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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, May 4, 2016
John Day
Alma Joslin
JOHN DAY — On April
25, we had approximate-
ly 32 diners in the center
for loaded baked potatoes
with chicken and vegeta-
bles in Alfredo sauce, green
salad, bread sticks and
There were also 23 meals
delivered plus 10 frozen
ones to shut-ins. The meals
were delivered by Greta
Carpenter and Darlene No-
They were also our serv-
ers, representing the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints. Darlene led the flag
salute, and Greta asked
the blessing. Ron Dowse
and Billie Bullard greeted
Veanne Weddle an-
nounced there will be an
AARP driving course from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Satur-
day, May 7, at the center.
Please bring a lunch as
there will be a short lunch
break. At 11 a.m. on May
19, there will be a class on
at-risk drivers, also here at
the center.
Billie Bullard won the
Len’s Drug gift certificate,
and Dale Stennett won the
free lunch.
On April 28, we had ap-
proximately 64 in for lunch
consisting of southern
fried pork steaks, mashed
potatoes and gravy, but-
tered corn, fresh made
dinner rolls and an indi-
vidual banana split tart for
The entree was furnished
by Linda Stoltz in memory
of her late husband, Fred.
Linda was present, along
with a full table of her
friends and relatives.
There were also 34 meals
delivered by David Turner
and Jim Maple.
They represented St.
Elizabeth Catholic Church.
Veanne also helped with
deliveries. David Pasko and
Marianne Morris greeted
The catholic church folks
also served us. Walt Hall led
the flag salute, and Jim Ma-
ple asked the blessing. Our
servers were David Turner,
Jim, Walt, Agnes Hall and
Joan Vetter.
Veanne announced the
Mother’s Day meal will be
on Thursday, May 12, as the
cooks wanted to do a Cin-
co de Mayo lunch on the
They are requesting res-
ervations for the Mother’s
Day lunch which will be
chicken cordon bleu. There
will be lots of door prizes
that day.
Wilma Bauer had a guest
with her today, her friend,
Shirley Enright, from Mt.
Vernon. Jack Seebart won
the Chester’s Thriftway gift
certificate, and Everett King
won the Valley View lunch
for two.
Lunch on Thursday,
May 5, will be nachos, ta-
co-stuffed peppers and
birthday cake. Monday,
May 9, will be Polish sau-
sage with sauerkraut and
Waldorf salad.
Psalm 14:1 “Only fools
say in their hearts ‘There
is no God.’ They are cor-
rupt, and their actions
are evil, not one does
Soo Yukawa
MONUMENT — Can you
believe we are in the month
of May already? I don’t know
about you all, but I’ve had the
busiest past two weeks this
year. I was so busy that I didn’t
even get a chance to do my
article last week, so my apol-
ogies to everyone! We had to
go to Bend twice, once to John
Day, and then to top that off,
I had a visit from my father-
in-law on short notice. I was
scrambling to get the guest
room ready. I was getting a
little stressed because he was
bringing us boxes of stuff that
they were trying to get rid of.
I needed that like I needed a
hole in my head. What to do
with all this junk, I mean stuff.
I think I might donate some of
it to our upcoming Rummage
Well, let’s see if I can re-
member Tuesday’s lunch
through all the busyness. Our
cooks, Terry Cade and Carrie
Jewell, made a fabulous meal
of fried chicken, mashed po-
tatoes with gravy, green beans
and carrot cake for dessert.
Our greeters were Bodean
Andersen and Marva Walker.
Bodean led the lag salute and
prayed the blessing over the
meal. Max Breeding, Dennis
Abraham and Ricki Doland
won free meals. We had James
from Ed Staub and Sons in
John Day join us for lunch.
The following are some im-
portant information and head-
lines for you. Tom Campbell
is in the hospital in John Day.
Monument FFA Banquet will
be held at 6 p.m. May 4. RSVP
to Laura Thomas if you want
to attend. Monument School
will have their plant sale from
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 7 and
from 12:30-3:30 p.m. May 9.
The irst annual rummage
sale will be held at the Mon-
ument Senior Center from
9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 13 and
14. Donations are appreciat-
ed, new or gently used items.
Items may be left at the Senior
Center, or contact Judy Harris
at 541-934-2244, Karen Stub-
bleield at 541-934-2515 or
Sylvia Cockrell at 541-934-
2220. They will also be selling
pie and coffee both days. All
proceeds will be going to the
Senior Center Operation Fund.
Don’t forget that the People
Mover comes every Thursday
to the Senior Center to take
people to John Day and back.
They leave at 9 a.m. and usual-
ly return around 3 p.m.
I must say, while my life
has been crazy hectic, I did
manage to take in and savor
the beautiful scenery around
me on our drives. The lush,
green and beautiful foliage all
around and everywhere just
took my breath away. Have
you seen it too? Just absolutely
gorgeous! If you haven’t al-
ready, you need to go out and
just soak and bask in the won-
derful countryside we live in.
This most deinitely is God’s
Ephesians 4:11-13 “And he
gave some, apostles; and some,
prophets; and some, evange-
lists; and some, pastors and
teachers; For the perfecting of
the saints, for the work of the
ministry, for the edifying of the
body of Christ: Till we all come
in the unity of the faith, and of
the knowledge of the Son of
God, unto a perfect man, unto
the measure of the stature of the
fullness of Christ.”
Prairie City
Rose Coombs
27 was April birthday recogni-
tion day, and I managed to ind
three people to admit to it: Loy
Blasing, Bonnie Lake and Bruce
Kaufman. Long time volunteer
Bonnie Lake was the winner of
the $10 gift certiicate donated
by Huffman’s Market. Our other
winner was Lou Thoemke, and
she received the $5 certiicate
donated by Prairie Hardware
& Gifts. Yes, we still give out
paper certiicates signed by our
donors. After all, you know that
Prairie City is 40 years behind
the rest of the world — and we
like it that way!
Well, we had our nice warm
spring days, so now it’s back to
late winter. I did get the low-
er bed on the east side of the
house cleaned out. I had been
wondering if the morning glo-
ry seeds that fell from the vines
last fall would sprout. Two did.
Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to buy
some more seeds. The surprise
was the little violet plant that I
got for Mother’s Day last year.
It survived the winter and is
blooming! Guess it survived the
deer grazing, too. I’m protecting
the big, beautiful tulip by the
front door with a garden cart so
hopefully Bambi can’t get to it.
Oh, the trials of gardening in the
far, far West.
Our head cook, Iva, in-
formed us we will have our
Mother’s Day dinner on May 4,
and she has something special in
mind. Hmmm. Be sure to come.
There were 84 names on the
book. Bob McCauley led the
lag salute, and Jack Retherford
asked the blessing. Lana Abarr,
Fran Bunch and Livy were three
of our helpers. Harold did the
dessert. The servers from each
table brought us orange juice,
green salad and dressing, potato
wedges, asparagus spears, meat
loaf, rolls and lemon bars with
vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.
Lorna and Kellyn brought
Dorothy Blasing, Lois Hill,
Marilyn Randall and Ralph Wil-
son from Blue Mountain Care
Center. Larry, Vonnie and Loy
Blasing joined Dorothy for din-
Since we really don’t want to
drive in Portland any more, we
agreed to meet Bert and fam-
ily in Bend. Figured we would
have a ighting chance of driv-
ing safely in Bend. The place he
picked to meet us is also easy
for us to ind being close to the
motel where we stay during
Derrol’s hospital stays. It has
been quite a while since that
happened, hasn’t it? Keep your
ingers crossed.
Joel and family have reser-
vations for the Fourth of July in
Joseph. We will see how we feel
about getting out on the road to
see them there when the time
comes. Wish that “they” would
hurry up with those “transport-
I found a marble in my dig-
ging in the ground. Gave it to
Dave Gray because he keeps
losing his.
The owls are back in their
hole over the Antique Store An-
nex. Do you know what a group
of owls is called? A parliament.
Quite itting, right? A group of
pugs is called a grumble. Won-
der who makes these names up?
Gen. 2:19, 20 “Now the
Lord God had formed out of
the ground all the beasts of
the ield and all the birds of
the air. … So the man gave
names to all the livestock, the
birds … and the beasts. …”
Church Services In Grant County
Lutheran Church
Come Worship with us at
627 SE Hillcrest, John Day
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& Communion ...............................10 am
2 nd , 4 th & 5 th Sunday Worship ..........10 am
Wednesday Evening Bible Study.......6 pm
For information: 541-575-2348
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