Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 20, 1902, Image 3

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    Grass Seeds
Field and Garden Seeds.
Our train is in with the choicest lot of Fancy
Utah Alfalfa, Red Clover, Timothy. Orchard
Grass. White Clover and Blue Grass.
Remember, the best Seed is none too good.
Six Varieties of Sweet Pea Seed in bulk.
Agentsinase & banborn Coffees and
Coming Events.
Are the plowing and sowing of the
vegetable garden. Instead of liard work it
will become a pleasure if you use a Planet
Jr. Combined Drill and Cultivator. A
little girl can run it and the price of the im
plement is saved in one season. Step in and
see how it works.
Cramer Bros.
Union Lock Poultry Fencing.
Diamond Mesh Poultry Netting.
1-Inch Mesh for Rabbit Fence.
Barbed and Plain WireB.
Hair-Riddle Hardware Co.
Don't Ruin Your
Cheap Glasses and badly fitted frames cause headache and pre
mature loss ot sight. Let me test your eyes without charge and
fit you with a pair of glasses that will Keep Your Eyei Younj.
A full stock of Watches, solid gold and filled cases. Jewelry
etc., kept in stock.
Fine Watch Repairing a specialty.
Front St., Neit to ralece hotel. JEWELER AND OPTICIAN.
The Grants Pass Opera House
Monday. March 17th
Prevent the well known actreet
Supported by a
PRICE, 25c, 35c and 50c "'
Seat on sale at the Grants Pass Pharmacy.
t3JAn elegant prize will
holding winning numbers at
House Grocery.
Upton s Celebrated Ceylon Teas
With Poor Glasses
superb com pan v
be given to the two children
the Saturday Matinee.
.lodge H. L. Benson visited in Gruti
Put Thursday.
W. H. Dana ot the Copper Stain iu
in town Tuesday.
R. A. Booth wae in town Wednesday
on a business visit.
Bert Barnes, of Ashland, visited in
QraoU Piie Sunday.
Dr. J. Spenoe wee in town Tueeday
troaa Kerby on a boeinee viiit.
George Haottn at Kerby bat been
pending tht put week in town.
F. YT. Cbanew went to Portland Mon
day evening on political business.
David F. Fox, revenue collector, wae
in town tbit week on official boeineai.
Mrt. J. If. Honter returned to Aih
land Saturday alter a viiit in thlt city.
C. D. Burnett, on of the well known
mining men ot Leland wae here on
Mr. aid Mrs. Cltmo and family, now
of Athland are viaiting in G rente Paae
tbie week.
Edgar T. Wallace, of Yreka, who hat
large mining interest in thlt county,
arrived here 8anday.
Joe Calhoun, who tbie winter ii oper
ating the Rocky (iolcb mine at Ualiee,
went to Aihland Friday.
Walter Hulbert la't on Wedneeday
morning for Placer county, Calif., and
will remain throughout the tummer.
The Woodmen of tht World have
arranged to hold social meetinge on the
flrat and third Friday evenings of each
Mr. and Mrt. L N. Browning tad
L. Browning, of Placer, have been
(pending a few dayi in Grants Pats
this week.
Mrs. R. L. Detnaree cam in on
Tueeday from Plater and will spend a
week viaiting with relative and friends
in thit city.
Miet Lucit George, who hat been
attending tb Normal at Aihland, U
pending a few day (hie week at ber
home neat Kerby.
A. U. Ament of the Golden Drift Mio-
iug Co., it in Qrantt Pan. He ie a Cali
fornia miner of many years practical ex
perience, and hat come to Oregon on ac
count of the hydraulic privilege! in thit
F. V. Mutta hat been spending a few
dayi in town tbit week from Silver creek.
Work bat been impended on tht big
tunnel thit winter and tht operation!
have been directed toward proepecting
a body of placer ground owned by MetU
and Leigh,
Mn. T. H. Simpson, who bat been
viaiting her at the home of Mr. and
Mrt. A. W.' Sileby. returned borne to
Aihland on Monday. Mill Hattie Sile
by accompanied her and will remain to
hear Emma Nevada who will be in Ash
laad on April 8.
C. A. Rohrabacher, general traveling
agent for the Washington Lite Insurance
company it her in tb intereet of bit
company. The financet of the Wash
ington are under the immediate manage
ment of Hon. Levi P. Morton, ex vice
president of the United States. It ii
enough to add the company bat an
bonorabla record of mora than forty
Conductor Ed Tynan returned Wed-
aeaday morning (rem Portland, where
he went to viiit bii brother-in-law, Ray
Jackaon, the 8. P. brakeman who it in a
hospital there. Mr. Jackeon't foot wai
eeverely injured recently, but wat im
proving nicely, and be wat ablt to be
around on crotchet. By a fall on a
ttairway Monday the ligaments of bit
knee were severely injured making it
neceiaary to place the limb In a plaiter
caet for ao indefinite time to come.
Roeebarg Review.
A. .H. Carton, horticultural commit-
lioner, went t Aihland Monday to in
spect a newly arrived nuriery ttock.
The shipments ot tree to tb Rogue
rivet valley tbit season hat keen tome
thing enormous, and Mr. Carton has
been kept on tb movt moit of the time
in making tht official inipectiont to tee
that no fruit peat it brought in with tht
treet. On arrival at their deetination,
the treet art placed in quarantine until
to impeded. A tremendont acreage of
treee hat been and will b planted thit
year. The great majority of these are
applet. Tht larger portion, of tb treet
are being planted in tb Bear creek val
ley, near Aihland, Medford and Central
Indle-n War Veterane' Graves.
The grand commander of the Indian
War Veteran! of tb Korth Pacific coast
hat issued a circular vailing npon the
widows and sent and daughters of
veternt to mark the graves of their
dead. Following it the circular lettet :
"Fertland, March 13 Indian War
Vetennt, tnd Widowt, Sons and Daugh
ter of Veterant: Friendt of Indian
War Veterant art most tarneetly re-
quested to mark the gravee of all de
ceased veterans by having I. W. V.,
painted on bead boards or tngraved on
tombstone! of tb Inditn War Vetertnt,
tothaltbii aad future generation! can
recognise thee graves on Decoration
day. Thit hat been greatly neglected
to the lhamt of the living.
T. A. Wood,
Grand Commander Indian War Vete
ran of North Pacific Coast."
In the main, consumption
is not hereditary; it is infeo
Low vital force is hereditary;
which gives consumption its
chance. An infection starts
Between the two, the crop
is a big one : .about one-sixth
of the human race.
We suppose it needn't be
more than 5 per cent, if people
would take fair care and Scott's
emulsion of cod-liver oil
W1 mmi rem a Sntew try, a? m las.
KVTT a avwxa, fsarl turn, Mr Tsta.
Improve) thia Opportunity.
Y are itill giving tubecriptiont a
year in advance, for $1.00 If you would
like a tampl tubecription free until
May 1, tend in your name to the Cou
aiaa School Note.
Winfred and Maiy Savage are again
in school.. Wt art glad to welcome them
The geometrical knowledge ot the
tenth grade ha juit undergone a tut,
with very good result.
Miss Cox, whose tolkt recently ar
rived in Grant Pass, hat taken up the
work In the High tchoel. -
The school hat entered upon itt lait
quarter. Though it hat diminished in
lite, there it yet a lively tpirit of In
le eat mauifeet.
Last week the High echool was called
to mourn the Ion of one of their number
in the death ot Seymour H. Marvin.
II was tick lest than a week. The
funeral tervlc waa held Sunday at the
M. E. church which waa filled to itt
utmost capacity with the school, the
teachers, the militia, of which he wat t
member, and bit many friendt, who
assembled to pay him their last reepects.
At the cemetery, after hit body had
been lowered into the grave, the echool
sang "Nearer ny God to Thee" and
marched pait the grave throwing bunches
of flowen and evergreens npon the cas
ket. Th militia then fired a lalut ovir
the grave and tb buglen blew "taps."
Seymour Marvin wai a itep son of Prof.
Young and a young man of promise.
Farewell ! dear schoolmate, thou hast left
Stricken at heart at thy departure,
We helplessly view' the awful mystery of
While thou hast crossed the threshold to an
immortal realm.
A blooming flower, kissed by the colors of
And standing forth in all its beauty,
Breathing incense upon the passing sephyrs,
Is cut down in the morning.
Without a murmur it gently falls
And tenderly kUset the mother earth
In which it makes its bed
For its eternal sleep.
Its fragrance falling upon unconscious
May be wafted from the lonely spot,
But it will never perish.
Farewell I thou art in our memories,
Sweetness from thy life we treasure Id our
Farewell ! thou art not dead, but lireth.
KiaKMAM Robinson.
RIDDLE In thit city. Monday, March
10. 1102, to Mr. and Mrt. Geo. R. Kid
dle, a ton.
TRYER-In Medford. March 11, 1902,
to Mr. aad Mrt. EdTryer, a daughter.
BOOTH Near Merlin, to Mr. and Mrt.
Henry Booth, a daughter.
ABELLCARTKR In Merlin, Monday,
March 17, 1901, Mr. Sam Abell and
Miet Rue Carter.
viile, Match 12, 190, John
and Maud Harvey, Judge J
born officiating.
Breed inn
W. Os-
MARVIN In this city, Friday, March
14, 1902, of apnendicitia, Seymour
Marvin, aged 17 years, 6 montht.
DARNEILLE-At Murphy, Saturday,
March 15, 1902, by drawing, Kenneth
Darneille, aged S yean.
JOHN At Williams, Friday, Match 14,
1902, John John, aged 69 yean.
Mr. John bad been a retident of Wil
liams for 40 yean. II bad mad hit
bom with bit brother, David John,
and wat unmarried. He bad been in
poor health for the last two years, bis
death, which came suddenly, being
brought on by heart failure. The
luneral took place Sunday afternoon
from th residence of David John.
BAKER In this city, Thursday.
March 13, 1902, Mn. Henrietta Baker,
aged 20 yean.
Mn. Baker wai the wife of Omar 0.
Baker. She leave two children, the
eldeit about three year old. Her death
1 caused by blood poison. The
funeral services were held on Friday at
tb Christian church.
Grand Scenery of Shasta Rout.
In toing over tb famous "Shasta
Rout" of the Southern Pacific Co. the
traveler ever finds tometbing new to
eicite bit admiration and Interest'
Starting at Portland, on traverse! th
whole length of th Willamette Valley,
th gem of the Nortbweit. Mt. Hood,
Mt. Jefferson, and th Three Bitten and
other inow-capped peaks are kept in
aight for hour. Tb beautiful valleys
of the Umpqua and Rogue Riven, with
their orchard! of prunes, peacbei, applet,
and other fruit! are a delight in these-
selves. The crossing of tht great mount
ain barrier botween Oregon and Calif
ornia revaalt tbe grandest msoatain tce-
nry in the United State. The wondtrful
turnings, twistings, and doublingi of tht
railroad bring into view a grand array ol
towering mountains and profound gorget
into which we gaze fiom diasy heigbta,
foreat clad mountain tlopet stretching
up to the lint of perpetual snow, and
the loam log mountain ttreamt dashing
fiercely down deep canyons, now and
then stopping for a ikort rett in some I
quiet tool, liter a day's enjoyment of
old Mt. Shasta, th Oneet peak on the
continent, we drop rapidly down the
canyon of tb Saoramtnto to tht broad
pities of tbt Sacramento Valley in Cal
ifornia, and thence through vineyards
tnd orchardi to San Francisco.
For maps and deacriptiv literature
address R. B. Mills a, G. P. A., 8. P.
Co., Portland, Oregon.
Vncl Tom's Ce.bln.
Terry's Unci Tom't Cabin company
played it tbt Opera bone Thursday
tvening to a large and disappointed
odien x. It wat wort than last year's.
Tb decrepit old play bat been mur
dered, mangled and butchered many
time, but telitom more completely lhaa
at tbit time. It wat llupid from begin
ning to tad, with abolotly. no clever
acting t relieve Ui monotony. Liui
Eva en ber deathbed retained amaslng
vigor in th moment of dissolution and
tat op briskly in bed at tht died. The
specialties were of a cheap order and
there waa no tinging worthy tb nsnit.
Kodaks at Tb Courier offic.
local tappcnings
Dr. Flanagan,
Retident Dentist. ,
Go to Co run for Plumbing.
1902 Bicycles at Cramer Bros.
1902 Bicycle at Cramer Brot.
Lira and cement at J. Wolke't.
M. Clemens, Prescription DruggU .
Bean' Spray Pumps at Cramer Brot,
8e Voorbiet about Kodak! and Sapplie
Planet Jr. Garden Tool at Cramer
New stock of fishing tackle at Cramer
See those Safet for private (amiliet at
A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak
Range at Colon's.
Do not mis tb sale of Ladies' Dress
Skirtl at Mn. Rehkopf't.
All tb tool you need (or the garden
can be found at Ciamer Brot
Buy a Roderick Lean all tteel
Harrow. For tale by J . Wolke.
New tpring dress skirts st Mn. Reh
kopf't. A special value at $1.50
Get your bicycl cleaned and overhaul
ed at Crasser Bros, bicycle hospital.
Esstvr Ea-g Dyet, all tht colon ot th
rainbow, all for 5 cents At Clement.
Monday wat St. Patrick't day and
green ribbons were conspicuout 00 the
Dr. Gobel't glasses will cure that head
ache and eyt strain of yourt. See him
next week.
Hair-Riddle Haidware Co. will have
car of Wagont, Hacks and Buggiet
from th East about April first and in
vite you to call.
Attorney L. V. Stewart has removed
hi law offic to the opera bout block
and it now located In th corner room
above th 8ugar Pin stere.
J. P.Cotton, tht victim of the Ashland
shooting affray hat died from the effect
of hi wounds. Messenger, who did the
shooting, w at detained on a new charge
and it now incarcerated iu the Jackson
county jail.
Easter chicki, ducki, cards and novel
ties At Clemeni.
Order Factory Block
Wood from Kinney and
Truax at the Sugar Pine
Look out for those Quick Meal Stovei
at Wolke's.
Curtit A Co Watchmaker!, and
Jewelers carry a complete slock of
Watchee, Clocks and Jewelry. All
kinds of repairing done. All work
warranted. Odd Fellowi' building.
Calico paper dyei, 100 design!, S cents.
At Clement.
The Reliance Wrapper and House
Dresses bav Cosset Lining. A new line
in all sites, just in at Mn. Rehkopf't.
Scott Griffin handles Aihland floor,
Utah alfalfa teed, Oregon red clover
teed, winter oatt, large Rnstitn white
rye, new crop timothy teed, whett for
red also Wheat Hay, A Italia, Tim
othy Hay, Oat Straw, Chop Barley,
Corn, Wheat, Oatt..
Tbit it th time to be looking around
for a Spring Walking Hat. You can find
an np lo data line at Mn. Rehkopf'i.
Dr. Gobel guarantee! hii glaiee to be
correctly fitted, and will change them
free of charge should it b necotssary.
Corns and get your glasses the first week
and you will bav ampl time to try
them while be remains In Grant Pass.
Pruning Saws and Shears at Cramer
Dr. J. G. Gobel, the Optician, will be
at Granta Pats on Wednesday March
26:h and will remain until April 19lh.
Office roomt at Pigney residence op-
posit Josephine Hotel. Office day
Friday and Saturday of each. week. Con-
tuition fie of charge.
Sav. w Milt Foreman
Wanted, by April first. A competent
lawyer to take charge of a 10,000
capacity Saw mill, Planer, etc. He to
have charge of th mill, logging con
tractor, and do tb sawing. Wsges,
$3 60 per day. Apply with references
to Mr. A. C. Hough, Grants Pan, Ore
Waldo Smelting A Mining Co., Waldo,
Advertised Latter List.
Following ii th list of letters remain
ing uncalled for In the Grant Pan pout
offic, Saturday, March 15, 1902:
Tslleot, Mrs E W, Semplt, Mamie,
Brsgg, Miss G,
Bridgham, F O, Lenry, Walter,
Mintborn, Fred, Rop, Mr,
E. O. HatHOH, P. M.
Drowned In a. Ditch.
A tad occurrence it reported this
week from Murpby. Kenneth, th lit
tle three-year old too of Mr. and Mn.
Jasper Darneille, was drowned on Satur
day In an irrigatiou ditch near their
hums, lie wss thought lo be with a me
older boy and when It was found that
hs was aot In their company a search
waa made, with the result that his body
wat found in the ditch into which h
had fallen.
To Mining Men.
A good prospect in a good district.
Some development; two feet of food Ire
milling or in lac of drill; good cabin,
blacksmith, tools, etc. Will be sold at
a positive bargain. Address
B. B. Bhowh, '
la care of Lavton Hotel
Bsvth Cabinets
Pric 12 50. To cloee out lest than
coat. Joss in Hoaa,
Opposite Hotel Josephine.
GaaMTt Past, Oregon,
March II, 1902
Whereas: It hat pleased tht Supreme
Creator lo remove from among our num
ber G. W. Dorwin, a Brother Mason ; Be
It hereby resolved Uiat w extend our
heartfelt sympathy to his relatives and
friends, in this, their time of bereave
ment, which Is hereby extended by the
ofneere aad member of Grant Pass
lodge No. 84, A. F. A A. M.
P. H. HaaTif,
Ait Axtxll,
Ec1.11 Pollock,
frs, tmm mn mn n m r 1 .aeasi
Death of Seymour Marvin,
Seymour Marvin, son of Mn. F. E
Young, died on Friday morning of ap
pendicitis after an Illness of only a tew
daya. Tb progress of th disease wat
exceedingly rapid and bit condition wat
very serious before the nstur of th
trouble wat realised. On Thunday an
operation wat performed which promised
to be tucceetful, but he waa so weakened
by bit previoul tufTeringi that he was
nnabla to rally, and passed away early
on tb following morning. Th funeral
services were held on Sunday at tb
Newman M. E. Church. Th sermon
wat given by Rev. J. W. McDougall to
on of the largest gatherings of people
that bat ever assembled at th church.
The building wat crowded and many
were unable to gain entrance; th large
attendance testifying eloquently to the
universal popularity of Mr. Marvin. A
profusiou of Bowers, the tributes of the
many friendi of the deceased, decorated
the interior of th church. Mr. Marvin's
fellow ttudentt of tht high school and of
th night school, the ttachen, and nearly
all the pupils of the public School attend
ed tbe funeral in a body. Company H.
ot which the deceased wat a member, at
tended in uniform and assisted in the
ceremonies. A long procession attended
the remains lo tb cemetery.
Peymour Marvin wa born In Hart,
Mich., August 6th,, 1884. He bad been
a resilient of Grant! Past only tine Au
gust of last year, and in this ibort time
he had made very many warm friendi
and sorrow at hit death it keenly felt
throughout the entire community. He
wat a young man of a high degree of tal
ent; bright, induitrioui and honorable,
a deserved favorite with all who knew
House Cleaning.
Now It the time. If you wish an ex
perienced hand to holp clean house,
hang paper or paint at reasonable rates,
call nn Chss. J. G. Sniythe, 81 h St. Gal
lery, opposite Court house.
N. B. Estimates furnished on til class
es ol work on short notice.
Millinery Opening.
Mist Weston's millinery opening will
be held on Tuesday, March 25. Do not
buy until you have seen ber display.
Millinery Opening.
Mrs M. P, Anderson bat received her
tpring slock of millinery and will bav
her opening on Saturday March 22, and
will continue until after Easter. You
ran find a full line of new and up-to-date
All members ot ths Forester of
America are requested to attend a meet
ing of that order on Wednesday evening,
March 20.
Msvsonic Building.
Already the brick for the new Masonic
building are being hauled lo the
grounds. Bids for tbe construction ol
the building have been called tor and
work on it will begin in a short time.
The edifice will be one of the very finest
in tbe city and about STiff.OOO, brick will
be ussd in it construction.
St. PcUricke Socle.1.
A large crowd attended the St. Pat
rick' social on Friday evening at th
Woodman hall. A very entertaining
program waa rendered. Recitations
were given by Misses Kssie Ilartman,
Maude liaher and Ahble Stackpol. E
C. Human gave a vocal solo and Mitt
Mabel Kinney a piano tolo. There was
a cake walk by Ernest Umpblette and
Robbie Miller. Fourteen young people
of both sexes explained why they never
married. Thit was interesting, but it is
wtiispereu ttiat tne real reasons were
not given in every case. Refreshments
were served at the conclusion of the pro
Democratic Prlmnrlee.
The Democratic primary convention
for North Grants Pass precinct will he
held on Saturday, March 22, at 2, p. in.
at Western hotel sample rooms.
Runawayal Funeral.
Considerable excitement wai caused
at the cemetery Sunday at the funeral
of Seymour Maivin, by a runaway horse.
When the salute was fired by Company
II, (liia horse became panic stricken.
Hit first dash wat directly toward the
grave and lit caint to close tint the
militia boyt clubbed thsir guns lo fell
him, hut he sheered awty in another
direction, overturning the buttgy le
hicb he wae attachad. He ran into
the fence of an inclose! grave and
finally escaped through the cemetery
gate, tearing one ol Ihem from its
fastenings and breaking loose from the
buggy. He was caught on Ike road to
town and brought back. Tbe buggy
top was demolished, but the running
geart were injured only slightly.
Ke-thryn Wsxyne.
Katbiyn Wayne, with a company cf
clever players, it here thlt week in a
repertoire of plays. Hitherto they bav
not been given the attendance that lb
character of their entertainments de
serves. They hold ths Interest ol thsir
sudiences from beginning to end ol their
plays aad are able to work tbs coldest
house into a furor of excitement. On
Tuesday night in "Tbe Black Flag" tbs
audisnce lairly raised ths roof with
spplsuse alter ons of lbs most clever
and exciting comedy scenes ever put on
ths ttage in Grant Pan.
Wednesday night they played "Peck's
Bad Boy" to a larger attendance. The
play was not one in which th talent ol
the company ahowed to beat advantage.
"F.ameralda," to be presented Thursday
evening is a fin production and a lint
claas cnlerUinoisnt 1 anticipated.
They srill pity th remainder of Ike
week, ,
''' 1 Mini
No matter what position you assume, you always have perfect
ease aud perfect fit if you wear
Dutchess Trousers
- - - NEVER RIP - - -
Warrant You may buy a
$2C0, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 or $5.00,
And wear them Two Months. For every SUSPENDER BUT
they RIP at the WAISTBAND, WE will PAY you FIFTY
,CENTS. If they RIP in the SEAT or elsewhere, WE will PAY
Coming Event. ;
March 26 "A Trip to th Circus" at
Opera house.
March 27. St. Patrick't day hall by
"Th Six" orchestra at Opera house.
April 7-B-Carrl Stanley In "A Fait
Friend" and "Rip Van Winkle" .at
Opera house.
April 10 16-Cantata, "The Hay
makers, "at Optra nous.
April Ii 26 FiUpatrlck dramatic com
pany at Opsr bout.
May 1 Grand ball by Alalia Clrol at
Optra bouse.
Aoorn Stove
and Ranges cheap at
Trip to the Circus.
A trip to the circus" I tb attraction
to be offered at th Opera house, Grants
rati, Wsdnetday, March 20, by Homer
t. Guilbault's big company of playsn.
Tbt play It replete with dramatlo In
teratt and It plentifully aupplied with
natural comedy and character humor.
Tbt plot dssls with a country girl who
bat abandoned home and kindred to
ravel In the brilliancy of the lawduil
srene, andai may be turmUed. ths
heart-rending effort of th bom lolki
to find bar, giv ground for heartfelt
pathos. Then when their search It re
warded and tb la ditcovsrsd In ths
dressing room of a circus where special
ties are being rehearsed for the perform
ance, of coarse ber It where there it
plenty of life tnd th clever member of
tb company exhibit their versatility in
songi, dancst and other features. Tbe
characters are all ttrong and good and
wall varied. Th company it on ol tb
most capabl that bat ever p res an ted
tbt play, and it equipped with III own
brass band and orchestra and carries Itt
own scenery. The company't band will
givt an opsn air concert on tbs evening
of the performance. Popular prlcet.
Children 25 centt, aJult 60 and 76
centt including reserved teat.
8tat or Ohio, City or TolidoJ
Lucas Coumr. J
Fbamk J.CusMtr maket oath that he
it th ten lor partner el tht firm F. J.
Chkhky A Co., doing butlniu in tht
City of Toi.ido, County and Htal etore
said, and that laid firm will pay tbt
sum of On Hundred Dollar! lor each
and every case of Catarrh that can not
be cured by lb use of Hell's Catarrh
Curs. Fsanx J.Ciumr.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in
my presence, thit 0th day of December,
A. D. 1H80. A. W. GlxasoM,
(sal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catsnb Curs is Ukeo internally
and acts directly on the blood and
mucous turfacti of tb system. Bend
for Testimonials, free.
F. J. CiixNKY At Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 76c,
Hall' family Pillt tie the best.
Attention, Co. HI
All member of Company "It , are
hereby ordered to reuort to tb first
sergeant at 7 :30 p. m., Monday, March
24, 1902, fully equipped for Impaction
and muster by Col. Toran.
A. E, Voomuxs,
1st. Llsut. Commanding
Josephine County Mape.
We now have about ons doien maps ef
Josephine County, pocket tise, which we
will sell at 1.60 each. Tbess lew are
the last of Ike Josephine County Maps,
and when these are gone you will gst no
more. If you want a map get it now.
A. E. Vooainxs,
Courier Office,
To On re a Cold la a Day
Take Laistive Droino Duintne Tablets,
All druggists refund ths moneylf It fails
to curs. K. W. Oroya's signature is on
each box. 2fto,
R.ummaf S-l.
Hurrah for th Rummage Sal I
Th gentrout hearted businesi people
of Orantt I'm have to liberally re
sponded to tbe solicitor of tbe W, R. C
that we feel confident of our success,
And ws eta assure any ons who wants
most soy thing, good and cheap, that
the rummage sale is the place to get it,
Rtmtmbsr tbs date. March 27. 8 and
29. Josephine sample room on Sixth
St, next door to Csady Kitchen.
A Minister's Mistake.
A city minister wat recently handed a
notice to be read bom bit pulpit. Ac
companying it was a clipping from a
ntwtpaper bearing npon the matter.
Tbe clergyman started to read the ex
tract and found that It bsgaa : "Take
Kemp's Balaam, tbe best Cough Curs."
This wat.bardly what hs bad sipscted
and, after a moment's hesitation, he
turned it over, and found on th other
tldt th matter intended for tb reading.
H. Harth & Son.
Oregon Council No. 1. Amtrican Or
der Steam Englneen. Graata Pats,
Oregon, March 16, 1002.
Whereat: It hat pleated the luprem
engineer ol th universe In hi Infinite
wisdom to remove from th tphtreot htr
earthly usefulness, th beloved wife ot
oar brother, O. C. Baker; and whil w
bow in bumbl tubmittion to th divln
will, It I hereby resolved that w ex
pre our heartfelt sympathy with our
brother In hit bareavtmtnt.
And be it further resolved that a copy
ol these resolutions be placed on the
minute of the council and alto that a
copy be printed In the county paper.
Ban. F. Mybick, D. S. 0. E.
B. A. Williams, F. A. E. v
' 8. N. Fxxaa, S. M. M.
Committee on resolutions.
Win a prise with your Kodak MOO
prim offered. Be Voorbiet about It,
fO rent a small furnished bouse.
dross "V" cars ol Cos sue.
W ANTED Fifty head of calves. W. C.
Long Winona, Uregon.
V0RKKHS-I want one good worker In.
every community for about four
weeks. There is good money lo It if you
an willing to rustle. I want a good person
for each of Ilia following places i Merlin.
Lelamt, Wolf Creek, WMerville, Dryden,
Kerby, Waldo. Allhouse, Urowntown, Wl
nona, Placer, Ualict. 11 you want to work
write immediately, giving OranU l'ass ref
erences. A. E. Vooauix.
IIOUHKKEKPKR for family consisting
u father and lire children. Middle aged
lady prelerred. No hard work and
lor suitably good wages
s pi
d post
paid. Write
reiereuces to Lelsnd
tin aster,
. Ritas, Leland, Ore.
INTELLIGENT young men, from 17 to
IU Veers of aira. hMVlnir miiimun ahnnl
education, to Turn mechanical trade.
for lull iniorniation apply or wnte to
Union Iron Wurkl. 22 llarkat M. IUn
hack, two lota with Iioum ami fit
D-nola stael ranire. aula an
inquire at uiis euict.
AT "THE FIKo" river road wtst end
Grants fass, Plymouth Kouk and
white wyaudotie eggs fruiu choice slock II
per selling ot Li. A in now booking orders fur
lull blood i'oland China pigs at two months
old, price flu each. Order by mail or call
d let me show you stock.
U. B. ALViaso.
SMALL hand printing press with typt,
for o. At Courier utile.
OUAKTZ mine on Mt Reuben, one mil
(rum the Lswreuce mine, lo niilna
trom Leland. Tbere is an open cut u!o)
feel in length by UO feet in tieptli, exios-
Uif a vein ui over i lest wide aoaaying XJU
per Ion. An arraslxe Is now beiiia iml ud
on the property. This property can be
purchased at a reasonable price now. In-
C' e at this oltic or call or address J. W.
es, Leland, Ore-
ARE you suffering from Kbeuiuatixm,
Weak hack, Nervous trouble, or (Jen
srally rundown aysieuif Lie Kleclriu
Melts auu uaiienes. ror iien ana
Women. Kleutriu Insoles keep liie feet
warm, ana prevent caicUmg cold, tor
lioukiet and circulars, addrmts, Electric
Appliance Co-, atedturd, Oregon.
JAKE your wheel to Cramer Brut, for
J. Wolke, agent.
will tank SMlir, est
sad wsai better,
If the tools sre BFONOKO
, by the
Jifk CUst Work Hi
A Large Line of A. F. C. Ging
hams and other summer wash fab
rics. All of which, that need it,
will be-
Sponged and Shrunk for you
thus avoiding til shrinkage after
wavT.-swwa- asa- rTV