Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 18, 1902, Image 2

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"Mary had a little lamb," but that was long ago;
Now it's grown so bi' and fat it's features you'd not know;
We call it mutton, fine and good, for roast, or chop 01 stew,
And everybody wants some; shall wo send a piece to you?
Order your Christmas Turkey
December 25. 1902.
(jil'tlllfN 1'llHH OpCI'il JIoilM!
By Ladies of Tlzalia Girclc.
Floor Managers Mr. A. B. Cornell, Dr, A. P. Harth, Win. Ahlf.
Music by Prof. Kurth's Orchestra.
All Maskers will remove Masks in presence oi a Committee when en
tering. Those who mask will enter the Building by the Stairway next
to Post Office.
Grand March 8:30 Sharp
Courier and Oregonian $2 a year
New Oregon Code.
Tho now Oregon Code, compiled by
Judge C. B. Bellinger and W. W.
Cotton, Ims bccnjssni-d This code
M authorized by the last legislature
and hereafter will be DWd in the
courts iu tlio'plitce of codes heretofore
in dm;. One thousand copies of .the
code will bo delivered to tho secre
tary of Htuto and will be distributed
by him.
The new code is in two volumes and
comprises 18.V) jsigcs. The index in
very full and complete, far surpassing
any of the previous codes in this re
spect. The index references are to
sections instead of to panes as in pre
vious codes. Kacli section is followed
by annotation refcring to both the
Oregon KeiiortH and tho Pacific Re
porter. The general arrangement of tho code
is practically tho same as Hill's Code
of 1H!I2, so that tho change to tho new
code will cause no incouevuience. One
feature of the l'M2 code that will be
greatly appreciated is the black type
line at the head of each sectiou indi
cating the subject treated in the sec
tion. This makes it much easier for
one to find tho law ujion'any subject.
Resides tho general laws of the state
tin) code includes tho Declaration of
IndojiendcIloe, the United States and
Oregon Constitutions, with index,
the act of admission and all acts of
congress relating to the state of Orc-
Upper R.ogue River
W. W. Willits, postmaster of the
new poNtofHco of Persist, on npjier
Hogue river, was iu Mcdford Tuesday
on business matters. Mr. Willits
has great faith in the future develop
ment of the upper Kogua river valley,
lie holding that the time will come
when that valley will contain a popu
lation greater than any other ono sec
tion of Jackson county. Ho says the
soil, is deep and rich, the country well
watered with springs and creeks, a
line grass region, and for fruit ho is
sure it will become the banner (lis
trict of southern Oregon, tho soil and
climate conditions being perfect for
tho production of absolutely faultless
fruit. In proof of this assertion ri).
garding fruit ho states that both lie
and his neighbors havo bearing trees
that havo never failed to yield a crop
and to bear fruit of a color and quan
tity not to be found in the orchards
of the lower altitudes. With a rail
road up Rnguo river tho valley woujd
become onu of the garden sjiofs of Ore
gon. Mcdford Success.
Forest Reserve.
Secretary Hitchcock has devised a
means whereby ho believs the forost
reserve system, Instead of being a
Government luxury, as is charged by
some publin men, will beepmo self
sustaining. He today sent to congress
the draft of Ji bill, authorizing the
secretary of the interior to sell tim
ber, grass, plants, fruits, seeds and
other material growing or being grown
upon forest reserves, including stono,
earth and all other inorganic material,
at what shall be deemed a fair price,
provided such sales do not interfere
with the present mining laws and
regulations in any reservation, or
with the present practice of selling
forest reserve timber.
The bill also authorizes the "secre
tary to rent or lease lauds within the
reserves for the purpose of erecting
and maintaining summer resorts,
stores, mills and other establishments,
aud to leaso suitablo reserve land for
grazing'nnd otln-rpurpos s noMncom
patiblo witlitluT'objectsj'for which
reserves are created.
The moneys derived from such'sales,
rentals and leases are to create a
special fund to be expended in the
caro and protection of forest reserves.
Each state is to have a separate fund.
Wherever there shall bo a surplus,
215 per cent of that surplus is to go to
tho school fnud of the state or terri
tory in which tho reserve is located.
Where a reservation lies in more than
one stato, the surplus is to bo proiwr-
tionally divided.
This bill contemplates placing forest
reserves on a higher plane than at
present, making them moie like the
Yellowstone and other National
pari:. While the bill is not such as
to meet much, opposition in congress,
there is little chance of its passage at
tho short session. Oregonian.
Items from Glendale News.
W. J. Orexton of Wolf Creek was
in town Tuesday.
Louis Kitchner of Lelaud spent
Sunday in Glendale.
J. 0. Lewis of Lelaud was in our
little city Tuesday.
Miss Mario Tongue of Ilillsboro is
visiting at the Victor mine this week.
Mr. lilalock's littlo boy at Golden
is recovering from an attack of typhoid
The Ruble hydraulic mine at Golden
Is busy night and day washing for the
yellow metal.
Mrs. J. H. Clements spent Saturday
and Sunday last visiting with Tela
tives in Grants Pass.
Mrs. 8. K. Willett of Grants Pass
visited Mrs. C. Clarke Tuesday, on
her way to Roseburg, whero she goes
to join Mr. Willett who has a run out
of Roseburg.
Tho Cow Creek railroad surveying
jmrty had some sport the other day at
the exponso of our friend, J. R,
Tliorne, whom, tho boys say, rode a
largo salmon, clinging to his game
down tho swift running stream until
both rider and fish passed under
rancher s fence. Tho fish was wet,
but Mr. Thorno was both soused and
soaked. Apply to Mr. Thorno for par
ticulars. Ho is at Bro. Kennedy's
Lcland Sittings.
Some of our miners are talking of
going to Alaska in the spring.
Wo have not heard of any rich
strikes since tho last writing.
Stock is doing well as tho rains
havo coino early, little or no wind
Somo of our population havo gone to
Placer, so what is our loss is Placer'i
Tho miners aro very busy, althougl
7 Ann ? 1
This hoc was awarded tho l-'irHt Prize at tit? Paris Imposition, thus Showing the best wor-
nirmship on Shoos in the world.
You Will Always lind Mv Line of
Men's, Boys', Ladies' and Misses,
of. i ho vorv bt st that munov can b
u .
A (iliaiaillcj to uivi ht.ocI satisfaction j;oos with
ovory pair of Shoos.
25 Per Cent Discount
On tho following :
Monte Carlo Coats, Ladies' and Misses', threo-ii;utor and medium length Coats;
Children's Coats in Kod. (hay, Tau and Blue; Ladies" 1'iubrollti shawls in Shetland
Floss and lco Wool; Wool and Silk Waists; Laoo Curtains.
25 Per Cent Discount
on the above
mi: LLin: skiut
This Skitt is made ot It ill m (w,K, Mer
e.ricil, ami links like -ilk, Imt w . at - In t
tel. Adjustable Willi honks ami iu hi
size Item iS lo .'4 w.u-t.
I. .ulics' Misms' a:i.l ChiMlcn's I'e.iki -wc.u
--Two-piece Soils mill 1'uinii Sutis in
All Wool, ami Cotton l-'Ve.t.l, ,ii !rom jsc
to c'4 ihi .1 suit.
Men's and Hoys' I'mlii wc it in All Wool,
Wool and V ill hi l I Collou, and Cot
ton l-'i-aveil; Col. its tlt.iv, Vicuna, liiowit,
Pink and llln
A U uitil'ul lino of Diawn Work, all
li.uiil made These v;.iods an.- liom a con
vent in Colot.iii.i
Men's and Hoys' Sweaters.
Men's and Hoys' Golf Shirts.
Men's and HoV Hats.
A hie line of Mill's and Hoys' Neckwear
Mufflers and Searls in Mack und while.
A In'd avsoi Uncut et Ladles' Handker
chiefs just uvcived by exptess.
A hi; nsottiilcnt of Ladies' Kid Gloves
in While, Perl, C.rav. liht and
Giavs, Tan, Casur, Hiown. Gieeti, Red
and DM K .-e
Childten's Kid Gloves lit K'ed lie n and
Pillow Tops, Royal Kilo and Ko;e Si'.k.
H'anket- and Conifoi'.s.
Vbiting Klantu l. ('.ilk i e-, and 1 i aH nes
for em tains.
t v
Call and Look over My Stock as it is the
You will find that my prices arc as low as it is possible to male them for
First-Class (ioods. My stock consists of
A larc assortment of Children's, Ladies' and Gents' Gold Rings,
sot ith Opals, Diamonds, Lubi'es, Emeralds, Garnets, Pearls and' other
stones. Solid Gold Neck Chains and Guard Chains, Lockets set with
real Diamonds, Solid Gold Bracelets, D'amond Se.irf Pins and Studs,
Solid Gold 14K Ladies' Watches with Elgin or Waltham movements for
$2ii. 00 to $10.00.
All Goods as Represented or Ycur Money Back.
r ?t
See goods in the window.
Front street.
R. O. McCroskey.
tho rains clinic curlier tliaii nsnal.
Sumo miners wcro not ready lor water.
Our po.-tiiflU'C is lining )!wi bnsi
ness. Our (lepnty lKistniaMer is kej i
pretty busy, lie can hardly lind titni'
to entertain the ynntiK lailii .
Snmi lvupln from Onlifornia Imvr
houlit mines here utid are nntlin on
aiacldneiy. Ah the roads are very
had they linil it n hltiw jaeeess.
Wt have nuilo an intlux of iien'!e
from oilier htates with a view of lmv
iiiK mines: others lookiii); for work,
us our climate is ko mild in the win
Tho weather Is wiinn; hlaeklu rrics
tire in bloom, others lire Iu I iL. i ail
to turn Mack. We think we call fi.rni I
Idackh i lies nt (Ihri-amis 1. r roily
io11ts. V, In ir ot anotlier aeeidant
it nt ; n man was wurkinn iu tunnel
9 hell intf re-timber the tunnel, let i i i -ad,
slip and cut on" the leaders from
one of his li us. Our iidviee is to
handle edpul tools carefully.
There ate no quart, claims idle.
All arc hcinn worked. W illi the de
velopment of different mines thii
winter, in the tally spring we ear
ook for the rreeti.iu of rve;al toilh
iu this distiiel. We have led-e-thal
w ill warrant the putting up of
si v, ra! slump mills.
Some miners from Whiskey ere 1
ire up t 1 1 ur town to lay in their ,-up-
ply. 'I hey live nearer to other tnwm
! hut can purchase chcaiier here. Tlirv
.epert active on Whiskey creek,
l'dat creek carries eiiie eld. Some
iood h'llp s have b. eu f, und there.
Til creek itself has !vn worked for
many years.
We read of Lieutenant l'enry, the
nan who has bin hunting for the
north iole. We would like to know
Ahat he has found but iee. He (un
spent, a lout; time in the Arctic n
ious, and now says the north jmli
can lie found, lint we think some other
explorer must tlnd it if it is i vi r to
!' found. Our jseple here re n
home loving p. ople not Riveii much to
Thi dnimunrs from ditT.niit
ixiints lire liKkin) after Lcland i
trade. A few years ao. tin-
writer k:.. ws that the trnle was
very ins-nilieaut but times are
ihanpsl. Lots of hig mines h..i
I e.-u foun I. a new class of lveoi lc
l-.ive come ,u, new sturu have sprung
up, tthere the how linn wolvm wen
rauiiintf a -iiert time aa Also m-vt
eiury iu f.iraiinc mure and men
tiK-k grow
We are having n little damp
a'her at t iines. lur eoriesninlent
f. mi Hugo mvs it rains, ranis, r:;in
1 1 re at Le'.and anil net so far away
f:oni Hugo. We have rain, t In it Mill
slone, hoik- inaes elotntr weather then The miuirs need rain so w,
u all riglit ; this full we had no early
runs but vlnu they did come it ha
ii tarded Mt , liu,: althougli js ople ou
l.iravo cMk have sowed a l:irg
amount of grain.
There is always something f.r will
inK hands to do We notice that tin
older a is ; son Iswuies the lew
charity there is. Perhaps that is the
reason why people are always busy
and make a good livinff and think
other people should do the same.
Our county poor house would not
have so many paupers if they were a
little more industrious.
We have no siekniss to rt'poj t, no
births, no marriages. Wide A'Aake.
Homestnke to lie Hc-opi ncd
The lloini sla'c mine at Weodviile
will sum be re-cpi u.'.l l.y rort'..:i.-l
people v,hoi xiet to i.t in m,ir
with air roiui'Msn, il. ill: an 1 ia:i
ehinery to reduce the b dje in y lii'iv
mi tal. i'h s m -'His ih" i p. nii.g f a
dozen mere glial pio.spi els mar Woe d-villi-.
With the llai ih 1. ilge i!in ctl the rivi-r and the l.ikins mine
opened with three mills thin on.
Weeilville will b giu to enjoy that
prosperity which nut ure intended
win n she placed so ni iiiy rich pros
p els in In r surroiaidiug hills. Tie
wonderful improvement about to be
made in the vicinity of Woodville can
not help but improve conditions in
liold Hill as well. li, ild Hu) ,.ws.
Victoriouj Hens.
At the '.st meeting ef the (iianls
I'ass city council an etl' was made
to pass an onlimine,- pn hihiiing fowls
running at iaige in lhi.1 city, but it
failed. i;g;s at 4.1 eel, is p. r doz u
made the in.le.sirioi .s io-.:s
iu both laying rgj.s ai d in M-rutehing
u;i gardens und tlow- r bed. ,) mUe.
if a hi.usi hold ii-cessity that she won
.lie day and hereafter ..hi; ,-au roam
the town over with mine to riut-tiou
her right. Medford Success.
Topical Blblu.
Naves Topical I'.ible is the only
practical subject arrangement of the
IMhle in jirint. It giv, s nil the scrip
tures on any subject of the liihlo
where one can turn to it immediately.
llishop W. H. Warren says of t10
I'opieal l!ib!e: "Lvery Hibl'e slmb-nt,
so cially ( reaehers and teachers, will
lind vi ry gnat assistance in this
work." Mr. W. L. Ireland can furn
sh jut with a copy.
Call 'rmSmokiiiK Jack-
i iMi ,mi iiko, imt ui(v re
Lo.iiiiiinif Jackets and
Uoiiii: Jackets as well.
Can you think of a more
desirable inas present.'
Hart li & Son.
Is ta'.-n intcrai'.Ir i.ei'iu. ,1 -. .!
Boots and Shoes,
Furnishing" Goods
W jp)
PmV-Jim.: i O-ijuTr l y icilniWM
i fP:i.i v' II t el..'. t,i 1 . B It-llin
Heavy All Wool Hlanki U Boys' . Men's Wool Sweaters to -r-'.OO jier pair.
and Wool Shirts.
rndenvear-Men's All Union Hull ed-;e Rubbers for Ladies,
Smts- Misses and Men.
Neckwear. H.o Collars i,l Thcse nib,,'-"rs are
r r n , e'lk'e of the sole by an extra
Lulls, Grips and Suit Cases pittfe which comes up thcsiJc.
Opera House Block
Grants Pass,
HI I lie li.ooit nll'l nilicuntis Sl;l!i.e, f
f the SVst 111. eieioisini. o 1...... .. ; t
imti.riti.-s eaiiyiug t through tio-
a i.ra: ciu.niif ,r. and g the
oise of iliMHse. It is in, i grvate.-t iLiitier known and is i:. onl
posi lve erne for inorrli n'
he market rh.-it ,1.,. ,.li .....
laiau'd f.r it, and m vir fails to cure
wh.ti t:,'ii according to dir-ct ii ns.
- Mi.- belt '.- will IS'l.vinee vou nf th,
underfill curative .r,-. rt-.. i f tl it
iii at I iii:f..rnia l;,,, ou
ntiirrh fr.e. Am'.r. s Su.iili Lr. ,.,
rn sno, t'aL
Keep Out
tho Wet
- . m. iw via . ... . ,r"Kfc
: J Ache all over. Throat sore. Eyes
j and Nose running, sliffht coug'-i
wit'j chilU; this is La Grippe.
Lik.-n in hot water, sweetened, be-fi.rc-
s; dm; to beil, wiU break it up
" t- ,cn in tune.
I' i";in en:, out Piinkilltf.-PEKIT DVt5'