Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 30, 1901, Image 3

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Our Spices, Flavorings, Extracts, Etc.
Are not a hap hazard collection of odds and ends, but goods of
high quality from the well known makers. We do our best
to put them within easy reach by selling at reasonable prices.
They are like our celebrated
....C. Sl S. Coffees and Lipton Teas....
Can'i be Beat.
Fine Table Peaches, Apricots, Blueberries, Pears Etc.
Sliced Dried Beef Sliced as you want it.
Our Crackers are always crisp because they are fresh.
Home-grown Strawberries not very plentiful yet, but our price
has leen only 10 cents.
Repiember the place,
Agents Fleischman's Yeast.
PrO ...
i-jt ."
Our liirjro sliij nient of (larlands has just ar
rived ami includes Ranges from $25 up lo $4-0.
Cramer Bros.
lust tliink! a Garland Range for $25.00.
ti'. !tt . !'.- "V 'V
'Jx, -i-jry :-tf-jk ' r,". .
For Sale by
Hair-Kiddle llanlwarc Co.
Hew Bicycles
Chain Wheels !f2n.0) to $SS.(M)
Cliainlcss $50.00 to $75.00.
Chainler-s Cuhion 1'iame $.. 00
Coastrr l'.riiki-s 'ii
All makes of Tiros
any those Wheels
from y't per yiur up,
J. B. P.WI O K, I'K'.i a.
i am preired lo furnish anMhing in the line ol Cemetery work
ol MAEE1 E er OEAJilTE.
Ntarly thirty years i . ijK-riencc in li;c Mart.le bu-iiie-i warrants
that I can ti 1 your orders in the very ts-.t manner.
Can furnish work in .Scotch, Swede or American Granite or
from Kirecr it to Greene' (,ar.t.op.
Have them at
Your Elbow.......
"And the dishes prepared for
breakfast, dinner or supper will
always have the right flavor-
Steel Uange
Ilijjh Closet
Ariiviii- I ; i i I -
At the
Bicycle Den
Nine Standard .Makes.
.1 extra.
Taxt of Depot
in an V ind
n. y sating
kind ti
; j local ftappcntnog'
lr. ( Uiiatran,
Kesiileul !entist.
(in lo Coroii for l'iumbiiig.
Whips, 10o t" 4J.50 at Mac-kelt's.
il. Clemens, Prescription Prunitiet,
Wood wanted ou subscription at the
Cm tutu cilice.
Hee Hives and Bee iupplies
Kiil.Me HJw. Co,
The Spriu a nil Summer i;ooJa are
arriving every lew daya
at Mrs
A Hpli iKiid line of Royal Charter Oak
Ranges at Colon's.
Harness of all Kinds, Grades and
Prices at llackett's.
SomethinK Lew in Ladies' Wrapper!
Hammocks and plenty of them all
stj liM and prices at Cramer Bros,
Sherman-Williams Paints
Hair-Kiddle Hardware Co
'01 Ramblers $40. Roadsters 135 at
Hair-RiJdle Ildw. Co
New l'lioto Mounts for aaiateutes at
the Courier ollice.
Mrs. Josephine Thornton lias pur
chased the residence jroporty of Tom
Leave orders for engraved calling cards
with A. E. Yuorhics.
IfroiiHAnt a i;ood wheel, try a $110
Hartford sold by Cramer Bros.
Find lay, the piano tuner has returned
from his trip north, and will soou
be at (iiant.4 l'a-s.
New and special music will be ren
.leied by lit-imirce's orchestra at the
ball next Tuesday evening
Company If is preparing to Indulge in
systematic tnrnet practice soon. Tar
ijels have already been received.
A New iuvui.e of Reliance Wrappers
and ll'iiisn Dresses, havini: thecoiBet
LiniuK which make Ihem so much in
I'ennHiil, at .Mm. Uehkopf'g
.Mo.-qiiilos Parade" is one of the
seleiiioos .I'marees orchestra will
preient at the ball Tuesday evening
It is a "hutiitn er".
I ?e Ki-inu Sun Klonr and liiuhau', a
losephine county product 'be best on
the marker.
A union meeting was held at the M.
K. churi h Sunday evenini! and an ex-
I lent set mon was delivered hv Rev.
('. A. li.itson,. tl:e Sunday school
woi l;er
The family of i. W. Hare arrived
here on Tuesday from Lebanon to reside.
They will occupy the Colvi( residence.
I'unaree's onlii-tra will present
"Bunch, of Blucklifriies," new two step,
a', the ball on Tuesday evening. All
niav partake.
A special traiu br.uiio; members of
the order of Kiilwai Conductors, who
had been altemlin iho unlional con
vnlion of the o.d. r at St. Paul, passed
ti.rou-h here on .Monday from the nurlh.
The iinpr-ivenienti at Kessler's
Chicago Backet store are very worthy of
attention. Tin. extension of Ihu bitil.l
nii! makes a commodious room and the
additions o. i!. sick place this estab
lihiin-ni aniouit Ihe more iinnortaol
oin s f o ir c ty.
K. K. Rediield caino up from I.-lnnd
Tii'-sday. He reports a wind and rain
storm of extrajidinary severity at that
nlnee on Monday. Tin) rain fell in
sheets and torrents and the w ind blew
I'urion-lv, uprootinu a number of bin
In es.
Si, ill (inllin handles Ashlaml Hour,
I " t a 1 1 alfalfa seed. Oregon red clover
seed, winter oats, larue Rti-sian while
re, new crop iimolhy seed, wheat lor
-eel also Wheat Hay, Alfalfa, Tun
othy Hay, Oat Straw, Chop Barley,
Corn. Wheat, Oatn.
Mr. W. J. Bixlcr of .North Brook, N.
, s.iys he suiI'tcI wilh piles for fifte
is. H,,
ti n il iiia ii v r incdicH it ti
'nils nti'il he used IvWitt'n Witch
1 Salve, and that ipickly cured
him,- i.-. W. Kre
TVndciesl of memories will follow the
rendition of "Tender Memories," waltz,
by H. inaiei-'s orchestra at the ball next
Tuesday evening.
A wild bull got into Baker City
several da s ng and made a great dis
turbance on Washington atreet. He
saw Ins rill ctiou in a largo plate glass
in tin- Antlers Annei, and very nearly
deinuii hi-d the building, but ho was
In di ,1 oil and prevented from d ung auv
damage. The police finally drove the
wil l Ocas' out i f ihe cil v.
C L. Clevenger, the photographer,
relumed la-t week from Placer an I
vicinity, w here he h is been making a
''Hi el ion of views and incidentally
rec irding the couu euani'es of the peo
ple of thai dlstiiit. He established
i ' ii e a l oinp'ele gail-siy at Plai-er while
j he rem, lined tiiere, being wll eipiipped
Iwiih tents and ail paraphernalia for
i ",iera'ing.
i.Nntlvc Daughters Intcrtainmcnt
.Maigan-t lutFj Cabin, No HI, of this
city Will give an entertainment on Fri
j day cvuniiiii, June 7, at the I. O. O. F'.
j hail, consisting of exi'ellent musical
; numbers and practical illustrations from
j Pel-art.-, a-i-!e, by Mi-b Tillotson, of
St Paul,-Minn , in reading etc. This
lady tomes well recommended. After
Hi" entertainment a social time will
jf ilii w to which win are all invited to
remain. 8 :.d o'clock. Adniis-ion 15c,
; children luc.
j Crdarrh Cannol be Cured
I V.'itlilo a! applications, as they ran
i not re, h the set of the disease,
jt'at.iirh is a blood or constitutional
J diseare, an I in order lo rure it you
j must take internal remedies. Hall's
I Catarrh Core is taken internally, and
I acts dir -clly on Ihe nl'sid and mucous
. surfaces. Mall's Ca'arrh Cure is not a
. 'jnack medicine. It was pren-rilied by
joi.e of the test physn.iam in this
country lor years, and is a regular
pre-, ription. It i couip ,?r d ol the liet
I tonii know n, cotiii,,!iH m it la Ihe lies!
b ood pur, hers, a-ling directly on the
jinu'i 'js niif.res. Tl.e perfect combi
i r,u -i. ... .. r ii.. i. i.,..-...i;u.... ;.Mi...
; pr'hjui .s mj( fi wofi'ler.ui results in cur-
" r"l'.
end for testimonials, free
Co , Toledo, ( . Sold
!' "fu
Hal, Fam:ly 1 'ti Id are Ihe best.
The Chicago Racket Store.
Next Door West of Hotel
... Our
Is Now Installed
And we are now. ready to polish your Crescent City agates and other
stones. Our charges are very reasonable.
New Novelties
If you are in need of anything for use about the house come to
us for we probably have just what you want, and the prices are lower
than elsewhere.
Remember our Jewelry Department.
The Chicago Racket Store.
Next Door
Hitih School Commencement.
Next Wednesday evening", June 5, the
Commencement exercises of the Grants
Pass h'Kh school will be held at the
opera house.
The program this Year istobegiven
entirely by members of the class and
promises to be among the finest that
have been given here on like occasions,
Following are the names of those who
will graduate:
Ira ilallury, Willie Bauhn, Willie
Fry, Thos. Fry, Calvin Hackett, Maude
Berry, Leni Loncley, Kula Howard,
Maud- Williams, Sidney Allen, Zella
Hair, Verna McCann, Willie Weidinati,
Chas. Stewart, Millie Frier, Fannie
Marshall, Kiikman Robinson, Claudius
Robinson, Allan McKer.iie, Jonas Tref-
ren, Margaret Hauseth, Anna Hanseth,
.Merle Hockett.
The program will he given:
leclion Orchestra
Invocation ltev. Haves
Class Sent: "Graduation"
Salutation ''We Learn hv Failiui;''. .
Thomas Frv
Recilaliou Merle Ibskett
liihtruuielltid IHiet "Valsolles Fleurs"
Mamie Williams, Leni l,oii"lcy
Oration "Industry". . Claudius Robinson
Recitation "lliddv's Trials Alnonjr the j
Yankees" Verua MeCanu
Chins llistorv Alan McKenzie
liihtiuiuental Solo "Valse Slvrienuc. .
Fula I Inward
f iration "Ad :inc'". . . Kirkinioi Koliiiison
roph.hv Ira Mallorv
X'iolin Sohh 1 Sounds From Home"..
Charles Slewart
Recitation "The StOrv of Nell"
. . M;oid I'errv
Valedictorv " What Can a Girl dolor
Her Country" Zolla Hair
'lass Soni- "('lose of School"
'resentalion of Diplomas R. G. Smith
irand Selection Orchestra
Tickets For Commencement
After Wednesday, May 2!, tickets for
Iho commencement exercises of the
Grants Pass higU school w ill bo on sale
at Clemens' in the afternoons only.
These tickets are for reserved heats
only. The general admission is tree.
Malaria Makes Impure lllond.
(rove's Tasleless Chill Tonic cures
Malaria liOc.
The "Dutchess '
There's a county way down in the old Luipire State,
Where the valleys are rich and the slateameu are great ;
Where the sw ift wheels of industry ceaselessly roll,
And their rythmical bum is the joy of the soul.
"1'is the county ol Dutchess as all men should know,
Whero the classic old Hudson's blue waves ever flow.
Where the famed HutchesB Trousers, well known to the trade
As the biat, and the strongest and cheapest, are mi d.
The county and trousers both wear ihe nine name
Some ladies in lliirope are ueating the same
The title, I mean, not tha garments of course)
Although the dear creatures might do a deal worse.
Our motto is this: "I n in Ihe sheep lo the man."
We've adopted a novel and excellent plan :
In each town anil city the whole country o'er,
We have one special agent, uml not any more.
I Int this is the point we wish you to sen:
There g-xw w ith each pair a complete guarantee :
If a button comes ol! during tw o months of m ar,
We will pay you ten cents don't you think that is fair?
And more: If you find that the troii-TS should rip,
At the seams of the Kaisil and, the hi at, or the hip
We will pay you a dollar, or hereby agree
To give You a new pair of trousers, scot-free.
Clothing, Hats, Boots and Shoes,
Trunks &nd Valises.
Denlh of Thomas Rowley.
Thomas Howlcy, for Ihe past 10 years
a respected resident of (mints pa, fell
dead on Monday evening near his home
In. Ibis city. lie bad been apparently
ill the best of he-all It , had gone about
bis work as usual during the day and
atleiid'-d to his usual chores in the eve
ning, and was so engaged when death
j came cpon linn. Mr. Kow ley, who was
; in bis 7-nd year, was very strong and
active for one of bis years and was a
i great worker. Cntll lately be lived on a
; small farm lao miles north of this city,
but had lately been living In town. He
I was a man who enjoyed the mot
thorough respect, almost without except
' ion, of those who knew him.
He leaves a wife and has five rhielnn
living: Morton and John Itowley, of
Illinois; Allien Hoirley, of this cry;
Mrs. Charlotte Moms of Omaha, Neb,,
and Mrs. J. W. Baker of this city. Tl.e
funeral servivs were held on Wednes
day and Ihe remains were interred in
Ihe liramte III, I cemetery.
W. of W. Decoration Ceremony,
Preparations are being male ty
Itogue Kiver Camp No. .55, Woodmen ol
the World for decoration ceremonii
J'ine'J;h. Au invitation ia extended lo
everj one. Woo linen are expected lo
At the ball on next Thursda everiimr.
"Uoo-fiuo F.yes" will be rendered b
the orchestra, but Iht iliiimn ... n, I
to follow their namplf. Their part
will be to perform the "uoo-ioo"feet .
Arriving Daily.
West of Palace Hotel.
Fourth of July.
Grants Pass will celebrate. The
Grants Pass Fire department has taken
up the matter and are arranging the
preliminaries with a vigor that shows
them thoroughly confident of a glorious
celebration. The readiness with which
subscriptions to the fund have been
forthcoming leaves little doubt of the
popularity of the idea. Aho it $500 has
already been subscribed w:ih more to
All sorls of attractions and amuse
ments w ill be arranged and the evident
intention of Ihe b.iys is to bring about a
celebration that will eclipse all its
predecessors in grandeur.
Handsome Enlarged Phonographs.
C. L. Clcvcnger has received a num
ber of enlarged photographs, made from
his negatives, which, in perfection of
detail, artistic efTect and supreme excel
lence in every particular, are lar cuper
ior lo the oidinury productions ol such
character. Four dilforent styles are
represented but they are alike handsome
and beautiful,
Old M iv ids Convention.
The Ladies of the W. R. C. will repeat
the Old Maids Convention in June, wilh
more songs ami recitations aiulseveral
new features added. Come have a good
laugh ; it w ill do you good.
Grand Lodge Election.
The following ollieerB Were elected by
the grand lodge of Odil Fellows of Ore
gon at Baker City: Grand master, J.
H. Nelson, McM intiville ; deputy griiud
master, Robert Andrews, I'oitland;
grand warien, Jos. Miceili. Roseburg;
grand secretary . K. lC.shar in, Portland ;
grand treasurer, Br. Ilyiuu K. .Miller
Portland; gland representative, Chas.
L. Palmer, Baker City. Tim next ses
sion of Ihe grand lodge w ill be at Now
port (irand Master Nclnin made the
fillowing appointments: Grand mar
shal, G. V. Standisb, Brow nsville : grand
conductor, A. W. Store, Ashland; grand
guardian, Gen. II. Foster, linker City;
grand herald, G. M. Morrison of Adams.
II. Harth &
Comint) tlventu.
June 5- High school coinmeniemeiit.
June I Hiaud hill by I ii-maree's
or 'Iteatra at opera house.
June 17 Wiiir t lb', company at
opera house.
July ! Iliand cel. hration.
Advertised Letter I.lul.
Following is Hie list of letters remain
ing uncalled .,r in the liranls Pass po t
ullic.e, Saturday, May 1'5, 1'tOI ;
lloiisy, Mrs II J, MeKinney, Mm Nora,
Morris, Martha, Vest, Mi.",
Williams, Mrs I'.,
Brewtiakt r, S, Brigs, ('das,
Clark. M .1, Hodge, J c,
lll'ile ll, I rank, Mathews, i r ink,
Vin-on, M, Wihiauis, P M,
Wei-garo u,II I.,
Commencement al Jacksonville.
The coininenccu ent txcn'iac of the
lai ksonvillu public s hool, Friday night,
were largely attende I The programme
ncludeil vocal and iiHtiutnental music,
re.-, tat. oris, es'ays and an a d liesa to the
c!as by Ilev. S. II. Jones, and a short
talk by Professor F. Fl. Wahbnrn.
Tho-e graduating were: Kd,th Priest,
Bertha O-me, I loreni e Ba Br,;IiaCook,
Agnes lxie and Inez Kitchen,
The floral olferings lo the graduates
Wire the largfst and most beiutilul ever
witnessed there on a like ociaion.
The graduates each revived handsome
and valuable presents.
Mrs. A. A. rortercame up from (irave
Will Anderson of Palma sjient several
days in town last week.
C. 0, B gelow of Williams was a vis
itor to Grants Pass Tuesdav.
illard Penison lias been spending
feveral days at homo this week. -
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hannuru went
Wo'f Creek Thursday evening.
J. II. Williams went to Portland
Thursday evening on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Neas returned to
Placer Friday after a brief visit in town.
Mrs. Giant Ames and children arrived
here Saturday evening from Ashland lo
Mrs. 8. Harkness went lo Ashland
Friday to visit with hor Bister, Mrs,
L. W. lingers.
Mrs. L. M. Clarke of Berkeley, Cal . is
visiting here with the family of her son
U. W. Clarke.
Jack I-ayton, the well known placer
operator ol the Applegate, visited Grants
Pass last week.
Mis. J. C. Campbell went to Rose
burg Thursday to visit with her daugh
ter .Mrs. J. II. Booth.
Willie Shaw took a few days outing
last week at the Baby mine in the
Juinp-olT Joe district.
Mrs. A. C. Beuls baa relumed from
Portland and is visiting her parents Mr.
and Mrs. John Patrick.
Tlio Ashland Klamath Falls stage
team indulged in a runaway on Friday.
There were no passengers.
Cary W. Thompson, superintendent
of the Victor Jr., left on Thursday for
a business trip to Portland.
J. I., Wiggins, secretary of IheF'ortune
.Mining Co., left on Thursday for St.
Paul to be absent several weeks.
Andy Hutl'mun, a prominent cituen
of Bel Norte county, was in town this
week on a stock buying expedition.
Mrs. Arrela Smith, of Sams Vallev,
arrived here Thursday evening to visit
lor a time Willi her sister, Mrs. C. J.
A. F. Hunt was here from Ashland on
the first of Ihe week to receive some
beef ratlle purchased by the Ashland
Meat Co, .
Mr. nnd Mrs. Adolph liotermund re
turned on 1 uesday to Montague niter a
vacation and visit at Portland and
Grants Pass,
Miss Null BePealtleft on Wednesday
morning to visit brielly at Ashland and
San Francisco before departing for
South America.
R. 8. nnd II. S. Bennett wore in town
last week and brought a IKK) partial
cleanup from their placer mine on
Fvans creek.
W. 10. Bavis was in town Thursday
from the Davis placer on Juiiip-oir Joe.
Piping is still being carried on by the
use uf rest-rvoiis.
Mrs. W. T. Mitchell and children left
last week for Seattle to make their home
at that; place. Mr. Milcht ll liai been
there for several months,
Mr. and Mrs. Kd. Hubbard came In
from Swede Basin Suturda; to visit for a
few days in town, ami returned on the
llrst uf the week.
B. K. Meredith, having closed down
the placer on the Illinois (or the season,
alter a very successful run, h it on Fri:
lay lor San Francisco to spend the
aiimmer with his family.
Br. C. K. Hay and daughter, of Gold
Hill yisi'cd Ginuls Pass last WedniB
day. ' Dr. Kay is the operator ol some
of the best iiunrtx properties in the
vicinity of Gold Hill,
(ieorge Thornton was in town a day
or two last week. He is now a member
of the S. P, tunnel gang under 10. C.
Newell, which will be engaged most of
the summer at the tunnels and bridges
north of this place. He will remove bis
fimlly here for Ihn stimuier.
ajis. Geo. Alloy anil Son, lUlph
Slackpolc, left ou Wednesday morning
(or San Francisco to remain (or some
lime. Ilalph will develop his artistic
talent while in the city. He exhibits a
remarkably lino talent as a cartoonist
and his sketches, w hile being exception
ally creditable as to the mechanical work
for nun practically untrained, ;fhow a
marked genius (or original invention.
C. K. Harmon, W. F. Hull and Mr.
and Mrs. T. V. Dean returned on the
first of the week (mm attending the
grand hslgca of Ihe I (I. II. F. and
lleliekahs lit Baker (lily. They report
an extremely pleaant trip nnd speak ill
high terms of Ihe treatment acconltd
tin-in w bile there. They were given an
excursion to Humpler, which place they
report as a town ol much liveliness,
Siime of llit'iu had the opportunity ol
visiting former Giants Pars friends
w 1 1 1 1 - there.
Grand Uivll.
A grand ball will hit given at the
opera house on the evening of June I,
by Ihe Demaree orchestra. The mem
bers of this organisation are going at
the preliminary arrangements wilh a
vim and vigor which atiuurs well for the
success ol I In) event. Ihe mii-ic fur
nished w ill Lit new and exceptinnally
al'iactive. The orchestra w til consist of
sewn pieces. Supper, also under the
management of the nrchesl ta, will lie'
served in the baii'piet rooms of the
opera house.
It is the intention' of Ihe orches'ta
that this event shall be lacking in none
of the fi atures m ssary to making Ihe
ocea-ion one of glorious success. The
musieitl fc.iture is made one of special
importance and attractiveness. The
instrumentation of the on heslra will be
a follows: 1st violin, I'd violin, cornel,
clarinet, Ibile, trombone and piano. The I
following are among the new selections!
which will lat Kren n'ed: "Moniiilu-.' i
Parade," ' S mill ng Jasper." "Buncl'
ol Blai ki i rne," two steps; "Tender
Memories," 'Mi-rcnles," waltr.-s; also
'"li'io-Goo lives."
Tne following (oinmiltes will olhciate:
deception Mrs. It. O. McCrokey, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Harth, Mr. and Mrs.
T. P. Judson; floor It, O. McCroskcy,
Joe Moss, W. Cock rill, ol Placer. I,. A.
Howell will act as prompter.
BttUr fur I In Blood than 'iri)arill.
For Those Living in the Malaria Dis
tricts. Grove's Tasteless ( lull Tonic.
Decoration De.y.
Decoration day exercises will be ob
served on Thursday, May 30. The O.
A. B. and other organizations wbo
participate will meet at the A. O. U. W.
hall at 1 o'clock and will march to the
opera house where the exereises will
begin at 3 o'clock. The' following
program will be presented :
Reading of orders by Post Adjutant.
Heading ol orders by W. R. C.
Commander's address.
Music by choir.
Hitualiitic service by otlkersol Tost.
Music by choir.
Recitations under the auspices of the
(V. R. C.
Oration by Hon. U. A Booth.
Song "America" by choir and congre
gation. lietorming on street and march to
bicycle ground to decorate a ceotaph to
the memory of the unknown dead.
After forming, iuubic by the band.
Service in accordance with U. A. R.
sen 1 e books.
Bemd clion by Chspalin.
Break ranks.
NORMAN. In Ashland, May 25, 1901,
to Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Norman, a son.
MIXUrs-SF.EI.EY-Iii Marahfleld,
Coos Co., Wednesday, May 22, 1U01,
Dr. Everett Mingus and Miss F.dna
KEN WORTHY At Medlord, May 18,
l'.MI, Rev. Joseph E. Kenworlhy, aged
57 years.
SNIDF.H At Meilin, May 21,1901, C.
U. Snider, aged about 62 years, ol
ROWLEY In this city, Monday. Maj
27, 1901, Thorn is Howlev, aged 71
years, 8 months and 211 daya.
Ollice on (1th St. oppo. Court House.
Residence North 7th St.
1fOI.SK clicftp-A pontle Imry and
nmiuiu llui'M', V-ieillt UIHMll ntHt IDS,
alvout H your old. Cull on or adtlresa
1(1. ( II II I IT,
QASIl paid for gold dust. Cramer Bros.
I'AKK. your wheel lo Cramer Bros, for
VIII.K'S hall, corner Fifth and II streets
is now oneneil lo the tiulilie and will
he rented hv the uvunimr. Aiinlv tit Mrs.
J. II. Ahlf.
LMtl l 1' farm of in, acres one mile east of
X- town. (nod house and barn, vmiinr
b ull trees. For sale at a liareain. Inuuirit
at this ollice.
H lAJHt! Wrlhit ALL Uik IMS. !j
ktaj IltMit uugll jrui. ThiiIiui 4jikn1. UM
In linin hi. ii tit I'muif nt.
Hen's & Boys' Clothing
Big Bargains that are
Bringing Business at the
Big Store.
Men's Suits, $l.5S, S.'iO, 7.U0, SAO, 9.20,10.90
Hoys' Suits, SOo, $!.()(), 1.20, "1.00, 1.S0, 2.00
Ladies' Suits and Skirts.
I.uilics' Tiiilur-Miiilc Wool Suits, f.'i.lO, 7.20, 10.00, 12.00,
1 1. so, it;.
Ladies' Crash Skirts. -I0i I'.Oo, 80c, ifl, 1.20, 1.C0.
.allies' Wool Skirts, l.i;o, 1.80, 2.0O, 2.40, 2.80, 3.20, 4.00,
Miss Mary Coe lias returned from Stin Francisco witq
11 most complete ami artistic stock of Ladies' Misses' and
Children's Summer liats. Yon nro invited to visit oiu
Millinery Department,
Ingrains at Iflc, U.'c, lOo, 50c, 05c, 75c
lirussels, Special Values, matched nnd made, at 75c.
Window Shades, extra heavy, extra loni;, extra wide, 37Jc.
Mi) IK 11 A
Worn and recommended by
If Common Sense
II fa Uncommon. 1
So They Say...
It is rapidly becoming
more common in the
buying of groceries.
Come and see what we
have. Your eyes will
tell a bigger and better
story than my advertise
ment can tell.
Yt lb. pkg. Baking Powder
and a useful prize all for. . 20c
Hill's Pickles (small ones) -
5 gal pails for $1 25
White Figs, 3 pounds 2jc
Black Figs, per pound 5c
Large Fat Mackerel, each. . 10c
Lemons and Oranges, good
ones per doz. 15c and.... 20c
Gallon Jugs Catsup 1 00
Full Cream Cheese
its the best made. New
California Onions, New
Totatocs, Van Camp's
Pork and Beans. Paper
Shell Walnuts, Siskiyou
Mineral Water, Tea Gar
den Syrup, Armour's
Sliced Ham and Bacon,
etc., etc.
We Keep
Fresh Groceries Coming
all the Time.
Grocery Co.
You cannot enjoy perfect health, rosy
cheeks and sparkling eyes if your liver
is sluggish and your bowels clogged.
DeWitt's Little Early Risers cleanse lbs
whole system. They never gripe.
Ask your Grocer to-day to show you a
package ul GRAIN O, the new food
drink that take the place of cofTee.
The children may drink It without In
ury as well as the adult. All who try
it, like it. (JRAIN-0 has that rich sea
brown ol Mocha or Java, but it If made
from pure grains, and the most delicate
stomach receives it without distress. i
the pries ol collee. 15c. and 25cts. per
package. Sold by all grocers.
T,lc Ikst Shoe Made in
America for
a? vi
the host ladies in tho land.
Tlio Blur Htorc.