Rogue River courier. (Grants Pass, Or.) 1886-1927, September 27, 1900, Image 1

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R. K and James Montgomery spent a
few day last week rusticating at West
Ten Cants a ill puichasea bundle of
old papers at ibis olp.ce come bandy in
undeilying carpets.
The Uold News reports that C. A.
WoKolk is in Cold Kill lwking up a
location for a blacksmith shop.
Harry Diinmiek, who was cp from
Astoria last week attending Ibe funeral
ol his fattier, returned on Fridav eve
F. J. Martin, publisher ol the Mc-
Minnviile ProgreM and Secretary of the
urtgon t ire Keliet association., was In
Grants Paea on Friday.
11. L,. vt allien, lor 10 or moro years
connected with the Oregon Pacific rail
way, passed Mirougli here Monday for
Yreka. wliere lie :oes to enter railway
J. L. M.riri spent a week hunting on
Ritllo creek, near West Fork, with Dr,
Dixon of Uosuburg. Two fine bucks
besides smaller game was the result of
the hunt.
Quarterly muter of Company "II,'
O. N. U. will be held at the armory on
Friday evening, September 28. All
mom hers aie expected to bs in attend
ance at muster.
Mies Laura E. Jones, now of the
Rosehnrg Plaindealer. spent several
days in Ursula Pars last week on her
return from attending the Press asaoci-
a! ion meeting at Ashland.
Hon. F. E Halloway, of Indiana
spoke on political is-mes from the
republican standoint on Thursday
evening at the opira house to a fair sized
audience, thus opening the campaign of
Warranty Deeds.
Quit-Claim Deeds.
Notices of Quartl Location.
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(From Our Regular Correspondent).
Washington, Sep. 17, liWO.
Uen. Chaffee and the American troops
now there are likely to eat their Christ
mas dinner in Pekin, so rar as can be
seen at present. It ia believed that the
refusal of England and Germany to
withdraw their troops caused Russia to
change iis mind and that it was because
of a knowledge of that change although
mere has been no official annomice-
ment, that this governmen'. made
OftWe optoMile lintel Josq.iine,
Grants Pahh, - - Okeuon.
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' T" A Postal Card Receives Prompt Attention
Klnrou vs. Kinross.
It is seen by the San Francisco papers
that Adelaide Kinross, wife of W. II.
Kinross, has begun devorce proceedings
against her husband for failure to sud
port. Mr. Kinross ia lighting the case,
and in answer to the complaint seta np
tho claim ihat Mrs. Kinross deserted
Mrs. Kinross is at present on the
vandoville slago in Oakland. The di
vorce proceedings were begun by her
several weeks ago, whi'e Mr. Kinross
was Hllinii an engagement as vocalist at
Memphis, Tenn. She recited in her
complaint that the husband was an idie,
prrtligale and dissolute man, who had
(ailed to provide for the support of her
and her child.
W. 11. Kinross is quite well known in
Southern Oregon, having acted as
director at musical conventions in Ash
land and lirants Pass.
The ilravery of Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs. John
Dowling of Butler, Pa., in a three yeara'
struggle with a malignant stomach trou
ble that caused distressing attacks of
nausea and indigestion. All remedies
failed to relieve her until she tried Klec
trie Hitlers. After taking it two months
she wrote: "I am now wholly cured
and can cat anything. It is truly a
grand tonic for the whole system as 1
gained in weight and feel much stronger
since using it." It aids digestion, cures
dyspepsia, improves appetite, gives new
life. Only 50c. Guaranteed, at Dr.
Krenier's drug store.
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'1'IIOKX 21
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promise. if protecting LI Hung Chang
if he needed protmion, which makes it
practically certain that our troops will
be kept in Pekiu as long as the negoti
at ions which Li and several other
Chinamen are to conduct on lw.lili nr
the Chinese government, go on there.
Minister Conger has sent an important
communication concerning those neiroti'
ations, but the department of the stale
declines to give it out. It ia known
that Mr. Conger does not feel as much
confidence in LI Hung Chang, as this
vernment has exhibited, and he has
probably sent a word of warning as to
tue danger ol trusting him too far,
Shrewd observers are predicting that
soon alter the opening of negotiations
with the Chinese the allies will split and
mai eacn nation will endeavor to get
the bt t settlement it can regardless ol
what the others get. That is believed to
I tie end that Li tiuug Chang is aiming
at. The number of those who believe
that Uermauy and Russia will in th
end be found acting together and tint
both will demand teriitory is increasing.
mj we necessary lor l;Ucle Sam to
show his wilhnguesa to flaht for his treaty
trade rights in China, if not actually to
fight for tfiein before the business is
settled. Several of his allies are his
greatest trade rivals and the old gentle
man uas need to be very wide awake to
escape being buncoed.
Mr. S. Iwaunira, who is a graduate of
the Japanese Imperial University and
Chief Secretary ol the Kjota Chamber
ol Commerce, who is making a armi.
official tour of tin Uuitod Slates, with
view to increasing business between
Americans and Japanese. Is ,.n- i
Wsshliigtoii. He expressed himself as
to what ought to bo dona by tlm powers
111 vnina: "There are two uoi.
luio courses lor Ihe power to take in
ueaimg wun me tuture iu China. One
is to make a confederacy out of the
country, with the different provinces as
independent states, like the (ierinan
rnipirs. 1 ue sneonu course ia to
preserve the Chinese empire under new
rulers. The formation of a confederacy
would be no easy taik for the powers.
and they would have to act as protectors
and general overseers all the time. If
the powers interested in China would
stand firm in the maintenance of th
Chinese confederacy, tho thing could be
accomplished. The present dynasty has
not suiRcient support nor popularity to
maintain its authority. Many of the
ignorant and siiierstitioiis natives are
led to lielieve through the "star u...r."
that the end ol the piesent dynasty ia
ear, ana I lie multitudes look lor a new
. wiuiiii a snort time. A atrnin.
army will bu needed in China all the
time, and Japan can furnish this
army if the other interested powers will
come forward with the money."
Washington people have already done
much for the Galveston sufferers, but they
are to do more. Wednesday of this
week has been set aside as Oalveston
day. Every theater iu the city will give
a bentflt performance, the entire gross
receipts to go to the relief fund, and
there are lew persons in the city who
will not contribute something, directly,
or Indirectly on that day.
Ex-Secretary and Ex-Senator Carlisle
was in Washington on leal business for
several days, but all efforts to get an
expression of opiulon from him 0u
current politics were met by the smiling
reply that he was out of politics and had
nothing lossy at this time Mr. Car
lisle is said to bo rapidly accumulating
ealln ill the practice ol law.
The government is being run j,,,t no,
almon entirely by minor ulftcula, al
though the n-ual raratiou .e.i.on Is
abuulover. due reason for this is that the
Piesident and memtrs ol the cabinet
spent moro lime ihuu usual, osi,, r,,
the Chinese troubles, in W.l,i,,i....
. . -
I'iring the past summer, and they are
now getting .,.. j,,,,
preparatory to Ihe winter's work before i
uimi,. Aiionier reason is that the
political campaign Is now full v m,,!...
wsy and several members ol Itie cabinet
are in iieniauu as stump speakers. Th
I resident is at Canton, presumably or
rest, but ti telegiaph relKjrtn Inn,
constantly holding important conferences
IIU Ins polilical Iriends, so he evident
ly Isn't there entire!, lor rear. in,.,..-..
(reneral tiriggsaud Secretary Hit. hi k
both of whom have ha.1 long vacations
are ihe only members ol the cabinet in
Scientific investigation, supplemented
by experienca, has shown that urinary
diseases are more prevalent aad de
structive to lite, health and happiness
than any other class known to the
medical fraternity. They are not con
Sued to the low and degraded portions
of humanity, as many suppose, but are
to be found among the pur of heart,
the innocent, -the truly pious and the
Many of them are transmitted from
parents to children, from generation to
to generation. Thousands of peopli
suffer untold agoniea from their ravag
ing effects, and meet and early and on
timely death, often ignorant of the
cause. Though transmitted innocently
Ihe effects of these diseases are not th
less terrible. It'ls a sad truth that the
innocent are often greater sufferers thau
the guiltv.
Of all the organs of the budy few are
more Important than those engaged in
tho urinary functions. In perlect health
that great blessing which so few
enjoy one will scarcely direct a mo
merit's thougut to these important
organs, and at the first unpleasant
symptom, good advice, such as may
easily be obtained, should be immediate
ly solicited. .
Among me cuiet and most common
diseases is seminal weakueas and
nervous debility, or loss of nurv power,
due to mastuibatiou and veual exercises,
Thousands of young and middle aged
men suffer with nervous diseases' for
years and may be ignorant of the causes
when a little timely advice would niak
life's pathway full of cheer and happi
ness. When the first symptoms of
seminal weakness manifest themselves
the sufferer ia noticed to become dull
and morose and Is trouble with indiges
tion, though the appetite may remain
good. Rut the strength vanishes and
the lalient .grows thin. He becomes
indolent and debilitated, and loss of
memory and all vigor of the sexual
organs may fullow. In time he way
fall Into a complete state of lin potency
total loss ol sexual power. Among its
terrible effects may be mentioned w,ak
nets of the memory, confusion of ideas,
nervous despondency and general weak
ness. It needs no mirror it reflects
itself, The pale lace, the sunken eye.tli
downcast countenance, the stooping
aged lorin- all serve to announce the
victim' troubles. It seldom kills of
tself, but it opens the gate to other
diseases, such as consumption and
disease ef the heart. The unfortunate
sufferer cannot sleep. In that Inter
mediate statu, between life and death,
intended, for the recuperation of the
mind and body, he can know no rest
for his dreams are dark and foreboding.
nd the constant drain UKn his system
robs it of its vital fluid.
This alDlalion may be the result of
self-ahiiseor the result of excesses in
mature years. As "man is but a bundle
of habits," how essential that be should
start right in life; that his mind should
be full ol sublime thought and pure con
ceptions. All of you who suffer from
this disease should lose no time in
consulting Dr. Damn, for the lime may
come when you will be beyond the aid
of all medical skill.
No matter what you have taken, or
who has failed to cure you, call and see
the Doctor, as he can permanently
aalety and privately cure you In on
hall the time and at one half the ex
penses reiiil-cd by others.
The Doctor makes a ipecialialy of
curing stricture, gonorrhea, syphilis,.
it. jarrin can lie consulted Iree at
the Hotel Josephiu?, (irant Psss, until
October 14, iiatteriua and belts fur
nished if necessary.
RapM Mvssiccnvtnt of th Japan Race
ACeuatryefSmall .
- farm. .
the a
Every Day and Nig
. . nt , . .
4 Neil to 'o'. )
Iealer in
Front Street.
Darns' Cars.
dvent of Dr. Darrin in
Grant Pas, suffering humanity has
crowded his r!or at Hotel Josephine
until it is iuipomiiMu to He all thut
cine. The old story, "the lame walk,
the blind s.-e, the d-af bear," bus be
come a reality in our midst, ami as a
proof they do not seek in vain we
-nd the following card from Mrs.
Um, of Kuaeuurg, a My well known to
any Oregonians. It ia really worth
or time to visit the doctor office and
- the alllirte.1 a they erne from un
der the electric treatment. Many cn.-s
are cured on lhes,t, while others take
lime. Th doct never Uk raw iu
nimble, ami hi consultation are. free.
n EasiM' Cara.
Row-burg, Or., Dr. Karr.u: I'lew
use my name among the cum! by you
ix year ago. I hail bc-n allliiicl with
granulate! eyelid all my lift?. The eye
hud. ail gone. I a almost totally
bliud, and had to be M to your office.
I hare been rfrctly cum! for si t y..-ar.
Mm. II. Tastou.
An Ortjon Pioneer Dud.
Col, J. X. T. Miller died at hi real
deuce near Jacksonville, Ore , Sept.
18th, aged " year He was born In
Kentucky, an, came to Oregon In IH45
and In Jackson county in IH5t. Mi.
Millei a as a member ol the house and
enate frum Jackson county and
was through all the Soul hern Oregon
hi'lisii wur, and was commissary
general during the Modoc war.
He was married in liV3 to Elisabeth
Aim Aahry and light children were
horn to them, sis of tin with hi wile
urvive him. Col. K A. Miller, of Ore.
. I.. Miller, who is al home, lieueral
ii'im r. jiiiiit, 01 naleio and hmmetl
Miller of Nevada ar brother and Mi.
Charlton (I the Sauvie island, Is
At Und Time.
I lake a pleasant herb drink, the next
morning I I re I hright and my complex
ion i n. tier. My d,clur i, lc
gently on my tomarh.liverand kiducya,
and is a pleasant laiative. It U made
from herbs and I prepared a easily as
wa. It I called I.sne' Mediciu. All
dm, 1. 1. toll it at 75 ct. Lane's Fami
ly Medicine move the bowel each day.
II )uo raiinoi get it, ieluj (u, , (., ,.,.
pie. Address, Orator V. Woodward, Le
ivoy, , I ,
The Home Life of (;,IIS.
Laura It. Starr, a ho for several year
resided in China, and who bad great
facilities for understanding lbs feminine
aide of Chinese life, contribute to Ihe
October Delineator an article thai throw
rood, light on the home life of C'biutae
women. Tin, arlu It-ts illustrated with
evral authentic pho'ograpb of Chinese
women of various social position. The
October number ol The Dliilor(
addition 10 Mis Siarr' ailicle and lb
eighty or ni,r sketches of prrsaut
da Styles, which are prominent featurea
of lb muttit,; contains twenty other
valuable contribution. Fur thirl.
year it has been trusted by Amerle.-
women lor guidance in boo. dr
Disking and boo, management.
(From Our Regular Correspondent)
Paais, September 3, IvOO.
Th Japanese agricultural exhibit at
tract attention not only on account ol
it novolty, but also because of the
development iu this line, as in o many
other direction, ol this remarkable
Eastern people. "The wonderful trans
formation ol the Empire of lb Rising
r-unnss ottered an example, without
precedent in the history ol nations, ol a
people passing In less than thirty years
troin tl.e most feudal of government.
to democratic and parliamentary form"
from civilisation rusty with ate to one
cloaely resembling our own" say a
French writer, iu a recently published
book on Japan. His observation I a
true ol the agricultural innltutiona aa of
the other changes Impressed npon th
ocial organisation ol Japan since 1808.
A visitor can easily trace the revolution
in economic conditions 'of agricultnrt by
examining, in the hall on Ilia Champ
de Man, the maps, photographs, papers,
diagrams, eto. which accompany the
collection ol Japanese Drodnci. Tim
working people have especially bene-
mica ol recent years, having aroiiired
be right lo own the soil, which lor
eighteen centuries had been the prop
erty 01 me imperial government or ol
leudal seigneurs.
Japan ia composed, as I well known
01 a considerable number ol islands ol
more or Iws importance, scattered from
the South in north-westerly direction.
Mountain cover the country and almost
touch the shore everywhere; plain are
rearely touod and are ol (mall extent.
The soil 1 not very productive, and it i
necessary to ue all of the aewage ol the
town and cltle tor fertilising purpose,
The total sis o! th laud 1 a little less
than that ol France, or about lb tarn
a the Slate ol California. This sup
port a population ol over 40,000,01)0,
the native inhabitant forming about
forty three and a quarter million, of
Uii number. The people are essenti
ally agricultural, and rice i the chief
product 0! the soil. Counting the
number ol acre under cultivation, and
the number ol Inhabitants, it is lonnd
that each family ha on an average 3
acre from which lo draw sustenance.
Evidently, Japan is country of (mill
farm, and i not adapted to ibe use of
large agricultural machinery. The pop
ulation, alo, i so dense that baud labor
very cheap, Workmen' wage
are about $16 per year, women earning
about hall that amount.
Thei I yery little live .lock In lanan
the use el meat and milk by the natives
being extremely rsre. There are now j
l,WKJ,000hore In the country, 1,123.-
0U0hodof catllo, 100,000 pig. 40,000
goats and 4,3000 aheep. The govern
inent andeevorlng to extend the us
ol the horse in agriculture, In order, per
aps, that the army may have a belter
source of supply. The horse la a email
nlmal, but hi employment lor agri
cultural purpose would be evenchoaper
than band lalior. Oxen are also until!
xud lo a small extent j the Japanese ox
weighs V0 pounds; he cau draw HOD
pouuds twelve mile a day.
lleaidei rice, wheat, barley, polatoea,
cotton, lea, indigo, (ugarcane, camphor
eto. are cultivated in Japan, The
government i endeavoring iu every way
to Increase the surface ol land adapted
for cultivation and to improve the pro
duct, in order to ameliorate the eon
ditlon of the poorer claeae, Japan ha
a department of agriculture; agricultural
instruction is a branch of the depart
ment ol education ; experiment ground
and nation, agronomical Institution,
agricultural school and societies,
traveling professor, laboratories, in
hurt, beat ol foreign Institution and
method have been introduced and
prosiier In Japan. Agricultural bank
ooinpanie (or buying and loaning farm
implement al common expense, central
bureau for (ale ol the product of the
son, etc , are to be found on all of the
island. The government I building
mad, reclaiming land, draining and
irngaling; It belitve that scienlifi.
m.iituiioiis and cooperation form the
two most poweilul factor in agiiciillural
prog 1 est.
A section ol III exposition of interest
lo Aiitrriciu since the dale of 0111
acipiisltlons In the Philippine, is thai
devoted to cord and cables, iu much
aa in beat material (or the ankles
come from our Pacific uossem,.,.
Many other product are, however, used
lor this purpose. Th.r are shown here
coids uiaileof Ihe ssnie kind of line 11
1.. 1 1. .....1 1... . ,
m uui lex'iits; lues are
only lor ornamental purpoae, and wear
very poorly. Lotion I also utilised iu
the same manner, Jut give sery
unsatisfactory result; , l0lM!ll .
very apt to break where they are lied.
Ramie, or China gra i belter, and is
coming Into gaueral us. Aloe (lot r,
obtained from the leave of the Ameri
can gave, or century plant, la popular
(or Ihe reason that ropi made Iheie
Irom float on water, which make them
very aseful at sea. Esparto cats
phornluin lenax, or New Zealand das
roduct ol the banana Iree, and
cw'oanut fiber are more or les utilized
In lb manufacture of cordage. How
ever hemp ta vr tontvr, r till tls.s
ol work. A good hwer should not
break until after it ha been lrtcbd
more than 111 or 12 per cent ol ii.
original length. lh. re,t .,., .
rope la moisture ; an attemot is u,..l.
to Obviate ill del.lrlou. effect by In,,
meriing the rope in Uf for a certain
length ol lime belt,,, u,iuZ .1,. "
.tevertheles, Urred rop ,uhi. i,l
sea water ,, ln three month. 4 1
per cent of iu power of reaiatanr.
In one corner of the F.ilnbit He
manufacture of rope M abown. II,.
workmen with their ......... ...11. ..
them looking like nothing to much s
enormou spiders.
correct tilings fop .pt o
"otlicrs like 111 cm, ko will yezi "
A beautiful new line from ascents per yard up
to $t.2o. , . . . . "
Choice new goods the Cream of this FaII'
; Full of Ele
' trance and
Comfort.' Pleasing prices.
RhaHoa Wimlow Shades
We tave a few lines just a few
we're closing out. Three to Ave rolls
of a kind, 10 cents per double roll and
upwards. Here's a chance to paper
that little room you've wanted to fix
up for so long for little money.
Lace Curtains are going fast, 65c to $1.75 per pair.
Gold Pan , . .20
Prospector Pick 4t
Clothe Pin, three doien 05
Tin Water Pail 18
Clothes Wrimrora 1.48 np
18 inch Hand Haw 30
Waah Hoards ,ao
Retinned Stew Kettle.
Copper bottomed Wash Boil-
Cobbling Oul8t
Hcrub brushes, good ones
Tin Cop (two)..
NEW LAMPS-Ultl price.
.15 up
. .90
, .11
. .25
Savin, Flour Cold.
A. Powell, a Portland engineer, re
turned Thursday Ironr Minidoka, Idaho,
where ho superintended the erection ol
a gold-saving dredge (or the Yale Dredge
Company. This company has been
dredging the bar ol Hnake river in the
neighborhood ol Minidoka for the past
Ave vears, and ha succeeded so well
that it decided to put in a larger p'ant In
addition to tho old one, ' which wa
worked on the suction principle, the
gold-bearing (and and gravel being
drawn up to a system ol sluire-boxes on
board the dredge,
Mr. Powell says th gold In the bar of
Snake river i very fine and light, and
is known a "flour gold" by miner. ' It
doe not link to the bed of the river, but
settles In the gravel within a few feet of
th surface, and o It extreme lightness
make it bard to aave. A system ol bur
laps connected with the sluices, how
ever, baa proven (uccessful, and ground
that pat ten cent to th cubic yard can
be profitably worked, no gold being left
la the tailings. The dredge he has Just
set up and built in Portland al a cost ol
$15,000, and it bucknta bring up grave
and gold from a depth of 30 feat below
lbs surface of the water. It capacity I
2000 yards per day, and a crew of 10
men keep It In constant operation.
The old suction dredge will also b
operated day and night, about .11) tr.ilo
below the new one, a a bar ha been
found wliere pay gravel exist near the
top. Dredging can be carried on
successfully lor nine month In a year,
he say, a the slaga ol water doe not
affect the working ol the machinery,
and Ihe depth ol the bucket can be
regu'atcd to suit (resbei or low-water
apell. The freeslng period liable to
occur In December, January and Fer
ruary would put a atop to th work (or a
few week at a lime.
The only other dredge at work on
Hnake River at present, be says, Is the
"Kanake," owned by th Uold field
of Oregon Company, torn diuUnca be
low, at what I known aa Hi Dig llend
ol the Hnake, oppotil Parmer station
on th Oregon Hhort Lin. He look
t lor an increase in the number ot the
plants, however, a there are, donbtles,
other bars on Bnaks River, between fta
headwater and Riparia, where good
prospects can be found.
The construction ol dredging plants
ha become quite an industry in Port
land, where a number have been built
within the past lew year. Borneo!
these have been sent to Southern Ore
gon jothor to Alaska, while the only
bucket dredge successfully worked on
the bar of Snake river have been built
in this city, .
A glance at the picture ol ooe ol theee
dredge will causa one lo think ol a
river tean.boat, a the craft let on the
water much after the laab ion ol a pas
senger and height carrier, but there is
neither propeller nor stern wheel, and
so the dredge can only be moved by out
side aid. The crew ol the dredge live
on board ol her, and so are clow to
their work at all lime. In sand bar
th oraft make a canal for heraell, be
ing moved forward a he dig out the
goldberlng gravel, which I thrown off
to one side after the flour (old ha been
ex trailed. -','
Rndwred Death Agonies.
Only a roaring fir enabled J, M. Gar-
retton, of San Antonio, Tex , to lie
doi when attacked by Asthma, from
which he suffered for year. H write
hi misery was often o great that it
eemed be endured Ihe agonies ol death ;
but Dr. King' New Discovery (or Con
sumption wholly cured him. . Thl mar
velous medicine I lira only known ear
(or Asthma a well a Conaumptioo.
Cough and Cold, and all Throat, Cheat
nd Lung trouble. Price 00c and $1.00.
Guaranteed, Trial bottle free at Dr.
Krenier's Drug Htore.
Elrolrlu Llghta.
In th berth of the Standard Pullman
cl the Nortl.srn Pacific' new North
Coast Limited wilt be appreciated by
racinccoast and Inland empire traveler.
Two lighta (o each section. Ask our
agent lor th North Coast Limited leal
let. A. D. Charlton, Aas't General Fa,
senger Agent, 2&5 Morrison Ht. Cor. Jd.
Portlsnd, Ore.
Absolutely EWa
Made from most highly refined and
healthful ingredients. '
Assures light, sweet, pure and
wholesome food.
Housekeeper niut exercise wre In btiyinn bak
ing powders, to avoid alum. Alum powoScr are
sold ciiciip to catch liie iinwarv, but alum Lh a poi
son, and lb use in toud se,rUuly injure health.