Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, November 20, 1902, Image 1

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    Hflrt. 0T-
No. 52.
J uitge
Deputy Clerk
leity Mieritl
School .Supt
J. (.
I John Wells
)C. F Lovelace
H I.. burl let!
T. P Ju.lson
Geo. W- Lewis
Ernest Lister
J. T. Tuylor
Lincoln Savage
I has. t row
11 C. Perkins
" . r . Kremer
Mayor V. F. Reenter
Auditor and Police Judge ....It. L. Davis
treasurer i'ol. W. Johnson
( uy Attorney '. E Mavbee
Marshal John Lockb'anlt
htreet t-upt jl,n Patrick
touncllmen (ieo H. ISinns
A. C. Iluuidi, J. H. W illiam-., .
E. Harmon J. A. Keliknpf. Will C.
Smith, Herbert Suiiili, ilenry Schmidt
Grants Pass Lodte A. F. it A. M., No. Ht.
regular coiiiuiuiiicatam lirst and third
Saturdays. Visiting brothers conlmllv
iitviieil. H. c. Hoiiizkn, W. M. '
A J. Pike, See'y.
Royal Arch Masons - Kennies Chapter No.
28 meets second and fourth Wednesday
Masonic hull. L. L. Jkwkll,
J. E. Petlksox, Secy. II. P.
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. 20
- meets lint and third Wednesday
evenings of each month in Masonic
hah. Mns. H. Zolleh.
Mhs. Ass.i M. Holsias, W. M.
I. 0. (). F ,-- tloldcn Rule Lodge No. 7s..
meets every Saiurdav nijtht at 1. O. O.
F. hull. C. II. M .icoiiu,.
T. .1. Ims, Secv. N. IL
Paran Kucanipiiieiit j I (I n. F. No.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
I . . F. hall, Fkko Scum.i.t,
T. Y. Okas. See'y. CP.
Keltekiili - Etna licbekuli. No 4!. meets
second anil ioilrlli . Monday, I O it. F
. hall. M tK I) .vis, N. U
Ki-st i: tliiKKM. .secy.
L'niteil Artisans - (.runts Pass Assembly
No. 4!, meets alternate Tnosilavs -in
A.O. V. W. null. F. I.. Wl.i.i'..
Fkkii Mknscii, Muster A rii tin.
Woodmen of the World Unfile River
Cuinp No. a.",, nieeis second and fourth
Fridavs at Woodman Hull.
11. V. MlAl.E.
C. E. Mayhke, Consul Commander.
Women of Woodcraft A.uleu Circle, No.
lsa, meets hrst and third Mondays at
Woodmen ttall.
L. May D.vis, O. N.
W. E. Dfas, Clerk.
Modern Woodmen of America Crants Pass
Camp No. SIU7 meets 2nd and 4 1 ti Wednes
day Evenings at Woodmen hall at "t-.'.V).
Chan. II. .Marshall. V. C.
K. Re nolds, Clerk.
Foresters of America Court Josephine
No. i"t, meets each Wednesday except
the hrst, at A. O. 11. W. had.
J. P. II ilk, C. R.
(I. N. Holt, F. S.
Josephine Lodge, No. ll'J, A. O. LT. '.
meets in A. ). I'. W'.hall, Hixon build
ing every Monday evening.
J. 11. Mf.Al.K, M. W.
11 A, .-tanakii. Recorder.
Hawtho'iie Ionise, No. 21. It. of II.. A. O.
P. W. -meeuevery alternate iui-ihiy
evening in A. ( V. W. hall,
I, .III. line. Mas. A. MccAklllY.
Mus. Lvuia Peas, C. ol H.
Knights of the Maccabees -(irtinls l'a-
lent. No. 1-i meets lirst and thud
Thursdays at Woodme.i huil.
Win. Alfred, H. SloviLI.,
Record Keeper. l.'Miiiiiiindcr.
Ladies oi t tie Muocab.e- - '.iraltls Pass,
Hi;e No Is h.-ids leuhtr --i.cviews"
i.r.iuiid Hum 1' hurstta; s at A. . I'.
W. hull. S' cuing sisters cordially
invited. Jennie Cheshire,
.Mary commons, Lady Commander,
hecord k.eper.
Knights of Pythias Thermopylae No. .VP,
meets each iuesday nilit 7:'W I. O.
(t. F. hull. J. 1. Chaus-e,
Ton Wn.iiAv s, C. C,
K, ol R and S.
Grand Army of the republic ticn. I.optin
font .No! meets lirst .Veliies.lay at
A.O. I'. W. hall. J. E. Pr.rr:Keu.
Alie Axit.L. , Atljl. Coin.
American Older of Steam Inginecrs, Ore
gon No. 1, meets l.r t and
third Suiurdays, bi A. t. C. W. hall.
Wu. II. Kk.nnky,
Hesj. F. Mvrick, I'hiel Engineer
Corresponding Engineer.
Order of Peieio-While Rock Conn, il No
lOi, meets in A. O. C. W. Hall hrst
and third tridav nights,
C. K. .Mamie, Secretary.
Emma 11el:heb, Counselor. '
lllitcd I'.rotherhuod of Carpenters and
Joiners ol America t'nion No. Ills
meets second and loitrth 1 hursdays oi
each inonth at A. (I. I . W. Hull.
.1. E. ViHiHA.N",tPres.
I). A. Kitz..i.kai.i, sec'y,
Piactites in all Stale an.l I'd r' Courts
mlae over First Nbiioii.ii I'auk.
GRANTS Pa8, - OltEUuN.
Iikants Pass,
Furnilnre and I'uno
The pjpulir barber shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Bath room in connection
v-W. '- e-l t-i.. f r-
t;J,V ef-l-""'-r to trf in . Orec-I
tO 'H "t 1 to IMtln Co r.
Fine liuttcr a Specialty
Full iworinient of Watches, Clocks, Sil
verwuio and Jewelry. A (io.i
Assortment of lii.icelcts un.l
Heart ISauglisj,
Clemens' Drug Store.
I'llOM 21
A Fine Assoi tmc-nt of Doss Cases
The Jeweler.
ft ; m-'-'r A
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Mit IT CAl'ITAIr stock
Transact a ienral Hanking business.
lieceives ,1. po-iu snl.ject to check or on
tlnr ciisiotncis are a-s.ire.l of rotirtcnn
listent Willi -i u t h t i.iinl.inf.' principle--.
Safety (lpo.-ii hnxtx f..r rent.
The First National Bank
llereiye .lepn-i!s Mil.ject to check or on certificate payable on demand,
SelU !.i;.'lii ilrui'ts on Nev York San Kranci-co, and I'ortiatid.
Telei;rapliic tran-lcrs on all points in the I'nitcl Statts.
Special Attention iiiwn to t'olliH-titiii!, ami general htisinesK of our cu'tomer.
t'oilection nia.le llir.ui'li..nt Southern Oregon, andlu all ac. c.i-.:l.!e jint-t.
II. A. I'.'XiTII. I'res.
J. II, rAliI'OL'K, I'Horit.
I am pri'Ufrnl to funii-h mi) tliint; in the line ol Ci ini-l.-ry work in any kind
Nearly tliiity yetti o cx;,orietice in tlie Marble limine-oi AarrnntK my faying
r.lial I can till your onlcif in the vnry het luanner.
Can lurnirili work in Scotch, Swede or American (Iranile or any kin.) el
From Htirrr, Nrt ti (r.TiH' bur.Hliiip.
Mmdm In thrmm
The host Disc Machine on the Market
Entertains Everybody Everywhere
Uses Plat Indestruclible Records
whlcb can be handled
uithcut danger of
being Injured
Tb CRAtlOPIIOVC and C0LIMBU RECORDS were awarded
Columbia f Phonograph Co.,
i 12 3Gcary Street, SAN FRWCISCO, CAL
W. A. Paddock, Grants Pass, Ore,
j is one who grows, without in
terruption of health, from a
baby up except the inevitable
diseases of children.
And Scott's emulsion of cod
liver oil has done more, in the
:6 years of its existence, than
any half-dozen other things, to
make such children. .
It keeps them in uninterrupt
ed health. It is food that
tak-es hold at -once, whenever
their usual food lets go.
We'll send ynu a little to try, If you like.
FLO IT it 1IOWNK, 41X) Pearl urea. New Vurk
Grants I'ass, Oregon.
!t...l. Silcer. tVpiM'r, Lead, etch . .$1.00
I Hold anil Silver l.i'O
, (iold. Silver and t'opiu-r. '2 50
'"Id Sr.erand Lead Z.Wl
t 3 00
H w r dune cnreliiHv, anil Klrailil
I.U'int-fia nr no o. Mail orders eoltcilcu!
union Restaurant
Kront St ot pi Wat-r Tank.
opf:n day and night
A. YanNoy, Propr
opposite Court Houso
AH kiiii'nol lliir'i-i iia.l riiotiir ipliic
worft ilonp at rcasonatiiv irtcerr. l.-vc
opini; ett'l liniiiliintr for aiiiaieiir.
See our I.eailet: One tinmen Il.i!f t'ali
inefa, mr.'iinteil on eial.ora'e oyal cauls.
demand certilirale.
- t trHlint.riL m,,l ,-r- -..ui.i..r-in
,1. I'll AN K WAT.nlN', Pres.
U. A. IIOOTII. Vice-I're!".
I.. I- JEWKI.I.. (asliier.
S.-o.ono Ol).
J. C. t'AMI'llKI.I.. Vic,
II. I.. CM.KKY, a hier.
tjrp uulllnm mi
Th rebroluctkn art
7-iiKh Recofd 50 cent each $5 pr dot
tO-inch Bfcorrjt $ exxh; $10 pr dor.
E. C. IVittbtul, writing to the
OiVKoniuu front Gold . Bosch, dis
cusses tiio feasibility of tmiltiing a
wt;on road down Uouo rivor to cott
uect Grunts Pass aud Gold lUaoli, mid
kits :
Kicm Gold r.caolt ui Koguo river to
Grants Pass is about 1-0 mill's, or to
tln mouth of tlio Illinois riv.-r, 30
miles. From Glcmlate on tho South
eru 1'aoilic, to the mouth of tho Illi
nois river is about CO miles. If a
Rood toll WiiKu road were built down
Ronue river from either tioiut, passeti
licrs and mails could get iu hort from
tho railroad in 24 hours, and savo two
days iu time. Josephine county has
already built several miles of county
wti;ou roads down Rogue, river and
a gap of about 00 uiilcs remains. This
could be built for about $10,000, and
I am informed 20-year franchise
could be secured from Curry county
for tho construction of a tollroad,
which would bo on a water level,
never impeded by snow, over which a
sta-e could cover the DO miles iu about
lj hours, and the time down the river
by steamer would Ue about three
hours, milking only IS hours ; and on
the return about llvo hours longer..
Giants Fuss is a town of ubout 3000
population, and Iter citizens would
seo the vast importance to the trade of
tlio town to have a good road down
F.ogue river, and Josephine county
would doubtless herself build a water
i gr.ulo road down the river, and let a
company use it for Jit years just fur
keeping it in repair. This road
would pass through a rich mineral
co.tntry, which, at the end of the 20
years would be so developed that the
toad could be made free. There are
gold and copper initios up Rogue river,
and at Apness, Hear the moHth of the
Illinois rivtr, b. !s of bituminous coal
have bei n found of nit excellent
quality, which could !o mined. It
seems to me a man of modi rale capi
tal might handle this enterprise, aud
it looks as though it would be a good
Mr. Winsor, nit old resident liere,
informs me that iu 1SI2 ho dime down
Rogue riv r iu a small boat from a
place in ar w here is now Grants Pass,
in 21 hours' natural limiting time,
lie experienced no dilllculty. He
was investigating the running of logs,
and thinks they could be floated suc
cessfully to Gold Heath, and there
nianufacluivd into lumber.
The following story is ut forth by
the Redding Free l'nss:
It will be remembered by renders of
the Free Pre.-s that a miner placed
some sticks of dynamite under a bush
to thy, and s; vi nil t f Ratb litVe's
cows came along aud swallowed the
explosive. Tin re was an immediate
scatttring tf pioplc whenever thtj
cows put m i.u npiK aiiiiicc, for thorn
was no telling just w h. n the boviues
that contained tin- dynamite would
blow up and s.-ii.l do; lb and destruc
tion to everything in lit. ir immediate
The cows blew up all right, but
fortunately no t lie was injured. . Mr.
Railcllite has found the carcasses of
four or live cow s, and lie is conlith lit
they are tho oil s that ato the dyna
mite. Friday, while ho was round
ing up his stock, ho ran across the
carcasses. Tin- scattered bones proved
to him beyond a doubt tinil the car
cass -s w ere those of the ilynnmitt -t lit
ers. lust w ben tiny exploited no oue
knov.s, but the H'iiplo around llaild
are now at i a so and will not beat
hasty retreats ut the approach of Had
clille's luileh cows.
Stal" Gam.- Warden Qi. imby is gath
ering cvi.b nee w bich w ill b.- likely
to furnish interesting eases for the
Fi d. ml court, lb- b..s seized a ship
ment t.f bird.-, grouse and quail, re
reivid iu r. rikind from M inne: ola,
and hii p.-iliv. assurance that game
kiil-d in Galiloniia is being shipjutl
into Or. gun. lie is new gathering tie
nece-.sary evidences tn lile (hi. eases.
It is ag titist the law to ship birds into
Or. gwi from any state in tie1 I'nion
during the c!o si d i.i;', .ot:, such nisei
i Co. n jig under the jui i-.di. t ien of tbt'
F. il ral 'out i.
In t. titer r. -pei the Gam,. Watdeti
un.l his tb in i' .-, are active. Inputy
I(..l-oi I..' lb- ! ;:t", has hen iu the
; ue.ciiiiiilis i I .ii ; bine t t i:nty a ecu
I pit i,f tl ,y - g.iti.i ,-iiig .- nl.-i;ee iigainst
Icrsla. ai.d i-i:;..tid to return
toilay and make I is report. Iiepiily
F. 11. We!!., of !'. ici!. ;r,n, Oregon,
writes that there i:.'c pi. nty of ilk iu
the lilui i.iMu.t.iin-, and the re.ort
that lb. y ;:re b. ii.g slaitglitered is un
t ru. Tee grain.
Fine l'l int l'a r by tie- yard or roll
at the Courier nfliee.
Absolutely Puro
J. S. Dillcr of tho Vuited Stales
Geological Survey, gives tho follow
ing with reference to Crater Lake :
Twenty years ago Crater Lako was
unknowu to tho general public. It is
deeply get iu tho snmtnit of tho Cas
cade range about tW miles north of the
California line, iu tho central western
edge of Klamath coutuy, Oregon, 17
miles a littlo west of north of Fort
Klamath, 10 miles duo west of tho up
per end of tho Klamath Indian reser
vation, about 13 miles a littlo oast of
north of Fort Scott, mid a liko dis
tance duo south of Mount Thiolsen.
The remnant of tho great mountain
enclosing tho lako was tiiimed Mount
Mazjinia iu ISDtt, and the Crater Lake
National Turk containing 210 square
miles wag established, by congress in
May, 1002.
Tho geological record of this country
is replete wilh voleauio phenomena,
but tho climax appears to have been
reached iu tho early portiou of the
Neocene period, when one of the
largest known volcanic Ileitis of the
world was vigorously active. This
area stretched from tho Rocky inoim
atins to tho Pacific. Tito wrecking of
Mount Ma.ama aud tho development
of tho great pit or caldera, w hich for
beauty and grandeur rivals anything
of its kind in tho world, was the
crowning event in the volcanic history
of the Cascade range. The rim encir
cling Crater Lako appears, seen from
distance, us a broad cluster of gently
sloidng H'al:s. To out) arriving by the
road at the crest of the rim, the lake,
iu all its majestic beauty, appears
suddenly upon the seoiio anil is pro
foundly impressive. Thu eye beholds 20
miles of unbroken cliffs, the remnant
of Mount Ma.auia, ranging front over
."tilt) to nearly 2000 feet iu height, en
circling a deep blue sheet of placid
water, iu which tho mirrored walls
vie w ith tho original sloics in bril
liancy and greatly enhance the depth
of tho prospect. The lako is ubout
4.'B' miles wide and (l'4' miles long,
w ith mi area of nearly "20'u square
Mr. Di Her discusses at length the
threo types of lava in Mount Mazanui,
and describes Wizard Island in the
lake, w ith an men of nearly nino
tenths of a square mile, as a perfectly
preserved volcano, having a cylintl. r
cono about KIS feet high, a crater at
its summit about 2."i0 feet in diameter
and HO feet deep, and a lava field
around its base. The bottom of the
orator on Wizard Island, is solid lava.
There can be no reasonable doubt a
to tho former existence of Mount Ma
zamii, but its shape and si.u are more
tlilllcult to determine. Mount Mazama
is comimsed largely of lnvas similar
to those of Mount Shasta and from the
slopes of that famous peak we may
draw an infert nee as to those of Mount
Mazama. Mt. Shasta, unlike Mount
Mazama, docs not stand on nil elevated
platform. It rises with u majestic
sweep of 11,000 feef from gentle slos s
about its base, gradually growing
steeper upwards to the bold peak. At
the height of 8,000 feet it has about
the same diameter ns Mount Mazama
at an equal elevation in' the rim of
Cratur Ijiko. Above this, Mount
Shasta rises over II.IIOO feet.
Tho evidence ibies hooiii to show
that during the final netivily of Mt.
Mazama there must have been within
it a column of lava rising to a height
of OVtT S,(SK) feet above tho base of I In
Ciisoado liange. It is jsissible t! al
Ibis groat pressure, aid. tl perhaps by
some other forces, made an opening
formed low down upon the mountain
slops, which allowed the lava to it
tape. Tim subsidence of the lava
w i I Ii i il the mountain left it tin-uppori
ctl and caused It to collapse.
('rati r Lake changes level. During
lite summer, ulna there is rapid evap
oration ami little or mi preoipilnl ion,
the surface of the lake subsides; but
during the rainy winter il ri-es iigain.
The out illation is limited tn about
four feet. The lako appears to be fed
chiefly by the vast qiinnl it it s of snow
which drifts across tho crest and
lodges in gr at banks on tint inside.
The annual pr.-clj ilaliou of the r. giou
is estimated as between 0 and km in
ches, t "rater Lake has no visible oi.i
b l, nt.r any invisible one rem hing lie
surface directly within few inll.s
hut th" walls of tho e.ildera enclosing
Ihe lake are made up of ulti ma! ing
sin its t.f lava, dipping away from lie
lal.e practically in all direct ions, and
they ar. so porous as to allord t as
passage for much water. Springs on
the int, uut tan an- abundant and n -markahlc
iu size, especially on tin
southeast, along a fault iu the moun
tain side, which probablly nll'ords an
oull. t for much of the water that per
colates throt.gli that xirliou of the
PRLNCE Cli'll).
Jonah Kiihlo Kalaiiianole, a native
Hawaiian, running on the Republican
Inlet, has I i n elected us u d. li gate
to Congress from the Hawaiian Is
lands. It is nut lit eessary tt, state
that he is it " black republican, " and
tln riforo will Is. welcoun d by I'm le
Charl. y Grosvi nor, Mark Manna, uud
others- Me is j.opu!nrly known as
"Prince Cupid," and if be ties, rves
the title he will r ut a great swell
aniciig the fomali-N of Capitoiian
society. Since In, defeated W. Wil
cox, the present delegate, by 2000
mrjorily, it isiinppOHiil bis first name
if Jonah doesn't count; it is that
ss'iu of a name, Kuhlo Kalaiiianole,
that tun nd him through ami will
win hi in glory. A prince ami u re
publican, a Kanaka and a men. Is r of
congn 4, all in one, is koiiu thii g n. w
in our political history, but wc can
M and it. 'I'i I. gram.
'July r liable brands of Photo
Goods carried ut A. K. Voorbiis".
The regular meeting of tho W. O. T.
U. will be held at the homo of Mrs,
E. A. Wade, Nov. 21. at 2:30 p. m.
Tho Real Local Cption Kill, to
which wo referred sotno weeks ago, is
now a law anil Ohio has taken a new
position iu the advance of temperance
legislation. It establishes the princi
pal of local option, which its enemies
sot out to defeat. It maintains every
materia? point w hich its friends un
dertook to carry. It will afford tho
effectual opportunity to hundreds of
municipalities iu Ohio to rid them
selves of tho saloon. It widens the
application of local option to .the
seats of the salortli interests iu the
towns of tho state. It will bring in
its wako ward local option. It is by
fur tho most significant temperance
victory that has been gained iu the
history of the struggle in Ohio.
The Ohio press sjiouks well of the
new Ileal local option law.
Canadians prohibitionists have
started a newspaper organ, Tho Liber
ator. Anti-Saloon League leatlers will
pnsli for thu use of the Pnal local
option law in Ohio.
An effort is being made to drive
out t-liti "blind pigs" from the capitol
buildings nt Washington.
A number of candidates for mem
bership iu tho Ontario legislature
have pledged themselves, for prohibi
tion. Oxford will be the first town in
Ohio to hold a local option election
tinder the new Heal law. Petitions
calling for an elect ion have been
numerously signed.
There are four prohibition slates
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont
and Kansas, and in Iowa there is
aniodillcd form of legislation on the
same line. Tho most drastic laws are
iu Kansas, where Ihe penalty for sell
ing iuto.icanis is a line of from $1,000
to $1,000 ami imprisonment, and where
wu notice oiie dealer lias recently been
fined f.i.OOO and then Kent to j'ail.
Tickets fif this rond can b found
at any saloon or bow ling alloy. The
road stalls from tho twin cities Wil
fulness and Disobedience and is known
for ils rapid travclj being down grade
Willi brakes off. Tho president of
this road calls it. "Easy, do-as-you-plcimn"
road, but tho traveler soon
linds that the slave's fetters are not to
be compared to the fi llers of sill.
It. leads through tint "Pail Lands,"
the lirst station being" Cigarette
ville." This is a great manufactur
ing town. It takes Ihe best material
the nation affords, as pure boys, mid
maniifaclttri s them into dwarfs, in
valids, lumalcs of the insane asylmn,
ami drunkards.
Nt xt you pats the exchange build
ing. The propi lt tor says : "Givotne
your while life, ami I will mar it
Give mo your good naiuo and 1 w ill
tarnish it. Give mo your upright
character, and 1 will blacken it."
The road is very rough. Tho train
is often ditched, which sends many
inlo a tl.tik i tt iiiily. Next is Tobacco
r.aii.l. 'I hire's no reason for mistak
ing this, for the smoke can be seen
for many miles. II is not fenced for
nolbiiig in all Uic world but worms
anil m. in will touch it.
The in l slop is "Ti in j t nt it in Cross
ing." Her,, many leave for the "nar
row gauge" pia.l, which goes iu Ihe
npiosile din ctiin, up the mini it I tt i n
side to the Celestial I'it.v. It is very
important for the traveler to May on
Ibis tiain, for to get oil' on i ilb. r side
wt uh! in. an being dashi d to pi. c, s on
the rocks below.
The ut vl station after "Temptation
' 'ii .-..-ing, " is " iJruiiliiirdsville. " The
train Mops In re for meals, ami gives
lit.' passenger time to Mroll about the
city. In almost any alley you may
iunnvls, fight, men healing
ib. ir wive... and children, ami over
tie tloois are sign board:, : "Intitli lj.
by. liv, ," ami "Mur
d. r: " This in a slave Hale ; the
til" of tie: pi i. pie are slaves for life.
The !a i fight if to the traveler Is
tl.. m in. it iy, In which lie buried
boj . ', ll.-sli. liv-, itiid, beyond,
an aw fnl t I. n. uy. - I). 11. ill Martin
tiigtd I...
Following is lb., list of loiters re
maining i,n. ail. il for in tho GraulH
I'as-t post ollice, Saturday, Novcmbi r
I."., I ! i2. .
Ladies -
Mis. E ,f. David-on,
Mis, Ellen Pooler,
i iellt b in. II
Rev. E. I. 1'lteh,
Win. lb I vie,
S. H. Gr. en,
JllntlMe Jell-Oil,
John Dr. w,
J. '. ar-on,
Athur Moiris,
Ren Wall,
Frank Philips.
C. E. Harmon, P. M.
"If eyerv on., knew' what n grand
an tlicine l)r K tig's N.-w Life Pills
is," writes D. II. Turner, Detiev
town, Fa , "you'll sill nil you have
iu a Two week's Use has mud.
a new in ill of me." Infallible for
const iut ion. sfotit.u-li and liver
troubh s, .: at Kroner's drug stores.
To C urn a Cold In a liny.
T.'.se l.'tialne broinu Quinine 1 tibbts .
Ail ilrii,'' -tn rtjfnicl tie iiwn.- it It IstN
lo euro. K. W. liroife' ktgnatttru l.i on
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lew Goods
Portieres $3.75 to $10.00 per pair,
Lace Curtains 50c to $10.00 per pair,
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Rope Portieres.
Tables in immense variety from $1.00 to $25.00.
Holiday China and Decorated Glassware
quality and prices unsurpassed.
I w I
bace t'urUins
M trrors
Tho north bound passenger train No.
12 was wrecked six miles uorth of
Cot (ago Grove at 1 :!)() p. nt Sunday.
The engine, and five cars left tho trucK.
Tho only one hurt was a tramp who
was riding on the blind baggage , mid
ho may die from 1 1 1 o injuries received.
Tho engine and baggago cars wero
badly damaged, ami one end of tho
mail car was smashed.
Threo passenger coaches wero off
the track, and tho trucks wero all
knocked off tho curs. Tho baggage
car lay neross the track, and tho three
coaches were diagonal from tho track.
Due coach was 110 or -10 feet from tho
rails. The track was badly torn up
for !I00 feet, ami tho roadbed was
greatly damaged.
This is one of tho most miraculous
wri cks that has ever oecnred on tho
Southern Pacific system. Tho scene
of the wreck is a low, marshy stretch,
where tho track Is flat, and ground
soft. Several of tho passengers bad a
few slight bruises, but not serious.
Tho passengers were taken to Cottage
Grovo for stipiter, and'u transfer was
The work of clearing the truck begun
Sunday evening and was completed on
Monday so that tho belated trains
reached hero in tho evening.
I. An agreement that, by its terms,
is not to bo performed within a year
from Ihe making thereof.
3. An agreement to answer for the
tit bt, default, or miscarriage of
II. An agreement by an executor or
administrator to pay the debts of his
testator or Intestate out of his own
4. ' An agreement for the leasing,
for n longer s riod than one year, or
for the sale of real prois-rly, or of any
interest therein.
5. The authority of the agent mak
ing agreement concerning real prop
erty. II. Representation as tocrcdil, skill,
or character (,f third crsoii.
7. Sajo or transfer of ji vessel.
K. An agreement inn. In upon cou-
liidorut ion of marriage, other than a
mutual promise to marry.
0. An agreement for the sale of
personal ).roM rly at a prion not less
than f-'iO , unless the buyer accept and
receive some part of such properly or
nay at the time some purl of tho pur
chase money.
s(u;thi:i;"n oregon cider,
Tim Southern Oregon Cider and
Vinegar Co. r ivetl tliM week four
carloads i f elder apples from Grants
Pass, which they urn now grinding
inlo cider of good quality. The com
pany Ii malting shipments of the
product constant ly to various tsiinls,
introducing it. 'Ihe cider has met
with ginil success win river Intro
duced, and In lime it is expected thai
:i good trinbt in it will 1st built up.
The I rouble has ls-cn (hat oopo have
been geti ing a poor quality of cider
until they have about given up drink
ing, hut when a itsoii is induced to
try the Southern Oregon product, they
iininetl iatcly re-ucipiire a taste for the
beverage. There nro barrels uud bar
rels and l inks and tanks of elder iu
the cniuianv's wan house iu ull stages,
from the freshly expressed juice to the
finished product. Medford Mail.
The building committee of thu First
Raptist i hurt h of Giants Pass, Ore
gon, regret to have to alinoiiuce that
on account ol unavoidable delay, tin y
have decided to postpone the work ol
n building their houso of worship ow
ing to the latent ss of the season.
'1 hey are maturing plans, buying
material ami getting r. atly for us ear
ly a start its possible In tint spring,
anil hoist to erect a structure that w ill
be a ert .lit to our city, and u gratill
'in ion to all the friends who have so
generously nidi tl us w ith their offer
ings. Ill Isdlulfjif the Committee.
Knlicrt Leslie, pastor.
A survey is now being made proiuir
atory to tho construction of a railroad
p Cow creek from Glellilale. The
length of the proposed road is ulmut
1 1 milt s and will be built to further
a now and extensive luuilxreiiterpris
undertaken by Johnson Bros.
This Week.
Picture Mouldings
Tho copper prosiM-cts near the stunt
line, in tho viciutiy of Elliott creek
and Jno crock, are still attracting un
usual'aftentiou and exports aro in-HK-ctiiig
tho locality most industrious-'
ly. Gcorgo Wait recently acquired
what have proven to bo very voluuble
claims in that vicinity, lying just
north of tho justly celebrated McVoy
claims, 'Which wero located by Cres
cent City parties. Neubor and Wait
havo just braided their claims to Mon
tana people for tho sum of 130,000.
.Tho rainfall lias been too light as
ywt to start work actively at tho
placer mines of this section; and the
miners aro getting things in readiness
for operations ns soon rls tho waters
iu tho gulches and ditches flow freely.
At tho celebrated Sterling niino,
owned by Aukeuy & Cook, tho most
important mine of its class in Jack-
sou County, the full work Is now
under way. While tho 'water in tho
ditches is still light, there is plenty
to drive one giant and It is tearing
away at tho gravel in a rigorous
fashion. A few good rains will put
tho cntiro equipment of tho Sterling
niino in active operation.
1). J. 8. Pearco recently picked up a
nugget on his placer claim on Poor-
man's creek that weighed over l!9.
There is much coarso gold on this
claim, Ion which tho old channel has
been located during the cast Summer.
The Ilachelor Mine on Sardlno creek
has recently boon sold to M. Kotchunt
PI) to mid giants havo been taken to
tho property and piping will bo start
ed us tho v aler flows. During the
past week T. M. Reitl reports an ex
cellent clean-up at tho Oregon Rello
Minn on Forest creek. Two shifts of
miners aro hard at work mi tho Whlto
Horso Miua in tho Gold Hill district,
rnniiing a tmiuel, which has already
been driven 400 feet J. H. Beomuu
has sold his Lucky Hurt tuiuo on Sar
dine creek to a California company.
Master Glen Booth, aged 1(1 years, a
son of W. S. RiMith, on Friday last
hud a terrible struggle with a three-
pronged deer In thu woods near his
home at thu mouth of Starvcout Ho
had shot and killed his game, as ho
supposed, tho animal falling and
plunging his head beneath a log. Tho
hoy stood his ritlo by a tree, about 75
yards away, and went over to stick
bis iinimnl. Uu pulling the head
from under the log, tho deer, whose
ni ck had only been creased by a cot
In tho hair, attacked tho boy. A
lerriblo struggle followed; sometimes
Ihe buck hud the ndvuutugn and again
the liy gained a good hold. Ho
ihially managed to push tho straggio
i lose to his gun; after considerable
engineering, lie seized his trusty gun
with one band, and holding thu deer
with the other, hn finally managed to
lire a ib-iith-di aling shot. Glen's
clothes worn m arly all torn from his
lxly. Ho w us considerably bruised
about his hotly. Cileiidalo News
Tint "cockatoo circus" which ex
hibited in the bank building last week
.vtis not favored w ith a numerous nt
teutbincii except lit one exlribitlon
when they gavo a bag of candy to
.very child who BtteiidetL This
iniiuillci nee brought a multifarious
ittciidaneo of urchins and the crush
was great The youngsters Yiewed
tho exhibition critically uud pro
nounced it "no good".
The slate convention of the Y. W.
''. A. met In Salem Friday evening.
inong thu delegates present wero
'diss Myru Montgomery from Paciflo
university, Miss Merlo I locket t from
.Villuinctie university and Miss Mar
garet Pannard from Eugeuu.
lisi) young, thrifty, full-bearing
trees, five-room house, etc., deep
alluvial soil. f.'.MXI. Great bargain.
Address Rcu A. Lowell, Woodvillo,
Itching Piles produce moisture and
csusrs iteliinif. This form, as well as
Ulim), Itlceding or Protruding Piles are
cured by Dr. llo-ssn ko's Pile Remedy,
steps Itching and bo-nling. Absorbs
tumors. 60c s jr at Druggist, or sent
by mail. Treatije Iree. Write me
about jour case. Dr. Boeauko, Pbilada,
I'i. For sule by W. F. Kreuier.