Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 20, 1902, Image 4

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nc wrought wr worta of mil try;
Tat ovrr m whllt mil fire there
ucb calm brood. n. and th air
From breath of roan waa o ivitt, 1
4 thought of kworda to plowtharvt baaL
' Kla wre t'ti icraalng; without far
Ovar th stl'-prc !.-.. d rar, 1
And r-rtlr. t.t-r. th noon had coma '
'Nrath o;kr Uii fuct-d th cannon's boAm
Which Primi r, A marijr a trampled clod; i
Now dalrt fl i a with inowl that tod,
Whlla white do vet coo unharmad wlth
Kadoubta rtrd for tha battla't din. '
Orlm paraprtg no longer frown '
t'pon a pnt, balcairurd town;
Tha ajrrattr city In Mi miicht
And prlda fuarrii th fclra conflict's alU;
Hwrat homM with comely lawna ara aaaa
Crowning hlitorlc heights iratia
In vracw and baauty, taf apart
From tumuli of tha buiy mart
Nor la tha fane forgotten hara
l.'nto tha heart devout mori dear
Than grandest mansion wealth reuri nlfh,
Hut ihrlnli. poor mortality
While on that day of all the bmt,
ThrliUd airaritfely once by tha bthtst
To armi, tha ecena la of rknee.
Old foaa now frirnda tr vowa of paaaa.
In this alow-crumbling- fort I aaa
Type of a fray waited bitterly.
Yet whoi rmemlHtrttt cup of woa
1 yielding to time ltdal fl'iw;
Thiiurh Ita dead berora borne away
Whether In blue, or In tha array,
(Maim their due ahare of votive bloom
Often aa doth tha Mnyrlrna rome.
-W. E. liolra. In Hphnsfleld (Mam) Ka
HK win a orw(clnn, hut swa
i:iilikh was n (fcxicl ii the king-',
lis wu liitf anil iniixMllar, with a ran of wsjlflit unil wlrimess.
Kit fare anil tytM wr tfern rnoiiffh
wlicn he thinned orders frmn tli
lirUlffr, hut, when inying the linut in
)la cabin, an merry at a Simla Clan
without the wlilskrr. HI tkln m
tannml liy the milt iraj anil liurneil liy
the ami of every tlrtfree of latiliiils
where ships have ever heen. He hail
rnuifht whalia In every i-u, from the
J'erala.ii ifiilf Ui llnflin's hay; ami a faw
year n(f" he aliniwlonril Hie "III wiiy
il New llnlford anil all romiiiM'--the
tlirec-year-lim;. round tha - world
cruUe In a fillln msel - to try the
adaptation if sttmm tn whaling. Kor
the bltf tirU-k oven on tl tlwk to hull
the bliihher (whirh all renieiuher who
know The Cmia of the Cachalot) he Htfd a permanent fartory for
relluiiitf tha oil, located on the north
ern hor of Newfoundland. Krom this
h uleanirrl nut to the whaling round
enrh morning anil back at n lf li t. rare
ly without a prize . For the old method
of throwing a Imrpoon hy hand froru a
small hunt he ulatltutd a harpoon
gun from the how of hia whaler; and
with these iiiiprovennMit conducted a
buainra that will oon make the few
urvie lug New IWforil tailing' whaler
aa obsolete aa wssodftn plow.
I lay In hi spurts hunk, serosa the
narrow rahin from hia own, and
dropped to steep a he finished a tala.
strangely like Kipling' "Three Seal
er," of a filf'it Iwtween rlral crew for
(lend whale in the Okhotak ea. Only
a minute later, it eind, I bumed
my IimicI airalnat the top of tha bunk
to the quick awakening of an eirlled
Norwegian craft cry from the top of
tha rompnnlonwiy. Thecnptain Icitped
from hi hunk. He waited not for
ah ok nor for other clothe than thoae
ha aelpt in, but boundeil up tha atrpa.
houtlnjf ordrra a he ran. While I
drNxed I e.'.uld feel the(ltli'k loppln(f.
the ahort adrancea and retrMita of the
nirinea, and I knew we were (talking
iraine. When I reached the deck Ui
captain had on hand nn the (run.
winging tt about on iU pivot. With
tha other be wn making aignala to the
engineer to top, to go fownrd a Utile.,
or to fro lnck. Following hia eyea, I
raught tight of our game. It Uioked
like a huge, rlgar-ahnped pleco of
month, iny- (late-colored India rub
ber, riling at regular intcrrala no that
four or Ave fci-l of hi illaiiirter and 40
feet of hi length allowed like a mound
on the amooth water. With alternate
rlalng and dipping he waa gliding
monthly forward, without apparent
eirtion, but with trutnendoua aimed,
ml In a perfectly atraight line. W
were approaching Win from behind at
an angle, ao that hi cur anil our
were the aidea of a V.
The eaptaln nn the raised platform
in the bow, following with the mouth
of hi cnli mm the coire of the whale,
wa the peraouini-ntinn of alertnraa
Th crew were ground behind him aa
eager and cipertant aa if they hail
rarer caught a wliale before. On of
them touched me on tJie uhjiuliler and
pointed, leutly a mile away, where a
doien other whalea veer kMiutlng fin
columna of rapor. When I turn.
aa;aln to our whale he had men oik-
mitre, and we were within :to fiet of
him. Every person on the hip wua In
a talc of tl4 alrrlui'M. Snildi nly
came the email f the gun. I taw a hid
tiiui red ligrag gnh on the hrod ide
of th whale; I heard the rumbling
roar of the time bomb at the point of
the harxnm exploiting in the whale's
vital. On deck there wna a convulsive
pandemonium. The captain. In thede
llriuni of the hunter at the ilea th of his
quarry, wn shrieking shrlit staccato
orders. The crew were Imping Ut their
itaiate. Kuildelllv I felt th- how of the
vesael give a jerk bi ncnlh me. then
tremble a moment, and l1 dip.
The whiile had gum- tmirht di'wn
ward. The roje iit.tiii'hcl to the har
poon shot over the Iwtw no 'ii.. l hut the
eye could not Ndh-w; wl-c n it touched
the wmul a cnrling ci'Immui ,.f nmoke
arose. The wlndln i r, oml like
a Woy'a top. t liumtr, I i m .1 IiumiI
wltih the iiuia ,if 11 ihin.,' 1. . 'ninth
Coll nfter f rore I en "t- 1 int,' noth
Itiglleaa like A milfilt ii'.n'" tlrr mvIs
ttraduall v tha wlmHii. ,.vi.eil to afun
The whale bad lou.-hul l.ti,,m. The
Very fow could bvliovn in liHiking
at A. I. iioaiticv, n I it-is It 1 iv. robtiNt
bhii kHiiiitli of Tilili ii, liul., for
ton yoara be Kiillrrcd mu-li tnrturcn
from Klii'timiit nun ns few con Id en
diini unil live. Hut n womlrrful
clmngii followed bin taking Kloctni
Illttora. "Tw o bottle w holly enn d
inn," Im writes, "iiud 1 have iu, ft It
h twinge, in over a year." They
regulnto the KldneyH, purifv tlu blimil
anil euro KlieuumtlHiii, Sieurtilia.
Mervousueaii, impnive digentioii and
Kirn srfivt luwltli. Try tlicm. Only
luK'tH. lit Kreiuer'a drug Moron.
Ilroaktng into a hlming home, aome
fireiiien intoly ilrnggeil tin tihvpiug
lumatea from ibntli. Kniuieil ho
curlty, nuil ibntli m iir. It 'a tlmt
Way when you iieghft coughs and
oolda, lKiu't do It. Dr. King' Now
Dlm-overy for I'oimumptliiii give
tsTfwt pioti'ctioii agnuiKt nil Throat,
l'.bel and Lung Troublea. Keep it
mr, and avoid suffering, death, mid
doctor' lulls. A t.-aiipoouful sto a
lat cougli, sirsiaiKiit use tlie mom
atubboru. Hann less and lilee tasting,
' guarantmid to aatisfr by . K.
Kreiner. J'riee IWo and l.ia Trial
not tie fro,).
A erumhllr.r fort orlookt Iht pUlm
Whtr iron hill anil Iradr-n rain,
With thundt-r of artillery.
c)tain aignnled to back the ship, lest
lie atiould come up afoul of tiie propel
ler. The1 rne flouted slack on the,
water. There wsa a minute or two of
ilent.expectantatiipe nse. Tlien. right
in front of thehow,si cloa Icoiilii havej
poked my finger against the Hubby
blubber, up roe the gi,mt nie up, up,
up till he towered full IS feet above
the rail! I Jumped bio-k In genuine
fear that he would topple over on the
deck. Thon he turned a soiiierniult
with splash and drenchwl u all. He
roae again, churning the water whrte,
rainl his tail quite 20 fevtaml shipped)
the water with a rtoiae like a thunder
clap at our very toe. He turned round
and round, wrapping the rope about
hia huge body, then allot straight for
ward on .the surface, skipping from
wave to wave like a awallow. He
reached th end of his slack roie w ith
a Jrrk that shook the ship fromairin to
tern. There wa an inatnnt tug of
war between the wliale and the re
versed enginea. Then th whale w,n
and for a minute pulled the vessol for
ward with him.
Again the windlass whirred and
whlnzed, but with diminishing epeed.
Far out at the end of hi two miles of
rope, thewhalechurned and lashed the
waterand blew big blast of lnt vapor.
Thecrew aawthe end and relaxed their
trnaeneM. They gave him half an hour
or mi to end hi convulsion. Then the
captain shouted the unfar to wlml In
Ui roe.
Aa the whale felt the pull he gave one
feeble, dying jump. The men stopped
a minute, then continued slowly to pull
In. Finally, the huge, inert, flnhby
body floated belly upward, Juit. olT the
bow. They lowered a boat, pnend a
ohaln about the narrow clrcumfereiica
where the tall widena, and grappled
him to the aide of the veoul. I noiild
see a dozen quarreling porpoises rut
lug the tongue of the monster that
had been an hour before nllve nuil, to
thoa scavengers. Invincible. The cnj
tflln gave a sigh and a smile of content
and leaned over the side to measure
with his eye the slfe of hia prize. The
crew busied themselves with loading
the Imrpoon gun H'raJn and putting
thing In order.
All this was Itefore five In the niorn
Ind --and before brenkfsat. Aftrr the
meal, when wa enme fi dock ngnln.
there had risen a heavy leelnml wind.
The captain anllTed It and glanced at
the choppy sea. " 'Twill be n bad ilny
for the feesh," he siild; and went ploft
t his bridge to watch with his glns
ea for awitlier 'bhiw.M With the vim!
'imi rain, and the two did. In'-ed.
make ImuI flailing. Not that the whn les
went In out of the wet, as an Irreverent
lallor must tell the gull-les Innda
mrn; there wis vsri'i a time wjien we
pould iuH see a don "blows' within
a five-mile radiua. Often, whim we
were not preard firr tiieiii, they
tvould wim right past us with all the
dignity of an ocean llnerapcrdliip past
a iMibblng fishing craft. They never
emed tn b merely browsing Idly
around tliey were alwaya awltnmlng
in a straight line, and always very fnst,
a If they had Important, biisinrfo
omnwhero on tha coast of Sweden
When they were chxe by we could fol
low them readily with the eye. and see
thetn rising and dipping at reftilnr in
tervals. Farther nlT. lo I Ire t lies ol
their course wen? their "Mows " It U
the one ronsplciHiiis itiiimt,ia! chnrac
terlstic remaining to this expatriated
land animal who ha ehos-cn the en.
vlronment of fish for bis abode; oner
In ao often hr must breathe And nt
his taking breath involves blowing a
10-foot high pillar of white vnfvir Into
the air. It ia this "mark of the hcat"
and of the beast's naturnl habitat thai
betray him to hia enemies.
I .a te In the afternoon the captain on
tha bridge (wept the with his
glnsaea, and aw imi sign of a "blow."
lie glanced at the sinking sun and
measured w Hh hi eye the SO miles tr
the harbor. He dropped his glasso
and gnve a quiet order that meant the
day' work was done. The deck wn
put In order, and the stocky little
whaler, with her trophic grappled
close to her aide, set her bow towards
the mainland. It waa net for the want
of "fish" that we had fisherman's luck
that day. Hut the whnler was no
larger than a tugboat. The heavy sen
tossed her alsnut like a cork, and alin
ing a cannon with so unsteady a luian
a Uie whaler' how wa dilllciilt biisl
naa even for the excrt captain.
Three, times ho fired and missel; and
a it took an hour or two to rehnd the
gun and prepare th Imrpoon and
txmih, it waa two o'clock in the after
noon before we got our second prize.
The process w-as In all respects like the
flrat; but there w-aa the snuiv f rviify of
xcttemcnt aboard the ship. The one
apietltv that never becomes sntinted.
th one Instinct that is never sat i tied,
the ous experieincit that no ainoiint.of
repetition dulls, ia. it aeeu s. the in
tinet to hunt and kill. In primitive
man it win the firs t law i f his being;
and, Ills the whale's breathing, it
staya with him in a wholly changed
Th captain slowly paced the bridge
and puff id a long cirar in profound
content. 1 Judged. b what he had
told me, that hi iinlii iilual share in
the day' catch wvuld be n kucecsaful
lawyer' income for a vevek. llostun
asvlc Wsnted.
Toiing Mnu 1 mine to ask you for
th band of our daughter, sir.
old Man (the father of seven)
Which one of lay daughters, young
"Hint's another thing 1 wanted to
ask you. Now. as a friend, which one
would you nli.e me to take?" Chi
cago llaily News.
Hikhh tn Hi lroesstn.
Clara lienr Label, you are at lust
a slleeessf ui n 1 1 1st.
Isabel Oti t lara, 1 don't feel my
self a niece; I've junt move.! up n
lii 1 le. hci iiu-c a lot of nbisr sirugir It i
lone c-nl I ll c! lltid iplit Pelioll Flit
IT is v p to tiii: iuH":tit.
A I. idv wrote us few weeks ago
from Wiiicbi ster, Vii., that .lie bid
Is-eu iindei ii dm tor's caiv for I v. ais
for dysis'psia. tlie pain m i uied lo
Center' under her left shoulder plade,
and was so severe at tunes that she
could neither eat llor sleep. Silt bad
lost fanh in her home iloetor. mid
iisked us to semi us samples of our Or.
liunii's improved Liver I'ills which
had been recoaiiueuep.l to her. We
sent lur two ulls. In a few ilavs
she sent for u ls. Now she writes
that the luiin under slionld -r h is I, ft
her entirely, she enjoys lo r locals and
never sleeps less lli.ui M hours everv
uight , mid tins has all rome alsmt
in two weeks, mid cost ber .'S for
two lmxes of pills. S:i s i lie ibs ior
charged her eV.umi niul tliat she lold
111 in lie bail Is-tler take Hie $ ,n 00 mi
invest it all in Or tiiiiin s linpri veil
l.iver I'ills iiudb uild up his luaclice.
Wo have not received the IVvior's
order yet but unv one having dvis p
sbi, bilious s lls or sick lieada. be
call jp'l tl sis edv cure bv the use of
these pills, l-'or ki! bv W F. Krem i r
l'hoto Suipllo, at Ibo I'ourio: of-tlco.
Wa no match for the microbe. Giant
he might liy but t'ni microscopic or
ganism deftwl him, and in many a cam
pain more men were destroyed by camp
di-a-cs than by the enemy's word.
The on? iviy to r
ann atjninst micro- (T?'5
bic disi.-.iHC is to TV-''-''!,
keep the b -s-1 pure. Sa
breed and feeds
The sitti of im
pure blood are ea.iy
to rrail. I'imples,
luiils, and eruption
fene.r.illy proclaim
the bloil to I im
pure. Siroftihaia
scores and swellings,
salt-rlli-utll, cc.ema,
etc., are otiier sipn
of a cor-upt condi
tion of n? blood.
IMS-tor Tierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery purifies the
bl'io 1 and ciiii-h ilia
easti c;i;i.ied by the
hiood'a iiiinuritv. It
cures rrofi'.lous sores, boils, pimples,
eczema iin.l otiiur defiling and disngur
illg diseased.
" It siV'-i m nosl Jil'-asure to express my
f.iilh in i:;f v.rlu- of lir I'M-rer-s llohlen Med
i.hI liis.-ri v " v.rilm Mr. l-'z-Ulrl l;l'ro. ot
(;ruylmn. lituwi Co.. Ohio "I sufl'-refl every
thing l"i twi, var with humor on my fsce.
wlilih l,:if!lfl the "kill of soinr of Hie nvl
noli-il plivsiciini fll once sdviwtl IiikoIi;
the iiM.piliil . wu. (I.Kturerl llicre for three
inoiulis wilhoiit sticeei. Came liomp ilinroiir
nceil. 'i'lien tKioi to it''tor with s 'cheiuisl.'
11 iiIho lhtl-1 to h' ! rie. Thrn I beic-ul Ur.
I'lrer liol'I'-n Mili.-n' lllstfivrry. wilh no
IiiiIIi whri'evrr In il. Uu ll only to please my
wllr ; lnit I am li:ij!,v to tell y.Mi llml slier Ink.
Im; Ave Imtlles I 11.11 clllirt-ly cureil.'
I-HiiH. Iv. I'ierre' Common Sense
Medical Adviser is sent fret on recqint
of sttiiiis to p:iy exieiise of mailing only.
Si nd Ji one cciil i.tamps for the book in
p.iper co-. err., or .V stamps for the cloth-b-mnd
vol cm Address Ur. K. V. i'icrce,
Cuialo, N. V.
1'1','TI'KK MfJt'NTI N (i S.
I have a g'Kid stork of ll largo nuiil-
bnr of pirlurit iiioiuit ing lxmiils lit
from Ti to 2"i r eiilH r lurgo short.
I'iihmi l'arlout binding in nil colors
iiImo in Mtoi k. A. K. VoorbicH.
Cut tliiei out mid tako it to liny drug
slorii mid get ll froo Hiiiuplo nf (?Iiiiiii-
iierliiin'H Stomach mid Liver TiihlotH,
tlm best physic. 'J'lioy cIiiiiihu nuil
invigoriitii tlit; Htiimiii'li, iinirnv(i tlm
iippcfito and regulnto tlm bowcla.
ltegulur size, 2."ic. per box.
llorbinii cxertK direct ilifliioncn on
tlm bowel, liver and kidneys, purify
ing and Nfii'tiglhciiiiig theso orgniiH,
mid imiinliiiniiig tliem in ii iioriiuil
conilit ion of lit is 1 1 Ii ; thus removing
common ciiuho of yellow, luolliy,
greasy sain mid morn or less of pim
ples, bliili lii'H mid bliieklieiiilH. fiOc lit
Slovnr Drug t'o.
Tlm iiiiili rHigned will give u free
Hiimplo of Chiiiulierliiiii'H Stomiicli uud
Liver Tiiblctrt to any oiio waul ing n
reliable remedy for disorders of tlm
stomach, bilioiiHiieNH or coiiHtipiitiiui.
Th in iN ii new remedy and u good iiiui.
Sold by nil ili'tiggis-tH.
Hy sending IM mi lea Win. Spirey, of
Wullon I'liiuaco, t., got. ii box of
liucklen'H Arnieii Snlvo. tlmt wliollv
cured ii horrible Vevor Horn on bia
leg. Nolliiiig idwi could. Positively
ciiliH r.iuiHes, l elniiK, Clcers, hrtip-
lions, KoiIh, liuriiH, C orns nuil I'ileH.
Only S.'hi. tiiiiiniiitei'd by W. V.
Kremor, driiggiHt.
Thro' Train Southeast.
Northern Pacific
Burllnitton Route).
The St. Lcais SiM'cinl, the throiish ex
press of the Northern I'acillc mid llur
lingloii railroad from tlie Northwest to
the Southeast, changed time on May I.
Tlie 1 1 u iih run 1 1 no ii tnl servicti is materi
ally lienelltcil, ns connecl ions for the
I'.sst and Sunt): are now made with
morning trains nut ol St, Louis and
i n m. Louis Mice ia I now leaves.
Portland, at S .'J"i a. in.; Tucoms, :i:40
p. hi ; Seattle, 'Jt .fit) p lu. ; Spokane,
ll .V) a. in.; Helens, 10.15 p. in.; Hil
ling", 7 :l)t) a; in.
The in w curd is more convenient to
most cities in the Northwest. The
Irniii now curries Hliiudmd sleeper,
tourist sleeper, diningj'ciir, chair car,
cnHi'li, and bimean cur, Portland to
Kansas t'ity without change, also free
reclining chair car, Portland to St.
Louis. It remains the great TIMK
SAVI H, as well as the only IIiioul'Ii
Iruiu belwecu the Norlhaest and the
I. M. Mcllany, t ireeiivi He, Tex.,
writes, Nov. ;'d, p,KHl: "I bud rhen
tuiitism hist winter, was down in bed
six weeks; tried everything, but got
no relief, till a friend gave me a part
of a bottle of Italtiiril's Snow Lini
ment. I used it, unit got two more
bottles. It cured mo nml 1 haven't
felt any rheiiiiiat ism since. 1 run ns'
oinmeiid Snow Liniment to be t he best
liniment on earth for rheumatism. "
l-'or rlieiiiiint ic or neuralgic pains, rub
in liallard's Snow Liniment, yon will
not sutler long, hut will be gnitilled
with ii sis-edy ami etTective cure, '.'.'ic,
eOc and jl.tsi nt Slover I'lug t'o.
ins Lin: in pi:i;il.
" l just seetiied to have gone all to
pieces," writes Altrell l'ee, of Wei-
fare, Tex., "biliousness mitt a hime
h.irk luid ma le life a burden. 1
couldn't eat or sleep ami Celt almost
too worn out to wotk w lieu 1 began
lo use ctric Hitters, but they
worked wonders. Now I sleep like ii
I cm cut an thing, have gained
in sii-eugib and enjoy bard woik."
They give tig, Tons health and new
life lo weal,, sieklv. run down pii'ple
I Lev tbeiii. Only ,Vk- at W. K. Krc
in. r's di ug store.
dr. iimn
All iltaoase of Khlnev.
B'.s.hler t'rinarv Oipans.
Ik. KUi'uni.illsiii, Ia, k
aolie H'MI Mllsartss lirsvel
Inoieiy, l'ouialo rroilbltf.
Pon't )t-mu dtaoursHcA. Th?r-i U ft
cuu tr you It n.v.'-,Mi mi' It. t nn- r
I h i ii t ii ht' tlni t-iirn.vr tifst mub
, I.IM-. ;t .-HI . All 'VliMiU;, lmi.l Fro.
"F't yi'iN 1 h id tvifWa. he. wvi-w piln
' H''rtMkiin'vHihl ki-hIsIiiiiI urine. 1 f.'ulil
n l i:t' cut l tvtl willuvut Itrlp. Tlie um-uI
Pr. L inter ! Uuliu'r ami Itm' k.ndie rim- re
tu.p.Hl me. Ki WAiaOM'H. KnulvlUe 1 m."
lrurrUrH W.fl. Ak f tN' Frt
i (or tale by W. F. krermrt
Timher Land Act. Jnne 3, 1S79.
I'nited Stste Uod Office,
UoseburiJ, Oregon, Hept. 1!),
Nolii is berehv tiiv-n thai in roin
plisnce ;tn 'h provisnins ol liie i" f
(iiigreKt( June 3. 1K7V emiiled "An
eitlor the al of timber land in me
i ate of Cslil'irnia. tiregon, Nevada,
id Washirg'on Terriloiv," as esten '
t In all ibe Public Land l'ai,s h ai l
I Aujii't -I, 112. Wilbur C Wa'd
Portland, County of MultnnmMi. S a'e
if Oreg, n. list Ibis day flint in this
offiee Ins sworn stieneoi No 34!-1, foi
Hie purelm-eol the NW'4'. NK-U N'K'4l
NW!4.riK NW'4 K A' ofNK'oi
lion No 'il in Tonshi No. i South,
Ksn No 7 W, and nl i tfer proof to
show tha' the land sought more vabi-
ible for i' liiul-r or none ihan for ag
ricultural piirpo-e-", and to es'ahlisn bis
claim to "aid land before. J. ). tiooth
i.'ouniv Judge, at hia office at 'iian1!
I'sss, Oregon, on Monday, tha 8'ti day
il liecemoi-r, VJ'Yi. He na nee a wu
nesse :
T. W. Ilansell, K II. MufM, Alfred
(j-isliifson, F. I. I'lcklhorn, ail ol Tort
Isnd, Oregon
Any snd all persons c!a:ininx adverte
iy the artove-deseririeil lands are re
quested to ilia their i l iims in ilns ofl'ue
on or before said HI ti day o! Decern tier
J. T. nilllKIKH,
Timb-r Ijind, Act June 3. 1H7H
Hoseburg, Oregon, Oct. 22, 1!WL'
Node is hereby given that in cum
I'Iihiii'S wiib lbs piovisiohH of the at ol
Cougiess, of June '.i, iH7H, entitled "An
df lor Ibe salH of timla-r lands in the
Stale. of California. Oregon, Nevada
slid WsrliihKUin Territory," as ex
tended lo all pulitm Land Stm s by set
ol Aiikiisi 4, IK'.i. U i i.i.i a u h. h
lloniiK, ol I'oiilaiid, loiiiiiy ol Mulinii'
mill, Slate ol Oregon, has rlns day tiled
inlbisoiliie Ins sworn statement .N
'M'Si lor lliu purehas. of ibe hvV4 ol
Suction No. 0, in luanship No. 41
South, Hung No 4, VNent, and will
otter piool lo show lhat ibu laud sought
is more valuaole tor ns 1 1 in tw r or stone
llisn for agricultural piirpna.-s, and lo
ealahlisb bis claim lo aaul lund ta-fore
O. ll'Xiib, (Joiinty Judge, at hii otlice
tirants I'sss, Oregon, on lliursday
ibe bull il iy ol January, l',S).l. Ii
iisines as w iloesses ;
LiiKiliclh II. Ilodsa and Kae llojge
ol I'orilaod, Oregon, and A. W. isilsln
ol tiiams 1'ass, Oiegou and Oeo. C
Cllley, of Sleailltloal, Oiegoll,
Any and all persons ciaiuii.-.g til
veisely (ho ao vt -deecrih tl lands un
requested to liie ibeir claims lu iTii
'dhca on or befotH said ITii.ti day ol
lunuaiy. lW.i. J, T. Illiinoi.s,
Timber Lnud, Act June 3, IS7H.
Kosebuig, Oregon, Ojt. 25, l'J.U.
Notice la to reoy uiven that in com
plisnce wnb the, pioviaioua of Ilia
oi Congress of June. j. ln7H. emilled ''An
act for the sale of limber lands lu I lis
.s.iates of (Jalitoriiia, Oregon, Nevadn
and Washington Territory," as ex
tendril lo ail Ibu Public Land Siaies by
set of August 4, I sii J, Katu llmsig ol
rnrtland, County of .ltiitiioiuub. Mate
of Oregon baa Ibis day tiled in Ihi
ollice her sworn statement No. J7Ho
the pinrliase. ol the SI'i'i of Seciiou No
Ii, in i'owiiHinp No. 41 South, K uigH No,
4 West, and will oiler proof In rhow that
the lund sought is mure, valuable lor ins
umber or slonn than lor agricultural
purposes, and lo ts abilsb ber claim
said laud beioru J. O. Hoolh, C'ut.nt)
.fuilife, at. bis nthce. at. tiriuiM I ass
Oregon, oil Thursday l In) Uiih duy
Junuary liiOJ. She u noes as wltllce
VN llllHIII K. K llodge mill KllZ-llielli
ll. I lodge, of Portland. Oregon, A. IV
Silsby, ol tirants Pass, Oregon and
lieo. t;. Culey, ol Stl'Uiliboitl, Oresoll
Any and all persons claiming ail
veisely the. aliove-ocsc nlicd lands ate
reuuiiNied lo tlie liieir c'aim lu this
nihil) on or before said lToh day ol
January, l'.IUI. J. T Hiiiikiks,
Wu received ii letter from Wiivrross,
tieorgin, ll few iluva ago, from il lailv
who has lived there for veurs. She
writes ns that she had been triiubl
witli femiibi compliiint for ii long
time,, until she was reduced almost
to il shadow. It elici ted her mind
she could nut remember liny thing
would get ho colli used anil so nervous
mid irritubh) sliu could liurdlv sleei
She desellls'il beV (use us one similar
to thousands of other women, uud tin
coded Ibo letter by Riving she gamed
ltt lbs. lust month, "uud never felt
better in ber life, having no truce of
ber former troubles, slept well mid
uto her iiiiiiIh with i relish. This
lady commenced tlm use of Dr.
(iiiui a r.looil unit Nervo loiiicjusi
six weeks before she wrote the h-tl
from which wu copy the nhov
This tonic is in tablet form and should
!h taken right lifter luculs. It turns
tho food vui cut into strong rich
blood, making solid tlcsli mid feeding
the nerves, curing disease by making
healthy tlcsli. Pule, weak thin
IS'ople should uso this tonic. For snh
bv W. F. K renter.
' everything
that rims on wheels.
Sold Everywhere.
j Tli in is tlie nmnlli ef cousin, rnlils
I nuil iscnte c:s(ari Ii. On ym ralrli rclil
IiismIv? KiiiiI vvmrwlf iimirsc, wild H
I t s V. I ins; in your throat mul mi aiiin y
! inn cdiiliIi nt nistlit 1 Tlini, vim slii'iil.l
kIw bvs Imve n l.nti lc of I! il I
j lisr.l s llori'lii'iiinl Svriiv ,1. A. An
ilrrsun, S.'. Wrsl .'.ill Si. Salt 1 akr
v'lty, writes: "V ne l'lilliinl's I
, ll. r liciinil Syrup for crulis anil
, rolils It gixi imiui'.liate n lirf !
Wo know il' tin' st rrninlv fr.r i
tii. ss' inuil.lrs. 1 wriir tins t in-
ilu'rc oili. r s-ul' lo irv tliis rlrsi,iit ;
, i tlicient reimtly. " J.V, .W ami JI.lV
aw ' S t ! slu'tt to.uls.
mi JkVud light loails.
-v .-.-i'LJ'J1 k'VI'V'FTJs
- .11' IT .3 ssn s SLSw- . ;r
I st Slovrr Priip I'd.
Timber LanJ, Act Jureo,
Koeebur, C'rejn, CX t. .5, 1902
Kotice i hsreby g v-n n at in coin
pi an.:- rn tn i-mv sol iu acs oi
Ol S e-. ol J Ine .i. I. . rnilMCU,
liorueie oi ii ii" '
. . . . .. V-. a, 111
ft.a'ee i t t. a 1 oriiia, eieji
d t selling on lenitoiy. as n-
tended lo all i be r'n'olc l-" I J
act oi A ldus' -i. in.'.. tLizAiitin -
DoMiE, o! i -jrii.tid, County ol jiumiio-
,...i. -I , e ol Oreitoll. b.8 till d.v ti!eu
n this ottice ber sacru natemem
7S0 (or the purchase " tt'e -f.
F.i. snH rK'. of .n'j nn ,
SKI ol r-rciitxi No. ti us low .-,flii,
oiitb, No. 4 Vl est
and will
ifer ir.x.f to ri-OW tlul
the land
iul,ti. ui'ire valuahle fur t'l tuiiL-ei
,r stone limn lor agncultnial
snd to eaiami-h her cla in to caul ln '
a-lore J. O. bs.ih. County Jiuib-,
hie ollice at tirants I'ae. 0 ' n
Thursdav tlie loin day ot Jjnuny ii"-1"
William K. V.. l 'dge and ha'e 1) sie
f Portland, O.en'jn, W. Mlrhy. oi
irauts Pns-, Oreg. n slid ijeu. L. Cu es,
il S eauib- a', Oregon.
Any ami a'l pei-ons i;.im:ni a I-
VerseiV Hie auoVe ill "Cllis-o i
reqiier'tid to flic ibur csi ns in thl-
llu: on or leljie ta ll I ) II oi. u
lanuarv I'JCi. J.I - l'.Kiis.Ks,
tl gis: I.
Timber Lm.l Ac', June M, ls7i
Uiuied S ates Lun : Oiliec.
lioeeburg, (Jreon, Sept. l'.l, I'.io.
Notice is hereby given tin"'
compliance wilii ine prun-cm
ll)H UK" Ot C
fitti 1' i "An uv.'
lur the -sic ' I
! rt'lS ol C'l I" HI'
VVi-tillniloli i'eir,
lo ail ill.- lo'eii
ol AiiJU'i 4. loll-
tiinoi-r ImuI' m i lit
turv," un t-x ttitrtt'!
Infill S i t hv hci
l-iel L. I'uk'h in of I'jrtiatMl, I'MiiH)
i Mutliiuiiirtti. Strtit (ji O'fj'n.
Huh (Imv liifi in Mil- rince In- -yort
-tHit-m-.n So :JV.'i, f"r ihv t h .- "
(lit- N W 4 oi .-K'4', .NK!4 ol SW4 SW 'A
nt SiW'. mi! 4 ol a A '4 ; o. S.-cti h
.No 22 tn Ioa iibtup i J( rs iu:n. Urtnii'
.No. 7 W. tsiid will dllVr piooi n chuv
!.llrlt (III hlli'l htillk.lll H IllO-t- v.Lliuh I
'.or itH timber or Binnc Umii 'or Hr ic-tt !
turn I tiiiriiorttH. u;iil to -intiit-ih liift-idiiii
lO fHlll tHOll OflufH J. O. I'Otllh, (.Oilll(
JuiIi;h, at hit (,l!k;rt nt itfutu-' 1'ttfH, Or
bion, on M ih'lttv thn Mill itav ol l' iui
i r ll'OJ. He iiHintf h- v i' iifcee. :
T V lUhsell, W. (J. WrirJ, K. II
Vlt.lhHt, mt .-.Iffi-.l line i;!-ii uH ol
I'ttrii-tinl, Or-1:' n.
Anv nml I ot. Mil)'" c ! a i r j i i at i vt r-
ly th- ti v.i ti-ff i ih I lun-lt hip r
iHfHt.'l !o hit- ititir ciitinii in tltts Mi'
on or lr f..r.- fttni H li ot Uci imiiO -
J. T. I'hiutii s,
K if-' tr.
NOl'ICK KUR i i:i5!-lC A i I-N.
Titiit-er Litu Act, Juiu 'A
(J listed St.iu h l-anl UUi c,
lloHitJ'K, Uttvon, S. pi. M, I'.fO-'.
No ire m litot'liv jiiveii 10 cm
)lhinc vtiih i tie p . ; j v i -1 . i j oi th ; a. t ol
oliHrt Ol JlillM ii, l!S7S, iiIIIim1 "An
tit lor th Kilo ol timber land Hi t ii-.Stuti-H
of ahforiint, Oreiou, NfVroU aini
Vur-hliiton I'ciritory," uh rx.Hiiilcd to
.ill the i'lihhc I, 'ini Siatt-N . at oi
AuKUtit 4, Ih'.iJ, UjhKrt Ii M-.U';l o
I'oitlrtinl, luuii'.y u .ld tiiomali, Mitir
i.f Orr-fwii, Iiuh hiH il iv ti ftl in it
otl'ue hit- tort'irn hl .teno-nt Su. :U!Ki, ti
ihe pnrrhast' of tin- NK M'.l4, -NK.
riVV My' 4 M'i'4 .NV'4 o Mi-l(,i,
No. 2 in lOvrili), .No, ;;7 i-oii t h , liuim
No 7 W.dud will otl'i-r pro-.; uu w ii.h
the lund sontit a inorti vain lur mm
liinl'cr or Htonu than for nriLiilKuui
MiiH)nt'P kind to t'tat)hrh bin i-U'tn lu
r.aid laiitl bcloro J. (I. linoih, Wimily
J ml -ft, at It it ottice at titan Uii k-i;,
-m Monday, the Htli day ol iH'rciiiut-r,
lie itHiiiftj ii s witiie.-4!fi4:
T. W. lUnmdi, . C. Ward, It. 11
Mutl'.-tt, ami Allied viar lutpon, all ol
I'ot i land, h t bLon.
Any and all per-uns riaitning; a lvct(,-
ly ih abuve dcKirrilit'd Und.i art- rti
iUitiid 10 tile ;toir t-lanns in tins i-ltit'f
on or bclore hukI HUi day ol lU't-entlir t .
j. r .r.kihu.-s,
N()1K:K MMt 1 l llLlCAriti.N.
Tiintinr l.und Aft, .)iii.e;j, 1n7.S.
r I'ntti-d L.itfd Land tili.'u,
liineiiurp ' Tt'Kun, vi. 111, l'.KiJ.
u! cm I ri lii'i- i-y ivt'ii ilml in ttmijH.
.IIH'I- Wltll t llU iHiVHMl? ut l lit MCI Ul
coiisiif.-tt d J nne it, ls;st 'nliiU'd "An
attli'i ih Milt ol 1 1 in her latiiln in (lu-
.Sit.! ol C'dlHoi ii la, Of 'Hun, Nivada,
-tin! U af In nu toti 1 1 ri lutty," a- t-HeiuKU
lo all th t'l. b.ii' l.und ates hy act ol
Anoint -1, l.SUJ. l huii.fiH s . Hun -Wl ol
i'urUiuni, rouiity ol Mtiitiioniati, .tale
ot L'U'Kon, huh thiN day ti Irt I in tint
olliie Ins hwom rluttMiifot .N j. IM'Jl lur
the pinrtiae ol Uit K'i ot srt'tioii o
Hi Xoiistiip No. M) .-,, Ui, Kan;e Nu,
4 W, uihI mil oMei iiuo to fIiom
that the land miiiIil w inniu vaiuubU
lur lln tlnilnr or floiiu than lur aiiticiii
Itiral iui'teM and lo t-Mat'liMi hi ri.iiiu
io saul lund hflne J. . Hmn Ii, 1'ouiity
sludkii, ai hot ulhi't' ul tirantt Vdu Oil'
io ii ttiii Muiiduy the Mli day ot I'Octtn-
m'r,ll.lJ. tie naim s ah wiino.iitt'S :
t. 1. ritkltiurn, Alfred tui-ttilon,
W. C. Ward, and U. U. .Mullet, ull oi
I'orlland, Oregon.
Any and all pfrione I'laiium adve.He
ly H't; ulvt--ilMritvd lanH ure re
inotcd to tile Ihetr rlauna in tin.' ntti.-e
n or U'lore ald S.h ihi ot I 'm i uiU-r,
ll'OJ. J , (inilKiKS.
K tfir-ur.
NtUH'K bUK ri'i;i.U'AlliN.
Timbt-r Land A.-i. Juno o, 17.S.
Uom -Luitf, iej;i'ii, vt. ',i, .0J
Niihi'.' H lu-ietiy j;iW'h that in d ni-.tKii-i,
Aiih lie pnivi"ions ill the ait ul
v .iia,r us ol June ;i, l7, eniiiud 'Ai.
i lr the m e ul inn tier UinN in ihi
mhiiv (1 1 a I llur hia, t M t on. Nt v.nU,
j iiil ..bluiut 'ii l ir lT , ' a i l'i,tieU
mi ull the Lit 'Hie 1 ti i ,i 1 1 -si Lis m o
, VoyUft 4, lOj, At.FUI.l- I'IMllM'N Ol
! I'wnUud. ioUni ul .Mtiltihiai.ih, Ma:e
, il ( Ot-guii linn tin tiny tl.i'il in tli in (lice
j tut) ct.iu nwiit No .I''J, lur i!.v
! ,'iirrhftpe ol ttie VI, i I ft i ii-n" N o
; ui luiK-hio N. 4U .cu'ti, U.ihrze Nn.
I H I'M, Ulitl Will ull'T OlH'l tO tl.H
.(ai I he la ml i-iu.: hi i in me a mli e lui
n i or Mum than l"r a;i icui . nr.i.
purj iit r. und to e,;a!ih hi t luiui tn
anl luhit bet'e .1. O. lt; h, lmml.
h.dkie, at hi- i.lliee Ht (hiiik l'.i-t. Oft
sion. en M"iida , the Mli d.i) l lntn-
r , 1 H J . lit- iihiiii j. hi w '-ti h-et .
louo-tti W , lianeii, h , I. : k i hern.
W V'. -id and U Ik Mull', it
I'tli t lAhtl, I'lrr.'ii,
Any uid nil j., rcit;.- t ';i ndiu- adve't
iv the hh v iii v ul ''l Ihi.iN are
i(tie'H d to tue ttu-ir i i.uir.i in tht ftli..
it -r heloiie ?aitl S:h div i I i,
l.lU. J. I . l'.Hiloi .-.
You Know Vhal You Are
Wlirn you t;iWt t.rt' i Tn-stelo's hi;:
ronu', N'v :iuf lac u.rtnula i Imu'.x yrmi
v on every tmttle 1h)s1i;- that it i nn
ply Iron and isVaunne i a ta-tele.
So l ure No, Lay. Nv,
rri'trsMi iial ami auiat. ur i liotnc !
rai' will 1.' nl'le lo tiiul nearly
evrrythius; m i iry for tl.i ir um in
stm k at A. K. Ws rliirs' lvinl.ik Hi ail i
iiuarlrrs. j
WtUlM lir.STHOYKK. j
Vt line's fnaiii V. rti.ifv.p'. nn:
only kills w turns. Ill nim.i.t iht"
iiuuii.s uil slime, in wliirli Ihey lu: lit
I Its-it iii s:s ; il I'riiisjs, nn, I tiuirk y,
: liealtliT ot the Utly,
lu r'
orins raiitit.t tiist. '..c at
I Slover lrus t'tv
i i m. ,,
. .
tho marnarre service.
ius. ui... ....fa
eqaality. Women no longer keep silence ... ,.....-. -Sons
and professions they march Bide by Bide with men To-day ho
n Ztnal equality of woman is frankly conceded and yet tlmt puritan
fe vowed to obedience, whose husband was also her lord, had one point
!r !' ,. ,;, .-1,1, tlm r-tronrrer sex which the modern woman has largely
lot; b. had the equality of health, and the equality of courage
and strength which enabled her to keep her place at her husband s
side in times of danger and of peril.
As housewife she was tireless in her industry. As mo her she
rested a large family. She knew little of the aches and ills which
vex the modern woman who has entered upon the heritage of
woman's rights. Statisticians have called attention to the decrease
; .!, nf the familv.
gallons of maternity.
door sports onco termed manly, is only an eviuu.s
of the fact that she recognizes her physical deficiency
and weakness. But outdoor sports and exercises aro
open to comparatively few women, and whilo exer
cise may promote the health when it is onco estab
lished, it cannot produce health. In fact, where
tliorrt w u-rim.'llllv we
injury where tho weakness permits the possibility of
Tho first and greatest of woman's rights is the
right to be healthy, the right to enjoy herself as a
wife and to be happy as a mother. Give woman
this and all other features of womanly equality will
take care of themselves.
In hundreds of thousands of cases this physical
equality has been restored to weak and sick women
bv the use of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription, tho medicine,
which makes weak women strong and sick women well.
" My wife used three bottles of Dr. Pierce's medicine, and I never saw
such results," writes A. B. Huynes, Esq., of Aurora, Lawrence Co., Mo.
v It was wonderful in its work. We hail used lots of medicine, also had
one of the best physicians in Aurora, but inv wife got no better; we
hear'l one pitiful (jroan alter another, day and night. A friend handed
inc a criiy of Dr. Pierce's book, The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
and after reading the testimonials of Dr. Pierce's successful treatment,
and seeiiii; that the cases described were similar to my wife's, I ljotiht
for her a bottle of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. Iiefore she had
taken all of the medicine she was up and helping to do the work. She
has taken three bottles and is now well, lias better health than she has
had for years, so perfectly did the medicine do its work."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures womanly ills and the
aches and pains which these ills aro the cause of. It establishes
regularity and so gives freedom from the periodic suffering which
so many women endure with each recurring month. It dries
the drains which distress and weaken women. It heals the
gnawing ulcer, puts out the scorching flamo of inflammation, and perfectly and
permanently cures female weakness. It also cures backache, headache, nervous
ness, sleeplessness and other ills which arc tho result of womanly diseases.
" No doubt you have forgotten me, but after you have read my letter you will remember
me," writes Mrs.sAnnie E. Moriiig, 23S 7th Avenue, S. W., Roanoke, Va. "In the year 1S97,
I wrote you for advice, which you gave me free of charge. Now, Doctor, I will tell you I
was a wreck. When I wrote to you I could not walk straight, for pain in my abdomen,
could not sit down, lie down, or get any ease at all. I had what was called the best doctor
here, but did not get any better until I went through a course of your medicine. I took
eight bottl-s each of 'Favorite Prescription ' and 'Golden Medical Discovery.' I kept on
with the ' Pleasant Pellets' after I had stopped taking the other medicine. I took ten
vials of tlie ' Pleasant Pellets,' and I tell you tlie medicine made a cure of me. My trouble
was female trouble, and I am willing to have you use my letter, for there a: - other women
to-day that need your medicine, and it will cure them if they will follow your sy'vicc."
.Sick women arc invited to consult Dr. Pierce by letter, free. All correspond
ence is held as sacredly confidential, and the written confidences of women aro
guarded by the same strict professional privacy observed by Dr. Pierce in bis
daily consultations with sick women, at tho Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute,
Huff alo, X. Y. Address Dr. U. V. Pierce, Buffalo, X. Y.
It' you are led to use "Favorite Prescription" because it has cured other
women, do not allow a substitute to be palmed off on you as "just as good."
Insist upon the remedy with a record Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription.
Dr. Piorco's Pccplc's Common Sonso Medics! Advisor contains
over a thousand iaryo pages and more than 700 Uiustrations.
This is ono ol tho foremost medical works of tho ago. It tolls
tho plum truth In plain Lnnhsh. ft deals with tho problems of
marriage, reproduction, heredity, and tho Important facts of
biology And physiology in General, from tho viow-point of com
mon senso. tt Is a book for tho of young men and
young women, of wives and husbands, and therefore a family
medical book. This valuahlo work Is sent FEE on receipt of
stamps to pay oxponso of mailing ONLY. Send 31 ono-cont
rtamps for tho cloth -bound volume, or only 21 stamps for the
book In paper-covers.
Address 1 Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, H. Y.
rr I Oik UTS
Points East
Short Line to
AM' 1't'lNTS ; v r
II, 1. .null I'ltlari- nml Tourist Sli-rp
11 , liinlnu ami IliiM. i Miiukin,
l.ilniil') t'urs.
I- 'T K ill's, r'.'l.Vr 111,1 full illf,.ri;i;il:.l
.-1.iinlllli; Tlrkels, linn.., A;,.., .nil ,,,,
I. 'A' I'll W.UN. T. I'. A.
II I li'KSi IN, , . 1 A
Iti'J Thlril s-lri',1. IVrilm,,!
. . ('. l'KNMs',iN, ... u IV
rir.l Avvinix S. a ll.', VU. j,
TJTnWT'C T1T0T (leri !
"""ui sj 0Ji.oijia.s3ij 1
His- UrvHii mi 11 rvir .:i',l ,,r h ,ri
r.ii tirii, rhsii....,! han.U niSanKrnii-
1- .1. iij. :;o imi. it.,. ii.(,.r ,.
V.' V'.I II: .Hill .,,.k f'.lL'.-'UKl Ol..l
s:.- M j I V s 1'triV Ml l-M-Ui,... (,,r
1 l -nrtr for Hrttfhl's 1 'l-Msx ll,l pi.
: -, 1 1 1 1 1 1 h r ' si nirirsl.V ilisnsss.
i '. mii.nif iu-e.1 'hi .r;
i ' n of the spri-iiic N-
I't v 'll'STVifSi .,,,r!
ll'ss ll,.,.,)
'I ii .mi .ui
n niHiiu l.v pulling
t . - i l.r, e '. r n e.
ii il,,
:-: iiinit ;
I' i :. I'll..' ! tn
't J1' v- i
-;' ' ''' " .'i tn. -ui.-, I' ,
' ' !'li.t..lrs ll m llh 'lie
... J l'V-eS. l" t I All.-. i'".
ist.s :
I's-r . t ut
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