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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, January 31, 2018
John Day
Nicky Essex
We have already used up
almost 1/12th of this new
year! Who sped the whole
world up? On Jan. 22, Ever-
ett King and I were greeters
while our friends from The
Church of Jesus Christ of Lat-
ter-day Saints served at our ta-
bles. Not only did Rachel Car-
penter and Suzanne Taysom
serve us, they did meal deliv-
eries to John Day and Canyon
City earlier in the morning.
The guys from Step Forward,
David Gill and Rodney Brun-
son, took their regular route to
Mt. Vernon. Altogether, these
faithful servants delivered 33
regular and 32 frozen meals.
Suzanne opened our time
together by leading us in the
Pledge of Allegiance. Our
drawings produced winners:
Curt Pereira, who won the
Chester’s Thriftway certifi-
cate, and Everett, who won
the free meal. Rachel gave the
blessing on our meal, and we
dined on Polish Kabo three-
bean salad and homemade
bread with Lisa’s blondies for
A personal note of thanks:
Jay Colson went out on his
own and picked up trash in
our parking lot. Thanks, Jay. If
everyone would take that kind
of initiative, he wouldn’t have
found so much. The election
board picked up our drop box
and told us that Grant County
has one of the highest voting
percentages in Oregon.
On Jan. 25, the team from
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church
served us. Jimmy Maples and
David Turner delivered meals
to John Day and Canyon City,
while our Step Forward crew
did their Mt. Vernon route,
delivering 37 meals altogeth-
er. Upon returning to the se-
nior center, Jimmy and David
joined Agnes and Walt Hall
in preparing the service of
our tables. We drew the Len’s
Drug certificate, which was
won by Don Porter, and then
Tom Roark won the meal at
Valley View. Jimmy gave the
blessing on our meal, and we
chowed down. Our entrée was
honey mustard chicken, along
with carrots, bow tie pasta,
bran muffins and fruit salad
for dessert. We served 46 din-
Please remember to pray
for Alma Joslin. She has been
pretty ill and in the hospital
with pneumonia.
Margaret Glass was sched-
uled for knee surgery today.
No updates at this time. Please
pray for her, too.
Our faithful Ethan has
moved on to a new job. That
means we will need our reg-
ular servers to do all of the
setups as of Feb. 1. Thanks
so much, and good luck in the
future, Ethan. Our Valentine’s
meal will feature chicken cor-
don bleu and will be served the
Thursday before Valentine’s
Day, Feb. 8. If you want to eat
here that day, be sure to make
a reservation. These special
days have caught some of us
off guard, and sometimes we
can only seat those with res-
ervations. Linda may have a
special drawing or two.
1 Corinthians 2:9-10
“However, as it is written:
‘What no eye has seen, what
no ear has heard, and what
no human mind has con-
ceived’ — the things God has
prepared for those who love
him — these are the things
God has revealed to us by his
Soo Yukawa
It’s been an intense week.
It’s a good thing — it builds
character, right? When things
you don’t expect happen,
when life throws you that
curve ball, you just go with
the flow. Well, Jill, my other
nanny goat, had her babies.
Uh huh, did you get that? Ba-
bies. Yes, she also had twins.
I just figure, the good Lord
knows what he’s doing and
deemed fit that we should
be blessed with two sets of
baby goats! They are just
as cute as the other two, for
now. Ha. I wanted to name
one of them Babe, but I got
outvoted by my kids. They
decided on the names of
Phineas and Ferb after the
cartoon show. The funny
thing is, one is bigger and
taller than the other just like
their namesake counterparts.
These are both males. I will
be banding them very soon.
So, moving on to our se-
nior news, for our Jan. 23
meal, Carrie Jewell and her
soon-to-be daughter-in-law
cooked up for us pulled
pork, french fries, coleslaw
and apple cobbler for des-
sert. Yes, I did eat very well.
We thank our cooks for their
diligent work.
Our greeters were Bode-
an Andersen, Jimmy Cole
and Debbie Reid. Bode-
an led us in the flag salute,
made the announcements
and also prayed the blessing
of the meal for us. Jimmy
and Debbie collected and
counted the money. Miranda
Hoodenpyl won the $5 gift
card for Len’s Drug. Ran-
dy Sweek and Bob Yukawa
both won free meals.
Darlene Forrest is now
back home with her son. She
has both her ankles in casts,
so we are still praying for
her speedy recovery and for
her to regain her mobility
Another announcement
you might be interested in:
Krista Qual, our foot doctor,
was present, and her next
visit to Monument will be
March 20. So mark your cal-
endars if you wish to have
your toes taken care of.
There will be an estate
sale going on at Tom Camp-
bell’s place starting on Fri-
day Feb. 9. The money made
will be going to help Tom in
a care facility.
The Senior Shoot fund-
raiser was very successful.
We thank Brad and Julie
Smith for their generosity
in hosting this event for us.
Through the pie auction,
the amount made was $426.
The incoming funds from
the shoot was $1,300 minus
the cost of operations. The
Monument Senior Center
was able to bring in $1,064.
Wow, isn’t that just wonder-
ful? Thank you to all who
donated and participated in
this event!
We had a great day of
sewing. We had almost
20 women, including four
young girls. Some people
didn’t even sew but came
to visit, and we sure all had
great fun. Oh, and by the
way, we had a wonderful and
delicious feast. Oh, yeah, it
was some delicious food. I
will let you all know when the
next sewing day will be.
1 John 2:12 “I write to
you, little children, Because
your sins are forgiven you for
His name’s sake.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
According to Tom, the
menu was as follows: Work
is the main course; pleasure is
the dessert. Har, har. Actually,
we had a very tasty tuna noo-
dle casserole, spinach salad,
bread sticks and peach cobbler
with topping for dessert. And
the dessert was very pleasur-
able. There was also mango
juice, apple juice, milk, butter-
milk, coffee and water to wash
it all down with. That was an-
other one of those dishes that
I had never had before. Then
our table discussed what edi-
bles their mothers had put into
this dish. Very interesting.
Two of the 3 Amigas prac-
ticed and played before the
meeting and meal. And my
neck didn’t hurt this time.
Tom got the setup done.
Monty Buck drove for Carlos
for the first time, and Ginger
and nephew Brian Johns did
the rest of the takeouts. Thanks
to those in the community who
step up to help because of oth-
er’s absences. Sickness and
illness is taking a toll not only
here but everywhere. Only 41
names were on our registration
Drew Harmer led the flag
salute, and Tom Roark asked
the blessing. Before we ate, we
had a short business meeting
to approve the new by-laws
and elect the new slate of offi-
cers and members-at-large. All
unanimous. Thanks for your
Since we did not have a gift
certificate for that day, we let
Gwynne Wulfert eat for free.
The rumor is that we will be
getting new gift certificates
donated by Len’s Drug soon.
Goody, goody.
Made another run to Bend
to get the shoulder surgery
prerequisites started. We’ll see
how long that takes.
We were enjoying looking
out the window and saw a sight
to behold. At least 20 head of
deer jumped out of the across-
the-street neighbor’s yard and
trotted down the street to an-
other neighbor’s back yard and
investigated the food bin there.
I guess that’s one reason we
don’t have too much trouble
with deer. There isn’t anything
edible in our yard. (Except the
big and beautiful tulip that one
year.) And the other neighbors
have dogs that make lots of
noise. You do have to be care-
ful when driving in town so as
to avoid a collision with them.
That can be expensive.
Remember the turkeys
roosting in the trees out of
Mitchell? When we came back
from Bend, we saw how they
manage that. The flock was
climbing up the hill on the
north side of the road so they
could get high enough to float
down to the tops of the cotton-
woods on the south side. Ah
Jan. 31 will be January
birthday recognition. So be
sure and let Ginger or Delores
or me know if your birthday
was in January. This gift cer-
tificate is worth $10 in trade
donated by Huffman’s Market,
so don’t be shy.
I Peter 1:3-4 “Praise be the
God and Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ! In his great mer-
cy he has given us new birth
into a living hope through the
resurrection of Jesus Christ
from the dead, and into an
inheritance that can never
perish, spoil or fade – kept in
heaven for you.”
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