Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, June 12, 1902, Image 4

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    6Ut Tiifi MilLEsI i on washing clothe
CottprMMd Air Loctmotlm to h
Uid in Col MIom.
MoaWra Mstkods sad the Hmlli
Tharaof Is Forth fur the I'sv
lalllalax! HourwIK.
Taaaarlvaala Oasssvaaas TwHaf
aad Will D
. Katlrslr wlik Ika
j rioddias Aalssals.
' During the coming 12 month the
picturesque driver buy and the pa
tient mine mule will be (rradimlly
uperseded at the anthracite mine by
the unsentimental but useful und ef
flcient compressed air locomotive.
The machine which will diaplac the
bojr and the mule li been aoiitrht
for during many year, and tne
operatori have at laat found it. A
test hai been made by the Philadel
phia and Heading Coal company, and
haa been o satisfactory that the
company ia now preparing t place
the compressed air liK'iimotivei in
all IU mine, and retire from r
Ire the 3,000 mule now used to pull
the car in and out of the working.
Other companle are watching the
experiment with great intercut, and,
aa it promiaea to prove economical
and efficient, the engine will doulit
lesi be placed In all the other minca
within a abort time. Home yenra
ago the electric motor promised to
oust the mule and the boy, but
while they are still hi utn at aoine
of the mlnei they nre not ao auc
ressf.J aa to be gcnernlly adopted,
aay the New York Tribune.
The paaaing of the mule and the
boy will mark a change lu mining
which ha been anticipated for
year, with other big improvement,
but It will deprive the mlnea of one
of their moat interesting features.
The hoy! are In a by theni
nelve, differing from boy employed
In any other work. They are a dur
ing, rock lean Int. moat of them be
tween Ml and 20 year old. In con
stant danger, brave, lending a rough,
atrenuoua life, sssMch make them
Keif reliant at an unusually early
The big mule which they control
are aa different from the average
mule a their driver differ from the
average boy. Kept In the mine for
year at a time, without alght of
sky, aniff of frch air or taate of
green graae, they live a life apart;
nolitary and deaolate, often develop
ing a vtrloiisness which make tlaem
aa dangeroua a the full of roof
which constantly threaten the live
of the mine worker.
Many a Imply youngater ha been
brought out of Ilia mine maimed or
dead, and the rejNirt ha et opjio
alte hi name the word: "Kicked
hy a mule.' In the course of a year
the death from mule kick amount
to nttout SO, while the mule which
are killed In revenge nr unnum
bered. The animal are often ae
veraly lll-trentod. Their tongue
have been pulled out, ear have been
allowed to run Into them and eruah
them agninat the aide of a working,
and ground glna haa Ihicii fed to
them In their mash, and the mule
thu treated die fpilckly. It 1 dif
ficult for the couinnli-a to diaciiline
the boy, berauae It la ao hn ril to de
tect when they have wilfully Injured
an animal. A vicloua mule get a
reputation which leada ipiirkly to IU
being tamed or killed, nml It la usual
ly In one process or another that the
daring boy get hurt.
The animal ar capable of a
great amount of work, although the
conditions do sour their tampers,
and, barring accidents and intention
al Injuries, tiny live for many years,
despite the fact Hint they nre con
fined under ground nit the time.
Their aickneaaea and tlieir Injuries
compel their Itelng brought to the
surface and treated In the rompnny
hoepltal, which l a constant source
of eipensn, and this is one of the
reason why the companies desire to
dlaplac them. The eiiglnea, too,
will do the work faster, while the
heavy cost of feed nnd the space
taken by the nlatilee will he saved,
nd the driver hoys nnd stable Losses
will be replaced by tlie enginus.
About In.UUI mules ar now used in
the aiithrnelte region.
A lebuarlae Kerr r-lloat. " and liniig tlirm nil out.
Monsieur (louliet, I In- Krenck invent- Where the attie is nrrnnged so that
nr of submsrliir liunts, tins denised linen can be stretched In it to dry
model of a host luti mini In r inder Cluthea in winter or wet weather, it
water am) to convey uim mri rt !. I a great rontenleiice. If this ia not
twein Kraiiccaii.l lo gl n ml In iiunnsnf osslld, It la better to do the vwisli
a eahle atrelulicd across ihr Channel, ilng in some shed or other room ml
joining the kitchen, where a stoic
csn he set up. This .can he used its
a drying room. It ia not desiriilile
to have wet elothea (Irving in the
kitchen, I. .thus Hint have hecu
hung out of doors und are not yet
dry, but froen, may be hung in such
a drying room nml dried by the same
warm Are by which the uushing win
done It ia n posit ire injury to table
linens, ahecta nnd other clothes to
hang them out of doors for n long
time, to become froen nnd (lap nhout
I In the wind. It is also injurious to
fold cotton or linen cloth while it is
froacli. It strains the filters and
eaiiaa the cloth to crack.
ITklrbenliia la I'nreca.
Flour, wheat starch or coin March
ia adilcii to these soups in order to
hold the iec;e!nlile pulp from setting
i'll.e Hour nnd butter art1 called
'binding." I.e, nun- they hold the
solid and li.pii I parts together and
give a smooth combination. Wash
ington Star.
I alue of tl fa mn,
! Orange ale a most v ul tin Me fruit.
Orange juice allays thirst til will,
few cti-c pt ions is well li.'tit- Ii tto
weakest stoliineh. It is ul .1 l.i .i
tlie, and if taken nl mc'it ii-fniv
breakfast it will be found ni I ! uc
Actul.-l.aiUrs' Home .Imn
Two distinct processes for washing
clothes are now in use in the family
laundry. In one case the clothes are
boiled as our grandmothers boiled
them; in the other they are not
boiled. The latter method, which ia
tiie newer one, is erroneously- culled
the "cold process" method, though
wnrui, not cold, water is generally
used. Sometimes even hot water is
employed. The temperature of the
water and the question whether the
clothcM shall be boiled or not depends
upon the Inundry soap used. There
lire ninny varieties of Inundry Konp
in the market to-day which contain
pariifTine or naphtha, and it is not
necessary to use anything but wurin
water with these soaps. Most house
keepers, however, find it more agree
able to heat water quite hot for
washing in winter, and easier to
wusli in warm water, no matter what
soup is used, say the New York
Oldtitne housekeepers who have es
tablished and rigid Ideas of the proi
er method of washing clothes tu-a
often, no doubt, shocked when they
see how derelict the modern woman
Is In washing, according to old ways.
They canont deny that her clothes
are as aweet and white as their own,
and they know she does her work
easier than they do. It is only a few
generations sine the oldttme pound
ing barrel was abandoned. No one
pound clothes now, and, if the truth
must be told, very fuw persons are
boiling their clothes to-dny. Only a
few now use old fnshloned soaps of
a strong alkali nature, which demand
Hint the clothes ahnll be boiled. A
large number of people use some vn
riety of ao.-.p which will do its best
work In warm or hot not boiling
-water. When clothes lire boiled,
after they have bcn wnahed with
one of these soups containing paraf
flno or naphtha, they ur not as
white a they nre when not subject
to a boiling temperature.
All aiibatnuces obtained from crude,
petroleum used in cleniiing, whether
gusolcne, beiuine or naphthn, nre
generally included in this country un
der the mime naphtha, and are local
ly called pa raff) lie III England. It is
very di ITurcnt from pnrnlllne wax.
This pa rath ne from petroleum has
been successfully used for years in
Kiiglnnd in washing clothes, nnd only
lately in laundry aoaps lu this coun
try. When clothe are wnshed by thu
"cold process" th method to be pur
sued la an easy one. If there is no
regular supply of hot water In the
house, let the boiler lie filled early
in th morning hy some man of the
family. It I too hard work for a
woman, flliav a bar of the proper
kind of soap. Put the shaved onp
lu two quarts of water In a tan ket
tle, and set It on the stove, where
It will molt, but not boll. When the
breakfast is cooked, the water in the
boiler will be hot enough to wash
with. IMvlde It between two Urge
wnshtub set out 011 a stand for
work. Divide the sonp which has
been melted also between them, nnd
stir It in. Put the while clothes lu
th larger tub of soupy hot wntcr.
and let them soak for half an hour,
while breakfast Is served. At the end
of this time rub the white clothes
through this water and wring them
Into the second tub, from which they
must also be rubbed and wrung into
another tub or a clothes basket, to
b rinsed. Wash the eoarser cottons,
then the llnnnels, nnd then the cal-
'' s through these two waters, und
Iny each set by Itself. Meanwhile,
empty the tubs, or let some strong,
able-bodied man do It, and hate them
filled agnin with warm, but not very
hot, water, to rinse th clothes in.
Wnrm water will tnke the soap out
better than cold. Itliisc the white
clothes first. They should lime been
covered, so ns not to become perfect
ly colli. After they have been thor
oughly rinsed in the two tubs of wit
ter, wring them very dry. Starch
them .hat need it, and hung them nil
out on the clothes line. Ulnse the
flannels, coarse clothes and calicoes
urccssively through th rinsing wa
ters. Sin reli the calicoes that need
1'erhapi his slroiigist argument for
an undrrwntrr psssnge ia Unit the
steadiness of motion would prevent
seasickness, the traditions? terror of
the Knulish channel. The submarine
bit Kuitoii lately lay undisturbed on
til Ixlttoln off the l.oliff l.'stii! coast
while a tempest otcrhtsil sent 11 any
Vfsl to destruction, a fset win, , is
in accordance with former esperirnee
that the ilistiirhsiiers procured by
storm waves do not reach very deep.--.
Youth' Companion.
Protif Positive,
Jinlgs- What it the charge against
tW prisoner?
Officer II,- is charged with atralkg
the wnr :r, !., of Holly Foollighl, now
at the tiiiicty tin nter.
"Have you found any proof of his
"Ye, your honor. The entire ward
robe was found in his test pocket."
C hicago Daily News.
1 ke f.oldea .
Ph- Do you believe thnt niurrlage
tvr will become it science?
lis- 1 wouldn't be surprisi.l. 1 I,
lieve the tiuir will cnue when cvvri
man will b ah e to ilenni., from the
woiusii he iiinrries 1111 income nioui;h
to ketp linn in tie in a 11 ii r r of life he
hss been at customed to. - llruokly n
The largest turn ver psid lor a pre
scription, chanced hands in San Fran
cisco, A. SO, i'AII. the transfer in
volved in com and slock II2,S00 IM and
was ss id by a parly ul business uieu lor
a peclnc lor link-In' Disease and Dia
betes, hitherto iucuralil dtsesse.
They commenced ih serious invstti.
lation ol the necitlc Nov. 16, D)
Thajr Interviewed score ol t lis cured
and tried it out on it mania by putting
over three doien cases on th treatment
and watcbiug them. The also tot phy
sician to name chronic, Incurable rases,
aud adiuloiaUred it with the phvsician
lor fudge, t'p to Aug. :5, H7 per cent
ol the test rise were either well or
prr-iirrsaint: lavnrslily.
Thar being but thirteen per cent ol
(allure, Ibe parties were astntted and
closed the trsnssction. Tin proceedings
ol the investigating committee and th
clinical reports ol the tsl rase war
published and ear 1 1 1 b mailed lis on
applicatloa. Address Jons J. Fiitok
tt'""'"!430 Mu"t,nerJ 8n ,'"'-
A familiar name (or the t'hii so, Mil
tank A St Paul Kail w av , known s1
over the I'iiioii as the liresl Iliilac
running the "l'loiie-r Limited'' tr m
verr day and night Udaeen St. I'su
ami Chicago, and Or.iaha ud t'hicsgo
' riisonlv pirhc! trains in the world
I'hderatand : Connect ions are mad'
with All Transcontinental Lines, asmii
ing to passengers the beat set vice kilos n
Ltnurious roache, electric lishls. slcan
heat, of a verity equalled bv no ol In
line. See that your ticket reads via "Tin
Mileaukee" when going to any point ii
the I'll i 10 r'tale or l snails. All tics
si agent sell llieiti.
Kor rale, pamphlets or other inloi
mation, address,
1. W. Casv, o. J. Knnv,
Trav. Pass Agt. lietieml Awenl.
Hksttlx, Wash. I'oari.ANo, Oi
iyrier and Oregonian for $2.00
I There's many a farmer's wife sits on the
porch in the yrming rihadows of sum
mer evening, knowing to the full what it
is to f-fl tired out : as if there was not
1 -mother "iincc of eiTort left in her. But
she knows how
V v,
sound her slum-
lr will .k- a.i-l
how r?irfslitfl
the morniny will
TiimI hr.r. That 'l
the ti ret 1 nest of
a healthy
woman. Hut
it's another
'.hing fr the
hii-k wuniriii to
feel tired out.
Rest only srem
U incrtRse her
suffering. Just
us in prtjfonntl
silence a u incur.
jarn tlic ear
more forcililv, &j
now that ul) e
has stopped
mo vint ajul.
tins tired w j;n;in feels more acutely the
admix hack and throhhinif ncrveii.
Sick woi;r'!i, lumdreds oftliousands of
them, have lM:rii niuile well hy the use of
Ir. Pierce's I;avonte I'rescription. It
estahhi.hi's regularity , dries weakening
ilr.iiuK, he. i In inflammation and ulcera
tion nnd nuts female weakness.
"WiitiIh r.niiKrt irtl what I miffrrfd for Ihir
trrn .villi titer inr Inrtittle and druKKixtt'
down p.iitiH tir'i;;li my hlM aud hark," write
Mrs John l k--n ot (irt-iiitll. Ainiloia I lt ,
N. W I r. " I 1 di'fst'ri lie tlic miM-ry il whh
to rr on v.y h t t luii ul a time. I coulit not nil
nor lii (iitvti I H'lfllud to die. Thtu I mw
Ir I'l-in'" tiif'i'iii'-i. itlvrrliM-i. and thought I
won Id irv Hi. -in ll:id not taken our bottle till
I Wii M ' li-tt' tw-jl Aflt-r 1 tiH) Ukril hvr tiotllct.
of ' l-.ivotin: I'n m ription ' and one of '(oldrii
Mtdicil .'ii -ivnv ' I wiin likr a new woman.
Con Id tul and :.hri and do all my own work."
The Common Sense Medical Adviser,
is sent ivnn receipt of stamot to pay
exxibe of cuiling only, Sena 21 one
cent rilauips for the tMXik in paer covers,
or stain r j for the volume hound in
cloth. Adilttt Ur. Tierce, lluffalo, N.Y.
mm i
U ' 1 , V&aV II II
0. R. & N.
rr is Tin:
Shortest, Quickest.
ami must
Itnutc to nil Kii'tcrn points vis. I'ortlsnil.
All Throuyli Tickets rcailin over tliis routs
urc K"0il viu :
fult IiiIki ami Di'iiver.
Low Rates Everywhere.
Tickets un Sale at Smitliern 1'ucilic IM'ot
Hli. e.
A. I,. C'KAItj,
fieu'l I'tthHungcr A)eut,
I'lirtlnml, ( ru.
of So, Glen Falls, N. Y., des
cribes a condition which thous
ands of men
and women
find identical
with theirs.
Read what he
says, and note
the similarity
of your own
case. Write to
him, enclosing
stamped ad
dressed envel
ope for reply,
and net a per
sonal corroboration of what is
here given. He says reyardini;
Dr. Miles'
Heart Cure:
1 suffered aifonlzinff pain In the left
Wu.Nt and leturm my nhouldrn from
hcirt troutilc. My heart would palpi
t.ttc, finite r, then skip treats until 1
could mi lonirrr he in tcd. Niiht after
mghl I walked (lie t!H.r, fur to he down
WvMild tve niaiit sudden death. My
rtulitiuii M-etiu'tl iiliiuikt ht;eless when
I tK-au tukitif Or. MiU V Heart C ure,
tuU it helped me from the tint. 1 atcr
1 totk lr. Miles' Nrtviue with the
llrait Cure nnd the effect was astnn
iihinff. 1 ratHotly implore Similar sut
fcret to give tlittnc rt-uiitliei a tuaL"
Sold by all Druggists
on guarantee.
Dr. Mi lo Medical Co., Elkhart, In J.
L D. Palmer.
a alt tl.i
k'pa lbl4ltt.
cr ton ana
do ot tweai. v
NerougUMir V
fc lu chaftj V
and cat. 1 k
only kef
k-kui like
IfW, trail
wvart lwx
at ioBcVy iha
oi kuraa
cling io bits bp Land.
Town ldl That Jlrliber Kraor
r Fort un al V. ill iarrradrr
Clafuie To.
J x xy ut
sll slus.
MssVs Sr
Th Wtakljr Orrajonian tnd th
Cocaiia both lor on yaar lor 2 In ad-
Operttlont of the National Bureau
of Identification.
Of I'ourm" tlioy do. It in thoir
way of loiiriiiiiK mid it is your duty
to unswer. You tuny need a die
tinnaiy to aid you. It won't in
swor every (iii'slion, but there urv
thousaiuls to which it will give you
true, clear und delimit unsworn,
not about words only, but about
thin.!!!!, thu sun, niui'uitu'ry men,
places, stories und the like, '..'hen,
too, tho chiMrou can thid their
ow n answers. So; in of our
greatest men lmvo ascribed tlieir
power to ftudv of the dictionary.
Of course you want Uij 1h1 dic
tionary. Tim most critical prefer
the New and Enlarged Edition of
f If J"" hurt any qutslioiu
Innrmsrssut Iq. 4 C, MERRIAM CO
visit DR. JORDAN'S o"t
imi i mn ir, ui rinciM. ul
TtM 1 iiatAirilfal MsrtsMa Ml th) Mvlttl ra4
1 (tl 1 a r 1 1. 1 a tkriv
Sjt k.-.a'".JiM im9m9
Jri TnMliiHwlsisit Wim4.
f 11 l Mptw. 4JM 1.4
ll V . tkf LM Ism!). KaW iak
(' csHjlitMVs ! Mstl asH fHt fiattMii r
-. i'i ( rnM uiav
W a I all sM
Ursjlaalua al aa Issslltatlam Thai
Promises to ltsossa aa las,ala
bis .tsrsir l IkaCartall
snmI of Crlsa.
It was a woeful day for tin 350,000
criminals of tlxse United States, not to
iiicniiim tl.cir brother crooks in other
.omuries ishcii the National Utireuu
of Idciiiiticution uns conceived, suys
a Wuid.iniun D. .'.) correspondence
of -tlic 1 iiii'innali Knquirer.
Mnj. Itii-I.ii cl hlvestcr, )rcsilcnt of
the Niui i. 1 Ahsociation of t hiefs of
l'olti c i.i. . .. member of the Ixiard of
.iti ti u i,l the bureau, w!iiiC sujier
in u.!cnt f the Cnpitiil liiy's m(-:el
;,...i-e fori. ori)riiiHted t'. is ccntrul
oiii'cau of uiformiilioii fur the aid of
the numerous Sherlock Iloluihcs of
Norili Auiciica.
K. A. Kuius, the siieriiitcndcnt of
the new bureau, is a youi.;; iiinu with
nn enifle Iilculifyiiiir criiuiunls
tvHH a purl of his kinde rci--rten train
!t... lie U the si. Il of h-t. M. I'.
Kciiiis, Uli'erintenilent of tie C 1 lciio
lily bluilitliation Dure uimfl'M.
In boyhood he HsrUted 1 is full cr he
tecn school hours, mid for ti c prist
five years he hus l.ein an attache of
the embryonic national bureau.
The walls of the liurenii are lined
with cnbincts filled with tboioiittds of
curds each lienrln),' upon its face the
photorrahs of a crimii nl, one full
face and the olhir On the
sa Me side nre riven th incasurt mcnls,
aire and sti vairisl cluiracterii.tics of the
criniiiiul. On the hack lire noted m:c!i
data ns his mime, residence, crime, etc.,
iilxo his ninrks, scars, mold anrl oiher
flcfccts or abnormalities, lu short,
t hese can's are audi a regularly nuike
up the Itertillon catuloi.'iics used in
all up-to-date police c part incuts.
All the cards collected in the ."2
American and Caiuidisn citir-- contrib
utiiifT to the niainti iiaui'e of th bu
reau such of them, at lea t. us reprc
si nt the current clnss -nr-.'
bcinv duplicated and filed in the cen
tral bureau. What a task this is cnu
be fflveiiid from the fact that lu ( hi
caco lonc there are 4().i(!() canic rcp
P 'htiiifc the erimilial elcrm lit of the
vv. i.tcrn metropolis Itself, ai d l.'i,uou
more r pri -, as t n asr criminals from out
side ciiminuiiit ies who haie been in
Home wsy comiei'tcd wlih t hicaro
"jobs." Over 4,lHI of these 5S.IIU0
have been collected under the Itertil
lon si stem; the other I ft, noil under the
old f.i.-hiontd rogue's palb-ry eclu me.
l he t iicusauds of cards Hie arrnured
in tliiec ;-roii h, each coiitntued in one
of the three immense enbiiiets. 'I he
first cabinet contains "lnr;e heads."
the second "inudiuin heads," the third
"s- II hnliis."
lb Md length, therrfore, is the first
ki i which opens the cabinet. John
ii c al as Skearter Jack," must there
foi i be lo' kid for lirst in t hv "nit ilium
lit i,d" cabinet." There are, perhaps,
a ri'in j or more of crooks with heads
tvj centimeters lonir, but all of these
of like hind length nre siiU-inssifu-d.
flrt accordini,' to head widths, second,
lice, tlii. l,' to Ici.'lh of in i:cle tinker,
ami so on down the Male of ilnln on
c; i h card All i.f the cards con. par
ing fnioral ly with John ioi ' d. scrip
timi nre !aid to one siile for tlnal com
parison n'lli the full face and profile
phot I;, on the card sent. A rea
sonable i. .i,i-;i, for error in measure-
its is allowed. In fart, some of th
most important idc iitiucailous so fnr
miide by the bureau haie bei-n based
on' eards on which those errors have
bci n w i,1f .
nrs of training- in the science of
iili i t Kcatioti are necessary before
aplin milch less cIH'-t in si can be
attn'i ' d. Iii'ad crimianls hue i ITi-M d
shim ,.f l he most I'ifricult problems.
Iri-tancrs where crooks nre kill:, in
I com! nt with their intciidi d ici ims or
j in escapiitr fiom the scenes of thi ir
I pliiiidi r. arc many, fn such s the of c ii slllisi-ribllii t i ;ii. I,,
I bun an -i,i' their llertillnu . i i nt -r.
j nnd 1 -ti -1 - ; i' i j hers to imr y ins, i. re
J til u -1 be a . h rcil the cr . liu .. .ta
for the lib", tilicatluli c.."i . Vint
j ancl, inn - .'in- M-attcrtil i :, I "! -'u-
until ii. ,! clns'tirmioi,, m,,; ; ,,; . ,.,
lire t, 1 1 to I, mk upon,
j V.i: i li rtrr sa v s that a cn'nt .,
lice bin,. in will eiulic out of th - mi
's: il ut ;i.n. It is his nmbitioii that'ts
! ilili ri n i"l-ii I scope will include not
only I ii i ii.:. i, luit i h i.'i, -nt . -,1111.111 nlal
eiiunirics of the old world. The state
ih'pnrtmeiit is now issuini; ninta'ii ns
(to '.' in f '.r'irn police oflicmls tur.tti'nd
tin iii.-et ii sr of the Nati.uial A-.ri-1
alu u n' t hiefs of I'oliee to be held ill
, Louisville i.i tl May. During- that
niiili,)j plai.s for the en in.ion of the
' si -ti ll, w II In- discussed.
I All f iie chiefs of police of (he
t'nlteil Ntsi,.. nm m,n hiith federal
ofl.c ills are stronk-li In fnior of plac-
i 'h bureau under the department
of Justice. A lull now U fors cohkicss
, proi ides for this transfer.
Llserr far Wolos IVrtraes.
) The kills' Is settin; an eismple of
I smartness by having his new motor
'car painted eiactly like the royal car
j rinir -s. with the royal cont-of lirms on
' each door and twu livened -criai ts on
i the b s seat. Other motor car ow iisi s
; are no longer content to hav e a driver
j Iressed in dark blue wild n peaked
jca.i. Lord and l ady ilrt.r.y :. is. I lord
anil Lady iiosfonl have per t! ,-ir drii
ra Into ordinary lively, while num
ber of well known people are giving
their coachmen lessons in motor ilriv
t ing - London Mail.
! IlUi'l Osvleh Mlas.
sij:hfj the o'.i iuij, "t a
j fraud, ws el soiif "
I "But I llesrr could ppreciste nillsic."
asserted the crusty old bachelor hasti
ly, Chics ,-o Post.
Portugal owns (ioa. a territory hav
ing nn area of over 1,000 npiare inilcs,
beside Daniaim, to the north of lloin
bay , nod l)iu, oil the (iuerat const.
The Krcnch flaj; tti ats over I'ondi
cherry, on the f oronmndel coast, and.
in addition, she pnses.-es 1 banderna
Ifore, on the br.nks of the lloiighly, 17
miles north of (alcuttn; Karikal, a
smnll and swampy settlement in the
(nuvery delta: Vanann, near the
mouth of the (iodavery river, and -Malice,
a small town on the opposite
coast of the peninsula.
i ne of these po ess ions are of any
practical use to their respective own
ers, while to Kntrlinnl they w ould be of
considerable value. Yet neit her nation
will part with any of them for any
consideration whatever, says ritray
After a similar fashion Frnnce
watches from the islets of St. Pierre
and Miipielon, in the trulf of St. Law
rence, the opposite shores thnt once
were hers. A round I' was
once offered to France by llritain for
these two rutred masses of granite,
hut the offer was refused with disdain.
A. Proacdara In I'hotosraphr That
Moat Peopla Would .lot
Oh (wet To,
Prof. Hirnm Corson, who hns the
chair of Knlikh literature nt Cornoll,
belong! to the wt'll-kiiowii CorKoti fam
ily wliuhc l.mnt -tL'ad i near Ncirrii
town, at Plymouth. A very old man
now, he is perhaps the mut pictur
friii. figure in the college town of
Ithnra. His lertureii are extremely
popular; he pe:i!; with iri'areful i!
turen, hiii hnmlh weighted with beauti
ful jeweU, aud he wearn mi Iiim fore
Hnyer a riuy the poet ItrovMihijr tfave
him. He says pood thiiir he is al
ways faying pood thiiips, relates the
hilai!.lphi:i Iteeord.
"P-of. CcirM.i)." a pretty little co-ed
murmured ret ent ly. "wim't you pive
me one of your photographs to hnnp
in my room?" Tie earned old man
tun i led and nKeuted. "Itut I won't
(rie you one of tlmM a New Vork pho
tographer hit-: jut mnde of me," he
said. "The fellow lud the iinpinlenee
to take all the Hues out of my fare.
It made me, he thought, look yoiiuper.
I nhouted at him: 'You are a fool!
How dared ymt remote those lines?
Don't you know it took pie (ill years to
pet the in there?'
That la What !ir Ulrnm MmhIiu Vrm-
dlcla Will IU hiu Inside of
Xt lvn Vmn.
Sir Hiram Maxim says the day of
the pra-tieftl llyinp maehine is not
more than ten years off. In a
Hipned artiele he declares himself us
"With the Improvements now
made, it becomes a relatively easy
matter to eoiistnut a tiyitip ma
chine, and I feel sure that surh ma
chines win make their appearance
and become n part of the military
armament of the nation inside of
the next ten years. Kxperimciittt
with llyinp machines, are enormous
ly epenhe; in fnct, the expense ii
too preat to be borne by a sinple in
dividual of moderate mcius.
"I think we can truly sa y, with
Lord Hayleiph, that (hi up machines
nre i lily a ipiestn n of a lot of time
and a lot of money; And at the
present time I an; -atinp my pennies
in order to enable me to have an
other bite at tho .ame old cherry.
The rather strenuous wife of
ft western eoiipresmAii met W'u
Tmp-Fftnp ftt a dinner and eaperly
Muipht to enpape him in eon verna
tion. She whs compelled to Kan out
over the table and preit him at a dis
tance of several covers from where
he fcat. "Mr. W'u, we all think yuu
ore ao cUver," she declared. "Isn't it
such pity you are only Chinese."
New Mexico is a preat sheep coun
try. There is but one other state or
territory w liirh excels it in ahcep
ruiinp. That is I'tah, where there
are or 'J.lMKt.UtHj sheep. 'cw
Mexico Im about fl,(Ho,iXMi. The in
dustry wa never ao prokperoiu as
at present.
It is ft canon of biolopy, says Suc
cess, that the uniiM-d orpan per
ishes, thnt the parasite shrixels to a
tjuakinp pulp or a tlabby shell. The
parasite declines t o w ork, to take its
place in the world-order, preferriup
to fornpe upon its more thrifty
fellow s.
There are 4,tMH Kusmns in Kftnsas,
l.tKHi heaiU of families who do little
betond raiiiup wheat. Thty ote in
elections as one man, and attend
Mrietly to their own business.
Whenever we express a willinpnesa
! to tnke the blame on ourselves we
; feel that we h .re a pre;it deal of
j credit for dump so, says u current
tluy philosopher.
t$?i ;Vt ' Truer Miisa
Annn snr1Irt t rO ti sml rltwivirt1 "
qnlrlf Hi ttar isnri..u rr wnvll-.-,
Uiti'i tiivi I !rSftM Bvntiitnti'! i',.rr-i vim
UtHiiri.!ro'fin.1fiiti.J H molxaik on f'.U'H
tful tro I'Vlct iseiii i f,v "oi it...
url lhn uh hyun .1 I . ijilr
tf, mi (.-, witi.-iat l i'k'v, tn tv.
Scientific ;la:r.:n.
A hainil'm.'l tl'nirTi'f
-n'ttlion of n i li .ii ,f. l
1S. f I.
Uoun'h iidi . . U K St s
A Few Pointer.
Ttie ret-ent ststisiies of the iitiiulier ol
ilestlis slinsr li st die lss'e mj ullv Jie
wiili iviisiiinp' inn. Tliis d'sesse nisi
i-oinnieiii-e ilh sn aiipsrenlW lisnnlr.
riUili ahii h e.m be eiued infai.llv bi
Krnii's lUI-sm Inr the llin-st and
I.uiii liu b is uusriinteeit lu eurv and
relieve a'l rs-e. l'riee 'JV-. ajnl Si".
For ssle bv all dnus-'sl
to un "ehi-Hcs,
i :..!. :t !.. ,..1.1 i.
'IIISII, WHO llliyill-i " i"-jr numu, uu
What does not want to be
ThechiU depone upon the mother for strength ami health No moth r can
Z , r ,hil,l what riio herself doe. not ,,.,s, If - she cannot gwe
h r child strength. If she i. .u-k she cannot give 1..T child hea th. 1 ho, propo
They need neither explanation nor defence. IV ha doe,
piuuiio uiv - .,..!. ...i,.-nllilfi Of U-nilliMl f.llMllCT
i !., n w thu Im-1 tlial mere um..n... - - 0
seem io neeu eAi,iii
the liirth-lmur in physical pam and mental an
healthy of hody ami happy of mmJ.
hea ? What mother does not crave a strong and sturdy chHd r But wanttng
U not enough. Suppose you want to go to Xew York or San rancsco, w.ll you
,it down and take it out in wanting? If you do, you certainly will never get to
either place. If you want to go and mean to go, you'll buy your t.ckeU and take
1 4 IT ... t . T 1
the train. But suppose a woman says, - now no i mhm
thin train goes to New York?" She will have to take
the word of others for it. The time-card says the train
goes to New York. People who have traveled on the
same train say so. How foolish it would be for a
woman who wanted to make the trip, to say, " Perhaps
these train people are deceiving me, and the women who
say the train goes to New York don't knew what they
are talking about."
This is just the position of the prospective mother
who is weak and sickly and wants to be strong a:.i! well.
Dr. l'ierce's Favorite Prescription is offered to women
as a means of health and strength. Thousands of
women who have used the medicine allirm that it does
all that is claimed for it. If the sick woman wants
to he well, if the weak mother wants to bu strong,
she has the same means open to her in " FavoritO
Prescription" which have been so success
fully nsed by thousands and tens of thou
siinils nf other women.
It would be ridiculous for a train
advertised to run regularly to New
York to run its passengers
away on, on some prairie
and h ave them. It would
be equally ridiculous to
suppose that passengers
would take that train day after day and
year after year and after being deceived
and disappointed return home and tell
their neighbors that the train is all right
aud dues what it is scheduled to do.
It is equally absurd to suppose that Dr.
Pierce's Favorite Prescription could for near
ly a third of a century deceive and disappoint
women, and that these deceived and disap
pointed women would praise this medicine as
tho greatest boon to the weak and sick of
their sex, aflinirmg that it made them well and cured them after every other
means had failed to give permanent benefit.
As a matter of fact and of record, nothing is more sure than that Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription has been the means of giving perfect health to women of
all ages, and all conditions of ill-health, and that the use of this medicine has
robbed maternity of its pangs and given tho mother strength and health to give
her child.
" When I wrote to you in March asking advice as to what to do for myself," writes Mrs.
Klla Reynolds, of C.ullie, McLean Co., Ky., "I was exiiectinK the baby's coming in June,
and was sick ail of the time. Had been sick fur several months. Coulil not get anything
to stay in my stomach, not even water. Had female weakness lor several years. My hips,
back and lower bowels hurt me all the time. Had numbness from my hips down. Had
several hard cramping spells, and was not able to do anv work at all. I received your
answer in a few days, telling me to take Dr. l'ierce's Tavorite Prescription. I took three
IwUles, and tielore 1 had taken it a week I was better, and before I had taken it a month I
was able to help do my work. On the 27th of Mav mv babv was torn, and I was only sick
three hours, nnd had an easy time. The doctor said" I got along nicelv. We praise Mr.
l'ierce's medicine for it has cured me. I am better now than I have been'for thirteen years.
1 hope all that are afflicted will do a I have done and be cured."
Mrs. Carrie II. Donner, of Dayton, Green Co., Wis., writes: "I can highly recommend
Dr. l'ierce's Favorite Prescription having taken it for nine months previous to confine
ment. I suffered icurcely any compared with what I had at other times."
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is essentially a woman's medicine. It estab
lishes regularity, dries weakening drains, heals inflammation and ulceration, and
cures female weakness. It is the best preparative for maternity and as a tonic
fur nursing mothers is absolutely unrivaled.
Sometimes a dealer, tempted 'by the little more profit paid on the sale of less
meritorious preparations, will oifer a substitute for "Favorite Prescription" as
"just as good.' Judi,'c.l by its record of cures of womanly ills, there is no
other medicine just as good as " Favorite Prescription."
A MOTHER'S DOCK, thing thml mother, momt n,,d to know
. . inoludad among tho mrnny topic dl-
eu,,od in Or. Pnrc'u Common Smnao Medina Adriaor, containing WOB largo
pages of raluabla madid Information. Thia groat work ia aant FREE on racaipt
of atampa to pat axponaa of mailing ONLY. Sand 31 ona-cant at amp for tho
cloth-bound vsuma, or only 21 at amp, tor tho buok in papar-covara.
Addroaai Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, at. r.
rr ick i-:rr is
TO ANll 1- KllM AM.
Points East
F - J 77'-? V "wx.jr0'- tv Mm, r - . . , k'1
in 8
Short Line to
ami points fast
Through I'alaer anil Tourist Nleeti
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l.lUrari Cars.
For Kates, Folders sn,l full infurtuuiion
r."irliiit Tickets. K-Hiles, A,-., rail r
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J. W PHAl.KN, t. e.
II DICKSON, , . T. a
l'J'J 1 hi il Rireel, Portland
A. B. V. PKNMyp N. H. W. P. A
til;' First Avenue Senilis, Wash.
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Yovj Know Wh&t You Are
When you tal,e drove s Tssteless ftiill
Tome, lie. .iii-e the formula is plsinlv mtit
td on every Is.ttle sliowinu thai it i. sim
ply Iron and yuiniiie in a tasteless lorm
So v'ure So, Pay. joe.
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Patent Office
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..neyVriJ'iodu.'pr.Jve" "' S"inK Mj, l''"- ml Ilicycle.. CH. Ul
Mam Oili. e, ,XM Post St., San Franiino, Cl-
For Sale Hy
J. WolkoJjnmk Pass, Ore.
Smlihs' I'anili un I'oma.i,.
Slops 0--e a..'i,-
on,tl.rrio n
and will ,-r,p ul iug l air. Pr-. k. '
it all di.iki (. For je hv s.oi.r
Pru- Co.
To Cure a Cold In a Daj
Take Laxative llromo Quinine Tsl'leW
A.I druL-s-isbi.rtfiini! the moner If il
o cure. E. W. drove s si lure u
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