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    May 22, 2020
T he C olumbia P ress
Legal Advertising
Update to Notice of Public Hearing
Extension of Water Connection Moratorium
The Falcon Cove Beach Water District will hold a Public Hearing on 6
June 2020 at 09:30 am by Teleconference. RSVP to FCBDWD@gmail.
com for teleconference details. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a 6
month extension to the water connection moratorium. The Public Hearing
will be immediately followed by a Board Meeting which is also open to the
Public by teleconference, during which the Board will consider and vote on
the topic above as well as other regular agenda topics.
Published May 22, 2020, The Columbia Press
In the Matter of the Estate of CONNEE JEAN AUNE, Deceased
Case No.: 20PB03126
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Jean E. Toussaint has been appointed
Personal Representative. All persons having claims against the estate are
required to present them, with vouchers attached, to the Personal Repre-
sentative c/o Seaside Attorneys, 842 Broadway, Seaside Oregon 97138,
within four months after the date of first publication of this notice or the
claims may be barred.
All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain
additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Rep-
resentative, or the lawyer for the Personal Representative, Jeremy Rust.
Dated and first published on May 15, 2020.
Jeremy Rust, OSB No. 094927
Attorney for Personal Representative
Seaside Attorneys
842 Broadway
Seaside, Oregon 97138
The City of Warrenton received a petition from Stan Johnson on April 2,
2020 to vacate a portion of SE 15th Place (aka “Sprague Street”) in the plat
of Spokane Addition.
A public hearing on this request will be conducted by the Warrenton City
Commission at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 9, 2020, in the Commission
Chambers at Warrenton City Hall, 225 S. Main Avenue, Warrenton. Any
interested person may appear or present written or oral statements, in favor
of, or in opposition to, said vacations. Any written remonstrance filed with
the City prior to the time of hearing will be presented to the City Commis-
sion for its consideration. For more information, please contact:
Kevin A. Cronin, Assistant City Manager
City of Warrenton
PO Box 250
Warrenton, Oregon 97146
(503) 861-0920
Published in: The Columbia Press, May 22 & 29, 2020
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nity members who pass away. These free obituaries are 7
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Letters to the editor
There’s bad information out there
I have recently been in-
formed that there was a post
on Facebook that any worker
who tested positive for CV19
would have their children re-
moved by Children’s Services.
It is not true. If parents con-
tract CV19 and are unable to
care for their children, then
they can ask Children’s Ser-
vices for help, and the chil-
dren could be placed where
they will be provided for
while the parents recover. It
is up to the parents.
Also, I’ve heard a rumor
that if someone asks for a
CV19 test, the information
could be acquired by Immi-
gration and Customs Enforce-
ment. That also is not true.
If anyone feels the need to
be tested because they believe
they might have contracted
CV19, contact the Clatsop
County Health Department
about getting tested. The test
won’t determine if you’ve had
CV19 in the past; that’s a dif-
ferent test.
Any information exchanged
is covered under doctor/pa-
May 26, 2020 – 6:00 P.M.
Warrenton City Commission Chambers
225 South Main Avenue, Warrenton, OR 97146
This is a Preliminary Agenda. A final Agenda and full meeting packet
will be available on the City’s website at and at
City Hall after 4:00 p.m. on Friday, May 22, 2020.
The City Commission will hold a work session beginning at 5:30
p.m., prior to the regular meeting. The purpose of the work session
is a Discussion on the Parks Master Plan Update and Forest Rim Concept
Plan. Work Sessions are open to the public. However, no public comment
will be taken.
Consideration of Parks Master Plan Update
Consideration of Forest Rim Concept Plan
Consideration of PPF Grant Authorization
Consideration of Second Reading of Resolution No. 2562; Library
Services Fees and Fines
Consideration of First Reading of Ordinance No. 1240; Amending
WMC Section 10.04.030, Replacing Section 10.04.220, and Replac-
ing Section 10.01.230 as stated
Report on Public Safety Research – Chief Workman
Consideration of SE 2 nd Street & Marlin Drive Force Main Replace-
ment – Bid Award
Consideration of SE 2 nd Street & Marlin Drive Force Main Replace-
ment – Change Order
Consideration of Emergency Declaration Extension – Resolution No.
Under the authority of ORS 192.660(2)(e); to conduct deliberations with
persons designated by the governing body to negotiate real property trans-
Warrenton City Hall is accessible to the disabled. An interpreter for the
hearing impaired may be requested under the terms of ORS 192.630 by
contacting Dawne Shaw, City Recorder, at 503-861-0823 at least 48 hours
in advance of the meeting so appropriate assistance can be provided.
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tient privacy laws, and can-
not be released without the
patient’s consent.
It is a sad thing we have this
kind of untrue information
circulating when prevention
and control, testing and trac-
ing are such an important
A thank you to Clatsop Be-
havioral Health for offering
to assist in finding services
for anyone struggling to deal
with mental distress from the
CV19 ordeal (also covered
under confidentiality laws).
This has proven to not be just
the seasonal flu.
And a thank you to our
Mayor, Henry Balensifer, for
doing an excellent job as an
area leader during this un-
usual time.
Rick Newton
Warrenton City Commission
Masks protect,
yet they annoy
A few thoughts on wearing a
mask: It’s hard to breath and
wear a mask for very long; at
least I find it to be so. So I feel
for the workers at stores who
wear them for hours. Thank
you store workers!
Also, I can’t tell if people are
smiling or crabby when only
eyes peek out. One day, I told
a man in the store that I was
smiling under my mask. He
said he was, too.
We all do look strange walk-
ing around faceless. But,
hopefully, soon we can re-
sume our identities.
who is 4 went to the grocery
store with her mom and she
wore a mask. She later said
that she liked wearing a mask
because she could stick her
tongue out and no one could
see her.
So, take care everyone.
Hopefully things will be back
to normal.
Charlotte Bergerson