Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, December 27, 1900, Image 4

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Wilhelmina Selects Duke Henry of
AmiMmrat of Ik Royal Ile
Irothal Cfceerea by aa Meinbere
of Ta Nctktrlanda Parliament
-Cablaet Oppoaad Matak.
The onnouncement of the betrothal
of Queen Wilhelmliiu to Duke Henry
of Mecklenburif-iiciiwcriii in llm sec
onl chamber of The Netherlands pnr
lininent the "other rtny win greeted
with cheers. The house charged the
president to IniiiKinil to the queen its
congratulation untl thanks for com
municating the glad event, which wa
of the highest importune to the
dynasty and country.
The announcement hna been sym
pathetically received by the whole
Uerman press, although nearly all the
paers point out that the event 1 de
void of politicnl significance. Atten
tion, however, la called to the fact
that her choice cannot fail to
strengthen the ties of friendship be
tween the two countries. Mention is
made of the close relationa of lan
guage, race and literature and of the
fact that the queen's mother was born
in (jcrmany.
It is learned from s reliable source
that her choice is her own and againat
the wishes of the Dutch cabinet, who
desired her to wait for another year
or two until her judgment was niore
mature. She took th matter into
her own hands. When she visited
l'otiulaiii a year ago everybody ex
pected that ) r choice would be
Prince Joachim Alhrecht of Prussia,
who paid court to her assiduously und
readied her and tho queen mother
from a serious accident while they
were driving in the Sans Bond park.
At that time she seemed to be seri
ously smitten, the prince being tall,
good looking and amiable; but It is
understood that slu; yielded to the
strong objections of the Dutoli cab
inet, who urged that an alliance with
a Prussian prince might bring polit
ical entanglements.
The young duke Is in habits and
manner a typical Herman officer. He
has traveled to India and North Tape.
Heceiitly he has been much in evi
dence in llerlin and Potsdam and in
court, military and diplomatic socie
ety, where he is appreciated ns an
indefntlgible dancer, lie Is also a flue
equestrian. His brother, Duke Adolf
Friedrlch, is a noted steeplechaser.
Ooss von Seiipelaa's lavanllua
I'sovse to lis Uarnifk
abl Cos.
Count von Keppelen gave his airship
another trial the other afternoon at
Friedrichshafcn and achieved a notable
success. After rising the airship re
mained poised at a height of Odometers
for three-quarters of an hour. It thsn
made a series of tacks and performed
sundry turning maneuvers, after which
it was steered agsinnt the wind. It
finally headed toward Immeiistadt,
where th inventor lauded after a trip
that lasted about an hour.
The king nnd queen of Wiirtetnhurg
witnessed th trial from the deck of
a steuiner.
The airship carried four persons be
sides Count Zcppelen. When it rose th
wind was from the northeast, blowing
at a velocity of 3', yards per second.
When the airship had at tallied a height
of MH yards it discrilKil a circle, and
then drove with the wind in a generally
circular direction for about sis miles.
It then sgiiln described a circle, after
which It nimlv headway against the
wind, which was then blowing with in
creased velocity. Kvriituiilly the air
ship descended with great case nnd
steadiness into the ink and; was tow ed
to a shed.
The experiment was sucevasful. Its
stability, equilibrium and steering
powers were excellent. It is generally
agreed that considerable progress has
been mud since its (1 rat ascent.
Tker Is No Meaas or Itlseoaasrtlatt
lb Ulrl Who an a
smokers' Seats, j
' Men who wish to enjoy a smoke when
coming downtow n after breiikfuiA art)
often "put out" by the feminine pa
tron of the street cars who perMM'hi
getting in the sent for smok
ers, even though the rtd of the cur may
be empty. One sufferer from this pro
pensity on the part of the fair hex de
clared the other day that, the only
way to cure them of the habit wna
to smoke them out, Miya the Chicago
Chronicle. The young man took hia
pluce on one of the scute, cigar l
mouth. At I.oomii street a young
woman and escort entered the car.
Many vacant st ats were ahcod, but sliw
calmly took r, s. :it benidr the afore
said smoker. The escort clung to the
strap and chut ted In small talk. "Ili-ra
is my chance," Untight the smoker,
lnxtantly thire Issued from his lip
enough smoke to remind one of the
power-house smokestack. The move
ment of the car blew it all in her fare.
Looking up at her escort she said,
"Cm in a stnokcT's scat, ain't 1?" Ho
agreed, 'l'lie siiHtker wus overjoyed. Ho
fell that he was doing a kindness to all
puffer of the weed.
"She's weaki ning." he thought, "ami
he'll mote in a moment.''
Still she utt. I he stnokrr milled and
JiufTeil nil he was marly black in tho
"Do you know," she suddenly mi Id to
h.-r esvort, "I tlo love the odor of a good
cigar'.'" with a cruel en,pli:i. on the
word "good."
The puffing ceased and the puffer
kept his eyea ou the Hour as she left the
Eiil blil'C
Scotch Remedy
is the greatest ahsotbsat In the
world and dors Its work through
the pore of the skin.
Don't Rub it lit
Simply wet (he eftuclea pert fVtetf
with Uie remedy ssii ia s few stlo
atcs tat atta U $ ua.
lb best physieUns tie It,
piescrlbe It so salt with th
general public In aayuif !
"Scoli Remttty it I At ittt
external rtmtdy known."
okt by alt arafl si as csals
Weetera Agency IAN PKA.NCIKO
Tk List Inelmles Xiinr llul Cnsllsli
ma anil Anterleaim (if the
Nineteenth Genlury.
Who are the ten greatest men of
the nineteenth century? This is a
favorite conundrum jut.t now ucn.sfi
the water, but we haw seen only one
attempt to solve it in print. An Eng
lish periodical nnmes Abnilinm Lin
coln, the statesman; Cr::::!, til sol
licr; Darwin, the eei'n!: ; Thack
eray, the novelist; Hi rl.ert Spencer,
the philosopher; J, liner, "the most
commanding tigure in medicine;"
Frocbel, I be educator; teethovc;i. the
musicinn; nnd .Morse and tephei son,
first mastera of electricity and steam.
It ia easy to Imagine, says Youth's
Companion, the frantic objections a
Frenchman for instance would
raise ton lint which mentions not one
of the masters of art and life of his
own nation. Noting that the list is
restricted to Englishmen and Amer
icans, men of the Anglo-Saxon race,
and to Germans first cousins. lio to
speak, to that race he would iilleg,
that here wn another outcropping of
that self-Hntibfled egotism which
make tho ' lSritisher" or the "Yan
kee" so tlisngreeiible a neighbor.
The real truth is that n man, wheth
Knglisliman or Frenchman, who
undertakes miy such classification, en
gages in a perilous enterprise, lie may
not hope to satisfy anyone but him
self, l'robnbly every thoughtful stu
dent of our own time has at least one
hero whose name lie would vole to
substitute for some name given above.
Yet this is a good list, one worthy
of res tful consideration. It is not
ours. We merely import the conun
drum nnd the answer. Hut the Amer
ican who constructs n more glittering
roll of honor will have to. rend hard
and think deeply. The jtlcrnrr criUc
will probably roncede that it would
not be possible to mention "ten great
est, men" of the nineteenth century,
omitting nil the ten whose names nre
given above.
'Ill Suuitljr Ciiialnnllr Nil rl It I na
and the I'rlee Itlslnif C'or
rrstianiltnaly. The extinction of the lobster is
threatened, Jle Is lu ton much ilcinnnd
as an article of food. The I'nited
States fish connuikslonc r, in answer to
in inquiry from 'cprcscntiilite Fitz
gerald, gives statistics which show
the catch of lobsters in Massachusetts
outers luts iltcrcnsi'di 70 per cent, (lur
ing the lust IS yenrs. The. yield' was
4;:i.ri,tl0 pounds, valued at f 1.'s,:.'l".i in
Imhi, which in fell to 1,1,'J 1,711
pounds, valued at $117,71:2. The yield
has not only decreased but with in
creasing scarcity tho price lias ad
vanced, Ibis in turn causing greater
tctivity on the part of fishermen. The
fish commissioner, says the Chicago
l'riliuiie, has been doing its) lu st to
maintain the supply. During, the lutt
five years) :;s7,l)ll,T3 young lol'steis
irttfleiully hatched have been liberated
.in tho Massachusetts const. Practi
cally all the eggs from which these
kdistcrs were hnlclud. wmier have been
destroyed luul the commission not pur
chased the egg-licaring adults from
fishermen, w hich is good evidence t hat
but for the commission the supply of
lobsters would be practically exhaust
ed to-(bty. The New Fnglnmtl stales
have laws ngninst the catching of uti
dersiied lobsters, and also of brood
lobsters carrying eggs, but the laws
do not seem to be well enforced. The
result Is that in spile of the work of
the commission the lobster supply i
constantly shrinking, and the time
may come when the lobster will be as
much of n curiosity as is the buffalo,
and only inulU-millionaircs can alTord
to eat them.
An Ainericnn water hyaciutli which
is noL Inf rcipietit ly an obstruction to
navigation in southern riters has been
successfully killed on the Melpomene
canal, .New Oilcans, by a chemical
Treatment of soil with lime hns
been suggested to tin Paris academy
of science as n possible remedy for
malaria, as it has been noticed thai
count rtes having a surface rich in lime
nre free from this malady.
A drill which will bore through
solid rock at the rate of iP j inches per
minute, ami through a mixture of rod,
and schist nt the rate of -I 4 inches
per minute, haa liccu at work in the
tllpa Arsbcrg mine district, Austria.
lb. Michaclis, mi Austrian authori
ty on tvtiicnts, considers that a mix
ture of Portland ccmeiit, olcauic tufa
and granulated blast furnace slag is
better than Portland ceinent alone
where structures are to be exposed to
salt water.
Sonic old (juurrics of oriental ala
baster have recently been discovered
In the neighborhood of Monte Amiulu,
near Siena. It now seems very prob
able that the beautiful columns of
that material in the interior of the
Cathedral of Siena came from those
iUiii'ties. The Xjtmrriea are about to
lie worked.
The musicalii telegraph system, In-
cluiling tratiscoutincntal line, con
sists of fl firiS miles of lines, with ::. 1 ii.l
miles of wires, sa s the Western Ui
trictuii. 1 he police telephone sxstelu
consists of I'M miles of telephone; ex
changee huc Isveu opened at Salis
bury and lliilauavo. There arc til' tel
egraph otticcs in i;iiod sin.
A levi laud engineer has inxented a
machine for the automatic munufac
lure of steel balls. The machine auto
matically forms anil poli-h,-. sicel
balls, which arc ctilirch sji'u i it ;il. at
the rate of u.Vuisi a day. ( nl.ieill pu eis
of hot steel, each of which is to be
made into a ball, are red into the top
(f the machine, one at a tunc.
Ttie New I'otirlst Sleeping Cars
On the Northern 1'acillc have the wo
men's toilet rooms an 1 lavatories separ
ated. Men's lavatories in these curs
hftvt' Uu shmIi busitiH und are also dis
tinct from Men's toilet rooms. You will
appreciate nil Ibis. A. I). Charlton,
Ass't (icn J Pass. A;'t, L'V Muirison St,
Cor 3,1, rortland, Ore.
Jlisl Huveil Ills I. lie.
It was a tl ri 1 1 in kl esesii that Clisrlei
Hsvieol Itowcrsloi', O , lately bad Irotu
a Irtiibtlul death 1-or too years
severe lunu trouble constantly i!rew
nrsu until it seemed be must die ol
Consumption. Then be bcitan to use
Pr, King .New iMscvery and lately
wrote: "It csve instant relief and
ed'eclcd ft pern. silent cure." Such
wonderful elites have lor lio years proven
it's power to cure all Tlitoat, (.'beet and
I. uug troubles.. 1'rue s'e and 1 tsi.
Kvcry bottle guaranteed. Trial bolt lea
Iree at 1 r. Kremer's druu store.
lon't uee any of the conntc. (cits of
lie Witt's Which Hsr.el Sulvo. Most of
them are worthless or liable to cause
injury The oittfinal lie Witt's Witch
1 1 see I Salve is a certain cute fur piles,
eciema, cuts, scalds, bum, soro aud
skiu tlioe. lt. W. F. Krvuier.
Is nowrtsplnf s rich nsrvest. fellcal ststls-
tics compiled by tli beet
physlclsni of th world
how thst vsr stitr per
cent of the rsaes of scqulred
LAOHII'PB. There are also
other points of .weakness,
Refer to the numbers on th
chert. '6tadr espb one cr-
i- l laii). w auimi.1 i&a u.iku
4 S 6 wlihths. If too here eo
I sttsck of LA fJKIFPE beslfl
I ( the e of 111 lVA. ss
I 7 soon ss th scuts srmptoms
ksv subsided. Ill' l VAX villi brluf sboul
tb rcstorstlon to perfoct healtb.
The Parts Affected Are:
I. tub nucouti nnmiBANB linino
eomes lnflmd snd thlrkoned, snd s Cbronl
Cstsrrh It the reiult. II I'll VAX will ruuuce
th liifltminsiloii, snd leave the mscoui maav
Wsne In s pertcctlf heslthr condition.
flsrned snd thlekeiied. rlvltif rifle to sltnoit
total drslnew. llt'ltVAX will prevent the
rprrsd of tlistnnstnmstloli. Tbedrum will nol
We eaVcted sad lirerlnf will bo unimpaired.
BOMB TIIKOA T.-Knun the nsme eauro si ti e
two prercdlni. Ill: I) VAN wilt prevent 111
eoinlng on.
YA wlllBtrenifthea th hesrt lierre,eiislUe
the rlrcnlatlnn ol bhKMl, snd csum the btsit
beati to become strong snd reenter.
wtll rsuiie the lung tlisus to become etronjt
sad keellliy.
will itrenglhen It slmoit luimndleral.
III'PVAX will (inre sll of the above 7mp
lome end leave ynur wholo syitern lo s p-rfeet
Bondltlos of health. Oo to your druelit et
onre snd vrorsre s pnekacn of I! I'D VAN
for V) rente, or its peek nice for I: M). If yoitf
drnrelot does not krer. It, send direct to the
111 YA rtl'.lll lV (l)ll'tVTt'M
Franeliieo. Cst. nctnenther Ihet yotl ran rotmdt
the III KVA V IXM Tltr Hil l:. Cell
and ee ttie dortore. You may roll snd K-t
thorn or wilts, ss ynu 4uilre. Addteee
IIudy&D Rfrrjedy (ompiipy
Crnr Stockton, Alnritl and 11 it Slrmtt,
Diaests what you eat.
It arUflelally'u'ik'ests tho food and aids
Natura In HlrengLbunliig and recun
Btructlng the exhausted dlgostlvc or
gans. 11 Istlie latest, (lIscovcretldtKi'st
ant and tonic. No oilier preparation
can apprnacli It In ofllcicnry. It In
Rtanlly rulicvesand prmuniiilly cures
Uyspcpsla, iiKIIRCKtum, iicarinurn,
Flatuluuce. Hour .Stomach, Nausea,
Kick Headacli(!,Oastralgla.('r.nnpatid
all other results of imperfect digestion.
PrlceWic.andll, f.nrireslrecontiitnsSH tlmoa
snisllsiio. liixikiillsisiiiKlysin'iisiauiaiieurri.'O
s'reoaied ty E. C. t) WIT T CO.. Cljlcogo.
The Li.Iit of the World,
Our Saviour in Art.
("out Hourly $101.00) 1o proilui'i. Con-
tmiiH nt. uly 100 f ii I l-pafw 11 1 1; rn v i nif h of
our S.ivimir uiii im Mother Wy Uif
woriire nriitiMt p u 1 1 1 1 . r . 1 rue miiifs
ol lie uTei.h'We M .iHii-rpitM CH in t lit art
tfi.llcrit'r ol Ijiroju'. Ktery ii-turr ih at
l..-niiti(nl a a hiuirim cvrr the lulitunM.
Cutitrtiris ilcFrriplioti ( the mi
biHK!riiliv ol tnn i-uititiMM, tin' nniiit"!
A fttl Inciiti. n of lint filler its lu Kurtine
runtaiiiM n ( li:itl'n 1 p;i 1 1 me ri t , im In i-
l Ilk' a ( 1 1 slil h Moiv ol thti ( liri-l utxl
ih Mother, henutifnll v written, to lit
each picture. Thm nt!ileilul loolt,
iiiatelilt us til il m punt v and heani v,
upprii'w to every iihii hr' hetrt, hiiI in
every Chriftiuu licin- w liero there Hr
liildien Hip honl; nrlls it v'.. Clirihiinii
men mnl uonuii uui nctUiiii; money
rapidly tnkiiig order A t'hri'ihai. itian
or wm! run in Umh runiiniunlv oorl
tunke $1,000 tnkinir oi.h-rn for t'lu 'Mma
prenentH, Mr. Wuitt. our nent in
M a!-frtehnHettH, h n Hdd over $.1,00..
woittiol hookrt in a very -ln-i! ttme
Mih. Siickt'tt, tur fluent in New York,
Iihh nnld over t !,.( nn tli of Ix-oUh in a
very tdiorl linu. Tho huok is ptmte.l
on velvet -fin i shed paper, u uutilidlr
honnd in Cnrdiiuil Ked and "M, and
iidorned ilh tiohlen U'stfliiinl I.i)ic
(l I, without ilouht, (lie iiikM hcitntiful
hock of tin" renlnrv. Writ i Ut terms
oun kty and (ho manacement of llml
lei niorv. oti van work on k.iI.u v or
ninininrtiou, uiol when vni prove vour
hiieeesH we will pruinote yon to the pu.-i-
tiou ol Manurr and 1 oriepiiiint. tit
ft permanent pahiry, to devole your time
lo ullendintf to itkp'i.lH and the ror-rer-pondenee.
Wnntetl a!no a Shite Man
auer to hitvo eluire of otlit'e in l.eitdiia'
( of the Statu and nuin.ico all (lie
hiiuesH of the Slate. Seihl tor lerm".
thi: r.urnsu-AMi-uu'-w r
t'oliiuiin Hui'diin. ( ppos;te V S, I'reai
dry, Washihlon, l K
Dlsoovrrx ol l'ln- lleeonls of llusl-
sm Trenfii'lliwe, IVmu.
llnrlue II.
Au American archaeological expedi
tion, excuvatii.g at Nippur ib-oici'ed
rccc.hUy In a iwm "o feet below the
eurfac, . .one 7.W c!;iy tablets, the bu; I
ucss reciittls of a rich tinn of
chants, I'liilesliu Sons. These iloeu
meets lire dated in the reigns of Art ix I. ( lei 4S4 II. ( I and P:iriii II
(4'.':i-4". II. IM. The tablets are of l;l
rious sies, some reseinblir.g the or
dinary cake of soap of couitu. tee
TIie uiv coveriil with eiii:eiforui
rhatr.cteis clear and distinct as when
the bookkeeper of Clur.i'liu inscribed
them I'.'iS' cars ago. k;i s the New
'(Mk ( otiilm rcial AdMl tl-viT.
A nun r biiii is llus guaranty for So
yrnrs nil emerald is so w'l set
that It will not fall out :
"ltd ahiddlr.a and l' l-shuut'.i. mnsiif
ltd, and llntin, son cf lt.i.u.a. spoke
unto licl-nsdinihnniii. son of Moras-hti.
as follows: "As concerns the gold ring
set with an emerald, we guarantee that
for I'U jenrs the emerald will not fall
out of "the ring If it should fall out
befors .he expiration of W tear Hci.
nhUldit'H (and the two olhersl shall
pay to Pe 1-iinditishiuiin an imlriuiiity
of ten mana of silver."
The-j follow- the liamea of ten wit
nraes and of an otbeial w hois descrilied
ns "the scribe of the Concordtiuce of
Proper .Names." The docuuirrit con
cliiurs with the thtmili-mul murks of
Uie contracting partlc.
There are also leases of various kinds
nnd contracts for the ss'.e of suu-drird
bricks and other merchandise, and for
th loan of seed corn untl oxen for plow
lng: ?siv4 HAIH BALSAM
.rr r.l'e I., lu.t.'r. Cmj
II. ir t xo,.iiiiu, .i. r.
ClWM I' ' S h r I. .u.
Dvsneosia Cure
Am AsaaalaarOrcarrcBee In m DleT Offle
Ualiaiotf devotor la
People who ride iu "jirts" in this city
acquite some (jueti r MjH'ii'ri.cea at
tiittrs. The cniiiiig of the floors v.l.cre
(.ar.Jcnjreis dtsire lo Cr'uurW or cirijaik
t A InfrKiucntiy produers w,i;. aniiis
it.; siti:;:tions. It ail d i't-n::.. cn the
st'!c of tbe jn'rson rnakiiit; 1 lie an
nouiicci.'.cnt. Of cr.uise, conductors
i.ic i.iu'c artieipants to tre rami-.; is one l.r.ppcnir.jt whicli is ct i tain-.
ly ot;t cf t.he tus-uai rim, say the Chi
?cio Cbrouicle.
liulf a dozen potMiiRers enttrcd on
elevator in n bi( downtown oflU-t build
ing. Doctors ollice there almost to
the txciusbut of other profi Hhiona.
One boy Willi a package nsked to bede
posited lit the tecond floor. A wumun
stood mute Hliile a lurdical mail
tl.oti'M he would leave nt the fifth.
Tli? conductor turned an inquiring
head a i.d the remaining paaseugers
with one voice chiming in full chorus
"Seven up," murmured & gentle
voice as the car reached the indicated
Two men seeking the tenth floor
irlanctd at ench other with grinr, of np
j.ri cial ion as n ctenijgrr.;iliri', and r
pri tty one, by the v.ay. entered il-.rt.t:
She cceuird uncocM'tous of h:ni:i'
crrr.'ed mire than passing intrns'
but the conductor wr.s alive to the situ
"Hie lady wins," he muttered to him
self as he gave the lever a yank and tin
car shut upward again.
It Is Done by the Aid of Ureal Fires
la tli Clussle Island of
Emery comes from the island of
Nnxos, in the eastern Mediterranean,
whence it hns been exported for the
hiht two centuries or more. The beda
are in tho northeast of t he isluud, the
deposits descending into siunc of the
neighboring islands, tint emery being
found in lenticular masses, resting on
layers of fcchist in limestone, ttlmo&t
identical with I'nrian marble, the finest
marble known, which comes from thu
island of J'aros, close by, says ironmon
gery. There nrc about 3(H) men engaged in
the trade, all of w lnitn have to lie mar
ried before they arc nil milted to the fra
ternity. Tin: material is much too hard
to be dug out or even blasted. Great
Hits an: lighted around the blocks till
the natural cracks expand Willi the
heat, and levers nre then inserted to pry
them apart. This system is continued
until the blocks aro mluccd in size, lo
masses of n cubic find or less, and they
arc then shipped lis if tl,ey were coal.
There nre said to lie 1M,i;i n.ucO tons yet
nvttilabb: at Nnxus, and the hist report
ed year's export was .'t.MU tons.
When the stonuii b is tired nut it must
have a rest, but ne can't !ivn without
(nod. Kodol Dyspepsia O'.ro "iligeHts
what you e it " ho that you en rat nil
the linn I Im d yrni want while il i4 re
storing llie dii-cstivo oreanc to health.
It. isthoonle picpnratinn that dieyts
all kinds of food, lr. V. V. Krctner.
flat lied nnd llntber(-(l
Are luxuries that all citn enjoy ( n Iho
Obiervation Car of the new North l aat
I. niiili'd, in operation on and aber May
II, on Hie Northern racilic. This Obser
vation Car will bn a dandy. Oct a
North Coast Limited Icallet. A. II
Charlton, Ass'l (ien'l I '(. Ak'I, HA
Mnnison St., Cor. ,'M, l'oitland, (lie.
II Itrmlililcd lle-r ol Her Husband
Wlillo I IwIiIIuk In Jhe
One bright nftcriioou lately u pretty
littlu woman of M or thereabouts, with
-athcr n wistful expression of counte
nance, biiurtlcd a Fourteenth street
ipeucarnwaj, uptown. She took a place
on the last seat of the car-a smoker's
seat. A man who happened to be rid
ing in the same r.rat knew, without be
ing himself aciiuaintcd with t lie little
woman, that her husband is a regular
army otlicer, w ho tins been In the thick
the hard soldiering in the Philip
pines for llie p:ist ear. A few squares
liclow the point nt which she got on
the car. says the nshington Post, n
man she knew boarded it, and, recog
nizing lo r, took a seat alongside of her.
lie h id ju t lighted a big, colnfortHble
looking c'var lief, re getting on. After
the greetings, he said to her:
"Yen arc on a smoker's scat. Won't
this cig.t r annoy you V"
"(In il,.- e.intiaiy, that, is why 1 took
one of IIh m- seats," she ri plied.
"I lnil's peculiar," said thu liian.
"You i u 1 1 s t like sua d.e, then?"
"1 hue it," she said. "It brings Jack
a bit r.iarir home, you know. He if
stu !i a ton iti,' suu.ker, and I do so miss
the ell of his ci,'.ir smoke a lull lid the
hoiiM- you realty uin't imagine how
nnieli I tr,is it. take a ride on one ol
the -e re i r seats every tuorning, just tc
sinrll the tobacco saii ke."
" I'liere':. a liard-workiug, heat-tortured,
homesick el.ap in otlieers' clot lies
('it yonder in tho-e t u rlmlelit islandl
w lio's iu luek, and w ho tray or may not
know wh it a faithful and lovable lit t it
woman he's got for n wife," thought
the man w ho happened to overhear thii
little talk.
'terror nt the Pnniior of lit Sun
4 luii'i a IT fin's flnlr to
1 hHii.c '!. r.
l!eron I ,n lu :;rd tori'-fi of men
and uoiio n I .u:i ::s v.: h.itud in u
us il:t it -.j'it if I'm ;' or terror.
f ll.i- i' t..!i s ale ii' ui'tii . till'
:n ( tin- mil.;' (
M,,'- i i ' ll' it Mil li .lu-!n.'llir!.: arc
I'l , i ' i .. ; .li , , , i:rr i r.i i' li;,s 1,1'ti
t .!. i!ii;i'i!. A CI,ii'.iK-.i M-
.;ii rit iN'. iii:s i..s!:uu' in a li ,'i.ii-al
ji-i.i ! ,'iii'ln', fur its truth: 'i l.c
Huiii'ri Whs u la'-'rin tn.m in the
StlH-u ;tl''i lll-tlU't, ll'l'll .is, Mho MIIS
hut of a in r oiis ii'trp.'r.iuii nt hi witul
l ni L' ' i c I 1 1 i iiHiti.'iKil. II.;. hair
m.ik .i,ni i'f a t!uri t'hrMiuit
I'ulnr. t1!..' i ,'i.;n ai. In m.i return
iui: humr ri I'di'il hy his- hiii uu
Ml.u h Mas iiioiiiiti il hi Mn. n'i ii , ii:ht,
tin- iiniMial .ln'jiiil ami the i lalil n
IhiuMii i'tT mill tr.iuipUil v: Mtr;.l
liiiu-f.. llr Mas ily wii-nly l,ri.if.o,I,
I'ul tho f.itl.rr iliiilit ho "as Killvil,
sttil in trjini; li I: i in a t, rrnr-stru-ki
ii. IU tri'iul lod nu.l had ':tlpi
tatiiuis anil .1 fil ling nf colli mnl ten
siiut in tho f..i'C lu'M'l.
Ni vt ii.iv tl.o l airs of the ln'.td, hoard
:,! ,ulii'"u liL'an to fall in iiimitl.
; tios. m that i'.f'.or i i-ht ilnys ho Mas al
I siliitol luilil. At the samo titno the
skin of tho lnail uiiil fuoo hoouuie pale'. ,
I Without ilol.i' tho hairs he;mi to rro-'
u'aiii in tho form of a colnrlc3 duwu.
boon sll tho titTi otod ri'pi.'in wiieouv,
iTnl Mith tim r, luorr silky sad a littls
niorv. thinly sown, ionnlotrly whit
: Koh-I iKor t eil l Hie CoiBiHi
1 otlice.
It Voa Be(n to llajr of Tbera Vonr
Xelsliuar slur Cil Ik
Article t-'ree.
In an nitlcle on the "Covltca" of trie
Cumberlaid mountains, published ir.
Ladies' Home .tourncl Sarah Hum
well Uliott says: "The peopie . iii-u-a!!y
sq.::it ,:rs ou small lots of u
clcurcd mountain land, which i ex
tremely shallow and poor. They t;- aaiiy
live In log or slab houses sometimes
'chinked' and sometimes not; some
time with the floor and seine ihir
without ekit g out an existence by
pcdibing riihrr the nu't and fruits of
the wilderness, or their very poor 'gy a r
den truck.' They are very keen ut a bar
gain, even when they hnve no idea of
the proper value of the thing in hand,
mid though they nre very hoydtnhlt
when you come to their houses, and
will give you anything they have in
the way of food, they will never give
you anythlrg that they have brought
to sell. They may give it to your cook,
or to your next door neighbor, or they
may throw it away just outside your
gate, but you having declined to piiy
their price they will not give it to you
at least, not that special nr.icla."
Tlieru is more Cslirrb In this section
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and nn'il the l ist few
years was supposed Ij be ii, curable
For a gieat many years doctois pro
nounced it a local disease, and prcscriteU
local remedies, and by constantly failing
to cure villi local liea'tir-nt pronounced
it iticurablH. Mcience has proven catarrh
lo be a constitutional dineafe, and there
fore requires constitutional treatment.
Hall, 5 Catarrh Cur manufactured by F
J. Cheney & Uo, Toledo, Ohio, is the
only constitutional cure on the market.
It is tnken internally in doses from 10
drops to a teasiinonful. It acta directly
on the blond and mucous surfaces of the
system. They oiler one bandied dollars
for any case it fails to cure.
Send for circulars and testimonials.
Address; F.J. Chunk v & Co., Toledo, 0.
old hv Prugirble, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Illrcirio Lights.
In the berths of the Standard Pullmans
of the Northern Pacific's new North
Coast Limited will bn appreciated by
Paciliccoast and inland empire travelers.
Two liglns to each section. Ask our
agents for the North Const Litnit'd leaf
let. A. I'. Chariton, Ass't (b-ncral I'ai
senior Alien', 'J,"w Morrison St, Cor. 3d,
Portland, Ore.
Charming Indian Maidens Who Are
Well Educated.
Some of Tli e in Are t Only PoaauBavd
of Ore it Rennty lint Are Uracil
fnl nnd Iteflnrd The
Siiuaivw -Hen.
Long and pninsuking Investigation
hy the experts of the Tuittd StaUs
trove rn me n t , just ecinpleteu, pbows
that il is to the I nUinn girl the world
siiiiv li.iw lo look f jr tl.v develouincnt
of In r rtice.
A ton yt neral impression, regarding
nn IikIuii girl of to-day i that she in
nu, eirse apfu ai ing crra
t n re, w li none ( f tin- r iiii'rnent char
aeteristie of the white voiuiu and a
general tendency toward dt i; raiiation.
Il linn t. ini'd to he a.I mo.-1 i it: .Of. i bit
to tiivoree the Ii:d!:iii girl from th
Idf 'i ohl-aiM'd 1 1; rmigli f a mi I in ri t j
with tlie story hock, ."(piaw of other
d.n or the tir prrL-f ion given ty the
h . -I if (I I iid - an w i!T:ea one sees luttiig
i: :r about the Mat ioi:s of the rail
v. thrciigh New .!exieo and Ari
iii;;i, It i.-s true tJmt tlio majority of Fn
t!i:;'t girts have black hair and black
eet. but it is equally correct to tny
that there are many perfect blonds
HiiK.ntr them, with roeIeaf complex
ions that a city bled woman would
eiy them from ll.e Ixittom of lur
lit ;.rt. Agiiin, the roinp! x:on of ttie
hidiun brunette is imt mmidy, but ns
cl'vir a ml delicate a? one would expect
in a wotiiiin who had led the ordinary
life of civii;-ation.
A a it.:1 1 ter of fnet. a proportion of
the full-b!ood Cherokee girls of to
diiy wottM be thoroiigldy at home in
j.oeb'1y and an (irnamei.t thereto.
Tin V are almost always of fine figure
an 1 LTiiecfiil earriau'c, ihe only partic
ularly noti.'i able feature that er
1'.:. p- detraf'ts in a meanre fr-'Tti their
g'H il !iukf bt i ag the high oheek bones
that r re apparent in even the fix-t-i
:,th blood Indiars. The voice if the
Iii.linn girl is never hoarse or ee-arso,
but low nnd musical
The average Indian girl of 1 to-day
is posesMM. (f a good education. To
I i' sure, fhe is not a graduate of nn
eastern female college, but she lias
l ad ample opportunity to learn, nnd
lia- t'CTierally taken every rdvantnge
of ihe chance thus HlTonled hi r. It is
r.. exaykferat ion to say that it is often
v ry dltlb'ult to di.t ingu'sh one of
tl ve Ii.dian girls who lias married n
white man from the white woman bv
whom she may perli-ip be standing.
During the IaM (jnarter of a cen
tury the ihhhImt of white men who
hn m:nlid irirls belonging to the
tlve civilized tribes I as bn n nstotrsh.
iur It mint be nmenibered that a
white man w ho marries a ti hiiliniwirl
is generally adopted into the tribe to
w hieli his w ife lu'!ct'r, and thereupon
receives of the privilege f the
other members. Some people call
thrse whites "quaw" men, but. jit
the nme, they nre nmong the best cit
izen of the nation. Host on Herald.
A Koon ( li nr Xti'iln.
Your hret foolitip. your po.-ii
j tion or huinis stnvt' ili'tsnil tarif v
I on I ha perfect action ol your Stotiov-li
anil l.iver. I'f. kuitf' No l.ilo l'ilis
j nivs tnereii.-i'il stronirih. a kren. clour
j hrnin, high ainhition. 2.") ront hot
Kin masr you uoi like a new nr-in.
Sold hy lr. Krouior Irujit,
llrs.e Mes lull
Wtinis lo stmnacli, liver ami kiilnci
Irouhles, as well as aotuen, and ull Iwl
I the results in loss ol appetite, poisons in
j the hloo,, hackai he, nerviui-tu'."S. liend
ai-heiirirl tired, listless, run-iloii n fce'inif,
llul there's no neeil to l,ol hku tin'.'.,
j J. YV. (tsnl.'ier, ol lilaville. Iiitl.sais:
j "lC'irctrio I'utlors are jtisi the thing lor
j a man n lion he don'l care ahothorhe
I livi-s or dies. It vsve. me new strength
I snd food appetite. 1 isn now eat any
i I imikc and have a new lease o'i li.v.'
i ('lily SO conls, at lr. Kremer's lmk'
I Store, I'.vorv tnittle k'usrantood.
At llr. I Time.
I I lake a pleasant hrrh drink, the next
j moriiil'it I fiel hriht ami my complex
I ton is better. My doctor says il acts
'gently on my (tnniafh.livvranJ ktjne,
j ami i a plesssut Uxaliv. It is made
'rom lierhs and is prepared as easily as
t"S. Il it called I.ane'1 Medicine. All
drui'k'isla sell it at 73 ct.a. t Lane's K. on
ly Medicine moves the IvseUeacli diy.
If you cannot ot it, send a (roe mini
' pie. AJilree, Orator F. Wooaaard, Le
j Hoy, N. V.
Sore Lungs
:nt;ati v.ta!:ened lungs all
caused Ly a cold and cough
vVcak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
Cure '
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
"I c-ufhert for yarw td bnoiThr'.
Ioctof vaul 1 was iu last tuge of coniump
inn. K 1 jf.ven up all hope. I rinnUy tried
Shu on an'l it currrt me completely. Am
I'jdnj- in perfect hra!th."
Lut OaklADd, C ft'u
fSh!tntr Cotisuniptlon tnr U told by all
Irni'.:l-trt nt t.-W-, fiOr, .() H b"ttl. A
prlii' nt j;iir.r- cr.l with erv h(ll.
If v vj nro iu-! - lt-l''t lo your drCRKist
n-A Pt yntif ir.o'iff 1ac.
.Vr f f-.r i!:
1 b"-1i on rniitimo" '". Srnt
it icn-. U V'i
SC. Wehs ft Lo., Lekuy, ti.V,
imn' uii' 1 1 wif l' k- ',':
Ink liuriH-nH w tho
u.m Ulna o: a com
UatitioD. Harness 01!
tif.nsM '..' r tt-T. tt'lt n'iik" tt.fl 1 1
iuaHUi-T ewft in.. I rilat.iw.i'Ut-nt in con- I l
ft1 t.fv!it-r ia e-n: U
UfcJe Ij
Horse a
There liave Ix-en pUioeit upon the mnrkot
peer nil eheap reprints of nn o!olele etiiliotl
of " Welj.-i.T hletlonury." '1 liev are ln.-luK
uU'cruii uuUur vurioiw names ut u low pnuu
dry jroo-td itfnlor, fi-ri-ei', nirent, etr., nr.l
In h few iiirtiHtieut) tw u piemiuiu torbuUkiiip-
tiOIH to pMlM'lS,
Auuuuiiueiiifntfl of these comparatively
reprint are ynrv nitsleinling: for lntt'ne..
ilicy in ivwviiti to Ui the nit Muni Mil
equivalent of a IilKlKT-priued Intok. wlun m
reality, t-o fur ua ne kuuw und Uiievu, they
uee all, from A lo Z,
Reprint Dictionaries,
lleito(vo eopten of n t)Oib nf m-.r tlfty
veins a'ii, v.'hieh In itstiy was folrl mrobmit
i-Vim. tin t wliieh wiui imRn superior in hiht,
print, and biit-'imr to tin -e imitation", U'uirf
tV'ii a work nf fjuine merit insteail ut one'
Long Since Obsolete.
Ttie supplement nf 10.(00 wcilled "nw
wonis," whieii some of (Ih-' lio)k-aivtul er.
tiw--l to e.ontiiin, wns eompiUfl hy u ii'u'U)
tiuui wl:o die.l ovjr fony years flro. unu wua
piitillxlri-tt U'lore ln-4 dentti. oilier minor
lukiitioud uiv proUihly ot mere or less valuo.
Tho Wehftcr' liiwhrldped Dictionary pii
ishel our houw is the only nn-'iotrious
oau of ihfit imine tiiuuliiir to tin cniemt ion.
It eonutins over -imt payi'i, with illusira
tloeu on iK'iulv evi ry piire, nnd t'ai- one
Imprint on tlie titl- puy1. it is prolei-tcd l.y
uipvriwht from elienp imitm ion.
Valiuiolo ih thw work is, we hnve nt vut
oxiK'tisii puniir-he) ii t ii.i"U-.' iily revised
Biicreor, known tlm-rfrhoi;t -lie world us
Webster's International Dictionary.
Afl a Uictioniuy hti.s a Iitettinu you elioiid
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Illustrated puinphli t inf. Address
G. & C. MERRIAM CO.. Spi inr:cli. Ms
CJuuiine 't V veur h hind. Cohls do
no now hnve to hu endured. MrNpri. s
1 1 n v ir i' a ii il, v.. (eallcti ilyuaiuh- from
tlteir em-i j-'v ) erowd u wtei; 's ordinal v
treatment h i to 12 hours uiui About tlie
wdmn ttf eolds over nij. lit.
"It wa-. Ihe 'vnrxi ea-e tif i-rip 1 ever had.
A Intll ilotn fin'iid had sure rure. Mill
it Iiuiiit on. Ile ird of the I yn . M ie Ta h
i i I-". I'o my amaeiiient liny Mopped hoth
eo!d and euujrh the tirt nii'.'hl, I endor-e
and H'eouiiiicnd tl,eni t; the people."
livne. AY IIi ni.i- v, l'..-iueui!'t r o( ( 'onre1
and Attorney. I'd f'aiiMiine Street, bun
r ranre-oo, .1 uiy . i:"0.
"Winter etUN have nhvuys heen curious
tlitinr-4 It) me. Tin y are hard and slay for
tuotil h. out tiie la-t was - lopped Midden I v
by Mkmihn lv.Nvsie T.imlks. liolh
enuith tind cold di-.'.peared in u eouple of
drtvs. NnthiiiL' el -i due lliis for me."
Mrh. Km ma I.. HoM.iN. 11 Muj M., fcan
1 rniiriM ii, Au;:. ti. ia.
"1 live fl'-ro-H i he street from where
Mim-ki, l'TAMie lAnrirs are made,
.'hat i how I hi'-t U ok uiem. 1 hey .-t-.
eohh without notii e. I took n di,en" hoxe.-
with tne lor veil ami Iri.'nds when I went
lo Nome. II, I,. s Wi.vki.K, Catutaii-t.
Va-tiin:.'ton .-i root. l-un l'rancii o.
ent postiuHd U r 'J - e:it- in - lamp- hy
IN I. A Mi IM; T ; . ro, ?r, WahiiiL-lnii
Mre.'l, an I rni i-i'o. Also ou ;vlf hy our
io ,ii nielli .i . i i.i .M
4 $000. VKAHI.Y lo t hrivi,., C
2 nn u i r ffii'iH'ii lo loi'k J
y .tfier our uronmsr husim-.'-s m thii
jj Mmiam r and, lent ; work
enM !e dope at your hou;e. Kiielo-o
Jj elf-!i(l iiesel!1 -.'.iiinp'-d envplopn
j! for pnrtcn!nr to H. A Sncrinan,
to'iieral Manager-, Corroinn lUuhi
q inj, opp -!lt- I'nitnl SiuU 5 '1 re.ii
j in , Viijinn:'on. 1. (
W'lii'ii you necl a fnnthii' and li. ai
intf iiiui.-eptic epplii-at ion for any
pnrp -', ii-, ih,. mijjiusl p. Um'e
W rch li.i.i l aiie. a we 1 knnw;, lire
f,r t ,if ; set s-kin ,1-si an, s. It 1(..i;.
1 sot t s v it in ml cai mc a Tar i'.ri i. of
nn'i . . il". Pr. 'A . I'. Kienu r.
viimt DM. JORDAN'S ontAT
T t irf Mt nlt '-nrrAlvuiei tt) thf
-t vs. tat-ir. i tAtrctt1
J .. psaaUlwrlr iftJ j th rtld(
'' U TftiMMliiMSti-ihiii IIb4.
Il i .rsa lot Nertar. t ,
tFiisi. ry Ot. Jimu'i -kMMi PAm-
C -alltfitl (rr f4 strV-e-r - Txkt-tewt pasr M
f t bf Ifttt- A V-we fS 1- eTr ctva W
u-jttti. Tnn - t -k PIII.0irnT mt A
m IH Miltt M t,iLU ,IU. (A iiuu Itaot 9
lot n. ) i ail nt
0H J0D k CO.. tft tt., P.
-iTet, -in4 1 ntit.yir.1 (vrrtintl ari ii;
Ou Orrtcc it OefeiTt U S PTt ut Orri i
u.J -w ran xttr ptstnt iu lts Uim Uioji tio
-fr.-? tr-stti i-!ii"f-'.?a.
Sen! no-,-'!. ,nw or PtV.-v. wilK AM'r
lirtn. Wc 4wli. if p-rt4rlt r ftot, (fee o(J
hnr. iiT 1W ( h ; M'tnt Ii x-arr4l. J
,o-.C tit Sauu m w sVoU iciiA WntriCi
s ;
.r VA
!' 'I t . r. i .i..s.f. la .e-n K vt
9f ',, ill... bf i
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away lor the BI0GLI2 BOOKS. The
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Library Car.
TirkiM to point, Ka-I via Portland and
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Onints Push, or li R E AT NORTIIEKN
Ticket Ot!ice
12a Hilril s,reet, I'oitlsoil
For I!:iti, Folders and full information
retarding Eootern trip, cull on or address
!' snd Ticket Ac.cnt, lWtisnd
A familiar name for the Chicago, Mil
waukee & St. Paul Railway, known all
over the I'nion a the Cireat Railway
running the "PiotieHr Limited" trains
every day and night hetween Sr. Paul
and Chicago, ,1 Ociaha and Chiesifr),
"The only perfect trains in the world.'
I'nderetand: Conneelions are mail
wilb All Transcontinental Lines, assur
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Luxurious coaches, eli-etrie lights, sleam
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For rates, pamphlet or other infot
niation, address.
Jr W. C.isrv, C- j j-
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