Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, February 20, 1902, Image 2

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0 2 , ths subscription rate ol tin Covbieb
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A. E. VOOBIIIES, Pkopb. AMnub
Entered at the pout office at Grants Pa's,
Oregon, aa second-clasa mau matter.
llobosare having too much ol a picnic
In Grants Pass. Let the city set a lew
cords ol wood and an old buck saw lor
their benefit. Tbey will then shuo ths
town as a plague 'pot.
II the "Congresilonal Record" wars
a real record it would not be neceassry
to take ilspi to incresse its circulation.
II it were not edited and expurgated, it
would be spicy reading.
Minister Wa tells ui that ths loot
binders are no longer practicing
their art in China. It would be grate
fully received II be would give an
authoritative assursnca that tl.e Chinese
high binders were not practicing their
arls In this country.
The discovery has just been mads
that, owing te a technicality, every law
passed at the last session of the Wyo
ming legislature la invalid. The gover
nor is now in Bouth America and It will
be the first ol May belore an extra tea
sion cso be called to remedy the trouble.
Chicago club women have protested
against the sate and sending ol the so
called "comic" valentine, the humor ol
which is supposed to depend on its
brutality. The form ol wit that Is
tolerated on Iheae cheap diatribes It
one ol Ihs relics that has eome down
with the human race from ths stone
On account ol the recent sup reine
court ruling on Philippine imports, it
Is said that there are more than two
million cigars on the way to this country
from ths Islands, and that belore the
middle ol March there will be ten times
that number consigned to American
dealers. The factories In the islands
are working night and day.
The deepest soundings recorded in the
Atlantic have recently been made off
Porto Rico, showing a depth of 27,072 lest,
being 006 leet deeper than the previous
Atlantis record. There are places in
the Pacific known to lie 30,000 leet deep
indicating a greater dlatauce in subms'
rine valleys than in the height uf moun
tains rising ahova the sea level.
The nteution ol J. O. Booth in con
necllun with the dike ol county judge
strites a popular chord. Since our
publication containing the aforetaij
suggestion, we have received many com
mandatory remarks from people ol
variooi political laitha. It is very cer
tain that Mr. Booth would be both
strong candidate and an excellent
The sxcellsnce of ths Pacific coast
timber is coming into more general
recognition. The Douglas fir is now
being favorably considered as a material
or battle ships. Heretofore the south
ern yellow pine has held a monopoly
as material lor this purpose, the navv
department ignorantly considering the
Or sr soil and spongy. Through Ihs
efforts o.' Honator Foster, a series of
official Wists have been made which
prove ths fir fully equal to the south
ern pine In nearly all respects and
superior in many,
General ltowst's name is attain nroiiii
nent, this time on account ol a brilliant
estapslrora the Ilritlsh lines. Kilch
euer had perfected an elaborate plan for
capturing the Iloer general with hit
army. He bad Iewst completely cut
oil and surrounded, with artillery lit
lioned at every pottihle point, armored
trains patrolling the railroads and
search lights everywhere. Kltcheniir
liue extended over 30 miles and escape
seemed impossible for lHet, but
Kitchener, having caught the fox, was
not able to hold hiiu, for Dewet. by
succession of ruahes at the prspor time
and place, broke through the line and
escaped with moat of hit army.
Representative Wheeler, of Ksntu'ky,
gaiiivd notoriety lor himself last Kridav
by a speech in congreas denouncing
"uunkeyisiii." Dummies vituperative
attack ou Secretary ol Slate Hay and i
proved the occasion to belillle Prinra 11
ry ol Germany and denounce the prep
arations which art being made to receive
him. He referred to the urince lull.
l'utchuian." While there it tuch thing
at nuiiseyiam," there la alto such
thing aa courieay, which
heeler ahould hear in mind, lie
Slid that Ins Inhospitable sentiments
are liot generally shared hy the Anieri
ran people. It la a little thing to
corns the prince with lirarlliipsa
cordiality, but it promote the friendly
leeung between two great nations
i to
degree wshardlv realue.
A bit of correspondence in the Port'
land pawra, from lioaehurg regarding
a lew light cates ol smallpox I
place and the temporary rioting
of the
achoolt by order of Mayor Hoover,
special btaltb ollicsr, has been
mangled in reprinting by several ol the
southern Oregon papers. The Med ford
Enquirer copied the item without the
-t. i . ..
una, so mat it reads "in this i
In the Enquirer i nliim
111 ntskflttinar
ford, and we will vnetura the gus that
it put lbs editor in hot water. Tue
Gold Hill Newt made a wilder eiror, a
saost inexcusable blunder. The editor
iofintbiacity" scratched off all right
butiaearted "Grants Pass" instead ol
. "Roaeburg". Why he did It, no man
knows, nslsae the subject made bun
bytterlcal. He eerUinly owes Uranta
Pass aa apology and should correct his
wieitieni at the first opportunity.
We are giving away to our customers some handsomely dec
orated, hand painted China with cash purchases.
Buy your goods of us and get a
Fine Set of Dishes
one or more at a time FREE.
We larnestly ask you to call and inspect it. You will surely
S want lt.x
I ted Star Store.
Front street, oppo Depot.
Forest Queen.
Since ths late rains the owners of the
Forest Queen mine on Louae creek have
been improving every minute of
the time and the mine it now running
steadily with a lull head ol water. The
water supply is obtained from two creeks
by three ditches. Two of these supply
water to the reservoirs while the third
feeds the hydraulics and furnishes a
pressure ol SX) leet. A Ruble grizzley
was In stalled at the beginning of the
season and Is doing excellent work.
The old original pay channel ol the
creek has just been uncovered at this
mine. It seems to have divided at the
point ol discovery, one part turning into
the present creek channel and the other
running closer to ths hill. Working
from below and piping on the higher
belrock, they have struck the heavy
wtib ol ths old channel, with sliiiiuUnt
prospects lor coarse gold.
Lone Star Mine,
C, E. Wickttrom waa in town Thurs
day and Friday from Pleasant crack.
He is the owner ol the Lone Htar mine
on that stream, one ol the principal
placer properties ol that district. Ths
mine embraces 240 acres of ground,
extending up and down the stream
lore mile. An old channel, which was
worked to tome extent many yeara ago
and was very rich, has lately been
re-discovsred aud baa been opened by a
cut 300 feet in length. This old channel
lias a deconiiosed bedrock and the wash
gives evidence of extreme sgo. The
WoLhoo jO AND $oo
Shoes and FuniishiniiCioiuls
surface la covered w ith red dirt. The
channel has been sought by the miners
for SO yeara. Mr. Wickstrom own s a
mile of it in length and it is on this
channel that the hydiaulic i'ratioiis
will he mainly directed. The propeitv
is equipptd w ith Iwo complete hvdiaullc
plants and a firce ol seven men ae
working night and day Water is
abundant mice the rain and the work
ia lieing actively carried on.
Willow Springs Quart
lliggina A Hunlap aie taking out
$-0 ore from the old I'eter Applegat"
mine In the Willow Spring diairic.
They have alKiut 14 inches of Ibis ore.
This la another abandoned pocket
property which, in sinking upon has
produced the above results. liold 1 1 ill
Columbia. Mine
The reports ol damage to the .hi, In s
of ths Columbia mine on tiiave creek
by the recent heavy raiua were exagger
ated. The work was delate I only 1.'
hours snd Ihe mine lias siuct been run
ning steadily.
Decision In Mining, Case.
A supreme, court decision was givsu
last week in the case of W. J. Guinea,
respondent, va Ihe Illinois & Joepl,ine
llravel Mining Company, epp. Il.nt.
appeal from Josephine county, Hoi .
H. K. Hanoi, judge, ino ii led. Opinion
by Associate Justice I'. K. WoUerton
The action Was brought lo quiet litie
to certain mining probity. I here
waa also a petition to restrain I lie de
fendants bom discharging rock aud
otbsr debris from their flumes upou
plaintiff's claim After reviewing the
testimony the appellate court limit that
the ulaintiir hat a good title to the
premises. The court holds that evi
ilence should have been presented in
the trial court as to the damage sua
tained. snd that tlie court ahould not
have given judgment on the alligation
ol the plaintiff. The appellate court
holds that $100 will be stiflUient for
damages, nnd the ilecruu is modified in
accordance with this view oftheciae
:) Iteivaril HtlOO.
The readers of this pip'ir will be
pleased to Itmrn that there is at leant
one dreaded disease that science has
been aide to vure in nil its stages, am
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
the oulv positive euro known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a con
stitiitionril ilivoitte, r, iiiircri a conslilu
t ion a! treatment, Hull's Catarrh Cure
is taken internally, nctiiig directly upon
the blood and inncnm surfaces of the
system, thereby destroying the f'jumla-
tion of the dlsen'-e, and giving the
patient by building up the
constitution ami assisting nature in do
ing Its work. The proprietors havo so
much faith in Us curative powers, that
they ollur Ono Hundred I'ollars for any
case that It fails to cute. Send for list
of Testimonials.
Address, F.J. Chunk v & Co. Toledo 0,
Knlil by all Druggists, "',
Hall's family Tills are the best.
Kodaks at The Courier odice.
Shoe for Women
The Crossett Shoe 'soneof
IiC. C.
William lienM.
Kverett llnlin ui made a hiiiinc
bete lirst id the week.
tl. M. Culdaell visite-l relatives a
Bhott time last week.
M . I' ho lias hpen quite ill
hr some liiiii. is now verv much tin
,1. N. GoVtier and -lame C are lrh
verv III. Mr t'ox has h-eu wriiwin;
vrnitualiv woise .r several ne.-k. !
It Hirr was ahlc to ive hint some rcllel
Pr. I,l'nrrnns !', d iheihird time
t see t'laiui Mahau. The llitle Ie-Ii4
not only siill'i-rs bom bi injured bend
and ervaipelaa hut now ha uiilainm 4tu n
ol the hhhid.
Several weeks tu' t some -nt look tl e
liherly ol writing tin) Will.aiiM Iti'im
for the CoruikH, wi'h mt oui-Miking the
regular cvtrei mlehl Tne writrr
seemed to be epcti'ig mvir things to
happen which we hop- have takenl
place to hi? sat isl.i -tion.
Williams was hVit aith sever
successive holidays lt we-k. First
came l.ini-olu'a birth lay on the 12 h,
which was duly observed lv some ol (lie
vouni! tnemtier-i. Ihfn the Woodman
in their dn-ss suil". hied lliemvl',
away to ihe ciiy lo meet il'eir Consul
Cou'inau ler, St Valentine's dav catee
i '-t to gladden Ihe h ans of the lads
; ',. trust (. the haoov ;
smile that our young p-.-ip.le were not i
a nong ihe d.SAppo.ntcd o'tes. Auiou
the Woo linen who viMiid the tiran s
I'ass lo.lo from the ltaltnnrw t'a i.p
were M-s.s Si'a'lii', S'lt,.-, J-,,n,
Miller, iVilgle, llo..t, u l. r.liv.V,
M-l,ee, Teiherow, and Horaie lly
liom Murphy. J
Lel&nd Sidings
Untie nillr Ox Beck have gor.e
to upper Applcgate to represent s quarts
The qnarx mines are being worked
lo the fullest i x'ent, so as to erect mills
alien h r el art natter.
Samuel Ab I left for issi He save he would be a mil
liouaiie if If cut wood much longer.
Tl." mines are running full blast.
Th-re was -lily t-l'-l" il-j'lr-v to ll"'ir
d:t lnly Hi" heoy rains. The rain
cam'fO'silv tta- it did little damage.
Mrs. Co-, me. Iff ol Win, uox, n
become a r. -i h n- ol Kinnev ville.. one
will 1 e-p hou- lor her two nephews
who aie cutting aoo-l for U m. CjX.
A. A. .Porter was seen on our
Saturday. He says everything is nour
ishing in bia neighborhood He is
fixing to form on a larger scale than
ever. He will raise more cattle and
incite grass.
Kay, "rUllie" why do we not see more
'(irsvelets?" They are like angels
visits, l'erhapj a few hours less eleep
in ii. o mnrninir would give you more
tims for "Uravelets."
The Greenback company have their
long tunnel nearly completed, iney
will tap their ledge at a grea'er depth
and also have better ground for their
mill and other buildings.
We bave a Frenchman in our midet.
a woodcutter, woo nee a great nam
(rogs. Hesaja the Irogs at this time
of the year are quite poor. He hats
. . . in.;-,.
preleren ce for male frogs.
A new ledge his been discovered on
Ml. Keuhen on the Whitney creea
aide. It is a large ledge ana thows iree
gold in nil parte ol the rock. Aa soon
as the rojds ere better, the owncit will
proceed to put on a stamp mill, as it is
free milling ore.
Uncle Hilly Cox has two men from
iackpon county who cut three und a half
cords of railroad wood 111 half a day.
This is very near their average when
they have good limber. Where are you,
young men of Josephine county? Beat
this and we will make you another
We have a young man fioin the east
with plenty of money, who ie looking
for a location for a home. He wants a
wife alto, a helpmate. He wants s
blonde, 18 lo 20 years old, about live
feet, eight inches tall, one that can
make herHelf generally useful, with a
mild temper aud a iair education.
We have had a good soaking rain.
It came gently, bo the ground la well
aoaked. We think the people south of
Tunnel 0 had more rain than we did,
as there waa no damage done here.
The weather at preaent ia warm and
aunshiny. The wuod cuttera are getting
the spring fever. Little or no fires are
needed in the stoves, the weather ia so
n tth a
I are the
Saturday was quite w indy pui
warm atnio-phere. Mvsteriont
wava ol 1 roviileuce in some
, places. e hear ot ll n.ds, earthquake
I i-cloi,s, hut at la-land all is quiet and
the people are happy,
j We Munk llns "genial cook'' h
, e, 'lesttpnab e tHste, o he lonknu f.'t
. wi!osin a vomiiiiiiiity noted for it r
ineity yoiug girl-. S,., Mr. "t'ook
I w h. t-vcr ' are, p.e.ise to reineinlin
ihe old man's pa' belie warning lo hi
son-'' S.tnnvel, Wwaie uf widows"
Just attend some of mir I.eland dances
ami see i n r " run, hud garden of girls,"
and von id never !,ik at a widow
'again. Giri.., just think of it ! A man
'alio can c,-ok while vou do your shop
! ping or alien. I a clut) meeting. lo not
j let him (all a prey In widoas.
"Pick ' give us something
11. Hi.
t. ou.e over and see us.
Wildervillo Items.
Warm sunshine and spring showers.
it tvgins to look like spring since cur
last writing.
liev. Francis Smith preached at Vw
llo.e Suh.Ikv.
Mr. Savage is back at bis schoi 1
atam this week.
Mr. Goodman intends to ct me and
live on his (arm that Mr. Cart rented,
M-. Kot'ann an I Mr. Creed ma.le a
'. a-.uess trip to Giants I'ass one it. y
last week.
Mr, l. intito a bus,,! trip to
Giants I'ass last Thmtdav an .1 csme
home Friday.
Mr. FiauiiaS.nltb is back biter a Is a ,
weeks visiting in Grants I'ass and help
ing in meetings in thst city.
Mrs. Lewia had a bad aick epe'l S'-'
day and waa taken to Ur'anU Pass Mon'
dav for medical aid.
There wis Sunday school at Wilder,
ville Sunday hut no meeting in 'he
evening on acc 'tint of the hard rain.
lie v. W. Hcdgere is in Merlin holding
meeting at present. He waa home for
a few dajs last week but went back.
Mrs Carl is not very well this week
on account of a cold. Every body
around Wildevilla seems lo have cold.
The farmers who have grain in the
fields anould rei lieti aa the ground now
ie ao wet it is almost impossible 10 plant
Kmmett Conner waa Been ou our
atreeta Saturday for the first tune in
several weeks. He is able to be out
after his long spell of sickness.
Mr. Will and Miss Iola Finley from
down Rogue Kivcr were visiting in our
community Sunday and bad to stay
until Monday on account ol tba rain.
Mr. and Mrs. Cart will soon com
mence to haul lumber for their new
home. They intend to build on Mr,
Hocking's place, close to the south line.
nar Chaney creek.
MisjC'hloe Robinson went to Grants
I'ass Tuesday to have flome dental work
done. Our ct ty ehould have adenlitl
as there are several complaining with
their teeth.
We ahould think Mr, R. would want
a roof on his house such rainy weather
aa it baa been. When it is raining, it
ia too wet to put one on, and w hen it ia
not raining he doesn't need it.
Miss Edith Walton was visiting in
our city Sunday. Her home is in the
Deer creek valley. Zanoni
The "Stink Bush "
Old Grants I'ass, the stags station
and its neighborhood had a little old
rickety, picturesque school bouse, set
one of the most beautiful situations
southern Oregon, about half a mile
northeast of the Grants I'ass of the
present. The little building waa sit
uated in the shade of a number ol large
oak trees, and the little play ground in
front, w. rn smooth as a floor by the
p ittir of small bara feet, waa ringel by
oaks, just the right diitance apart for
"l'ussv wanta a corner." Three
months' school in the summer time was
the rpgular program. The old building
has long since passed into oblivion anil
th osks have all been cut up into stove
wood. The former pupils of this school,
if they happen nl org by he old scenes,
o v so changed, gaze with sadness and
reverence on the slump of "Old Big
lllack Oak", as on the grave of a friend.
Ol all the youngs ers who attended
this achool year in and year out, there
aie now but two living in Grants Pass,
and of thoss who atp-nded a term or
two, there are perhaps four of five
The children of this school, In the
earlier terms bad a recoguized and
established institution which seems to
have been peculiar to this ulace and
handed down by tradition from
term to term. This was the "stink
hu-h". The "stink bush" was a giant
chapparral, spreaJing itself fan like in
all directions, thick and iinpsne'raole.
in uiosn uays, rattlesnake wore no
rarity and were often killed in the
vicinity of the achool housa. Some
times they would even he seen attempt
ing to cross the play, ground. On such
occasions the youngsters would fall upon
ihuin en masse, with hall bats, sticks,
clubs, atonea, any weapon that came to
hand, shouting and yelling like little
Indians, ami the snake's existence
would violently cease. Then the
mangled remains would Iki throw n into
the "atink bush" and left th ire to it i s
sipale their fragrance in the balmy
summer air. Kvery "blow-Bnake,
"blue racer," or other slimy .beast killed
by the youngsters was diKised of like
wise hvery unfortunate lizard who
rashly ti posed himself to the juvenile
view was gathered ill as a trophy for the
"stink bush".
Some times a d ger squirrel would lie
capuned and he would be a prize in
leed. I he ik or little mouse who fell
into the water bucket during the night
to be llsheil out in the morning found
repose in tho ''stink bush". Dead cats
would be brought from home in the
interests of the institution. It was the
recognized uuty ol ttie youngsters to
keep the "stink bush" supplied an
they never failed to be diligent and
taithlul in its performance.
Mil there came a term when the
teacher decided lhat so much chapparral
brush about the school house was an
eye sore aud tthe. ordered it cut down
in the Blashmg that followed, the "atiuk
liush" ao perished.
School Notes.
second term ot school onene.l
with a spirit of detertiiina'ion and in
dustry, viine have dropped from the
r inks, some have eutere I, but the line-k-ei
pressing on. Slj bm-iih the
pice and in, landmarks seem to iinlicil,
t ie pri-gresfl. A lutle Iripe, a little
despair, niin h work and less a Ivan, e-m-'iil
make up the sin leiu's Mie tn
in ti e acho d room, 'ea h a buildin; Ids
word W'lhin. I'lioiigh'a ar, th
biiilderi, for tbnuguts are forces', an 1
sun-y and silen l ili work of tm t-uc-t..
m goes on. I.ii'le by little the b lil I
in mscs Souks lv tr,i'se it,e ,nl-e t
is U.-liio:if. and laid in i,s destine I
pi ce. M.uh-ina'ical l.uva make firm
1'ie lound.iiion, Geometry reara a
b-a-inful pilla-, philosophy fl;e ths
i Mills hl. Hist. ... n iU .(
tragedies aud sublime characters lent
p -rathe wli;!e sirucuin and Khct oric
pihshea the suiface. t'losely and co.i
s'a it! v the workman must watch the
btl I ling Ilia! iis aails mar be kept true
ami thai only durable mlwunre enter
into us nms r.i.-ii in s ,r ,Jt,s tm
bui'der dare to ,,sse in i,,, mor (or
as sum as the lalvir ceases the walls
become untrue, the j ui's Umvn and the
Imu.i ; n J
ynimeiry an 1
its tifautv
n, ........1 1
ui uis suu.-'urt,
ant s' arc nn
inai cv.i s'antiy innfriuit ari'l,i'.:.
Ii iiiiu (.. iiilv ik-cnniue theui.
A 11-a.l 1'g e:rv? has Iwn ornuo.l
n .inn.iiion with me literature class
(or th .urp .., oi ri's.lin th AiiKru-au
an.l Kng'ish cUios. Tu m mtvrs
mwt t,v wwk tj ,,w.u,t (lw (lerj v
uifrit ol the work ra,l.
Ths.hool is (j, lhf
p auo. A prog-am it 03s prrrariiut an.l
will b rru.lrrtJ iu t: nv,r (nluri) for
the purpose ol raising money witn
which to purchase an encyclopedia and
other necessary additions to the library.
Tb Droirarn commute reported the
following program to be rendered by the
r.rv rvwlrtv.. Friday. Feb. -'Is
Music High Lnorus
j - -1 ....
Reading Class... ...... ,;::,.,.
KUtn lean, iiowa-v. wi -"rv
Recitations :-.V.V-'
Ka'e Newell, Maine Mcriiinmens
,1 Volo Lillian Uourke ,
Kara, Class.....
...Lloyd liarvey, rsaie .-i-v.o ,..
Impromptu Clis . ii ".
K'mrnanivuiiiiaoii, in..,.""
ers, Nettie Uuntaii, Madge M ir-diall
Double yuar'.ette
...Klrkman Uoinninn, r.uiei -Hendee.l.illian
Kotirke, Albeit
Coe, Oussie I'arker, Sej mour Jlarvi i
Debate: Rssolved, "that a member of
congress ought to vote according to hia
own opinion and not according lo that
ol the majority of his constiluency".
Affirmative, Carl Marvin, i.thel Gore.
Negative, Roy Hackett, buta iiowaio.
Music, by High .School Chorus.
Stop Tho Cough and Works
off the Cold.
Laxative llronio Ouinine Tablets cure
r.t.1 In one dav. o Cure, o lav.
Price :t cents. ,
Schneider on Hoodlums.
Dar "Csi kikb": Mine cousin, Meis-
ter Diedrich Dinkelspiel ut der rtiliy
,,,n,,i. Ta'.ands baf riten me, in vich
he sail dot his Jrendt Friday 'onet him
on Thuraiay uniaau. m.juiuv.
,.t la a mottern hootlnms"? 1 vill
answer, der Courier Urougli.
A recently hootlums vas a guy
Hkootus" mit der gospel dispensation
u( der hypocracies. A bootlum vas a
young man vite behindt der gills, nut
dail eyes like der vieh in der pow u
der boat : a 'jootlutn vaa took a viskey
hotlle fon hia mooter ven she veanit
him; he vas got gums lint der aick
regret in der mout. Meister Friday
shall recollectionings dot des sickregret
tobacco vaa moct fon der sinkarsmp!
vicb ilcr smoker Bpit ouse st der depoB
ler cities around t, u:it vicb vas picket
oup by tier olt shinaman mit der longs
unt des hootluins vas nmct d.-s sick
reurela fon des tobacco wrapped in
der boems uf Kllery Veeler V tlcor
unt strike der match on (let gnnnty .eat
uf der banls, nut awear py tarn Bix-cig!it
coople dozan dimes,
Der hootlums vas iter young man mit
der mout full uf swear unt smoke, unt
viskey unt odJeryice vilth, unt one who
hafen der gall vitch vould valk oup mit
ler boss posting der Bickregret.'unt mit
ouse lnlroduclioning nimseii asa uer
boss Ion der chob uf verk alreadty.
Der boBS yoost lookt crookt at der hoot
lums unt interogationed htm dns
Hal you gamblel mit der nickle d
gorner on ?" ' I dit," Bait der houtluiuB,
"Dit you blay Yankee Dootless di
vittleon?" "I baf," be sail. "Unt
you hat riden der boaking gayuce?
Sure." he sail. "Cut be dit nod
dumpit you der bet der ground on?
"He dit nod," be eait. "tint you vas
BoiiiedinieB a litt'e viskey drunken?'
I vill, salt der hootlums, "if you
vould treaten." unt quick ss der vire-
less Scheutzen, der boss haf sail : "I I
no chob," nnt der hootlnms vslked avay
alreadty, eatisfactioced mit der iiubres
sionings vicb be haf moct on der boss
fon der vuture'obbertutiities,
Der boss rcflectloned a leclle tint suit
mit himself" Yoost measurement der
gall uf der vita lifered hootlums; yoost
look adl der vortliless dings mit der
eickregret smake rou-e conm fon d
nose mil mout unt ears unt shurt g illar,
mit der dait eyes tint zunken jeek
unt der ye low skin yoost like mortili
turnings haf Bet in preuously," be sail
Vile der Bickregret smaker vaa valking
avay mil der run down boo's sitevays
liae der hog going mil var, a young man
(a ahentlemens) valked oup mit der bo'S
ill front uf, unt mit politeness unt
besitHtionings lie lookt across his nose
at der boss like der viler, unt ill der
moosical woice by way uf prefacement
sait to der boss "I baf been oxpiuting
to haf met mit you pefurehandt vicb 1
I dit nod, unt I vaa joyousness to bal
meetings mit you at des suspiciousness
unt suspiciousn.'BS occasions, tint vou
vill allow me, I hafen reasons (on pe
lievenient dot you vas Macher Sheneral
Derwhoopeiiiluinm'xness, der boe
I nil) sir, mit ouse iter Macher Miene
ral," sait der bo.a ' Veil tint gout
sait der young man, mil einhara-Miieni
"I vould likri drr i hoo:" mil der boss
beaiuit on der nice y mng m ,n unt uli
servatiunings dot d .,- vo'.n:; man lial d
ret leeks u:il der cltar r.ii mi: no nig i
on der coat, der boss hat sail Ion him
'T ilotit vill pelii-Vi-iiienl do'- you
smaker der sickrtgnt unt ll. ing , a -tl
unt tier villi nut r. ling il -r guyui
nut ouse diimpen tier bet iler ground on
unt driiiken der vi-Kcr unt bl
aroundt dot ) o i vis ca! it 'in.t,
doud id? tint I gll J on di r th '','
der iioss. "Schneiilcr" salt Kairina
'Vy doud you tell your cousin, Meister
l.!) ie! vat caiieatioiiB iler blear
eyes nut kniltv looks uf d-r sicktotret
bootliims, dot he may tell his frcdi
Friil ij- on Thursday." 'I vili" I sai'.
Dose vas py der he it uf di r piper unt
tobacco p.i sm, nnt fi-e vich, b, ;ng
S close toiler rn- rf,-s ut der b-aio ,
baral zatious d-r s e ami u ,n-
inga der healih ul thr vearer.
Y.xist dinks nl ,,.r h'pe uf d. r valter
laud mil der item fe-r feci long, unt
gomparisnri id mil d-r two iin h r.ilih t
fi e sickieg'el ill der uii.liivn ho t urns.
Yawcoii Si'ii!u.;iiKU.
All Ula not repicscu'fJ in our
1 li- l reoinry are rritrsril to s 14 I i t
n.mian l numlwr ol loiUe, lime and
tHi-e of meetint;, ami names ul pn-si 1
in an.l nwr.ltnj; otl'uvrs.
l'Kaey or tn Ortp
Is oltn a rtin-ihiwn system. ek
nes. nervousness, lark ol ap(,etile, en
eruy ami ambition, wi'h disortlerej
liver and kidneys olten (uliow an alta(
ofthia wretrhed d a. as. Tl, (-restf-t
nes-d then is Klec'rie ItitU-rs, tl
splendid tonic, bioo,! puritior and recu-
1 .. , ...
: iair 01 M,inuii'
I-iver and Kidneys.
Thon.nn I.
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