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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, February 7, 2018
John Day
Nicky Essex
On Jan. 29, greeters were
Bonnie Kocis and Jeanette
Julsrud. Our dining service
was lovingly done by the First
Christian Church, Roberta
and Ron Dowse, with some
additional hands at the tables.
Pastor Al and Cathy Alt-
now took to the roads of John
Day and Canyon City to de-
liver meals, while David Gill
and Rodney Brunson from
Step Forward took the Mt.
Vernon route. Altogether, they
delivered 34 regular and 30
frozen meals. Thank you all
for your service as volunteers.
Jan Ellison opened our
meal by leading the Pledge of
Allegiance. Our drawing win-
ners were Tom Roark, Len’s
Drug certificate, and Jeanette
Sheridan, free meal. Dale
Stennett gave our devotion
and gratitude for our meal.
We ate taquitos with chips
and dips. We put together
our choice from a variety of
choices. It was fantastic. We
had ice cream for dessert.
Great meal!
I heard that someone
called to say she loved hear-
ing about our meals and
wished she could get her hus-
band to come for lunch. I say,
“Come without him, Mrs. N.”
I told you we were losing
our great volunteer, Ethan,
and now I can tell you that
Jay Colson has stepped right
in to meet our need. Thanks,
Jay and Tom.
This is National Puzzle
Week. We have lots, and
books too. Come in and take
one home.
Feb. 1 found Olivia Cor-
nell and Everett King on
duty greeting. Joan and Joel
from the John Day Nazarene
Church led off by deliver-
ing meals to John Day and
Canyon City, and the Step
Forward guys took the Mt.
Vernon route, altogether de-
livering 33 meals. We love
our volunteers. Also from the
Nazarene Church, Trace and
Duane Andrew, Jessie Elliott,
Everett King and Dale Sten-
nett, did our table service,
with a little extra help. Ever-
ett King led us in the Pledge
of Allegiance to open our
time together. Gregg Starr
won the Chester’s Thriftway
certificate, and Mo Delano
won the free Valley View
meal. Duane Andrew gave
the blessing on our meal.
Thanks to you all.
We ate “Cottage Pie”
(entrée sponsored by Buzz
and Margaret Glass), green
beans, baguettes and birth-
day cake, yummy. Thanks to
Shay and Lisa; we loved it.
Former residents of Canyon
City, Nick and Sue Miller,
now living in Prineville, are
in town visiting Don and
Deda Porter. Nice to see you
Valentine’s lunch, Feb. 8,
will be chicken cordon bleu,
wild rice, spinach salad and
heart cakes. On Feb. 12, we’ll
have bacon and eggs, fruit and
cottage cheese.
Please remember in prayer
Sharon Schultz, who is re-
covering from a full hip re-
placement in Boise after a bad
fall; Gene Freshour, prancing
around at home on a new
knee; and Margaret Glass,
also recovering with a new
knee. We love you all!
Psalm 105:1 “Give praise
to the LORD, proclaim his
name; make known among the
nations what he has done.”
Soo Yukawa
We had a yummy meal
of beef ribs served over
steamed rice cooked by Ter-
ry Cade and Tiana soon-to-
be Jewell. We had a choice
of spicy or non-spicy. Of
course, I had to get some of
We also got cooked broc-
coli, garlic bread and a va-
riety of desserts donated by
our Monument School 4-H
kids. I can tell you I sure was
a happy camper. We thank
our cooks for the delicious
Our greeters were Judy
Harris, Jimmy Cole and
Debbie Reid. Judy made the
announcements and led us in
the flag salute. Yours truly
prayed the blessing over the
meal. Bodean was at home
recovering from a visit to
the hospital. We wish her
well and pray for a speedy
recovery. Jimmy and Debbie
collected and counted the
money. The total number of
guests on the books was 41
with six takeouts.
The winners for the free
meals were Bruce Kram-
er and Diane Ganger. The
Len’s Drug gift card went to
Christian Yukawa.
For our next sewing class,
Judy Harris has sent instruc-
tions via email to the ladies
who are interested in doing
a project called “Quilts of
Valor.” There are some ba-
sic requirements on how to
make these for our service-
men and -women. I believe
we will be making some for
our local vets here in Mon-
ument. I have not received
the next sewing date. I will
let you know when I get that
Rummage sale items are
now being accepted. Please
drop off gently used items
on Tuesdays if you would
like to donate. There are
also specific items greatly
needed for a church group in
Portland helping the needy.
Those items are coats,
stuffed animals and shoes.
Many of the homeless are
walking around in the cold
with flip flops on their feet.
My family and I got a
tour of the Monument RV
Park by Ron and Sherry, the
new owners. The rooms look
absolutely fabulous! If you
have any visitors that need a
place to stay, I highly recom-
mend it.
Well, I think I have tamed
down little Bonnie the kid
pretty well. OK, I think I
will reconsider my previous
opinions that goats are not
cute, and that they are pains
in the butt. I’ve been sitting
in the goat shed and petting
on the little babies. Bonnie
has been coming over and
jumps up onto my lap —
only she doesn’t want to sit.
She wants to stand on my
lap. It’s hilarious because
she keeps slipping off and
then she comes right back on
again. I think I love her! Ha.
The other little kids are
the boys, and I’ve banded
two of them. The last one
to be banded is a bit on the
small side so I’m waiting a
few more days. They really
are adorable when they are
babies. Too bad they don’t
stay little!
Colossians 4:6 “Let your
speech be alway with grace,
seasoned with salt, that ye
may know how ye ought to an-
swer every man.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
The food for thought:
Next to jazz music, there is
nothing that lifts the spir-
it and strengthens the soul
more than a good bowl of
chili. And we certainly had
that. Chili, lime Jell-O salad
and cornbread. There were
the usual condiments for the
chili and juices and other
For dessert we had lemon
cake with ice cream or top-
ping. And I really like that
we have mango juice — very
good. We decided that chili
on a chilly day was the way
to go. Given that we had 63
names on the registration
book, lots of others felt that
way too.
Harold led the flag salute,
Ginger did the announcing
and Jack asked the blessing.
Ken, Carlos and Larry took
care of the home deliveries.
I only found two January
birthday girls, and Pam How-
ard was the winner of the $10
gift certificate donated by
Huffman’s Market.
Tom announced that he
and Joy are switching plac-
es, sort of. Joy will assume
the duties of assistant cook,
and Tom will be the kitchen
He will be available to as-
sist if the need should arise.
We thanked him for his ser-
vice these last two years.
The Blue Mountain Care
Center was able to come.
Lorna and Krystin brought
Marilyn Randall, Thelma
Kite, Bud Salisbury and Otho
Because of more circum-
stances beyond our control,
the 3 Amigas didn’t get to
play, either. But things are
looking better for next week.
We are doing some more
things in the building to make
it more efficient. The electri-
cian came and did their thing
and the plumber is scheduled
to do some extractions soon.
Then will come some
painting, etc., that will en-
able us to move the “office”
across the entry hall to a
smaller room and free up the
larger area for storage and li-
This is a baby step among
all the things that need to be
upgraded and repaired. But
we are moving forward.
Speaking of moving for-
ward, the primary care phy-
sician has cleared Derrol for
his next shoulder surgery. So
they notified the surgeon’s
office, who quickly called to
set a date for it.
So far, so good, right? The
question is, does the cardi-
ologist have to clear him for
Am waiting on the answer
from them. He’s anxious to
get it done so he can be ready
to run the riding lawn mower
this summer.
A phrase that I keep hear-
ing lately is: “I just can’t wait
until…” Well, there’s no way
to not wait, is there? After all,
“Time and tide wait for no
man.” Just seems that there
should be a better way to say,
when such and such happens,
I will be so excited to see
it happen — than to say, “I
can’t wait,” because you will
have to wait. That’s the pet
peeve of the day.
Galatians 5:22-23 “But
the fruit of the Spirit is love,
joy, peace, patience, kind-
ness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control.”
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