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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, May 11, 2016
John Day
Alma Joslin
JOHN DAY — On May 2,
we had a real gourmet lunch of
baked cod over roasted tomato
and cream sauce. It was served
with BLT pasta salad, steamed
broccoli, French bread, orange
sections and a veggie tray, all
topped off with strawberry
shortcake. Wow.
We served approximately
32 diners at the center, plus 21
lunches were delivered by Glo-
ria Kulis and Chris Yriarte as
well as 30 frozen meals to shut-
ins. Veanne Weddle helped
with deliveries.
Bonnie Kocis and Billie
Bullard greeted us, and Gloria
led the lag salute, while Ben
Leuthe asked the blessing.
Chris and Gloria, from Blue
Mountain Hospital Auxiliary,
served us.
Veanne announced there
will be a fund raiser for the
family of Curt Pereira to help
with expenses during his cancer
treatments. It will be a spaghet-
ti dinner from 5-7:30 p.m. on
Saturday, May 21, at the senior
center. There will be a silent
auction and a live dessert auc-
tion, along with a door prize,
with tickets selling for $1 and
a 50/50 rafle. To donate some-
thing, contact the Senior Center
at 541-575-1825. The dinner
will be by donation.
On Thursday, May 19, there
will be someone here at 11 a.m.
to speak on at-risk drivers.
The Mother’s Day lunch
will be Thursday, May 12; res-
ervations are requested. It will
be chicken cordon bleu, and
there will be lots of door prizes.
Thank yous go out to Pep-
per White for his donations and
to Chester’s Thriftway for the
case of cabbage.
Shay and Lisa catered to a
full house last Saturday for the
funeral luncheon for Earlene
Holliday. They served inger
foods, and the family was very
It was Chris Yriarte’s irst
time to join us for lunch, and I
think she enjoyed it. Ken Henry
won the Len’s Drug gift certif-
icate, and Curt Pereira won the
free meal.
On May 5, we had a Cinco
de Mayo lunch — taco-stuffed
peppers, fried cabbage, nachos
with cheese sauce, and, for
dessert, we had birthday cake.
State Farm Insurance furnished
the entree, and Driskill Memo-
rial Chapel furnished the cake,
which was baked by Chester’s
Thriftway Bakery.
Approximately 50 peo-
ple enjoyed the lunch, and 32
meals were delivered by Joan
and Joel Tayles. They repre-
sented the Church of the Naz-
arene and were also our servers.
Marianne Morris and Mer-
rie Henry greeted us, while
Gene Freshour led the lag sa-
lute, and Richie Colbeth asked
the blessing. Serving were
Richie, Edie Komning, Gene,
Tracy Andrews, Jessie Lewis
and Niki Essex.
Norm Fowle and Merrie
Henry were dressed for the day
in full Spanish dress, and Mer-
rie wished us well in Spanish.
Really made the day authentic.
Veanne wished Margie
Parker and Jim Hamsher a hap-
py birthday.
On Thursday, May 12, a
representative from the Oregon
Food Bank will be at the Fair-
grounds at 9 a.m. A potluck will
be held at noon.
Roberta Dowse won the
Chester’s Thriftway gift certif-
icate, and Don Caldwell won
the Valley View lunch for two.
On Monday, May 16, we
will have eggs Benedict bake
with ham and fruit yogurt salad.
Ecclesiastes 12:14 “For God
will bring every deed into judg-
ment, including every hidden
thing, whether it is good or evil.”
Soo Yukawa
3, our wonderful and hard-work-
ing chefs, Terry Cade and Carrie
Jewell, made us a delicious meal
of chicken fajitas, refried beans,
Spanish rice, fruit cocktail and
an assortment of cookies. Our
greeters were Bodean Andersen
and Jimmy Cole. Bodean led
the lag salute and the prayer for
our meal. The Len’s Drug gift
card went to Bob Yukawa, Pat
Reed won a free meal, and Da-
vid Stubbleield won a gift card
to Chester’s Thriftway. Thank
you to our generous donors.
We also had some visitors join
us for lunch — Veanne Weddle
and Alma Joslin from John Day.
Good to see you again, Alma!
We also had Scott and Pat Reed
from Spray.
Jesse Jewell has passed
away. There are no plans yet on
services at the present time.
Don’t forget, Monument will
hold its irst annual rummage
sale on Friday and Saturday,
May 13 and 14. Donations are
much appreciated, new or gen-
tly-used items. Items may be left
at the senior center. Chili, pie
and coffee will be available for
purchase during those two days.
All proits will go to the Senior
Center Operation Fund.
Well, it looks like my goats
thought one of my neighbor’s
daughter-in-law, who was jog-
ging along our road, looked
like me and ran after her, liter-
ally. They found a hole in the
fencing, got out and ran after
her about two miles down. She
realized they followed her and
brought them back with the help
of her husband. Ugh! I thought
about it later; she did look sort
of like me with her dark hair tied
in a ponytail, cap on her head
and about my height. I guess
they could have made an honest
mistake. It was about the time
I would go out, feed them and
put them in for the night. They
probably thought, “Hey, where’s
our food? Come back!” Ha ha.
Of course, I’m sure it was mama
that led the pack. She always
comes running up to the fence
when she sees me, baaing at me;
most of the time I yell at her and
say, “It’s not feeding time yet!”
There were some wonderful
creatures we found while be-
ing outside this past week. We
found a salamander, a couple
of frogs and worms. The most
exotic thing we found was a
giant beautiful moth. It looked
like it was dying so we put it in
a container. There are so many
wonders to see and ind. It’s so
nice to see the fascination and
joy in my two little ones over
some worms they found. Ah, the
simple things in life. We should
look at the world through their
eyes and their perceptions.
I hope all the ladies had a
wonderful Mother’s Day and
were appreciated by your loved
ones. I have to say that being a
mother was the hardest thing I
have ever had to be, but also the
most rewarding.
Proverbs 31:28-30 “Her
children arise up, and call her
blessed; Her husband also, and
he praiseth her. Many daughters
have done virtuously, But thou
excellest them all. Favour is de-
ceitful, and beauty is vain; But a
woman that feareth the LORD,
she shall be praised.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
had lots of different activity
at the hall on May 4. Iva had
to be gone so she asked her
daughter, Molly, to take her
place. Helen asked Pam and
Linda to help in the kitchen,
too, which left me at the reg-
istration table. I knew it was
the irst of the month because
there were lots of big bills to
make change for. Hey, it all
spends the same, right? The
set-up crew and the deliverers
had the same people so they
did their normal jobs. We end-
ed up with 82 names on the
book, of which 31 were take-
outs. Mayor Jim Hamsher led
the lag salute and Jack Reth-
erford asked the blessing. Jim
Lunzman won the $5 in trade
donated by Prairie Hardware
& Gifts.
Our special visitors were
Mark and Cathy Proctor from
British Columbia, Canada.
He is Nancy Viggers’ neph-
ew. They asked about the
name “Umatilla.” We had al-
ways assumed it was a Native
American name, but would
you believe that it is of Span-
ish origin? If you know other-
wise, clue me in.
We used the nice, new,
sharp steak knives May 4 on
our luscious stuffed pork loin
roast. Worked great! One per-
son even offered to pay for
them. Wow. Along with the
special meat we had apple
juice, bread and butter pickles,
mashed potatoes, fruit salad,
rolls and spice cake for dessert.
Lorna and Angie got to
bring the bus from Blue
Mountain Care Center. Their
passengers included Dorothy
Blasing, Lois Hill, Marilyn
Randall and Otho Laurance.
I worked all day Monday
and got the west side low-
er beds cleaned out before it
got hot and stormy. Bambi
hasn’t gotten to the tulip, so I
got some photos of it in full
bloom. The hollyhocks that
didn’t get to bloom last year
are doing good. Hopefully
they will make progress up the
trellis this year. The grapevine
made it to the top and beyond.
Hmm. Can I train it to go
around the corner to another
window to make some shade?
This may be interesting. The
wild roses have buds — and
lots of thorns. Have quite a
time getting them to go where
I want them. Har, har. That’s
why they’re called “wild ros-
es,” right?
The transplanted irises
don’t look like they are inter-
ested in blooming this year.
At least they won’t be moved
again for a few years. Derrol
thought we had a new hybrid.
The narcissus are blooming
amid the corn lilies. Makes
for an interesting scene. Then
there is a cute, little blue low-
er among them. It’s probably
a weed. Had one years ago
up on East Front Street that I
was so pleased with ‘cause I
hadn’t planted it. Then I was
informed that it was a noxious
weed. Oh, phooey.
Got to see Bert and family
in Bend. I think that is a good
way for us to get together. Eas-
ier on everybody. And it is ex-
actly the same amount of time
for each. We will see if we can
convince Joel and his tribe to
try it. They all want us to move
closer to them. No way.
Eph. 5:15, 16 “See that
you walk circumspectly… re-
deeming the time, because the
days are evil.”
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