Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, April 24, 1902, Image 1

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CouimUfeioners .
Deputv Clerk
Deputy flierilT. .
. Treasurer
hchool Kupt
Coroner . '
Kuadmaster .
Abe Axtell
I lobn Wells
I Nick Those
R. I,. Barllett
T. P. Judson
Kd Lister
Ernent Lisler
J.T. Taylor
Lincoln Savage
t'has. Crow
H C. Ferkinf
T. A. Hood
Geo. W. Lewis
Mayor W. F. Kremer
Auditor and Police Judge It. L. Davie
Trea: urer Col. W. Johnson
City Attorney C. E. Maybe
Marshal John Lockhardt
Wtreet Sunt John Patrick
Counciiiiien Ueo. H. Mnns
A. C. Hough, J. H. Williams, C.
E. Harmon J. A. Kehkopf, Harry
hewn. Herbert Smith, Henry Schmidt
Grants Paw I.odge A. K. A. M., No. M.
regular communication rirst and third
Saturdays. Visiting brothers cordially
invited. H. C. BoBir.K. W. M.
A. J. I'ihi. Sec'y.
Itoyal Arch Masons-Keume Chapter No.
;'rt imeis second and fourth Wednesday
Miisonie hall. L. L. J (will,
J. E. 1 reason. Secy. H. P.
Eastern Star Josephine Chapter, No. 20
meet- lirtt and third Welne.sday
evenings of each month In Masonic
lull. Mas. H. Zniam.
I. O. 0. F ,-Oolden Rule l.odge No. 7H.
meets every Saturday night at I. O. 0.
F. hall. In M. Davis,
T. Y. DrAN, Secy. N...
Parnn Kncainpnient I. O O. F. No.
meets second and fourth Thursday at
1(1 (. F. hall, r-'aao Schmidt,
T. YDeak. Sec;y. tP.
llehekahs-Etna P.ehekah. No. 41). meets
second and fourth Monday, I. O. O. F.
hull. Kssik Hahtxak. N. U.
Mrs J. II. Dxmsok, Secy.
I'nited Aniens - (Irnnls Pass Assembly
No II), meets alternate Tuesday in
A.O. I'. W. hall. F. E. Wektk,
Fkxi Mkmjcii, Master Artisan,
Secy. . .
Woodmen of the World Rogue River
Camp No. f5, meets second and fourth
Wednesday at Woodman Hall.
Jas. SlOVKK,
0. E. Mayhix, Consul Commander.
Women of Woodcraft Azalea ('in le, No.
meets first and third Mondays at
Woodmen hall.
Kstella I!krrv, N. 0.
V. E. DA. Clerk.
Modern Woidmen of America (I rants Pass
I amp No. wo7 meets 2nd and 4th Friday
Evenings at A. O.U. W. hall at 1-M W.M.
( has. 11. Marshall. V. C.
N. Rejnolds, Clerk.
Foresters of America Court Josephine
No. IM, meets each Wednesday except
the lirst, at A. O. U. W. hall.
J. P. Hai., C. R.
(). N Bolt, F. 8.
Josephine Lodge, No. 112, A. O. V. W.
niccls in A. (. I'. W.Iiull. Dixon build
ing every Monday evening.
J. II., M. W.
II A. itahami, Reconler.
Hawlho-ne Lodge, No. 21. 1. of II.. A. O.
U. W. meets overy alternute Tuesday
evening in A. 1) 'U. W. hall, Dixon
bnildinr. Man. A. McCarthy,
Mas. Lyuia Dean, C. of II.
Knights of Pythias Thermopylae No. Ml,
niccls each Tuesday night 7::l I. It.
(). F. hall. J. T. Chuusse,
Ton WlLLIA-, C. 0.
K. of R ami S.
(iranil Arinv of the Republic lien. I.oron
Post No. .tti, meets lirst Wad nrsd ay at
A.O. I'. W. hall. J. E. Pi.TKItmiN.
Alie Axtkl:, Adjl. Com
American Order of Steam nginecr!i, Ore
gon t'cuncil No. 1, meet tirr-l and
third fcaiurdays, at A. O. II. V. Iiall.
Wat. H. KuKjmv.
r.u. K. Mvkiik, Chief Engineer
Corresponding Engineer.
Ollice, corner rooinn Tulls' Imililinit,
Phone No. Vil. Heiilence. Kuykeiulall
liouse. A si, near&l, Phone No. 17.
Hour U to 12 a. m : 1:30 to S.JO p. m.
H ight cutln at residence.
P.acliceein all State an.l Federal Courts
Ollice over rirt National Hank.
U. 8.
Ksiate of Jaiuri U. Mcie, Deceaaed.
Notice la harel.T jiven by til uuler
(ifiieii, ailiuinislrator of Hie estate 01
Jaiuts . MiMiie, deceased, to t lie
creditors of, and all persona Laving
elsliiJH Bgaimi Ilia eaul deceased,
to eilnhit them Itb 111 v nece-ar
vouchers, within six montlia after the
first publication of tins notice, to tbe
aid administrator at bis residence at
Williams, in tins, Josephine County,
Urcgun, or at the ollu'e of Abe Axtell
tbe i roba Judge, at drama Pasa, in
aid t'ouniy. (J. W. Mcij
AdiniiiutriUirof the esta'.e ol Jaiues
O. Mciiee, deceased.
Paled at tirauta l'ai. Or , Ksb. 13
Notice to Contribute.
To J. K Rcevei:
Soiii-a is hereby given by the nndei
itned, your co oauer in tne placer ruin
iDg rlaiui situated in tlx bilver creek
mining district, Josephine comity, and
knoan as claims No. 2 and No 3, located
be A. J.L-i iui. t,rlU and J. K
Keevesontha and day of April, IVJl
tne aotice oi vuicn is recurded at pages
4ta and 4t4, Vol. 10, of the mining
rtcorus oi oepnine couuty, ttregon
tnat unites you cuntrinaia and pay to
the aaid undersigned co owner srithiu
ninety dat from tbe date ol tbe first
pabiication oi una noC.ce, tbe um ol
Ts Hundred and Sixt)-Sn tXillars
HU01 the tame being your portim
ol the l eait of annual labor done on said
clam a in onler lo wotect the title there
to during the jeara Imm, lSyQ, litOO mod
l'jul, joorone-ttmd intereet in tbe two sarin De lurleiied to yoorioar.
Tuoe. Cuorra.
January 23, 1WJ.
N. E. 3IcGREW,
Furnuare and Piano
The popular barber ihop
Get your tousorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
Hath room in connection
Full astortment of Watchea, Clocks, Sil
verwear and Jewelry. A liood
Assortment of Bracelet and
Heart Banglea,
Clement' Drug Store.
Fine Butter a Specialty
Titoss 21
Well Matched
Ifvou have a good team, why
not have a good harness to match?
Get the best you can find for the
If you investigate before you
buy, we are pretty sure to sell you
a set of harness.
All other horse goods up to the
same standard.
John Hackett
Grants Pass Banking & Trust Co.
Traiuacts a general Hanking business.
Receives deposits subject to check or on demand certificates.
Our cu-tomeis are assured of courteoua treatment and every consideration con
sistent with sound bunking principle.
bafety deposit lioies for rent.
The First National Bank
Ileceira drposila suhjei t to check or on certificate payable on demand.
Hells sight drafts on New York San Francisco, and Portland.
Telegraphic transfers sold on all points In the United Stales.
Special Attention given to Collections and general business of our customer.
Collections made throughout Southern Oregon, and on all accessible points.
It. A. BOOTH. Pres.
J. C. CAMPIIEI.I., Vice Pres.
II. L. (ill. KEY, Caxhier.
Beauty of Finish, Quality of Material,
tbe simplest, most complete and beat let of attachments, full instruction! by ex
pert teachers, easy payments, old. machines taken in exchange, tbe fullest possible
guarantee, one million, five hundred thousand bappy, eatisBed users, thirty yean
ol success, touileous treatment What Mere CsaTou Ask?
We have other make of machines,
Some food eecond band machine cheap. All kinda of seeing machine Needlrt
oil, attachments and repairs. New machine for rent.
IVn't think of buying a Sewing Machine until you have seen the New Ball
Bearing "White"
W say "The' While' ie King" of Sewing Machine and Bicycle. Call, tele
phone or write and let us prove it.
Main Office, 300 Post St.,' Han Francisco, Cal.
For Sale By
J. Wolke, Grants
J. B. PADIOCK, Paors.
I sm prenered tofornisb anything in
Nearly thirty year of experience In
that I can fill your order in tbe very beat
Can furnish work in Scotch, Swede or American Granite or sny kind ef
Front fttreet, Next to Greene's Gsasbop.
Every Grain Kills. At
M. Clemens
Oppo. "Optra House.
Council! instituted in any part of the
State desired. Write (or circular', objects
of Older and information lo
Benj. F. My rick,
Deputy Supreme Chief Engineer,
rhla traitor It on very box of the feouin
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tb,eu
ib woody thtt eur m cold In one day
$23,000 00.
R. A. 1IOOTII. Vtce-l're.
I.. L. JEWELL, Cashier.
$50,000 OO.
Ball Bearing
Like a Bicycle
Makes the "Wkitk" the
Easiest Running Sewing
Machine Made.
Elegance ef Detijn, the finest wcrkinansliip
without ball bearings, new, very cheap
Pass, Ore.
tbe line of Cemetery work in sny kind
tbe Marble business warrant my uyiug
Jeff Gibaon Shoots Schon Bach-
ler Through tha Heed with
(x Winchester Rifle.
On Friday evening between 5 and 6
o'clock, Schon Bschler who lived on
Rogue river just below the mouth of
Jump off-Joe creek, about four mile
from Merlin, was shot and instantly
killed by Jeff Gibson, a young man who
was living upon aud farming the place
adjoining B.ichler'f, known a the "Old
Man Si ni pk ina' place." Tbe tragedy
wa tlio culmination of a dispute of
many year duration over the boundary
line between the two farms.
The only witness, lo the shooting wai
Char. Van ltorn, who lives just seme
the river from Bach ler ' and bii testi
mony is deficient in that lie waa able to
see only one of the parties at the time
when the shooting took place. Van
Dorn, according to bis testimony given
at the coroner' inquest, was on the
other side of the river and tome 400
yards distant from the scene of the
tragedy. He taw Gibson coming down
toward the river, armed with hit gun,
a 30-30 Winchester. Gibeon had a
canoe on the river, but it was fattened
on the Bachler bank and Van Dorn
supposes that Gibson was coming t
a-k him, Van Dorn, to get the canoe,
not wishing bimeelt to go on Bachler'
ground alter it. Van Dorn heard Gib
son call to so mo one, apparently to
Bachler. lo "put down that gun," cr
worda ol similar import. Gibson waa in
plain sight of Van Doin but Bachler as
not, there being tome tree Intervening.
The men were tome 200 foet apart.
Almost immediately after calling to
Hachler, Gibson fired and Bachler fell.
Van Dorn being then able to distinguish
the prostrate form beneath the interven
ing trees. Gibson then turned and
walked some distance, paitly around
bia vic'ini, and fired a second time. He
then called to Van Dorn to come over,
but the latter was tinalilo to crost the
river until a boat waa sent lor him.
Gibson immediately tin rendered him
self to Ihe aiithoiitiet and wai brought
to Giants Pot. The body of Bichler
waa found on the line between the two
farms. Both shot had taken effect;
one in the center of the forehead, the
bullet tearing away nearly all the back
of the head, the other wound waa in the
shoulder. From the position of Ihe
wounds, it appears that tbe first shot
was the instantly fatal one. Bachler'a
gun waa found lying acruea hi body.
It is an ancient single barrelled, niutz'e
loidiug shot gun and wa loaded with
a light charge of bird sbnt.
The circumstance which caused the
dispute and led up to the tragedy are
tome hat peculiar. Many years ago,
when the riimpkins homestead was
taken up, there was a small fragment of
land, a "lot," to which no title was
acquired. This piece of land lay next
to Ihe river and the Siiupkins farm
completely enclosed it mi three sides.
Years afterwaid, it waa discovered that
the SimpkinB place enclomd a piece ol
government laud and Bachler spore pri
ated it for a home. Kver since that
time lliore lias been friction between
Bachler and the occupants of the K Hop
kins place. The lines were, in dispute,
Bachler claiming a strip about two rods
wide beyond the boundary conceded to
It is claimed that Bachler waa a man
of nnairelsome disposition and that
there wai constant friction between him
and hi neighbors. Uu the day before
he shooting, he waa in Grants Past lo
see what could he done toward settling
tht boundary question, but had it seems,
teceived little eatirfacliou. Returning
borne in Iho evening through Merlin,
angry anJ smi iiiU uu lor the iuflutnc
of liquor, he made threats against
Gibaou'a life in tlio presence of several
wilnesret. Gibson was warned and was
in ail probability worked up to a high
pilch of nervousness and xciteuient by
the ihrea's of Bachler. Bachler was a
native of Get many and about 00 years
of ago. He haves a wife. Gibson came
here recently from the Willamette
valley. He Is a man held in good
esteem by his acquaintance!, He hat a
family, a wife and two small children.
Information agaimt Gibson was filed
in the circuit court on Tuesday and bis
trial will probably be held on Thursday
Ladies Cn Wear Shoes
One aiie smaller ulier using Allen's
Foot F.sse, a powder to be shaken into
the shoes. It inakrt light or new thoet
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vents swollen feet, blister, callous and
sore spots. Allen' Foot-Kase is acer
lain cure for (wealing, hot, aching feet.
At all druggialt and shoe stores, 2'ic
Trial package Free by mail. Address
Allen H. Olmsted, U Hoy, N. Y.
Norn. Fuller Mystery Solved.
Chief of Police Wittman officially
announced Katnrdav morn that the
murderer of Nora Fuller waa C. II
Hadley, for fourteen year accountant in
the busiuts ollice of the F.xaminer.
On January 16, the day of the disappear
ance of Nora Fuller, C. B. Hadley dir
apieared, and hat Dot been seen lines
Theodore Kytka, the handwriting ex
pert, declared that the man who wrote
the name of C. B, Hawkins to the adver
tiaement luring Nora Fuller lo her
death sa C, B. Hadley. He hat com
pared the hands ritingl snd declare
tbey are identical. 8o hurriedly had
Hadley left his lodgings and fled that b
did not even go to the bank to draw the
balance which he bad on deposit.
Nora Fuller, a 10-year old girl, left
ber home Jaoury 10. to answer an ad
vertisement lor a nurse girl. No trace
of her could be found until a month
later, when Ler nude body was found
in a vacant house on Sutler street. The
girl had been in ordered.
Washington Letter.
WaMUNQTON, April 14th, 1902.
Ever lines the passage of the oleomar
garine law the senate bat devoted itself
to the Bubject of Chinese exclusion and,
while it is assumed when the measure
wai called up that two or three days
would suffice to dispose of the matter,
no vote will be taken until Wednesday
and the outcome it siore problematical
than it wat a week ago. Senators Hoar,
Dilliugham, Uallinger and Cullom
have all declared themselves opposed to
tbe present measure ou one ground or
another and It is regarded at quite
possible that the result will be the
adoption of the amendment offered by
Senator Piatt and which consists of
tuhelituting the Geary law for the
present bill and re-enacting that.
On laat Tuetday the house tegan its
consideration of the Cuban reciprocity
bill and bai been debating Ihe subjact
ever since. A the debate hat pro
ceeded the opposition ha dwindled and
it iB generally conceded that the measure
will pas without amendment. Tbe
policy of the friend of the bill in pre
venting Ihe setting of a date on which
to vote ha been proven judicious as
tbe member who opposed the bill have
wearied of the long debate and have
lost interest. It U now predicted that
a vote will be taken on Thursday of this
week. So far the discussion ha been
characterized by tome very able speech
es, nolably those of Messrs. Payne,
Grosvenor and Long and it ha been a
matter ol interest that Ihsse speeches
have been a'most entirely directed at
the opposing factious ol the republican,
little attention having been paid to the
democrat of their contention.
An interesting aession in tbe senate
last Friday wa precipitated by Senator
Depew who had. during the morning
ncwirs on liiurtday, taken occasion to
express bit view on the proposed
amendment to the constitution provid
ing that senatora shall be elected by
popular vote. Mr. Depew gave notice
that he would move an amendment
providing for lederal supervision ol
elections of senator . and in to doing
criticised the election laws in some
outbern states, mentioning by name,
Mississippi and Kentucky. On Friday
afternoon Senator Blackburn of the
latter state, replied to the junior senator
roui New York and hi remark were
tarcattic in tlia extiame but he at all
time confined himself to purely parlia
mentary utage. Wishing to
certaiu statements of the New York
enator be laid, "It goe without saying
that the truth it Innocent of any a p.
pearanca Jn that lalement." The
passage at arm between the senators
imply demonstrated that men possess
ing a fine command of English need
retort to no profanity or Billingsgate to
express their difference of opinion in
most forcible terms.
General Scbofleld appeared before ti e
senate committee on military allam
ons day last week and presented Ins
testimony in regard to the proposed
army reorganitalion bill. Among othir
things he dated that the present general
of the army, Mile, wat not on speaking
term with the pretidanl ol the tecre-
tary of war and clearly demonstrated
the (utility of exacting the beat ad m in-
istratiou of tha army nnder a system
which made it practically compulsory
upou the president to retain as hit chief
subordinate a man with whom he could
in no way sgiee. According lo General
Scbofleld, the staff would serve to te
lieve the secretary of war of the admin
istration ol many detail for which hit
tual civilian training hat not lilted
him and the selection of a thief of stall
by the president would insure har
monious action between the commander-in-chief
and the first military ollicer.
The chancet of Pretideut Itoustvelt'l
occupying the pretidental chair for some
weekt longer, during hit first term, than
any of hit immediate predecetsori t tin
to bs growing. The nslional coinuiiHee
appointed to consider the advisability ol
changing the date of inauguration met
here recently and determined upon the
last Thursday In April at the most
favorable dale. There are now forty
three governor of state who hav
accepted their appointment to the com
mittee aud it seeuis probable that, by
their combined tlfort, the necessary
change In the constitution will be ac
complished. Ai hat been pointed out,
it is not only the danger to lbs health ol
the oflicial who take part in an in
auguration which will be ohv.atrj by
the change to a date w hen the weather is
more clement, but the health of many
thousands of visitors who fl ic ta Wash
Ington, and who, baing away from home,
are often tbe most exposed.
The president hat found in the pet
Ion af Mr. Kohert J. Wynne, a lung
time newspar correspondent of Wash
ingtun, t first assistant postmaster gen
eral and It it upecud that Mr. Wynne
will assume the dutie of hit office by
the first of May, Mr. Kooeevel. has
also selected a succetsor to Tension
Commissioner Kvant, Mr. Kugene K.
Ware being the appointee, Mr. Ware
il a resident of Tepeka, aud bis ap
pointment will be a eource of gratifica
tion to the Kansas delegation.
Tbe President and Mn. Uoosevelt
bave returned from their trip lo Ihe
Charleston tipoailioo and the former
declare that he is much rested. There
are few people ho And inch a journey
rettful but it seems to be one of the
president's characteristics that all he
requires in the way of a rest 11 a change
of activity. It It hoped that the presi
dent'! visit may result in an Increased
attendance at the exposition which has
been falling far behind eipenses no-
witlittaniling tbe eicelienc ol the et
hibiti and the general arrangements.
Mia Roosevelt alio, bat returned from
ber v.tit to Mrt. I-eonard Wood iu
It il the intention of Mrt. Roosevelt
to give a atrit-t of fete chainpetres on
the lawn ol lb While House. The
contour of tho White I loose ground la
particularly convenient for such enter
tainment a high land next to the fence
on both the east and weet sides make It
impossible for the curious, who would
oatuially bo attracted by the a (fair to
see for any distance into the grounds.
Thil it not true of the louth edge of the
grounds, but that la to far Irora the
White House that the presence, out
side of the fence, of a large number of
spectator! would not prove embarrassing
to Ihe hottest or her gueali.
Try Orein-01 Try Grain 0!
Atk your Grocer to-day to show you a
package of Grain-O, the new foid drink
that take the place of coffee. The
children may drink it without injury at
well ai the adult. All who try It, like
it. Gniin-0 hat that rich teal brown ol
Mocha or Java, but it is made from pure
graint, and the moat delicate stomach
receives it without distress, t the
price of coffee. 15c. and '.'Sots, per
package. Sold by all grocers.
Homeseckere to Colonize.
Scandinavian to the number of about
lot), organized iu a colony on the co-op
erative plan, are raid to be due to arrive
in Portland from Minneapolis forOregon
the latter part of next week for the pur
pose of settling in the ttale. .
They are in possession of considerable
meant and it it laid, have bargained for
a large tract of cultivated land in tbe
Umatilla wheat belt. G. Debrilx, a
land aijt'nt it looking after Ihe colonist
interests at this end of the hue, and it
wat through Minneiipolit agent that
the emigrant headed for the land ol
bountiful resource.
Mr. Debrilx gays that be hat secured
option on shout 8oH) acre of the very
best of wheat land in Umatilla county
for the colony, and that there it little
doubt that it will be bought outright,
at the lioincBeekers are well fixed finan
cially, they having disposed of their
well established farina in Minnesota.
The colony it mid lo be neither lbs
result of religion or political principles.
but simply a system ol farming on the
co-operarivs plan iu which all ehars
alike in profit or loss. Among the set
tler! will be craftsmen, such ax carpen
ters, blacksmiths, harness maker and
tailors and each one will be assigned
his particular lino of work, the whole
governed by a ruler or president and an
executive committee, or a body similar
to a hoard of trustees. Thin body alio
acts in Ihe capacity of a board of arbitra
tion, before which all grievance! uiubI
be laid, and its decision ia final.
To Hart with, only tlio heads ol the
families will come out West, but lo soon
us they have properly lo -aled, the ret
of the colony will be sent lor, and so Ihe
population of the country will receive
an addition of at leoal over 500 person p.
It Is estimated that Ihe colony will
bring into lb stale about (IHM.OOJ, the
larger portion ol which will go to pay
for tin laud, ami immeillil'e alterations
and improvement to buildings.
Mr. Debrilx also expect to locate
some hoincHcekers in Ihe Willamette
Vallley litis summer.
Oretton &t Charleston,
"Where Rolls the Oieg-m" is a "fur
cry" from hero I-ckIb the aavea of the
Atlantic on the tauds of Charleston
but our V stern empire builder! do not
consider distance, time or money when
they have once ciiiijudid to umlurlake
any enterprise. The progressive peo
ple of the stall) i( Oregon concluded to
Undertake the advertising of their
country and tlx i r coming Exposition
by making an rxl ibit of their resources
and products at Bull'alo and at Charles
ton. How well they have done their work
can be justly estimated only by an in
spection of Iho exhibit il.e f If there
il any product of the temperate zones,
any mineral, an tiling from the earth
" Iho waters under the earth, which
lhy do not show, the averago observer
will never II nd it out. They s -em to
have epitoiui.i'd their tial) ami its
magnificent poMliuliticj in a way which
ia most des trviu. of praiiu , and the
coiiiinssiouer, Hon. C. P. Disch has
his statistics, hit data and hit tinfai ling
courtesy and good h iinor ever on tip,
Oregon pooin i to iln tl only in iminen
lilies. Her limbeis, her (mils, ber lish,
her mi lies, her cattle, l,er grains, her
dairy pro ducts, all run lo Urg figures,
and tho speei'ii-ui she hat on view
seem to prove her prcateil claims.
Hero is a sing'n slick of lir timber which
measures 7 1 luet iu lengi h, an I si uares
1 31 inclio , Ibi re is a section of another
fir with the hark still 011 it, ninu feet iu
The lma-i lir (known as Oregon
pine), ii one of tin) in lit v il uable tim
bers in the world for general s.r uctural
work. Il del) '4 ih.cay uu I ha great
tensile strength, whiln at the same time,
It is sod enough lo be easily irkul.
i'or masts an I spire of great length, it
is the bent of all woo U. Oregon's esti
mated Umber supply is 11 iT.O'M.OiO.m)
feet of nil kinds, and ihe prem-nt genera
tion feels no uiieusinesi on that score.
Wheat iu Oregon and Washington ia a
synonym (or plauly and a standard for
quality, hut here an flax and ail itt pro
duct. lUrley, rye, oats, ho in and
pine needles. It would be well if mine
ol the inhabitants of the great southern
pine belt could examine tnis latter ex
hibit ill II infinite variety of product".
Her are pillows stiitl. d ulth pin
needles; decorticated lotions and washes
end ointments all made (rum Hie udo
roul foliage ol the great treei. Thi bal
my health giving, lung healing brrees of
the pine fon-tti of the South have long
been noted for their virtue, hut (here
Westerners furnish Ihe concentrated ex
tract! and send the mountain to Maho
met. Col. !) I growl eloquent when he
get iioii the subjects of fruit in Oregon
aud show apple, five of which fill a
glass jar two feet long and about eight
tnchr in diameter. Then be produces
It's likely to be more settled
means house cleaning. That brings us to new
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T.aca Curtains
. Cota
a branch from a lilver prune) trea jutt 29
incbci In length which hat upon It one
hundred and nineteen fully matured
prunes. Then ba bid you beft a
chunk of copper ore which 1 80 per cant
pure meiat, and so It goes, Uold ores,
silver ore, iron, coal, agate, onrr, etc.,
etc., ad Infinitum. Tbe mind become
fatigued trying to comprehend the fact
that all this i but a aynopiit from on
ttale of Ibit wonderful country ol our.
It il too much to b teen at one tint',
far lett described. Great Is Oregon,
Nuw Photo Mounts at the Couriei ollice
km Old Balar Crashed Into a Paa
sssasr Trala Thvoaatli
"It 1 a pretty easy thing to make
a miatnke 111 railroading," aald an old
engineer a he thought of the recent
wrecks on the Wnhiish and the Iron
Mountain ronds in which so many
Uvea were loat, snya the Mexican Her
ald. "A I understand it, those
wrecka were cnued by defective or
dcre. The train dispatcher sent out
hit orders directing one train to pass
the other at a ccrtnin station,- The
operator did not copy the order on
his manifold hook, na he should bave
done. Iiutciid, he wrote it on a slip
of paper and handed it to the engi
neer. Hut in making the copy the
ox-rator made a mistake and
rhnnired the name of the atatlon.
The collision waa the only natural
"An accident just like that hap
pened to me once when I wa work
ing In tke stntea. I reeeived order
to pasa a train at the next atatlon.
I ws ju-t pulling nut when I saw
the headlight of a locomotive loom
liifT up clohe l.r-lilml me. Did I jump!
I frut-KM I did. The engines were bad
ly sninshed, lint fortunately none of
the piiM-hcrK were hnilly hurt, ua
I hud rcvcricd my engine before I
jumped noil tin other engine waa
ilmtinc; down for the station when
the colli. ion enm . An examination
showi d that the original order had
h'J:u. r-'r our triins to pass tit the
atulioii which I hud ju.t started to
Illaril t ailer lha tea,
A divV.g bell wrts used some yeara
ago In the ncii lib .irlnx il of Naples as
a dlninir-roi 111. The table wai hung
by eorila fn in the roof of the bell,
which, suipi nifed a few feet above the
water, hiii mibnierctil while the va
rious iMtuitte s, of which there were 12,
were In ing pitrlnhi u by the half dozen
guests, '1 h d nncr, Inch was rooked
on iKtiird u Inrfrc hiirc ninnrrd near at
lind, was transferred to the novel
dining r.Kuii eilicn Ihe latter was
drawn above the surface during the
interval between the eouroea.
Tn Tnanrl tke liar
Ran fraud -co bay ia to lie tunneled
t4i aorNimuoo'.-iie the tralbe between op.
potite M-etii i i of the city which now
baa to K" ncouiid. The distance It
about five miles, and the subway will
paa benesith an island In tQ bay.
15 Miiwites
sufficient to give you most
delicious tea biscuit using
Royal Baking Powder as di
rected. A pure, true leavener.
and warmer from now on.
Picture Moulding!
U ranitewar
Tin ware
Frodaeed by l'laelnat Ball oi Wa)
la tke (ball ol a Fraah Wslu
A ball of beeswax Introduced Intr
the ahell of a living fresh-water muM
el Iih resulted in producing' thtj
moat remarkable artificial pearl 14
existence. Jt la about on Inch and a
hnlf in length, ovul iu form and pinal
In color, and la now the property l
the fiiiilthaoninn Institution, report
a Wtiahliigton exchange; i
The ball of wax waa placed neafl
the hinge of the bivalve, which beinifl
in a took of frcxh water, waa care
fully watched. The Irritation of th
wax caused the uiolluuk to protect
Itself by coating the foreign object
with a smooth coating of pearl atult
the same mnterlnl as that which 14
used In lining the Inner surface of ltd
shell. In the caae In queation thai
reault waa an enormous pearl. Owinf
to pressure, however, the wax ball
lost It spherical shape and becorua
oval lti form.
At the end of two year the muianl
was snkou out of the tank and opened)
and the pearl removed. The watt
afterward contracted owing to dry
pens, which caused the pearl shell tet
crack. Thia accident, while destroy
big the commercial value of thai
pearl, made it possible to obeerve thai
thickness of the uacreoua covering's
which ia somewhat greater than that
of an ordinary sheet of letter paper.
If the pearl were not flawed it wouhl
be worth an enormous turn of moneys
but even aa It la It ia priceloa aa uj
curiosity. J
uaa Pol a la of MaillarHr Between
llamaw UaJaaa aad reebred
lie waa standing In the rear end o
a car, where all are friends in the)
common mUery of having their toed
trod on or hata crushed in, aaye the
New York Press.
"I'm from England," he aald, ada
dressing nobody in particular am
apropoa of nothing, "and I want tt
tell you penplu that we all are only)
a lot of rorka. Hay, did you evee)
watch a colony of rooka build theld.
oval in the spring?"
Everybody looked reflectively away.
"Well, I'll tell you. First a rookt
pick up a slick and puta It In hia)
neat, then goea awny after another?,
one. When he' pone another rooka
files to hia neat nnd atenU the stick.
When he get hack he puts down thit
eecond attck, for atill another rook!
to steal, and atnrU out after this
Drat atlck. He doesn't find It, ami
when he geta buck to hia neat he
finds the second atlck gone, and he
tnrta after that, scolding and swear
lug in rook fashion.
"Ily thia time the other thieve
have been robbed, too, and It only
take about three atlck to go aroumt
the community and get the whole
blamed community pow-wowlng
Say, ain't that human nature?"
Everybody looked reflectively away
Boo thoie family refrigerator at J,