Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 27, 1902, Image 1

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CUrk i
Deputy Clerk '
Deputy Hberilt
(School Supt. ...... .
...J. O. Booth
) John Wells
C F. Lovelace
K. L, Kartlett
T. P. Judson
Geo. V Lewis
Krnct Lister
J. T. Taylor
Lincoln Savage
thas. Crow
H . C. Perkins
VI. V. Krenier
Mayor W. F. Krenier
Auditor and Police Judge R. L. Davis
Treasurer Col. W. Johnson
City Attorney 0. K. Maybee
Marsnm jonn Mjcsnartii
Street upt John Patrick
Couiicliiiien ueo 11. uinns
A. ). lloueh, J. H. Williams. C.
E. Harmon J. A. Kehkoot. Will C.
butilu. Herbert Smith, Henry Schmidt
Grants Pass I.odce A. F. A A. M., No. 84.
reKUlar communication titt and third
Saturdays. Visiting brother cordially
invited. H. C. Bumzkk, V. M.
A J. Pint. Sec'y.
Roval Arch Masons -lleames Chapter No.
8tt meets second and lourtu Wednesday
Masonic hall.- L,. l,. jew ill,
J. E. PrrtHsoH. Secy. U. P.
Eastern btar Josephine Chapter, No. 21!
meets lirst and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Masonic
hall. Mrs. rl. Zollsb.
Miss. Ansa M. Holiiah, W. M.
I O. 0. r, Golden Rule l-odge No. 78,
meets every Saturday niirht at I. 0. 0.
F. hall. C. II. M tKHHALL,
T. Y. DrAN, Secy. N.G.
I'aran' Fncampment I. O O. F. No.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
I. O. ('. F. hall, Faso rViiBiuT.
T. YDtAN.bec'y. CP-
Uenekahs Etna Kehekah. No ,4!l. meets
second and fuuriu Monday, I. 0. O. F.
hall. Ma Da via. N.G
K i jili tiRSEN, Secy.
I nited Arlbans - Grants Pass Assembly
No 4!(, meets alternate Tue-days in
A.O. U. W. hall. F. E. Vir.nn,
r'ssn Mksscii, Master Artisan.
Woodmen of the World Hogue River
Camp No. .V. meets second aud fourth
Fridavs at Woodman Hall.
II. V. M kadi.
C. E. Maybe, Conu! Commander.
Women of Woodcraft Aralea Circle, No.
!!, meets lirst and third Mondays at
Woodmen ball.
L. M.v D.vis, G. N.
W. E. Dean. Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of America Grants Pass
Camp No. H0U7 meets '2nd and 4th W ednes-
dav Evenings at Woodman hall at 7 :30.
Chas. H. Marshall. V. C.
N. Re3 nolds, Clerk.
, . -t t ... r'ni.rt Inuuililni.
roresiers oi niut"" ' - i
No. 2H, meets each Wednesday except
G. M. Bolt, F. S.
Josephine Lodge, No. 112, A. 0. V. W.
lueols in A. O. U. W.bull, Dixon build
ing every Monday evening.
j. H. Meads', M. W.
B A. Stanabd, Recorder.
Hawthorne Lodge, No. 21, 1). of II.. A. 0.
li. W. nieeU every alternate Tuesday
evening in A. 0 U. W. hall. Dixon
buildiua. Man- A. MuCathv.
Mas. Lvuia Dean, C. ol 11.
KnLhts of the Maccabees Grants Pas
Tent. No. W meets lirst and third
Thursdays at Woodmen hall,
Will. Alfred. D. bioVALl,
Record Keeper. C'jmmaiider.
Ladies of the Maccabees-Grants lass.
Hive No 18 holds renular "i.tviews
nrsland linrd TharyJays at A. O. U.
W. hall. Visiung sisters cordially
invited. Jennie Cheshire,
Mary Bitumens, Lady Commander.
I.ecord Keeper.
Knights of Pythias-Thermopylae No. 50,
meets eacb Tuesday instil 7:JU I. O.
u hall. J. 1. . nuussc,
Tua V 11.LIA- ,
K. ol K and S.
C. C,
Otand Army of the llepuldic Gen. Logan
i'umI u. Jt, meets nruve I udjy at
A.O. I'. W. hall. J. E. I'arawioN.
Abe AxrsLi . Adjt. lum
American Order of Steam Engineers, Ore
gun Council No. 1, meeu nrjt anil
"bird Saturdays, at.A. O. U. tt. hall.
Viu. II. Kesnev,
Ktl. F. Mvrii k, I'hiel Engineer
Corresponding Engineer.
Order of Pendo-VVhite Rock Council No
HM. ineeis in A. O. V. V. Hall hrst
and third Friday nights,
C. E. Mav be, Secretary.
Emma ltKixHia, Counselor.
United Urotherhood of ( ariMiters and
Joiners ol America I nion No. ills
meets second and fourth ihursdayaol
each month alA.O. li. W. Had.
J. K. Wieuian, Pres.
D. A. FiTZiitai.u, Sec y.
AllUi.M'.V .tl LAW,
P.uctuesin all Stale and rY.leral
. Ulticc over t irl .National liank
Grants 1'am. u"io,,,,
0. M. UErUTi'
(i-Aim Pab,
N. E. McC.REW,
Furniture and Piano
r he popular barber shop
Gt;t your tousorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Rath room m eonnx-tlo'n
L M.T.T run to imm lOtI ,
T 1 4 "!t "-- I I
Fine Butter a Specially
Full assortment of Watches, Clocks, Sib
verware and Jewelry. A Uood
Assortment of Bracelet) and
Heart Bangles,
Clement' Drug Store.
Phons 21
Fine Writing
Those who take pride in the ap
pearance of their letters will be
charmed with the line of paper
we show. High quality and
correct in form. We have boxes
holding a quire of paper and
envelopes to match at 25 cents.
Seals, wax. and other needfuls
for the desk here in great va
riety. ..Qandy..
A tempting array of Gunther's
good things to tickle the palate
in Yi lb. and 1 lb. boxes. Bon
bons, chocolate and mixed
chocolates 60c a pound.
M. Glemcns.
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Tran'acta a General Hanking business.
Iteceive deposits nubject to check or oil demand certillcatea.
Our custotnets are aiMiired of murtmnt trf.itiit n.i M,n.iIi.p.tiI,n
alstent with sound hanking principles.
Safety deposit boiea for rent.
The First National Bank
Receive ilepoita auliject to check or on certificate payable on demand.
Sella tight drafts on New York San Francisco, and Portland.
Telegraphic tru!,sfera aold on all points In the United State. Attention piven to Collection! and general business of our customers.
Collections made throughout Southern Oregon, and on all accessible points.
t K. A. BOOTH. Pres.
J. C. CAMPKKIili. Vice Pres.
H. I,. OILKEY, ( ashler
J. B. PADIOCK, Paoi'R.
I am prentred torfuriiisb anything in the line ol Cemetery work in any kind
Nearly thirty years of experience in the
that I can fill your orders in the very best
Can furnish work in Scotch, Swede
Front Hi rnt, Srxt to Green Onnnhnp
A. E. Yoorhies -
Kodaks in Stock from SOc to $50
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tJwT given; where . confidence Is
la Usght exactly ts books axe kept In business; where shorthand la
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SCOTT BOWNK, 409 Purl Mrset, Km York,
Grants Pass, Oregon.
'ld. Silver, Copper, Lead. each. .11.00
tiom and silver
Uuld, Milver and lloptwr. 2.50
iold, Silver and Lead 2.M)
Tin 3 00
All w. rk done carefully, anil atraiglit
Imiineaa or none. Mail orders aolicitrd
Front St. 01 po. Watr Tank.
A. VanNoy, Propr.
oppoalte Court House
All kinds ol Hinh-Gradu Pliotorraplilr
Vork dona at reaiinnahln nrifea IImvaI.
oping 1 nil finiiihinii lor amateurs.
nee our Leader: One dusen Half Cab
inet, mounted on elaborate oval card?.
K. A. BOOTH, Vtce-Pres.
I.. L. JEWKI.I.. Cashier.
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or American Granite or any kind rf
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till in ly. Develops and
Fixes in Full DayliKht.
No Fust.
No Muse,
Alwevya Ready,
Perfect Pictures
Kodak Dealer,
Courier Office
Is done; where the reason It
developed; where bookkeeping
Surprising Results and Grand Possibilities in Fruit and
Description ol R. D. Lawson'a
Model Fruit Farm Nectr
The fruit industry ot Southern Ore
gon is and always will bo among the
very first. The peculiarly favorable
conditions of soil and cilmate are
greatly enhanced by the topography
of the country, which is cut np by
mountain and stream into a system of
small valleys. Rogue rivor aud each
of its tributaries carry along their
several courses strips of bottom land
of greater or less width and of a fer
tility that is remarkable. On the up
lands and higher ground is found
soil of every conceivnblo degree of
productiveness, ranging from extreme
fertility to barrenness.' Wherever this
comparative barrenness exists, hew-
fat. j hztW rilftZZlFi A
ever, it is in nearly every caso duo to
a lack of moisture rather than to the
soil The sheltorod condition of the
country, duo to tho protecting mount
ain ridges is one featurcwhich goes to
make this an ideal fruit country giv
ing it a olimate of niililiioss, free from
chilling winds or destructive storms.
In tho old quiet duys, before the
whistle of the locomotive was heard
in the land, the fruit of southern Ore
gon, tjiougli generally a neglected
crop, was of a high quality, uusoriiuss
ablo in any country or climate. Apples
were tho principal fruit crop und,
though pruning aud cultivation were
the exception nit her than tho role,
they were uniformly sound and of a
flavor unexcelled. A wormy applo in
those days would have bocn a curiosity
indeed and some of the applo trees
produced specimens of truly niammotli
proportions. Rut soon after tho rail
road was built, tho pcKts stole into the
country, brought in by shipments of
fruit and young trees, aud the Cod 1 in
moth, scale, and kindred parasitic
creatures found a luxuriant pasture in
the southern Oregon orchards. Tho
orchard owners wero unused to posts,
knew little of tho methods of resisting
them and generally wero indifferent
in tho matter. As a result, most of
tho old orchards of tho country be
came bndly infected. Then also, soon
after tho construction of the railroad
and the advertisement of the fact that
southern Oregon was an ideal fruit
country, many rushed blindly into the
frnit business. Many acres of orchard
were set out to be afterwards neglect
ed and allowed to dio for want of
care. Illadvised Wfcirk in this line
aud the foothold gained by the frnit
pests, gavo the fruit industry in Ora
on a set back from which it bus even
yet not fully 'recovered.
A few practical orcliardists, how
ever, seeking and finding the true
solution to each problem which
vexes the fruit grower, have tainted
the way to success, mid this way,
once-found is being followed by the
fruit tiro with in numbers whi"h are
ever 011 Ihn increase, ko that the fruit
industry lias taken on new life and is
growing healthfully.
As an crumple of the successful
small orchard and of the possibilities
in the fruit huHiuess which are dor
nmiit in southern Oregon, no better
example may be foutid tluin tho place
of R. D. Lawsou of Grants Pass,
whofwi plsce, though not la.go, is in
many wuys a model of the successful
fruit farm. Mr. Lawsou't place is
located in the outskirts of Grants
Pass about a mile almost duo wct of
the town's center. It is almost an
idtal phico for a home, situated as it
is almost in tho center of the little
valley where the Rogue river bottom,
narrow above and below, spraul out
here to a width of several miles.
The land of this particular vicinity
was never in cultivation until long
after the railroad came in. It was
covered with bruh and timber and
was not highly thought of by the
earlier settlera. The soil is sandy
loam. At first sight it might appear
even too study but it is marveloualy
productive. Mr. Lawson's place con
tains 50 un-s, but of this 40 acres
have ten recently acquired, ao that
bis operations in tho line of fruit
growing have Ui n confined to a 10
acre tract and on this he has worked
Mr. Lawsou's op-rutioua in the fruit
industry have been on a modest scale
as regards a reae, but the small area
of land to be tilled has permitted
Culture. '
a more thorough working of the soil,
with a better demonstration of its
productiveness. Ho has a prune or
chard of two acres, vigorous, thrifty
and healthy. The orchard, has been
sot out six yean. The third year
after being planted it bore .a ton of
prunes. The following year tho crop
was 6000 pounds aud the crop of the
summer just past was 15,000 pounds.
A few individual, trees bore burdens
of fruit amounting to nearly a thous
and pounds, and when laden to their
full capacity were an astonishing
sight The limbs bout to the ground
on all sides and the arrny of fruit
nearly concealed the trunk and limbs
so that the tree presented almost the
appearance of solid mass of prunes.
It would be unwise, of courser to al
low such crops geuerolly, as overload
ing tho trees cannot fail to bo in
jurious bat a few sample trees of this
character are a great ohioct lesson in
horticulture. On the same tract of
hind, Mr, Lawsou has apple trees of
two yoars growth, some of which
have a diameter at the ground of three
inches, whilo some of the- shoots
show a growth of six feet during the
Jiast season.
One of the most profitable and pro
ductive of Mr. Lawson's ventures is
his berry plantation of two ncres,
comprising the various varietios;
blackberries, .raspberries, Logan ber
les and aooselsTries. Tim nrnrinct nf
this berry "orchard" brought in about
.VX) last summer, showing how profl
table a small amount of land may be
made. Of gooseberries alone the crop
wus fiOO gallons, selling at 25 cents per
gallon. The berries wero astonish
ingly largo and of the most excellent
flavor. Homo individual bushes
boro a crop of five nations to the l,nl,
Mr. Lawsou shipped 110 gallons of
goosouerrries at one load to Crescent
City. Tho other borrles exhibited a
similar productiveness aud excitllctifte
and were uuiformly large and of the
finest quality. There are two twin
bushes of red raspberries from which
a 15-box crate of berries wero picked
every alternate morning for two
weeks during hist summer's l.rr
season. A single row of red raspber
ries, LutlilsTts, 80 rods long brought
In SU. Thttso berry vines iu full
bearing ate a surprise to all who see
them in their productiveness. The
viues themselves aro large, strong
aud thrifty. On 0110 variety of block
raspberry which Mr. Lawann is grow
ing, some of the vines at the present
time have a length of 80 feet or more.
This particular variety possesses the
pleasant advantage of being entirely
On this samo 10 aero tract Mr.
Lawsou has a plat of rhubarb 20 fit
wide and 80 feet long, the product of
which this year amounted to nearly
0. Ho bus also a small piece of
ground on which, during the past
summer he raised two crojis, tho ilrst
of onion sets and tho second of cab
bages and squashes Tho season, Mr.
Lawsou finds, is somewhat curtailed
in duration by the extreme dryness
which is often a feature of II. e l,,t,.r
part of the summers. Though the
soil holds moisture well, the season's
productiveness would be considerably
increasid liy the judicious applica
tion of water. Only a small amount
of additional moisture is needed.
Tho irrigation facilities with which
this valley will doubtless soon be
provided will increase Its productive
ness enormous: v. To test the txmuI.
bilities of the soil when worked to
somewhat near its fullest capacity,
Mr. Lawsou selected a piece of ground
about a rod wldo and AO feet long,
so situated that It could be watered
from the well, aud fertilized it
generously. Ui the spring he planted
lettuce aud peas in rows eight Inches
ajirt When these were well grown,
he drilled in beets between the rows,
so that when tho first crop was ex
hausted, the beets had a good growth.
He followed the beet crop by one of
tomatoes and cucumls-ra, thus produc
ing throe crops In the scat on from the
aamo piece of ground. Tho first cror
did not require watering. Tho third
he watered but three times. Iiy care-
Tul estimate, this "tmall jdece of
ground yielded la the season U
worth of produce.
A recent improvement hich Mr
Lswson has instituted on his place It
a fruit drier. Tho possibilities in
the dried fro It luduairy aro very great
and the industry is only in its In
fancy. This drier will accommodate
3000 pounds of green fruit at a time
and dries it in about 10 hours. Be
sides handling his owu crop, Mr.
Lawson dries considerable fruit from
other orchards. This year he dried
50,000 pounds of prunes. The quality
of the dried fruit is too excellent. to
pass unnoted. The prunes are large
and of a truly delicious flavor aud in
a raw state aro almost aa edible and
pleasant to tho taste as raisins. He
is now preparing to dry a car load of
apples which will moan some 30,000
pounds of the dried fruit.
. This fall. Mr. Lawson will sot out
an apple orchard of 15 acres, maiuly
of 0110 variety of good sulcablo apples.
Iu planting aud caring for this or
chard from infancy, he very reason
ably expects far better results whoa It
gets Into bearing, than iu taking an
older orchard thut lias suffered from
neglect or injudicious care and tryiug
to bring it into a stato of high pro
ductiveness. Ho will also sot out an
acre of red raspberries this fall
The extremo productiveness of Mr.
Lawsou'a place aud the success which
has attended his efforts iu the fruit
industry are not alone the result of
favorablo conditions of location, soil
and climate, though of course these
aro most important elements. Judi
loous care, profitable experience, wide
awake and discriminating observation,
have enabled him to accomplish
wonders. Other fruit growers cau do
as well and when u;h Intelligent
fruit raising becomes general in
southern Oregon this section will be
a fruit country difficult Indeed to sur
tlining and SclenliHo Tress.
In tho case of normally acid pulp iu
the cyunido vats about four pounds of
U1110 iM-r tou of sands would correct
it, an ordinary Bclullou being sub
sequently run on.
It has beou approximately calcu
lated that about 5,000, (UK) persons find
direct employment in tho world's
mines. Theso iu turn givo employ
niont to about 85,000,000 others.
Tho U. 8. Geological Survey has
chargo of tho geological investiga
tions, roiwrts, map, etc., and is a
part of tho Interior Department.
The U, S. Coast aud Geodetic Bur
voy maps tho coast waters, and is s
bureau of the Treasury Pcrtmcnt.
Disuse or nou-uso of a water right
is not an actual abandonment, but
long continuance of such non-use
would inilicato intention to abandon
ment. Abandonment is a question of
intention, and whatever clearly
shows that intent is .admislblu evi
dence. Iu handling timbers iu a largo mine
w Incus may be cut in or near tho foot
wall of a vein, reaching from level,
timbers to be used In tho stopo low
ered or run down through tho wln.e
and delivered on tho floor where they
are to he used, saving much timn in
underground hoisting.
The United Htatcs mints pay SI a CO
per ouiico for gold, standard, D fine.
Where tho bullion deposited for
coinage is suitable there is no charge,.
Tho depositor gets $1 for every 811.88
flue grains Troy guld iu his doisisit.
Tho chargo for simple recoiling" of
gold is f 1 for 1000 ounces.
To keep .machinery from rusting
dissolvo 0110 ouiico camphor iu one
pound melted lard i remove the scum ;
mix as much black lead with tho bird
and camphor as will givo it an irou
color; cleau tho machinery well:
smear with tho mixture; ufter 84
hours rub off ; clean and polish with
soft cloth. ' ..
The Empire mine, Grass Valley,
Cal., has been a continuous gold
ylehler or f."i3 years. It is a good Il
lustration of tho jicrnuiiichco of gold
mining, as a busiuess. In (sinking,
merchandising, manufacturing, or uny
other department of Industry, what
business founded in California in 1H.",0
is in active successful operation to
luy I
Iu tho United States iu l'JOO there
were 117 plants engaged in tho smelt
ing and refining of metals, III) in the
smelting and refining of had, 47 in
(topper, mid ill in sine. The total
capital invested in tho tmehers aud
refineries was WJ,:M,V.M, employ
ing 1 lit olllcials and clerks, drawing
salaries amount iug to 3, 150.01H, dis
tributing I0,:;7,IWII to 84,604 wage
earners, 1x1 ending IO.r.oB.S.'iO fur
raw materials and turning out manu
factured products valued at .'J.')H,.
1'lut ilium was first discovered ill
Russia In 1HID, although tho actual
exploitation commenced iu lH'JI.
Prom 1H2H to 1X45 platinum money
was coined in Russia, theso coins
being S, fl and 13 roubles. The total
amount put iu circulation was 4.2.A
OIK) roubles, about 1,878,500. During
that period tho production of plati
num increased materially, but wheu
tho coinage was stopped the exploita
tion of tho material almost entirely
ceased and only revived in lh.'.U.
From that time the production in
creased with the foreign demand and
market price.
Hlreaklng into a blading home, some
firemen lutoly drugged t list sleeping
inmates from death. Fancied se
curity, and death near. It's that
way when you ur.(j,-ct coughs anr1
ids. Don't do it. Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption givi
perfect protection sgalrixt all Throat,
Cheat and Lung Troubles. Keep it
near, and avoid suffering, death, and
loctor's bills. A tcaspoouful sto
lain cough, persistent uao the most
stubborn. Harmless and nice tasting,
it's guaranteed to satisfy by W. F.
ttremur. Price 60o aud jl.OU Trial
bottu-a free.
New Goods
IVlf inpnc 0 Tr (MM
a ui iiviwo u ipiAS.UU pvr pair,
svulc iuriains ouc 10
Snme honnHful
Rope Portieres.
Tables in immense variety from $1.00 to $25.00.
Holiday China and Decorated Glassware
quality and prices unsurpassed. .
Lacs Curtains
Mirrors column
Tho regular mooting of tho W. Cl
T. U. will bo hold at tho homo of
Mrs. E. A. Wade, Deo. 5 at 8 :!10 p. m.
What Is Horn?
Recently a London ningazino sent
out 1,000 inquiries ou tho question,
What is home?" In selecting the
classes to resiioud to the quostion it
was jiarticular to seo that every ouo
was represented. Tho poorest and the
richest woio given an equnt opportu
nlty to express their seutimonL Out
of 800 replies received, seven gems
were selected as follows:
Homo A world of strife shut out,
a world of lovo shut iu.
Homo The place where tho small
are grout and tho great are sinalL
Homo The fathor's kingdom, tho
mother's world, and tho child's sira-
Homo The place whore we grumble
the most and are treated tho best.
Homo Tho center of our affection,
round which our heart's best wishes
Home The place where our stom
achs gut throe square meals daily and
our hearts a thousand.
Home The only ploco on earth
where tho faults and fallings of hu
mify are hidden under the sweet man
tle of charily.
Drink In the Philippines.
Miss Auiilo A. Rohbins., national
suixiriiitoudont of tho soldiers' and
sailors' dejiartmoiit of tho Woman's
Christian Tomiicranco Union, recently
gavo an address in Nashua, N. H. , in
which alio described conditions In the
Philippine Islands as sho saw then,
whilo in those Islands engaged as a
nurse iu the American army. Miss
Robbina first served in Culst during
tho war with Hpaln, and later wont
to tho Philippines. With regard to
tho conditions there, she said:
"Tho natives aro temperate, al
though they aro not total abstainers.
In all tho time I was in (ho islands
I never saw but one native drunk, and
that case was caused by American
whisky. Wheu the troops first
lauded iu Matiila there wore alxiut
300 native saloons; now there are
about 000, many of them being pros
perous American ones. I havo seen
lifo-sizo pictures of Uuolv Sum in
front of theso places holding a
glass of beer ill his bund. In other
saloons the bar aud fixtures aro to he
men draed with the Blurs and
Striis. I havo Iwu passing along a
struct there, and would meet a group
of Intoxicated soldiers. We were
obliged to walk in the street and give
them the wholu sidewalk.
"It was told mo on good authority
that, In ouo company In purticulur,
only one man out of tho hundred or
more did not drink. In ouo regiment
it was found, on a canvass, that nine-
tenths of the men used liquor. Other
vioos are protected, if not licensed by
the government.
"Ths soldiers are fust teaching the
natives to get drunk. They teach the
women to drink beer, and tell them it
Is the pror thing to do so. The
women, In their endeavor to Imita
te the supposed habit of their Ameri
can sisters, aro fast taking to the
habit." Tho New Voice.
Closed Cavtes.
The gates of the .St Louis Kxposi
tion will bo closed on Sunday. The
national government made this a con
dition of a grant of $5,000,000. The
exposition directors did not sign ths
contract with any great amount of
pleasure; but they signed it, and the
matter Is closed. It is a satisfaction
to kuow that the miserable extwricn.
cei of Chicago and Buffalo are not to
be rcts-ated iu 11)04. Christian po cr
may give the fxixsition their unquali
fied support Wo believe that even
from a financial viewpoint the fair
will gain by the course which the
ovcrnnient has forcsd upon It
The Kummln Run.
We refer to Ohio ram m lea. The
uew local option law Is making
things lively lor them. Every town
which has so far voted ou the issue,
ave three, has voted the saloon out
The list Includes Barnesville, Cam
bridge, Cadis, Bethel, Kast Palestiue,
Hicksvillo, Greoiitowu, Crooksvllle,
house furnisher
This Ueold
$iu.uu per pair,
Picture Mouldings
0 rani t wars
Glassware .
Wooden ware
Port Williams, Croston, Mount Blan
chard, Belmont and Morral. Those
places range in population from 11,000
down to 800 aud have an aggregate
population of 83,000. Contests in
other communities are on. Most will
bo disastrous to tho rummies. They
all would lie if tho temperance pcoplo
were awake.
We congratnlato these fine Ohio
cities and villages. Now let them be
sure to hold the ground thoy havo
taken. Vigilanco is the price of
freedom from all sorts of badness. It
is often mora difficult to keep the
devil out than to drive him out.
Steamer Rogue River Sunk
The steamer Rogue Rivor, property
of the Rogue River Packing & Navi
gation Company, capsized aud sank in
the Rogue river below tho mouth of
the Illinois, aud is a total loss. When
tho little steamer was -within half
a mile of Its destination, In lining
over a rapid, tho line parted throw
lug the steamer against the bank and
oompiutuiT aemonslied the driving
whooL The boat was disabled and at
the mercy of tho current The
steamerdrlf ted down the river dis
tance of three miles, when upon strik
ing an eddy, upset iu about 80 feot of
wator. ' The steamer was of 85 ton
uage, aud carried merchandise and
machinery valued at $.'!000.
Tho Rogue River was valued at
tnOOO. The loss ou vessel and cargo
Is total
Tho Roguo Rivor was built last
spring by Joseph Huimlo and shinned
from Portland in knock-down shape.
980 young, thrifty, full-bearing
trees, five-room house, etc.. rteen
alluvial soil $2500. ' Great bargain.
Address Bou A. Lowell. Woodvillo.
Vmi-V tiiMt mnht lu. 1 1 -.. I I. I
at A. T. Hoadley, healthy, robust
blacksmith of Tilden, lud., that for
ten years he suffered such tortures
from Rheumatism as few could en
dun. Anil Hva n. - I
...... ...... ..UH m.iiiiiT.i m
change followed his taking Eiectrio tt'll .....t. . , .
mhi'isj. iWO iKuwri wnouy carea
mi, '' 1 1 tt writ... r .w.i
, 'tvn HHU II ID V IJ IV 1 (7 I V
a twinge in over a year." They
"kuiiiw uiw lYiiuic js, puruv me oiooa
and cure Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
Nervousness, improve digestion and
give jsTfect health. Try thorn. Only
ui. lYrmuor m ursj stores.
"If every one. kuow what a grand
medicine Dt. King's New Life Pills
Is." Writes T ir Tnm.. T I....
town, Pa., "you'd sell all you havo
in a day. Two week's use has made
a now man of me," Infallible for
const lit ion, stomach and liver
troubles, 84o at Kremer's drug stores.
Blue lriut Paper by the yard or roll
at the Courier oflloe.
Notice is hereby given that on Fri
day, December Uili, IIHI3, at tho
hour of 10 o'clock , iu tho forenoon of
said day, at the front door of the
Court house, the guitidiau will otter
for sale for rush to the highest bidder
the undivided interest, being oue
lialf. ol Mabel I. Smith, a minor, iu
md to the following real property
situate In Josephine county, Oregon 1
li, block o7, and Lot 7 iu Block 4H
of tho towu of Grunts Pass, and the S.
K. quarter of Section 23 in Tuwuship
Vi a Range 6 W.
Dated Grants Pass. Nov. 11, 1D03.
Huruh K, Smith,
Guardian of tho Estate of Mabel 1
Smith, a minor.
Absolutely Pure '