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    T he C olumbia P ress
May 15, 2020
Legal Advertising
resolutIon nuMBer 2020r5
resolutIon oF tHe FalCon CoVe BeaCH Water dIstrICt
(FCBWd) autHorIZInG a loan FroM tHe saFe drInkInG Wa-
ter reVolVInG loan Fund By enterInG Into a
FInanCInG ContraCt WItH tHe
oreGon InFrastruCture FInanCe autHorIty
THE FCBWD Board of Directors (the “Governing Body”) of the Falcon
Cove Beach Water District (the “Recipient”) finds:
A. The Recipient is a community water system as defined in Oregon Ad-
ministrative Rule 123-049-0010.
B. The Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1996, Pub.L. 104-182,
as amended (the “Act”), authorize any community or nonprofit non-com-
munity water system to file an application with the Oregon Infrastructure
Finance Authority of the Business Development Department (“OBDD”) to
obtain financial assistance from the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan
C. The Recipient has filed an application with the OBDD to obtain finan-
cial assistance for a “safe drinking water project” within the meaning of the
Act, and the OBDD has approved the Recipient’s application for financial
D. The Recipient is required, as a prerequisite to the receipt of financial
assistance from the OBDD, to enter into a Financing Contract with the
OBDD, number S20010, substantially in the form attached hereto as Ex-
hibit 1. The project is described in Exhibit C to that Financing Contract (the
E. Notice relating to the Recipient’s consideration of the adoption of this
Resolution 2020R5 was published in full accordance with the Recipient’s
charter and laws for public notification.
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Governing Body of the
Recipient as follows:
1. Financing Loan Authorized. The Governing Body authorizes the
President to execute the Financing Contract (the “Financing Documents”)
and such other documents as may be required to obtain financial assistance
including a loan from the OBDD on the condition that the principal amount
of the loan from the OBDD to the Recipient is not more than $125,000
(with $27,000 eligible for principal forgiveness if contract conditions are
met) and the interest rate is not more than 2.15%. The proceeds of the loan
from the OBDD must be applied solely to the “Costs of the Project” as such
term is defined in the Financing Contract.
2. Sources of Repayment. Amounts payable by the Recipient are pay-
able from the sources described in Section 4 of the Financing Contract and
the Oregon Revised Statutes Section 285A.213(5) which include:
(a) Revenue from Recipient’s water system, including special assessment
(b) Amounts withheld under subsection 285A.213(6);
(c) The general fund of the Recipient;
(d) Any combination of sources listed in paragraphs (a) to (c) of this sub-
section; or
(e) Any other source.
3. Additional Documents. The President is hereby authorized to enter
into any agreements and to execute any documents or certificates which
may be required to obtain financial assistance from the OBDD for the Proj-
ect pursuant to the Financing Documents.
Tax-Exempt Status. The Recipient covenants not to take any ac-
tion or omit to take any action if the taking or omission would cause in-
terest paid by the Recipient pursuant to the Financing Documents not to
qualify for the exclusion from gross income provided by Section 103(a) of
the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended. The [name of officer] of
the Recipient may enter into covenants on behalf of the Recipient to protect
the tax-exempt status of the interest paid by the Recipient pursuant to the
Financing Documents and may execute any Tax Certificate, Internal Reve-
nue Service forms or other documents as may be required by the OBDD or
their bond counsel to protect the tax-exempt status of such interest.
DATED this 18th day of April 2020.
Falcon Cove Beach Water District
Signed Beth M. Radich, President
ATTEST: Charles O. Dice, Secretary
In the Matter of the Estate of CONNEE JEAN AUNE, Deceased
Case No.: 20PB03126
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Jean E. Toussaint has been appointed
Personal Representative. All persons having claims against the estate are
required to present them, with vouchers attached, to the Personal Repre-
sentative c/o Seaside Attorneys, 842 Broadway, Seaside Oregon 97138,
within four months after the date of first publication of this notice or the
claims may be barred.
All persons whose rights may be affected by the proceedings may obtain
additional information from the records of the Court, the Personal Rep-
resentative, or the lawyer for the Personal Representative, Jeremy Rust.
Dated and first published on May 15, 2020.
Jeremy Rust, OSB No. 094927
Attorney for Personal Representative
Seaside Attorneys
842 Broadway
Seaside, Oregon 97138
Notice of Public Hearings
Extension of Water Connec-
tion Moratorium and Water Rate
The Falcon Cove Beach Water
District will hold a Public Hearing
on these two topics on 23 May 2020
at 09:30 am by Teleconference.
for teleconference details. The pur-
pose of these meetings is to discuss
a 6-month extension to the water
connection moratorium, and to
discuss updates to the current rate
These two Public Hearings will be
immediately followed by a Board
Meeting which is also open to the
Public by teleconference, during
which the Board will consider and
vote on the two topics above as well
as other regular agenda topics.