Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 21, 1903, Image 2

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.i tl, nnntnfni e at Grants I''
Oregon, aa Beoond-cla mail matter.
Crescent City pnjierii afTlrm thai tlif
report that portions of Del Norte, aud
other northern Culilornia counties are
to bo included in the new rcsorre is a
muluke, as tho land oftioo ut Knroku
lias racoived no not ire of withdrawal
of land from entry.
Tho Wonum's Club Kowh, tho little
daily iiwuod by the. Womun's cluh in
the interest of the library, Iiuh Ihhii
read with interest bv tho iHiOiilu of
Urnuttt Puns during tho jmnt week.
It is a bright and .interesting i t
and crowded with elTeetivo artfuim-nt
in support of the library. The ludieN
are to bo cungrutuliited on the huccokh
of their journalistic effort.
Tho firnt iiuuiU r of tho Ki uliin-1.
JuekKnuville's ui'W luilx r, has renehed
uh. It Is published by Clias. Minervi
who was editor of the. latu Medford
BucceKS and in npiioiiriinoe is iiIiiiomI
au exact fac-simllu of that uer. II
is full of news and is a nntl iuiior kiii
crally. Tho old town of Jacksonville
has taken a new leusii of life lately
and is in tho mareli of progress witli
tho rest of Southern Oregon. The
new publication has good prospects
and deserves to succeed. lis nnmu is
historic, as tho Miioneer newsiniisir of
Southern Oregon was tho old Ore
gon Sentinel, published at .lac I. Hon
Tillo many years Ago.
Growth is a condition of life. A
person who lias lifn must grow. A city
that has life, must grow. Apply the
scale to yourself and your town. Are
you a bettor jmtsoii and town this year
than last? Now than 10 years ago?
If not, yon arc a (lead branch and yon
will becomo base, brown and
shriveled along your fresher and vig
orous companions anil towns. Koop
tho fresh sap of Inspiration flowing
through your veins, absorb new ideas
and add to tho strength of your fibers.
Koop up w ith tho growth of the great
treo of which you are a part, and rule
tribute your full share to its sym
metry of development. Woman's Club
Grants 1'ass has voted the library,
by a small majority, it is trno, yet
enough to bo decisive, and it is a
cause for gratification that this result
has been accomplished. In onr
opiuion, it would have been a serious
ly disastrous measuro to tho town to
hare tarned this project down. WV
have always favored the library and
believed it will provo (o be one of the
greatest blessings and advantages that
tho town has over'enjoyed. There are
others who Ixdiove, differently as the
vote very plainly shows, but wu are
convinced that the opposition is based
mainly ou misunderstanding and mis
apprehension and Unit the greater
Hum 1st of those who have opHised it
will Isi converted ill its favor when it
is better known and understood lis
benefits will Imi for all, anil all may
enjoy them If they will.
Hy a piece of Jugglery on the part
of some one, (iranls 1'ass was robbed
of her reasonable rights in regard to
tho president's visit, and Indignation
Is miming high here in couscipieiic .
In tho natural order of things the
train should have stopis'd lor water
and taken on the helper here. The
printed orders were to the effect that
the hclMr should be taken on here,
but at the hist hour It was ordered to
Wuodville am) Hie engineers wen
further instructed not to stop in
Grant, l'ass on any account. Those
ordi rs were Issued from the Ashland
otlioo but whether or iiot tho dispatch
er there is responsible for the mall
clou dii-crimmation against Grants
l'ass can not be known to a certainly,
but he is under suspicion and it his
cars do not burn there is no truth in
tho old hiiisi st it inn. Take out the
clement of malice and there icmaiii
ahsolutoly no reason for the juggling
of oiilers. The lailroad em 1 1 a 1 1 was
at extra and needle cvinse m tnd
lug the hcli r uud crew 10 mil, sup
t lie Pad to Woodvillo to mn down
hill again to (irant l'us,,. No mm
wa.i g ulled by tie maneuver, but mi
the coniraiy, several uiiiiiii.k wen
lust. It saved the pnsideiit no tumble,
for he came out on the plalfoiuiand
greeted the people .is he Went let. 1 1,
did not retire nil after the 1 1 mi a.
past Ulend.i'.e and the pi, a il,o (.
change of ord. r . made for In
comfort, U silly, tetania I'.i-s e-1,.
the S. 1. Co. nioie buMin lli.oi . n
otlier town in Southern unyee. Ash
laud Hot I'Vcepled, and tie. knew Irdg,
of this fa. t add to t ' i - k. . no, . in .1 h
which the injust n e 1 f, u i,,.,,. , ,
the parties rcoti'ihlc ,. il.. hi
si Ives.
is nil aehtnn and tin d f.
illg; the llVel', bowels and kl.lll.
Income sluggish and inactive, tin
digestion impaired, vt il h liti le or n,
apl'tile, no ambition for anything,
and a feeling that the whole IkiiIv Hinl
mind need toning up. J In- trouble i
I (lurii.g the winter, there ha
been an uccuiuulal ion of waste mat
ter in the -y.-lcm. llerlnne will re
move It, secllle to the seer, lion a
right exit, and by its tonic , It. , t,
fully restore the waslcd tissue mid
give strength 111 place of weakness
,'Klc at Shuer Urug Co.
Mr Joseph Toininville, of Null
waler, Minn, after having s ut ovi r
l.'.ooo with the best iloclorx foi
stomach trouble, without re Inf. win.
advised by his druggist, Mr. Alex.
Richard, to try a box of I 'hanibor
Jain's !"' iinach aud Liver Tablets, lie
did so and is a Well man to day. Km
sale at VJu cents per box bv ail drug
Have You
that Black Cut Hosiery wear very much Letter
than common brands and costs no more money?
If not it would lie well to test them.
W. E. Dean & Co., Propr,
Front street, oppo Depot.
Greets People From Rear 1'le.t-
foi m as Train Passes Through.
President Roosevelt and party passe d
through Grants Pass on Wednesday
ning with their special train.
Tho train passed through about nine
o clock and an lmuienso crowd was in
waiting at the depot on the mere
cliaiico of gelling a sight of him.
An effort bad been made to procure
a stop of a few minutes, in the
natural order of thing tho I n i j m r
engine would liave lieen
here, which would have
taken on
president lime for a word or two w ith
our people, nut. or some unexplained
reason, or perhaps without reason,
the helper was ordered to Woodvillo
and Was taken ou there. No stop was
made here, but the train ran very
slnwly through (ow n and the president
apjieared on the rear phitoriu, smil
ing and waving his hand to the en
thusiastic people. After the train
passed, many of the s opIe followed
ill the vain hope that il would slop at
tho water tank, but it did not. Two
bands were on hand to make music or
the occasion; our own home band and
that tho Allen slot k company who
itostjsjncd their entertainment till
after tho train went through. It was
pleased and gratified crowd that
left the depot foi the feeling was that
the president bail done tho lust be
could for us under the eirciimstauces.
Mr. Risisevelt's face has become so
familiar to us through his pictures
that ho looked like some old friend
and bis manner was full of friend
lilnms litul appreciation.
Just Received
Summer Waists
A larjre. assortment of dainty white
waists in
Walking Skirts
A nice assortment of the latest, style
walk'ni'' Skirls.
Ladies' and Misses' I'ancv Lace
We tiiKeirrcat pride in our
Boys Clothes
Tlif licsl materials that can lu pill info hoys'
anil Hi i M mi's Hoi li iii; a iv I lie only kind
(hat enter into the make up of t lie st. vies
He carrj .
E. C.
Ml . tieri's AiUliess. I
Hon. T T s.Ue at lie' op. r i
li use on Saturday evening to a rather
mall iiii.peii. e M r t r v . 1 v 1
inieresiiiig am! logic il s iker.though
1 subject, the tariff, however appro
pi ate ii iu:iv be to the 1 , , 11, is net
one to pieinote 1 lit!, 11. ia-111
111 s cell wa- la; le I . I e ou I In
.1. lueel .It- w is elle of . inphat ie 1.1
1 lain . . a- the r. pnl.'.n ato. bad
ilways 1.. . 11 rigid whib the .1. , ,
'ia.1 .ilwnvs been wrong 1 1. -Oel.e 1. I,;!i
'V ef tile g..,.,l Well, N I 1 1 I . r 11 V . I II. I
11.11. 11 bad aire. 1 l 1 l.n v . I , .
I'.ir I it. goii. lie I, i.l net' ne- t
vi.v el Mi K. am, . -el 1 !.,. tl,t .,
111 - I 1 tea ',e .1 1
I 1
niii h. ill,. e.,it aim1.,:; 1 . .1
I' I b.s ing 1 ,:, lee, 11!. Mr ,
1- 111 il.ln. a. , ft.. 11 ..s ,,. , , 1 ,
'' '' ci M li. -11 . 1 li, ..
! '1 to g. I lli . ; .; . eel
lete , II ele, 1 1, , , n
r vilton 1,1 S( , k
I'en. C 'a I i, ! 1 . 11. I 1, ., ,
''or (. II 1 M . ,.. xv , ,1 ; , , ,
op. 1 , ':,,ii. , . , , (1 , ,, ,
May .' eli m In l, ,lt ,.t , , , 1 1
II lllll. le ill '.1, .11, , 1 , ; ,. , , ,
.'li -
Nine llovit l,
Nollee I bet, ,v u .. , ph
So. 111. I 11. 1, ,j I',,,,,!,, 1 i,,,. I 1 ,.
er and Join t of in,.: ,, , I,
iiblisbcd a nine b.,1.1 ,
.ale r hour :: i . , , nt ,
.line hours.
I r
l'o go into el! , 1 mi t : ,. 1 1 -t ,
nt June, P.SI.'I .
1. A. I'n.'k. i.,:.i. I . s.
J. P. tia'i n, 1 . n 1 1 1 , s
Found Out
The prisidont is 4") years old aud
hi life has been full of action and
achievement. He has placed himself
ill the sisitiou of the foremost man of
the nation by hi own fia-ccfnl ability
and vigor. During his udiuiuinstra
t Kill, he ha shown himself earnestly
intir slcd ill the welfare of the west
and every measure tending to its de
velojimeiil has met w ith his approval.
Mr. Roosevelt never forgets that,
being president, he is none the less a
man mid never allows the dignity of
his high oflicial jxisilion to Imi
harrier between him and his people.
He Is a man of maivelously wide
iut'oriiiatioii and and know s his country
given tiieiuiore thoroughly, probably, than any
otle r of our presidents. In decisive
I bought and determined action, he Is
1111111 paed among the men of the
world. He is making a placo
C11 i I ed Slates history for himself and
l u tu re general ions will recognize him
as one of our greatest men.
Muslce.1 F.venin.
The program for the musical even
nig nl the Presbyterian church, May
, is as follows :
Piano solo . Miss I. nous
Solo . ... Miss Whiti
Piano Solo Clare Kremcr
Ouiirtotio Parker sisters
Selection "Sailors' Yarns"
Rev. Council
Musical iciest inns, Musical Charade.
Sherbet and cake served. Admis
sion III cents.
$200 Reward
I will pay a reward of t.'nl) for the
return of the money fl(i:il) stolen
from me on Ma- I .', at Wililerillu 011
or on the road to Grants Pass.
Sally Ii. Leonard.
Another shipment of llhick Silks, in
I'll de-soi, Koynl Tall'eta, India and
'J 2 and :!( inch 'Mia in nioctl Tall'eta.
Mercerized, l'iities, India i
Oxfords ami SiiminerSilks,
I!MSN; iiiH))S.
Memorlivl Services
Th. re w ill be union iiienional
r n . in the I'lr-buei ian church
on Sun. lav . May '.'Ith. Pleaching by
K. v .1. W. Meliougall to which the
I'a-i.'i- of all denomination', and their
coligli gallon are nio-l coldially III
it..l 0. . oral ion Pay, May Itoth, will
I iln!v el -. i, d under the auspice
t tin 1, U. and W. li. C. but it
1- bo il that all tho clli.ens of
l.ianl- I'a-s and vicinity v ill ob-crvc
'' div with ii- and we e-pecially
inv 11, il..- , li,.,d, n and cvi ry
mi 1' :...i thai will . form and
1 .win 11- II. a.ini foi the ;liih
il l" it 1.. i v , 1,.
" .' .1 S ., i,ili-t js tlx- name
' ' hi ,in. b' on -ociali-in I v Marcus
bill- . f till
ny, which ap-
I in- 111 the M iv number of Warren's
lilv, I ub! i-hed at Iiicb Hill, M...
I 1 ' ai 1. I.- i vcrv interestingly writ
'11 11 I li e idea advanced prove be-
.ti t .pu -r 1011 that Mr. Kohhiu i- 11
I'.iir.r of a goo! deal nt depth,
i'm 1. eh hi- reasoning is not flawless by
tux tu. an- vne thing that plca-es
o-in Mr. Kobbins' writing is bis
'urn. mil moderation 111 regard (o
I I e it 10! t 1 s and opinions of those w ho
'':!!r with him. The article is al-11,0-1
iiitiivlv flee troui the injudi
1:011 .1. nun, lation which Is so oft II
ibe -leek iii tr.ole of some who call
i! in- lv s. ,-nili-t and by which
ti e lalj-t c.ui-e is injured among 1 oplc.
ier S, ii i wii.'t gn to liotc rmtiu.l.
A I i. f r igerators at I 'miner Uro.
Art Cl&s
The Music, Art and Literature De
, rtrueiit of the Woman's C'lab
have joined forcea aud will bold their
I final meeting for the year at the
I Woodman Hall, Saturday, May 23d
at 2:30 p. 01. All ladies or the
I Woman 'a (Tun are invited to attend
aud each member is requested to bring
a picture of Oregon ncenery.
Mt. Hood Mrs. Rourke
Mrs. Dye' place in Oregon Liter
ature Mrs. Mom
Song "The Rosary" Mra, fianlt
Sam Simpson Mra, Porter
Reading "The Hcautiful Wil
lamette" "The Mothers of
Men" Mrs. Robie
Song Jiiss White
Crater Uke Mrs. W. C. Hale
Hook lieview "The Jiridgo of
the (iods" Mrs. Cornell
.Song Selected
Mrs. I). II. Stovall,
Sec. Art. Dept.
Art Exhibit.
The Art exhibit of the Woman's
club is assuming large proportions.
KxhibitH aro coming iu and words of
encouragement aro being received
every day, not only from tiur own dis
trict but from our sister club women
of the neighboring towns.
The doll exhibit will be a very en
tcrtaiug feature of the show. Mrs.
Lucia Parker who has it in charge
will have a hospital where the sick
will be cared for by comis'tent trained
nurses. Those who have dolls with
fra tured skulls, broken limbs and
iHidios in need of a physician's skill,
bring them to the committeo with
their beds and gowns, if yon have
them, and bo admitted for 5 cents on
children' day. She will also have a
Jaiiancso tea garden, skating scene,
Ksiiuimaux village, bridal party, In
dian wigwam and dolis of every
nationality. The doll exhibit alone
will occupy one of the largest rooms.
The rose and flower show will bo
one of the most beautiful dejiartinents
of the exhibit. The committee on
decoration in charge, are iierfeetiug
arrangements with florists all over the
country and ex'ot to have one of the
finest displays ever placed before tho
people of Cirants Pass. Mrs. W.C. Hale,
chairman of cominitte on oil painting
etc, has secured a 11 11 m her of fine oils
ind water colors from Portland and
San Francisco, w hich will be 011 sale
at the art rooms. All pictures and
articles for sale will bo so marked. A
nuuils.r of good Iiaintiims. etchiiiirs
mil copies, have been found in onr
own town which will be a pleasure
to study. The young people are in
vited to bring their ilrawiiigH.sketohcs
and paintings, as we hojm to have a
large amateur exhibit from Ibe public
The noodle work department of the
Woman's club is growing, ami those
who havn work toexhilTit will consult
the hairiimii, Mrs. Mutch, as that de
partment wilt have exclusivo charge,
(ilass cases will bo provided bv the
li'imrtinciit for the small valuable
xliihits such as laces, handkerchiefs.
Hue needlework etc., which will Imi
locked and looked after by attendant
from that department.
Old pots, kettles, quilts of antique
age, dishes anil curios of every de
scription will be lu charge of Mrs. R.
llonl h aud committee, and those who
have any thing iu that lino will
please consult her.
A jsisler exhibit will be conducted
by Miss Myrtle Ireland which will be
very attractive and draw large crowds.
There will also lie a mystery, a
native of Oregon, as white as snow,
with pink eyes, lie probably weighs
more than you do. The specie is rare
ind almost extinct. DO NOT KAIL
Art Department
The Art Department will close
lass work for this year, Saturday,
May 311 at Woodman hull, Stilt) sharp.
During the five mouths twelve iavrs
have been read. John Van Dyke's
text books have 1 11 advocated and
plans formulated for more extensive
work iu the future. Il is the hois1 of
the deptartineiil to be able to secure a
good insl ruction both iu oils aud
water color for the coming year.
The Art exhibit has taken up some
of the time and it is hosil that last
ing good may come and a desire ho
horn ill the hearts of many to study
nature tor arts' .vakc and come to the
b parliueiil with the intention to tin
honest work along these lines.
Mrs. Hale, supt.
Proper Refraction Was Ilia Sal
As you go through life, you meet
thousands w ho have inflamed, blood
hot, nasty looking eyes and they
tell you they have tried all kinds of
treatment for them. Did you ever
slop In think how few were cured
through treatment? Such eyes may
be cured for a few- days or weeks
through medical treatment but the
trouble iicnilv always returns. The
reason for this is that the cause lies
tin' refraction of eyes. The eye
itself may be ini,-liavn i t either of
the lenses niav magnify more in one
meridian than ill otlier. In either
the brain comivts the delicate
mu-cle of the eve to tiv constant Iv to;
Mlecl the defect ill r ler that thel
1 r-011 may have perfect vision audi
the constant strain on those 111114'! s
itiiM-s thciii to Ik'coiiio sore mid iu- '
I! lined.
The following i front one of the
leading lawyers on the Pacitle eoa.-t, '
who was for l.i vcais general allornev
" 1
for the Santa Ke railroad comiiaov.
It show the stuhlHirnness of sin It
ease and
"Mr A.
- Dear sir
the futility of medical'
where the refract 1011 is
T. Robert, San Diego, Cal.
I send this letter for the
double pnrHse of showing ntv appre
ciation of your skill aud reliability as
an optician ami at the same time
aiding some one, who ha sutTered as
I have from thfet'tive eyes and im
projvr eye ghi.vt s. For Ibe fct five
or six years my eyes were 111 a con
stant slate of irritation and intlaiiud
to such all extent that 1 do not be
lieve there were ever three suivcs-sive
d.ivs I was not cc.nivlle.l to u. medi
cine of some kind or hot applications
for the purpose of allaying the in-'
tl.inni.alioil. I Udieve all the time
I that the guuMei I was using were in
some way responsible for the eondl-
l tion of my eyes, and in hope of
bettering the condition of my eyes
I consulted several of the supposed
best opticians iu the city and some
physicians also, and had a half dozen
pair of spectacles made esjieciallr for
t me but without obtaining any ap-
. preciable relief. About ten mouths
ago I consulted you and obtained from
I you a pair of reading spectacles ana
also a pair for outdoor use and the
effect was marvelous. Within less
than a week the inflammation left my
eyes entirely and since that time I
have never experienced the slightest
difllculty with my eyes. Iu fact I
have hardly been conscious of their
existence. Yonr glasses have iu truth
accomplished that which you
promised for them namely that they
would make 'me see without trying
to oe. Very resiiectfullv J. Wade
You will find A. T. Roberts at the
Western hotel. Examination free.
For Sale,
I have 500 high bred angoras which
will sell or let out on shares. Anv-
0110 having brush land to clear, may
do well to make inquiry at my place
on Foots e'reek, 15 miles from Grants
Pass or address 8. C. Kuble, Rock
Point, Jackson Co., Ore.
Murphy Items.
hardens are looking fine.
The Hayes boys arc working ou their
big ditch.
School is still going on. Miss
Annie Wade, teacher.
Health is generally good, thongl
Orandina Hunch has had an attack of
the grip.
Everyone anxiously looking for
rain. Some are dismally croaking
famine. "
George Swliideu, who lias been sick
for months is improving so he is able
to walk out of doors.
Grandma Day was buried at the
Williams creek cemetery, Mrs. Hick
man officiating in the funeral services.
fJrandpa Daniels and his danghter
went down to Merlin lust Saturday to
visit Prof. McCohncll, returning M011
Mrs. Hench has been having cousid
arable work done on the inside of her
bouse making it commodious and at
tractive. The Free Methodist conference has
sent ub a preacher, Mrs. Mary Hick
man. W. II. Turner also preaches at
tho school house every two weeks.
From now ou, we will liavo preach
ing twice, Sunday school and chil
dren!' meeting every Sabbath, also
prayer meeting Thnrsday evening.
We have a fine Sunday school from
25 to -10 scholars in attendance and
more to follow . Mrs. E. Daniels is
suierintundeiit and Mr. Atkins of the
Salvation army, assistant; Mrs. Mo
Timniins, secretary anil treasurer.
Nipper & Johnson's saw mill
nearly ready for business. They also
have a first class store, and our jsist
ofllce and Mr. Gilinore's store aro a
credit to our little town The white
tents, that hav: dotted tho little flat,
are now giving way to good sub
stantial cabins.
We had tho Salvation army officers
at our school house Monday evening.
They will bo with us every Monday
ov. ning for a time. The Methodist
preachers from town will preach for
us the (if lb Sunday. lietsv.
Leland Sifting
We would like to know what has
Ist'oine of the Murphy writer.
Hi ler of Whiskey creek has a plant
erected on bis mines so bo can work
the same to an advantage.
Iitisiiicss is increasing. Our stage
has at times more than it call manage
so au extra has to be kept in readi
ness. People are very busy cultivating
gardens as the market is good iu this
vicinity. The fruit crop except
is aches w ill tie large.
The weather has been salubrious.
Some passengers from San Francisco
reported coining up the Sacramento
that the weather was very enjoyable.
tltir school is well sustained,
most of the children raised in this
vicinity being scoug, healthy chil
Iron. A good inanv strangers are look
ing over this country.
Onr nights are very enjoyable for
sleeping; no mosquitos to destroy our
slumber, but occasionally a stray Hca.
Wo think they are dropied from to.
cars as they iuiss by.
The health of the js'ople is good.
No sickness to ris'ort. Withphnly
to eat, good cold spring water, a clear
couscieuce, plenty to do, that maki s
us a very prosperous jicople.
A few words to our marriageable
young men, also to the older men :
We wish to inform them that or girls.
also some of the w idows are willing
to marry. So Isiys, spruce up.
We have reports from the famous
Greenback mine that they are running
An Illustration
Of what flour will do. It will
double its weight iu 'bread. It
will make pure, white, delicious
loaves. It is more rcliabc and
11 ore teonomieal than any other
today ou the market. And it is
the housewife's favorite the e
plus ultra of family flour. What
more can be said? Get the
Medford brand.
two mills all of the time. Their
ledge is about four feet ide where it
, is tapped with the long tuiincL The
rook is good and the mine prr Rents a
very busy scene. Other mines are
being developed.
I The Oregonian speaks of the native
Oregoniaus raising so few children.
I Tho truth is they haven't the am
bition to support a family, what a
change iu this state in the last few
years ; as (we have a new influx of
people from the states busine s of all
kinds has improved.
We are receiving nice, quiet show
ers of cloud juice. As our crojis were
needing a little cloud juice it comes
very acceptably. Crops of all kinds
are doing well. People have been
engaged iu irrigation. The hay crop
will be large. The wheat and oats
have a good color aud promise a good
crop; a very little wheat is raised iu
this vicinity as it pays to raise hay;
that means fat stock.
Wide Awake.
Wolf Creek Items.
Our hotels are crowded with mining
men from far and near anil all ovei
the country.
W111. Corder and Clarence Corder of
Grave were lu town one day lust week
on business.
Our Into showers have done consi
derable .good throughout this part of
he country. ,You can almost see our
crops growing. We arc looking for
fine crops this season.
M. French of Grants Pass passed
through our town on bis way to
Gleiidalo and we learned since that
Mood bad a narrow escape from losing
his life by a band of hyenas near the
uorth end of Tunnel H.
Mr. Jennings of the Pass is lu re
now. He has invented a machine thai
will find gold "whero there aint
any." He has made three trip from
town in'o the hills and wu all
think Mr. Jennings will make a rich
strike iu the near future, at least we
all hope so.
Miss Edith Wartheu who has been
staying with Mr. Steiner of Grave,
was home with her father and mother
Vr. and Mrs. Wartheu on Sunday
last. Happy Jack.
Wilderville Notes.
Wo aro now having our April show
The sick of the community are all
reported better.
Mrs. Malinda Hocking was quite
sick last week but is better at this
W. H. Cart visited a few days last
week with Rev. and Mrs. Rogers who
reside at Merlin.
Miss Ethel Robinson is home again
after staying at her uncle's, J. H
Burrough's for the past, few weeks.
J. C. K. McCann made a trip to
Swede Basin last week with a loud
of provisions for the man that is slay
ing there.
Mr. aud Mrs. R. M. Robinson were
called to Grants Pass Sunday on ac
count of one their daughters being
sick at that place whero they have
been attending school.
Mr. and Mrs. (lose and children
arrived hero from Minnesota where
they intend to make their home for
awhile. Mrs. Close is a daughter of
Mrs. Dan Sheehuu of this place.
One of E. Erickson's nephews
arrived here from Sweden last week.
He will stop i" this neighborhood for
awhile. His wife and child will ar
rive before long. They had to stop
on the way on account of the child
taking sick.
Harvey McCollum cut his hand
with 1111 ax one day last week. It was
thought for a while that he would
have to be taken to a doctor but his
hand is getting along very nicely,
rhniiL'h it was a urettv bad cut of
about one inch long.
Henry Hocking got hurt while try
ing to manage an unruly cow. He
had hold of her when she wheeled
around throwing him to the ground
hurling his shoulder pretty badly so
as to stop Iii its from working 011 the
dam a few days.
The Williams -sawmill is getting
to be quite a city, there being several
families camped there. The mill
seems to Is. kept busy as they have
three wagons now that take logs to
the mill and about 2"i men are now
employed iu the mill and in the
woods besides several wagon hauling
lumber to Grants Pas. Zanoni.
Masonic Temple, Room 9,
Oflice hours
II to 12 A M
a to 4 p m
Grants Pass,
A 26 acre Rat.cli, uliirri"-itcil.
no lietter soil; ahotit 15 acres set lo
new hop; almtit 6 acres ood or
char J. mostly a;plcs, well can' for:
nitllons set in with hops. Will
sell at price of adjoining bate land.
I have a line New
ell at vost ut same.
o',:a;o I w:
J. D. DRAKK City .
C Street lietweeti 1 1 aioi Sth.
To Cure a Cold
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tailed
Buv the
1 $lttU&S&&&3&&i
Dr. Roberts Hero.
Dr. A. T. Huberts, ono of the most
sucees-ful eye sjiecialists ou tho Pacific
coast is now at the Western Hotel, lie
expect to locate in Salem or l'oi'tl.ind,
whero he bus already established a
reputation second to mm. anil has
tiiiped oil nt (iiiinl Pass for the pur
pose of ilcmoii-tratiiij.' hut a through
refraction! t ca.i tin tow.tid cm: of so
called hop. husi-jo tronhl
All of his work is done :hi'nitjh u
knowledge of tho c;
of Ii'ht as 11ppli.1l
lone with siieelacb
,e and t tie refraction
to the eye, mill is
b. r or a ! w days
k jH.cial examination
ho will tjive flee a
that in most cities would
fi.OO to Ti' aud will also g
-t from
s au - x-
ilanation of each ea-.c, t'enion.-ti atiue
with charts and peeial iu -trtiuieuti- for
that purpose, the original cause of the
Uiiuhlo, eiviug eaeli per. on a perfect
and clear uii(b'f'.aiiiliug of tli- ir
He usks as a special favor that those
who have tried in vain to obtain relief
will cull and ullow him to make them
iKitter ucquaintcd w ith tiii'ir own eye
and tho so-called disease.
Dr. Huberts has learned thi'ouj;li past
experience that proof of ability i the
very best advertisement and ho takes
this way of advertising himself.
Watch for hi articles oil the eye and
it relation to the nervous system in
this and other (,1'iinl Pa.-s papers.
County Treasurer's Notice
There are fund in the treasury to
pav all warrants protested to January
ilh, IN',17.
Interest will cease from this dale,
April '1,1, V.m.
J. T. Taylor,
County Treasurer.
Have your hicych s ripiirul at
Cramer Pros' Uicycle Hospital.
Beautiful Trimmed flats
Ai! the latest Pattern;
Trimmed with tho Mot Popular Mowers, Uraids
aud Ornaments.
Sailor Hats, 25c and Up
I can furnish you the latest (lesions in all kinds of Millinery, and
I can also satisfy you in regard to pneus my prices are right.
Call and see nn
Second .Millinery Store on Trout
St. Kast of Cth St.
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Transact a li.-inking lm ines.
lieceivc- d.po-ii !,,., , (lr ,, ,.,,rljli,.u.,.
sis,en;'Mnt:uad:;n,';!1,:;;,;;::"r,l''- "-'"' ...ider.,,co.
Safety di po-ii l.xe for rent. .1. Fl! AN K VAT..)N. Pre..
I!. A. Pan mi. Vice-Pres.
I- I- .1 KWr.I, l ashier.
The First National Bank
IBSBfmB ""'
K. A. 1100TH. Pre,.
J. r ( AMPliKI.I.. Vice Vrm.
II. I.. UII.KKY, fa-hier
J. II. I'AIU'Ot'K, Phoib.
Nearly thirty year of experience i tXuf Marble business nam,,,,, Uly will,
that I ran till your nrders in the very best manner
Math""'"''1 Wrk S"",l',' S"e,i r AmerUa" Ur-ni,"" "ny kindcf
From Slreel. Nrii to (irri ne'. (inr.nhi.p
HI '
n-; iri a-n-
- A ' .'s-" ' I
G. P. Pharmay and
mortui. J US Sismatirro
VM 7U year of nun and willing to work
at anything ahout the olliue for $2.(10
n week. Impure ut tin oilier.
'I ' Wo nice furnished ru cn with luinrd
' in piivnte family. Tahlo I tie best,
l.'piire lit tin. oOi.-e.
" I K I. u anl.'.l to do general housework.
Apply at tlii- ottice.
IJKAI. K.-T.VTK 10 buy real estate in
' Km 11 nn line of s. f. Puilroail.
A tile or cull at room 7, Mic-onic Hldg,
(iranls Pa.
I.'AIJM foil s, I.K-hvo unit from Me7
lin. Inn in re snout .'o ncre of irnod
l.oitoni hind, 1':, uere 111 cultivation, small
Iniuse and burn and alioiil Mi acre under
n n t. Iii-liiiii e nf land suitable for orchard
"r .u-uire. l-'or turllier particular ail-drc-
W'. M. t'row. Merlin, Oregon.
'iK() aere fruit unit sloi k rnn.-h, IP mile
" ' Ir.nn (iraiit I'll-, Idu fenced, SO
cleared' mill in hnnl. I'uir building, good
fruit soil, jilentv in' water and timber unci
the hel out-ide -lo.-k rane in Josephine
1 , unity. Price y uu per acre, part cash.
:alt at much on Join- creek or nddress
A. H. t he-smore, lirunts Pa", Ore
'()() A C II K ranch, iteod prune and
apple on-hard. mall fruits in
abundance; wan r lor inh-ation, beside
springs on every 10 acres' center of a good
range country; two dwslliug house, big
barn, every thing complete; well sheltered
from frost, gnml iinumir market., one
Iiuil mile north ol Tunnel II, price !,.'iU0.
lu'jiiire ut this ottn c
rot k KANCII ami placer gold mine
11 let) acres partly IciicmI 11ml iliiprnved.
House and barn, on hard etc., plenty of
good tiiniiiii' wuter, 1'u acre of "pay
gravel. Tlioii-anils of acre of oxcellelit
range Miimiind Hie preiui-e. (lood fruit
hay and vegetable bind, llandv market
lor produce, near H. Ji. depot, stores,
po-tiilli. e. , IjiioI. e.vpie, telephone and
I. -lirriiph. A biirguin at (Oiuj. Address
l.o.v 1 111. uck Point. 1 ircguii.
line of Trim minus.
Miss Ida Weston J
9i.iO.iioo no.
Preserve Your Clothing
and Woolens
Vy first brushing ,..u thorouKhlv
"ml hanging them in the op,.,, ulr
sunlight for or 10 hour... wrap them
tik-htly in tar Iit with si.ruo of our
r' liable !, ,,rof j,r,.Jt,r.,tini am,
1 L" "' 'i''t drawer, chest or, moths cannot ml wiU ,11)t
iM.ur.- We carry fDn Hne of
tirnn.l ,., ,,,,.,. ,,, lor j,
' 'lar, c.i:;:i'!.cr. etc
National Drug Store
Cunt Cria
in Two Dayi,
C! everv
PCX. 25C