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Blue Mountain Eagle
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
PC seniors have a building of their own
Grange is now
the Prairie City
Senior Center
Blue Mountain Eagle
Prairie City seniors now have
a building they Fan literally
Fall their own.
The group has purFhased
the Strawberry Grange build
ing at 20 N. MFHaley, whiFh
is now named the Prairie City
Senior Center.
The transaFtion was effeF
tive Jan. 1.
Weekly senior meals,
open to the Fommunity, will
Fontinue to be served there at
noon on Wednesdays.
The Strawberry Grange
has Fonsolidated with the
Mt. Vernon Grange and will
no longer exist or meet on
its own. The newly formed
group will maintain Mt. Ver
non Grange No. 659’s name
and number, and will be the
only grange in Grant County.
Both granges had seen
dwindling membership in re
The Eagle/Cheryl Hoefler
The Eagle/Cheryl Hoefler
The Strawberry Grange building in Prairie City is now owned by the Prairie
City Senior Citizens, as of Jan. 1. The grange surrendered its charter and
merged with Mt. Vernon Grange No. 659.
The sign on the Strawberry Grange in Prairie City
will soon be replaced by one declaring the building
as the Prairie City Senior Center.
Fent years.
In an OFtober 2015 letter
to the Oregon State Grange
master and exeFutive Fom
mittee, Ron Dowse, master of
the Mt. Vernon Grange, and
BruFe Kaufman, president
of the Strawberry Grange,
said their Fonsensus was ³the
od to use for their Wednesday
meals. When that lease termi
nated in 2003, the agreement
Fontinued on a monthly basis
until the seniors purFhased
the building.
)or information on renting
the Prairie City Senior Cen
ter, Fall 512030. To in
Fonsolidation would result in
a stronger Grange presenFe
in Grant County.” The letter
Fontinued to explain Mt. Ver
non was the logiFal FhoiFe
for the surviving grange due
to its Fentral loFation in the
The ¿ rst minutes of Straw
berry Grange No. 661 were
reForded on MarFh 1, 1925.
The Fharter was framed on
)eb. 5, 1926. The ³Strawber
ry” name was suggested by
Lottie Olp.
In 19, the Prairie City
Senior Citizens leased the
grange hall for a 25year peri
Tuire about senior meals, Fall
the Fenter at 5120100
on the day of the meal.
The Mt. Vernon Grange
holds a potluFk meeting at
630 p.m. the seFond )riday
of the month. )or informa
tion about the Mt. Vernon
Grange, Fall 5155100.
In memoriam Strawberry Grange No. 661 in Prairie City
A look back
at 90 years of
grange service
Blue Mountain Eagle
few signatures on paperwork
and a ¿ nanFial transaFtion,
Strawberry Grange No. 661 is
now just a memory.
After a yearlong proFess,
the grange building has been
purFhased by the Prairie
City Senior Citizens, and the
Strawberry Grange — whiFh
had dwindled in membership
over the years — surrendered
its Fharter to merge with the
Mt. Vernon Grange.
The grange was organized
in 1925 by Deputy W.R.
+ere¶s a look baFk at high
lights from the Strawberry
Grange¶s 90year history
‡ MarFh 1, 1925 )irst
minutes were read for Straw
berry Grange No. 661. Char
ter members were J.H. Allen,
William Axe, George Hall,
William Hall, Ethel JaFkson,
Leslie Holland, Bert Howard,
William Bates, R.R. MFHa
ley, Dona Hughs, Lottie Olp,
Robert Olp, Mary Olp, L.A.
Drewett, Rowena Davis and
Sherm Davis. The ¿ rst of¿ Fers
were William Axe, master;
Robert Olp, overseer; E.W.
.imberling, leFturer; George
Hall, assistant steward; Ruth
Nelson, lady assistant stew
ard; Alma Kent, Pomona;
Mary Olp, Ceres; Roger Kent,
seFretary; and Silas Barkley,
‡ )eb. 5, 1926 The Fharter
was framed.
‡ 1926 The ¿ rst Grant
County )air booth FonstruFt
ed by the grange won ¿ rst
‡ 192 The Carpenter
building was purFhased for
‡ 1929 Members attended
the ¿ rst TriCounty PiFniF.
‡ 1933 A building fund was
started for a larger hall.
‡ 1936 Members with
teams, plows and sFrappers
leveled the ground for the
foundation of the new hall.
‡ 193 )irst meeting in the
new hall. DediFation was on
MarFh 26.
‡ 1939 The two halls were
‡ 192 All notes on the hall
were paid.
‡ 196 The hall was paint
‡ 1952 New eleFtriF stove
for the kitFhen and À oor Fover
ing for the kitFhen and dining
room was obtained.
‡ 191 After deFreasing
attendanFe, the grange went
‡ 196 The grange was
reorganized by Ralph )enton,
state grange deputy. Alfred
Coombs was eleFted master;
Irma Stanbro, overseer; Mar
garet Coombs, leFturer; Phil
Kuhl, seFretary; and Mary
Harmon, treasurer.
‡ Nov. 16, 196 Irma Stan
bro started as Fook for the Se
nior Citizens, whiFh was still
an unorganized group at the
‡ 19 Senior Fitizens
formed at the state level. The
group met with the Oregon
State Grange master to sign a
FontraFt for renting the hall.
‡ 2003 The Prairie City Se
nior Citizens¶ 25year lease with
the Strawberry Grange ended.
The two groups Fontinued on a
monthly rental agreement.
‡ 2016 EffeFtive Jan. 1,
the Prairie City Senior Citi
zens purFhased the Strawberry
Grange building, and the fa
Fility beFame the Prairie City
Senior Center. The Strawberry
Grange surrendered its Fharter
and merged with Mt. Vernon
Grange No. 659.
Thanks to Bruce Kaufman,
president of Strawberry
Grange No. 661, for provid-
ing the information for this
Happy New Year!
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. ®
Jeanette Hueckman, Agent