Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, May 16, 1901, Image 1

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vol. xvn.
No. s5
An Opportunity
Rogue River valley is full of Oil,
Natural Gas, Artesian water and
- other valuable minerals.
Nature's storehouse is bulging
out with wealth aud only needs the
magic hand of man to unlock and
reveal the hidden wealth stored up
for the use of the Twentieth Cen
tury. Our arid lands will produce won
ders if we once can procure Arte
sian water to supply abundance of
water with which to irrigate.
Oil and Natural Gas aie the
greatest economical fuel of this
generation. Shall we let it be dor
mant here in Rogue River valley,
while other sections of the country
are using nature's storehouses?
Oregon cannot be beaten any
where in the world, for natural Gas,
Oil or Artesian water. Rogue River
valley is truly the Italy of America.
Here we have the finest climate, the
best apples, the largest peaches
and the prettiest girls.
Shall the people of Grants Pass
forever continue to drink the slime
and slush and sewage that pours
into Rogue river while we can have
the best of Artesian mountain water
by the very simple process of dril
ling a few hundred feel?
What a beautiful city Grants
Pass would be if there were a stream
of pure Artesian water flowing
along each side of her streets.
It is th.T intention of The Oregon
Natural Gis, Oil & Mining Co. to
soon begin active operation of dril
ling a number ot v Is to the depth
of 1000 feet to ascertain the pres
ence, of NaturalGas, Oil, Artesian
water and oilier valuable minerals.
They are now bonding land in
and around Grants Pass.. Within
the next six mouths they will be
drilling on some of the property
they have bonded for that purpose,
They intend if it is possible, to
supply the city with plenty of pure
Artesiaa water before the coming
The Oregon Natural Gas. Oil
& Mining Co requests nil farmers
and property holders "to give them
the privilege of drilling one or more
wells on their properly. They
will give a percentage of the
output of ihe wells to pa 1 ties
granting the privilege.
In order to get the people of
Grants Pass and Josephine county
interested in Natural Gas, Oil, .and
Artesian water they will give all of
them a chance to subscribe for a
.few shares of the capital stock of
the company on very liberal terms.
Suppose you take a few shares of
the capital stock of The Oregon
Natural Gas, Oil & Mining Co. of
the par value of $1 per share.
You pay 10 per cent, down, 40 per
cent, when the machinery is set up
and is ready to begin operation and
the remaining 50 per eent. when
they strike a flow of natural gas,
oil or artesian watel or have drilled
to the depth of 1000 feet. If they
strike oil. natural gas or artesian
water you have the option of tak
ing ten times as many shares asy'ou
subscribe foi. They will pay you
back all the money received from
you if they fait to drill a well as
agreed upon.
You are iuyited to thoroughly
investigate their proposition. You
have nothing to lose but every
thing to gain. If you are a cap
italist it is a safe investment. If!
you are a farmer or property holder
it will pay you to invest as it will
enhance tlte value of your place a
hundred fold more than you invest
if they should find cither oil, gas
or water near your property. If
you are a working man it will pay
you to take shares as this will open
up a vast and a new work lor you. '
The merchants and business men 1
should invest in shares in order to
slart this enterprise. Professional
men, in fact all classes of people,
should take a few shires iu this
vast and new enterprise and it will
be a help to all in Grants Pass and
Josephine county. If you cannot
take 100 shares you can tak' 50 or
ten shares. Remember every dollar
will be returned to you if the com
pany fails to drill a well as agreed
upon. The stocks are non-assessable
and fully paid up as they are
used. The by-laws of the com
pany do not allow a debt to ex
ceed 1 per cent of the capital.
Scott Griffin of Grants Pass, Ore
gon, is a stoctnoiuer, a director
and the secretary of The Natural 1
Gas, Oil & Mining Co , who will J
take leases on lands and subferip- j
tion for stocks and will give any I
information regarding the company, j
The closer you investigate the
more you w ill help the company by j
taking stock and leasing your prop-;
erty for the purpose of drilling one ;
or more wells thereupon as you ;
have nothing to lose but all to gain, j
For further information call on j
SCOTT GRIFFIN, Secretary, j
Tbe Natural Gas, Oil
Mining Company.
Grants Pass, Ore
Have you neglected ordering that spring suit? Don't
you see it is getting pretty late if you want to be in the
early spring fashionable procession? We would like to
furnish that suit for you.
It will be well made, will be fashionable and will fit.
The cost will be right, too.
Otllce', Room 2 over Post OtlW-e. Residence
Kane House, oppo. Hie Western.
General Practitioner of
Mmhcixc anu Sukuekv.
Office iif Williams Block
Piactices in all State and Federal Courts
Office over First National Bank.
liHANTS Pahs, Ohwjon.
Special attention given to Mininn
and Land Laws, and Land Office practice.
Office opposite Hotel Josephine
(Jicanth Pahs, - - Ohkoon.
N. E. McfiREW,
Furniture snd Piano
The popular barber shop
Get your tonsorial work done at
On Sixth Street Three chairs
llath room in connection
Full assortment of Watches, Clin ks, Sil
verweaf anil Jewelry. A tiood
Assortment of Itrucelets and
Heart Bangles,
Clement' Drug Store.
Pixth St., ow. City Hall
l ine liutter a Specialty
'PlIONS 21
Sewer Connections
j Metal Rooting
Gas Fitting
...Pipe work of all kinds...
Iiidt furnished for all work.
Iave orders with.....,
t rainer ltro. Hardware
Hau-Kiddle Ilsrd.ars
....Poultry Yards....
Breeder ot Prize Winners and High
Barred Plymouth. Ilocka,
S. C. Ilrnwn leghorns,
Uronat Turkey..
Scotch Colli e Don.
Tlie highest (coring Plymouth Rock
and Iirown Leghorn Cock, in the Stale;
at Roecburg Show one 1st and 2nd on
Plymouth Ruck Cocks; Leghorns 1st
and 2nd, Cockerels, 1st 2nd and 3rd
EGG8 :
1 gelling, 2 Meetings S2.5U
o .CVM A
c YU 3 . n
Enclose It to Me With
Ten Dollars
And I will furnish you all complete,
ready for nse, my l'JOl, Model No. 6,
perior in make, quality and power to
anv belt offered by other dealers (or
which they charge $110 or more.
Call or write for my free booklets,
which explains all about my world
famous appliances.
Sandea Electric Belt Co,
Russell Block,
Portland, - - Oregon.
Ilair-Ilile Hardware Co.
Capital Stock, - - $50,000.
Receive deposits aubject to check or or
, certificate payable on demand.
Hells night draft, on Aew York, Ban Fran
cisco, and rotuand.
Telegraphic transfers Mild on all point to
! the United rjtstes.
Kpccial Attention given to Gilletlions and
general buiiueas of our custom en.
Collections made throughout Southern
Oregon, and on all seceasibl points.
J. D. FRY, Prwldwt.
J. T.TUKKri, Vic President.
R. A. Booth. Caabier.
uui -it Aa ut tan).
In ii-t ifl rtmtfr"'..
Council Meeting.
The final meeting of the municipal fear
was held on Thursday evening, all tbe
council present except Smith ami Has
kins. A large number of visitors were
in attendance to witness the inaugura'
tion of tbe new mayor and council. A
rumor was afloat that there was going
to be a "hot old time" in the council
and that tbe graduating council would
attempt to railroad through all sorts of
measure before going ont of office. As
a matter of fact, they left all important-
measure! for tbe decision of the new,
council anil a very evident spirit of good
will and harmony prevailed.
Tbe finance committee reported that
they had examined the city treat urer't
report, checked ,up the account and
found the same to be correct, Tbe fol
lowing bills were allowed :
Slover Drug Co., $ 5 85
City Meat Market...... 27 95
John Randle, labor and lights for
election 1 00
QPSWL4P Co., water and
meters 70 15
Dr Flanagan, medical attendance 115 00
T B Cornell, groceries 44 70
Win Knoell, board: 3 25
W J Rogers, rent.. 2 00
Koot'E Rivke CoL'Riait, printing. 2 00
Mrs H Thornton, board S5 00
Knglewood Dairv 13 60
S C 11 t Co.. block 1 00
John Niday, lent 2 00
TPJudson, stamps and sta'ery 4 85
T Mott, extra police 5 85
Cramer Bros., hardware 3 55
W H rallin. special police 14 00
J udges and clerks of election ... , 40 00
In tbe matter of publishing tbe city
ordinances it was moved that the com
pilation be certified and laid on tbe
table for consideration by tbe new
council. Bids for (he sewer extensions
were presented, but their reading was
deferred tilt tbe next meeting.
A request from tlie Grant Pas Bank
ing it Trust Co. for tbe use of a position
o! Sixth street in the. construction of
their new building was granted.
Mayor Kinney addressed a few reniarl
to the council, thanking them tor Ibeir
attention, punctuality and courtesy dur
ing the year and congratulating them
on the ability and dispatch with which
they had handled the business of tbe
term. He also gave a welcome cordial
to tbe n ayor elect, who was present Tl
council then adjourned.
Mayor-elect Kremer and the new
councilmen, Frier, Williams, Lewis
and Smith, took their respective oaths
of office before the auditor and police
judge. Dr. Kremer did not call a meet
ing, but requested the appointees and
committees to continue in their variona
office until the next regular meeting on
Thursday evening, May 16.
School Notea.
School in district No. 14, at Murphy,
under the management of Mis Stella
Paddock, is progressing aicely with 28
scholars enrolled and an average attend
ance of 24.
In district No 10, Miss Grace Barrett
is teaching a school of 18 scholars with
an average attendance of 17. This
school is made up of classes In the
primary and intermediate divisions, and
Misi Barrett is complete mistress of the
In district No. 9, P. W. Coruin is
teaching a school of 20 scholar. Tbi
being a joint district Mr. Corum has
scholar from both Jackson and Jose
phine counties and Is troubled by two
county superintendents. Mr. Corum is
an up to date teacher and every thing
about his school shows it.
Mr. Jasper Miller is teaching in dis
trict No. 8. This is another Joint dis
trict, with 25 scholars enrolled from
Josephine and 12 scholars from Jackson
county. Mr. Miller Is a teacher of a
good many years experience most of
which was taught several years ago be
fore our present course of study was
Miss Daisy Htites is teaching in dii-
trict No. 10. This school is progressing
nicely. Miss Htites is truly a successful
teacher and the school board of No. 10,
know Ihe value of a good teacher. They
have employed Miss Htites as teacher
for the school year.
In district No. 13, Mis Lillian Pent
is teaching a school ol 18 scholars.
Good work Is being done and Miss Pence
bas thoroughly confirmed her former
record of succetslul teaching.
Mr. John Moriarty ia teaching in dis
trict No. 31. This school has 28 scholars
enrolled with an average attendance of
22. This I John' first attempt at
leaching school and notwithstanding the
many reports throughout tbe district, I
found nothing to justify any parent for
taking his or children out of school.
Lincoln Havaok,
County Superintendent.
There la a Class of People.
Who are injured by the use of coffee.
Recently there has been placed in all
tlie grocery store a new preparation
called UK A I NO, made of pure grains,
that takes the place of coffee. Tbe most
delicate stomach receive It without dis
tress, and but few ran tell it from coffee.
It doe not cost over a much. Chil
dren may drink it with great benefit.
15 cts. and 25 eta. per package. Try it
Ask for GRAIN-O.
Belgian Hare.
Riverside Rabbitry Breeder of thor
oughbred pedigree Belgian Hare of
popular Strains, pens herded by superb
imported Dash Meteor and Princess
Beatrice, score 90. Dash Meteor is oi
of the finest buck In America. He is
the winner of the First Prize at the Yo'o
county fair, California. Yoongsten
from these bare for sale, also son
heavy weight Belgians, will weigh from
'.2 to 14 pound each when matured
tbe only heavy weight in Southern
Oregon. Write for price or call and
see my Hare before buying. Visitor
always w.lcom. Addrea HARRY
MARSH, Riverside Rabbitry, Grants
Pas, Oregon, box 104.
Hugo Items.
Miss McRay arrived home tbi week.
Ripe straw-berries at Hugo Postoffice,
Mrs. Henry was seen on the streets of
Tunnel 9 Friday.
The garden look fine and lettuce and
radishes are in the market.
Mr. Hannson i daily hauling rail
road wood to Hugo wood yard.
Mr. Loreni, our lection boss, moved to
Wolfcreek, Mr. Tolson took his place.
Mr. Claud Williams and Robert and
George Trimble are' guest of Mr,
Those wishing a good meal, will do
well to Itop at Yancey Hotel at Mr.
Helling' mill. The lumber ia first class,
and the mill too.
Young Mr. Peterson i well again we
are glad to say. There I no one ill
around Hugo, or Tunnel 9.
Sunday school every Sundav at 2
o'clock P. M. Preaching after Sunday
school every second Sunday. We are
glad to tee a good attendance.
The first month of the Hugo school,
closed May 2 with an enrollment of 34,
and an average attendence of 22, visitors
7. We had quite an exciting reading
match last Friday, Ralph Cox with
his assistant were the victors. Those
on the roll of honor for the month of
April are; Helen Henry, Lucile Henry,
Msttie Mann, Elijah Willsie, Wiley
McCormick, Hattie Martin, Ada 8exton
and Irvin Yancey. Pkarl.
Dukr Moaareh Who Take. All the
Uoa Skin, aod Ma. a ll.adr.4 Wlvh
Mpeseni's hut Is built in the usunl
circular shape, only mucH larger than
the other ones around it. When enter
ing' the outer invloaure the people
shout out "Ityeti" (the royal snlute),
and when crawling inte the hit, the
entrance to which ia only sone two
and a half feet hiph, the same saluta
tion Is repeated. When I eutered the
but first I could not dlithnnilxh any
thing until my eyes got used tn the
darkness. Then I discovered that
there were some IS people sitting: on
the ground, while in the center, on a
little heiip of cloth, was sented an old
man clad in a dirty flannel flilrt. nnd
w ith some cheap print around hla loins.
This, aays a writer in the British Cen
tral African Gazette, was the gTeat
1 snt down on the ruahlon I bad
brought with me for that purpose,
and. aecnrillnir to the iiaunl custom,
wnited until lie should address me with
the nminl "Ndlona Inu" fl see vnn).
For f nil v five minutes mibodv fnnke a
word: nil the while he was atnrliu at
me with hla big irlnring eves- a stnre
which I returned, and then, nt last,
he addressed me with the above men
tioned words, whereupon I replied:
"Ndlona hnmba" (f see you. father).
Anyhow, It had taken him a lone time
to discover me in spite of my six feet
six inches, but I was told that this Is
his uauul way; to stare at his visitors
for a loiif? time and try to stnre thrm
nut. I then brought forth my "miliin
du," telling him that Chmiula, whom
hi men had raidrd, wua a friend of
miue, and I wanted to ask him to re
lease the prisoner. This he promised
to do, and messengers were dispatch) l
at once to call the indiina who had sent
the party raiding. Also men were
sent to call In the other chief, whose
milling party to Chinundo I had in
tercepted. Mpesenl apeuks, or, at any rate, un
derstands, I'hikunda and Chlnyanja
tcry well, and I could converse with
him without an Interpreter. The day
of my arrival a Hon had been killed
by bia men, and tbe skin had been
brought to him, aa the law jirrsrrilies.
In his hut I noticed at leust a dozen
lion skins, aud was told that nobody
in the country except himself 1. ul
lowed to keep one. At night they ure
spread out and form hi bed. Though
Mpt-aeul is betweeu CO und 7U years
old he Is still hale and hearty. On the
second duy he made me a present in
the shiie of a cow, and 1 then seut
him some cloth. In my tent 1 was al
ways molested by his people, whocajue
to beg, but they were not very success
ful. MH'.enl has breu spoiled by lav
ish giving of presents,
A while man In Mpeseni's country
is little resperted. They will enter
your tent, sit down, get hold of any
thing they funcy nnd say: "Mulce me a
present of it. my friend," and not un'il
1 bad treated one of my "frUnus"
somrwluit cuvulierly and sent him fly
ing out of my tent In spite of his u.
rrown (which signilied him uh nu in
iIiiiui) Vina 1 li ft in iH-uce. If one were
lo attempt to satisfy all the Hauls of
Mpcsfiii'a wives one would soon be
come bunknipt. as he has 100 or more,
Slid Ih.y ull come to beg. The ' Ling"
(a 1 have heurd him culled) I. Ihe
worst of the lot as regunls biffing.
During my stay at leust twice every
day he sent und aked me to ruuke
lis its a preneul of one of my guns, und
ss oilier piople huve given him a pin
and revolver he was rullier disappoint
ed to fliiil me so otmtiiiate.
W hen, after four duya' waiting, the
two above-mentioned iudunas did not
turn up, although M'eii had sent
i.pratedly for them, I weut myself.
Mpesenl ia r cully a dummy, und bis
Iudunas do whatever they like, "t hi
peta country," be said, "I have con
quered long before the while men ever
came to the lake. What right tied
they T' "What right bad you 7" 1 naked
"In A.eiiga, t'lula, ltisa and Achewu
country?" "Oh, 1 was the stronger.
Does not a lion kill the game?" he said.
"And does not the white man kill the
lion whru provoked?" wax my reply,
with alienee on his part.
Truly royal manners prevail at
Mprw ill's court. In his hut the per.
pie do not spit on the ground, but
againut the mud-plaatered wall, and
carefully rub It out with the hand.
Only Mieseul himself enjoys the privi
lege of using a kind of brush for this
delicate ceremony. The wslls of the
hut through the long usage of year,
are perfectly glazed now and polished.
Skin affection will rsadily disappear
by using DeWitl' Witch Hasel Salve.
Look out for counterfeit. If yon get
I Witt' yon will get good result. It
is tne quick snd positive cure for pile.
-Dr. W. F. Kremer.
Advertised Letter Llt.
Following is the list of letter remain
ing uncalled tor In the Grants Pass post-
office, Saturday, May 11, 1901:
La pies
Curtis, Mr F F, Smith, Katherinn.
Benson, Mr F C,
Alderson Joshua, Adam, Lester,
Raina. kii-htirH lw,K ltiu. r tmm
Greene, Oliver P, Kise, J A, '
Parker, Osker, Patten, W. F.
U. F. Uabmom,
It ia always wise to add a word ot
explanation unless you are certain you
ft Morr wltk "ro """crsioou. .1
i , professor of xoolo-
6"y. wlahlng to pro
cure some trichinous pork for purpose
of experiment, went to the butcher
and asked him if he ever got any spoiled
pork. "Sometimes, but I always throw
it away" answered the butcher, with
a great show of virtue. "Well," said
tne professor, "the next time you hare
any, i wisn you'd send me sows," mean
ing, of course, to his laboratory. The
butcher was inwardly very much sur
prised, but knowing the professor to
be an eeoentrio man, mode no reply
except to aay that he would. Three
weeke passed, when the professor,
growing Impatient, again visited the
hop, and asked: "Haven't you found
any epoiksdi pork yet?" "Yes," said
the butcher, promptly. "I eent up two
pounda a week ago." A ghastly look
came over the profesaor'a face; as he
etamnterwl: "Where did you send It?"
"To your home, of cours.," said the
butcher. The professor and hie family
had eaten the pork, but, ae no after ill
effect were noticed, he consoled him
self with the thought that trichinae
was not so dangerous as he imagined.
Among vsgetablea Lima beana have
the highest food value, containing 32
per cent, ot nutrients, says the Sat
urday Evening Post. Sweet potatorr
come next, with H'J per cent., greei
peas next with is per ceut., whitt
potatoes next with 111 pur cent.,
and string b.ana next with
13 per cent. Green awe.t corn
haa 19 per cent. of nutrl
enta, beets II per cent., turnip 11 per
cent., cabbage, cauliflower and spin
ach eight per cent., turnips, eggplant
and lettuce sev.n pec cent., tomatoes
and asparagus six per cent., end cu
cumbers four per cent. Dry beans or
rice are about the most economical
foods one can buy, containing as they
do 88 per eent. of solid nutrient. Fish
hsa very high food value, .in fact, Is
very nearly as nutritious aa chicken
or turkey. A pound of eggs, on the
other hand, yields only half us much
nourishment as a pound of lean beef,
notwithstanding a well-known pop
ular theory.
The woman of 43 who owns to her
age and coukl therefore presume to
give advice to others was tulking seri
ously to th comparatively young wom
an of 30, saya an exchange. "Don't ever
allow yourself to reach that stage of
affability," ahs was saying, "at which
people will call yuu a good fellow. I
know that many a girl likes to have
that reputation and m.n are likely to
be attentive to the sort of girl who is
called a. good fellow. She Is generally
sur of having a good time. Men will
tak her out. always be glad to have her
In a party, be very attentive to her at
danc.s and nuik. her seem lik. a belle.
All then rewariU come to the girl who
1 a good f.lkiw. Hut I have rarely
heard of a man who wanted to marry
Taking in view the northern states,
including all from Ohio to the Da
kota., together with Mlaaouri and
Kansas, the rate of increoaa of poj
ulfttion haa fallen from 38 per cent.
In the decade 1H80-1N90 to Id per cent,
in the last decaile. Tlie rale at pres
ent Is accordingly ImIow the average
rate of increase for the entire union
instead of above it aa formerly. The
agricultural prises ot the west have
been won and poptilntion no longer
flows to virgin lands to any large ex
tent, whrreaa the manufacturing cit
ies of tlie east still attract popula
tion. The central weat yWld. the
pace to tbe older sections ot the eust.
The census enuin.ratora in msny
cases failed to realise the importance
of mortality statistics. In one of the
eastern state an .numerator had only
two deaths in a population of more
than for the entire year, which
the supervisor thought was not sufli
eient, so he sant back the returns.
The enumerator respond! with the
following explsnation: "Dear Sir:
Th.r were four more people that
died, but th.y wae widows."
A Washington man complained bit
terly to th district commissioners of
the pasting of advertising label, on
loavM of brsad, and wanted them to
stop tli practice, but the commlssion-
sre aasursd him Uiat the official chem
ist's opinion was that th. uae of these
labels on ia in no way dt riinrntal
to h.altb.
Catarrh Cannot bet Cured
With local application, a they can
not reach the (eat ol the disease.
Catarrh I a blood or constitutional
disease, and in order to cure it you
must take Internal remedies. Hall's
Catarrh Cur ia taken, internally, and
acta directly on the blood and mucour
surface. Hall' Catarrh Cur I not
quack medicine. It wae prescribed by
one of th best physician in this
country lor year, and is a regular
prescription. It is composed of the best
tonic known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on the
mocous surfaces. The perfect combi
nation ol the two Ingredient is what
produce such wonderful results In cur
Ing Catarrh. Send for testimonisls, free
F, J. CiuxtY 4 Co., Toledo, O. Sold
by all Druggists, 75c.
Hall' Family Pill are the best.
New 1901
Whether yon with to buy or rot we
most cordially invite yoa to call ana
nspect one ot the great inventions of
the age and well worthy of your at
tention if you're in the market for a
baby Carriage.
Iron Beds thoroughly up to data
$3 25, $3.00, $4.25,
care to go.
Linoleums 3
flue goods, saves back ache, scrub
bintr. nnm naa li a,,.l Ai. r.:...i
Le.ce Curtains 25c each It', nn
...... v. ,,lv vuii.i us in., niuir urics m i
low, we carry an immense line.
New Dtnln Tables fome besulics.
Picture Frames More new mouldlnus
This Week Wc
A Coffee Mill With Every Agate Coffee Pot.
Tents-Full line all sizes, full Cajnping
A project is on toot to connect the
railways of Greece with those ot
Turkey, so aa to connect Athens with
Europe by rail.
Ollleltil figures recently compiled
show the muin line mileage of inujl
roads In Missouri to be nearly T.000.
This total is likely to be considerably
Increased this year.
The Southern Knllmnd company of
Italy is going to hove built IS locomo
tives, 121 passenger curs, 32 bnggnge
cara, and 1,000 freight cars. Foreign
concerns will be allowed to compete.
It la considered very doubtful If the
Pennsylvania railroad will adopt
nickel-steel rails for the points of re
vere service. Atthe famous Horseshoe
curve the nickel steel rails have been
replaced by those of the ordinary steel
type, for it was found that the rails
diminished the tractive power of the
engines on account of their hardness.
A special car for Invalids is bring
built for the 'Saxon state railroads for
the transportation of those who ran
afford the expense of a whole cnr. It
consists of three apartments, with a
corridor on one side. One Is fur the
sick person, and one of the other, for
the physiuinna, and the third for at
tendants. Cooking apparatus and re
frigerators are provided. It may be
hired for uae on any railroad in Eu
rope provided it 1 not needed at
A curious railway accident occurred
In India lately. While a train was in
ltusaul station a terrific storm cum
menced, and, although the brake was
applied In the van and the engine, the
force of the wind waa such that the
train was driven along the line. The
engine dnshed through the biifTer stop
st the snd of the line, and traveled
along about six lengths of rail laid
end to end without tlxhplnte fasten
Inga. After leaving these rnils the en
gine plowed along the embankment,
and then came fortunately to a stand
still, no great damage having been
Col. W. P. Used Sr. rnaatrl.s ol
rope Mast Look la This Coon.
trr (or Polar Soppll.a.
Col. W. P. Itend lms returned tn
Chicago from-a two months' visit to
Kurope, conllileiit Unit the nations of
the old world Mill have to Innk to this
country more and morn for their eoal
supplies, and wills u linn belief that
the great niiliiral resources of this
country are certain In give It a stead
ily increasing prominence In the mnr
kets of I he world.
"There Is no doubt that American
eoal Is to be In stemllly Incre.isiiig de
mand In Kurope," he said. "The do
main! is there now, nnd there Is a
ready marae! for even pound of our
eoal. The l-'nclUh cod tlchla are be
coming ho ilitllclilt nnd expensive to
work that It la lni hismIiIc for tllllt
eoiinlry socceisfiill) to compete with
our coal much looker, rnci . of coal
there have doubled within the Inst 1H
months, and so alarmed Iihic the Kng
llsh people Income at this condition,
which ennics with it a most serious
menace to their steel nnd Iron manu
facturers, that leaililiu! Knglish papers
are advocating an export tax on eoul
In order to prevent the exhaustion of
the supply and to protect their Iron
and steel makers from the further eu.
eroachmenta of the American makers."
Get the Best
Wc sell Kxtras iu all sizes.
Spray Pumps....
Ol all kimls. Sulphur, liluc Vitrol, Etc.
General Hardware.
White Sewing Machines.
up to as far as yen
more new lots In.
fault nt tl r.. n ; . i.. - .
arc Giving Away
Wall raper
C.mpanr In Texas I'rrpasea to
L.aneh In Klr Aerial Pas
enaer (raft.
The first airship to be built by the
Custard Airship rompnny nt Its fac
tory ut K.lmntt, Tex., will be com
pleted in a few tin 'and liiiiuched on
its Initial trip. This company was or
gimlxed several niniilhs tfrn with a
capital thick of $hi.'Xsl. It Is com
posed if V. I). Ciistnid, the inventor,
anil a number of prominent business
men, who closely investigated the
working model of the new nerlitl ve
hicle and pronounced It practicable.
The company endeavored to manu
facture machines in time to establish
a line of them to" ply between New
York and Paris during the progress
of the exposition at the French cap
ital, hut their construction wan de
layed, and it will be aeveral months
before regulnr lines of airships will
be established between the principal
cities of this country, should ths one
which Is to be launched next week
prove the success that is claimed for
The complete machine weighs 250
pounds aud it haa a rapacity of from
three to five peoplo. Its maximum
speed is expected to be UK) miles per
hour.' The first trip will be from K.l
mott to Waco, a distance of 20 miles.
Mr. sad Mrs. II. I., Leave fbv
New York Afl.s a liar of
The other dny for the first time In
23 year, and ten months room 359 of
the Palmer house, .Chicago, was va
cant. The interesting part of It la
that during all that time it has been
occupied by one couple, Vr. ond Mrs.
II. L. Selxna, and in their depature
for New York, where they will make
their future home, the hotel lost Its
star boarders. Mr. Seisns was a mem
ber of the firm of Cook, Lyman &
Seixns, which was for a number of
years engaged in the wholesale hat
business on Market street. About a
year ago the firm went out of busi
ness. It was on January 4, 1S7H, that
Mr. end Mrs. Seixas went to the
Palmer house. They selected room
3.VS, where they remained nil during
their long stay, and every 8unty
morninir promptly at eight o'clock
Mr. rieixii. nppenred at tne cashier's
window and settled his bill for the
week. Ho never missed a payment
and never vurled more than a minute
or two from exactly eight o'clock.
The stay of Mr. and Mra. fclxa. ex
ceeds by aeveral years that of any
other guest of the house.
.a r-wviwirw'
L.i-dimi. IA 'ftl" .kill