Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 30, 1901, Image 4

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It Will Abide is Loot is the
nation Endures.
fOl'R decades have liaised since the
cry of war was raised, and men bur
ned forward to prove tde issues to
svuica their faith waa jouied. Greater zeal
no man can show than t;tat he idler bun
aelf aa sacrifice fur truth and country.
In more tSan a t'inu...-. .! 1 uir It- proof tna.V rr MT;im, a ri till .J ta'..e
li.e waa c..'.;td an b-j. li..:c 1.1 i..tup..ii-
in with bles-ir h of a i.r;ii.n 1 Juiced to
blterty of all. Islocd flmed Im .!y as water
n:ter trreat rair.H. Lives ebi ed o it slowly or
vent out quickly alter ea-a vulley of ahot.
l-egiona were wuunded sorely, only to die
Liter of the ahock, or to Imavr od to this
lay afflicted by the Lurdcn of the leaden
So dear and ao priceless the Mewing of
a country, one and indivisible. More than
two millions of soldiers were eiih'.cd during
the civil war on the side of the union, and
. bundreda of tliousands id tnose died in
t -;e land of the stvpres and the pine Their
bi'od baa been balm to the tiealmf of re
volt and dissension.
In thia, tne fortieth year ainre the first
(tuna were fired on Sumter, and in the first
year of a new century, more than one mil
lion aurvivora remain of the great liosla
whose bearta lieat to patriotic barmony
while their feet moved to beat of drum.
Tney live Ix-anng in their peraoni the wit
1 ,-sa of perils undergone, heroic acta per
formed and faithful service rendered for
the republic they love.
These, the living aa well aa tht dead, ar
brought before a new generation, one born
and br0Lg.1t to man's estate ainre the day
01 Appomattox, 10 apeak to them of a na
tion a glory and of men a daring for the
increase of that glory Tney ieak in their
deeds and in the reaulta of those deeda.
All that the dead rould give they banded
in for the union cause. Vet the living oflered
just aa much life itaelf, which, in their
rases, was not a c-pted. None the less waa
theirs the honor and the glory, although
theirs is the rewsrd of witnessing the
preciousness of the heritage they secured
to the generations to lollow after them.
Individual meu live and act their little
parts. Hut the greatest of these pass aw:iy,
one by one, and their places are filled by
others. Their deeds only survive, and it
u deeds only in this world which receive
the laptism of immortality lecorution
S'orth and South Lovingly Clasped
Hand Once More.
HE old soldier stood at the entrance
to the lot. He gave one backward
glance at the two graves with their
b.ig!it tiug fluttering in the wind. Trie turf
in the lot lad Keen carefully clipped and
the sheila which outlined the mouuds were
even and white. Tnere waa one more grave
in the lot; on it clums of Sweet Williams
and Heartsease were blithely blooming. '
, The old soldier aliaded hia eyes, but not '
. from the aun. aa he looked.
I "Well, it's the last Decoration day I'll
see here," be aaid, aloud; "I'd better go
t' tb' soldiers' home next week, an' have it
' over, A pension's Hood enough, a far as
it goes, but it don't keep a man's hon-e
an mend bis clothes. Marthy was a 1 A
k mm
rr'-' "
r -v. .-.fii 1
1 it; ' -
k" . .
,:. 4
f51E following poem
as written by Rr.
I r. C. O. lirown. of
fhl"aifo. JuM kftfr
a visit t to Arliruton
CT?r:i!ry. In IV. ru
ary, when th fi'.nil
wa l!ir: i 1i f p In
snow fjf in: - i: m
k-r Hr. J r-on.
ho w;.s hin.-- If a
prominent oH'-i-
hfti rccntlr writt -,: "ft Is artist ic,
atrintic. and a litcrury irm."
da CoDditfra Could
'. ffmr;idf, wh't R-irntly ilfp
'Nt-ftth th evi-r,:;.! n anH snow.
"AU'b nuit-t" h-r . t . low the hill,
l'otuniic w tifTr flow.
"All 't:Jet" at th front to-nlrht.
Ami whit If- ttri.yrA ir.d chill;
r or mn" so.j ifj taps,
j The riii7ir in ntn,frtt,f ftlll.
"All nf''t" h.-re; tUr punn are stacked,
j The vuS!'in all ftr f rii;
The h:l t are out, ai.J w hll you p
IVate ruts your aU-nt world.
po -.tjlf-t from no -ntlnel.
I Th fhilienir "hfirp I h-ar;
No cl;vrlii) horn nor r.atillna; drum
j l'rKlalmj the for hi near.
Hut yorvVr In pt-rjtjwfive iis
Miij' Hitc hseCt ifKl florn
The more than .;;-. r. i y city, whenc
j The laws of fr in- n come.
T hf-r your ft"
M;til- mire for
The fsOWe-TH
i Thrilii Loth th
f aarrlflcB
f it years,
.--! xpandlnt wr
jt millions, yon.
"Alt's u'll. t" h-
Awakt- th j- t.ij.
rare, with vt it (nl nonp. recall
, The prle that m.i!. them fre.
accompaniH j
mucous patches in
the mouth, erup
tions on the skin,
ore throat, copper
colored Kt'sUlche.
ft swollen glands, aching muv.les
lj J and bones, the lhae is making
wmyi'i oranway, ana far worse
lymptoms will follow unless the Mood is and effectually cleansed of lhi
tiolent destructive poison,
i S. 8. S. is the only safe and infallible
fure for this disease, the only antidote
tJT this specific poison. It cures the tin
worst cases thoroughly and permanently. .i
To the fall cf iV i"!.
I ctntrrtd Blood
Cave tcei No Worse. XZrA: 1 ,.
... t he i r trestment I
did me bo s;ood , X wag cutting worw all the
time ; my hir came out. ulcer rtsrrrd in rrr rt
tnrjtanl mouth, my boiy waa altn'Mt rf,-rrd
with copper clored ft..otchM and cffcntive
rrea. I njTred vsrrercly fr'rn rheumattc jMin
In bit ihoullersaod arr- My cm'iiti--n cuid
no wore; on!v thoa-t-a&icte'l Iras
can ttn'JerataDd my aurfenngi. I ha-1 aV-ut,
vm an ivrpe or ever betnfc well aeaia wbsa I o.'.ic
1 ilsmHswl In It K - I
but mu confea i hi3 4f?T. 4 p:: t
little faith left In any f'm
medicine. After lakini f ,
thethird hrtle I notirrd A e-ia A-S
a chanee in my ccn!i- l3rI!'A
li'.n. ThiawatruWen- k 'J
ci.ursffinc. and I deter- A ' V
mined to jHva B. 6. ft S A
thoronith trial. From M vTfc -
thut ttmeontheimprove- JT . r'-
ir.ent waa rapid ; ft. S. ft.
eeuted to h.e the rfi- ?
eae completely under
me sVJT-m ana &-'
"v"r;:"",v-"',;- j
of the disorder ; I have' ' '
bttn Mrons and healthy erer sln'-e
U. W. 6mitii. Loct Boa til. NcUeirille, Ind.
is the onlr purely rrre-
I table blue purifier
known. $ t ,000 is
j offered for proof that
it contain a particle of
mercury, potash or other mineral poison.
fiend for our free fiook on Blood Poison ;
it contains valuable information about
this disease, with full directions for self
treatment. ' We charge nothing for niedi
ul advice ; cure yourself at borne.
It is no rr. .l.t to a man
word r.4cat: 110 i.r:e !
ri-r hou.a with the
kris. -
It n;ay not hurt a juke to crack it.
' hut son.e of the crackers ouyht to be
I.-ie is but a transjMJrt." siys a
.-rV V--s, and ao is a canal boat, for
Tl a: :i;ater.
A '.-i'!y wo f:as bt-en a wi(fow thre
a L-rwd ,'ure to get a bus
a eQB S9fc
e ..f-
1 !t l!se,
Vi '1 5 f f .
; ,kf would
Vd tu !o.
e Lvoirei
to reai.ze
is n n
I.efl vered.
ri m I'ftiJaii yn. a
:: -an! i-.-sd " IV
1 ,
r;. kp to
o fl-
r T . I
: ,.!M:r..f
'co canrifrt
nrr Vanire's '.varning notrt of
approaching dinner from a dis-t?.-ed
heart. ft you would
avoid debilita'ir.T diseases, or
even sudden de.irh from this
hidden trouble pay heed to the
earlv warning, ire.-tlien t!.e
he-rt's muscirs, qaiet its ntrv-
cus lrr.t-
action v.ih that
h-.-art remedies,
1 1 cart 'Cure.
" Ur.
t o!
tiiT'-'iit i:.y
f-boiii'l -r a.i i ;
W..1.1.I Ix- u::v.
U- "f l.r.
r- i, i,rl 1:.- .;:
IV. L. Ilvsi
it nibt 1
:'i aiid
Mil--' II.
,1 -l.i b-.t
'is !.::-t
-; i- a:,J
t.i. une
"All's .iulft" hr
Your !( .u n-v
lnirirlriK p-',I,l'
: t-ut through th eart!
to urine
, e l in
And n.itlori. to h- Krcat.
IT.irk' dimly rome tn underfone.
The rliythm'c w:ni of n.MJnd,
From the citlen to th ?lrnn-a
That In j our c.imp atound.
wie, if she Udo't blue eyes like the little
girl tlown south."
lie lighted his pip with a fart wag look
in hia e cs
"V, I II go down t' th' home next week;
they '41 take good care of the old man while
dajr comes and g')es, each eruptis'iimb the he ruu out- Well, there'll U ot t' ulk
(Treat net and glory of the tattles that were but 4t ni:,l whle f'r year
fought, and in each rwurring anniverMary Waf threli out. Maybe Ml hnd
the numter of hrave survivors grow a omehody that a leen south nt c- I have
m ,T; V"ly Vu,UOn "U",l'tr ,T,I '' i'"ie ! '"': l y V' ,"A" !" cmr,.. ., and the snows
will fall to U-na of thousands, and then to , tl't u" Jolmny reb she tiiuuavit it her I Thai nuini.e y.,u In white
hundreds. The dar is not distant in the ! ,'U,J, walt 'or- W ell, 1 was .ruimt-.l to Ar whisix-rinK - !: to your dreams,
years when a bare half-score will remain, j Marthy, too, so 1 guess my duty Has aa I Bleep peae. (uliv tx tiiitht.
lurvivor .f'" " " ,.r,,v .h s..a
" iil.ll iie-u nn TUU,
They are the , . nnrJ throb of Ufa,
Which, like a miyhty na.
Moves on re:.itit ris In Its sweep
j To liaTK r 111m riy.
An1 In that bound'cun life your dees
Hhuil live for rmore.
Till Ji'o'n of ejirth. Mke billows, break
j On U.-nven ei. riiiii shore.
and. finally, the name of the last iur-ivi,r
will tt given. I glanced over at ft little group itand
And then the Decoration dayi shall come lnJ m ,ot not far sway,
and go nd be eommerooratrd with eual "Tom Jteltier'e folks, I guess;" he said,
leal as when the mrvivore were uoon earth "Tm told rue t' wait an' they'd give me s
and lent their part to the duplay and pomp ! home. Hhowm' their cm-uy round
Bo many yi itrn
And, m irrhin- .niii. we
1 To Join you 'iie;,th th
re coming on
of the ceremonies. The day will I
14 I . . , , Ufa " 1 ' X
th cemetery a little. 1 sues. Well. I am t
in much of a hurry, seem' its th' last time
I'll erer see Tom an' Dick's graves Three
brothers that went south t' Mil, an' me
th' only one t' come home out of a cothu."
The sweet May wind broulil In in the
scent of uncounted Mowers and the faint
echo of "Mart-lung Throiiiili tieorgia,"
played by a humenard bound hand.
"I always love that tune," the old man
sighed. "It was (iroigia where I met It
tit. How them blue eyes Hashed th' lir.t
time they lit 011 a tall Vank Tin y ua float
ing in tears the last time I saw 'cm Well.
For frosts have tum A us. limb and bro
' And snows un- on our ritoul
That ne er will ni !t unill. Tor ua,
I The silitit lints ur.- -jiri-ad.
Lit" S.i
A lo
lii ii it r 1. - triii 1 l!
Eureka vii?
!Ian.G3 OH '
I- r.niv " 1 1 ' r:,.- f- ' '
l.-.r , t r I .t ri.'-ii"" f.a
lMlu- r r .(I . . ' T' -1 , !-
a I pa 11
r. y i:
! A-l-i-. .
! N. V.
I tali- .1
'I i
At Btd Timo
i. s-.i-.l I.' rb
1 - l;
o- II. X' j
controls the heart action, aevr-i-erates
the circulation and builds
up the entire system. Sold by
druggists on a guarantee.
Vt. iliVs Me-licil Co., Kikhart Ind.
oil eo.
' It
r H.i.l
Your 'V-te
Horse a 1 1
Chance! ..
, I'. M-l;.
Oiat r :
-:n:. i1.
I e
A Minder's Mibtake.
The Story of Three Men. Good and True,
and a Monument.
" T'S no use talking; we ran't have
n that ninminunt fur aunt her year."
SJi siahrd tne major. "We've talked
an. I saved, gin-n bean l akes ami iiuiku lan
tern shows, but we eau't raise within )ou
1 viht IJfi. JCP.r. Afi'G oniaTi
r Itil HliktT5T.,lli:itU!,tll
s i j ...
i- I . In- re I
Uln .k 11
, Ht'r I:--!
e-fc In. til
" folltl.l
'- Hi'..:,,
I 1;
f 11 1.
i. j. :
i i,.i-ii
II tl,
' J I
! Th:.-1TX:It. r'iL4.51!- -fj
; !- I- 0-t:.r7.'l22 CIRCULATION.
;T.' ;n'y:-;.:-r-i;V;eik;y;i!h:?trjl
I i i . r
-y :
D that monument tor another year, 1 f f '1 , ";"" n p
a ST; 'i ,! . -. - i.-. ...i,,.,.' . , ! ... . i I i - : . I, -,t '' v ;, . ,,l ,. v ...... i . . t
w r ' .- i-.. isrsst. f 1 I
I I'V'a 1 ' -"l-SAil-llStfci-SfJr M(N : " ' ' - ' '' " '' " '" '"".b.
Marthy waa a g.iod wile, an' she never km w enoouh to ty f..r it." I il ' " -'" " :
1 earried pair of blue eyes home in my 1 "''' '" "-wfiilly agree.1 the rap- At 3 A4 V.k,''.' i -e.'-V."' .". """i i '"' :''' '": :U' r"'
heart, along with the bullet in my shoui- ' "' if c ol.l .le.lnate I it 3 K7 . "-'. i..T. ! i - - -
der." tne lot this Isolation .lav, an. I do the un- T L U r"'" ' I ' S
oires drew near. A stout, red fseed '""a ni-xi one, out s tomorrow . ; p cwi.t .... .-i ..-eo'.i.. ! ' -
woman, two girls and t sweet fa'eed elderly " h-re now." t. T.'rnV'. U: i-! durit a nd-l.-o ;-. !
woman in bla. k were at. nr.a. l.n.a "llwft right," aaid the private; "and j 9 .a ssiuiats. u; .u ia u j nd -erri'iV !'-.. k of .-,.,i. I -,,.;..:.!
l bot I,. ..( u,,.. M .tints- f.-.i;-li
fv s
And the ROGUE liLVI-R COUKIKR for One Yr
111! fcrvjl
I :( . I '! :li'ii t.W t c ' 5 ! '
III fesPa:lS
iiill life Hrk--
. ! . , , ! ! 1 1 j lavrai ' iri ai;-,r-'-tJ'- " s.'srmiK.m4mmmemqsffg0tffY
A ,n ;i; (-1 ti.i i'-auc' ah lor 5.1 ..-.u in .u
or $l."iO
-1 1 r.
e.vry c e:t -h number b.-itij ra.'T
no :e-- than a ini.iioll rrmler-.. 1
r I'y .."nil lirr.uv.-.-lnelit we llinki- (or I
i.roM - .1 ;ni e the f iiiowini; oiler:
Courier, one year,
Farm and Home,
Home Contrivances,
$1 25
:' ihi-
abide as long as the republie endures, bt
eause it is one which glorifies dee. is and n..t
the individuals who -rlormed those deeds.
A dies and his memory oftentimes is
forgotten. It is (.ermitted to tew only
in eaih generation that their names shall
Iw handed down to sutieeiue!it generations
" for praise and honor.
l)e. oratioii day glorifies the deeds of the
unknown dead who sleep their long sleep
In the nation's rcmetenes equally with the
skill and atiat.-Kic force of lirant and Sher
man and Hheri.lan.
Tht war waa a battle royal between men
of tht aamt rare and country who differed
aa to ijuesUons of right and ..bty. Kach
battle added a new witness to the glory
ol courage and patriotism and served to
make prouder and nobler tbt citiienship
of the republie.
The paaaing years have effaced bitter
memories and wiped away tears of
regret and the former things of discontent
snd reliellmn. The first lkw oratnm day of
the new century shows a ople united
in luvt for the union- a union the mightier
and greater and nobler Im-aus it was tried
aa by tire and proved itself e.jual to the
severest test of human strength. And the
e .inmg years of the century will bring with
them more sacred memories and higher
appreciation for the union preserve, I by
Hie trials and heroism of the soldiers ol the
eivU war. With the steadily cipan.lmg
majesty of the republic w ill mine nuu keliiiig
and broadening appreciation of the tri
umphs of the incomivrsble v atory ui uiuon
over disunion.
wii.MAM nosBicR ronus.
rietl Mar Death Hesorst.
liring the civil war S.KI commissione.1
nflicers and no.SilH men were killed
in action or died of woim.U received in
little; 2,311 conniniuu,.ncd olh.-ers and
3.M enlMed men dirsl from ibihyise or ac
ci.lent. making a total loss of L'sy.TSi men.
Ih-albs H-curring after the men left the
army are not included m these tigurea.
Vlekabaesi Nations! Park.
The Wishing National park will soon
be complete as fat as the aopnsition of land
la concerned It comprise in all 1.231
leres. It is to restore all military
features that marked it in the struggle of
I didn't know sou had any nenianit
ances here, Mis' White." the red In. -.-.j w.-m-
an was saying as they mine. " !,.!)
ye knew a long tune ago, eh' Well, hi.
ain't any of us growing younger. That s th'
monument yonder. Til' Ij. lies' auxiluiy
made gallons o' oyster soup an' tons o' cake
t' help .ay fur it."
"An it's a mighty handsome one. bo,"
replied a soft, dreamy voice. "Well, we Al
gol so loyal down nuah way now that nia
well lie btul.lin' monuments, too Vy -.n
wore th' blue in the wan with Sp.u, a o
nothxly was protidah than me. Hi- t . l l.t-i .1
a' been just as proud, if be d lived t see it
A good many solda-rs buried hete, an. t
tliey! Is is thaih anyUnly by the nam...
ol Shrnier!''
"Two of 'em, right over yonder. X..w,
look at Km an' tiertie. goin way ovet t' tne
other end o' th' cemetery- an' their pa g m
t' drive the right up here' Im-i '
tiertie! ( Hi h. Km'" Mie started s.o. I,
down the path, l ading sluilly as she n.-nt
The swii-t fa-e.l woman wandered on a
tittle, with ill--.. ii g head
"Two Shnners burieil heah." she sai l,
"fine ol tin-ill nuit lie bun. To thu.k I m
come so fah to hnd his gi hit1 " Mn- pan. ,1
and looked about her. "Ilig'il i-iall II
dah. Mis' ll-iter s.ii.1 III lace timet'
look fer it. I..-I0.-1I1 she comes t .e k "
A tall figure 111 a grati.l anny uniform
at.svl at the ciitian.e to the lot n.-are-t
"I beg .nail pain I. hi," she s.n.1. "but is
thaih aiiyOoily ly th' name ..I Mniini -Iwis
.Snrcier - I.-.11 i.-.l lic.i'i"
The old 111.111 stilled "Not that 1 k'i. a
of, ma'am Tin well an' luaity tot .-i.l.a.l
man; my wile's here, but l-l.-.ttn '"
"la-wis' tlh, 1-wis! 1 have found you,
at last'"
"At Inst, l-oUie; a b.ill.i.-. old bulk
on his way to the home, and
"tn your way to th' hi.tnc. mv bone,
that's a waitin' for youah, la-is f..r ua
N'ortb and south on.e more cla..e.l
handa. FI.ISA AltM.sTl.oNii.
the list ol names to In? rememlK-riHl all
ready, too. What d'ye suppose trie lx.ys'11
f C". lOflUAN 4 CO.. IbSI M.HrtSt.J . (S ns.-.l ;
C -C- -Ns. i- -w. -VA--vjs n. t I 'ur ,giv
W . a P ... s. -j mu iltMM ,1 rv -
s -tv
1 Wt:-JL f I
I at. I
.1. t in
Ail lln rf y-ais a-pa-s
nuiiietit to show folks
ic are all rvht
know it's hnid b.' t
out one s natuial iiuiu
Hut tune is panning
Owr tiresit fitdiileer rmy.
The follow ing is a stnnni o y .. .1 int.
flirmshcl by each state to the !. ,1. : ,! .11
during the civil w ir New .i ' I .
r.'iiiivvhama, ;Us.llo, 1 lino, ;to 1. I. I
mm, iW.HV.'. In liana. I'.'l M . ...1.
setts, llo ;;. Mi..,.uii. I .. li.J, , 1 ,.
sin. t''l. M ., h 1. in, K 111, l.o.a, ;
New Jetsev, To. II.'.. Kenl.i.kv, T.'i 2
Maine, l.'.l T3S t 11. nt.
land. wtuVt; New II.. .,.'-
niont, :u .: '. w.-t ,ig,.
lie-see, :tl 10.'. Mione t .
Island, .M,.'l.s, K.,.1 ... 0
t obimbia. b...k't , t alii. .
ware, l.V.VV ,rk,in-..s .
cti. IV.'sil ; l.oui-iana. ,'...V4 . 1
In. Inn Territory. 1 Vs'. ',
North Carolina. :t l.s: V
Texas, l.urO, Ihenon. I.sln,
ashingtoti t.-irilory.
.Hi; llakota let nt..r . 'Jtsi
. ''. I . r
1. 11
o; K' -!c
I oll.t o
1 .
Neil VI VI
1-1 I tl.
1 k i.r.:;
. 1 1 -, .1 ' ;.;ii.
N . 1 I.ovl,
tliiuk of us up
V by, .-sri.l t
hey le reni. Iiil.el . .V
"Inc I.. I- up are all riht." lend
the t.iptaill ' I ney
' ing l'..r a In mg will
is 1 , , ,
1T ..I amis aii.t 1. g.
, 'and -"
" I oere'U Ih a lot nam.-s to
I put 1:1 I .e bt by anotiier year," broke 111
jt.'ie mij-.r. "I fcpi.'-j. 11. .1... ,,t 11- n.e.i- to
s ,1s- sine ot ivitn. ing tie uuyeiliiu in w
v I lit a nuliule. .,ip, wl.ile I lull 11. to t:ie
'. t P -I -!h e to a.k t .r 11 1 tna',1, and we'll go
I- ! bo-in I fc-. ' 1 1 r "
i- I "AH 1 . t ' a.-r.e.I tl.c captain. ''He's
1 11 "t as v .,- 1 ... , ..! t., , p,,r , ,.
. I lew In :. I ... II ,.i that unicilmg
, I With.. ut 1 1 ... . -1 it . 1 :i,,-. '
I ." 'lliil 1; e.l t:.e prtlate. ' It's
I'. . i:
V It-Ill'
r Ii
)ort Throal
Mv ".1 Pita
. . ; . . - t
.I.-.I.:.;- u.
s I.i,-
'. -I 1 .1
I. I I..
F 1
y ar- ;;i 11
1- Kt..
r..-:l ...,
.11 I r i'oitlie
At His p
!. I, .
! Mil f, 1
( I., y
t fin,
I was I: It.l
1 ...
It.-. I ti e - II ;
" T:.-.
The most wholesome and
nutritious substitute for cof-
; Ice and tea.
j Made from the choicest
California figs, prunes and
: selected grains.
A delicious, strengthening
beverage holds its delicate
flavor to the bottom of the
Physicians recommend
All grocers sell it
For GO Years
; mothers hr.vilc:n j' thf-r
Miiilreii !ir cruun, coth'iis anil
. - o
11 lli-lny ur fail to take
i.-ai 0.1.-1. nir in-vir t.eiiire wa- su
.-r. .1 lor mi Miriil u Mill) Pell. sin.
. -end 1 Ii per- one ear in. lu.l nj
a. I p .-:pa:.. at the very i. a- prut
tnin.ed. I. lit rder to .. . ure
ii.i.i.ui nil nrrearii.-es on the i ni-ain
i- p.u-l tin. I one mil year in ii. lvalue.
one niuinir ti-n-.ily pii.l in i,,
-euro llie i '.it in a;td I loin.- .-uul tl)e
f y M-inlin .i". .-.ii!-,.
Rogue River Courier,
Grants Pass, Oregon
Liu-lo.-k; It to Mc
Ten Dollars
!- 1
I ? i; s-
--".- .i ' 1 I ' el " ' -
s i it r.
V:i' . i
Motiu;.-;', liav: :
the hoi; - j at
1 MS.
( 1;
Sliortcsl and Quickest
I.IM-: to
AM' A I.I. mi NTS V. i
I'bf.inyli l'aln-i hihI T..iiii
ei -. Iiiiilna and linn .
l.ibri.rv funs.
: Sleep-l.liif
,. pi y-
I .
. I .
m ij.
.... 1 r
1 l.s.l.
I T-ie
an l
I "A
' le
..t t.. tn 1 ...
Tl. i-e .....
as " 1
llletlt IS U II N 1
atlel he S
r vas waving
V I lie 111 o'.l 1
I-- t'.t.e lon- li
- . iti-.l
e. A -.. I IV
1 bit .
- W'br.
I paper
a t.
il. I '
.tvati. lie
.1 t T t.'.e fund.
I .l.dl.ate l"lt
t ' . let I. I mi
.!i.-r burn . I s.-i.ieu tnTe Miieti tl.e tnoiiu
I r v 1
V list-
H tl ' ' I
Ul !n
an s
A 1
..I ii.
:'i net
fusi i It-ierlean Wars.
.i.-iii hi .
b. i
11 ill e.ii.'.un
All ean
fr. tti i.!.,.-'i
sjtrf' tariTT w 1 w si 'lytT. fhe Ms Inst.
"A rose t.i tbe livuur is more than sump-
suvua wnaiui io llie aeaa. - ioa atcr
... C'si-'"
lie 1
aa f "
ir. 1
IV f '
Are You Ooing East .p
IVrhaps I ran W of MtKe to you.
I can ti. kid you ovtr any railroad runtiinn
trams out of l'oitUi.,1; tell you h.-n to It-aw-home;
vxlu re to thanKe tats; wu.n Vou will
reach yiir tl.-stinatioa, and what thi-ro is to
l sera on the way.
Call or write 1 '11
ing your questions.
Omaha, Chicago. K.mui cm
I'll asute in answer
St la
A. C. SiltLlxist, Genetal Agent.
Cor. Third and Sutk Siv. 1'ortland, tbr
a Eli.. '
uaJ Mi1'""'
it i
I M.I llV Nl
wars it
ls ..
un. !M?
I". f 't.
SllTl.. 1:1 1 r - - - : .' .;- -0 :
nii:iry;.ii: ,aitov !-l f 5'"--
if y.'.T Ik'.c o;;,.: i, .;,;n r y "', j j
.ir.a choking v.ith cr..V; ? It I Ii 'Ii , 'ij
l-vf:u i: K-t a lintd,. '.r: ' ' rVj
It w M saw: yui:r t :!'s i;lc. S.'' -.i.-v ' , ; i
-- , .... . , )u i'r''..' --" - " "'" ' :
i - i ..... :. v 1 lilt! ., vy - f.
Tv 1 lJ 9-4 L. fT-s F - J i . ' W
i' -.n.v 'it:a;:.; r.T riMi: ; skk-
Vii'i: AMi m'KNKKY I " M 'T A I.KK
; . K.N .ii I- 1 ;....t i i i IVrtl .ii.l 4
' .T ' -itTil I'.KN U V.. on u.
' - :::! l'.l. lli.- P.-; ,. Ti. io ' ' 'It'll.
..1,1. AT .NnUi'ilKKN
: - I',--
lb I lil Sire
-. r. ; I, .--
. I i:
i ll H d
,..! :'ii!l i. -11111111.0
. ill on : i :res
i'i::M-i n.
'-,. t .'... i t, I .rtun.1
v; 1 1
CililN' h(W IU
. ,.r f'o't
- I.-'tive tiratim I
il ami uj- Stations m fl
a in. and !:!. p ill
Dyspepsia Cure
A faiuiliat name lor tbe I liu-si-.. M,
auki'St I'd ul liaiiwav. kn..s.i .1,:
over tbe I'liinti as tbe Or. .. KhIa.
rilliliiii tbo "riniu-r l.nmte.l ' tiit-.
eiery day and ntbt n m I am
and l'biik-.., and titub.i a;: 1 1 tu. ......
'rieonly iH-rb-il : ra ns in 1 1. - m ,o ;.t '
I'ti.lerstan I t'ontie, tl o.s ne lo.i i.
will) All I ransi out ti.i nul !. :..-:. .,s .i
ink' bi pass, ners tbe b- .t s.o i. , i .. . n
I. ill il rn nis e a. -lies, , n ,i i n- I . h i . ., ,,,
beat, of a veilty e.i.:.ii..-I l ,i- i
ee tbat imit ti. k-t t.- i.N vm' i i
Mils iiiiLt-e" In n h'..:n I i u: . .t'.- i
tbe tinted Stales or l ,t Ail li
et p'til9 sell ttiein.
Kur rates, i.smpble's ot o In t ini. t
. 111 at :-..ii , a l.lies.,
J. W.l'ni, t J I :,v,
Trav. I sss ,i. I r .i Ak-nr ,
SkliriK, '.sll 1'i.l.illM.. l'
br.t . h :w, I
.1 t.
Digests what you cat.
I; srt.beuliy d :.-e- ts tl.e (jed and aids
Nature m .r-llw,;bll.vr ai.d reton
etruciiisp '.lie ex!i..i'. .i" ci-( -tne ur
tf.ii. j. It lit ne 1..'. t t::-oo. a, id k..,t.
a: ; a:,.l torn ?. N 1 oMn-r
m:i ; ; a. li It. in 1 ,1, 1. ii- r. It jc.
-' ::.. t-i.eo--r.,i r-n:ia:.-nt;yct;re
. - 1. t,, 1K-; ; Luni,
n.u i-uoo. Mi;r .inaci. a;:a
M .: 1. -p.c.;i'i.-. i, t ran. j -lai.-l
Stiotiierr.'::.--' , -f .1;:: i t, ti.. ;.:..
Pi:.-jv r.- ':-i. ..: vr-aias:-, t'i-
;'" ' - i-.-L...e.::rj
rsoa.-cd I,- C C CswiTT a CO , C!;ica;a.
'-! -it BY f l.t '-.
I I . t, M
in,; l'a.-r
. it i.i:..e.
of a l kinds at 'be
I'he old ri I.i
-The W.rkln Or. aontaa.
' t-T rt . s .-I . .'
I- I 0! I' ... .0....
e ; .. 1 I.,--
1, t'sli'.o.t-a.
Ktttfr for th Klao.
; - .-In,.
a. lin-is's I As-,
I r..i,
II..- :
tban i a-;.
1 -i - M .
:i T
A Family Liaa.Ry
T!".3 Esst in Litsrafuie
12 Comslctc Njvtu YcaaLY
$2.50 rtnYtaa: 25 ct. a cost
cvrnt aunn.cotisuTt in iTStL,
f . . 1 ' ,
' :'' ' , v- I' "f.-r. 1 .. . ::'i. 1,1. s
.' -'.. j. ". ,' . ..Ju- A lv ' ' ' --m -1 '.. - -. .tiiji.i In i: at"
..." - .' 1 '"' '"' ! II' ...1 a. 111 iJ - a
.. i''- .-lll-l.'.l .-. ;ll ,,.,. .-, 1' I till
' '. ; .- j Ar. I'll r'runi'iseo. 7:-.'i p m. "
- ' i-y'.t ;-Jr ip,,,. : ..-'I
-, ' . - . " -.T-i" -if- I '-liver ... . : ::ia .! - .
' ; "V ,'- ,V j. ''"" --t'-'V. 7--.HMI. 7. '''a.i"-
- ; -a. ;,;-;;', ' ' 1 --am :- la,-.
' ; i ,''.-"' ' I - A-.. . .-; ',.!.. .',a. tn
I" -v .'. ' ."" ,-- " '? 1 i v' ' 1 1 : o 1. '! p. i".
''"I- I. ' ' ' 1 - :. ' 1 '"'
'- IL : x ' ' '-.. .; .. ...I: .. s '
; ; 1 - I .' 1 - I il v ti'.
,:;" - s :- ;.. 11. '-.:: ' i .
I ! 1 r j ""; .1 1. 4 a 111. 1. 4: '"
!,! liW'!1,' II ! Vl V" -A- ''' I'-"1 "I''"'-
11 1 ,ti
; ' ''I.I.V N .' I- I HI TCAb" nn
I ' "ii - 1 I.i 1 (,., a.-ra-iiet t' M
X-'. ::,C I. II. :'.,s,a .i r..,Hi-. .ar- 10
A " i.. " '-' "i. I. i.i'-, N,-w tlr'. rJ
N: : ,'',-....' - rs, ,,,
- - , " ' . -' '. t "V : " 1 .
' . .:.'' J I-""'!
! il:n-hM.;!-
a. J-an f- ian, i- o i'n
blD !::.e.t fur II .11 llll"
I'1.miu..:i;,-. Centn! aid
: in. C,
''!. A-i-t
f.ati.m ur address
C H. M A K K ! 1 A ! , (1. I. A..
l o.iland. ll-
Moi'iii &
i .t-;
u '.r.rjta-l ri"-
v-i- to fcMcrt OT.
- r t ' itn T?-'-if. - nr-