cal.,
in lH7i), or alKnt that timiv. Pros
pectors at various times have rigged
up ingenious crushing devices for
milling rich gold quart., but as fur
as known none of these makeshift
affaire were untitled to lie called
With a pressure of I(K) kiuiic! at tin
nozzle, 11. inc h diameter, a stream
can be thrown vertically 10!) feet,
and horizontally (Ml feet The nozzle
will discharge ft?4 gallons' of water
per minute. With a higher pressure,
equivalent to a higher head, the
amount discharged and the distauco to
wli itli the water may bo thrown,
will be increased.
For tho purjHise of exjwriment, tin
managers of the De Ileers Consolidated
Mines of South Africa, rilled a vessel
. with diamrnds of various sixes and
valuea representing the "run of
niino, " and reached the conclusion
that a cubic meter of diamonds would
contain 1,107,0110 caruts, worth, up
proximately, 7. 000,000. A yield of
twelve carats per 100 loads (HUM)
pounds) is considered tho average
yield of the diamond mines.
Tho Supremo Court of the United
Htates (caso of Tartar vs. Spring
Valley M. C. ) decided and it has
aiuco generally been held through out
the 1'aclflo coast HUites and terri
torleas that "the right to water by
prior appropriation for any useful
purjKiHn was entitled to protection.
Water ia diverted to prolyl machinery
in flour mills and saw mills, and to
irrigate and for cultivation, as well
aa to enable miners to work their
Claims; and in all such cases the
right of the tlrst impropriator, exer
cised within reasonable limits, is re
spected and enforced." The party
who first appropriates the water of a
stream for milling purKHca obtains
the right, both as to artiea who
attempt to take it by tapping the
stream above, or who need It in the
stream below. A ImmcMciid or other
entry Is subject to rights of a prior
locator of water. The location of
the water should be made, the ditch
line staked and work commenced ami
prosecuted witli reasonable diligence.
If the notice and record are not fol
lowed np within reasonable time by
actual work lu carrying out the in
tended appropriation they amount to
absolutely uotliing. What a rcaxou
able time is may have to be determin
ed by the courts, but it is generally
presumed to mean a stinViciit time to
enable the locator to get his tools ami
men on the ground anil begin actual
Has worldwide fame for marvellous
cures. It suriasscs any other sahe,
lotion, ointment or halm for t-u 1 1
corus, bums, boils, sons, felons,
ulcers, tetter, salt rheum, fever sores,
chapK'd hands, skill eruptions; in
fallible for piles. Cure guaranteed.
( in Ir .'.' at Natiounl Drug store anil
Crams Pax Pharmacy.
tilendnlo Items.
Marshal Nols Jones shut a tine big
buck deer on Wednesday morning.
Miss Mary Parker, an employe of
the lirauts Pass Mining .l.uirmil, was
guest at the home of Mr and Mix.
II. K. Montgomery this week.
M. T. Chase, the merchant, made a
business trip Ibis week to I limits
Pass, (ireenhark, and Modford. lie
will take in the show at the laltot
place Saturday.
While at work this woi k at the
Cold Hug mine, W. K Warren had
the misfortune to fall and break hii
right arm at th wrist. It will In
caticitate him for work for seertl
M'.sscn Kva ami F.dith .Icue, tl
bright young daughters of Mr ami
Mis. Ii. A. Jones, exirt to leave
men fur San Kr-un-im-o, where they
will spend the winter in an nil
I'haniberlaiu's Cough Uemedy hax
remarkable record. It has been
lu use for over MO yiais. during
which time many million bottles havi
ts-en sold and used. Ii has long been
the standard anil main reliance in the
treatment of croup in tlioii.inds of
homes. When given as soon us the
child becomes hunts.- (ir even as soon
s the croupy cough iipnrs. it will
present the attack. It contains no
opium or other harmful substance
and may lie given as ninrldeni Iv to a
baby as to ail adult. For Nile by!
11 druggists.
Fountain Pens Waterman's
2.M) to fKOO at Cramer Pros.
Photo Supplies at the Courier of-
IU. C. Z. IX Column
Tho regular meeting of the W. C.
T U. will bo held at the home ol
Mrs. Matiie Shrader, Friday, Wept
11, at 3:30 p. m.
Perhaps it may not generally Im
known that 12 former presidents ol
tho United States, at the earnest
solicitation of Kdward Cornelius
Delean of New York, appended
their names to the following "tern
pcraiice declaration :" lleing satisfied
from observation and experience, as
well as from medical testimony, that
ardent spirits and drink is not only
needless, hut hurtful mid that the
entire disuse of it would tend to
promote tho health, the virtue and
the happiness of tho community
wo hereby express our conviction
bat should the jmojilo of the United
.States, and esjs'cialiy the young men,
discountenance entirely tlx; use of it,
they would not only promote their
personal benefit, but the good of
our country and the world." The
presidents so signing were: Andrew
Jackson, James Madison, John (Juincy
Adams, Martin Vun Jiuren, John
Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Franklin
Pierce, James Itiichannii, Abraham
Lincoln, Andrew Johnson. Kx.
Indiana passes as a Christian stale,
hut wo have some peculiar f'calurcF
in our laws determining crime. Last
summer wo had three deaths caused
directly by the licensed saloon. One
was a murder committed in the bark
yard of the "Ulack Prince saloon. "
Another was the case of a man who
was picked up dead, though uotliing
could he learned to develop guilt un
der our law. The third case of the
throe, all within three weeks, whs that
of a man, who, having been missed
for some days, was fished out of a
closet in the back yard of a saloon.
All investigation raised a suspicion
that he had fallen into the pit when
Irunk, and that he was given the
liquor a few minutes after II o'cloc
at night.
Toe lawful time in Indiana fi
making drunkards is from fi a. m. t
II p. m. The widow brought suit
for damages against the salnonki-eper.
On the trial it was proven that th
liquor was furnished a few minute
after 11 o'clock at night, and tin
widow was awarded damages in the
nm of l, 750 on the ground that tin
sale of the liquor was unlawful as to
time. The judgement was awarded
not because tho husband was made
iruiiK, not iiecause: the woman was
deprived of her husband, hut because
toe liquor was furnished a few
minutes after the time the Inclialilia
law provides for making drunkards.
A man of "good moral chaiactei
may purchase for flOO the right legal
ly to make drunkards in Indiana
provided ho does it in the specified
time prescribed by statute. The basis
ir a damage does .not hinge on tin
t or making drunk, but on the time
if milking drunk. Pamag 's cannot he
recovered ugainsl the saloonkeeper
cause tne drunken man dies, or
eause he heals his w ife or kills a
child, provided ho commits the ac t
itliin lh time prescribed by statute
ir making drunkards.
Drunkards, widows, bralen wiv
and starved families should i-iuiL-mtu.
late themselves that there are six
hours in the dead of night that
salonnkcciH'rs ntnnol law fully make
Irunkards and he exempt from dama
gcs. 1s t them he thankful for this
humane provision. Tho time miiv
nine when Christian tnople may ask
more than six hours of rest in l from
this curse. John Itatlitf.
1 It. I,, liver, a
well know ii cooper
f this town, says he believes Cham-
hci'laiu's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Kcmedy saved his life last summer,
lie hud (m en sick for a month will
what the doctors call bilious dysen
trry, and could get nothing to do him
any good until he tried this remedv.
It gave him immediate relief, "say
II. T. Little, merchant, Hancock, Md.
l or sale by all druggists.
r. xi union Kales lo Ynqiiina Unv
On June 1st the Southern Pacllic
Co. w ill resume sale of cveursiou tick
ets to Newport, and V:oiiioa Hay.
Kate from Omuls Pass, $10, This
isipular resort has long be e n well and
favorably known In the s oplo of
Western Ongon, and the low rales
offered should enable everyone to take
an out ing.
W. i:. COM AN.
Oeneial Passenger Aput.
A day or two after Sir Thomas
l.iplon arrived in New York, he re
i-oivrcl a letter from an Irishman liv
ing on Staled Island wishing him
luck. The writer sai.l that when tin
Shamrock I came lo this country in
iv.i'.l his if,, presented him w it Ii a
son, and two veins later, the day afli i
the Shamrock II arrived, lio gae
birth to a daughter. .1 um about the
time the Shamrock 11 anchored in
American wate rs, another boy arm
el. Tllei lllshlliail hope's Sll
Thomas l.ipoii won't enmo again, and
aids: lint if by any ill fortune
Veil should not w in the e up I h is e ar,
ami have to come after it again, fen
heaven's sake don't bring a schooner.
SIMM C1I TKnl l.liK.
"I hale' been tumbled with my
stomach for the pai four years," avs
l. I., leach, of Clov.r Nook Farm,
Otventte-ld, Mass ' ' A few days ace
I was iiiilm-e'd to buy a be of Cham
berlain's Stomach and 1 iv, r Tablets
I have taken part of them ami fei I a
gnat deal better for sale- bv all
druggists. For a bilious attack take
Chamberlains Stomach ami I.ivir
tablets and a quick cure is ci rtam.
For sale bv all druggists.
AOMIMSl li IMli'S NOI'U'i:.
Notice is lierel.v I-1V. II Unit all T
sous Imviui; n-iv titini iiptiut the es
tate of .loh Anile rson, ile ceaseel, uiu-t
liresent m. li claim or claims duly
verilleil 11. .-i.f.ll iik to law williinsU
montlis fn in ti e date lier. e.f 10 the
undersign, il J,e M HocVett. ad
ministrator of mid estate, at (irants
1'llNS, tiri-e.'ou.
liatnl tin. IJih il;,v of AukMit, HKLH
Jesse M lleakctt,
Aelnilnistrntor of the estue ,ef Job
Anelerson, ilii-enacti.
Deputy Clerk
"Inert It . .,
Deputy r-heriil
wliool Nipt. . . . .
I. (). Hi Hit h
i John Well.
)'. F Ijiv
. . I'.. I., i.iullotl
T. I jii'lson
. .lieu. V- Lewis
. . Kriiest I. islet
. J. T. Tsyloi
Lincoln .Savage
VV. II. Falhn
. II C I'erkuu
. . . W. F. K renter
t rry nun .
Aucliuir anil Police Juilt--e
J. F. lin-hci
.I.J. JeriniiiL'
..Col. W. lohiisoii
t'ity Attorney.
V. V inner
Marshal Leiekt.anh
itreel hunt Ilenrv Kmil-i-i
Con eioi I n.. i, Geo. J I ." Ilin riif
J. I.. I 'iilvert, J. A. Helikopf. Will l.., lle.'iM-rl Smith, II. I . Perkins.
0 ranis l's lnlge A. F. A A. Al., No. K.
regular etiliitiiiliu: slain lirst and linn!
halurdliys. J'Huig brothers e. r llaJ
invileel. II. W. iil.e.s W. ii.
A J. 1'ikk, Sec y.
(loyal Are li Masons - Jlcumrs t'hupter No
J meets Hfc-niieJ uuil reinrth Wedneselay
.Vlll-eillle liail. . 11. I. lieehZIKS,
J. K. IVrsasox. Secy. II. I
Kaslern hlar -Josepliims rtianler, No. lZi
meets lirst anel ilorel V edue-ilay
evi'iiings nt each molilli in Mn"otii'e
ball. Mm.'l'. ll.l ui.iui, W. 11.
Mks if, V. ii.i.kk. hecy.
1. O. (. F., --Oiililen bale Lodge Nei. 7".
Ineels every Saturday night at I. O. (J.
r. Iiall. I.', Ii. Maksiiai.i..
T. V. Dn in, Secy. N. i.
I'araii Knramnnieut I. (I. O. F. No.
inee'ls seeouel and fourth '1 hursdav at
I II. II. I-. hall. i'hKII M IIMlleT,
T. Y. Dkas, hec'y. C. P.
Iteliekslis - Finn llet.ekiiti, No 4!l. meets
see iiiel anei fourth Monduy, I. (. II. F.
M.JknsiK Iiavih, heey.
t'lliled Artie-mis-tirants Pass Assembly
No. -Ill, meets alternate Tuesdays in
A.M. I'. W. null. .Mas. K. A. iIuiihtii.
Fkkii Mknscii, Master Artisan.
Weioilineri of tlie Vorhl -itogue Kiver
l unip No. 'i i, meets seceriel anei fourth
Fridays at Woodiioiu Hall.
r. I!. I olios , I'. C.
C. K. Maviikk, Clerk.
Women uf Woodcraft -Azalea rire le. No.
Is'J, meels lirst uiiii third Molality al
Woodmen hall.
til.KN l'AIHIe K, Ii. N.
W. Iv Dkas. Clerk.
Mislern Woodmen of A mere a 'irants Pass
I unip No. sodi nieelsi'ml ami 1th Wednes
day i-.venings ui Wooeimeii hall at 7;i.
Ike .M. Davis, V. L.
W. T. fioillder, Clerk.
Foresters of A merica -1 'otirt Josephine
No. lis, meets euch Wednesday exe-ept
the lirst, al A. u. C. W. had.
Ii. N. Itnt.T, F. S. J. P. Hai.k, C. Ii.
losephinu Lodge, Net. lt'', A. D. V. W
meels in A . U. I'. W. lull 1, Dixon build
ing every Monday evening.
I.. M UOIII.X, M. W.
II A. Stasasii, Ileeorder.
lUwIhoriie l.ialgu, No. l!l, D. ol II., A. ).
Ii. W. meets every alternate Tueselay
evening in A. I 'I'. W. hall, Dixon
building, Mas, A. Me-'AHTUV,C.ol li.
.vIiih. Lvuia Pkan, Kee-order.
Kuii'hts of the Mae-e-aln-es -(irants Pa-s
lent, No. LI meets) lirst and thirei
'I liursehiys at Woeidliieu hall,
Win. Allred, li. 1'. Cuksiiikk,
Jtecord Keeper. I -nuiiiander.
I.llelies of the Marrahees - lilallls Pass,
Ilivo No Is holds regular "Iteviews"
tirsi anet lhlrl i hars'tays at A. i. I'.
W. hull. S'lsiiing si-ie-rs ceerdially
lliviteet. Jelilile Cheshire, '
.Mary hlmilions, l.llely Cuiemiiueler.
itee olel Keepe-r.
Knights of Pythias -1 lieruieipylae No. .'tl.
meets cai h I ueselav night 1 :.'t W. (.
W. Hull. M.'T. I Hoy, C. C.
TeiM W l l.l.l a v s, K . ot It. and S.
tiramt Army ol the Hcpuhlic lieu. Logan
I'eist No. .i'i, meets jirsl Wellies, lav at
A. II. I . W. hall. le. S. Fuss.
.1. F. i'KTsliso.s, Aeijt. Cum
A niei ie un I ireler of steam h ngmei-rs, Ore
gon l eane d No. I, meels tnt and
Hunt Salutehiys, ul A. ll. V, W. hall.
Wm. II Kknskv,
Dim. F. Mviiick, , Cloet Kngmeer
l orrespeinehiig Fngineer.
Order of I'eiiehi While Lock ( 'i hi mil No
loo, meels in W oodnien ilall salurlay
I '. F, M in-:, see rotary.
.1. L. Ill N 1 I N e , , Ceillllselor,
t'lliled I'.iothorhoexl
if Carponlors and
i I 1 1 ii hi No. 1 1 Is
. I'. W. Ilall.
loiirlh I-relays of
A I. Pikl, Pres.
Joiiiei-s ol A me rle
eae h uioiith al A.I
IllCt'ts see eellel It 1 1 e 1
D. A. Fi ie.KH ti e,
eeyal Neighbors of Ainorieii Ldi'.fi i
h'lipo i uinp Nei. :"ioii, meets s i and ;ii
I'li.liiys al A. O. I'. W. hall
M . Jennie 1 'avis, i irae le.
Ilonriellil Znller, Itee e. letet.
To Curo ii Toll, lit a ljiy.
Titkn l.miiuvi' 1 t 1 1 m Ou.tiiiu' 1'ul'it'ts
All tli unM'-l? rciiuid tin- iintiii'V il it lulls
lo euro. '., . r n i v MrMaliirr 11 till
Ut ti liu J.'m-.
UN's (Vcjiiii Hahu
The Most Satisfactory
Kcmodv aiul (!urc.
It is (ui ..lie
',it. Sic
l-aimlv Sixc,
liv all (lute
51 .0. per
Liquid Cream Balm
ten tin-in aiomi.-c 75 cents.
W ill bo tii.iilc.1 ,U the a!s. vi
lli ii-i' by
ELY BHOS.. 5G Wan .n St..
New York City. N. Y.
i 'll 1 11 !.
I' .lellillll
ll..iny I'.' I.'
I '01 v ill ll.s 1 :.'
1 .le)lillia
aeiuina I .'li
I' M
.Mil .
.' I K
I .e .iv t 'oi valll 11
An iv. -. Vlbanv 1 :I
I 'i r I ie t roit
I., av. s All'anv ; -im A M
Arrives lieir.eit ; ,'ii I'. M.
N 1 I from Pi Iron -
Leaves l. iroit 1 :e V. M.
ri iv. s AII..111V .... IV M.
'I'taiu No. I a; rive s in Alt.juv iu time
to conn, e-t with the S. I' south hound
trtin, as Well IVIII; two or three
hours in AlKciiv l t.-i,- .le 1. 11 tur.- of
S. l'. innlh ti...uel train
Traill Nl e eeinie l Is Vv itli thee S 1'.
trains at t'orvatiis nii.t A!!.:uiv a; i v i 1 1 :
dtrect service to Ne vvisert and adja
cent is'aehe-s.
iritin :i tor m it. nbusli -in es-. iIiwiim il, hiuI all ii-rsona
an.l ollior inouiil.tin n si.ris . .1 n Al- 'Imvinu chum k-.iiin.t km el tsiat arm
lvinv at ? im it. in, reaeliin.; 1 vtroit , be n-bv untiln'il to .r.-s. nt the s.inii to
nlauit main, civins nm li. linn, to tin-Mtiil iicliiiiui-lrntor at Ina i.ttit-o lit
niti b tlio S.rni;s ..un, .Hv. ,1.1:11111. I'ass t 'ri'stou. within nix
Kit furtheT int. 11:: ition :i..v to ! nioniha frieiu tLi' il.-iti-i.f tlna 1101 itf
K1WIN sl'tiNK, M 111:11 r. Hatiel Anpist I'.'tb. I'.HW.
T. t'tit'KHIM.U Audit, Alkinv. j Jom'iIi Mom, Kn-cutor.
II. II CltiiMSK, Auont t'nrv':tlliR. II. IV Norton, Attoi lu-y for Kmatr.
To the Se&slda and Mountain
R-eort for the Summer.
(hi and aft.-r June 1, l'JO.'i.the South
rn Pacific, in connection with tin
o'orvallis & Eastern Railroad will
have on sale round trip tickets fron.
points on ' their lines to Newport,
luquina and Detroit at very low
rates, good for return until Octobei
10, 1WM.
three days tickets to Newport and
Yaquina, good going Saturdays ami
returning Mondays aro also on sal
from all East Hide points Poitland te
hngene inclusive, and from all West
Side jmints, enabling peouln to visit
their families and sfiend Similar at
the seaside.
Season tickets from all East side
pcijuls Portland to Eugene inclusive,
tncl from all West side points are also
no sale to Detroit at very low rate
with stop over privileges at Mill City
or any point east enabling tourists U
visit the Santiaiu and Breitenbush as
well us the famous Breitenbush Hot
springs in the Cnscado Mountains,
wiiich tan Ik- reached iu one day.
Season tickets will 1 good for re
turn from all points until Octots-i
10th. Three days tickets will be good
going on Saturdays and returning
Mondays only. Tickets from Port
land and vicinity will be good for re
turn via tlie hast or West side at
otpion of passenger. Tickets frrm
Kugeue and vicinity will be good go
ing via the Lebanon Springfield
branch, if desired. Kaggago on New
port tickest checked through to New
port ; on luqu ilia tickets to Yaqoina
S. P. trains connect with the C &
E. nt Albany and Corvallis foi
yaquina nnd Newport. Trains ou the
0. & E. for Detroit will-lea Albany
at 7:00n. m., ennblinit tjurists to the
Hot Springs to reach there the same
Full information as to rates, time
tables, etc., can 1st obtained ou ap
plication to r.dwin atone, manager
&K. K. K. , Albany; W. E. (Ionian,
P. A., S. P. Co. Portland, or
to any . v. or C. & K. ugreiit.
Kale from (irants Pass to Newport
Kate" from Grants Pass to Yaquina
K. II. Foster, HIS S. 2d St., Salt
l.nke City, writes" have liecn bother
ed with dysis-psin or indigestion for
21 years; tried many doctors without
relief; recently I got a bottle of ller
bine. One bottle cured me, I am
now tapering ntf oil thu second, fine
at Shiver Drug Co.
woman and she
loses all confi
dence in herself.
Her step in slow,
hesitating and
uncertain. Her
hands are raised
to warcl the im
aginary blows
whirh threaten
her. W hen a
sick woman
.seeks the means of health she is often
like a woman blindfold. She has no
confidence. She cannot tell what her
effort will leael to. She turns now to
this side and then to the other in uncer
tainty ami doubt.
The sick woman who uses Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription may do so with
absolute contiilence. It 'invites open
eved investigation. There need lie no
hesiution in following the hundreds of of women who have found a
p-rtect cure for womanly ills in the use
of this medicine.
" Favorite Prescription " cures irregn
larity and dries weakening drains. It
heals iiillammation and ulceration and
Clues female wchUucss.
With a he-srt full efKinutaetf to von for send-
In V foil over I hr linul v
r we)iiirrtal ineelutue 1
nttl thai suinr jmeir siif
n I'irrcr's nit-elli-incs).1'
rinl thtsr ft-w liiir-i. h
l-Mim womrii will (iv
Write Ml OMB I. ft.
( loesrnserinx Har.
hiuiMon Mrlamt "1 hut mif-
fnn.ilr we tknuui and had lo
U- in H
a .lent l I hr tnnt Mud hrad
rtttir itnl .mitt in Iftl ii.1ewhrn Ivtnff
i hr ku
tlovvn. I
mmciicfil ImLmik 1'ierce Favor.
hf I'trMtiplKiii h. 11. H takrn Iwn Uxilr
lirn 1 wl mIiIc tt anmnd arxain and du my
..ik witli tint littlr (mm. Can now eat nr
thiiiK mul it iicvrr huiu me any mote Have
Uk n M-vrn (MiHlra ol lr 1'ien'r'a fravurile Fie-
iptii n tin.) ntir .(" hl ' Cniiitxniml tract nt
i. n I Wt-t d ii
I MeveTal vimIh ul hia flraMtU
. lli-lt' IVt-lt
inir Oellrr rvetv ,
lerr every day. Mv hu
t--iid iva I Uk hrltet evrrv day
lr. Tiercr'a ricajwiit 1'ellcU cure bil
.u.MU'ss ami lick hcaiUche.
Ur. Gunn's Bleed snd Nerve Tonic
There is not a woman in this laud
but at some time in her life would
'hate Ivcn the better for the use of
I this tonic. For diseases pccnlinr lo
I women, a better medicine was never
f imiele. U is coniHised ot the iugre
; clients from whic h the system has
hecn deprived liv ilisi'ase, over work
! or disMipatioii. It enters at once into
Mho circulation, hiillilnifc- up tile
issues that have ls-eu wasted, mid
Mnakinn pure, rich IiIikkI in the most
i dm e l way. l'or weak, nervous nnd
! unste ady people, pimply, iile or
jtle shless -oph', it will make stroll);
ste ady nerves and nine the ce.nipl. x-
ion that w liolesoine look that nidi
cat. s health. We have htiuelrcds of
letters tlmt people have writteu us,
saving that they had gained in ikhI
solid tlesh at the rate of one to threi
p--units p,r week while usillt; Pr.
v 11 mi 'is llloeal and Ne-rve Tonic. lit he- taken after in.-alr, one or
two tahh ts each time. lni:t;islN elp
11 TV is r hox or thn-o hoxe s for
f.' 0i, or si-nt Hist t vi ill on receiiet of j
prnv. vve ai ft tail to make reply
to le tiers of iunuiry, the advice we
ive ymt is plaeu, nnd easily under.
nool. Address lr. Ilosanko t'o. .
I'hiliid. lphta, I'a. Kor sjile l.y W. V.
lu . nier.
No rii'K TO rUKnTOKS.
Iii tin' t'oi-.tity INuirt fur JuM-i-hini-t'l.nuly.
st.-ttt- of tire'icnn.
In ilu 11 ittrrr uf tlii i-stati- of
.1. V Van Ni'ss, ib'ct-aM-il, I
inlli'il'i li Van Nissaiiil j
sieinftiinc-8 Ji.sUli Van Ness, 1
but vc luwsi' truo a;ivi'ii nam..
Is I
Niitn-i' is uivi'ii ili.n tln nit
ili rsiuni el, .Ii's. li Mints, bus lavn nji-
llii-.U:e'.t bv llll' t'lUllltV I'uUtt fur JlIM'.
li;ni. Cmintv. Orruiiu,
of tlie- I'stnti. of tin- aUivi' ii.-inii il J. F
'mm, n
Reduced Summer Excursion
me jjenvcr Kio Urande, popu
larly known as the "Scenic Line of
t'e World," has announced greatly
educed round-trip rates from Pacific
Coast points for the benefit ol
leacners who wiu 8js-ud their vaca
tion iu the east, and of delegates to
E. A., at Boston; A. O. U. W., at St.
Paul; B P. 0. E, at Baltimore;
Woodmeu of America at Indianapolis :
Eagles at New York; Mystic Shrim
it Saratoga Springs; K. of P. al
Louisville, and T. P. A., a: Indian
tpolis. Tickets at tho reduced rates will tx
Smsed uiion one fare for the round
trip, but will be sold on certain days.
inese tickets will carry stoover
i.negeii on me going trip, giving
passengers an opisirtuiiify to visit
Salt Lake City, Uleuwood Springs,
Colorado Springs and Denver; and
will be good to return any tiuii
"."" luii'-iy imi) nays, t'assengers
Kiniig via (lie Denver & Kio Oranili
tre given the privilege of returning
via a different route.
For the rate to the point Jou wisl
to go, and for dates of sale and othei
particulars, as well as for illustrated
pamphlets, write W. O. McBRIDE,
General Agent, 124 Third St., Port
land. Or.
People that have dyssqisia have
weak stomachs, weak hearts, weal,
eyes and are usually weak kneed.
They fuel bilious and the world in
general has a bilious look to them .
they have so many symptoms that it
is difficult to locate the place when
they feel the worst. The fact is tin
sourco from where they get theii
strength has been cut off and they an
sick all over. The fund taken 'int.
the stomach remuius undigested,
caosiug belching, and bilious attacks,
followed by sick-headache, and gen
eral weakness. The medioiim thui
puis the stomach in condition so that
the food can be readily digested, will
cure dysiierisia and makn
where there was weakness. ' V lu
cured thousands of persons during the
u years, or avsiepsia, with Dr.
uunn s Jinuroved Liver Pi s A 9.v
box of these jiills am worth more to
pvopio will! poor digestion than six
monins ol dictum or a millnn nf
s-psin lt only takes one for a dose.
i.e win aeuu two or these nil a fn
prove w nar they will do. W. F. Kre.
mer. sells them for 2a
by m.'til on rcct'ipt of t)ri(;. Writ-
Ur. Uowiiiko Co. Phi 1m.. W
Timber Land. Act June 3 1878
Kosehurg, Oregon, Julv.'il), 11)03.
Not c is here br niven ihm in
nlisiice iili the movisinns nf ilia . i oi
Congress, of June 3, 1878, entitled "Ae
t'.r tlie sale of lnnler lands in the
Sisies of California. Oreuon.
lid 'Varhiiifton Terrilnrv." a u.
ended lo sll public Land Stales hv ..
of August 4. 18112.
of Ypsilanti.County ol Washlinaw, Stale
of Michman. has this il i. i-.i
this otlice her sworn stain, i..m s:..
frfsSS lor tlie purchase of the NW t - nj
Sectiun No. (I in Town.ihiu Nn rtu
South, ILniire No. 6 Went ;i,
otrer prooi to shew that the land sought
is more valuable for its timber or stone
than for amiciiltiiral unrm.i. ..! m
establish her claim to said In ml hefore
llooth. County JuiIkp. at ni niliee
at (irants Pass, Oregon, on Satnrdav ih.
Kit h day ol October, 1!IH3.
hue names as wimesses : Albion vv
ilsby.tieorife H. Smith. Kred II 11, i.,...'
all of Grants Pass, Oregon, and Artliui
H. Simpfiou ol Vpsilanti, Michigan.
Anv and all persons claiming ad
versely the ab.ive-described lands aie
ii quested to tile their claims in inis
Ihce on or before suid Mil, ,,, ,,f
October, 1(103. J, T. IIkiduks.
Timber Land, Ait June 3, 1S78.
United Stsles Land Oihee.
Koseburg, Oregon, Jnlv 13, 1:103
Notice is herebv given that In
compliance witli the provisions o
the set of Ceingress of June 3, 1878,
entitled "An act for tlie sale o!
timber lands in the Sla'es of California
Oregon, Nevada and Washingi.m Tern
tory," as extended to all ihe Piiblu
Land States by net of August 4 sq-
ol Park Rivir, Connly of Walsh, St ile
of North Hikoia hssihis day filed in
thiB oilice her sworn staleinent No. 5m,"),
for tlie purchase of l be Slv ol N K'. iml
NWi4 ol Ni;t4 and SE't uf Ntt't.
ili ing Luts V ami 3, and Se Mv4)
Seel tun No (I inTuwnslnp Nn. jij South. No. 5 W. snd will offer pmol lo
sliow that the land sought is mure valu
able lor Us limber or stone Hum lor agri
cultural purposes, and to establish i,.r
claim to said land before J. O. lioeith
County Judge, si his otlice st tirants
Pai-s, Oregon, on M mdav the ,rli day of
O teller, l!H)3. She names as witnesses:
Wesley I! Sherman, Susie E. II ties
H illism T. Tiirnhain, Hurt Mums sll i.f
inula Pass, Oregon.
Any snd ail iersons claiming idversa
ly the atsive descrihed Ian. la ... .
quested to file their claims iu this Hi e
ou ol before saiel (ilh day of Ucmber hul l.
I. T. r.Kinocs, Kegiu'er.
The largest sum ever paid lor a lire-'
scrlption, channeil hands in San Kran-1
ciaco, Ami. .10, ltsJI. The transfer in-1
velvet! in coin anil stin k H 12.60 1. Oil and '
was paid try a party ol business men lor ,
a (jiecitlc lor Hrnht'a I Unease anil lh
oeles, hiilierto iiicuralile diseases. I
I Ley commenced ihe serious invesii.
Cation ol the specilic Nov. la, ';ijo
llu y lulervieweil scores ol ihe cu-ed '
siel Hied it out ou its merits by .utiin
over three dozen cases on Ihe treai 1
and walcliinn them. Thev also not phv
sicians lo name chronic, incuiahleiases,
an I adiniiiistereil il vtiih the .li veii-ianc
l..r I .. t.. 1 .. . tr. u '
.- p. . t. ... .-,. nr iier cent i
.lithe test cases were enher weil or
pr. K lave.raliU. i
mere oeinii out thirteen wr cent of 1
failures, the .Krli. were sat isrleil an.l '
closed the Hans.,, tie.u. I he pnseeillii;
ol ihe iievesin-aimn eoniiunie,. and tlie i
cliin.-al reimcs ol Ihe lest cases were
put. lo-hed and a HI lH. maile.1 dee on '
apl.lii-a i.en. A.hliess Jnx J. rriToxi
I'oMI ASV, 4:11 loiltHelinell M.SanK,.,..
1 1 iis, t'al.
.u....... ir , nt. tun-auo. Mi
auk.-ASt 1'iuil Kailwav, kimvin all
1 f.....n... 1..- . i - ... .
iF.r. ntir v lieu.. 1. Iirtai ttia
rnntiiiiK lht "rionwr l.imitrsj" trains 1
t-viy elay an.: ntlit betvwn Si. 'a
ami l'hii-aii, anil Otiiali ndrbuami.
The only irl.vt trains in the orlJ.
I'lule-rsuiiel : Connect ion arv
iih All Tiaim-oiittnrutal Linm, a.rur-
inn 10 IWMt'no r the iVt frvi(- no j
Lniniioua oMt-hva, rm-tric l7btp. lam !
ii. ai.ola vi-rity rqnalieJ Iv no oii.ei !
s ibat vmir lie ket rra.N via "Tli
.liitoaniw lc. n iroinu to anv iMii.i i..
Hi- I'liitnl Stam All tnk i
r' itvni M'll t brni
Kor rat"., I'luepblni- or mbrr iniol
niaii.-i.. a't'tiro.
J. W. tVn, 1. j. Knnv,
Trav. t'kM. A, 1. tienrral Anent,
iiTtn, Vmi. 1'e.ari n. Or
Notice Is hereby given that the nil
dersigned has been apmintcd adminis
traiorof the es ate of W. F.Herring
ton, deceased, and all having claims
against said W. F. Heirington, de-
used, are h'-rchy notified to present
'hem to the undersigni d at thn siore
of tho Grants Pass Hardware Company
in Grauts Pass, . Josephine county,
Oregon, with tlie proper vouchors,
within six months of this date.
Dated at Grants Pass, Oregon, this
11th day of August. A. D. l'J0:j.
Notice is hereby given that the nn-
lersigned J. E. Peterson has been ap-
wiiiilt d udni ini -r rut or of the Kstitrn
by the County Court for Josephine
.ounty, Oregon, and all persons hav
ing claims against said estate tire
hen-bv reonired to liresent them to
the undcrsTuuod udminislrator at his
office at (irants Pass, Oregon, duly
verilied as by law requrieil, within
six months from the date of this
Dated August l'-l, 'l'.SM.
.1. E. PETKKSON, Aduiinistralor.
II. I). NOKTON, Att'y fin- Etatc.
Timber Lan.l, Aei June :, 1878.
United '111 es mi d Otlice
Heist ieiirg, Oregon. June 24,
Notice is lierc hy give!! cImI in ce.m
pliauce ailh I lie iii. ..f ,e set i.
Congiess of June 3, 1878, emieled An
act lor the sale ol timber hinds in Hie
States of California, O egnn, Ni v.uU
and Wasliingnin errltore,', as ix
tended to all tne I'.ihii i.u:e( S ales b.
nil of Aiign-t 4 IS'.i-.',
ol North a. niintv m Yaleima.
Slate of Washinglnu, has H is dav tile t
in thisotlie e toe b-v mi slaiemeni Ni.5lll
for the pin chase of the sE'j ul .-ecnoi
No 20 in fownsliipN i 34.Sm'h, liang-
No 5 Wen and will otf-r pr. ol lo elm
hat the land sought is ueire valuah h
'or its tiuilier or sloue llian lor agr
cultural, and to estshi-h
his claim to said laid helnre J. O.
llooth. County Judge, at his otlice al
Hranta Pass, Oregon, on Saturday Ihe
.nil davol September I !)():!. Ik names us
witnesses :
lleii'y C. Midmodi. ol Geaiils 1'ass,
Oregon, Charles E Wilder, North Yaki
ma, Warhinglon. Ilaivy Kessler, lirtuis
I'ass, Oregon, William Mcintosh, ol
Oranis Pass, Ori gnu.
Any and all peisons clniining udver-e
ly the abnve-descrihed lands are re
epiested to tile their claims iu this olli. e
on or before said 5.h dav of .-eilenibei
I'.'OJ. J 'f. liiilliuKt, K. gstec,
Wwid. MHhniii tnj au(ct
mwwih VH LUSH UL ) ;Mlt.
vraii.i tKWif rutnt4 j
IMNMItllllbTHiM. Bai
Ml mmwm fm HptMr. a nick km 4 I
rdicl cr fei rtl. 7ir mH
Ims tti4
CoaltaliM fi tad MrlrtlTpflvtt. Trlrwt parr-
lilCI, MA I LAD VMAA. (A uU ka
imr. ) Cll f Hill
OH JORDAN CO., IOC I Miffctt tt, S 9.
You Know What You Are Taking
When you take drove's Tasteless Chill
Tonic, Iiecause the formula is fluinly print
ed on every bottle showing that it is sim
ply Iron and (Juinine in a tasteless form
So Cure No, Pay. Stic.
Miss Ida. M. Snyder,
Treasurer of I he
llriKkln l.iui I.nal Art (1Mb.
" If wnmrn would py mort itttntlon la
their h'ih we would have more happy
wivet, mutheri ind daughter!, and if they
would obierve reiulti they would find
that the doctora' preicriptionj do not
perform the many curei they are (Ivcn
credit lor. 7 s
' In consulting with my druggist he ad
vised Me Llree's Wine of Cardui and Thd.
lord s llla.k Draunht. and 10 I look it and
have every reason to thank him lor a new
lilc repenrd up to me with restored health,
and il only took three months to cure me."
Wine of i'areliii isareVu!atorof the
iiei.iieit e-ie.l f .... ... a
" '" ."'ee.H'Cls aim IS U IllOSt S
tiuii-liinir tonic f.-r wnnien. It
W !iiity.siiiiresar,l, fre.iieiit, irr-x-ii!aran.
l;miitiil iiieii-triiation, fallinu
of the w.mili. white.s ami rl.saliii(r. It
is h''rfn when iinproae iiinir wouian
IioimI, tlnritisr i.r.vinii.-v. lifter child
l.irth ;in. I in clum,.,. ( ,(,. t fr(W
miently l.rin a .1,-ar Iml v to homes
that have l.ecn l.arr. n frr veara All
ilnniroeta have l.o liotti.'-s of'wim
cf I arctiii.
I The W,
Col hll K Is
k'y Oreitonian ami the
111 for one year lor -J in d-
0. R. & N.
niiivirvv Wlliiij-r a .s
Shortest, Quickest.
I AMI Mi ist
I Conifortablo
' K..mi. in all Ka-tcrn isiini vi . I..r.ia...i
: Ml li,r ..I. t; l ., i-
r .l iiir...i,.tl 1 lekl't.s n-:u III OVi-r I lis reenl
Ian -gA vi., '
Low Kates.
t Se.eith.rn I'at-it'ir lVn
A. I.. ( KAIei,
e-'i'l. KVM-llklT AjriHlt,
Portland. Or.
has stood the test 25 year
bottles. Does this rtrdof
Lvl wl.k
Timber Land, Act June it, 1N7X.
Koseburii tlr-g.m, June 2-t, ItiOX
Notice is lieu I y given that in erm-'
plunce with the pinvisions i, the set nt j
Congress of June a, In8, ennHed "An
set for the ss'e ui limher lands in the
State of Cn.i:ir is, llreg'Mc. Nevada,
! and Washington Terntorv," as extended
to all Ibe I'u hi lo l.H'.d States by scl oi
August 4,
of North Yakima. C'onniy ol Yakima.
Slate ol Washington, has this dav tiled
in this office his iiAOin statement No.
6-112 for tlie pin i f the NE' ofSee-
J iron o. M in luwnsliip No. o4 Soutti,
j Itsnge No 5 West, and will offer proof
to ,,h"7 .,hatl 1,,d ''!l't j
I" ,or " Uml' T.'" '!'.Z 'Z
hiprtaiiii to mid lnl tu-fnre J. O, Hwtb,
! ,n"t.,; J "'' '
hi otlk'H ft GmntH
r--p. Oieujfin, on (SainnJiv, ihn 5'h .hv
of Sfpleinher, 190J. Hh uauit-a hs wit
! Albert Drstigrn, of
Xonh V V i rn ;i ,
" a-tnngi m ; nenrv sicintoan, narry
Kessler, William Mc lulosb, all ol liraots
i f "ss, Oregon
Anv itid ail pr-o:i elaimiui adverse-
j Iv ihe sliove-descril e I lands are re-
I ques'ed lo file their e-Uiois in this office
on ir je-fore sid 6chd.iv of September
J. I'. ItKMUKs, IC'gister
rriAi,4 i.vir.v
. NKW KOl ll'SIKM Tllltnl ;hiiit
!liy Coaches, I'alace and Te.urlsl
I Hleepers. IHiiIiik anil lliitlet
einukini l.iliraij Cars.
Da) llglit li li llirmiuli Hie Cascade
anil Kncky MomiiaiiiH.
Kor full imrticului-s, rates, folders, etc.,
can on or nueireas
II. DICKSON, c t. a.
J. W. PIIALON, t. v...
I 122 Third Slroer, Portland.
j il2 First Avenue Seattle, Wash
till I I II
M ill U I III
can positively be cured with
- ....
oiir money will be returned toi
you in case of failure, but there will j
be no failure. I
Your druggists sell tliem J
California Co-Operative j
Medical Company, j
Oakland, California.
1 1 nr n i m n r WF itU fi
Through Salt Lake City. Uadville. Pueblo. Colorado Spring,, and Denver, and th.
famous Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Point. East.
For -ilti, folders and other
inormation, iddrt-ss
Visible Writinir. Sitnnl..
IVrmani'tit Tm. a
ivr.namnt True Alio,,,,,, .
A sStrictly HiBh-Claj
1 rii;i.T(v
t. F. Bumpus, Manager,
Mt- "in w,i t, . .
" , nr-
Courier and 0regonian$2
TfltplAcc rum
AvbmmAmSi Si
. HPsU IO YOU 7 No
T cerrt.
Itching Piles .produce moisture and
causes itching' This f.irm, as e
Blind, Bleeilinu or I'r.ilruding I'je1 ,fe
tured by Dr. Bo-san ko-s Pile kemnl,.
Stops itching and bleeding.
tumors 50i: a jar M Druggists, or sent
by mail. Treatise free. Write me
about your esse. Dr. Bjsanko, Philads
Pa. For sale by W. F. Kremer.
t 5T.PAl)b. I
I All diseases of Kidneys,
i Bladder, Urinary Organs,
j Also Rheumatism, Back
' ache, HeartDiBpaiie. Gravel.
; Dropny, Female Troubles.
Don't become discouraged. There Ii i
cure for yOU. If accessary m lie Dr. teiimr
l.t lius i.. ,.t a life lime ciirlinr. Just bucs
Cases asyours. All coiisulUtl Ions Free.
"Your Kidney and Ilurkaclic Pure ha
fnred two very bail cases atnomroiir eus'.o.
mera tlie year wlicimttie tliM-tom had
given up. J. L. STILL i CO., WiKxIIand, la."
Drinrslsis. Stic., t. Ask for Cook BisiU-Pres.
For tale by
W. F. Kremer and
II. A.
Trace Mrhs
Copyrights &c.
AnrnnT wrn.ltnir n nkrtrh nnd desert jrtlo i maj
qillj'Hlr MiiTl.'iin oimiiriit fret wfu-itier no
tnviMiUiiTi t4 ppuhnl'iv priifninlili. ri.mtiu:: cn.
tiirisBinctly(MiiOiJiitiHl. Uninlb.'ok on l'.t i;y
vnt fnt. (uliti'nt nxeury f -r nirtTur i :iu,i:;-'
I'tiii'iHH niken TiinmiMi ftUinti A Co. iitflT
yptcUti fiofi, th;
Kt), in I Hit
Scientific Jlrican.
A hfindmimpijr Hlii!trnrd wp.
ruilatu.ii nf my fti'iciif ijj.- fn,-y-ir:
f-ur nm'Mli.i, f 1. stiij i
r." I -,rvft viu
!l. Tf.:n-.
:Bro;j,. Woiii Ypri
Branch om. ) K iH., Wunhlnu n, I. c.
AV.C 3I,.1IIJII)1: Soii. ABt
Type writer
Guaranteed to equal any
? loo machine.
The Chicago Typewriter Co.
512-514 Market St.
San Francisco.
ta . : V,-. -nnoiaing,
ui.iuitiiy 31
a Fair Price.
Machine Sold for 7n.O0
1:1 CO.
I ne A I - as 1 r
, . ".'6c,c. v. aniornia
fl"'ng an.l
First Street.
a year
0ne Half Mniion
Cure. D...
c' ray.