Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, March 14, 1901, Image 4

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My arc U fourtwi mor.tht or so;
I'v tAurM n ypt lo walk,
Bui I lth v i '"fi (4 to know
: ... t.k; i
. . .v t -ui,f livt '
. f rcuM raak it clear j
; til ir.T..V )
J. .tv : v. h-r all 't bear
ut-h ir tf.::
In r ;
JltA IY i
N -r .
Wh-t; f
In li.r
5Ct v 1
t .ricV' "O,' wootiy woota!"
"St It
(... witty
Thr t'!l rr thu a drtr.k "tfick;'
My fi-.r-r "rir.ries" ai; tMi.k i 'Mr k." or tt'.ao "fthk;"
Art! thdt a. (vr'a a "Ur."
With "tun.,; t' n p ai.d "tvw WOW WOW,"
Al:d '6'x.L CKtiif. Ce,"
Af;d Ctf-r .:. thM, I vow.
Are uhIm", ';'Jt(. to m.
Bo wfcr. f: v. ir;h'f. aunt r,& all
I've k j iM ti rc;r.Pt t frar.e, ur.t io ( iutn rr.f Ut 1 fail.
Or tri" in In Ifr.t lac.
'v pr;f.:rd ot t hi r : m. ir.r.t mSa
fT!. ).Mf.rJ! n.:( vrh j in
r.d ho,t 'tl r.'t In ran.
afcrflwln U BatIn, in Wotut'i HomaCoro
p union.
I Couldn't Lose Him t
THE IJOY came at 7:30 p. m.
atayl. I d.l not want him. 1
knw that tbr njoin.nt mi-:!:. c iii:t
when hit prcwnce wouWi l y-.tiv. !y
obi.ux.-i. y t I cottl'l not jrrt r f
him. JIe wt-ll-iiifaTitn' (in (w far
am hr cjuM I-- mi:! t; Imw a m.-.ihii4'),
He hnl ('it r. t"!.i, atiil pit l.iniJ'i-lf
info i-'- i! I a: t :r not one of
whir)) v. . h .Ti-r-rul. I roiiM not f xtrt
ly ti l' n:n t. . anI aoythini ihortof
that h il.r-;vir-fc-l.
lie n ,ri a fiiuk itriped wuulroat
ami a 1ue lit-.
He !:H i.. it adtnirp me; liii i'lol wa ft
nhort fr;'!:- and f-jy hair. Oilier
boy woih:p the K'aMHtcd 1t-IU. Ijii f
hia !( in t. 't:f"T il. fji;!y om
pfvul ar thiiit,' :;l !.f!. I rn vrr i r J
for th- vrtv y-i-njf allarlitd t n;
mid the v i ) i 'It-pairttiJ fur an
It! h(T ; f. ti af .
tie ;' ! not evc t;i'.k of HVr. I wifh'l
hr t ii -1 . 1 vw.'.r.d hnvu to
th t; t of ii, y p,vur. 'r m i -y. I
wui tf'i f.i1:(iie in Jti ri j.i. i) (I
wik 'i') to rn iiitiri 't l;i
tiling... He laiL'-d of lot,, to n..iUtMip
for hi n'l t on the ii an r ru!'j t-t. I
liKtrned and rcaried and txjk out the
fancy woi k I k"jt for th Hoy, and
urvrr fjuifhi-d.
He fcp'ike with the lupiior air of one
int ruciin:' !!. inorunt. I waa, 1 aiH
afraid, aho nt-iuindfd, and be lan
guished Bf'i r uuliilu.
I nffered .Un uweeti, and fmultd
blin into a rnhy lttunh.
Aftrr that l.e stared ntdly at Oit, a
if hf hiid rniii" for no othr piirjxe
than to friirrt hkeyJi ftr one InM time
on rny atbtrrd ftur.
Hi at ri y lik ih itntnort ul Toot
At 1h the roiii-rn itinn jjut upon Its
l(f. and in a nrktMy fubhion timnajed
to rp moving.
The KMrfiitffe (j-iratlon (ntt the Im
proper r.iari iijr iiji-tti'in) n-Tiit-d to
Intert-N him irrntly. i did nht
for u y aIv:ce, hut mrrt ly HoJil'djtiii-d
at iiiio it t ;;i h. He iiH-nt '.t.i it rtdiv
airaiiilily -f eitrly narri.;;. ; tin iff i
potMhility of iivktTiif a lmi 1 in r.:rr t n
thillin n v.r. k; ! hi- e ;.'-nsc of l.rirj
in up a wii family; ihtrn win thj
educati'i'i of I he koin nod thv portion
of the (luuv liUrti.
"Yon niki;d not f1 urate tliem?" 1 n
quirrd. a-iu ih- riLi an iiifipivnt l-nih.
He th'.ti-hi he would U-t theiiM-hfi..e
l)ctr-ii n n!ueatifin and nn ineofif.
'Itenii)f, ihfy ir, ;.'!,! marry."
To le ruie," 1 nnlrd. "And there
mifrht le lyrai.di MMren." ?
A puhtd look croi-d t.te Ito'i
face, he had not iLoujht of tin- jrurtil
rhildnn. M(), that would l.r all ritfht' lie aald,
after a hhcri ult-nre.
"A man I only n-iponatMr for hi
own futnily. Iiin-ctJy r Bponuilile, f
rourae. Hrr I threaded a medic
"Hut Ihcre ii no harm in looking at
tli intra from nil aidra.1
Hovit-ter, wr had plunid fr Into
futurity, vwn f-r the Hoy; he took
another hpnth from the iune thor
oujlifari'. "1 think it very wrung for people lo
throw i.hit iriea in the uny of iiiar
riwpe," he rt inarked, MIrimitv.
"Hnt, on the othtr aide." then anid
I, "it would nerar do to enronrnte ttie
tliini too much; if the roupiu ijunr
reU.I tliey would ly toe blame uf
th Mii i ion nn jini "
Thia wan evidently a new idea; he
pondt red on it ntunr time.
lnn raiue In, ant down, and
"People mljht JFMiietiinea Inteii re
tiitinfc nt i.mjiy the Ik.y anid, ri
ll eelively.
" I hey iiiight," 1 ngrrcdI hope not
(f riinly
T!ia Muu looked at t),e clock and
j -U tl .Tt the right time?" he nakrA
j "TWO tliilHltr mul V t,y,
"Ihaiika." raid the Man. "1 hav to
eatrh the a 31 train."
My needle wuu'.d not thread. Then
aaid: "So aoon!" and "hm do )m
"I don know, h ahivwred. it
deM ndn."
'IUi't get fever At the K k " Hftid
the Ht-y, pateriallv. '
m d hu or r. )i.tM i
and t!n y t;t t r r.'i , 1
"I hope tin wi'l t.,
I anid. (U, wii. d i
Hoy awn uid m i 1
' I'h a f.k i ii." 1
The I So) got up w
He men 1) 1 l. 1 at
i u- U now n
'. like ou
take the
ctver the Uiu it lelpo re u i -1
nv n
Jbfrl U nice-looking girl." he re
It Is cusy to toll wiion y.u:r tiorvo f.ntv
and vltnl jwwer uro slippin-; away frmn
you. When j'niir thy 'a wo i; l,,iv,s on
Wt'tlTJ- ftinl C.!iiUHW; v.'ufi; ;; aro' St)
nerv-jua, irrit:0.!o ninl -slt-.'i 1 ..-.s tl.i.t your
nightti art) pass, tl in iv..f!, ,., s',,;-, wh,.,,
you gut up In tlio iiitrtiii vs:!. i. ;,Mp.
tlto ivr bri.tkfitst, ami .- :
With a hoiMhu ln; yiu -
non-oim hin-nili in U-!iK u
man u u bviug renowod.
Give, tho tortured nerves a nt Mr. thorn rv-la their tone and stoaditK,,. aud U a
ISIhkhIv leuiel' fur. ii..rv, ..,ll ... - ... "
j nuuuii'j 01 every Kmii
59l fcy all drugsuts oa grantee, Df . Mile, RaJ Co mtU laS.
marked. Soijje people think appear
anre everything. Now, 1 notice care
fully bow & rirl 'ta to everybody,
and ham her all round, then make
vp vy mind.
M! it tke long? I Inquired!
('Alfa polite interest, I hop; how Ij
h rgtd to atick my crrjwil needle into .
"la (the lioy'e mind bad waa :
5-rd). J
"To learn her all round? i
"Not very long. Of courae, It do
pfn i i
The man who bad ben ftartng at
the cfi!:rig began to bun ( avagrly
throuirh ft aix imjntha old magazine.
(Ting ting ting ting ting
1 winh be would fro the Hoy I
mean; O! I wiahed. Could one be dip
lomatic? "I wonder," I said, T wonder could
you pott a letter for ineT
"With the greatest pTeaaure,9 aaid
the P-oy. "For the country?
Vef for the country.
fO! my evil gtarl)
"O! tiiat'a a!I right, he aaid. "I
reed not run with it. Then, in an
explanatory tone: "You ae the next
pot out ia to-morriiw morning. Any
time till ten will do."
My h f.r t or.nk. The Man who had
j !o-J.. d t:p hopefully turned to the
front ")..' once more.
If 1 e wot. ;d would absorb the con
vorifi'n, there nJght atili he ft Vet, if the Hoy found hitn
oef too well entertained he might
ti.y foretr. Hut t?e Man waa by
thia time in anch a etate of nerroua
irrit ihility aa to be Incapable of con
i tr:itlon.
ll'.n very boot a expressed bU dealre
to ii 'i;n:ari!y eject the Hoy. How I
rti'hrd he would!
"Our friend fa aufferinaj' already
friu l.oiTie sirkneaa," aaid that
wreN-h'rd noj-riluity.
1 !n'ig r the tari into mine eyea,
and pn'J i ! n.yceif badly.
4i!;:vi you j-en that nketch?" aaid
the Vjn at length, hundinr me t!ie
pajjir, Hoiiwthing on piige, vrit
tiit in fwicil, iutereated me con id-
J tr iy.
"V, hat la that?" asked the Hoy, con-
f "I' ,i. i-'e, fcuid the Man.
'I.;;e thi-y changed the cover.
1 th he Inquired; "it wnl get mixed
j writ it Pf-t'.t i"!a."
'"t i.i I cnrsoira." aald the Man; "I
n it e n mistake. What do you think
of ii '" he turned to me.
"It aeema a bit etarlling,' aaid the
I looktd tip, and my eyea met the
Man 'a.
"Hnve you a ftenell?" I naked, coura
geously. "I should like to mark thia."
I wrc a tiny note in the margin;
only one word, in fact.
"J a!wn)( atuioto'e booka, up
proved the Itity.
The Mrn t'Mtk the magazine and
looked nt t!ie pnge; he lookel hnjipier
tlian he hnd dine rlnri! hla entrance.
"Thnrk you,' he raid, ao fervently
that he arointed the Hoi'a eunonity.
"May ! iH,k?" be uiiked. "Lnhfa it
la ioetry.M
"It a jMtry." auid the Man. "The
rdeent verae I have ever aeeti."
He looked regretfully at lite clock
nr:d nt the Hoy and lite. "I am afraid
I must '
"Must you?" aaid the hoy, cheer
fully; "that'a the UmI of living on the
jtpot; we nutd never hurry awny.
" you oiled your door lock?'
n-ed the Man. "It waa very at ill
hJi. ii I Uat tried it."
I put down my work. I tntint ee
what I can do," I aaid; I felt liappy
eti i f, Ii to Inuj'h. If the Hoy would
mi y Mi! on the "fa he inigtit come
nga'u atxl tvtny ten h tire.
He jun ped up "I'll help him to
lev. r the 'Mr open," he anid. "It
mi! t sM-'Mifrr l-pi'da than yitura; I
t-an ihi tl at let u r ht-ride."
"It U on tin- h.ii: t'ibir." I told him.
"O, tint all t-iphl. I can ret it
when 1 v - nt." I e .ld. "Oood-by.'
)' poi;i(; wtitd till hia m-u'ur
had ino' hia hihir.t
"liil I return t he is." raid the Man.
"I tl "iik '.t joti ih1 not know if you
w ere r i t u r i: i i a ," mi id the lloy.
"I I He made up my mind, he re
p!i.d. 't.o,dl.."
They wre in the hall. The door
opei, id njyaiu ami there waa the Man.
"1 had to," he taid, brent h!'t!yt
after the ftrat two aeconda, "Con
found that fellow. I oii t mind, dear;
thev are to laal me ft long time.
"l-t'k here, you'll ot that train,"
aaid the Hoy. openii g the doT.
The Man had managed to get a good
deal out of four tccotida, but nil the
entiir he RWofe, and It ia tntd how it
r lifted my feeltepa,
When Iheli ktrj aoimded dtiwn the
path I went t the w.ndow nun tn -ed
it; aa tin v pTied the Man tritd to
look round the Hot. who waa be
Iwien in, but d..'..l hmi tinauCfA
fui'.). 1 wfttehed them growing amall
rr and nmuller wtlh tiie tampa until
they wetc out f aiglit then 1 tore
out ihe page f a mngaiiue. and, car
r In if it ii ftana, lockeu it lit the
tritiki t b 'X, wht-re it .a atlll.
The Hoy win a tore boy. and 1 could
not Hud it pitle to hate hfln, tmi
tho-;h he spoiled the Ktetdng of my
I life.
I think of It norr that he la Mont
t and fathtrly, and In my heart ia
: amukrint nt, exiiKperatiou, and aome
i thing far uioi e bit t er
1 IWnum' the Man neer came back.
Kork ftrer killed Idin. - Hiack and
No Time Cr lm -llrvai M.
The per! t-n I in an rrur top ti
naider wlt-'rr he u uei'!uu' or
not The
h"W Li i
ijt ration w .1 h Ihiii 14
f !. t.i i a little
litl.e Uf;,i. i- h h :;oal.
tui ; her a.oiti.. n
W t!, r it I. a.'
ei IT I. o A Ml
1m i , IS. r e
r t i'-m i.tthi, r.v
e n. il r iicfi It.
at. u mvi tti. i d
" I w-ts trtmblfil a frrtat dtut with norv
oustir.vs an,! li,;itlivlie. Tlio l,.;i,t oxortion
v.tmld i-aiiso u ih-fuvlful juiin iu tho luad
mid wln'ii I Uvanio oxciiod I wtmKl Idso
'i.?Tro ctui'rtil uf my norvos. I lived in
that iniM'i-y Tur Urn j-imi-s, fullln-; to pot
n-!if until I Ix-jmn usinjf Ir. Miles' Nerv
im. Within a w.-o'.t my friends ,,,-0 u,.
iinirl;iiiK' how much bott.-r I Kxjked. and
sihiu afi,r I found niv health n-storod."
Mus. Louis Eui, Idaho Falls, Idalia nil tl
In simt v.i
n r
- .od npf.usi
tsei3y r-woy ixr.. it not necet'ini)
f.'-r IS; rurt:j'., tt.ij Ijc irunj c,L-.
ma t!:olo: , ia drcci .;e- ti-
liry-U rrvtrtl ff.cer..ti;i.. TLi-dra-!!
a.:u miy hy 1 in i i.V.'cl f x
ffr, ut u:.Lii you nxijKe tile, Ct3
Utt tralitUe ce cr Licet its?.
fKVi'.tic or k tvroU:n g!ncj in t-is
Lr a or mac f.rt r f the !xi,
T cv.;t Cancer iicrogy y a.-ii Mrcia
fl.:tj7 all the piwi'jus vir-s Ik
A. :i:.i-ttai lr(tu b'.oo 1 'r.-vry vrilajfo
4 it drivca out This S. 15. S. d't, uu 1
ji (he ouljr s:?tlic:Te thit xn rc- h r.p-rvx-l,
c&ir.Y. j h'4 tro-:', tiii.
Wh:j all Ihe j fison Las bvcu fortx-'.! cut
of the -stci the Oir.trr L (., ihe
Cii:urUi:i: a(ittii ia a s .vl "riy. as lie
f'.'liiwin lr Xl'T frot1! ir. l-:.rt:t tlio :
I.- i-rw the wroi ! tlr..
r.'CO'fit! 1 CT r ,rjr-.
I U I "''.' hi."-
rj.' :? al. '.it ;t h:
ns. traun io -dnrr.t t.ji
: u ". i 1 -1 f.
titile. tfcffi u-i ' V;'.
n A brxl. lt :
luQiinoe f ficiic!!
.';..n my Ja' tr.o V,
a--. '' te '-" J ;; Terv
-.a! h fh- Ci.i
1. 3 'i .r e-it M i t;
Vl i ma tr.; i
I Ai. '.:':.. ?'. .' fir-i
f ft S m -i ! -T fv;r
! ; .vr- it a t- tr .
', ' it wt ;
a w
U J.f. f-'ai Hit -.ry (t-
, rt e r i-; . : , .
: ti't if rr r.'Ul
i li'.-..
t I a,l
1 ,:c;, the
iri'i i-'i.-.rrj-.Tetl
K .J -' ; 'ia:rv.;-:U.,!t. Srtad
Cjrc-t, cc-i.i ir !:i-t ' ;-- - iutsie.
kg li.forn.r-t' t ti.i-. a'vi
Some Reasons
Why You Should Iruiit on Havin
IJn-(iaj,vl by auy ulher.
Rti'!ir liard leather bcifL
EjK-cially prepared.
K out water.
A heavy bodied oil.
An excellent preservative.
Reduces tost of your harncM.
j ever burns the leather ; lU
Eiticiem v is increased.
retires ftest enice.
inches kept iioui breaking.
i tydd ill all
Localities M.frr
t-tluBilard Oil 1 ipfiai.
Mew Melliod of I'.Iiik Fruit
i t'j pn pare It In aui h a nianner that
It mill rctulna ull of ll natural jirop-ertl-a
and then combine It with e
lectcd gralna. thereby proilm Inn a. fr
fprt breakfnut bevernge. Thl la tho
way F'lK,rune Cereal, the aubHtltuta
for cnltpe and tea, la nnle. Votr
Rrorcr aellt It. Ak fur sample.
Wlijr Home Chllclrrn arc Reallen.
and ntrvoua ven their own rrotlxra
are unable to tell. I''y they have
been given cuffee or tea to drink. Klit
prune Cereal, niale from choice Cali
fornia frulta and avlei ted Kralna, la a
benenclul aubMltute. FiKPrune will
feel the nerve centera. It will n'Kki
the child atronK and healthy. Marts
like c"flw. LfKika like coffee. Hut
lt' 1.4 per cent fruit and 46 per cent
If you dnn't feel Ju"t rluht auhiitltiitc
f'lKprune rert-al for cultee. It a the per
feet food beveniKe. At grocer..
He Kuoleil i lie r.urceona.
A il dot-tnr;iilil lienh k Hamilton, i.
We-l Jilli-rrvn. )., aller miffern: IS
moiitlifi from Hei'tal liciula, he hhM
die uuleitfl a cotly operation n per.
formed; hilt he cored him. If Killi
liin klen'a Arnica Salve, the iH'ft in the
World. Hurent I'ile cure on 1 artli. ;'.V
a but at 1 r. Kremer'ii I'rnK More.
It's a Short Road
from a couyh to consumption.
Don't r.iyk-ct a cou"li take
when your colj appears. The
"ounce of prevention " is
better than years of illness.
"I Mirf.'.t f. f T'f frm c.-uh. tr..t hi.l
.J m,( U .u:.l ,l. i t(.,U..if
Nihl in l U c ife l.t .nl ,4hct it.i(
.t t-ul .t a.i r.url K.turnr.l and
b..u I., it mh m irm b. Illri i., m
,l.i i iw.J mc. 1 II Ibc I'r.lcil Ol
W.ih I. Inr a o, Ii In, lifl.lo, N. Y.
Nlilliih'. f'lin.iinirlliio Cure I. fi?d by .11
.niKK'.t. fit tin. AOe. Si nn . I.otlle. A I'HHuii'. (.iiri wtiri ...rr U.itll.
If ton r. n..l in li yuur ilruxl.t
nii.i i.. I rir himirj iiaia
Wi , 1 1 f ' m' .. i.u ' I... ccnti.n :-Ih
ut. -nl ii i . i b. i . w.;n 4 u , UK r, N.V.
! iyl I'lVilM.: .l li.t l.i
I i H 11.-U i . nwli s. n ... i.,.,i,,. J
Cook "How'm I pin? to make i
mibee pie wlun e harn't any mince j
mtt in the bour' Mr. Feedfm J
"Put irvine tKfnt in that cold haah.")
JSaltimore Amerieau.
Firat l;ull "Whjr did you frnrt the j
joor farnitr'n ft .-n Tn d-1--:?!?" S-
ond Hull (.;..- ful ; , -": on
didn't hear of our prou t- ii cjif eonv i
inf horur. j(tirdaj?" . ... u Tcpica. I
! Iiotire that ft in'.'.' r: a r.CWr I
c!! t.'jat be ba t!.- t .t-ril of'
Ciiiffc a hia oosrj-M"r.. ." ine;
isr i-ijI. . . i.far ine; i
I :h. -: t it w-n ft
tlraf on." !' -.r'ari ! 1 ItIr.
H.-u.p.iheC.c rrr.d "Why laven t
you txl.lbiud anything thia yearT
Artlut -"I refused ail their offers I
b:n.j:.y cjnt tall mytclf to aiiroue."
frivbd "Mum! mething like your
piet jrefc! Journal Amuaont.
"Were you tatibfied with that cor-1.-
::.t I !M-nl ou? 'Well, aa you
hn'.'i," replied the orchehtra leader. 'he
certainly doe a play the cornet to Ijeat
tr.e 1-itA: "All right. ebT "No. He
couldn't keep time. Philadelphia
F'iri-t Hwcet Youn Thing "What
on earth me 3 ou going to marry Fred
for. d ar? lie ha no money; he
ii-n't g'l-loking; he can't taik or
dar cr, it dme or bike, and he'a never
iii;e anything Second hweet
Yt:.n; Thinir "Yea, I know, dear;
but he ej fond of dear Kido, and the
din.- d.- is just aa fond of him.
Ally Sloper.
In the dance I t rd upon my be-lo-rd'a
toeh. "Stupid!" she hitsed.
"Ali"!' rpioth I. profoundly shocked
at thia display of temper. "Are then
my idol'E feet of clayT "Well, they're
no; c-.-t ir- n, I tell iu tho-e!" ex
cl.ti:i.d Ihe beautiful girl, with bnt
In hrr voice. I tried to lnugh, but
there waa a chill ut my heart. Ie
troit Journal.
"Jhnt eofifounded lifr in.stirance
Co;"pu. y I'-fiit-ed my a jpl;f 11T ii ri for a
pi ! r;. .' t j!ui:ktr. "Why, I rhould
t i; ': '-1 . n v:r a fine rihk." replied
f.. " ". ; ; ; r ina !? them refuse your
u1p' '--:t;j:i ;' "WeiJ, they found out
in ' ;ne , ay that I am in the habit
of v.!;. mushroom that I gather
in feci,'." 1 ctroit Tree Press.
A CiioriKtobt Laid ha Follow ttaa
Hound irltli Ihe Kd ibulium
of a Vetera.
In a hiiiitii coinmunity not
fr-.m this ci'.y there ia u non of
of : ....i m v, s.-ei:ia cii-s:
to tin'... .. ' ..;iimii leir iur the
i kin. 1 . .! i-. il i:l be fu in
tl.t re I . :-m.- i.I tii cvviitr ; .
il In e.i.i;- l.i tn.t r i.rily. Ii:s e- t.
if of :i.e :irM :iler. Ilia l.eiv
I 'I.'-
12 if
, Ut
l:r:.;t, bi.l ia auy II, nml h.s
cril.i.u I . t-k '.it be
li;nl. I)i:i-. the rdor of the c
if, r.n .j:ii. l.U fii' ..;.. ho
I ac
jii : i ia '' . " at ;iv lliiitf; hia j
i n if it nl-oulil ii to 1.
c.L. ,:ii. lit ! -is i:l:til I . . i t.l ' v
(ii n lo lii.i::;ir! eii bit. t . 'I.' . 1. 1
c!-.r i-.iii. l.ji e.viU t:..: i c a;
lion cf tbe n-lfl'C of fo;. '. i,::'1.
i.t !:.-! Il ' Clid be I' in- t .' r '. y
i'l .
ll IT.
i.i- ;
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b,; :
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of i.
ii riii.I v ;. :i
ihe Nin Y.
u I'm: er of
; ' . . iere
f !:..l!l.e
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i.t l.
n I !
iiul In
.111 l-e.'i:
ami I.
lit I
fi x
ii fill e;
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f..lV t l.i
M n IT '
t i i in. I i . ; rt mi.' ! : Snd-
H hi r. riii ii.iii-n d ni. l ! - l.i d
i m! ji ! in lirr.c t.i si - tl lmy
hi i nt nt n flei-bti ' zai.
.r- :rfi.i,!. iiri! 1 1 - j ' s rick
i i
th. l. ii
i nt
Iim :
of f
1. -il..
.. - . .!.: lfe i-: ::.' -! wild
nl - :. . at I.... r i.t ri un! the
' a In Su ' m is li,,- ,,j-e
l:i. u n.- i.icr t!ie ;i;e he
re'i..,,!. ;i in ! ,i the buy r-iid olT
Ir'.ek Hie tip leir 'I'.i tlli he
. iiT.-l nn lb- f rie-li ! . ii , '! inaeter
x hi i.i, i1. l.nie i:p 1 . ) . M no hia
' I'll i-e. Mr I'.'. i
cinint aa it frill.'" be ill
ili.In't touch eiiiiii-.i) - --'l.y. int. Hi ir-
c-ie." ti the ii nt.r if f.ix'h.n
hi. he i'i.chUii! a liiuch in n eiMiffii,
I i1. n't tl ,nk tint to Oinil.t a
a f.iil Are Ii ii I r-t'.'" "nt a bit,"
;n the eliL-rftil ri jiniis.., imw,
if yi.ti'll leu.! Ii i in up I'll im. nut from
ben then I nnn't have to touch
l.'r.. .n.l " He .'.:.!, am! wnn In nt the
il' iiih. nnil anvthiii.' lie warn in that
... i. i h f i ,iii the best hunter
In its : lit. w In the m.-i-terhbip of
the l.iiiinilii hen he yrowii up.
' .. " " - '
At the hciriutiii.i; of the enr UtiO 1
T'e lUi Ail (the ni;i7e i!iik.. rl !
... l.n.e.l ,.n eiery side. All h
experience in the ea,.n uf ilanjrerl
li,i...l t, ....-,! !.,,!, ii,,.. , f i,:,i j
kr Ibe KmprrM Weill i nr.
i.i,ie.l t..., -,' il. .!,lii,k. , f i,:,l
H the only cerla n means ..f .in c.
Il s. .-1 1 1 .is if the hi. I adoplid It s mill-
t.. ii, e ,-... i f l..l..spierre:
"li n'j n 1 1 1 !e im r's iiii in- r. ti.n-
si e
1- th. .u'
h Shi
i ." '! lij'.'D it w i: li ;
i. Imi- :iv in l 1 in im! .
' t !ir r- mi! t , v 1 1
u'tioriU'Cf n 1 : ! ' . 1 1 v '
X t.t m n: , ..(! in 'i nic
il I: .
! t ( f tin- l: 'rr nn r-it
.1 ..I
I f.i.-i. hni t:i i.! i-'(Mt tni. ! '.! miiI
j t-- ..Hit sj .ii . ! ut I'lini: ( 1 1
milM fr -ni I. L ri', il.-.!. taking
1 1 h hvr f' rut ti - the m. st
i.i'n . ;ilth, uti.t 1 .... r Kvi, Hmi,
S) Ki W ilfi fl
ow 11 ftnfi'tT
erte a holafc,'e for her
ami immtiiiit v. It. Van
Ittrtn ,ln Atinntic.
A familiar name fur Ihe Ctiieako, Mn.
aukeeSI Paul Kaiivnv, knuonall
over the I'tiion a. Ibe (ireat llailaajr
rniinihit Ihe '-1'ione. r Limited" trains
everv d.y and r'i;bt l teen Si, I'anl
and Cl.ii if ', and tlnaha and ( linniio.
' lleoniv irfiet tnnns : n 1 be or Id '
' i'Hii art ma t
will. All Tiannoi.tnH'Dil ,tM
ItlkT to I'U'f Itfftt Ull' ! rt'M t
1 .11 k 1 1 icuB ei H, t riiM-l 1 io !u I
- iim n
iicat, of a vi'rity i) : ! -
iur. j
S. i 4 t .tn. ill.) .. ..L ......T. .!
.............. ...... ...... ... .,e
M.-unl.e l,n l ai. ti.t in !
Lie I inc. I Slalis or I al a l.l. All tick-!
et 1..1, nis sell iliem. :
l ,.r pi,,.,l,.,s r other info.-
j f..kv i- i i-.iv
J, ,"k' (.-J.Enii-,
Ir.v. 1H A.-i. i.en. ral Ai-ent,
'-'"". "' i .'urui.Mj, nr i Ihey n.v.-, I'r.
W' ' K I
1901 RAMBLERS. A Superb Line of Bicycles the Manufacture
of Which has Continued Uninterruptedly for 22 Years.
Model 3S Price $G0. Men's Chainlcss
Kpeci0catior6 Krarne i2 inch, ootional 20 inch and 24 inch ; revers
ible No. 6 bar wiih expanding aleui ; chainlers 78-inc-li gear, oplional
72 inch and W inch; 1',-incU U. A J. tirep ; rat trap pedal ; Cl
inch cranta; direct tilling teal os, forward L oplional. Hunt No
70 caddie.
Model 3J. Price .G0. Ladies' Chainlcss
Hpecifi'-aliun Frani'o 22-ii.rh. 0i'i r.l i'O inch; upiurved No. (j liar
with expanding stem. i hainh-s 68 itiih tear. o;iti mal 72,'n;-li, I
nu ll ti. A J Tires, optional pe lain ; CJ.'-inrn cranks; direi t tiitiiu
Mat, for .rd I. optional. Hunt No. 77 f&djie.
Model 40.
Specific' iont Frame 20 inch, op-'onal 22 inch und 24-iuch ; epecial
No. 2J forward exleniion racin,; hr v, ith exrandiiK 'em, np-ional
rijjular No, 2iJ lir, milhoot extet.fion. ut ul en Mode! -11 ; Rt i"1''
fear, optional 61-inch and 87 inch ; 1 ,-iui Ii chain ; l?3-ini li llait
ford f-p.i i il tire, Oiit:on l i. A I (f e note) ; b7,, inch cranks rat
trap pedalf ; forward L fiat p-f t, d rei tillirs jiost oplional ; Brown
raeinu saddle; dininctive colje. criivfon with nine ttripiu.
Nirc Weij'.it as rec;f; d, LO' , p eind", whicii may lie reduced
toie than 20 p'.nnda by the .u'nV.ui,on
73 ricinrf lues which uru too !ii;li;. however, 'or road u e and are not
Model 41. Price $40. Men's Light Koadster
SiM'i iCcatioiie Frame 22-inch, optional 23 in :h and 21-inch; No. 2d
bar w ith ex; andir.g i-reni ; 81-inch (rear, optional 77 inch nr.d SI
inch ; .'l id i- ch chain, ti7i inch cranks; PB inch li .A J. tire", p
ti:im! liar. ford No. 80; rat Iran pedals, optional rubber; direc- till
ing i-r-rtt onti-iniil forward L; Hunt No 7'i ?! idle.
Model 42. Price $40 Ladies' Light Roadster
Pl-eeifii-at ions Frame 22 inch, op'.icii&l 10-incli and -i-i.ich; c.p
curved No. U ttar w ith expandini; Vin ; 72 im ii g-Mr "p in-.-h
and 77 inch " 3 hi i ich chain ; (i'.j-incli criri; P;iin' h i. A J.
lire., optional Hartford No. 80; direct tilling n u! p i-i . Hunt No
77 saddle.
WE have sceuroti the
pair sliojt. Our Uicyclc
jrive our Cutomcrs the 1'est Service.
Our Sundry Department will contain everything in line of Bicycle Supplies at Prices which will make our Com
pclitors wonder how we can sell them at such Low Figures.
Hair-Riddle Hardware Company.
Sixth Street, Grants Pass Oregon.
Are You Soing last?
Terhaps I can be of service to you.
I can ticket you over any railroad running
trains out of Portland; tell you when to leave
home; where to change cars; when you will
reach your destination, and what there is to
be seen on the way.
Call or write I '11 take pleasure ia answer
ing your questions.
Omaha, Chicarjo, Kansas Citv, St Louis and
I j 111
I r If f J k.e na ,,
xrr-'C!rs I
-C-k ft JU5t t
JU5t tVO
j r'y-'
"t' e-'.-iV
' ly-''Tfi
' i
I v. --
did the
G-T.-me:i-i r-r"f.ri f.-r
t (,:.,-! U.,1, , L .. I I...
as rnle
! ! rsil.,M u''!"l S..ii. li item .ly,' 'n.ej.
0 It s,u,J , .1. th,- ..,in.
le- nro i;i;.,r nve rtllef a-nl the
Mi.llitcn. Hr..t.t Ii,.ii!!:.k- nr .-T -
i.-i II.I ..-.1 on it. ..i o it.,
i'l.- n w or n...K. I have t.s. .1
tl .' t'1.111 i-viv. a t. r.i: n.
I r u , y
v.i.i r.'ire.iv. r.,r 11. u.e
i.I 0. a-
hi" ..rU XIK.S, M. V.'b.'
i ' .-.: .i.U. Ca... J'jlv u. l.-o.
InifTulis i s.; it.
fi. nl ! men I t,ae kn.... ii cl
Mm. ti.,i,s I'lii'i tn,.. f, r v
ui n. .1 1,-itij tsiihin n r-.w rt- .
. I' i:p-" n.v I r...n ,i-..i !;
' t-n ui of
I 1 ,r. vi. 1:1 I,.-.:T.:ll-,,;.y i ,t t i, .,
1 .,st reni.t.. .-.:n tl u I h -.-
" r li .e-t Th..r.. ish v n - ; 1 1. .1 It ,.
v., ...t'. '..-'. .-v .-ir.- to ir'ie q, 11.1c
U.J l . rmnn' it relief. It. Ciii'v.
UI.O. JI. CI'Tf 1 it f t
ttakeratieiil. V'L
srrcii r:jcv covpany
Xe.Koi It.n.T BAN rJASCS.
Dyspepsia Cure
t-fc. . . .
A- .!- M
u.gcsis wnai you eat. i
Tt inirVia!lM;...,. J .A .14. !
7 -..... s' ....... ..AM sun iiu. 1
Aatura In atreiulhenlntr- inH r.n.
atructiog th f ihaustexl di;aitl or- j
H th UteSldls.TerldiFe.t. ;
1 c approach It in eflicienoy. It Id-
ituutlr reheresand permatientlTcurea
; iiTspepsia, lndicst inn, ilcaftburn,
iaiuieuc aour Stomach. Ixausea
Kl,: II " .fl1" !
ty E-C CtatITT CO, Ctlleoatw '
1 Li
I "
oi I1
inch liari.'i.rd No.
cervices of T. A. HOOD, an
Tnnle for 1U00 was very ciicoura;iii to us, anl we shall be
A. C. Sheldon, General ApenU
Third and Stark Sis., I'ortl'.n.l. Ore-.
Send fur 1 at !i-ue
t'Niriii 1 Vl'ilt 111 I r !t ,i S: 1 i'. 1KB t o.
- 0 ri.K n . k 1: K r , i-okilaxd
Vfcii: YEARS'
r . J 1 -I O tL . 11 ' . ,'
m p-5i' ::.
. its-.":.'! .11 1 : '.,.... 11:
i ... .
""'. ,';
!;. C
A Keen 1'lrar nrvln.
Your liest fee'iin;s. lour siveial wi
"" ' Hi-" ilicev. .l-nel, I I,,', .
.?T!j ''' i' 'V . ' ", W
Sol j by Di. Krvmer '
' "
Model 43. Price $35. Men's. Roadste j
Specifications Frame 22-inch, .! 2 )irub, 24 inch and .!
inch; No. 2C bar with adjustable u-m ; 81-in.h (sear, optional 77- i
inch and 81-inch ; 3-10-incti chain ; ti'.-iuih cranki ; 1, inch U. i
J. tires; rat trap pedals; direct tit.iiu sent .'M; llimbler Nn. 2 8. j
B. Saddle.
.Model 44. Price $35. Ladies' koadstcr
SpetiBcatioiis-Framu 22 inch, optional 20-inch a id 24-iuch; up.
curved No. 6 bar wilh adjastKblH Mem; 72-incb (rear, optional C8-
inch and 77-iiuh ; 3-16-inch
tires; rubber pedals; direct
1901 IDEALS 1901
An Excellent
Men's Model GO. Price $25. 2S-in Wheels?'
8cifica;ioiis Frame 22-inch optional 20-inch, 24-inch and 2G-im;f
reversible bar with internal fastener 80 inch ,:ear, 72 inch and 9!-1-inch
optional; 3-16 inch chain; 7 .'jincb cranks. Clinch optional; f
I's-inch -iiii;le lube tires; rat tr.ip pedals: L real post with i iier j
nal fasiencr; Harford saddle. t
Ladies' Mode! 61. Price $25. 2S-in Wheels
Specifications Fraiin'-SHbuh, optional l'l-inch an 1 24 inch jrnr.-i
ble bar with internal fastener, C8 in h Kear ; Cl-inch mid 77-ini h op
tional: 3-10 inch chain; G'j.inch cranks, 7).;i.:ch oplional; l-inch
sinul'.' tube tires; rubber pedals; I. Mat nost with internal las.enct;
liar ford ladies' fuddle.
expert Bicyclo Ilepaircr, and
Tram Ieuve (.ritnta Iaaa ror I'orl
land and Way Stattiinn at 4:40
a. tn. anil U:15 p. in.
I.v. 1'ortland . . .
Ar. GrantKl'aiii..
Ar. Ashland. .
. H-iiJa.iii.
. 1 0 :-I.S p.m.
12 a.m.
7:0.1 p.m.
10:10 a.m.
11 i'.O a 111.
4 :i-15 a.m.
U.ii.) a.m.
11 :45 a. 111
11 0i a.m.
7 :'.'" a. in
:'M it in.
7-f-O a. m.
ti.Oi p. in.
0 :iiO a. 111.
11:55 a. in.
4:11.1 a. m.
(i :25 i. 111,
t) :42 a m,
52:42 l. 111
Ar. Sacramento.
5:00 p.m.
Ar. San Francisco. 7:45 p in.
Ar. Ok. len
Ar. Ilentir
Ar. Kansiie City.
Ar. Chii-ago
. .5 At p in . .00a in.
.7 :25 a.m.
..7:5) a.m.
4 Ar. Angeles.
1 :20 p nr.
.0:ii.'l p. in.
H ilOa in.
'0 :55 a. in.
4 (M 1.1
Ar. I' I I'as.i ... .
Ar Fail W.,r:h. .
Ar. City .f .Meiin
Ar. Il.i-.inn.
Ar. New Orleans 0 :L'5 a. 111.
Ar. Washington. . 0:42 a. 111.
Ar, Ne York . . . 12 .43 p. m.
both Ir iins. Chair cars Sacramento to
li! len and El l'aso. and Tourim cant 10
j Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans and
; Washington.
Connecting at San Fraacico with
several steamship lines for Honolulu,
Japan, China, I'liilippines, Central and
South America.
r-eeJ. 1'. Jester, as-ent at (iranta I'j
'ass station or address
C. II. MARK!! AM. !. P. A..
I'ortlantl. Ore
Oon't Be Duped
Tlvre have hon plmrei upon tho market
ut Wi tHNT IiH-tiuimo-." They are .imr
j useroa uuJer rariua uttuit at a low prico
a prviu
at thftM
I rlealera, arocvm, atrenti. etc.. ar.
I 111 a few iiutancua a pa-mtum torsuoacrli).
uon to tiait-s.
Auaotinoements of these comparatively
I rrpnnti are venr rnlk,1lni: for InMent
they ar a.lrcrtiM ,,, tie lri0 iui.t.,,,,
! s,u,valent of a hiiher-prtoe.1 bonk, wh.n in
! IIS if '"" I V kuow aai1 !', ihey
Reprint Dictionaries.
photon,,, .sor, cf , f.u f OTiT flf(
I k 7.i . i ii . i """"') wmsohi loranont
i i'. an I wrn. h a much tiit-rior in tailor
! f,"'". ' m to iIkw iiuilaliotWiuS
j tlon a t ork of some merit InsluaU ot ou,
i Long Since Obsolete.
I 7-2 n,",w'", '"",n'""f heN.kare.Uvr to contain, was cinip.Ksl l,y a nntlr.
! Pul'lHh.4 hia -'li. other minor
f arv pnilntnly of mure or km value.
i H.TT Uaakrldctd Dictlomrr puh.
I nslHsl t.v ,,r b-vuso is the only luei ilorious
. oiie of that ruune familiar to this ten 'V,
, InZn ,.Vlr,.7iyrry
i Valtwlle as this wora is. wtf have at VTrt
VjCt the BSt.
C MERtlAAt CO. SprioiosU, Mais
IYov on l.Iiiii-
Hon i ib
chain ; o'2incti cranas, l -incli u. & J,
uliin eeat post; Uamhler No. 3 S. B
Medium Grade Line.
will conduct a .first-class Re-
better prepared this year tor
ShortCsSt and Quickest
ThrouEh I'nlai e ami Tourist Fleer
era, Dining and Itufr.-l Fiiiokiiif
l.lhrurj Cars.
Tit kets to points East via l'urthnul anil
the (Ore-T l llJTI 1 1- V 1) V
at Southern l'acitie I -Mt Ticket (liii
(.ranta Pass, or tilt EAT MjKTIlh'K
Ticket Olliee
Third Rlreet, Portland
For Kates, Folders and full information
repinliug Eastern trip, cull on or addrcat
City Pans and Ticket Agent, Portlainl
Quinine la 10 jears liehitnl. folds do
not now have to be endured. Sit sum
Itic (ealied dynamic Irora
their energy) croud a week's onliiisrr
treatment into 12 hours and ahout tb
worsts of colds over niht.
''It was Ihe worst case of crip I ever had.
A half Unzeii friends had sure cures. Mill
it liune on. Heard of the Hy.vxhii- T
i i is. To my amazi iiient thev stopped Is'ta
cohl and cotinh the lirst nittht. I endorse
ana recommend them to the people."
1UXC1.AT llCNI.VV t'v.,.i....l....l ...,rM.
anil Attorney. P I Sansome Street, mo
rraiiciMo, July 7. l!m.
"Winter rolds have alwavs heen feriai
thines to mo Ti,.. ... i. . t..r
months. Hut the last was stopped stei tenlv
br MaMin's iivv..... I-....... ii.. rl.
......ais on .... i.s".
cnuh anil cold disappeared in a couple of
days. Nothing else does this for me."
Mas. Kmma I,. u Moss .-t., ean
rrancisco. Auk. li ,'oo.
'1 llVP IrKI.I ll.a I- .-!.. Ml
, ,,llr s,m-b Hum ni,..
M ISDEL 1 WlUII. T...... ...!
That is bow I first took them. Thev stop
colds without notice. 1 look a dozen'boxu
with me for self ami friends when I went
, '2e-V. '-Van .VisKLr.Ciipitan-l,
17 a-hmirton Street, eati Francisco.
Auirnst 10, Vm).
,.??' Pp-'lpaid for IS cents in stamps 1'T
IN LAN D ultfO et), .a. Washinrxioa
Street, San Frrncisru. Also on sale by our
local acent M. Clxmsss.
A Family Library
Tha Best In Current Literature
12 Cohplitc Novels Yiarlt
$2.60 rcavcan; 25 eir. a cot
' r