Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 20, 1902, Image 3

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To the Public, My Patrons aud Friends: In
making this announcement of a change of policy
namely from a semi-cash or credit business to an abso
lute cash basis I wish to thank all my old as well as
new customers for their generous patronage in the past,
and in adopting the cash system I will endeavor to
meiit your cash business by a close application to the
lowest prices consistent with good judgment and a
constant aim as in the past to handle pure food pro
ducts and of the best quality, on the Money - Back
principle if nut satifuctory. This with prompt and
tfficieut seivice I trust will meet with the support of
those who believe in the good old maxim, "A dollar
saved is a dollar made."
Paying cash is a drfect saving to the customer as
well as to the merchant.
A person buying on credit will naturally spend
more each mouth than the cash buyer.
Cash does away with the making and receiving of
statements, a great saving of time and annoyance and'
all the ills connected with running bills. Therefore on
Monday, December I, ;i902,
I shall inaugurate the spot cash system.
Very truly yours, .
. G. Bobzien.
White House Grocery.
And now is the time to jlov f you need a
ni'W plow coll mnl examine our line of Oliver
Plows in both chilled and steel. We have
all sizes from 7 inches up to H inches. We
carry extras for all sfecs of plows we sell.
Give the Oliver a Trial.
Cramer Bros.
A Good
iLi?-j,.,rZ-J .
will need good tackle. Our stock of
Flics, Spoons, Line, Keels mid Kods
in complete mid we sell tin' lsst that
can be procured. Fishcriiit il using
our tackle am sure to pet (rood ri'is'rts
from tin) other end of the line.
Mair Kiddle Hardware Co.
All the new styles in Ready-to-Wear and Trimmed Hats that
will please in Style and Pi ice.
Do not miss seeing them. I-'inr !;::e th;i:i i-ver Ik fore in Child
ren's Hats and Tains.
A Full line of the new ideal patterns, toe when sent by mail I ic
Mrs. J. A. RehKopf.
New Idea l()c I'aper Patterns
Qoiored Trimmed Hats
20 per cent Discount
until closc.d out.
Great Bargains in other Millinery Goods.
Miss Ida Weston.
and DAK Ell Y
Sixth St. next U H..:r-Ii Idle .tore.
' 100 Wood Choppers.
i . .
j Inquire of
i Dunbar it Kuvkeiiduil,
J Wolf Creek, "OrcRon.
I To make room for Chrlstma.1 Goods the o Re-cket Store
will SELL at COST on day of tKie and next week,
as follows
Dr. Flanagan left ou Mouday even
iug for a visit to Portland.
Herbert McCarthy sicitt Sunday and
Monday visiting iu Grunts Pass.
Miss Emma Coleman of Medford
visited here last week ou tier way
to Portland.
Miss Zona Chapman left ou Friday
for Portland where sho goes to liw
with her anut.
airs. J. M. Ru'hnrt of Crescent 1
City has been visiting lately iu
Grants Pass.
Miss Hattie Silsby went to Ashland
Friday, visiting there with Mrs. T.
H. Simpson.
C. M. Holmes of Saiunmouto spout
everal days iu Grants Pass this week,
returning on Tuesday.
E. C. Dixou lias been on the sick
list lately but is now able to be at
his place of business.
Mrs. Robt. Booth arrived ou Tues
day to rejoiu her husband. They will
reside iu Grants Pass.
J. A. Whitman, the well-known
fruit man of Medford, was in Grants
Pass list week on business.
Mrs. V. N. Ruble, of Ashland went
to Golden Saturday to visit with her
husband, 'who is mining there.
E. L. Cass left on Sunday for Sum
ner, Iowa, his fifrmer homo and will
visit Buffalo before returning.
R. A. Caples of Portland, is in the
city this week looking after some
property iu which ho is interested.
VT. H. Franks of Sumpter arrived
here Friday. Mr. Franks is a miner
and will look over our mineral fields.
Zera Pool returned ou Saturday
from Coles, Cal... where ho has been
in the employ of the Hilt Lumber
Rev. J. S. McCain has returned to
Medford after an IS months absence
in Idaho and will probably remain
ft souio time.
Herbert Sampson left on Sunday lor
San Francisco to attend school. He
will devote his timo to electrical ami
mechanical studies.
Attorney A. S. Hammond returned
this week from Klamath aud Lake
counties where he has been iu attendance-
at Mie circuit court.
A. 7.aio of Crescent City came
over to Giants Pass ou Friday to
meet Mrs. Zaie who has been visit
ing for several weeks in Southern
J. S. Tucker has been spending a
few days iu Grants Pass this week
from his ranch on KoL-ue river, a
hort distance above the Elk creek
K. L. Coo & Co. have an ingi nions
and interesting window display for
the Thanksgiving si nson. A lug
cabin secuo represents a filers
Thanksgiving dinner.
Geo. H. Palcihorpo, now i f Ash
land and a former resident and busi
ness man of this place, made a busi
ness visit to Merlin Sunday and fi'tit
Monday iu Grants Pass.
Prof. A. P. Armstrong, of the Port
land business college, has been visit
ing Jacksonville with his mother,
Mrs. M. J. Armstrong, who recently
received a paralytic
Miss Astclla Goodin left on Friday
evening for Gli neoc. Ore., called
thither by the news of the very
serious illness of her mother, Mrs.
John GiKxlin. Miss Goodin (lid not
reach home until aiter her mother's
A. IS. Cousin of the St. Helen's
and Galicu Mining Co., was iu town
this Week, returning from an inflec
tion of hie mining prop rties at Ga
liee. Mr. Cousin has recently sjietit
several mouths in Chicago and has dime
good work in the way of arousing
interest iu Southern Oregui mines'.
fiddlk-Ijf.k jikk.
The Fidillc-Dec-Dco company pre
sented their entertainment at the
ojiera house on Thursday evening, ll
as 01 f the brightest and liveliest
show s that ever visited the town ami
there was not a slow moment in tic
entire piece. A pait of the enti rlain
tin nt was of a n allv high i.rdi r and
j.u.e.ef tl,,. ,.i-,,lii.,w ,.,,.,-. 1 drama
it'll, i..,u u-i.r.. .mill. I.e., hi ,fi, 1 ll... 'I'lltS
whole production was full of life and
merriment. Parts of it. however, in
clined to raciuess in a degree which
our audiences have always frilled to
ipprovo. The show is almost too
iiii-troiolitau for towns like ours vhre
tlio aiiilieiiei s are mad" up of jieople
of all degrees of taste. .The excelli nee
of much of the cntcrtaiiiiui lit, how-
ver, caused a great d- al of iiuesii.n-
able quality to ! fo.;,-i u.
Mrs. Eveline Iriplitt of Hugo, a
lady wi ll LnovAu-nud m !1 i -ti era ,1
in the eouiiniiiiilv, onimitt, d suit ido
on Thursday by diowning ic im If in a
shallow pool of water m ar In r home.
As no reason for the deed miii appar
ent, it is thought that her mind must
have b'en temp' rarily unbalanced
though she gave no indications of
uch a to tluo-e who las:
conversed with In r. The placi where
the suicide was commit!' d is in u
small stream, ordinarily diy, and at
this time the wati r Mas hardly more
than a fisit deep. She was alone at
the time with no one iu the in ar
vicinity. It was some time before
her absence caused anxiety. A search
was lien made and her tsly wa
found late Thursday evening.
Mrs. Triphtt was a widow, her
husband, Win. Trijil-tt, having Is . u
drowned iu !b,gr." river n,mc-17
v.-ars ago. She was -t'.i yeri oi a;
She haves five hihiii n, t i.r e
and two daughters.
On Frida Graniteware.
Saturday Tinware.
Monday Plain Crockery.
Tuesday Glassware. .
Wednesday Hats.
Thursday Any article in the store.
This is a chance for you to save money on goods that you need.
We carry a big and fiue liue of Dry 'Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Caps, and Ladies aud Gents Furnishing Goods.
Our Christmas Goods are p.rrivhig each day Toys, Albums, Dolls,
Doll Iluggies and Go-Carts, Wagons, Watches, Black Boards, Dressing
Cases, Cuff and Collar Boxes, a big line of Japanese Crockery and an
elegant line of Decorated Ware. We are going to have the largest line
in Southern Oregon for you to select from.
Remember the Chicago Racket Store is where a $ goes further than
Gliicago Racket Store.
Nov. SD Ward nominating conven
tions. Nov. 21 City nominating convention.
Nov. 2 J Teacher's local institute at
Nov. lit "Idaho" by tho Madison
Sipiaru Theatre Co. at Opera house.
Nov. 20 "Bound to Win. "
Nov. 21" A Double Life."
Nov. 2! "The Irish Widow."
Nov. 21 You Yolmson at the Opera
House. ,
Nov. 2i Foresteis of America Grand
Hall. Opi ra House.
Nov. 2? Thanksgiving day. .
Nov. 27 Mask ball at Placer.
Nov. 2U. Ward Company, opera
Dec. 1 City election.
Dec. n "Jjweet Sixteen" social at
Presbyterian chinch parlors.
coNurcroK killed.
James P. McErlane, a well-knowti
Oregon railroad conductor, was
crushed to death between two cars ou
the Santa Fe Railroad and died at
Needles, Cal., Sunday. His body was
brought to Ashland for interment.
The deceasisl was a member of tho O.
It. C. Lodge, of Portland, and for ten
years worked ou the Southern Pacific
Company's lines, running out of
Albany. He had In en working on the
S'liita Fe road (luring the past year.
He leaves a wife, who is the daughter
of the lain A. Radcliff, of Ashland,
and one child.
There will be no preaching ser
vices at the Presbyterian church next
Sunday. Sunday school and Christian
Endeavor as usual.
M. W. RobbiiiH spent a few days iu
town this week and returned ou Mon
day to his i!acer on Whiskey creek.
The mine is mnv fitted up for oper
ation and our recent heavy rains
will injure a continuance of the water
supply for some time.
The Ladiis' Pe'iielit
lTil,ytei,i.iu chun'.i
"Sweet Sixteen" social
parlors on December .Mh
society of the
will give a
in the church
A street railway fur Roseburg is
now under consideration and the com
pany contemplating its construction
has tiled articles of incorporation
with capital stock placed at 1(H),(XH1.
Naves Topical Eiblo t the only
practical subject arrangement of the
Bible in print. It gives nil the scrip
tures on any subject of the lSihlo
where, ouo can turn to it immediately.
Bishop W. II. Warren says of the
Topical Biblo: "Every Bible student,
especially preachers and teachers, will
find very great assistance iu this
work." Mr. W. L. Ireland can furn
ish you w ith a copy.
"dime :"socia'u
Tho ladies of tho Presbyterian
church givo a dimo social in the
church parlors Wedesday ('Venning,
November 111. A program will be
given and refreshments served.
Nothing is more appreciated by
Easterners than photographs of
Western scenery. I havo a large
number of unmounted prints of scenes
in aud near Grants Pass that are
good. Tho Clevenger booklet ol views
at. it) cents is also a good collection.
('oiiio and select pictures early.
A. E. Vonihies.
The business hmts.-H wiil be closed
on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 2T, after
10 a. m. during the reiuaindi r of the
Lowe's Madison Square Tin aire Co.
op, n a four nights engagement at the
opera hon-e Wednesday evening,
November I'l. This company played
a w.'ik iu Gruils Pa-s last season and
in idc them- lvi s popular by the ex
eelli nee el th ir cntertaitinients. Mr.
Lowe says the company is stronger
and beiier this year than ever before
and the .l o;,!i. of this city may expert
sum, thing unusually pleasing in the
line. Pric, s in, o and :):
That the Medford .flour is again the
best Hour ou the market?
One good two-horse hack at Reh
kopf's; one good strong road cart mid
now -buggy harness, $IH; one good
second hand twn-horso wagon will)
two sets of work harness, $2."i ; one
good vol k horse $1,"). Inquire at this
Miss Dora Williamson from K. C.
M. San Jose, Cal. is now prepared to
take a limited number of pupils on
the iiiano forlo and In theory. Res
idence, ,')rd and A streets.
The Foresters of America will give
a grand ball at the opera house ou
Thursday evening. November 27.
This is the annual ball of the
Foresters, who have achieved in
former years a reputation for success
ful dances. They intend the coming
occasion to bo among the very best
of its character.
P r b
I 'i lit S A I.E.
biri'.d Plymouth ito
Marcus W. Kohbins.
Shotgun Shells, III cents
ix at Crann r Bros.
Noti' e is hi reltv given Ihat oil Fri-
Iday, December 12,'h, I'.oJ, al the
hour of 10 o'clock t in the forenoon of
'said (lav, at the front door of the
! Court liot.-e, the gnaiiliaii will otter
for sal" for cash to the highest bidder
the undivided interest, Is-ing one
half, ot Mais I 1. Smith, a minor, iu
and to the folhruing real projHrty
situate iu Jo--p!iino county, Iregon :
Lot :,, 1,1, .ek Si, and Lot 7 in I'.lock Is
of the town of Grants Pass, and the S.
E. quarter of S'l lion j:j in 'township
!.- S. Rang., i; W.
Da'ed Gi nils I'a-s, No,-. II, p.lo2.
Sarah E. Smith,
Guardian of the Estate of Mabel I.
( i Hill AM At Winona, Nov. fi, I'll,.',
to Mr. mid Mrs. II. M. Gorham. i
IlMLMES-tn this city, Monday, Nov.
17, to Mr. and Mrs C. M. Ihonns.
a son, John Booth Holmes.
iIoUGIu this citv. Wednesday",
Nov. 12, I'.IOJ, to Mr. and Mrs. A.
C. Hough, a (laughter.
MULLEN In this city, to Mr. and
.Mrs. Jack Mullen, a daughter.
I 'rcsei nt ( 'it v,
John Taggarl
Sin 1 1 h, a minor.
Th annual Swa dish invasion is mar
at hand. The captain in charge this
year is Mr. N. !.-e El ii ksou, w ho, in
the gui-e of " You Yoii.jhi" w ill en
deavor to make all the female hearts
in the audience capit ulate to his charm
j of manner and rich humor. It is quite
true that You Y(uihii has Is-en seen
i lu re Is fore, but this by no means
inak, n You Ycii.-oii an old stoty. In
fact, ivuy thing In the pioduction
this ye;:r Is nbxdutely new, from tin
.actor vi ho imj. rso nates the title role,
' to the wood usi (1 ill lie log jam. The
jii'-w Yon Yonsou is Mr. Nc!m Erick
son, originally a Sw.-dish actor, who
1 came to this couiitty a short time ago
and having u.adc a hit in vaudeville
.on Broadway was inuiii diately engag
1 i d to play the part of You Yunson
r the si rai'.n ' '11' 3" Hr- " ts . n stati d that .Mr.
j Nclw Erie's, n bring to thcehariu t.r
SNOW AT GI.ENDALE. f y,,,, v.,,,,.,,, the charm which J. K.
K..1 alma an inch of mow at Emmet t ti..s.-cM d in Frit., and W. J.
morning. At S anlaii g,-.v,. to Mvh s Arooii.
tnrely, At th- Oj ra Horse, ilonday, Nov
! em Is r '.' I.
Union Thank-giving scrvic v ill
Is-held ou Thanksgiving day, Thurs
day, Nov. 27, at JO;! a. m. in the
Newman M. E. rl.nn h. Rijr. John
son of the Christian church will de
li v
iii '
(ib n laic
Tunnel U,
cover' d.
Cal., Nov. l:t,'.',
and ( irace Beam.
II A RT GA LB It A III I At Ih.ilo,
I'ana, P. L, Friday, October H, Inc.'.
Geo. B. Hart and Miss Lida Gal
brail Ii,
Mr. Hart is a Grants Pass boy and
has many friends hero who extend
congratulations. Tim bride was an
Albany girl who took the long trip to
the Philippines to hecolll" til" wife of
Mr. Hart.
hime near Salem, Thursday Nov 1:1,
I'.si'.', 11. I. Pliiininer aud Miss Mar
tin of Marion county.
Mr. and Mrs. Pluiuiiu r arrived
here Friday and will make Grants
Pass their home.
REED M ALONEY At the Lavn-n
hotel in this cilv, Nov. I ;. I'.ne.',
Rufus E. Red and Miss Lillie .
Maloueyboih of Josephine county.
R. v. .1. W. McDoiigall orhoi.iiiug.'
SAVAtiE Near Grants Pass, Sunday,
Nov. PI, Pan;, infant child of Mr.
and Mr. Clark Savags, aged two
HOOD In this city, Similar, Nov.
Id, I'.i'i-', John 1Iik.i1, aged Ml years.
Mr. Hood was an old resident of
Grams Pass and a man highly re
sjsctod and r stei mi d by all his ac
quaintances. Ite wa born in Jeffer
son county, Ohio, and w as married iu
I to Miss Margaret WoodrutT in
West Virginia. Ill lb'U he removed
to Wisconsin and in lss:i to Grants
Pass where be has siuco resided. lb
was a faithful memts-r of the M. E.
church and wan the first Sunday
school superintendent iu Grains Pass.
For the jiast few years his roudit ion
ha ls i'li quite feeble. The fum nil
service were hi Id on Monday at tl, i
Newman M. E. church and the inter
im nt took place at the Granite Hill
cemetery. Ho have two sons, T. A.
and W. A. Hood, both of this city.
GOODIN" At (Jliniw, Ore., Friday
Nov. It, !'., Mr. John Gfsslin,
ag'-( i l years.
Mrs. (fiwxltti was the mot her of Misr
Asti Jia Goodin of our city.
local "Ibappcnlnoa
Dr. Flanaaan,
Resident Dentin.
Co to CoMn for Plumbing.
Beautiful pictures at Thomas'.
Shot guns to Wlit at Cramer Bros.
M. Clemens, Prescription Drut-giat.
See Voorhies about Kodaks aud Supplies
XLCR Shot gnu shells at Cramer
Rubbers and Umbrellas. The Sugar
Pino Store.
Pursuit Fmokeless Shot gun shells
at Cramer Bros.
The steam feather renovator is com
ing to Grants Tass.
To be ready for long evening read
ings see Thomas' lamps.
Stnuisky Enameled Ware, 6-year
guarantee at Cramer Bros.
Fountain Pens Watertnan'B Ideal
$2. ,10 to $1.00 at Cromer Bros.
Strolnst's shoo repairing always
pleases. Take your shoos to him.
Chopping Knives, Meat Cutters,
Baku Pans etc., at Cramer Bros.
Get a booklet of beautiful scenery
of Southern Oregon from Clevenger.
Monterey cypress, shado and fruit
trees, berry plants etc. at Riverside
Hercules Powder, tho best for min
ing. Cramer Bros, agents for South
ern Oregon.
W(tli every Pyrography outfit Bold,
Mrs. Clevenger gives free instructions
how to use.
B. A. Stauuard has exchanged his
town property for Hie Orino place on
Savage creek.
Don't fail to look over the large
new lino of Staple Shoes at Hie
Sugar Pine Store.
New Salt Mackerel, Smoked Sal
mon, Spiced Herring, w hole Codfish
White House Grocery.
Try Morris' Poultry Cure and Stock
food at F. H. Schmidts. No Cure
No Pay. Free Samples.
A cuiiiplele lino ot tlis celehtaleJ
Mitchell Uuguies, Hacks and Wagonf.
Ilair-Riddle Hardware Co.
In a fool ball game at Eugene Satur
day, the Eugene high school team de
feated the Ashland noiinal with a
scorn of 21 to 0.
The Gold Hill News is under new
management, Geo It. Hainiuersley it-
Sou having retired. Charles Bros,
are the new editors.
Curtis &" Co., practical watch mak
er and jeweler. Dialer in watches,
clocks, jevveh ry and Diamond rings.
Ml repairing lirst class. Odd Fellow's
Miss Myrtle Ireland gave a dinner
Sal unlay evening to the members of
the Perkins surveying party and a
few friends and a must pleasant lime
was njnyed by every one present.
For Thanksgiving Oranges, Banan-
nas, Sweet Potatoes, New Seeded and
Seedless Raisins, Currents, all kinds
of fresh Nuts, Citron, Lemon and
Orange Peel. Apples, Cider, Cran
berries, etc. While House Grocery.
Oliver Steil and Chilled Plows al
Cariner Bios.
A hpltiiilid hue id ll'iyal Charter Oak
Ranges at Coron's.
ltilhs, both Wiuchister and Marliii
at Cruincr Ems.
Big new line of Well Wearer Shoes
fur ladies, men and children. The
Sugar Pine Store.
Th" iMiidsomest furniture si ore iu
oiilln in Oregon Is lhoinas and of
course il is iu Giants Pass.
See J. T. Taylor nl Shiver's drug
store for fruit and. shade trees, berry
plants and cypress for hedge.
L. A. Stiobel has charge of the shi e
mnl ing mid n- airing department at
the Luciis harm ss thop Take your
work to him.
Many gmwirs think thai all kind
.I' Ire s do beln r if transplanted In
'he fall. 'lives lor sale by J. T.
T:' viol', I! i M 1 -ide Nui.-ery.
Di.l. inr Nov lit I n r, two doill stamp
pliolci l,r ,',") r, nta al N icliols' studio
npj o-it, Court hou,-e . Pict iiri s tnki n
ou cloud- ;o well as si:nnv duvs.
V ii v s, ml lo CI, ieai-i for w alclies n nil
.ajwelry when yi n call buy ihelll just
as cheap quail ty con -iih red - finin
Lelele I', tile jewellir. Clilnpil'l' III'
pines with any catalogue and be con
At Ch vi n," -r's Photograph Guilt ry,
ihi-i day I'."'.', have received a
large a-.-ortiiii nt of l'yrogra hy woods
and more coining. Abo outfits for
1 Tie re w i 11 be a special 'thanksgiv
ing si rvice al Si. Luke's church
Than!-, -giv ing 'v al II a. in. Sjs cial
inn ic. Gill- f.,r tie- ho.pital will be
gial- fully r i civi d.
Cuitis Co W'.ilchuiiikerti.nid
Ifttili-r ctny u loii.pltlu stuck ol
Wsichts, Clinks and Jewelrv. All
kinds of rcp'tiiiiig done. All ork
uarrmitc'l. Mil Ei'IIohs' building.
New' this wet I. -I ( Karat solid gold,
ladii ' wall h-s, a line lni"of gents'
Op.,1 rings, Op.,1 and Diamond studs,
Opal and Diamond scarf pin, solid
gold G.lald chain, II Karat solid gold
neck chain and gold bracelets. Call
while my stock N complete and select
what you want for prisons. Alfnd
Leii I,, r, j, w , II. r. Main slin t.
Willis Kninir of Myrtle Creek, and
one of th" prominent mine owm-i'S of
this county, was in Granis Pass las!
Week. H" is Inal-llg t Xtt llsVtl illl-
prov "lie ills on his mining rtqs rtii s.
He is about to put iu a lour-staiup
mill on his tpiai t. mine tin Whiskiv
t ret !. in the Mr. K uhen district, lb
has i.cenily iiniineil oper.ilioiis al
the Golden S't dgii (juarl. mine nt
MlS. Jel'llle I) II Tell gives II spirit III.!
lecture, with slain willing ami tests,
at the Wis.i.niau hall ou Wt dm sdav
i vriiing, Nov. I'.'.
Rev. R. I.. Johnston, A. M., Ph.
I)., D. !.. ix editor of "Gospel Wit
lie, " und author of "Gt l Tid
ings," "The S'-coud Coming if, "'"The Ju.'.f :i nt, " "Bible
Sixth and II Streets.
Why D o Jhe Bes t 0RESSED
Men Deal Here?
The best dressed men throughout this locality buy
their clothiug at this store every man who wishes the best comes
to us sooner or later.
There are several reasons "why."
Here In reason Xo. I.
mf- ,TT'"T 'f.!y hi
''.v V?.'r 'y. Y- jJ
Wo have the widest showing
of "up to-tho-latcst" styles. Dif
ferent men havo different tastes
requiio difleient styles to suit
their different characteristics
that's whero our wide style
rango cornea in
A man can get from us just
tho kind of clothing that makes
him look his best.
N Schloss Bros., & Co., of Haltimoro aro makers of
tho ''ISost clothing in tho world" wo havo a splondid
assortment of their make of garments.
Harth Son
high grade
clothing and furnishings
Sixth and II Streets, Grants Pass, Oregon.
Readings," etc., published a little
Volume last winter entitled "Scrmond
and Poems." This was done at the
earnest solicitation of Mr. Johnston's
many friends.
Rev. Johnston is very acceptably
supplying tho pulpit of tho Church of
Christ nt GiiuilH Pass, Ore. Ho i a
successful pastor, mid revivalist,
whoso publications nro highly rec
ommended by eminent is oplo.
People that tiavo dys.psiii havo
weak stomachs, weak luarls, weak
eves and are usuiiHy weak kneed.
I hey feel bilious mid the world in
general has a bilious look to them:
lin y have so many symptoms that it
is ililliciitt to locale the place where
they feel tlm worst, The fact is the
sourco from where they get their
si length has been cut otf and they lira
sick all over, Tho food taken into
the Htomach remains undigested,
causing belching, mid bilious at tacks,
followed by sick-beadaebe, and gen
eral wi al.n 'ss. The tiieilieiun that
puis the stomach ill condition so that,
the food call he readily digested, will
euro dyspepsia mid make, strength
where there was weakness. Wo havo
cured thousands of is-rsous during the
past 'Jll years, lit ilvsH'psia, w ith Dr.
Guiiu'h Improved Liver Pills. A g."c
box of these pills are worth more to
people w ith poor digest ion than six
mouths of dieting or it gallon of
pepsin. It only takes one for a dose.
Wo will Mend two of those pills to
provfl what they will da Eor sulu by
W. V, Kreiner.
Causes a dull paiu iu tho back, loiu
or groin ; ciiuhch you to puff np under
tho eyes; causes frequent desire to
urinate, scanty supply, scalding, irri
tat ion, dark colored, scanty, turbid
urine. Leads to liright's disease.
Should yon need evidence that yoa
havo catarrh of tho kidneys, till m
clean glass bottle with urine and lot
It stand twenty-four hours. If there
is sediment or settling it is evidence
that voil have catarrh of tho kitlnevs
! or bladder, and should not delay tak
ing S. IJ. Catarrh Cure, the effective
of which in soon realized. After tuk
ing H. II. Catarrh Cure for one week
accord ing to d'rections, till a bottle
with urine, let Bland twenty-four
'hours mid you will be surprised at the
I change, nil duo to,.
Catarrh Cure, for sale by all drug
gist. Rook ou Catarrh free. Ad
dress Smith Pros., Fresno, CuL
Itching l'ilna produce moisture anil
catuies Itching, This form, as well as
Wind, Weeding or Protruding Piles are
mrrd by Dr. Uo-iwn Vo's Pjle Keuifdr.
Stops itching and bleeding. AMorbs
tiiiiiois. 50c a jar at Druggist, or sent
by mail. Treatise free. Write me
about your rase. Dr. Ilosanko, Philada.
Pa. For sale by W. P. Kreiner.
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