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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
John Day
JOHN DAY — On April
4, we had a Reuben bake with
french fries, corn/tomato salad
and cherry turnovers for dessert.
It was all very good, and we
had a nice turnout. There were
approximately 36 diners at the
center, plus there were 25 meals
delivered along with two frozen
ones to shut-ins. The meals were
delivered by Joyce Nodine and
Isa Larkin. Veanne Weddle did
the Mt. Vernon route.
Our servers were Joyce and
Isa. The represented the Blue
Mountain Hospital Auxiliary.
Isa led the lag salute, and Ben
Leuthe asked the blessing. Ron
Dowse and Billie Bullard greet-
ed us.
Veanne announced there
are liers on the table by her of-
ice door about the Red Cross
and their program for installing
smoke detectors. They have a 10-
year battery and are installed free
of charge. She also announced
she will be starting her class on
living with chronic pain at 2:30
p.m. on April 21 at the center. If
you are interested either call the
center or just show up for the
class. There is no charge, and
they will take place every Thurs-
day. Ron Dowse will reschedule
his AARP safe driving course
since he had to cancel the one
that was scheduled for April 9.
Lisa’s husband, Kirk, and his
dad, Art Perreira, joined us for
lunch, as well as Sylvia Warrick.
She is here visiting for a week.
Ralph Davis was a irst time
diner, joining Nicky and Gene
Essex. I won the Len’s Drug gift
certiicate, and Ralph Davis won
the free meal.
On April 7, we had a good
crowd of approximately 56 din-
ers at the center for spaghetti,
spinach, green salad and garlic/
cheese toast. Besides the diners
in house, there were 30 lunches
delivered and 15 frozen meals
delivered to shut-ins. That totals
101 lunches. Good job, cooks.
We had birthday cake for dessert,
which was baked by Chester’s
Bakery and furnished by Drisk-
ill Memorial Chapel. Our entree
was furnished by the John Day
Fireighters, who also served us.
Carl and Rhonda Metler de-
livered the meals with the help
of Veanne Weddle. David Pasko
and Bonnie Kocis greeted us.
Rhonda led the lag salute, and
Carl asked the blessing. Helping
them with the serving were Ron
Phillips, Ron Smith, Stephen
Stinnett and Tom Smith.
Veanne announced there
will be a YAP ensemble special
concert at 7 p.m. on April 15 at
the United Methodist Church.
There is no admission fee, but
donations are accepted. The ire-
ighters left some brochures on
ire prevention on the front table.
Whoever asked about the exer-
cise bike, Veanne now has one to
loan out. Don’t forget to sign up
for a ride to the OTEC meeting in
Baker City on April 30. The sign-
up sheet is on the front table.
Judy Nelson won the Ches-
ter’s Thriftway gift certiicate,
and Greg Starr won the Valley
View lunch for two. Lunch on
Thursday, April 14, will be bar-
becued meatballs with peppers
and onions. On Monday, April
18 we will have corned beef hash
and eggs. We look forward to
seeing you at one or both of these
promising meals.
1 John 5:18 “We know that
those who have become part
of God’s family do not make a
practice of sinning, for God’s
Son holds them securely and the
evil one cannot get his hands on
5, we had yummy spaghetti,
garlic toast, fresh green salad
and vanilla cake with choco-
late frosting. A big thanks to
our cooks, Terry Cade and
Carrie Jewell.
Our greeters were Bob
Blakeslee, Bodean Andersen
and Marva Walker. Bob led
our lag salute, and Bode-
an made the announcements
and prayed the blessing. Jan
Ensign won the Len’s Drug
gift card. Carrie Ussery
and Jack Sweek won free
meals. Veanne Weddle, from
John Day, came for a visit and
let us know about a class in
September for purchasing a
For more info, give her a
Have you been outside
to experience the beautiful
spring weather? The ields are
a gorgeous shade of emerald
green and so lush. I just love
it! Because of the nice weath-
er, my husband and I were
able to get a little work done
We were working on some
fencing. I think I actually got
some heat rash though, on my
arms. I have never had that
before; maybe it’s because I
haven’t had sun in so long? I
hope it goes away soon; it’s a
little itchy.
So, I’ve always dreamed
of being a little farmer. Well, I
got a hold of some goats. They
are mostly for eating the dry
brush. I’m not sure what else
I will do with them yet. Re-
member that I mentioned
that it must be my lot in life
to have one trouble maker in
my animals? I have this one
pill of a goat; her name is
Mama. The goats came with
names. I have igured out that
she is the ringleader.
While the fencing of their
pen was being secured, I had
them out in a big ield. I had
her chained to a couple of
tires. I believe she is a dwarf
Nigerian, so not very big at
all. That Mama goat would
drag those tires all over the
place, so we added the tires to
ive! She still managed to drag
the tires, not quite as much
but still moved them a little
The other goats, I pretty
much let them roam freely,
but not Mama. When I had her
loose, she would ind a hole or
gap in the fencing and get out.
The other goats would follow
suit. Having Mama chained
to tires was the scene because
we couldn’t get the fencing up
for a while since the ground
was frozen and then too wet
to put the posts up due to the
generous rain we had. One of
my neighbors commented that
she felt sorry for Mama.
So, my heart was moved
to let Mama loose and roam
freely too.
Big mistake!
She was out of the ield
and on the road with the oth-
ers and another neighbor was
kind enough to stop and tell us
they were out.
Their big fenced pen
is now inished, and they
are now happily roaming
free in there, but I’ve seen
Mama at the gate, trying
to igure out a way to get
out. Don’t even think about it,
Proverbs 15:16 “Better
is little with the fear of the
LORD than great treasure
and trouble therewith.”
Prairie City
we moved the “ofice” items
out of the kitchen pantry, the
cooks decided to do some
spring cleaning; you wouldn’t
believe what they found
stuffed into nooks and cran-
nies, and they said they aren’t
even done yet! Anyhow, what
they found was displayed on
the big, long serving table
where you could help your-
self, and a lot did.
Thanks for taking part in
the “giveaway.”
Just as we were getting
ready to sit down to eat, the
ire extinguisher maintenance
man showed up. We got that
all squared away with some
new apparatus.
After the meal, the ire
chief and the state ire marshal
showed up as well. Talk about
timing! They just wanted to
give away smoke alarms,
which got us all wondering,
why don’t we have any smoke
alarms in the building? Any-
body know?
Nancy Viggers had her
son, daughter-in-law and
grandson join her for lunch.
That little Jack is quite the
worker. He cleared his table
and helped the sweeper by
moving the chairs.
Mayor Jim Hamsher led
the lag salute, and Bob Mc-
Cauley asked the blessing.
Nadine Smith won the $5 in
trade to Prairie Hardware and
Our volunteer servers were
Fran Bunch, Linda Boyer and
Frances and Harold Preston.
We tried something new that
day. Each table selected a per-
son from that table to go to the
window and get the bowls and
plates of food for that table.
Seemed to work pretty good.
All 87 names on the book got
their food.
Lorna, Shauntel and Ang-
ie brought Dorothy Blasing,
Ralph Wilson, Otho Laurence
and Marilyn Randall from
Blue Mountain Care Center.
Marilyn had her son, Rick,
with her, too.
We had grape juice,
mashed potatoes and gravy,
beets, tri-tip beef roast, rolls
and chocolate/cherry cake for
dessert. Scrumdiddleeumpsh-
Plans are moving along for
the Evening of Entertainment
on April 23 at the center. The
Ensemble, the Ding-a-lings
and other acts have been prac-
ticing diligently. You never
know who may appear to do a
special presentation. So get it
marked on your calendar.
The area that I’m working
on to be a garden/lower bed
got some more attention due
to the lovely weather. It’s very
hard not to put some seeds in
the ground, but it was only the
irst week of April! Only the
very lucky or the very bless-
ed will dare to plant this ear-
ly. Give it another month, at
least. This micro-climate will
fool you.
So, if dandelions and their
ilk can survive, why can’t
lowers and veggies? Oh well.
Just enjoy the blue sky and
warm temperatures.
Matthew 16:2, 3 “… When
evening comes, you say, ‘It
will be fair weather, for the
sky is red,’ and in the morn-
ing, ‘Today it will be stormy,
for the sky is red and over-
cast.’ You know how to inter-
pret the appearance of the sky,
but you cannot interpret the
signs of the times.”
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